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  1. Leg #10 begins in Croatia and Tyler and Korey are the first to depart at 8:53 am and they are flying to Amsterdam. After landing, teams will catch a train and go to Kampen, Netherlands and find tandem bikes, which don’t unlock until 9:00 am. Victor and Nicole head out two minutes later and Victor acknowledges they are the only non-race team left. Tyler and Korey arrive at the travel agent after Victor and Nicole and they get tickets on the first flight arriving at 8:00 am. Becca and Floyd leave at 10:00 am and they are on a second flight arriving at 9:43 am. Colin and Christie leave at 11:34 am and Leo and Jamal leave right after and they are at the travel agency together and they are on a third flight arriving at 11:41 am. The tandem bikes don’t unlock until 9:00 am. Colin says they’ll have a chance to catch up and be on even footing with the other teams. The tandem bikes are unlocked and everyone is there and they run for the bikes. Tyler and Korey are concerned about a U-Turn so they want to get their first and make sure they are ok. Leo and Jamal are struggling on the tandem bike. Colin and Christie are having problems too. Tyler isn’t pedaling and Korey is. Victor and Nicole and Becca and Floyd are getting directions. Nicole says it’s her birthday and she’s hoping not to get eliminated. The teams are looking for a cluebox and Nicole and Victor are in first. Detour: High or Dry: In High, they have to raise a cow by rope in 40 seconds. In Dry, teams will ride to a farm and then vault across a ditch, the Dutch way. Then they must pick up two cheese and a dozen eggs, but they have to figure out how to get back across the ditch and deliver them to a market. Colin and Christie and Tyler and Korey are in second and third. Becca and Floyd are in fourth, and Leo and Jamal are in last. Nicole and Victor are doing Dry. Victor makes it most of the way, but Nicole lands halfway across right in the water. She tries a second time and lands in the same spot. Nicole wants to switch detours because she’s struggling to get across. Tyler and Korey and Colin and Christie have reached High and they go to get their cows. They are not real cows. Leo and Jamal have caught up and they have their cow. They load their cows onto a flatbed trailer and it’s pulled by a tractor and they will follow on their bikes. Becca and Floyd seem lost and they stop to look at a map. Victor is encouraging Nicole and she jumps in the air and falls flat a little over halfway, but she is given the thumbs up. Victor decided since Nicole struggled to get across, he decided to go back and forth with the eggs and cheese. He takes the eggs first and they are ok. He then goes back across and sticks the cheese in his pocket. They are both across and they leave to deliver their goods to the market. The three teams doing the High have reached the tower and they have 40 seconds to raise the cow by a rope to the top. Tyler and Korey begin and then Colin and Christie begin. Tyler and Korey are successful and so are Colin and Christie. Then one teammate has to run up to the top of the tower for their clue. They have to ride their bikes to their next stop. Caution! U-Turn ahead. It’s a double U-Turn. Becca and Floyd are still lost and haven’t reached the detour yet. Leo and Jamal are on their first attempt raising the cow. They successfully completed the detour and they head up to the top. Leo and Jamal said if they hit the U-Turn mat, they are going to U-Turn Nicole and Victor because they voted for them in Switzerland. Victor told Nicole not to pedal and make sure the eggs stay safe. Tyler and Korey and Colin and Christie hit the U-Turn and they know Leo and Jamal are going to U-Turn someone, so they decide to let the others deal with and neither of them U-Turn anyone. Becca and Floyd realize they passed their detour and they go and get their cow. Nicole and Victor have arrived at the market and they make their delivery and they head off to the double U-Turn. Nicole is hoping no one U-Turns them on their birthday. We see Leo and Jamal and Victor and Nicole both looking for the U-Turn Leo and Jamal have found the U-Turn and they do U-Turn Victor and Nicole and Jamal says Nicole, Happy Birthday and he dances. Victor says he was mad and Nicole says they had to U-Turn Becca and Floyd, they didn’t have a choice. Victor and Nicole see Becca and Floyd as they are headed to the detour. Colin and Christie and Tyler and Korey have found their marked cars and Leo and Jamal are there too. Tyler and Korey want to follow Colin and Christie but traffic is an issue. Leo and Jamal are on their way in the car and they say sorry, not sorry. Happy Birthday Nicole! Becca and Floyd have reached the tower and they are on their first attempt. They complete it on their first attempt and Floyd heads up to get their clue. Tyler and Korey have stopped and asked for directions. Colin and Christie have found their route marker and they must race by boattrain to the next pitstop. They have to navigate through a maze of waterways and steer their boat train to Bovenwijde Island. They have to find marked boats to attach to their boat and then make their way through the maze. Colin and Christie and Leo and Jamal are in their primary boat looking for the train of boats they need to attach. Becca and Floyd realize they are U-Turned and they go back to do the other side of the detour. Victor is getting tired so he tells Nicole she has to help pedal. We see them ride passed where they have to get their cow. Becca and Floyd are at the ditch and they make their way across and get their eggs and cheese. Floyd throws the cheese across and Becca jumps with the eggs and they are off to make their delivery. Victor and Nicole have finally found their cow and they get it loaded