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Monday, September 3, 2018 Big Brother 20 Live Feed Updates

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BB Time 10:44


Angela and Haleigh leave the back yard party and go to the HOH room.


Sounds like Angela is in the shower, she tells Haleigh, “Don't be alarmed.”, but that could mean anything, they were talking about bathing suits I think.


Angela: so what happened when I go outside.

Haleigh tells her that Sam was saying she was going to go home and make a s**t ton of money. She says that Sam thanked her for picking up plates and she (Haleigh) replied “You're welcome.” She mentions that JC mad inflammatory remarks.


Haleigh also tells Angela that she asked how close Sam was to Tyler, but she was told they weren't close (I don't know who she asked)


Angela is pushing the “please hate Sam button.”


Haleigh says she can't wait for the opportunity to put Sam on the block.


Angela tells Haleigh again to “Don't be alarmed.” (they are talking about the eviction Thursday.)


Haleigh tells Angela that Scottie mentioned her (Haleigh) going home, that he was a pawn, per Tyler.


Angela says he is wrong, that he uses things in his mind and makes something of it. She says the situation is similar to last week.


Haleigh says she is just hanging out, but the thoughts are in her head...She asks if she should do anything, she doesn't want to mess herself up.


Angela: I think how you are acting is fine.


The shower is echoing a little, I hear Angela talking about Scottie, and the information he shared from Rock Star and Baleigh.


Haleigh: I would never tell anyone that.

Angela: that's for sure....I think he is trying to get in your head.


Angela tells Haleigh that Scottie is trying to “feel it out” with her, and there is no need to discuss it with him.


Haleigh says Scottie is zeroing in on the jury vote.


They continue to talk but now it sounds like general girl talk.


Haleigh: What will we do Thursday if it is a double?


Angela mentions Sam, and someone as a pawn (couldn't hear the name)


Tyler walked in, then walked back out of the room, he may have picked something up before leaving, but I am not sure, camera just caught a few seconds of him.


Angela is talking about putting “someone” next to Sam


Haleigh: she needs to go

Angela: yeah, everyone is saying that, everyone is saying she has to go. Every time I walk up the stairs....(assuming Sam)


Haleigh responds but slams the loo door so I missed it.


Haleigh: does Tyler brush his hair?

Angela: I don't know, I don't think so

Haleigh: I have never seen him brush it

(Tyler does not brush his hair, he told Sam on the night of the makeover)


The girls are out of the shower. BB tells them to put on their microphones, but does not say their names.


They are talking but so quiet you can't hear them.


Angela: ….”the funniest thing”.. then silence, then more talking so low it is impossible to hear.


They are looking at Tyler's photos, Haleigh says he looks different, Angela thinks he has possibly lost weight since.


They decide to leave their bathing suits in Tyler's shower to dry out.





Camera moves to the kitchen,


Tyler and Haleigh see bacon wrapped hot dogs and wonder how they missed them. Tyler found a white shirt that someone had misplaced, however it was not the missing shirt. Turns out it was Angela who is missing a white shirt.


The watermelon is on the counter, Sam did not murder it after all.



11:11pm camera moves to back yard.


Kaycee and Sam are playing bad-mitten, Sam uses colorful language when she misses, she claims mad skills.


Kaycee misses and it is her turn to curse.


Kaycee misses again, she does not curse time, she says “ahh”


Sam misses, she screams, Kaycee misses, Sam screams


Sam return the birdie, Kaycee gives it a swat. Sam doesn't miss, but Kaycee doesn't get to it in time.


Quite a few back and forth, then a miss and Kaycee takes her turn at cursing. Sam joins in, they have a good few minutes (seconds) of play, then “ahhhh” from both of them.


Kaycee tries a diving save but misses, Sam says”pitiful, that was bad”


Sam drives Kaycee into the weight bench with a few good lobs, and Kaycee gives up a point


Kaycee makes up for the point to Sam with another curse.


Sam finally misses one, it goes out of bounds to the left of the net, and the next return goes wrong.


Kaycee yells: “let's go” and puts Sam off her game, Sam misses.


(we have no idea what the score is....)


Kaycee gives up a great backhand, the birdie hits the roof. They have another birdie, but Sam calls “done”


She tells Kaycee it was a fun game.



Meanwhile Haleigh and Angela are on the hammock.


Haleigh is complaining about Faysal making people uncomfortable after Rock Star was evicted. She tells Angela that Scottie was put up because he said he voted to keep Rock Star.


Angela: who would he have put up?

Haleigh: ummmm, maybe Tyler, he said he wanted one of the guys out......Scottie gravitates to whoever.....our conversations were just fun and stupid. Ever since he came back things are weird.

Angela: because you are both on the block

Haleigh: And because he said it was me (going to jury)....he has a weird view on things now.....I dunno.

I just want this week to get over with......


Angela: I just want it to be Friday.

Haleigh: I just want Sam to be gone.

Angela: I am ready, I am most happy to have all her s**t gone. It is just trash.

Haleigh: I know exactly what her house looks like.

Angela: It's just trash.

Haleigh: At first I thought she was just trying to get attention.

Angela: You know where I think they found her?? Hoarders.


They continue to talk about Sam having spiders, junk, s**t laying around, and Angela says she thinks Sam puts value on things above ordinary.


Haleigh says during the hiding competition, she (Haleigh) threw Sam;s stuff everywhere, they both laugh and Angela says she was hoping for a meltdown.


Haleigh says she thinks Sam goes to the DR every morning for medication, Haleigh says it started about mid season.


Finally the topic changes.....


Haleigh wonders if she will get sick when she leaves the house, she has only been around the house guests for a while now.


