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  1. 7:54 PM BBT James asks Paul if he's o.k.? Paul says he's anxious, nervous & excited all at the same time. He says he can't wait to get back out on the outside. He says it was a long stressful journey & he doesn't know what the f's going down tomorrow. He says all he knows is that he gave it his all. James tells him he did. Paul says this game is not a joke. He says it looks fun on TV & it's very fun. He says it's equal amounts of fun as it is hard & stressful. He says it brought out emotions that he never expected to have. James says he knows since it's not his first rodeo. He says he bottle up his emotions. Paul tells him you have to let them out sometimes. Paul has his left leg propped up on the KT table. Paul says James was trained. James says yeah, with the military. He says you can't really cry unless it's a death situation. He says you don't cry in basic training or cry baby would be your nickname. Paul says imagine Michelle going to basic training. James says he told Michelle she would never make it. He says he told Natalie she probably wouldn't make it either. He says if the house bothered them there's a lot more to it. James takes his pizza out of the oven. Paul asks James if he was ever in real danger? James says he was in convoy's & they had a really good team to check everything so they wouldn't run over an IED. He says one of his buddies committed suicide because he found out his wife was cheating on him. We see FOTH briefly. James says that was...We see FOTH again. He says he wanted to go home so bad. We see FOTH again. All cams come back on Nicole lying in her bed in the Tokyo BR with dirty coffee mugs & a butter knife that has been on the princess bed for weeks now.
  2. 7:50 PM BBT James asks Paul if he wants to eat some pizza? Paul says he may eat it later if he saves some. Paul says it would be cool to get a behind the scenes tour of the studio. James says he would like to see the control room, but then he may not be able to be back on the show. James says you can probably see pictures on the internet. Paul wonders how it's all layed out. James says like a big shell. BB says, "You are not allowed to talk about production." James says he would love to run behind the walls one time. He says he knows there is a track that runs around the house. BB says, "You are not allowed to talk about production." James & Paul both say they are speculating. James takes his pizza out of the oven. Paul says it looks really good. James says it's still doughy. James says he's putting it back in for 4 more minutes. He sits back at the KT table with Paul.
  3. 7:45 PM BBT Nicole says they jury members are going to be nervous. James & Nicole both said they felt like they were going to pass out. Paul asks what time they got woke up on that day? James says they leave about 2 or 3 PM BBT. Nicole says you leave all ready & do one run-through. Paul says they don't have any reason to wake them up early tomorrow because they don't have anything to do. Nicole says they need good sleep tonight. Paul wants BB to do something for them tonight since it's the last night. Nicole says watch it be only Monday night & she laughs. Paul says that would be messed up if they have it a day off in their head. James says it's 7:45 PM BBT. Paul asks James if he's going to shower? James says he will shower tomorrow. Paul says he's going to shower both days to be extra clean. Nicole goes back to the Tokyo BR. She says she is trying to make it sound like the jury doesn't like her in case Paul & James are working on a Final 2. Paul says he's going to miss this place. Paul asks James what the decorations were like on his season. James says it was ocean themed & it was blue. Paul asks about the Safari Room. James says he can't remember. Paul asks what the HOHR was? James says they had the fish tank in the second HOHR. He says the yard looks totally different this season He says there is a new pool, pool table & patio furniture. He says they renovated it. He says the KT is the same with the same damn dishes. Paul says really? James says, yeah.
  4. 7:39 PM BBT Paul says everyone in jury has been talking just as they have been talking. James is sitting quietly waiting on his pizza to get finished while these two are talking. Paul says he doesn't want to see anyone even Victor, because he just saw him. He says he does want to see Bridgette though for some reason. Nicole says the pre-jury is going to get to come back. Nicole & Paul are both excited to see Glenn. Paul wants to drink beers with him. He says he's really excited to see Frank. He says he seems like a pretty good guy. James says he'll try to have open arms to Frank, but he doesn't think he'll return it. Nicole says he wasn't mad at James because it was what the house wanted. Paul says he made a back-handed comment about James. Nicole says that she thinks Natalie doesn't like her because of the Day 24 comment. James says she may be over it. Paul says he thinks her personality is that way. He says she even hugged him & it seemed like she was over it. Paul says he won't let things be awkward. He says he will be the icebreaker if he has to. Nicole says Paul & Michelle will be best friends after this. Paul says there is no way, their personalities will not mesh well. Nicole says things are in her head because of the things that Michelle said when she left. She says she is over it. Paul says they probably don't care anymore. Nicole says they are all super happy to be in jury. Paul says maybe the questions are nice, but he doubts it with this jury. He says it's a long shot.
