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    I Like It

    I'm Mexican/White/Native American. I WAS rooting for the Mexican team but after that seriously low "move" / "play" by them to lose on purpose just to vote off the guy with the imaginary love (bet you never thought that would be a sentence!), I am now rooting for the White and the Asian team. Did anyone notice the lesbian love between the two white girls on the second episode? WHOO!! I'm such a stereotypical male in THAT sense (Two girls....mmmmmm) though I have a much bigger sense of chivalry then most guys.
  2. BoneJones00

    Ozzy Lusth

    Just ask Alison. She tried that plan to make Jase disagree with Janelle to get Janelle out and she was the first gone.
  3. BoneJones00

    Ozzy Lusth

    He is playing underhanded by week two and that is not good. He will not make it to the end, I can tell you that now. He pulled a "Will" that quick but "Will"s don't survive on Survivor. He was my MVP on Fantasy Survivor and now Im stuck with the guy, lol. I could have changed if he had gone evil in the first episode but noooooooo, he had to wait till the second episode.
  4. BoneJones00

    Who Deserves the $25 K?

    As I recall (and a mod helped me), shortly before the season of BB started this year, he posted that he was leaving. His choice type of thing. You must have missed the party! There was no love loss between us when he left, that is for sure. If anyone actually called Janelle Fat, that would be grasping for straws (attacks) because the only people she is "Fat" compared to, are anorexic or bulemic women. I think Erika may have been anorexic and I hope her therapist helps her through that along with the "I planned everything and everyone loves me" idea. Janellousy is just a cute word to descrive jealousy of Janelle. If someone calls her "Fat" they MAY be jealous of her beauty as the most common response to jealousy is to attack what one is jealous of.
  5. BoneJones00


    Nice to see you guys outside the confines of the BB forums! I think the racial split doesn't exist. They seperated people by their skin color / ethnicity , not race. Race doesn't exist (I can explain the theory only if asked). This will give a chance for everyone to shed the profiles and stereotypes and show people that the truth is all about environment and not ethnicity and skin color.
  6. BoneJones00

    Big Brother 8

    I'd like to adjust this idea just a bit. The amount is $50,000.00 subtracted BUT each individual starts at the $1,000,000 prize. If they break various rules, various amounts are subtracted from THEIR total. We saw this work GREAT with the cemetary competition. Did they want Janelle out? YES, but were too greedy about their own prizes they would RATHER win prizes. The cemetary was the BEST Veto competition this year because it really made you decide what you want more, someone out NOW or LATER and prizes! Singing = -$10,000, Talking about DR sessions = -$10,000. By the end of the game, they would still probably end up with about a 500,000 prize for everyone, LOL. Veto can cost $50,000.00 only if they don't use it on themselves! BTW, a source tells me CBS IS reading this post so write respectively guys.
  7. BoneJones00

    Vote for Mortys

    I doubt he will be here long after I am gone since I am staying and he is the one already leaving. I have no respect for people who act like he does. If someone created a special forum just for me I'd be happy as shit, I wouldn't complain about it and say the site sucks (He didn't say this but saying another site is better is close enough). Him and I have always hated each other and this is just another feather in the cap of reasons. I can't say I will, but probably because most of the time we argue anyways. I kept my fingers quiet all season, even when he tried to start a fight a few times but I am just amazed that he would show so little respect to Morty. If you are mad because you didn't receive enough appreciation, that's fine and an OK reason to be mad, but to blame Morty and his site and team? That's not who is at fault. People who participated and won...they should have said "Thank You" It's like joining the Oakland Raiders. Then, when you are playing the Dallas Cowboys, you have a big sign on your Raider bench that says, "Go Cowboys!" It's just wrong. I've said my piece and he's said his (and it seems to be futile either way) and so we move on to another series and/or season. He is the one who said "I am done with them" so he is the one choosing to leave.