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  1. _nursie

    Season 2: Episode 2.05: ... And Found

    thats pretty awesome raydog!
  2. _nursie

    Season 2: Episode 2.05: ... And Found

    i guess it was fairly bland compared to other episodes, but i was wondering if that teddy bear being dragged on the ground by one of the 'others' is some sort of clue:have we seen it before on the show? funny how the others dont bathe -apparently they dont know about the shower in the hatch
  3. _nursie

    "Who Will Be Murdered?" Poll

    do the spoilers really state that a female will be 'murdered'? i keep reading that 'a female dies by the hands of another female' on the show,so this could mean an accident i would think anyway, i voted too
  4. _nursie

    Season 2: Episode 2.05: ... And Found

    well, it doublely sucks for us non-sports-fanatics and for me it triplely sucked to be informed of what was delaying the next episode of LOST, by my husband(the sports-fan of the house)
  5. they are to have Jason from BB3 on housecalls this monday. info for any one out there who still watches housecalls.
  6. _nursie

    Lost Personality Test

    july 10
  7. _nursie


    maggie about sarah's birthday party: 'i'll make her a cake, a cake made of poo'
  8. _nursie

    Fishbowl Interviews

    as much of a talker as april is, i cant imagine what its been like for her to be so hidden since the show finale.....she'll be a good one for them to interview, i bet they will have to tell HER to finally hush when its time for the interview to end
  9. _nursie

    Lost Personality Test

    thanks!...........but im one of the few jack-dislikers i know of, sucks for me
  10. _nursie

    Who would you like to see on BB7?

    was i the only one who thought the new house and the 'summer of secrets' was going to mean maybe secret intercoms in the house? but all they had was the 'spy screen' with no sound....being able to REALLY listen in on others supposedly 'private' conversations would have been a big secret and yes, no more peanut butter and jelly, unless they are going to make them all do it for the whole three months
  11. _nursie

    Lost Personality Test

    the test gave me that i am JACK i wanted to be someone else, so i took the test again, and it still said im a JACK is anyone a Locke? (my fave)
  12. _nursie

    Friendship get awaited rewards

    Beau: planning on hanging with the Sov?:
  13. _nursie

    Congratulations Ashlea

    well my goodness, i didnt even know she had a boyfriend...maybe if they could have spent a couple of seconds on that finale to ask her 'whacha been doin ashlea'. thanks for the info sparklet
  14. if any of the former friendship alliance speak openly about the show, what would you want them to be asked?