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  1. I agree with you about everything but the last line. They BOTH deserved to win this game as they both played the game -- there is no rule book which determines what makes the best game play -- whether you reward whom wins the most HOH's/POV's .. whether you have the best social game .. whether you played the cleanest or dirtiest.. whether you floated to the end or not .. Ian took slop every week - for weeks, so the house guests didn't have to. He wore stupid costumes so the house guests didn't have to, and made it seem fun and "just part of the experience" he played a very "I am everyone's little brother, and none of the cool kids like me, but I'll let them think they're using me and I'll use them in return card." It's apples to oranges and whom wins depends on how you stack the deck. Unlike some previous seasons, I really feel like this season both Dan and Ian deserved to be in those final chairs.
  2. I disagree about the Ian not having to do any convincing part... Dani felt robbed/cheated by Dan but you could tell she was wavering if she should or not -- I think though Ian's genuine reaction to finding out Dan has screwed him too, and his changed speech on the fly convinced the jury that in the end Dan wasn't loyal to anyone, not even Dani or Ian. They wouldn't of felt that way had the truth not come out. If it hadn't come out, Ian wouldn't of made his speech and they might of rewarded Dan.
  3. I didn't vote -- but I'd of voted for Frank if I had. I felt he had his back against the wall for most of the season, he was either HOH or nominated -- so I felt he earned the 25k.
  4. I was so happy for Ian tonight. I really in my gut felt he lost it, when he didn't evict dan when given the choice. I really felt that people would of voted Ian over Danielle as she was Dan's puppet all season. I guess I thought the jury would appreciate Dan's game play more than Ian's -- but make no mistake I felt that Ian had great game play this season .. he had to overcome so much to make it to the end. I thought that if he didn't evict "the best" people would reward Dan, glad I was wrong!! But I was so so happy for Ian when he won. Ian isn't perfect (but neither is Dan) -- but I just felt like Ian earned it more somehow. I still like Dan, I still feel he pulled off a heck of a game this season -- I just didn't like how he played the game this season even if it was entertaining to watch.
  5. I hope he throws it, Ian wins it, and Ian decides it's the best move for his game play to get the largest threat all season out of the house -- Dan -- and it's him and Dani in the final 2 and Ian wins over Dani.
  6. Why doesn't Ian think getting rid of Dan will appeal to the jury as good game play, as he'd of been responsible for getting Boogie and Dan out, arguably 2 of the best players to play the game?
  7. I kind of feel a tiny bit bad about what happened to him .. but I do think that both Shane and Dani were naive to trust Dan after the funeral scenario. Should of begged her to keep noms the same. Ah well. He seemed like a nice enough guy .. but was far from the most exciting BB contestant ever.
  8. Don't want him to win, but wont be able to fault him if he does win. Him and Ian deserve it in the end, but since Ian hasn't won before and had to work hard against his lack of social game to get where he is, I want him to win in the end. I don't think BB fame will have anything to do with his school's future popularity to be honest. BB is watched by many, but outside the BB world few know or really seem to give these people much attention. I doubt his "celebrity" will be a draw for the school he teaches or coaches at.
  9. Don't want her to win or get final 2 .. didn't earn it. Hope she gets evicted.
  10. I don't dislike Dan persay .. I dislike how he played the game this time around, some of what he's done was cruel and even if it worked to keep him in the house and made for good "shocking" tv, it wasn't my personal cup of tea. I am still rooting for Ian to win this -- I think he had the biggest deck stacked against him, and had a harder journey in some respects to get to the end than the other 2 left in the house. This is of course subjective to personal opinion, but this is mine. I think Ian deserves the win this time around.. The only person I don't think deserves to win at all is Dani. None of her power was ever used for her own purposes, it was only ever someone else telling her what to do. Where as both Dan and Ian had their own reasons for doing things.
  11. If he can get to the final HOH where he has to do the memory comp part he might get to choose who goes to final 2 with him. That is my hope.
  12. Dream event: Noms are Shane and Ian Ian wins POV Takes himself off Dan is replacement Nom Votes to Evict Dan
  13. Pulling for you to win POV Ian! You deserve to be there .. fight for you life, and win! =)
  14. No, because I am a bad liar (I have an easy tell), I am an intensely loyal person so it would be difficult for me to stab someone in the back and lastly I wouldn't want to open myself up to the public's criticism.
  15. Kind of old news, and accusations don't make a person guilty. From what I remember when the story first broke they counter sued the person sueing them. Just a he-said, she-said business dealing.
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