  5. 7:33 PM BBT Paul says he instigates things for his mom to grill his dad about eating sweets before bedtime. He says they miss him because his sister is boring & he's the entertainment in the family. He says his sister was taking another exam that would come after her board exam. He says she's very happy he's not there because he makes it difficult for her to study. He says they bang back & forth on their walls & she slams her door to tell on him. He says he gets a text message to go downstairs. He says his mom sends him the cactus emoji to flip him off. He says when his mom found out about the emojis it was game over. Paul says he uses the upside down face & beard emojis. James says if you text with emojis you are supposed to have a healthier relationship. Nicole says she hates to text, she doesn't have the upside down face emoji & she would rather talk on the phone. Nicole screams that they get to go out the front doors finally tomorrow. She pounds on the table. She says, "What up people?" Paul says he might vomit. He says he might puke on the stage. Nicole says everyone will hpoe she walks out third, but they will see her tomorrow. Nicole says Natalie & Michelle are literally on their knees praying that she's not in final two. She says Bridgette & Da'Vonne don't want to see her in Final 2, but she wants to be there. Paul thinks everyone hates him. He says Victor talked more about himself then he talked about Paul. Nicole says maybe they will have a change of heart & she might vote for her. Paul says she may not vote for anyone. Nicole says she may not even be there. Paul says America will vote for her. Nicole acts all cocky about her getting grilled about things she did. She says they may think she didn't do enough. Paul says she doesn't know what they think so she needs to stop thinking about it.
  6. 7:28 PM BBT Paul asks Nicole who she would rather play BB with Paulie or Corey? Nicole says she would rather be around Corey, but to actually play BB she would rather have Paulie. James says Paulie told them he's the enforcer when he goes out with his friends. Nicole says Cody is soo loving. She thinks he's in the audience. James says his baby's momma is probably going to attack Cody if he's in the audience because she loves him. James says Cody & Derrick both came last season for the Finale. James says that his baby's momma wanted a shout out from Cody on Instagram & he gave it to her. James says he would rocket them down the isle if he needs to. Nicole says Cody is definitely a cutie. Paul forgot where he put a pan. Nicole laughs really hard. Pual says when he cleans up he just puts stuff places where it doesn't go. Paul says he messes everything up in his house & he puts stuff up where it will fall. James adds peppers & cheese to his pizza & he's going to cook it for dinner.
  7. 7:22 PM Nicole is still chomping and chomping and chomping. She licks her fingers & puts them back in the bags of stuff she is inhaling while sitting at the KT table. The HG's all say they were scared of Bridgette after James says it was cool that Natalie won the Never Not Pass. Nicole says that Corey did Paul a solid & got Bridgette out. Paul says she was a smart cookie. He says she was going to take shots at whoever she wanted after Frank left. James says she wouldn't have put Natalie up. Paul says if she had to she would have because she is ruthless. Nicole says she might have put Natalie up against him. Nicole finally puts up everything she was eating where it all goes. She pushes her plate more on the KT table & picks her teeth. She gets a paper towel & then goes to get her plate & silverware off the KT table. She says she hopes they don't have to do the dishes that are in the sink. James says f those dishes they've done enough. She says she has to go brush her teeth. Paul says it's 7:25 PM BBT.
