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  1. IMO, smart move for the hustler tribe voting out Patrick. Kudos to Lauren for speaking smartly at TC. Loved it, wished it happened more often. Loved Ryan's comments at TC too. Gave me a laugh. I am looking forward to next week and the swap.
  2. I very much agree with going somewhere different. Australia or Africa again, as you said and they went to China too once didn't they? So, yeah, a switch up on venue would be great.
  3. Xmas said something to Josh, I think, about needing Paul to get through the game because of her injury. I think Paul would be smart in taking her to final 2 because she has no resume. However, if Paul takes her for that reason the jurors might give it to her because of her injury. Just don't know with these HGs.
  4. Yeah. Jason was blindsided, not backdoored. What a blindside it was too.
  5. I disagree. I think he does deserve the credit he's given. These HGs know Paul and how he played before. After three weeks were up they've had multiple opportunities to boot his a** out of the house. I don't really know why so many of the HGs were smitten-kittens over Paul, but they kept doing HIS bidding, in EVERYTHING. So, yeah, even though I want to see him dethroned, I have to give credit where its due. He is playing EVERYONE.
  6. I noticed that. He looked to be sweating hard. I was so hoping Josh would use that veto.
  7. I thought for sure that Alex would have figured out something was up and put up a combination of Paul, Christmas and Josh. I have no idea why she went the way she did. As you stated though, these HGs are unbelievably stupid. Well...except Paul.
  8. I like watching the under-dogs work their way up and topple the top-dogs. Especially when the top-dogs get arrogant and start thinking their S*** don't stink. Not in all cases mind you, but most. That's the most fun to watch in my opinion. Even if its one of my favs getting toppled. Its a funny cycle when it happens (which is too rare). Top-dog gets stupid via arrogance or power madness, under-dog topples him/her. Under-dog then becomes top-dog, gets arrogant, gets toppled by new under-dog. This unfortunately hasn't happened this season because Paul has played everyone to a T. Judging by what I saw on the latest episode, we might see it happen finally. It probably won't be an under-dog who does the toppling in this case, but Top-dog Paul might go down at least and have to scrabble.
  9. As much as I like Paul, I want to see him on the block as a target not a pawn. Just to see if he can still maintain his control over the others and himself. At this point I think he MIGHT implode if he got nominated.
  10. I don't mind returning players, I don't like returning HGs. You get voted out during a season stay out, but the producers and many viewers like the drama that comes with either of these situations. IMO, CBS gave Paul a chance to stay to make for a more interesting season. After 3 weeks were up Paul should have started coming under fire but he played these HGs so well they aren't even looking at him as a threat. Paul is in the game because of the idiot HGs, not the producers.
  11. BB can always think of something and it would probably improve ratings. Lets say its at the point where HGs evicted go to jury. An HG flaunts the rules, kick them to the JH and have a comp for a member already in the JH to take booted HGs place. This or a hundred other ways can work just fine. In past seasons people have been taken out of the show due to their actions and things continued just fine. I'm just saying this CAN be done not that it will be. The producers will do as they please, I'd just like to see things done differently? More fairly? Something!
  12. I agree with your points. I just use Cody and Jess because their game play was complete trash, IMO. Yes the person(s) who lead the charge on evicted HGs definitely need to at least try to make amends. The finale night Q&A is pretty much the only time they get to do that. Honesty and sincerity are the two things I think will help cure any animosity a juror may have toward you. You still have to have a resume to win though. As for Jason coming off my list. The things he said about Kevin's wife and daughters was just so sick, disgusting and disturbing I personally can't get over it, thats just me. Horrid. I think he is going to feel repercussions in his real life for those remarks.
  13. I just read a post where the person put up a clip of BBAD, I think it was BBAD, but it showed Jason, who was in my top three to win, "joking" about raping Kevin's wife and tying up his daughters to force them to watch! All the while laughing his a** off like it was the funniest thing. WTF! Thats nothing to joke about and is just sick! No longer on my list to win. I can't even express how thoroughly disgusted and distressed I am at this. W...T...F...!
  14. I agree. Some other person posted it as a "walk of pride". Sore losers like him have no pride.
  15. I just remember him telling Julie how he hated everyone in there. I'll have to watch again and see if I can agree with you. Now that I think of it, this happened twice. Which eviction interview are you referring to?
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