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  1. Okay, so I am watching BBAD, and Paul and Nic are in the Safari Room "chatting", Oh dear LORD PLEASE let Nic stop whining, complaining, and basically purporting herself to be some sort of "Victim" in all of this. She is laying out her ENTIRE game, strategy, and overall poor me attitude to Paul right now. I just keep saying in my head, "PLEASE Make Her STOP". I don't know, but she seems more fun when she has had a few. Three words for Nic: Pappy Van Winkle. :o)
  2. So, I couldn't sleep tonight as I know my son has a big Motocross race tomorrow. Sending silent Prayers right now.... Anyway... So, I watched the entire (boring) episode of BBAD. It only got good at the last 10 minutes or so. Paul was working Nic sooooo hard, and all she would do is yawn and agree. So, who is playing who now? I have no idea who is going to win the final HOH comp, but I would put my $$ on Nicole. Then it would up to her to take either James or Paul, and I really think she will take James. Not for obvious reasons, but for game play in general. But... If Paul wins the 2nd part of HOH against Nic, who is to say that he won't take James either? James is a good guy, but has played (IMO) a VERY low key game, more worried about Gnat than the game for most part of the season. Sad when you think about it. So for those that said James thinks he is sitting pretty, I think he is. Both Nic and Paul have very strong arguments against him in F2.
  3. I just noticed your post. That was hilarious. Thanx for the giggle!
  4. An all Vets season would be great. I just don't know (personally) 16 or so that would want to put their business out there 24/7. :o) I still like the idea of all girls, all guys, or maybe a season where the first one or two people from different seasons come back. We never really got to know any of them. Also, whomever came up with the idea for the punishment packages, IMO, had it right!!!
  5. Stand down Brakes... You should have gotten info by now. I don't know if James will make it to F2, as Paul is playing both Nicole AND James. I would love to see Nic and James screw Paul over, and take each other to F2. I know it's very hard to go against loyalty, and I think Nic and James have had it from the beginning. Like I said, hope to se Nic and James in F2, then let the bitter/biased jury decide.
  6. From your words to God's ears.... James was my fav... but for sure seems to have just given up. Gnat must have really done a number on him.
  7. And you, probably REALLY are just some random guy
  8. Season 6... My favorite also. LOVED Janelle and Kaysar. I wish they would have been F2. Am I the oldest, or does anyone else remember when the HOH was down stairs... you know, one story??? Things have gotten way too predictable. (Except what we may be seeing these next 9 or so days)... I really wish they would shake things up. I made a suggestion a while back about an all girls, or an all guys cast... but we'll see. Another poster had a GREAT idea of America voting on Punishment Packages instead of care packages. (I'm sorry, I can not recall who came up with that, but excellent in my opinion.). These 20 somethings, I am guessing, never even saw the first few seasons. Heck, they were probably babies. I would love the idea also of putting more cast members in, and give America a vote also, just to keep them guessing. Does anyone also remember when America voted on who to send out, or am I just THAT old????
  9. If Nicole makes it to F2, the only reason she will not win is because of a mostly woman/jealous jury. I am a woman, and I know how catty women can be. Any day of the week I would rather have men around me, because they (well, most of them) do not hold on to petty gripes like women do. Sad really, when most of them claim to want to se a woman win this year. But in a nutshell, they only want themselves to have won. Hypocrites to the end. Especially nasty Meech, Gnat and Bridge. Will be funny to see the votes IF Nic is in F2...
  10. You are correct. But what a Pu$$ move.... to attack the girl. Plus, if it got too bad, outside of the house Paul would stand NO chance against Corey... then again, outside the house, Paul would stand no chance against Nicole! Even with all his MMA training. I trained in Muay Thai for a couple of years, and the #1 rule is NEVER underestimate your opponent. Paul seems to underestimate EVERYONE except himself. No humbleness, no humility. The first way to get your butt kicked.
  11. What do you mean WAS----- purty dang sure she still is. I hurt so bad for James, but have mixed feelings on it... I really and truly thought after Meg completely cut him off shortly after last year, he would wisen up. But, when I heard Gnat say oh Jamsey..you always do my dishes) and James replied "Cuz that's what a man does" I knew it was over.... I just hope his eyes are WIDE open right now. The only way (and you can go back and look at all my prior posts, as I have said it before) Gnat will have anything to do with him is if he is F2. Dang, she won't have a 2nd thought to take/use ANY of his winnings. When that is gone.... So is she.
  12. Concur 100%. HATE the whole showmance thing. It is literally stomache turning....
  13. Hey, as far as "girls from Jersey" go, not a problem. Generalizations are made ALL the time. I take no offense to that. You are OK in my book! Where in MD are your Grandkids? You can message me, I fully understand not wanting to give out too much info!!
  14. No, she did not win, but she was GREAT!!! I believe she was on season 6, and 14. Now SHE was a player, and beautiful as well.
  15. Also, if you watched BBAD last night (or this morning EST) Gnat told James all about her crush on Corey, how it was game play, then went on to tell him that she told Corey she wanted to be with Vic. James just sat there taking it all in, agreed with her, but you could tell he was heart broken. Then he was just laying on the bed watching her try on her outfits for veto and eviction night. I CAN NOT STAND that Trollope. She gives all us Jersey girls a bad name. Thank the Good Lord I am now in MD. I love it here and would not ever want to leave. If anyone voted for her to be AFP, either they are seriously bent, or they are part of her *ahem* friends. Why is it that ALL the girls had/have a problem with Nic? Jealousy? Intimidation? Someone please explain this to me. This is the girl who spells out the "F" word, so she does not have to say it. I'm just sick of all the under cover groping. As someone else said in an earlier post, are they there to win the 500k, or find a boy toy? I just don't get it. One can only hope that the next cast is in it to win it. If only CBS and BB casting would realize that most of their audience is not a bunch of 22 year old boozers. UGH!!!!!
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