  8. 7:15 PM BBT The convo changes to hot dogs. Nicole says brats are her favorite. Nicole puts a pickle in her taco with ham. Nicole says she hopes the jury goes easy on them. Paul says she's high. Nicole asks Paul if he will hand her the bag of backed lays. She uses them to get the left over salsa off her plate & is chomping the whole time she's eating. We see FOTH briefly. Nicole tells James she thought he was going to make Mac N' Cheese. He says he was going to but it makes too many dishes. Nicole is inhaling her food like she hasn't eaten in a week just shoveling in everything in front of her. Paul asks if they could relive any moment in the BB house what would it be? Nicole says getting her America's Care Package. James says winning his first HOH where he had to keep his hand up for a while. He says the second one was date night with Natalie at the Carnival. Nicole asks Paul what his is? He says seeing his parents & getting saved right after. He says there were a lot of emotions that night. He says then the last HOH he won was great & words can't describe it.
  9. 7:12 PM BBT Paul says there is a lot of missing keys. He asks how big the box is that they send you? Paul wonders if he can just pick his up since he's local. James says it's pretty big. Nicole says she had a lot with her comic, costumes, Germitard & souveniers. We see FOTH again briefly. James says he can't wait to see the Battle<Back comps. Paul says he can't believe they were oblivious to that. Nicole says that Victor was screaming at the top of his lungs & they didn't hear him. James says they got locked in the HOHR for an hour or longer & they never knew why. Nicole is chomping on her soft food that she is eating. They all think BB may have put up a sound-proof barrier so they couldn't hear the Battle<Back comps. James starts to sing girl you are so plastic. We see FOTH briefly yet again. Paul asks Nicole how her weird ass taco is? She says good with her mouth full of food.
  10. 7:10 PM BBT Paul is worried about Michelle being a very emotional player. James says she's been in jury relaxing. Paul thinks she holds grudges. He says she's hot & cold & it's hard to tell with her. He says he can see why they casted her. James says they had to know she was like that. Paul says 1000%. He says they knew. BB says, "You are not allowed to talk about production." Nicole gets her food out of the toaster oven. She says they do personality tests & we see FOTH briefly.
  11. 7:07 PM BBT Nicole goes in the KT. Paul says they could have a season that there are two teams in the house with a Vet in charge of the teams. Paul says if he was versing Michelle they would all go. Nicole says that would be crazy. Nicole starts putting salsa & pickles on the table. She gets other stuff out of the refrigerator to eat. Paul says in less than 5 hours they will have been in the house for 99 days. Nicole says she is winging her speech if she's in Final 2. She thinks she will black out. Paul asks Nicole what she is making? She puts corn tortillas & ham in the toaster oven.
  12. 7:00 PM BBT Nicole is in the Tokyo BR going over her Final 2 speech. She looks really tired as she is lying in her bed. In the KT, James tells Paul that they have a pre-selected question to ask. He says there is a bag next to you with a key in it & you have the key in it of who you are going to vote for to win the game. He says the bag is velcroed to the chair. Paul asks if you have to say something funny when you go up to vote? James says you don't have to, but it's recommended. Paul says they may not want you to give away who you're voting for. James says, it may be know, like they know Victor would vote for Paul. Paul says all of these questions will be answered tomorrow. He says it will all be over before they know it. He says you will blink & it will be gone. James tells Paul tomorrow is his moment & he should enjoy it. James says it's going to be weird for him going back for a second time to do interviews. Paul says they will be just as excited. Paul says he just wants to see his family & hug his mom & dad tightly. He says he hopes that his parents had a good vacation without him. James says they are going to have the SR stocked & tell him to cook.James says he will have dish duty. Paul says his mom will call him out & probably make him make muffins also. James says Natalie is going to crack up. Paul asks if they will give them something tonight, like a last night party? James says they are probably like good bye. He says they are ready to see the BBOTT HG's. Paul thinks Jozea will be back. James think Jozea, Paulie & Michelle will be back. He tells Paul he will be back with Michelle if they ever come back.
