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  1. *****OVERNIGHT LIVE FEED UPDATES FROM 1 AM BBT UNTIL HG'S SETTLED INTO BED***** 12:56 AM BBT Zach wakes up and goes into the LR with Frankie, Christine, Caleb and Derrick. They were talking about movies they’ve seen. Everyone was listening as Zach was practicing his speech for the live show. They were saying how Victoria was dancing during the half way party. Then they talk about how fast Thursday’s go by, and especially how fast this past week has gone by. Cody and Hayden are talking about Frankie trying to change things up in the house. 1:00 AM BBT Frankie leaves the LR to go and wash his face. Christine, Zach, Caleb and Derrick were pondering when the Zing Bot may enter the house. They were also talking about the other comps left for the game. Hayden told Cody that he will talk to Christine in the morning about how she is going to vote this week. They agree that it’s hard to be around her anymore because she keeps twisting things that are said. 1:02 AM BBT Cody and Hayden stop talking, as they try to go to sleep for the night. While the HG’s in the LR are contemplating what Julie may say on the live show, and how many members will be in the jury. They agree that there have been many changes already this season. Zach says they are playing Big Sister. 1:05 AM BBT Frankie goes back in the LR, while the HG’s are said that there have really only been 2 twists in the game so far. They said they were the BOB and the activity bracelets. They agree that there needs to be more twists in the game. 1:07 AM BBT Caleb said he thinks he’ll be asked another question this week either about his shaved head or Adam and Eve, since he has gotten questions the past two weeks. They talk about Caleb possibly just throwing away the banana that Caleb put in her bag, before she left . 1:09 AM BBT Christine said that a banana is a weird food to be repulsed by. Derrick said he couldn’t remember his cat’s name, then remembers that it’s Sophie. Zach describes a dream that he had about a comp in the BB house, where he beats Amber to win. Christine said she would like to go in a bounce house. 1:12 AM BBT The HG’s in the LR are the only one’s still awake. They start talking about how weird déjà vu is. Derrick went into the KT to wash off his dish. Frankie said he remembers studying déjà vu in Psych 101 in college, and that it was a cool class. Caleb said he took 2 years of psychology at his school. Christine said she took it for one year in High School. They start discussing the different parts of the brain. 1:15 AM BBT Zach said that girls use both sides of the brain. Caleb said that the right side controls the left side of your brain, and vice versa. Frankie said that artistic people use more of the right side of the brain. Zach said that girls can multi-task while guys can’t. Frankie, Christine and Caleb don’t agree with that. Christine blows her nose while sprawled out on the couch. 1:16 AM BBT Derrick goes into the LR to say goodnight and gives Christine a hug. Hayden walks out of ice room, going through the LR, and into the WA. Christine said she’s going to brush her teeth, and Frankie said he has to go pee. Caleb said, “Wow!” Derrick gives high-fives all around. 1:17 AM BBT Caleb to Derrick while he is looking up at the ceiling, “Big ole microphone ain’t it? Looks like the kind that Bob Barker walks around with.” Derrick said he doesn’t know what it’s for, since they walk around with their mics on. Zach said to pick up extra sound. Derrick said, “That’s a legit mic. That thing hears an f’n mouse fart.” Caleb said it hears an ant fart. They all laugh, and Derrick walks away over by the silver chain saw that’s on a tree stump in the LR. 1:18 AM BBT Frankie comes out of WC, and Hayden goes into WC. Frankie washed his hands in the WA, and then used the blow dryer to dry the sleeve of the hoodie he is wearing. Christine is brushing her teeth in the WA. Hayden comes out of WC, and washes his hands in the WA also. Frankie told him he has gotten everything he owns wet. Hayden walks out of WA. At the same time, Caleb said, “I can’t wait for tomorrow.” Derrick said, “It’s gonna be glorious.” Caleb to Zach, “I’ll tell you some more news, when we lay down like we are going to bed. A lot of new stuff.” Caleb walks over by Derrick, and Derrick said it probably took about 30 cans of paint to cover the chain saw. He thinks they used some type of rhino bed liner material, and spray painted it silver. 