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  1. 6:57 PM BBT Cody picks Jessica up out of the water. She says it's so cold & tells him to put her down. Jessica tells him that whenever he touches her in certain places she can tell that's where the spikes have been because some spots are tender. They talk about other HNBR's from previous seasons. Jessica says she doesn't need that much space to sleep. Jessica says James & Natalie fit well in the bumper car. Cody says James is a midget & so is she he guesses. Jessica asks if they super glue themselves to each other do they have to keep both of them? Cody says, or evict them both.
  2. 6:51 PM Elena acts upset & asks Mark to please get his hand off her leg so she can get up. She picks up a bowl & goes to the KT. Matt tells Mark that Elena would have never thought he would reject the cookie. Mark says he gets in more fights over girls with food, but he tries to eat healthier. Mark says he's preparing to play pool now. Raven tells Mark he should probably stop arguing about food with his girlfriends. She tells him that may be why he has exes. 6:54 PM BBT Mark says he knows everyone's name in the house now. In the BY, Cody & Jessica are complaining about the hot tub not being warm enough. They ask BB if they can turn the heat up. Jessica asks Cody if she's hurting him? He says, no she's good. Jessica moves to the other side of the hot tub. They kiss each other & hug. Cody burps. Jessica tells him he burps more than anyone ever. She tries to dunk him in the hot tub. Then she splashes water at him.
  3. 6:44 PM Elena, Mark, Matt & Raven are chilling in the WA. They are talking about how rude Cody has been. Mark talks about how big his legs are. He says he's upset with Cody acting like he did. Matt says Cody was trying to backstab Christmas, she gets a cast on & now she has to have surgery. Raven says it's a lot to go through. Mark says he feels like an ahole for sticking his neck out for Cody. Kevin walks in the WA & says he will wash his clothes with anyone else that wants theirs done. He says it doesn't matter, he will just grab all the dirty clothes. They are going to have a pool tournament tonight. 6:48 PM BBT Mark & Matt think the pool tournament will be fun tonight. Elena says Kevin reminds her of her dad. Raven says kevin's a cool guy. Elena says it's upsetting her. Paul walks in the WA & sits down. She says Kevin is quite the breeder. Mark says, with 7 kids, he is. Paul yells to Kevin to rack the pool balls & he will crack them. Paul fixes his beard. Elena says when you make food for someone in Texas & they don't take it it's like saying f you to them. She says she was being thoughtful to Mark & then he didn't eat the cookie. She tells him he ate all the friendship fries, but they are good.
  4. 6:36 PM BBT Christmas goes to the LR. She tells Ramses she got an X-Ray & an MRI. Paul comes in & tells her he hopes she heals as fast as she can. Ramses tells Christmas she is a BB legend & she's such a bad ass about it. Christmas says she's not going home after the surgery. She says she will be by herself & she wants to hang out with them. Christmas goes into the KT. Dominique tells Christmas that Cody legit got & up left. Joshua, Paul, Ramses & Alex are all in the KT also. 6:39 PM BBT Joshua tells everyone that Cody has an oversized inflated ego. Paul tells Christmas that the icing tastes like Dunkaroos. Paul tells everyone they have like 18 packages of cheese open, so they need to make sure it's used up before opening more. In the BY, Cody & Jessica are in the hot tub together. Cody is kissing all over her. Jessica says she heard the L word. Cody says he's trying to progress there. Jessica tells him he loves her. Cody says he needs to prioritize things in his life. We hear a plane flying overhead.
  5. 6:33 PM BBT Christmas says she wants to be transparent about everything, & if it wasn't the convo in the wave room would have been different. Christmas says no one knows why Cody did what he did, & he keeps his conversations private. Jessica says she feels like she may throw up. She offers to help her up. They hug each other. Christmas tells her she's so much shorter than she thought. Christmas is having surgery Wednesday & has to have another surgery in 4 months. Jessica asks if she can outsource for her gym? Christmas says it runs itself so it will be o.k. They leave the HNBR.
  6. 6:28 PM BBT Christmas says she was basically telling Jessica to be proactive to play her own game even though she is working with Cody. Jessica says she doesn't lie & that will bite her in the ass also. Jessica says she was telling people her way of understanding things. Jessica tells Christmas that she thinks she's a lot more vindictive than she is. She says she is just trying to live in the same house. Christmas says, then lets just live in the same house. Jessica says it doesn't get any worse for her & she will probably leave next week. She says she's not trying to be catty or anything towards Christmas. She says she just wants to get on neutral ground. Christmas agrees. Jessica tells Christmas she's sorry that she has to have surgery. 6:31 PM BBT Christmas says she will try to get past what happened, but can't promise, but she will try to do better. Jessica says she's not trying to be a bad person & she is trying to take it day by day. Christmas hears Jessica's stomach. Jessica says it's slop belly & she's in a room with 3 guys who have slop farts. Jessica says she doesn't want to go out of the game with any hatred towards anyone. She tells Christmas she is sorry for hurting her.