Haleigh tells Angela that she has allergies at home and keeps her place very neat, Angela says she is like that too. They agree that their places are organized at home and they have had to accept it not being like that in the BB house. Talk goes on about how dirty the BB house is (I noticed they don't get up and clean, they just talk about how dirty it is)...


Both girls say they need a week or so to go home and enjoy their own things. Talk goes on about their time in the house, and the memory they will take with them of the BB House.


They are talking about JC, he does not like rules, he does what he wants, he is inconsiderate, he took Brett's beer, he wanted wine with the beer, he was mad at Sam because she got both


Angela: She got both?

Haleigh: yeah but it's not a big deal. I love wine. I am a wine snob.




Angela: You need three votes.

Haleigh: Ty says I have them. I would never ask Sam.

Angela: I wouldn't ask her for anything, when I did she threw it in my face.

Haleigh: really??

Angela: then last week she asked me what I wanted to her to do, I told her to do whatever the f**k you want to do, well I didn't say that..I just said do what you want to do.


Haleigh continues to talk about Sam, she is mad because Sam didn't cheer her on during the HOH competition, she says that Sam is afraid of her.


Angela says Sam tells people she wants to go home, then next day changes her mind.


Haleigh says she says she is ready to play the game, she has said that six times already, and all you have to offer is to quit nicotine.....”Idiot”


Angela changes the subject to what is in Haleigh's chap-stick...Haleigh tells her that she stole it from “the basket” and she will only share it with Angela. Then she sneezes....and says “Bless me”....(Yep Angela, I would think twice about sharing that lavender/beeswax chap-stick) Haleigh sniffles again.


Haleigh says she is worried about “them” voting together and getting her evicted, but Angela comforts her, she tells Haleigh, “They are afraid of me”...


Haleigh says it was odd that Scottie crawled on the beam, (veto competition). She says JC threw the HOH, he just dropped down, he didn't want to do it. “He just dropped,” Angela says, “I didn't see it, I just heard the thump”


Haleigh: how long do you think the competition took, an hour?

Angela: I dunno, yeah.

Haleigh: I am so full.

Angela: still”

Haleigh: yeah, it's painful.


In the background, Brett, Scottie and JC are playing croquet, while Haleigh complains about not having the yard tomorrow. Angela says she needs to get her hair done, Haleigh says she needs a sponsor to pay for it so she can get extensions (she says she wants it to her butt). Angela says she does too but if she has eyelash extensions and hair extensions it will make her fake. Haleigh says those things don't change your body......


BB 61st NO HORSING AROUND (to the bad-mitten players) then BB repeats it after JC keeps going, we cant see what he is doing, we can hear Brett telling him he is going to kill himself “doing that.”


Angela has left the hammock, we see her enter the kitchen and go to the bathroom area. She checks herself in the mirror and goes to her locker. Sam is in the shower, she tells Angela that the bbq was fun, it was nice being normal. Angela agrees.


Haleigh is headed to the HOH room. She goes in


Haleigh: Hi

Tyler: I thought I heard a weird noise.


Haleigh takes a snack from the HOH with her and leaves. She meets Angela in the hallway, Angela goes in the HOH room and Haleigh continues down the stairs.


Angela cuddles up with Tyler, asks him how his evening was.


Tyler: I have some bad news.

Angela: What??

Tyler: JC heard you running across the room

Angela: s**t, now he is really going to be trying. f**k.


Tyler is laughing, telling her that JC was not fooled, even though he denied. Both of them think it is funny, Angela says she will just sleep up there tonight. Angela says that Brett was acting funny tonight, and that JC and Brett are upset that she is spending time with Haleigh.


Tyler tells her they are worried about her connection to Haleigh.


Angela says can we get them to flip?

Tyler is not sure, Brett and JC are worried about her connection to Haleigh.


Angela asks if she should avoid Haleigh, Tyler says no, but mention it to Brett.


Angela says she is sick of JC, that Tyler has no idea, she wishes they could evict four people.


Tyler tells her to just “play it cool”, “we always worry about things that don't even happen.”


Angela: I know. Get you a** outside.


Tyler laughs, doesn't move, Angela says she doesn't like having to ignore Tyler, that Brett's jokes annoy her now. Tyler makes um hummm noises, says Brett is full of himself. He tells Angela they need to be careful, he is trying to stay two steps ahead.


Angela; dammit, I am so mad he caught us, kinda

Tyler: he has no proof

Angela: I was kinda running.


Tyler is laughing at how he told JC he was just making stuff up. Angela is laughing at herself running and being out of breath.


Tyler gives her -5 points on the under the radar game they are playing. (one point for each time a house guest mentions the other one and they deny)


Angela: do you think JC's plan is to catch you and me and pull Brett to himself...

Tyler: split us up?

Angela: he might figure out that Kaycee, you and me are an alliance.....

Tyler: maybe, Brett is probably telling JC he is on the outside too.

Angela: there is nothing I can do about that, it bothers me now, I am overly sensitive about it.

Tyler: it is something we will deal with later, hopefully....right?

Angela: um humm

Tyler: before it becomes a problem.

Angela: do you think JC is more dangerous than Haleigh?

Tyler: no, I don't think so, we know what he is doing.

Angela: JC is a good talker, he can convince people of anything, Haleigh not so much.


Angela is worried about JC and Brett getting too close. She says Brett did it to himself (distancing), Tyler thinks next week it would be perfect if Brett won, or if Sam won.


Angela: Sam...really??

Tyler: She would put up Haleigh and Brett

Angela: I feel she would put up me.

Tyler: no I don't think so.


Tyler is thinking if either win, they cannot play the next week for HOH. Angela sees the point he is making, and Tyler thinks they will be okay because they are comp beasts.





12:11am camera 4

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