and they are off behind the tractor. Becca and Floyd have found the market and they make their delivery, but one of the eggs is cracked so they have to go back and do it again. Becca is frustrated with herself for not checking the eggs and she apologizes to Floyd. He says there’s nothing to do now but go back and get the eggs. Becca and Floyd are on their way back and Becca is still frustrated with herself. Tyler and Korey have reached the clue for their boat train. Leo and Jamal have found their first vote and they have to attach it to the back of their boat. They are struggling after adding the second boat. Colin and Christie have found their first boat. Nicole and Victor have reached the tower and they are on their first attempt. Victor says the cow was heavier than he thought and they do not get it on their first try. They have to try again. Victor needs to rest for a minute. Becca and Floyd are back and they get their egg. They jump across and check the eggs this time to make sure they are not cracked. They head back out to the market. Leo and Jamal find the second boats, but they don’t see the flags and they go past. Colin and Christie find their second boat and they realize they are now in the lead. They are now on their way to the pit stop. Tyler and Korey says the canals were narrow and there were so many people out and it’s crowded. Victor and Nicole are making their second attempt to raise the cow and they get it with 1 second remaining. Nicole heads to the top of the tower to get the clue and Victor is exhausted and he says he’s going to kill Leo and Jamal. They head back to get their clue. Becca and Floyd are back at the market and they make their delivery and they are headed back. Leo and Jamal are still trying to find their second boat. Tyler and Korey have found their first boat. Colin and Christie have arrived at the island and they tie up and run to the mat talking about beautiful the island is. Colin and Christie are team number one and they have won $7500 each. Colin says the first time they raced, they won six legs and they pushed themselves really hard, but this time they started slower so they could peak later in the race. Victor and Nicole have reached their car and Becca and Floyd are shortly behind. Leo and Jamal are looking for the entrance to the canals because they’ve gone out on the lake, but they still need their second boat. Leo and Jamal went in the wrong way and have to turn around and go back out. Tyler and Korey are struggling with their boats too and someone asks if they are idiots. Tyler says they don’t mean to be. They find their second boat and they are off to the pit stop. Nicole and Victor have reached the canals and they are off. Leo and Jamal are in a swampy area and their boat is not working as they try to make their way back out. Leo and Jamal see someone and ask if they might be able to help fix their boat. They are back out on the lake and they are looking for the entrance to the canal again. Becca and Floyd have arrived at the canal. Victor see Leo and Jamal and they have caught up. Nicole and Victor have found their first boat. Tyler and Korey have found their way to the lake and then tie up at the island. They think they are in third. Tyler and Korey are team number two. Becca and Floyd have found their first boat. Leo and Jamal have finally found their second boat and they realize they went right past it. Victor and Nicole see the marked boats and they have their second boat. Nicole and Victor ask for directions and some locals tell them out and to the left. Becca and Floyd have found their second boat and they are off. Nicole and Victor have missed a sign to the lake. Leo and Jamal have hit the island and Phil asked what happened to them? Leo and Jamal say they just wanted to get even with Nicole and Victor and give them a taste of their own medicine. But now they just want to win the race. Victor and Nicole and Becca and Floyd are still trying to find their way out to the lake. Nicole and Victor have found the lake and Nicole wants to know if the boat can go faster. They are on their way to the island. Becca and Floyd are out of the canal and they see Nicole and Victor. Nicole and Victor hit the mat and Phil says they were U-Turned and he’s going to put them out of their misery and they are team number four! Becca and Floyd are pulling up and they run to the pit stop and Phil greets them and they are the last team to arrive and they have been eliminated. Becca says she thought it was their destiny to win, but maybe it’s just to be fifth place. Phil says maybe their destiny was to be Team Funstoppable. They go out with a freestyle. Next time, on the season finale of The Amazing Race, the final four give it their all as they battle to win the one million dollars and The Amazing Race.
  2. The Jonas Brothers are in and they are currently in the studio and this is an amazing chance to hear a great song. They want a song they can take around the world and perform for their fans. Up first is Able Heart and he injured his back when he was 15 and he had to give up skateboarding. His song is called Green Light. He steps into the studio and he tells them this is first time performing at all. Shane looks impressed. Ester says it’s a rock/rap song with an alternative twist. Shane thinks they can double the verse and build into the chorus. Nick thinks if they hang on one note and maybe throw the melody away a little bit. Ester tells him never to ghost anything anymore and let someone take credit for his work. The second artist is Remmi from Louisiana. Her song is called Flickering and the song is about someone she used to love. She heads into the studio and greets them and steps up to perform. Ryan says he connects with some of the lyrics and he thinks everyone can. Ester plays a few beats and