  7. 6:23 PM BBT Jessica tells Christmas she was the first person to see her after she came out of the DR, & they even asked her about it in the DR. Christmas says they never had a convo about it. She says she doesn't care if she was campaigning against her. She says her action were speaking louder than her words, & her words were very little. She tells Jessica that she wanted to come in today to tell Jessica she feels bad for her since Cody will be leaving, she's on slop, a HN & is a toad. She says her foot is affecting her in real life also, since her job is to be physical. 6:26 PM BBT Christmas basically tells Jessica she wants to bury the hatchet & move on. She wants to let things lie & they can move on in the game. Jessica says she doesn't know where there was a miscommunication. She says they can move on. Christmas says she wasn't telling her to leave Cody or anything. Christmas tells her to feel free to ask her questions if she needs to. She says she's pretty clear with people about he she feels. She says that will bite her in the ass & send her home eventually.
  8. 6:20 PM BBT Christmas says they had a good hug & thought Jessica was voting for her to stay. Jessica interrupts her. Christmas asks if she can continue or if Jessica was going to keep interrupting her? Jessica tells her to continue. Christmas says she is trying to address what Jessica says. She says once she heard that Jessica threw shade at her, she took it personally. She says Jessica was never asking her how she felt, but she was asking about her foot. Jessica says she was asking as a person how she was doing health wise. Christmas says she didn't feel responsible to reach out to her once the lies were going on. She says no one came over to ask how she was after she broke her foot.
  9. 6:16 PM BBT Jessica says that she did campaign against her. She says she wasn't playing both sides of the house. She says she understood why she was going after Cody, but she was surprised when Christmas attacked her. Jessica says she doesn't know where things changed. She says Christmas changed towards her & made her time there harder. She tells Christmas that she never attacked her personal character. 6:18 PM BBT Christmas says that she told Jessica she knew she didn't have anything to do with the divide. She says she never was going after Jessica, & she never knew really why Cody put her up. She says he told her one thing that she still doesn't understand. She says she never told Jessica to ditch Cody or abandon ship. She says everyone perceives her as guilty by association. She says if she didn't care she wouldn't give her the time to talk to her. She says she never said anything about going after Jessica until her character was attacked & the lies were going around.
  10. 6:13 PM The live feeds come back. Christmas is hugging everyone in the LR. She is saying goodbye because she has to go have surgery on her foot. Raven gets called to the DR. Christmas wants to talk to Jessica quickly. They go to the HNBR. Jessica asks if she can start? Christmas says, sure. Jessica says it's hard for her to have this conversation. She tells Christmas that she didn't have any knowledge that she knew nothing about her being nom'd & she will see that after the show.
  11. 6:03 PM BBT Joshua says the pigeons have small bracelets on them with his dad's information on them. Joshua says a lot of people in Miami do it, & they call his dad if they find his pigeons. Cody & Jessica are in the hot tub together making out. Matt is standing by the weight bench. We get FOTH.
  12. 5:55 PM BBT BB says, "No napping HG's," referring to Ramses still napping in the wave room. Jason, Joshua, Alex, Dominique & Ramses are all alert in the wave room. Elena says she wants to eat & work out. She says she's probably eaten 16 ounces of the cream cheese icing already. Jason leaves the wave room with Elena. Joshua says that Paul is making animal fries & they are really good. Alex tells everyone that she rode horses. Joshua tells her she has an athletic build. Alex says they just put their last one down like 2 or 3 years ago. She says when the horse freaks out you can't control it. She says they sense when you are uncomfortable. 5:59 PM BBT Alex says she fallen off the horse one to many times. She says you can end up like Christopher Reeves & never be able to walk again. Alex says she's allergic to cats. Joshua says he's allergic to dogs, but they have 5 of the at home. Jason comes back in the wave room when Joshua describes the dogs he has at home. Alex says she has a dog at home. Joshua says he has pigeons at home also. He says his dad trains them, but he doesn't know how he does it. He says he doesn't really like it, but his dad did it with his grandfather. He says his dad collects Cuban pigeons.
  13. 5:50 PM BBT She says being polarizing is being everything but boring. She says that is one word to describe her. She asks him what about captivating? Mark says he likes polarizing better. She says f you jokingly. Back in the KT, Paul is getting a glass dish out of the cabinet. Cody & Jessica are looking in the refrigerator. Matt is eating, while standing by the bar table. 5:52 PM BBT Paul tells everyone that they had some good food that went along with the HN food. Jessica asks where that is right now, & says the slop gets stuck in your teeth. BB says, "Toads must keep their costumes on," referring to Jessica having hers half off. Her & Cody are sitting on the lily pad in the KT eating pickles. Matt asks Jessica what she was doing up last night? She says she couldn't sleep.
  14. 5:44 PM BBT Elena asks Mark if he has on underwear? He says, no. He tells her that he even has on baggy sweats & it makes a great combo. She turns onto her right side, while they are still swinging on the hammock. Elena says she doesn't like that she can't be kept in the house. Mark asks what she means? She says she needs her eyebrows threaded, her lashes done & she needs to get a facial. Mark says he gets facials. He says he has products he uses on his face. He tells Elena she will have to find out. She says, no. 5:47 PM BBT Mark tells Elena they probably need to go inside & be more social. He says he hopes his clothes are dry because the sun is going down. Elena says she can't grasp the concept of how many people are watching the show. She says she may have hell to pay when the show is over. She tells Mark he's like a teddy bear & can't do anything wrong. She says she more abrasive then him. She says she has a harder surface & she's more of an edge. She says she's more polarizing. He asks her to explain what that means. She says an acronym is bland. They go back & forth.