1:19 AM BBT Zach said, “I can’t believe tomorrow’s already Thursday, this week flew by.” Caleb said, “Huh?” Zach repeated his statement. Derrick said, “Not a bad thing,” Zach said, “No, it’s a great thing. Cuz, that just means we’re that much closer to getting the f*ck out of here.” Caleb said, “Yeah.” Zach said he can’t wait until he walks into his house and surprise his parents. Caleb said he can’t wait to get on the plane back home, and Zach agreed. Derrick said what would be sweeter and even better is being one of the f2, and having your family in the audience. Zach said he doesn’t want his parents there. Derrick shockingly said, “Really? Really? What’s the reason behind that?” Zach said he doesn’t think they need to be there. Caleb said he would love for his family to be there. Zach asked if everyone’s families are always there. He asked if Hayden’s (Moss) family was there. Hayden (Voss) walks by and said, “My family was there.” They ask if Ian’s family was there. 1:20 AM BBT Christine laughs at Frankie while she’s putting her retainers in her mouth in the WA. He jokingly told her never to do that again, because she looks like a monster. Christine says goodnight to Frankie, as he walks out of WA. Derrick and Frankie come back into WA, and Derrick tells Frankie that he needs to be in the BR for a while, because of what Caleb just told Zach in the LR. Christine said he better not tell him they were planning on voting him out. Frankie walks out of WA. At the same time, Caleb said if he’s the f2 all of his family will be there. He said, “They are going to be spending money on some tickets.” He said he will be up there in his suit or tux giving his speech. 1:21 AM BBT Derrick and Christine talk in the WA about how good Nicole is playing the game. He told Christine how loyal Nicole, Hayden and Donny are to each other. Christine said that Nicole is soo smart. More talk continued about who told who what. As they are talking, Frankie walked into the LR, and signaled for Zach and Caleb to go with him into Beehive. 1:22 AM BBT As they walk into the Beehive and sit down, Frankie told Caleb to close the door. He told Zach, “No freaking out.” Frankie told him that Nicole and Hayden have been working together to get him out. He told him they are blindsiding them tomorrow, because they think it’s going to be a unanimous vote to send him home. Frankie said it’s going to be at least 6-2. Caleb said that Hayden & Nicole were trying to get Cody, Frankie, Christine and Derrick to go against each other, by telling them the same stories. 1:23 AM BBT They continue to talk about who will be left and voting what way in the Beehive. 1:24 AM BBT Frankie told Zach to not worry about anything. Zach asked when all this happened. Frankie told him during the past 4 hours while he was sleeping. He said it will take 4 hours to tell him everything. 1:25 AM BBT Derrick told Christine that a time will come that they have to play against each other, but they have the numbers now. They finish their conversation on Derrick walks out of the WA. Christine goes into WC. 1:26 AM BBT Derrick enters the Beehive and joins in the conversation. He starts to explain the story of them pitting them against each other. 1:27 AM BBT Caleb told him that’s why they had to change their comp thing to B, A, because Hayden knows about A, B. Then continue to talk about winning HoH, and Zach asked why they are trying to get him out. 1:28 AM BBT Frankie said that when he stays tomorrow, it will be there 6 against the other 3. Derrick said he thinks it will be a single HoH, with one comp, and Hayden can NOT win because one of them will go home. At this time, Christine comes out of the WC, blows her nose in the WA, and then washes her hands. She heads through the LR, grabbing her red cup, and goes in the rock room to settle into bed. 1:29 AM BBT Frankie is paranoid that some is going to go into the Beehive. Zach asked if they need to worry about Christine. They told him no that her and Cody hashed it out today. They said that Christine hates Nicole now, because she’s been throwing her under the bus to Cody. Derrick said Christine has no where to go, so she has to stay with them now. 1:30 AM BBT Caleb told him to look pretty and win the HoH. Derrick and Caleb said they had plans, and they blew up. Derrick said Donny hangs around with Hayden a lot. 1:31 AM BBT They said the line will be drawn tomorrow, and explains how they will play it off. 1:32 AM BBT Frankie said this is the best thing that could happen, they are locked down. Derrick said this is the reason he has been kissing Victoria’s a$$, and he’s going to keep doing it tomorrow. He said he’s going to tell Victoria to trust him. 1:34 AM BBT Caleb said they have to be careful of what they say to people. Zach thanks them all. Derrick said they already got Amber out, and told Zach to act nervous upstairs tomorrow. Then Frankie said, “Just be Zach.” Zach left Beehive to go and brush his teeth. 