she says she can hear them singing this song to all the girls. The third artist in is Ori and he’s 18. His song is called No Pressure. He performs for the mentors and the Jonas Brothers. Ester says it sounded good. Nick says they grew up in Jersey and this at times reminded him of Bon Jovi and Bruce Springsteen. Shane doesn’t understand the lyrics and it doesn’t make the character very likable. Ryan changes some of the lyrics and sings it and he grabs his guitar. Nick says maybe if it had a Jay-Z background. The final artist is Rynn and the title of her song is called Crowded Places. She heads into the studio and performs her song. Shane loved the hook. Ryan says it’s interesting. Nick says a series of great decisions would make the song great. Ester reworks a few parts and sings it. Nick says if it was restructured to be a ballad it would work for them. Joe and Nick sing parts and talk about leaving it open. Joe says the song is really well done. Nick says they are always looking for songs they are completely connected to emotionally. Remmi is called in first and they have chosen her song to work on. Their second choice was Able’s song. They called in Ori and they say the song isn’t right for them, but he is still young. Rynn is brought back in and she is their third pick to work on the song. Rynn is working with Shane on her song Crowded Places. He wants to work on her lyrics. He’s explaining some of the lyric changes to tie it to the Jonas Brothers. Ryan is working with Remmi on her song Flickering. He plays piano and sings along and highlights some lyrics that they need to work on. Ester is working with Able Heart on his song Green Light. Ester wants to tailor the song to a three part harmony. She wants to make sure they are surprised. Rynn says they are keeping the song where they are missing someone, but they are developing the story line a little bit more. Shane says they are going to work until they get this song right for the Jonas Brothers. Ryan is discussing what Ester and Shane might do with their songs and they differentiate themselves. Ryan wants to change the song title. He has executive produced for them and he knows the temperature what they might be looking for. Ryan wants to add a choir. Ester says when she heard Able ghost wrote it broke her heart because he is incredible. Rynn is in first to re-pitch her song and she plays the piano as she sing Crowded Places. The Jonas Brothers are listening intently. Kevin says unbelievable. Nick says this feels like the kind of lyric that resonates with them now and could in the future as well. Able is back in to re-pitch his song. Ester sings along while he performs. Ryan says they improved the melodies and Shane loves the falsetto. Nick says Able is an artist and it feels like a hit. He says if he had written the song in the studio he’d have dropped the mic. Remmi says the song has changed a lot. She is in to re-pitch her song and it’s called Do You Think of Me. She has some backup singers with her as she performs. Kevin says from an emotional standpoint the lyric connects. Joe thanks her for showing up and delivering. All three artists are brought back in. Joe says this was a difficult choice because they were all fantastic. Nick says Joe has his other band and he has his solo stuff so they know they have three awesome song writers they can go to in the future. But the song they want to share with the world right now is Green Light, the song Able Heart wrote and collaborated with Ester. Joe says Ester helped bring the song to life.
  3. The first act of the night is Melissa and she loves rats. She grew up on Long Island and she’s had big dreams of performing. Simon tells the audience it’s Howie’s tenth year and Melissa comes out with a rat. We see an obstacle course for the rat and a sign that says Cirque du Sewer. She does a headstand at one point and the splits and the rat runs across her legs to another section of the obstacle course. She gets an ovation from the audience and all four judges. Howie says he hasn’t seen this. It’s incredibly unique and entertaining and he loves it. Gabrielle says she’s never seen anything like it. Julianne says she loved it and it was awesome and so much fun. Simon says he loved that. He thought it was bonkers. He thinks rats have just gotten bad PR. Simon says yes. Julianne says it’s a yes from her. Gabrielle gives a yes, followed by Howie and Melissa moves on. We see a series of acts who are excited to perform for Simon and get feedback from him and they discuss how straight forward he is. Then we see Ansley Burns and she’s from South Carolina. She’s going to sing Think by Aretha Franklin. She begins, but the music track is too loud and Simon stops it and says it’s not a good track. He asks her to sing a capella and she looks nervous. Simon asks if she needs water and she says yes and he gives her his drink. She takes a drink and then performs a capella. Ansley gets emotional as she finishes and she has an ovation from the audience and all four judges. Simon says she’s a little fighter. Howie says she’s an amazing person and it’s tough for an adult and then to take criticism and perform again, that’s amazing. Gabrielle says she thinks her level of professionalism at 12…she is really something special. Julianne says the minute she actually sang a capella, she felt like she owned that song completely. She crushed it and she’s so excited. Simon says personality is as important as technical ability. He says they are going to remember her. All four judges give a yes and Ansley moves on! Our next act is Sos and he’s going to kind of perform magic. His parents were on season 11 and they were a quick change act and they made the live shows. He hopes to make it further than his parents. His performance starts and he has the backing track of Bleed