  15. 5:38 PM BBT Elena wants to pop a pimple that Mark has. He doesn't want her to, but she tries anyway. Mark says he can smell the fries outside. Elena says the onions are on her hands. She says she's washed her hands at least twice. She keeps trying to pop Mark's body pimples. She says they are going to have a problem & she doesn't like disagreements. She says she's already annoyed. Mark tells her to drink water for her headache. 5:40 PM BBT Raven tells Paul she doesn't have a really good immune system. They talk about sushi. She says she lives in the country, but doesn't really live in the country. She jokes with Matt about having sex. Paul says by this time last season he was already over it. He says things are humorous this season. He says last season was really volatile. He tells them that people would just throw Bridget's cookies in the trash as soon as she left the KT. Raven says that's really mean.
  16. 5:30 PM BBT Elena & Mark are lying on the hammock in the BY. Mark says he thinks Kevin flipped the vote & not Ramses. Elena says she likes Ramses in Big Brother. She says she has more of an open mind for the game, & you never know what happened why they vote as they do. She says she can look past things since it wasn't against her. She says if she gets put on the block her feelings will get hurt, but someone will & that sucks. Mark says it's a very interesting game to separate emotions from game-play. Elena says the show doesn't get enough credit for all that goes in it since they don't see everything that goes on. 5:35 PM BBT Elena tells Mark she's about ready to vomit from all the cream cheese. Mark tries to make a joke & fails. She says she has a sugar rush & headache. Back in the KT, Paul is still making his friendship fries. Jessica is putting away dishes. Raven & Matt are sitting together at the bar table area. Cody is washing dishes.
  17. 5:24 PM BBT Paul tells the viewers not to ever put the oil down the drain. Paul says it's almost 5:30 PM BBT & it feels like it's 11 PM BBT. Raven puts some of the icing on a cookie to eat it. Raven tells everyone that Dominique's cake is in the refrigerator in the SR. She says if anyone touches it she will kill them. 5:27 PM BBT Jessica is standing on the lily pad in the KT. She has her frog suit open on top showing all her goods. She is dancing around & Matt is laughing. Paul asks Kevin if he's ready for some fries? He says he is. Raven says the icing is made out of cream cheese. Kevin says he's never had cream cheese in his life. Raven tells Jessica she is hopping & thrusting. She tells Paul the fries smell really good. Raven says Kevin requested plain fries for himself. Paul puts more potatoes in the oil.
  18. 5:18 PM BBT Mark & Matt are still playing pool in the BY. In the KT, Elena tells Raven there is so much of the frosting left. Raven says she is going to put some in the freezer for Matt. She says it will go good on top of carrot cake. Cody is making some slop. He tells Paul they gave them vegetable oil. Paul says he marinates the oil. Paul tells the viewers the secret to the friendship friends is marinating the oil. He says he doesn't know if it's good or bad, but they are all going to die anyway. 5:21 PM BBT Paul says the best way to make the fries to put them in the oil so they bake in flavor. He says he really wants to use Seasoned Salt, but they don't have it. Paul tries some of the icing that Raven has. He says it tastes like Dunkaroos. He says that brings back flashbacks. Cody is laughing while talking to Paul by the stove. Paul puts some of the cut potatoes in the oil. He & Cody both jump back. Cody says it's the water reacting to the oil.
  19. 5:00 PM BBT Elena, Paul, Dominique, and Kevin are all in the KT. Raven walks into the KT & then walks out. Paul & Elena are talking about how much they love drinking beer, as Paul puts a lime in his beer. Both of them taste the beer & like it. Elena wants to know how small she should dice the onions. Paul says an off the wall comment about his private area. 5:04 PM BBT Cams go to the BY with Cody & Jessica standing near the pool. They are putting their frog costumes back on. BB tells Cody to please exchange his microphone with one in the SR. He & Jessica start to skip & walk inside the house. They are not hopping. Cody goes to the SR & walks in to exchange his microphone. Mark & Matt are playing pool in the BY. They are talking about Ramses ruining his credibility in the house. 5:07 PM BBT Mark says Jessica should go out right after Cody in case there is a BattleBack. He says it will make great TV if they have to compete again each to come back in the house. Cody skips to the KT after exchanging his microphone. Paul & Elena are cutting stuff up for dinner. Paul says that Spongebob is his favorite TV shoe & it still makes him crack up. Jessica skips around the house instead of actually hopping. Raven is trying to cover a cake up to put it in the refrigerator. Paul helps her to make the foil stronger. Elena tells her to put it in the other refrigerator. 5:13 PM BBT In the wave room, Alex, Kevin & Jason are talking about gambling at casinos. Kevin tells Alex she had on high heels, white tight pants & a blue shirt. Alex says she had on black glitter high-heeled shoes with a dress. She says she doesn't like to wear pants. Kevin asks if the guys in Vegas were hitting on her? She said no. She says she won $6,000 on $20. She says it was 5 years ago. She says she won $5,000 on slot machines. 5:14 PM BBT Alex says she owns a bathing suit company in Bali. Ramses is sleeping on the couch in the wave room. Raven & Elena put the cake in the refrigerator in the SR. Raven says no one better touch the cake or she will be mad. They go back to the KT. Dominique goes to the BY to check on the laundry. BB says, "No napping HG's," referring to Ramses napping in the wave room.