1:35 AM BBT Caleb, Frankie and Derrick continue to talk about the comps tomorrow, and who they think he will put up, if he wins. Zach goes into the ice room to get his toothbrush, and then goes in WC. 1:37 AM BBT Derrick said if it’s still 2 HoH’s they would have to put alliance members on the block. That they are going to have to tell Zach to throw it, to leave the solid HoH, so one of them don’t get voted out. Derrick even said he would pretend not to know an answer, and hope he would be taken off, if he’s on the block, and has to play in the BOB. Derrick said, “I love you, bye,” and leaves the Beehive. 1:39 AM BBT Frankie told Caleb that he’s always right because he doesn’t over complicated things. Caleb said he thinks about things before he even says them. Frankie told him, that he thinks his training allows him to ignore extraneous information. Caleb said he pays attention to the things that matter, and matter most. Frankie said he thinks he pays attention to everything. 1:40 AM BBT Caleb said, that with 5 weeks left, your number is important, it’s the only thing that can save you, not yourself. He said that’s why they would keep Zach, because they know where he is, and have absolutely no idea where Jocasta is. He asked, why get rid of a number, rather than get rid of a maybe number. Frankie said that next week when one of them are HoH he will sit down with Hayden and Cody to question him. He said he will tell him that he’s been running his mouth a lot. He knows he’s a loose cannon, but he’s loyal. Frankie said he’s still afraid of Christine. 1:41 AM BBT Frankie said they need to all talk it out and have dialogues. That them running around freaking out is not helpful. Caleb said one of them has to throw the comp if it’s 2 HoH’s. Frankie thinks it’s one because they were constructing in the HoH annex last night, and locked Nicole out of the HoH BR. He said it might be Pandora’s Box. 1:42 AM BBT Caleb said when it’s a single HoH, and they say, “Good night houseguests,” he’s going to look at Hayden and say, “Good Luck.” He said he’s going to let go with one hand and tap his activity bracelet, that he’ll be turnt up, and for them to wake him up when it’s over. 1:43 AM BBT Frankie told Caleb he loves him so much, and Caleb concurred. They leave the Beehive. 1:44 AM BBT Frankie and Caleb walk into the WA, and Zach comes out of the WC. Frankie asked him what he’s doing, and he told him that he was flushing again. Frankie asked why, because it’s so wasteful. Zach washed his hands in the WA, while talking to Caleb about messing with their activity trackers. Caleb retold Zach what he’ll do in tomorrow’s comp. Caleb kept the conversation going, and acting macho. 1:45 AM BBT Derrick walked into the WA, as Frankie comes out of WC. Frankie sat on couch next to Zach, w/o washing his hands. Derrick went into the WC, and washed his hands in the WA. Caleb went into WC. The other 3 were whispering, and it went to fish. 1:47 AM BBT Feeds come back with Caleb washing his hands in the WA, and Derrick, Zach and Frankie discussing what they will say to Hayden tomorrow. 1:49 AM BBT The talking continues while Caleb goes back in the WC, and comes out to wash hands in the WA. All this time, Zach has been brushing his teeth. 1:51 AM BBT Caleb, Frankie and Derrick leave the WA, while Zach continues brushing his teeth. 1:52 AM BBT Frankie goes back to the WA to talk more with Zach, and Zach sits down on couch. Frankie explained more of what happened during the time he was sleeping, to change the votes. 1:53 AM BBT Frankie told Zach that they never really lost Christine. He said that she told him that she would vote out Caleb if she could. Zach said Nicole and Hayden are smart. Frankie said Nicole and Donny are smart, and they used Hayden. 1:54 AM BBT Frankie told Zach he wants to tell him the rest of the story locked in the HoH, and tell HG’s they can’t come in. 1:55 AM BBT Frankie told Zach not to worry, because he’s not going anywhere. 1:56 AM BBT Zach sat back down on WA couch with Frankie, still holding his toothbrush in his hand. He continues to talk to Frankie to get more information, and said, “Wow, my mind is blown.” 1:57 AM BBT Frankie said they still have to get through tomorrow, telling Zach to be himself. Zach said he’ll pretend that he doesn’t know anything. Frankie said that Caleb has to keep his mouth shut, because he runs it a lot. Zach asked if it’s a double evict should it be Hayden then? Frankie said, Donny before Hayden, because without Donny, Nicole and Hayden are blind. 1:58 AM BBT Frankie to Zach to f’n win something, because they need him now more than ever. He told him he’s not a vote, he’s a competitor. He told Zach to go over the information before and after, by himself, not with Donny in the backyard. 1:59 AM BBT Frankie said that Nicole is going to be hard to beat at those, but Christine can beat her obviously. He said they chose the better of the two, and Zach agreed. He said Devin chose the better of the two. Frankie said Christine is hurt and pi$$ed. He also said Cody is really hurt when he thought he was involved. 