it Out by Linkin Park. He performs with blank cards at first and then he pulls out a deck of cards and he shows faces and he’s made them into mini cards. He does quick tricks with the cards. Gabrielle says it was like nothing they seen this season…phenomenal job. Howie says with the music Sos had, and the cards kept coming, it was amazing. Julianne says it was a full blown spectacle show. Simon says he loved the track, and the presentation, and that was magic, not kind of magic. Sos gets a yes from all four judges! The next act is a guitarist, but he’s experimental. He’s a bit nervous, but this is what he wants to do for the rest of his life. Marcine is on the stage and he’s 18 and he’s from Poland, but he’ll be relocating to the U.S. to go to college. He performs classical music on the guitar. He has an ovation from all four judges and the audience. Gabrielle says Marcine did a great job. Out of this world performance. Simon says it was amazing. Julianne says there’s a different artistic passion he has. It was absolutely stunning. Howie says he didn’t play the guitar, he murdered the guitar. He thinks he’s going to end up in college teaching them something. He gets a yes from all four judges and will be moving on! Next out is Andy and he’s going to do karaoke. Terry warns him Simon isn’t the biggest fan of karaoke. Andy says he was inspired by all sorts of music and he’s a singer because it makes him feel alive. He uses a karaoke machine when he performs and he says it’s just as professional as a regular singer, except there are lyrics on the screen. Andy takes the stage we hear the music from Tequila. We hear the music playing and the judges are just laughing smiling. We finally get to where he sings Tequila and he says it but lacking in enthusiasm. Simon is enjoying it. Simon is cracking up and Howie gives an ovation with the audience. Simon says that was so stupid he loved it. Julianne gives him props and she thinks it’s actually hard to do what he did and get the reaction he did. Well done. Gabrielle says it’s so wrong, it’s right. She wants to see what the next song is. Howie says song choice is so important. And not just song choice, but his exuberance and excitement. Andy gets a yes from all four judges! We have a Mortal Kombat themed act up next. Howie greets them but none of them respond. They begin their act. They are a dance/contortionist act. They get an ovation from the audience and all four judges. They introduce themselves as the Adem Show. Julianne says what Adem Show has created on stage was amazing. The movements were so impactful and tight, she loved it. Simon says it was amazing to see their reaction to the audience’s reaction. Simon says he owes them a huge thank you for coming on the show. Howie kept says wow and ow because some of those movements didn’t look human. That is talent. Gabrielle says they are machines and they came to slay and they are deceased! They get a yes from all four judges! Next we have a quartet and they are all in or were in the army and they are singers. The bond of music got them through their experience and helps them cope with what they live with. They are Singers and Soldiers, and their names are Caleb, Jason, Crystal, and Ron. They want to spread a message of love and hope. They perform Rise by Katy Perry. They get an ovation from the audience and all the judges. Howie thanks them for their service and he thanks them for their performance. Gabrielle can’t thank them enough for everything. Julianne says the arts is a universal language and what they are doing is phenomenal. Simon says their story is amazing, and the vocal arrangement was stunning and he hadn’t heard that version before. He says this is what we need right now. They get a yes from all four judges and they move on! #AGT14 We see Terry talking about being a flautist. We then see a clip of a young lady playing the flute and playing Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen, but the judges didn’t enjoy it. Simon doesn’t know why that instrument was invented. Terry then comes out with a flute and walks up to the judges table and begin to play and Simon hits his buzzer. Next up is Brandon and he is a flautist. He’s a teacher, but he misses performing. He takes the stage and is greeted by Gabrielle. He takes the stage and he plays a moment before it turns into a strip tease and he dances to Pony by Ginuwine. Simon hits his buzzer. He then picks the flute back up and plays along with Pony. Simon hits Julianne’s buzzer. Brandon gets on his knees and grinds and Howie hits his buzzer. Simon then goes to hit Gabrielle’s buzzer and he is booed by the audience. Simon says since the audience liked it so much, he can do it again for everyone else and he gets up to leave. Terry comes out with his shirt off and his flute and Simon stops and stares. Terry and Brandon play and dance and Simon says no and leaves. Terry notices Brandon’s flute is longer and runs off. The next act is a married couple and they are the Dominguez Poodle review and they are from Texas. They have nine dogs with them and Howie turns the stage over to them. They perform various tricks with the dogs that involved all the family members. They get an ovation from the audience and three of the judges. Gabrielle says they were wowed and they delivered. Julianne says she was losing her mind. She wants to see the puppy that did the handstand. Howie says this is exactly what America loves. Simon says a couple of them are like lions. Simon says dogs are very loyal and he can see them having fun and it was quite incredible. They also get a yes from all the judges! We see a group of ladies dressed as chicks and they are quickly buzzed. Then we see a large a capella group forming Havana by Camila Cabello, and it was not well received by the judges. We then see a