  20. Weekly Episode & Live Eviction: Previously on Big Brother Over The Top…With the power up for grabs, Scott became the chairman of the board. He won HOH & said everyone that he was done, but he wasn’t going home this week. Putting him & the Ball Smashers in control. Scott said Shane was definitely not a team player. He is definitely in this for himself. Scott wants to see him go home. America’s Care Package arrived for the virgin king, giving him a big decision. (He received the Pick-A-Veto Care Package.) After 2 Safety Ceremonies, Neeley & Kryssie became the nominees. Kryssie said that Scott is a chump. But, Scott had bigger fish to fry. Scott said he put up 2 people that he really wants to win the Veto, that way he has a shot of backdooring strong target such as Shane. With America naming a 3rd nominee, the Late Night Jamboree took another hit. (Danielle was put on the block.) At the Veto Competition Scott made his Care Package choice. (He chose the Double Veto.) And with 2 Veto’s on the line, Alex & Justin were double trouble. At the Veto Meeting, Alex played it safe. (She didn’t use the Power Of Veto.) While Justin saved a friend. (He saved Kryssie.) Leaving the backdoor wide open. (Scott put Shane on the block in Kryssie’s place.) Scott said he’s going to be the first HOH this season to get his target out. At the Live Eviction, the house was divided again. So, Scott chose between the showmance. (He evicted Shane.) Leaving the Roofer’s Alliance floored. Tonight, who will rise to power? Who will be nominated? And who will be evicted live? Find out right now on Big Brother Over The Top. Scott says that Shane was the most dangerous player in this game even more than himself, so he definitely feels like he took one of the more powerful pieces out of the game. Danielle says that she was not only sitting next to Shane but he went home, and it’s a horrible feeling to watch someone that you care about walk out that front door. She just wants to get power in the house & target the people that have been targeting them for the past 3 weeks. Kryssie is hurt & gets upset with Scott for evicting Shane. Kryssie says it’s tough because Shane is the type of dude she would never get close to in real life. But, being stuck there together has made them really connect. She says, if anything, this game has made her realize what a soul she truly has. If you look at the other side of the house, not a single one of those heartless monsters even batted an eye. This game is meant for people that are strong emotionally, but it pays to have some level of a heart & soul. Paul from BB18 rings the doorbell & goes back in the house to host the HOH Competition. Paul says, your boy is back in the house. He has his boy Pablo & he hasn’t seen him since Big Meech tore him from his life. He says his jazzed & he can’t wait to spread his friendship seed. Scott says he’s soo excited to see Paul from BB18. He says he was a huge Sitting Ducks fan. He says he’s very excited to see Paul & Pablo back together. They all go to the BY for the HOH Competition. Paul reads the instructions & says, Today’s game is all about your aim. It’s called Perfect Shott. Alright fools, let me tell you how it works. When the game starts ball will rain from above. Inside some of those balls will be a token. For each token you bring me you’ll get one attempt to make the Perfect Shott. I’ll accept up to 10 tokens at a time from one player, which means you may take up to 10 shots in a row. The first player to roll a ball through the gate, down the lane & into the Perfect Shott box will win HOH. Before we start, Alex, I have something special for you. In the Veto For Sale Golf Competition you chose the 19th Hole punishment, which means you blew it & you won’t be seeing straight in tonight’s game. Alex says she picked the beer goggles punishment 2 weeks ago in the Hole In One Veto Competition. So, now, she has to wear these horrible beer goggles throughout the entire HOH Competition, & it’s a HUGE disadvantage. Paul tells Alex she is going to be pissed & he hands her the beer goggles. He tells her to enjoy. He asks everyone if they are ready to play the Perfect Shott? Everyone gets excited, claps & jumps up & down. Alex says that Scott can’t compete this week & if she can’t win she has to have Shelby or Whitney pull this out. Paul tells them to start playing with some balls & the air horn rings. The competition is on it’s way. Kryssie says there are balls falling from the sky in this competition, & inside some of the balls are tokens that they can trade for balls to take their Perfect Shott. She says she needs to win this competition because she’s been on the block 3 weeks in a row, & she doesn’t want to be on the block this week. Jason says, for the last 3 weeks they’ve had Scotty & the hotties in power & The Late Night Jamboree can’t seem to catch a break. He says they need to win this HOH soo severely. He says they really do not have an option but to win. Danielle says her whole game is at stake, she just lost her best friend in the house & the outgoing HOH was targeting her. So, it’s definitely in her best interest to win this HOH & put the power on her side of the house. Justin says he knows he has a few tokens & Paul is over there yelling at them to come over there to try & make this shot. He says, rolling these balls is a lot more strategy than you think. If you roll it a little too hard it can go over the edge. If you roll it to soft it can fall in the middle. So, you have to hit it just right. Alex says she can’t