2:00 AM BBT Zach said, “Wow, so they know more than we think.” Frankie said, “Donny believed every word that Devin said to him, and Devin told Donny everything. So, yes, Donny knows everything, and has been playing us all. So, anything that you’ve said to him.” Zach said, “I haven’t said anything to him.” Frankie said, “I don’t believe you.” Zach said, “I really haven’t, I really haven’t.” Frankie asked, “You haven’t thrown any of us under the bus?” Zach said, “No, no.” Frankie said, “But you are super close to him, and doesn’t think that he would vote you out. Why the f*ck would you think that, if you haven’t had some sort of deal, or speaking word?” Zach said, “Because he tells me he’s alone in this game, I’m the only person he trusts. Obviously I’m a f’n idiot, obviously I’m a f’n idiot. But to be honest to you, I have not told him anything. And thinking about that, when Derrick was like yo, anything that you said to Donny that he’s been telling people, I was like, thank God I didn’t tell him anything. I literally was the first thing, thank God I didn’t open up to him.” Frankie said, “It was very suspicious to me that you thought he would vote to keep you.” He thought Zach made a f2 deal with Donny every time he said that. 2:01 AM BBT Zach told Frankie, “I tell you everything, you know that.” Frankie said, “I know.” Zach said, “You are my best chance at getting $50,000.” Frankie said, “I know, but honestly without Derrick and Cody, this could have gone very badly.” Zach said he needs to pack his stuff. Frankie said he shouldn’t, even though he has to. 2:02 AM BBT Zach said, “This is crazy.” Frankie said, “Because, They are not smart enough, they don’t have enough game to make a public move. They’re all about conniving and back-stabbing, and slowly working. They don’t have any game to blow something big overnight. But, that’s what I’m saying, I don’t want to give them the opportunity either. That’s why I was like, we don’t have to talk about it anymore it’s done. We all know, we’re all on the same page, everyone go to sleep, everyone evict Jocasta, everyone win an HoH.” Zach said. “We’re golden.” Then he breathed a sigh of relief, hugged Frankie, and said, “You and I are bawling. Thank you so much, thank God you are the smartest f’n person in this world, thank God!” Zach stood back up, and said, “I love you, I love you!” Frankie snickered as Zach walked out of the WA, and blew him a kiss, carrying his toothbrush in his hand. 2:03 AM BBT Frankie went into the WC. At the same time, Zach got in bed in the rock room. 2:05 AM BBT Frankie came out of WC, grabbed his glass from the couch in the WA, and went to the sink to wash his hands. He then put his cotton in his ears, looked in the mirrors, and did his nightly ritual of releasing his tension. 2:06 AM BBT Frankie leaves the WA, pauses in the LR, and then proceeds into the ice room. 2:07 AM BBT Frankie is in the ice room getting ready for bed, then decides to go to the rock room to chat with Zach and Caleb. At the same time, Derrick to the WC, came out, washed his hands, stopped by the rock room to say goodnight, and then went into the fire room. 2:09 AM BBT Zach gives a group hug to Frankie and Caleb, and thanks them for having his back. Frankie leaves, walked to the WA, and then to the ice room. He settles into bed for the night.
  2. 6:05 AM BBT All is quiet in the house as a couple of the HG's are stirring, and adjusting their blankets. 6:16 AM BBT As the lights in the house are still dim, Christine goes into the WC, then washed her hands in the WA. She walks into the KT, and goes back into the WC. After a few minutes, she washes her hands again in the WA. Then she goes back and snuggles in bed in the rock room. 6:36 AM BBT Victoria is stirring in the HOH BR, while Zach and Caleb are stirring in the rock room. 7:05 AM BBT Victoria and Christine are restless in their beds, but they are still asleep. 7:08 AM BBT Caleb is stirring in his bed as he too is still off in dreamland. 7:15 AM BBT As the HG's are still tucked away and nestled in their beds, a loud humming noise fills the room in the HOH BR. 7:57 BBT Victoria is restless in the HOH BR still sleeping, then Nicole stirred a little.:45 AM BBT All HG's have been tossing and turning, and are still asleep. 8:07 AM BBT Zach was stirring in the rock room, and puts his right arm over his forehead. 8:19 AM BBT Zach changes positions and puts his sleeping bag over his head. Then, Victoria moves a little making a few noises. 8:40 AM BBT Zach moves in his bed again, taking his sleeping bag off his face. 8:55 AM BBT Cody wakes up and walks from the ice room to the WC. After he washes his hands in the WA, he looks at what is on the tall table in the KT. Once he gets back to the ice room, he settles back into bed.