  13. 8:54 PM BBT Live feeds come back to Paul refilling his water bottle. He says he's surprised that Victor didn't take his water bottle or his comic shirt. He says he'll take it for him, because he's pretty sure he will want it. Paul says the cards for the board are pretty cool for Nicole to keep. James says, yeah. Paul looks over the board that they wrote their tips on. He adds something else to his portion. Paul asks Nicole what's up? Nicole says she has to go in & do a long DR. She tells James he did good on the Twitter bird. She reads the portion of the board where he talked about not trusting the guy & girl. He says he's just trying to blow everyone's game up. Nicole asks James why he's not following any of the rules? She says he doesn't see him doing any short burst cardio workouts. He says he knows, he's just trying to give the HG's the tips. Paul says Nicole's is the best about starting to play Big Brother & not Big Baby. Paul & Nicole both say they are going to get Big Brother tattoos. Paul says he promised his fans he would get his tattoo on his butt if he wins. He says he didn't think he would actually have to do that, but now he's kind of worried, because they will call him out. Nicole gets called to the DR. She tells them to wish her luck. She goes to the DR. James chomps to finish his food. He says F those dishes. Paul says F those dishes we can do them tomorrow. Paul asks if they are going to play that game of pool? James says, the last game, let me get my water. He goes to get his water. Nicole comes out of the DR & says there's a hole. Paul asks in what? She says she's kidding. She goes to the WC. Paul & James go to the BY to play their game of pool.
  14. 8:49 PM BBT Paul goes back to the WA & then back to the KT, still trying to get the sticky stuff off his water bottle. Nicole gets called to the DR. James says it might be Orwell's Owls. Paul says it could be that or the sewing. Nicole says that's the SR. She goes into the DR. Paul goes back to the WA & dries his water bottle off. Paul tries to use a paint marker on his water bottle. He rubs it off with a paper towel. We see FOTH briefly. Paul is trying to get one of the paint markers to work & we see FOTH again.
  15. 8:45 PM BBT James uses his hands to pull some of the food out of the container & put it on a plate. Paul is still trying to clean his water bottle off. James puts his plate in the microwave to warm up the food. Paul goes to the WA to use a towel on his water bottle. James cleans up after himself in the KT & throws stuff away. Paul goes back to the KT, flipping his water bottle in his hand on the way. He uses soap at the KT sink to wash it again. James tries the food when it's done in the microwave & he says it's good. Paul asks what that is? James says it's the eggs from the breakfast they had the other day. Paul says it smells good. James is sitting at the KT table eating his food.
  16. 8:41 PM BBT James is upset that something is on the bottom of the pan. Nicole says she likes to eat when she is nervous or excited. Paul asks Nicole who she thinks is the most bitter person on the wall? Nicole says she doesn't know & asks him who he thinks is? Paul says probably Michelle & Paulie. Nicole says those are definitely good guesses. She says Corey is probably still beating himself up, but there was nothing she could do. She says it was an either or thing & one of them had to win. Paul says it was a tough comp. Nicole refills her water bottle. James is cleaning the stove top off. Nicole goes back to the Tokyo BR to lay down. She is whispering as she practices her Final 2 speech. James & Paul are still in the KT. James pulls a container out of the refrigerator & says he could just heat that up, instead of letting the leftovers go to waste.
  17. 8:36 PM BBT James goes to the KT & tells Nicole & Paul that he has to make something to get him through. Paul says he can't wait to go to Canada & hang out with the chick that won BB Canada. He says she seems really cool. He says she wants to hang out with him after the show. He says she might hate him know & he's pissed. Nicole says she can only imagine how crazy his interviews were. Paul says his first interviews were crazy. He says Jeff said he might grow his beard out also. He says he's a really nice guy & he's really sweet. Nicole says they are like the nicest couple ever. Paul is sitting at the KT table cleaning his water bottle. He says he can't get the sticky stuff off. Nicole is chomping on her vegetables. Paul says they are getting messed over on the sewing kit. Nicole says the speakers weren't working in there so she doesn't know if they heard her or not. We see FOTH briefly. Paul asks what the agenda is for tomorrow? He says they need to pack all of their stuff & hang out in every room in the house. He says the families might fly in tomorrow or they may already be there, who knows. James doesn't say anything & he goes back to the SR. He gets a block of cheese & goes back to the KT. Paul asks Nicole if they will get locked up in the HOHR on the last day? We see FOTH.
  18. 8:34 PM BBT Nicole goes in the WC & comes back out. James asks Paul if they should make another pizza? Paul says, f no. James says that pizza put them in a coma last night. Paul says yeah. Nicole is practicing her speech. She leaves the WA. The microwave beeps & Nicole tells Paul it's her vegetables. Paul says he thought she was going to eat ice cream. She says vegetables is healthier & she calls Paul a ding dong. James goes to the SR & takes something out of the refrigerator that he puts back in. He grabs some Mac N' Cheese & other items to cook with & leaves the SR.