quartet take the stage and they are vocal performers called Beryam. They beat box and perform. The audience and judges seem to be enjoying it and dance along. Gabrielle says she had so much fun. Great job! Howie says it was exciting and unexpected and he could see them winning. It was very exciting and amazing. Julianne says they were so versatile and she wants to watch them over and over and over again. Simon says there’s going to be a lot of DJ producers concerned because they didn’t need a track. He says this isn’t just keeping up with the times, this is ahead of the times. They get a yes from all four judges and move on! Next we have a choir from Detroit and they are called the Detroit Youth Choir. Simon greets them and we meet the choir director Anthony White. He’s been the director for a little over 21 years. Simon asks the kids if he’s strict and they say yes. Simon wishes them luck. They perform Can’t Hold Us by Macklemore. They have several soloists step out and they dance as the music picks up. They get an ovation from the audience and all four judges. Howie says this was their moment and he loved the Detroit Youth Choir. Julianne says it starts with the people and they came together and created something traditional and yet so fresh and fun. She loved it. Gabrielle asks one of the little girls how she feels and she says good. Gabrielle thanks them because what they all witnessed was nothing short of absolute brilliance. Simon says this was not expected and if they can keep doing this where the performance is not expected, they could do this. Simon says let’s vote for the Detroit Youth Choir and start with Howie. Terry interrupts and he gets emotional and he says they all represent him and where he came from. He remembers sitting at his window dreaming of wanting to make it and they are here and they did so well that he has to do this…He walks down the steps and goes to the judges table and says it all it takes is one person to believe in a young man or woman for them to reach their dreams and Mr. White is that man and he hits the golden buzzer.
  4. Leg #9 begins from Switzerland and Tyler and Korey are the first to depart and they are flying southeast to Split, Croatia. They will make their way to their next route marker and meet up with their companion for this leg of the race, a Travelocity roaming gnome. Chris and Bret are hoping to catch up with Tyler and Korey and their confidence is up. Chris and Bret end up on the first train to the airport. Christie and Colin say they had already decided they weren’t going to take it personally about the U-Turn. All teams are off to the airport. Nicole and Victor say they are one of two non-TAR teams left. Tyler and Korey are buying tickets for a flight through Berlin landing at 11:20 AM. Becca and Floyd think everyone will be on the same flight. Leo and Jamal are trying to buy tickets and there are no seats available. There’s another flight that arrives at 12:25 through Hamburg. Colin and Christie book the tickets through Hamburg. Victor and Nicole were behind Leo and Jamal and Becca and Floyd come up after, but they get to the booking agent first and the other one closes. Nicole and Victor are concerned they won’t make the flight and they have to go look for another ticket agent. Becca and Floyd celebrate with Leo and Jamal and Nicole is upset that Becca and Floyd “cut them in line”. Nicole and Victor go on stand-by and it would set them to arrive at 11:30 AM through Dusseldorf. Chris and Brett and Tyler and Korey are on the first place and are the first to arrive. Victor and Nicole get on the flight that gets them ten minutes after the first two teams. The other teams load on their place and they don’t know where Victor and Nicole are. Tyler and Korey and Chris and Brett are at the beach and they have to serve six filled to the brim drinks to 6 patrons. Once they’ve served the drinks and return their trays, they’ll get their next clue. The patrons hand Chris and Bret the gnome. They will head to the Marjan Cave Church and they will use their gnome to deliver bread to a monk to receive their next clue. Chris and Bret are out first. Tyler and Korey are in second. Victor and Nicole have arrived in third and they are headed to the beach. Colin and Christie, Becca and Floyd, and Leo and Jamal are at the Hamburg airport and they are delayed one hour. Chris and Bret have reached the church and they have their gnome and they place a loaf of bread in a satchel on the gnome and raise via a rope to a monk and get their clue. Detour-Poetry in Motion or Washed in from the Ocean. In Poetry in Motion, they have to memorize a tongue twisting poem, but they have to do it while on a bumpy ride. In Washed in from the Ocean, teams will have to use a metal detector and a snorkel, they have to dive in and find 5 coins and a chalice and bring them to the treasure hunter. Chris and Bret are going to do Washed in from the Ocean. Tyler and Korey are delivering their bread. Victor and Nicole have reached the beach and delivered their drinks. They make their delivery to the monk and they are doing Poetry in Motion. Chris and Bret chose to do snorkeling because they’ve done it before on Survivor. We then see them struggling. Tyler and Korey are also snorkeling and we see them looking. Neither of the teams seem to be having any luck. Victor and Nicole are doing Poetry in Motion and they have decided to split the poem in half. Nicole says it was hard, because they are getting jerked all over the place. Victor says you had to hold on really tight while getting tossed around. Victor and Nicole go to make their first attempt and they fail and have to go for a ride again. Chris and Bret have decided snorkeling is not easy. Bret finds one. Chris has found the chalice. Chris shows Tyler and Korey what the coin looks