  3. cassondra0222

    Wednesday, August 6 Live Feed Updates

    7:14 PM BBT Here is a trivia question for everyone, while we wait for the HG's. What day during BB6 did the live Fish feeds start? 7:34 PM BBT The answer to the trivia question is: June 24, 2005. 7:49 PM BBT Jeff's highlights are still on repeat, so tell me what order you think the remaining HG's will be evicted, from this Thursday through the finale. 8:17 PM BBT As Jeff continues on the highlight reel, who do you want to win BB16? Who would you like to see chosen as America's Player? 8:38 PM BBT HG's back! Talking about being the most full they have been. Saying thank you to BB. Caleb says he wishes he was drunk. Frankie asked how he's not drunk with 6 beers, and he said he's used to drinking 30 - 40 beers in 5 hours, and not feel a buzz. 8:40 PM BBT It was the half way party! Jocasta, Nicole and Donny packing up the left over food in the KT. Victoria is standing in their talking to them. Hayden, Cody, Frankie and Zach are watching Derrick and Caleb play foil football again. 8:43 PM BBT Frankie asked if they have any sort of paper. Caleb is a burping, and a little out of sorts, after consuming his beers. He said he'll be ready for the HoH tomorrow. He and Derrick are playing another game of foil football. Christine walks around KT, singing, and stops herself. Frankie is helping to put the left over food away also, starts singing himself. Then we see fish for a few seconds. 8:47 PM BBT Jocasta and Zach standing by picture board. Zach kisses Brittany's photo. Frankie asked Zach to lick his cake, and he pretended. He then went around to ask HG's to lick his face. He said he's probably going back to sleep in an hour for the night. 8:50 PM BBT Zach goes up to the HoH BR to visit with Nicole. He asked Nicole if she wants him gone this week? Nicole asked him if she's his target? She said she doesn't really want him gone, but game stance, if she's his target, then he's her target. 8:53 PM BBT All cams go to HoH BR with Nicole and Zach continuing their conversation about the game. Production comes over the speaker and said, "You're not allowed to talk about production," about someone in the house. Zach is playing with the Slinky, and gets told by production to, "Stop that." 8:57 PM BBT Nicole told Zach that she wanted to kick his butt after he put her on the block. She said that her feelings were hurt. She told Zach, she definitely thinks he will stay. He said if he stays, she has nothing to worry about.
  4. cassondra0222

    Wednesday, August 6 Live Feed Updates

    3:01 PM BBT All cams on the BY. HG's lounging and discussing where they got their tattoos done at. 3:06 PM BBT HG's in the back yard talking about turtles and alligators. Christine tells them that you aren't allowed to cut down the big cactus' in Arizona, if you're caught you can go to jail. 3:11 PM BBT HG's are talking about dinosaurs and komodo dragons. Victoria asked what the name of the big party island where D.J.'s go is? Then the HG's started talking about the missing Malaysia airplane. Hayden then started talking about aliens. 3:14 PM BBT Nicole went in KT to get something to eat. We see fish for about 2 min. When HG's come back Jocasta is now in the KT with Nicole, talking about all the food still left in the house. HG's in the backyard are still chit chatting. Nicole tells everyone she is going upstairs to take a nap if they need her. 3:21 PM BBT When HG's come back after we see fish again, they are now on lockdown in the KT. Hayden is joking around in one of his made up voices. Derrick goes into the Fire BR to change out of shorts and into pants. 3:23 PM BBT Victoria goes into the Fire BR after Derrick is done changing. All cams switch to the Fire BR. Victoria tells Derrick about a previous conversation with Cody. Then, she asks him what Zach told him about her. He basically says that Zach was putting her down. He said he told Zach not to talk about her, when she's not there to defend herself. He said he was getting upset with the whole conversation. 3:30 PM BBT Cams go to KT now also, and Christine was talking about The Amazing Race. Victoria continues to talk to Derrick about Zach. Derrick said he's on the block, and that he stood up to Zach about what he was saying, while he was outside with Cody and Frankie. Cams go back all to the Fire BR. 3:30 PM BBT Cody goes into the Fire BR and lets Victoria know that Derrick was defending her to Zach. Cams go back to KT also where Hayden is again joking around in one of his made up voices. Other HG's are eating around the tall table. 