  19. 8:31 PM BBT Nicole decides to go inside the house. Paul asks if she wants him to go so James doesn't corner her? He says he will go anyway so he can wash his cup out so he can store it & keep it. James tells them he finally got his Twitter bird down right & it was hard. Paul wants to play another game of pool. James says they should make a good breakfast tomorrow. Nicole is warning up food in the microwave. Nicole puts an empty container in the sink. James says they need to play country tomorrow on the last day. (The last day is actually Wednesday). Nicole tells him he's been getting hooked up with the music in the morning.
  20. 8:27 PM BBT Nicole says James freaked out on the mental comp & by then it was to late. Paul says he should have really tried on the second part. Paul says he still lost & that is the outcome. He says if you aren't going to throw comps, you definitely don't throw the ones in the Final 3. Paul says they both busted their balls off. He says she finished that comp in 7 minutes, so she had to be going crazy. Paul says his pinky still feels weird & he was sore for the next several days & he was feeling great. He says that Nicole's knees are still messed up. Nicole says James told her to her face that he was pretending to shake. Paul says he told him it was strategy. Nicole says they will never know. Paul says it looked like he was going to die when he was getting sprayed with that house. Paul says he was so cocky about the wall comp & endurance. Nicole says his one comp win was thrown to him also & she won't forget that. Paul says if it wasn't for him James would be gone.
  21. 8:17 PM BBT Paul tells Nicole that he would help her with her speech if she wants help. He doesn't want her to tell him her speech though. She says she wishes she had more flow with her speech. She says her outfit really can't get pit stains. Paul says she will do great. Nicole says she doesn't know what people going to the Final 2 did to prepare for this, because it's hard. Paul says probably not like this. Nicole says she doesn't know what they are not liking about her either. Paul says he's not going to say he's been an underdog because they've known that. Nicole says she doesn't want to say this is her second time, but they are going to say something to her about it. Paul says it will be talked about her being a Vet, & it won't be by a Vet, 1 million percent. Paul says they will take all day tomorrow to let everything soak in & breath. He says as excited as they are they need to let things settle in. He says then when they wake up it will fly by. He says he can't believe they are having a new season of Big Brother. Nicole says that is also boggling her mind. Paul says he's not really found of the way James' tips. Nicole says she's not either. Nicole says she should have written Rule #8 Don't listen to James' tips. She says if she came in & read that she wouldn't be happy. She says his tips are good, but they are going to blow up people's games Day 1. Paul says he put not to trust the really loud or quiet guy/girl. Nicole says he did not write that. Nicole says Paul is the really loud guy & she is the really quiet girl. Nicole says that's not nice & it's mean. Paul says he's putting a target on someone's back Day 1. Nicole says James is putting his Facebook & Twitter on there. Paul says James is very cocky, walking around acting like he's the king of Big Brother. He says he called Rob & them...We see FOTH briefly. Nicole asks if he's heard her once saying anything about it? We see FOTH briefly again. Paul says he is giving his goodbye message to James about James always saying it's not his first rodeo & how this boujie LA guy made it longer on this one. Paul says he wants to cook for his family when he goes home. He says he's going to make mashed potatoes, chicken & pasta. HE says he really wants to cook for them. He says they will be shocked. Nicole says it bugs him that he thinks he's so good & that's why they aren't taking him. She says, no, it's because he's cocky. Paul says he's never once been intimidated by James. He says when he told Nicole one of them was winning the first comp he knew they would. Nicole thinks that James threw the second part because he was confident he was going to go. She says he's going to say in his DR's he did throw it. Paul says he was never planning on taking him. He says there was no point in his mind that he ever wanted to take James. He says the plan was just to convince him of that. She says she was trying to say she wasn't going to take Paul either to convince James.