like. Tyler and Korey decide it’s too hard so they are going to switch. Tyler and Korey see Victor and Nicole and then they are taken on their ride. Victor and Nicole are making their second attempt. They failed and they have to go for another ride. Tyler and Korey are making their way off the raft and they don’t know the people and they immediately go for another ride. Chris and Bret think they’ve found a coin, but they throw it back. They then find the coin, and then another. Chris and Brett have 3 coins and the chalice, they only need 2 more coins. The second plane has landed an hour and a half late. Victor and Nicole make their fourth attempt and they fail. Tyler and Korey fail their next attempt. Victor and Nicole fail again, then Tyler and Korey. They both have to go for another ride. Chris and Bret are still looking for coins. Bret is getting frustrated. Leo and Jamal are delivering their drinks. Becca and Floyd and Colin and Christie make their deliveries. Victor and Nicole are on their 7th attempt and they have successfully completed it. They are to head to Diocleation’s Palace. Tyler and Korey are on their 6th attempt and they also successfully complete the challenge. Chris and Bret discuss switching detours and they decide to do it. They say they’ve been there too long. Chris and Bret are making their first trip across and make their first attempt and they are wrong. Chris and Bret discuss going back to the find the coins. Colin and Christie say they are about 3 hours behind the other teams. Bret and Chris go back to the coins. Leo and Jamal, Becca and Floyd, and Colin and Christie have made their deliveries to the monk and are headed to the detour. Chris and Bret have headed back to snorkel and they begin systematically looking for the coins. Tyler and Korey have arrived at Diocleation’s Palace and it’s the road block. Who’s ready to get their marching orders? Teams must keep track of five soldiers who have red ribbons around their helmets, but then they will cover themselves with their shields so it will be difficult. Korey and Nicole are going to do the road block for their teams. Korey says it’s kind of like a shell game and there are 18 soldiers and he has to figure out where they are standing. He places where he thinks the soldiers are and he is correct. Nicole is up as well and Korey tells her it’s intense. Becca and Floyd and Leo and Jamal make attempts at the poem and fail. Colin and Christie are snorkeling as well. Korey and Nicole are making an attempt. Korey thinks he knows it and he’s going over his answers with Nicole and they discuss. Korey had it right but Nicole had one wrong so they have to do it again. We see them on their fourth, fifth, and sixth attempts and they are wrong. Colin and Christie have decided to switch. Chris and Bret still need just two more coins. Chris and Bret are still talking and they decide to switch again and they know they are in trouble. Becca and Floyd are on their fourth attempt and they have successfully completed the detour. Leo and Jamal are on their fourth attempt and they missed two words and have to go again. Korey and Nicole are on their 7th attempt. They have decided to split the board in half and memorize nine spots. Korey does the left half and Nicole does the right half. They are both correct and they get their clues. They are off to the pitstop at Matejuska at Split Harbor. They will have to get there in a dinghy. Chris and Bret say they started out so strong, but then they fell apart. Leo and Jamal are on their 8th attempt and they missed another word. Tyler and Korey and Victor and Nicole are asking for directions and they finally see the dinghy’s. Victor is going to row for their team and Tyler and Korey work together. Phil is at the pitstop with dalmations. Tyler and Korey hit the mat in first and Victor and Nicole are in second. Tyler and Korey have won a trip for two to Mexico. Victor says he thought there was no chance they’d even catch up when the flights happened, but anything can happen. Floyd is at the roadblock for his team. He is correct and he thanks everyone and he runs out to Becca. Colin and Christie complete the detour and they are off. Leo and Jamal have failed on their tenth attempt. Becca and Floyd hit the mat in third. Leo and Jamal are on their eleventh attempt and they have completed the detour. Chris and Bret are in last and still working on their detour. Colin and Christie have arrived at the roadblock, but they forgot their gnome and they have to go back to get it. Chris and Bret are making their sixth attempt on the poem and Colin and Christie are racing back to get the gnome. Chris and Bret are on their ninth attempt and they made a mistake. Leo and Jamal have reached the roadblock and Leo is going to do it. Leo make his first attempt and he is not correct. He says it’s like the lottery and he didn’t win. Colin and Christie have gotten their gnome and they realize Chris and Bret are still there. Chris and Bret make their tenth attempt and they have successfully completed it. Leo wants the gnome to whisper the answer to him. Christie is going to do it for their team and Leo wants to know if Christie wants to work with him and they split the board in half. Leo and Christie are correct and they move on. As they head to the pitstop, Leo and Jamal yell at Colin and Christie to not forget their gnome. Colin and Christie hit the mat in fourth place and Leo and Jamal are in fifth place. Chris is doing the roadblock for their team. Chris and Bret have completed the roadblock and hit the mat in last place. Phil says it wasn’t a good day for them. Phil says they are in good spirits and he wants to know what they’ll tell people about the race? Chris says he’s gotten so much out of it and it’s incredible. Chris says their friendship will last forever. Next week there will be a double U-Turn and teams will be forced to put the pedal to the metal to stay in the race!