3:36 PM BBT Production tells Victoria to not obstruct her mic. Hayden tells Christine that she's in the Fire BR with Derrick. Christine said, of course. Hayden continues to talk in his made up voice. Donny asks what they will do while locked inside the house. 3:38 PM BBT Christine and Frankie go into SR to find something to eat. They walk out, and Christine says, "I want to see who's humping who?" Cams all go to KT where other HG's are still eating. Cams go back to Fire BR also, where Frankie, Christine and Caleb join in on conversation. 3:40 PM BBT Hayden goes to HoH BR to snuggle with Nicole. The conversation in the Fire BR turns to discussing different comps that may be coming up with the sirens in that room. 3:44 PM BBT Nicole asks Hayden what she's going to do about her face being so burnt. In the Fire BR Cody is snuggling with Frankie, and Caleb is lying on the same bed. Victoria is laying in another bed, with Derrick sitting on the edge. Christine is sitting in the other bed. General chit chat is going on. 3:48 PM BBT Fire BR conversation is about which HG's have not been a HN. Hayden is being playful with Nicole in the HoH BR. 3:50 BBT Nicole keeps looking in the mirror, because she's worried about her burnt face being bad. She said it will turn into a tan. Victoria leaves Fire BR to head upstairs to see if Nicole is sleeping. Production tells the HG's to please stop singing. 3:52 PM BBT Hayden jumps out of the HoH bed to sit in the chair, because Victoria is coming into the HoH BR. Victoria asked if anyone was in the bathroom, because she wanted to get a sweatshirt. 3:54 PM BBT Derrick and Frankie in the Fire BR talking about keeping Team America members safe. They think they are sitting pretty this week. Derrick said that neither Victoria nor Jocasta will put Frankie on the block. The keep discussing who they would put up this week. 3:57 PM BBT Cams on KT where the conversation was about a handheld football that you can flick with your fingers. Frankie and Derrick are still talking about who they may put up to be evicted. Victoria comes back to the Fire BR, and Derrick walks out. 4:02 PM BBT Donny, Hayden, Cody and Caleb go to the LR. Cody and Caleb starting playing with the football they made out of foil. Zach and Derrick join them in the LR. Victoria gets told by production to put her microphone on. Frankie and Victoria chit chat, while he chomps on celery. 4:07 PM BBT Cody and Caleb are still playing football in the LR, with their audience. Meanwhile, Frankie and Victoria are still in the Fire BR, now discussing what the comp might be tomorrow. Frankie tells Victoria that he's going to the KT for more food, says goodnight, and walks out. 4:09 PM BBT Frankie walks past the LR, and says that's his favorite game. A few moments later, Donny makes his cricket noise. All cams to to LR, where Frankie, Christine, Jocasta and Nicole join in the football excitement. 4:15 PM BBT Donny said he wants to see Zach get turnt up. First football game ends. Cody adds a couple new rules, and then Hayden and Derrick start playing. 4:19 PM BBT Football game continues in LR, while Christine, Nicole, Frankie and Caleb go into KT. Frankie is putting dishes away from the dish strainer, and says his goal is to go to bed early tonight and sleep. Victoria comes into the KT now, as Christine is washing out a pan. 4:22 PM BBT Caleb and Frankie were talking about hiding food to have when they can eat. Caleb describes what he is going to make. Frankie doesn't say anything about him being on slop for two weeks. Caleb starts to sing, and we see fish. 4:24 PM BBT Caleb said he has never heard of hummus or pita chips before going into the house. Nicole said she told the DR that she misses venison. Nicole asked if Derrick keeps winning the football games. Caleb said he wants to listen to Luke Bryan in a few min., and he has to win HoH tomorrow. Frankie said, "Yes you do." 4:28 PM BBT Nicole said she's going to help clean the dishes in the KT, since Caleb said she never cleans. Caleb says he said, "Some people clean more than others." He said he never directed it towards her. Meanwhile, the football games are still going on in the LR., with Derrick and Zach playing now. 4:31 PM BBT Frankie said they'll will have the KT ready for the Live Show a whole day early. He then yells to the LR, asking is Derrick is still winning. They tell him yes, because he's the Patriots. Zach uses some colorful words to describe himself, when the football falls off the table on his turn. 4:34 PM BBT Frankie said he's going to make some pie crust. Caleb said, "Dang, Derrick won again, he's playing Cody now." He said he needs to tell them his turn is next. Frankie asked to Caleb to tell them, that he will be after him. Caleb said that Frankie is BeastModeFrankie. Fankie and Nicole discuss that there are less pizza cutters in the house than before. 