see a freaking thing & she knows there is no way she is going to make a shot, so her strategy is find all the tokens, give them to her alliance members & pray they can pull this competition off. Morgan says her first roll was awful, & at that moment she realized it’s quantity over quality. She needs as many tokens as she can because she’s going to need as many rolls as she can. Shelby says, somehow her baby wrists has to propel a ball that stays straight, but not too hard, so it goes over the edge & over the box. Scott says Danielle’s doing amazing in this competition & he’s definitely worried that she’s going to sink one of her shots. He says he just took out Danielle’s man so he just might be screwed this week. Kryssie says she’s done disappointing herself. She’s done screwing over her side of the house by not being a great player. She needs to win HOH. Kryssie wins HOH & her alliance members jump on her & hug her. Scott puts the HOH key around her neck & congratulates her. Kryssie says, guess who is this week’s HOH? She says, it’s about time. She has sat on that couch 3 weeks in a row & now the tables have turned. The power finally goes to the Jamboree. She can’t wait to put the money where her mouth is & watch everyone sweat while they figure out what she’s going to do. Danielle says, Kryssie wins HOH & it’s The Late Night Jamboree’s first HOH. She’s so happy they are in the perfect place to shift the house & she’s so proud of her. Scott says his heart sinks into his stomach when Kryssie wins HOH. He knows she’s definitely looking to go after him hard, & she’s probably going to go after Alex as well. He says this is worst case scenario. Alex says she knows she is completely screwed this week & it’s probably her worst nightmare come true. She says that Kryssie already can’t trust her & she is probably 100% going on the block. She thinks she will go home unless she can pull off a miracle. Paul lays down in the balls with Pablo around his waist & the beer goggles on his face to make angels in the balls after the HOH Competition is over. Scott says, Kryssie winning HOH is the worst possible scenario. He just put her on the block, he just sent her friend Shane home, & they just had an argument before the HOH Competition. Scott says he’s almost definitely going to be a target this week & he has a lot of damage control to do. Jason sings, “Who’s that b*tch.” He says Kryssie is that b*itch. He says, thank the Lord that Kryssie is in power this week & she’s going to lay the smack down honey. Shelby says, Kryssie is HOH & she got in a fight with Scott just before the HOH competition. She thinks she will either target Scott or Alex, but there’s still a good chance of her going on the block, & pawns go home all the time. Kryssie says she has 1 ultimate target in mind. She says, Alex broke a promise to her when she was HOH. She promised to protect her if she used her Care Package to do what she wanted, she did & Alex still put her on the block. She says, what goes around comes around, Alex. America’s Care Package arrives for Alex. She wins the Safety Servant Care Package. She is safe from eviction & can’t be nominated. She has to dress in servant attire & do whatever BB tells her to do for the week. Alex is really excited to get the Care Package this week because she was a dead man walking. Kryssie says she would have loved to have gotten rid of her, but there’s lots of other people that can go. Alex says, with Kryssie as HOH the other side of the house is in power, so they may need to cut Scott to make this work for them. Jason says this is Kryssie’s HOH & she can take all the blood on her hands. He says he will exit this conversation. Neeley says that she’s always had Kryssie’s back & she has to take some time not to hurt her & her family. Morgan says Alex is safe this week & now she feels the heat going to her direction. She says PR is her specialty. She wants her & Whitney to help make them safe this week. Kryssie says Morgan & Whitney feel they may be her target & she let them know they are not her target, Scott is. Alex goes to the DR to get her Safety Servant costume. She says she has to do all tasks BB has her do for Kryssie this week. She gets asked to amuse the HOH with a hilarious joke. Kryssie says America knows what they are doing to keep this interesting. Alex gets asked to bake the HOH a double layer cake. Alex says it’s fun to be the Safety Servant. She says it’s teaching her to cook & she gets to annoy Kryssie & she knows she already doesn’t like her. Alex gets asked to be a human ottoman for 5 minutes for Kryssie’s feet. Kryssie calls everyone together for the first Safety Ceremony. She has to pick 3 HG’s to be safe for today’s ceremony. She chooses Neeley, Justin & Danielle. Danielle is relieved for the first time she is actually safe for this week. Kryssie calls everyone together for the second Safety Ceremony. She says she has 1 big target & has to put a pawn up next to them. Scott thinks he will end up on the block one way or another this week. She makes Justin, Whitney & Shelby safe at today’s Ceremony. This leaves Scott & Morgan on the block. Morgan says it sucks being on the block for the first time this season. Scott is not surprised to be nominated by Kryssie this week. He says hopefully America nominates someone on the other side of the house. Kryssie says Morgan was dressed like Scott that day. Kryssie says she wants to be as honest as possible & hopes she remembers this when she is HOH. America’s nominee is Neeley this week. Neely says