  22. 8:13 PM BBT Nicole says she will be more at ease with her family there. Paul says if Julie tells him to wrap it up he might sh*t his pants. Nicole says hers is about 1 minute. Paul says he can't cut anything out because he's telling it like a story. He says if he cuts things out it won't flow. Nicole says she is trying to figure out exactly what to say in her speech. Paul says he's literally giving her a compliment in his speech at the end. He says if she wants him to he can take it out. Nicole says she doesn't know if she should talk to Corey. Paul says she may want to talk about Corey, but not to him. Nicole says she needs a piece of paper & a pen. She says she would like a paper & a pen for 1 hour. Paul says they don't want them to do that. Nicole says they want her to look like an idiot. Nicole says she might be forgetting things to say. Paul says if she's forgetting them she may not need them. Paul says she might just want to come up with something to say on the spot then. She says she doesn't want to be under-prepared though. Paul says it's clearly freaking her out trying to come up with something to say.
  23. 8:05 PM BBT Paul tells Nicole that James has literally not said anything to him today. Nicole says James 1000% thinks he's taking him to the Final 2. Paul says he's been hanging out with him just to make him feel comfortable. He says he will tell James he's not taking him if he wants her to so she will feel better. Nicole says it's fine. Paul says there is 0% chance he's taking him to the Final 2. Paul says James is fishing for stuff with her. Paul says there is something in the contract that if you take James you get an extra $1,000. Nicole says she's not stressing about that. Paul tells Nicole to be as genuinely her as possible. Paul says if he tries to be serious everyone will ask who he is. Nicole says she couldn't be someone else if she even tried. Paul says that's good then. Nicole says she is going to have to be on defensive mode. Paul tells her she is going to like his speech. Nicole says she would rather be grilled by anyone else other than this jury. Paul says he's going to get grilled also. Nicole says she's afraid of speaking in front of 9 million people. Nicole says she wonders if the camera is on the jury or Julie. Paul tells her to imagine it's only the two of them in the room. Nicole says she wonders what will happen if she faints & has a heart attack. Paul says he might also. She says she isn't stressed about the last part of the comp. Paul asks if she knows what she will say to James if she wins? She says she doesn't know if they get a speech or not. Paul says James just walked to the UKBR. He says that maybe he's coming to terms with not going. Nicole says she thinks that James is working on a speech. Paul says he doesn't care right now & he will walk in there right now & tells him it's not in his best interest to take him to the Final 2. Paul says he doesn't want things to be weird & he wants James' vote to be as fair as possible.
  24. 7:56 PM BBT James is trying to draw a Twitter bird. Paul asks Nicole to let him draw her palm tree. Nicole says she's good at drawing things. Paul says she's not. She says she is. James is still trying to add stuff to his space. Nicole tells Paul to be careful not to mess up her letters. Nicole says she doesn't like 3's, so she asks him to make another coconut for her. She says she likes it & thanks him. She wonders if they should put some shine on the coconuts. Paul says he can make them have some fuzzies. She tells Paul they have three dots & it looks perfect. Nicole says James is advertising his social media. Paul says they can't use any of that. James says he hears people talking. He asks who's in the wall? Nicole says the HG's are going to read James' tips & they are going to literally crap themselves. She says, "I'm sorry HG's that you have to read that." She goes to the Tokyo BR & then she goes to the BY, leaving the sliding door open. She is looking for her water. Paul says he wants to go in the hot tub, but at the same time he doesn't want to shower. He goes to the BY & asks Nicole if she wants to hang on the ham? She says, yes. James is still messing with the board. James says, "Aww, whatever, I know y'all are going to vote me out anyway, assholes." He says, "I knew I should have kept Corey, I f'd up."
  25. 7:47 PM BBT Nicole checks Paul's eyebrows to make sure she is making them even. She says she is making them look tip top shape. Paul thanks her. James whistles as he goes to the dining room table & looks at the board they wrote their messages on for the next set of HG's. Nicole asks Paul why his eyebrows are lighter at the top? She tells him she didn't mess them up. She says she feels that Bridgette plucked them more. Paul says they look fine. Paul says they are cleaned up. He says they are fine & they look good. He says he will get threaded literally in 2 days. Paul thanks her. She tells him he's welcome. She plucks some of her eyebrows now using a mirror in the WA. Paul decorates his portion of the board a little more with the paint marker.