4:37 PM BBT Frankie is the only one left in the KT. He asked, in his British accent, where the electrolytes are? Cody told him where to find them. Meanwhile, the audience has once again, grown with everyone back in the LR. Derrick is now playing foil football with Caleb. 4:42 PM BBT The tension is building with Caleb and Derrick's nail biting football game. It came down to the wire, and Caleb still had a chance, but Derrick took the victory. Derrick (New England Patriots) is now playing Frankie (Miami Dolphins). Frankie said he's starting to see the strategy, while Donny said, "Derrick's good." Conversation turns to real football players. 4:46 PM BBT Nicole is up in the HoH birds nest, watching the foil football game on her T.V. Derrick tells Victoria that she will play being the Jacksonville, Jaguars. Derrick wins another game, and now he and Jocasta are playing. Victoria goes up to the HoH BR to see Nicole. 4:49 PM BBT Victoria told Nicole that Frankie went into the Fire BR when she was in there. She said he told her that Zach should be going home tomorrow. Then she told Nicole, that he asked who her next target is, and she told him she doesn't have one. She told Nicole that she asked Frankie who is target is, and he said the game is so crazy. They agree that Frankie already has a target, but wants to see who's hers is, to see if they are the same. 4:53 PM BBT Nicole and Victoria start talking about there families. Nicole asked her is she's going to miss the Jewish New Year. Victoria said that she will be there for it, because it's on September 23 this year, not knowing when Finale night is. 4:57 PM BBT Derrick and Caleb just finished a game of foil football in the LR. Since Derrick won, he is now playing Cody again. Victoria goes into SR for something, and Caleb asked her to check the slop that is cooking in the KT.
  5. 7:04 PM BBT Donny in KT talking about eating the food that Amber made a week ago. Christine told him she hopes he doesn't get sick. 7:07 PM BBT Hayden and Cody messing around in the pool. Caleb and Derrick playing pool. Christine and Donny eating. No game talk. 7:11 PM BBT Christine laughing at Cody and Hayden still messing around in the pool. Cody gets out acting goofy by putting a bubble in the front of his underpants. 7:16 PM BBT Victoria and Nicole go to the hammock and are talking about messed up Nicole's glasses are. 7:22 PM BBT Victoria and Nicole whispering about game. Victoria told Nicole, that Christine told her, that Hayden wants to keep Zach. Nicole told her to tell Hayden, that he really needs to know. 7:23 PM BBT Nicole changed position on hammock and asked Victoria to rub her head. Nicole told Victoria that she can trust her way more than Christine. 7:24 PM BBT Victoria told Nicole, that Christine told her, that there is still an all guy alliance. Nicole told Victoria she needs to win HoH this week. 7:30 PM BBT Derrick told Zach in BY that he's having one of those home sick days today 7:32 PM BBT Zach asked Derrick if he's heard if it's a tie. He asked if he should talk to Hayden. Zach said, realistically, as long as Caleb votes for him to stay he should be o.k. 7:35 PM BBT Zach and Derrick talking in BY about Jocasta not campaigning or talking game. Derrick said, imagine if she wins the whole thing and hasn't told one lie. They both think she will go home this week. 7:37 PM BBT Derrick believes that Jocasta doesn't trust her. He said, even if he thought of keeping her, he's not now. He told Zach he thinks he's good, but they both have a good chance to win. 7:38 PM BBT Zach and Derrick talking about taking the money they have and possibly going home before jury. They are talking about Joey and Pow Pow leaving early and the money they got. 7:44 PM BBT Christine is rubbing Cody's head, while lounging on the chair in BY. They are talking with Frankie about his friends outside the house. 7:46 PM BBT Derrick and Zach talking about the possibilities of either double or triple evictions coming up. Derrick said they are probably mixing it up. Zach said they can do what they want. 7:48 PM BBT Derrick told Zach to expect the unexpected. Anything can happen, especially if they use the trackers again. 