being on the block sucks considering she could be going home this week. She says she will have to work super hard to ensure her safety. Kryssie is surprised that Neeley was nominated. Alex thinks she can keep her alliance safe this week. Kryssie pulls Justin’s chip to play in the Veto Competition. Scott’s chip is pulled & he picks Shelby to play in the Veto Competition. Jason is confused why America doesn’t nominate Shelby because he only sees trash when he looks at her. The Wall Of Shame Veto Competition is played. Morgan says she really needs to win this to ensure her safety. Justin was disqualified from the Veto Competition. Scott gets a time of 8:51. Shelby’s time is 12:18. Kryssie was disqualified. Neeley had a time of 26:15. Morgan wins the Power Of Veto with a time of 8:35. She is so pumped that she won this Veto Competition. Scott says it stinks that he’s still on the block, but he hopes that Neeley is still on the block come eviction night. Scott bothers Danielle telling her it’s just another day because all she does is sleep in the BB house. Danielle tells Scott that everyone is voting for him to go home. Scott says that’s news to him. Neeley says the Late Night Jamboree needs to figure out the right person to put on the block to ensure Scott is voted out this week. At the Veto Meeting, Morgan saves herself. Kryssie has to name a replacement nominee & she puts Whitney on the block in Morgan’s place. Neeley says she doesn’t know if that necessarily was the right move. She says she feels like she may go home. Kryssie says she feels that no one will vote to evict Whitney & she hopes that everyone votes Scott out. Whitney hopes her going up as a pawn works out & she can be safe this week. Morgan makes a deal with Scott to a final 3 with him & Alex. She will be breaking her promise to Kryssie & hopes she has a way better chance going forward. She thinks there will be a 3 – 3 tie on eviction night. It’s time for the Live Eviction: Kryssie says, Before the HG’s cast their votes to evict, they will each have a chance to make a plea to sway their votes. Scott is up first. Scott says, thanks for the memories, one love. Neeley says, HG’s, I’m sorry Scott, you no longer deserve to be in this house. Over the past 24 hours he has thrown each & every single one of them under the bus in the hopes of trying to save his own skin. He was playing the game until the very last minute. She says, he came into the house & on Day 1 made an alliance with 4 people, who have almost all left the game. She says, since Scott’s antics of late have been to gain more TV time, he really doesn’t deserve to stay in the house. She says it started last week with his cheesy performance of trying to get Shane out of the house, part of his alliance, mind you. Then it went on to terrorizing Danielle. She overhead him telling the girls that if they let him stay in the house that he will terrorize her even more. She says the reason he needs to go is because he overhead that Kryssie hurt her hand during the Veto Competition & applauded. She says he applauded in someone else’s misery. She asks why he would do that if he wants to be in this house & why would you want someone in this house that is going to applaud someone else’s misery. She says that’s disgusting. She says for those reasons, Scott no longer deserves to be there. He only wants his weekly stipend, he only wants to be there, he doesn’t want to compete, he’s not loyal & he doesn’t deserve their votes to stay. Whitney says she loves her mom & Winston so so much. She says, to her HG’s, she’s forever grateful to have this chance to share this experience in this house with each & every one of them. She says she still has a lot of fighting to do & not end her journey there. She tells them to vote with their heart & when it rhymes it must be true. Kryssie says it’s now time for the voting to begin. Nominees are not allowed to vote & she will only vote in the event of a tie. Remember, America has been voting for the nominee they want to evict. The nominee that received the most online votes will receive America’s vote. That means America will be casting one vote tonight. When I call your name please enter the DR, take a seat & cast your vote to evict. Jason you’re up first, please head to the DR. Jason votes to evict Scott. Morgan votes to evict Neeley. Danielle votes to evict Scott. Shelby votes to evict Neeley. Alex votes to evict Neeley. Justin votes to evict Scott. Kryssie says BB is tallying the votes & in just a minute she will get the results, & the evicted HG will have just a minute to say goodbye, gather their belongings & exit the BB house. I will go & get the results now. Kryssie comes out of the DR with the results. She opens the envelope & says, with 0 votes to evict, Whitney you are safe. By a vote of 4 – 3, Neeley you have been evicted from the BB house. Scott claps in her face. Neeley gives hugs telling everyone it’s o.k. & to know who they can trust. She gets her black BB bag & walks out the front door. HG’s say bye to her. Scott says he would never applaud because she was hurt. Kryssie says she’s not getting in TV time. She says bye & walks away from him. Neeley’s picture turns grey. Scott says revision is history, welcome to BB. Justin tells Kryssie the 4th vote had to be America. Kryssie says all of the girls lied to her to save face. Scott is telling everyone in the KT he’s happy she’s gone because he’s happy to be there. Danielle calls Scott out on clapping in Neeley’s face & then applauding when her picture turned grey.