  5. Tonight’s featured artist is Kelsea Ballerini and she’s excited about a show being about song writers. She says she knows firsthand how important that first opportunity is. Our first song writer is 22 and his name is Jack Newsome and he says people think he looks like Justin Bieber. He says he was in a boy band, but he wanted to write songs. His song is called Lying (Next to You) and it’s a break-up song. He goes in to greet the producers and Kelsea. He performs his song for them. Shane says he could see Kelsea singing the song. Ester wants to know what the song was about and Jack says it’s about the end of a relationship. Ryan says the melody needs to change at the end of it. Shane says Jack isn’t catching the double entendre of the lyrics. Kelsea wants to hear a break and create a moment in the song. The next writer is Jess Jocoy and she’s moved to Nashville and she says there is a lot of competition. Her song is called Easy and it’s a healing song from a heartbreak. She heads into the studio and she performs her song. Ryan picks up his guitar while she sings, and he’s playing along with the chorus. Shane says the melody is gorgeous and Kelsea agrees. Shane says there’s a lot to the story but there’s a lot left off the paper. He wants to know what the verse means and Jess explains about a guy she met who lived with his ex-girlfriend and her friends warned her about him. Shane and Ryan both play while Kelsea freestyles. Ester wants to know why she didn’t keep the song for herself and Jess says she wants what is best for the song. Shane says they have to listen to more songs, but that melody will haunt them because it’s so good. Next in is Daniel Feels and his song is called Crush. The song is about that moment when you start to realize you might be falling in love with someone. He heads in and he performs his song. The producers are all dancing in their chairs. Kelsea says that’s a happy song and it feels good. Shane says Daniel gave him the feels. Kelsea is singing along and Ryan is playing the guitar. Shane says Kelsea just kind of fixed it. Ryan says you can strip the song down and make it organic and just use some percussion. Kelsea says it feels so good. The final writer is Darius Coleman and he’s always creating. His song is called Better Luck Next Time and it’s about a girl he knows who got cheated on. He heads into the studio and he tells them he’s from Philadelphia, but he’s been in LA for a few months. He says Ryan is a dream come true for him, just meeting him. Darius performs his song for them. Kelsea says it has a country hook, but she feels like they should lift the chorus a bit. Ryan has his guitar out and he starts playing and they start working on the melody for Kelsea. Darius says this is so humbling. Ryan wants to play one more time and Kelsea sings the song after Darius leaves and he can hear them from outside the studio. Kelsea after all these incredible choices, this is going to be difficult and she’s so lucky. Kelsea’s first choice is Daniel. Kelsea says she doesn’t want to touch Jess’s song because it’s her story and she should keep it. Darius comes in next and he is moving on to work with a producer. Jack comes back in and Kelsea says she loves the song and he’s going to work with a producer. Shane is going to work with Jack and Shane says he’s worked with her before and she’s a tough one with lyrics. Shane says with the lyrics and in country you have to spell it out in a way that people get it. Daniel is working with Ester and they are talking to Kelsea and she thinks they should strip the production back a bit. Ester says they will crush it. Darius is working with Ryan and Ryan says he’s worked with her a number of times. He wants to find the right key so Kelsea can sing the chorus in her head voice. Ryan tells Darius that one of the songs he did with Kelsea was in F and they start reworking the song. Shane is playing some music for Jack from what he’s reworked. Shane says he’s so excited. Daniel suggests stripping the instruments down to just the acoustic guitar. Ester says since Kelsea wants to scale it back, they need to create some moments with the lyrics. Ryan is talking to Kelsea and he says he’s dropped the key down and Kelsea sings it and she says it feels way better. Ester wants to bring some repetitiveness between the chorus and the hook. Ester wants to bring in a female singer so she can hear it closer to her voice. Ryan is still working with Darius and he has Darius sing it and then he sings it himself. Darius loves the direction the track is heading in. Jack heads into the studio to perform his song Lying (Next to You) with the changes they made. Kelsea loves how much thought they put into it and it’s so much more her. Ryan says the lyrics are phenomenal. Kelsea says it matters there was a moment of strength and hope and the last three lines do that. She loved it. Darius is in next to perform Better Luck Next Time with the changes he and Ryan made. When he hits the chorus Kelsea seems excited and Ryan indicates he has goosebumps. Kelsea says that flip to the chorus was her only concern. Ryan says he’s covered in goosebumps and Kelsea says she loves what he did to it. Daniel says the song has changed a good bit since working with Ester. Daniel brings in a female singer to perform their changes and he plays the guitar while she sings his song Crush. Ryan seems excited when she hits the chorus and throws his arms in the air. Kelsea says it’s a whole different song. Ester says Annie, the singer, is so talented. Ryan says that is a catchy pop melody. Kelsea says all the songs are amazing. Kelsea says there are two out of three that she felt she would have put on her last record, but she’s in this place of pushing herself and trying things she’s never done before. One of the songs feels like something she’s headed towards. The song she has chosen to record is Better Luck Next Time which is Darius’s song that he collaborated with Ryan on. Kelsea says it feels like something she hasn’t done before, but it still feels like her.