7:50 PM BBT Zach leaves the BY to go make some cookies. Frankie said he is lethargic. Frankie was whispering to Christine that he doesn't know if Caleb will keep his mouth shut. 7:56 PM BBT Frankie talking loudly in the backyard that he smells like a boy, looks like a boy, and asked, what are you doing to me? Christine jokingly repeated him. 7:58 PM BBT Zach and Victoria in the LR. He asked her what she did today. She said, took pictures, plucked Hayden's nose hairs, did exercises. She asked Zach what he did, he said, nothing, he slept until 3:30 PM BBT. 8:02 PM BBT Zach and Victoria were talking about the day her and Julie had similar outfits on. Nicole and Cody up in HoH RM talking about the lie that Christine made up, about Hayden and Victoria hooking up. Nicole is so pi$$ed. Cody said she is planting seeds around the house to have HG's put up, so she doesn't have to do it. 8:06 PM BB Nicole and Cody talking about all the seeds that Christine is planting in the house. Nicole said she thinks Christine is the saboteur. Derrick and Frankie are doing shout-outs in the KT. 8:09 PM BBT Cody told Nicole that something is up with all the seeds being planted. Hayden came into HoH RM, and told Cody and Nicole that he got Donny to name his targets today. They are Frankie, Caleb, Christine, then Derrick. Caleb's targets are Donny, Nicole, Victoria, then Jocasta. 8:13 PM BBT Cody telling Hayden that Zach wants an alliance. He said that Frankie is filling Christine on everything. Cody, Hayden and Nicole said that everything seems to be pre-orchestrated. 8:16 PM BBT Derrick and Christine go up to HoH RM. Derrick said he thinks there is going to be a triple eviction, with another twist being another BOB. Nicole said it can't fit in the time frame. She said, it could be a 2 hour show with a triple eviction. 8:21 PM BBT Zach telling Victoria in the LR that she is going to blow up with her business after the show. He said that every1 will want her to take their pictures, so she can raise her prices. 8:23 PM BBT Frankie goes to HoH bathroom, while Christine, Derrick, Nicole and Cody are speculating on HG's jobs on the outside. Victoria in LR giving Zach advice to be careful. Jocasta in BY running the pool table by herself. 8:28 PM BBT Nicole and Cody snuggling in HoH BR. All of talking about doing things outside the house after game. Hayden and Jocasta in BY sitting on chair. Hayden told her she didn't need to go out of her way to talk to him. He told her she 100% has his vote. She said she has to fight her butt off. 8:30 PM BBT Jocasta was joking to Hayden that her husband is Donny's age, and is old enough to be their parent. Hayden told her if she talks to Cody, or anyone else, not to tell how many votes she thinks she has. He said she will be golden for sure, he wouldn't think of sending her home. 8:34 PM BBT Derrick told Christine he created Angry Birds, then apologized to the real creator. Derrick said he could be a cop and she wouldn't know it. Christine said he can't be a cop because he's too cool. 8:37 PM BBT Derrick jokingly told Cody he still has a bigger pen*s than him. The 4 HG's still in the HoH BR talk about their ages. Hayden and Jocasta still in BY talking about previous HG's. 8:41 PM BBT Caleb in KT telling Frankie and Zach that he slept soo much today. Frankie said the same thing. Frankie told Zach to stop biting his nails, and asked him where his Bite Off is. Zach commented that he is safe. Hayden and Jocasta doing shout outs in the BY. 8:43 PM BBT Caleb told Frankie, the difference between the two of them is that he's a huge target, while they are eating in the LR. Zach practices speech again, and said it's Day 47 in the BB House. 8:46 PM BBT Hayden, Frankie and Caleb still in the LR, and asked Victoria to come and sit with them. They continue to talk about Tums. Cody asked where the saying, Who screwed a pooch came from, because he sure would like to know. 8:50 PM BBT Christine asked Derrick if he wasn't married if he would have a showmance, and he said he wouldn't be opposed to it. Derrick told Christine that if she was married to would definitely would, talking about the different cam angles. 8:52 PM BBT Talk continued in HoH BR about previous HG's and cams getting sex footage. Donny and Jocasta walking around BY. Hayden and Victoria on the hammock talking about Christine planting seeds. Hayden told her not to trust her, because she wants him, her and Nicole to feud. He said Christine is a very good actress, not to tell her anything important, and not to say anything to any1. 8:56 PM BBT Derrick asked Cody up in the HoH BR, if there was any chance of him getting back with his ex. He said he doesn't think so. Hayden and Victoria still talking about Christine. Hayden said she is manipulative. He told Victoria to be nice to her, but not to talk game to her. 8:59 PM BBT Victoria told Hayden that no one talks game to her, except Nicole and Christine. She said that Nicole has told her Christine is manipulative also. She said she trusts Nicole, but they can be secretly working together. Hayden said he does not think that.