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April 12 [Friday] Live Feed Updates

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11:08 PM BBT

Emmett sneaks downstairs.. "Pete, go up and talk to Jill" he whispers. Pete heads upstairs.

Jillian asks Peter to wait as second as she picks her nose. She wants to talk to him.

J; Ok I have serious game to talk. I've been in the DR talking about my game and they keep asking me what I'm doing etc.

BB gives her a no diary room session warning.

Emmett tells her everyone can hear her

J: Here's my plan and it does include you going on the block so I have to make sure you're ok with it. I trust you 100% in this game. I want to take you final three with me and Emmett but here's my solution to the problem. Andrew intimidates me, he's the biggest physical threat in the house right now.

P: Yes he is

J: Andrew is a big threat and Talla knows she's going up but if I put up..

Andrew comes in and asks if she wants food or anything. "Pour me a glass of water!" Jillian hollers.

He leaves to go pour it. "Oh shit!" Jillian says

Andrew brings her water back as she is explaining how Talla will be the one to go and not to shut her out it looks like he's declining the plan already. Jillian tells Andrew to bring her a chicken breast with Tabasco, Sour Cream and Ranch dressing.

Peter says he wanted to do this last week, try and back door Andrew.

Peter counters that he thinks that Andrew should go up with Talla and he be told that he and Talla are a pair by circumstance and that they need to be broken up and that Talla is the target.

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11:19 PM BBT

"If you want Andrew out this week I'd rather take him to the final three with me. He will be totally against me next week when I'm not HOH and there will be no mercy. I'm afraid of him of what will happen if I break that trust." Jillian says.

"You can't play this game in fear, that's the problem. You can't play it in fear, you won't win." Peter says.

She's trying to sell Peter on going up on the block as a way of getting out Andrew like he wanted to do last week.

"I'm putting an awful lot of faith in you, you just literally told me that you trust ANdrew more than me. What if Talla wins POV and it is Andrew and me up there?" Peter points out the flaws in Jillian's logic

"I'm confused, I want Andrew out of the house."

11:24 PM BBT

They go back and forth a bit and finally Peter announces, "Ok I trust you. As long as you understand that I am putting all of my trust in Emmett I have been with him since day 3. As long as the one of the three of us wins, I get taken off."

"As long as it is you, Emmett and me in the final three, I don't care how we get there." Peter declares. "Just think, in the next HOH it will be Emmett, Talla and me."

11:30 PM BBT

They head downstairs. "Oh how lovely, a prepared meal." Jillian says seeing her plate waiting for her. Emmett and Andrew come out of the SR. "Where'd you get those?" Jillian asks Emmett. "Why Andrew got them for me." Emmett says Jillian wants Frank's red hot sauce but Andrew is pretty sure that climbing over the wall is not in the rules.

Whisperfest starts up as Jillian and Andrew talk about Peter going up and out this week.

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11:39 PM BBT

Andrew grabs Jillian another glass of water. Emmett asks if they can go back into the SR to have a look at some snack options. Andrew notes that Emmett seems to love this task. Emmett and Jillian are laughing.

"Can we have some m&m's, or a banana?" Emmett asks. "oh I know! A grapefruit!"

Jillian asks for a yogurt. Then some raspberries. "I'm so hungry I don't know what to eat." she cries

"I don't give a shit. All I've eaten today is slop." says Andrew.

They go into the KT and Andrew preps and slices Emmett's grapefruit for him. He almost licks the knife. He places the yogurt and berries in front of Jillian after opening the container for her.

They have 72 hours left of this. Jillian says it's a really weird task. Emmett thinks it will be funny to watch.

11:45 PM BBT

Jillian asks for a couple of bottles of water for her and Emmett before Andrew goes to bed. "If you ask me to cut up lemons I will tell you to go and fuck yourselves." Andrew says in a butler voice. "Shall I bring these upstairs for you? I shall. I shall fluff your pillows for you. I hope you don't get pink eye."

He carries the water upstairs. "Lovely! I am now off to my horrible suite with a horrible woman and i shall have night terrors and I shall have a horrible sleep."

11:51 PM BBT

Emmett is upset with Jillian (sort of) because she told Peter that they would use the veto on him. Emmett didn't want to say anything about using the veto. You can hear Andrew yelling in the background, "I hate this woman! She is horrible!" in his butler persona.

11:54 PM BBT

Jillian and Emmett are running a bath so they can soak and talk. They ask Big Brother to dim the lights. She needs to go get the bottoms of her bathing suit. She doesn't want to get into the bath with her underwear on like Emmett suggests. They smooch.

11:56 PM BBT

Andrew and Talla are in the HNR - lights are out. She's hogging the bed. He's made a bigger bed out of the little bed with pillows and chairs.

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