  21. WEEKDAY REPLAY: Here’s what’s been happening the past 24 hours on Big Brother Over The Top…The Power Of Veto Competition began with a surprise host, Big Brother legend, Jeff Schroeder. (They played Veto For Sale for the Power Of Veto Competition.) Hunting for the power were nominees, Shane & Danielle; America’s nominee, Monte; HOH, Alex; along with Scott & Shelby. The winner would earn the Veto, while everyone else would get a punishment. During the heat of battle, Danielle made some faces at her competition. Whitney says she saw Danielle stick out her tongue & it really upsets her. She says it’s very unsportsmanlike & very disrespectful. In the end, it would be Shane who claimed the victory. (Jeff puts the Veto around Shane’s neck & tells him he earned it.) Shane says, guess who won the Power Of Veto? I did. He says he kicked some ass & he’s super excited. He says, now he can pull himself of the block. While the other players received punishments. (Shelby received the Caddy Costume, Scott received Sand Trapped, Alex received the 19th Hole, Danielle received the Water Hazard, & Monte received Missed The Cut.) Monte says he received the Missed The Cut punishment which means he can’t participate in the Veto Competition next week. So, he is already in an uphill battle next week. After the Veto Competition, sparks began to fly between Danielle, Whitney & Monte. (Whitney lets Danielle know how she feels about her sticking her tongue out. Danielle gets defensive. Monte tries to talk, & Danielle is just plain out rude to him, saying the he’s already on the block because America has seen his true colors.) Danielle says, when you come into the Big Brother house you can have this persona, the way you want the house & America to see you. But, Monte is trying to come off as this good guy, when in all reality that’s not who he is & you can only fake it so long before everyone sees your true colors. Frustrated with Danielle’s antics, Monte’s side of the house hatched a plan to try & get her out. Alex says she doesn’t want to put Kryssie up because they made a deal & shook hands on keeping each other safe this week. So, the fact that two of her biggest allies are trying to put up Kryssie puts her in a real bind. Later that night, 3 unlucky HG’s showed off their Veto Competition punishments. Shelby comes out in her Caddy Costume. Scott comes out to stay outside in the sand for 24 hours. Scott says he has to stay in the sand trap for the next 24 hours & the only time he can leave is for bathroom breaks. He says he might as well make the most of it. Danielle says she is so happy for Shane that he won the Power Of Veto. If it wasn’t going to be her, she is happy that it’s him, but because she didn’t win she has the Water Hazard punishment. She says, for the next week, anytime Big Brother tells her to she has to get in the pool, swim to the bottom, grab a golf ball with her hands, & put it in the wire basket next to the pool. She says it looks like she is going to be going through a lot of shampoo & conditioner this week. Fearing for his life in the game, Monte checked in with his old friend, Shane. Monte says he feels really good after talking to Shane about their bromance still being strong. He says he was a little nervous because of Danielle, but whoever gets put up next to him, Shane said he would vote them out instead of him, so it’s going to be good. Shane says, Monte’s desperate at this point. He’s going to him freaking out asking him if he has him. Shane says he tells him he has him. He says Monte wants him to vote of Kryssie & she’s in his alliance, so he’s not going to vote her out. He says he’s going to vote Monte out. And Shane quickly spread Monte’s plan. Neeley says, Monte throwing Kryssie’s name out there as a possible nominee is very very infuriating because you can tell he’s grasping at straws & really doing anything to save his own ass. She says he has no real strategy, no real game play, & is just doing anything & everything to keep himself alive. With the house divided, the Late Night Jamboree decided to devise a plan to ensure they get Monte evicted. (They want to tell Alex to put up Scott, but actually vote out Monte.) And they quickly put the plan in action. (Jason tells Alex if she puts up Scott they won’t vote out Monte. Alex knew she was getting played.) Alex says she feels that she got cornered by the house. She says she knows even more now that the replacement nominee decision is going to be a make it or break it decision for her. Later that night, Danielle & Shane made it to first base. (Jason & Kryssie told them congratulations & they were happy to share their moment with them.) With a new day & a Veto meeting upon them, Shane used his power. (He saved himself.) And Alex went through with her alliances plan. (She put Kryssie on the block as the replacement nominee.) Kryssie says, to be brutally honest, she was not at all surprised when Alex said her name just now. She says she saw it coming from space. She says Alex is a part of the other side of the house & she knows she can’t trust Alex. Who will be evicted from the Big Brother house Kryssie, Danielle or Monte? Find out at the live eviction, immediately following the Weekly Episode, tomorrow night at 10 PM ET/7 PM PT. And for all the action, keep watching live right now on Big Brother Over The Top.
  22. VETO MEETING: Shane comes out of the DR & calls everyone in the house & the BY to the LR for the Veto Meeting. Scott has to stay in the BY in the sand for the punishment he received during the Veto Competition. BB says, “The Veto Meeting begins now.” Shane stands up & says, This is the Veto Meeting, Danielle, Monte & him have all been nominated for eviction, but he has the power to veto one of the nominations. He wants to give everyone a chance to tell him why he should use the veto to save them. Monte stands up & says they’ve been buddies since Day 1. He tells him he’s a pretty cool guy & he likes working out with him. He says they’re cool & they’ve never had any beef or anything. He says he doesn’t know where the votes are going to go & the fact that America put him up it doesn’t look good for him. He tells Shane if he uses it on him then the house could just decide. He says, that’s it, thanks man & sits back down. Danielle stands up & tells Shane how proud she is of him for winning the veto. She says it was their only fighting chance to stay this week, so she hopes he uses it to save himself, & that America votes to keep them in the house together. She sits back down. Shane says, thank you. He has decided to use the Power Of Veto on himself. Everyone claps. He tells Alex, now that he’s taken himself off the block she must put up a replacement nomination. He tells her she may rise. Alex says this decision kind of makes her want to throw up. She says she’s been feeling sick all morning. She says it’s the hardest decision she has yet to make in this house. She says it comes down to that she really only has one choice. She says she has to put up a person she knows isn’t going to go home this week, America loves her, & she knows she has America in the palm of her hands. She tells Kryssie she is sorry & she nominates her for eviction. Kryssie sits on the orange love seat next to Danielle & Monte. Shane says this Veto Meeting is adjured & they all leave the LR.
  23. SAFETY CEREMONY: BB says, “HG’s it’s time for the Safety Ceremony. Please gather your block passes from the SR & put them on.” Everyone goes to get them & Alex goes to the HOHR. BB says, “Over the next 5 minutes 4 of you will be made safe.” BB says, “If your block pass turns green it means you are safe from nomination.” Jason’s block pass is already green. That means that Kryssie must have made him safe with her Care Package. BB tells Alex to please make her first selection. Kryssie is made safe & her block pass turns green. She thanks Alex. BB tells Alex to please make her next selection. Whitney is made safe & her block pass turns green. Kryssie says she has to stay for her birthday. Jason says they need to request things for Friday. BB tells Alex to please make her next selection. Neeley is made safe & her block pass turns green. She says, “Bless Jesus.” BB tells Alex to please make her next selection. Morgan is made safe & her block pass turns green. Monte says, that’s it, only 4. The HG’s take the block passes off & wonder if they can put them away. BB says, “Today’s Safety Ceremony is over.” Alex tells everyone that wasn’t done in any particular order & it was all random. BB says, “Tomorrow, the final Safety Ceremony of the week will determine who is safe & who is nominated for eviction.” Everyone has put their block passes back in the SR.
  24. WEEKDAY REPLAY: Here’s what’s been happening for the past 24 hours on Big Brother Over The Top…HOH Alex had Shane & Danielle in her crosshairs, but Monte was intent on keeping his best bro safe. (Monte wants Alex to put Jason, Justin or Danielle up in any of the combinations.) Monte says his & Shane’s bromance is very important to his game, so it’s important he stays loyal to him. As of right now he thinks if either Justin & Jason goes home it will help him tremendously. But, the secret all-girl alliance wasn’t hiding. (Alex says they have to keep letting Monte think he’s running them & then control him.) Alex says she wants to go after Danielle & Shane. She does not trust them. They are a showmance & a huge power duo in the house. She says, however, Monte wants her to target Justin & Jason, who she has no intention of nominating. Fearing their showmance might put a target on them, Shane & Danielle offered Alex a deal. (Danielle told Alex if she is willing to keep them safe, they would not only vote the way she needs them to vote, but also ensure her safety. Danielle says she would much rather work with her than against her.) Danielle says, after talking to Alex she is feeling a lot more confident than she did when Alex first won HOH. But, you never know how things are going to happen in this game. As of now she’s feeling pretty good. When Jason checked in with Alex, she offered a deal of her own. (Alex wants to keep Jason, as he’s not her target. She says she would love to make a deal with him without anyone else knowing.) Jason says he would actually really love to work with Alex, but he’s afraid of the people Alex has been surrounded by thus far. She is clearly on the side of the house that is blatantly targeting him. He’s hopeful that she is really wanting to work with him, but he’s definitely cautious. He says this game makes him think to much & he’s going to go home & get a damn lobotomy. Taking a break from strategy, Shane gave Danielle the ride of her life. (Shane gave Danielle a lap dance in the BY.) Neeley says, Shane is twerking & definitely needs some oil in those joints. But, he’s caught up in that brown sugar, thick bootie magic that she personally understands, because she’s got it. Later that night, the Creole Chef was hoping safety was on the menu. (Justin told Alex he definitely wants to stay & compete, but he thinks Monte has had it out from him since Day 1. He promises Alex safety when & if he becomes HOH.) After a long night of holding court, Alex sought sisterly comfort. Morgan says she was kind of pissed off when Alex came in the house, but now it’s done a complete 180. She says she has her sister there to talk to & it’s a stress reliever. She says, she’s HOH, it’s not too bad. The next day, a special delivery arrived, & America gave the first Care Package to Kryssie. “Congratulations Kryssie, America has sent you the power to save a friend. Although, you are not safe this week, with this power you can save one housemate of your choosing. This person may not be nominated by the HOH or America, & can not be put up as a replacement nominee. Prior to tomorrow’s Safety Ceremony you will be asked to announce which HG you want to make safe.” Kryssie says she is super excited to get the Care Package first. She thanks America for the responsibility & says now she’s in a position where she needs to prove to everyone that she knows what she is doing. Who will Kryssie save from eviction, & which HG’s will Alex put on the chopping block? Watch the Safety Ceremonies this Saturday & Sunday at 10 PM ET/7 PM PT to find out. Plus, check out the next weekday replay, Monday night at 10 PM ET/7 PM PT. And for all the action keep watching live right now on Big Brother Over The Top.

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