  6. Our first act of the night is Marina Mazepa and she’s a dancer. She is greeted by Simon and he asks her what the dream is and she says she wants to perform and become an artist. She begins with ballet, but then she does a more freestyle dance that includes contortionism. She gets an ovation from the audience and all four judges. Gabrielle says Marina was amazing! It was so strong, precise, and good. Howie says the contortions were great and graceful. Julianne says she loved it, she stood out. It was strong and powerful, yet graceful and elegant. Simon asks if she’s ever seen the exorcist. Simon says it was fantastic. Marina gets four yesses and moves on! A magician is up next and his name is Dom Chambers and he’s a little nervous. He says this could be what changes everything, and he really hopes it is. He’s greeted by Howie and Howie asks if he’s had trouble with gigs and he says he’s been booked at a funeral. He begins his act and he makes a beer appear and Simon looks bored. He has some humor to his act and as he continues Simon seems to be enjoying it more. Julianne says she was completely blown away by Dom and he crushed it. Gabrielle says great job! Simon says he has an amazing personality and he thought that was an amazing audition. Howie has an issue with drinking out of his shoe and he came with the full package. He loved it. Simon says he will remember him. Dom gets four yesses and will be advancing. Carmen Carter takes the stage and she is greeted by Howie. Carmen is a full time singer. Simon asks why she hasn’t had a break so far and she gets an emotional. She says someone wrote music for her and an executive in the industry said she was wonderful, but she was too fat, so she just faded into the background. She performs Never Tear Us Apart by INXS. She gets a standing ovation from all four judges and the audience. Gabrielle says Carmen’s voice is a gift and a blessing and she is a star. Julianne says nobody will be forgetting her name. Howie says he can’t believe it’s taken her this long to come 20 feet! He tells her not to change anything about herself. Simon says no one has ever bought a record they loved based on the artist’s looks or age. Howie says they should all vote together and they all say yes! We see a montage of some kids and then we see a couple of older gentlemen making their way into the theater. We go back to the kids and the gentleman have reached the top of the steps to the theater. We go back to the kids and then we see the gentlemen again and one is snoring. Simon is saying speed it up please guys. Simon greets them and they have a translator. Simon wants to know their names and they are Edson and Leon and they are both in their 80s. They are from Brazil and the translator says they gentlemen met 14 years ago and they had a dream to perform together. Simon turns the stage over to Edson and Leon. We hear Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars start to play and they take their suit jackets off. They are a strength act. Edson squats and Leon does a handstand and the Edson leans back. Edson then picks Leon up over his head and holds him with one arm. Leon does a little dance around the stage and Edson lays down and Leon appears lost but then turns around and Edson picks him up and holds him with one arm while laying on the floor and then he starts to sit up and gets on his knees while still holding him with one arm and then he’s fully on his feet. The audience is on their feet, as well as all four judges. Howie says it’s so unexpected. It takes so much strength and Howie asks if Leon is really 84 years old. Gabrielle says they inspired her to pick up some new tricks. Julianne says age is just a number and they were rooting for them. Simon says this was a surprise and it’s exactly why they created the show to find people like them. Simon says this was genuinely one of his favorite acts. Time to vote and they all say yes! Next up is Seth and he is a performer. He auditioned last year and we see the caterpillar from last season. He says he has something powerful to deliver, he just did it wrong last time. He says this is his chance for redemption. We see a “giraffe” come out on stage and Seth is in the costume. Simon remembers him. Simon turns the stage over to him. Seth begins talking about giraffe’s giving birth. Simon buzzes him, then Julianne, Gabrielle, and Howie. Terry has to come out and Simon asks him to drag him off. As Terry is dragging him away, Seth is out of the giraffe costume and he’s exposed. We see a montage of acts being buzzed. Then we see a walrus come out and it’s Seth again and Simon says it’s been a long day and he turns the stage over to him. Seth goes to play with a beach ball on the stage and he’s going to balance on it and he falls on his head. Gabrielle and Julianne buzz him and he says he can’t step it up a notch and he’s going to jump from higher to balance on the ball. Simon is laughing. Seth jumps and falls on his back and he gets up and says one more time. Terry says not to try this at home. He jumps from higher and falls off the ball and then falls off the stage. Simon goes to ask if he’s ok and Simon gives him a hug. Terry helps to pull him back on stage. Howie says at first he didn’t get Seth’s act, but he loves him and he thinks America will love him. He knows this is nuts but yes! Simon says he agrees with Howie and he says yes. Gabrielle says no immediately and it’s all up to Julianne and the crowd is chanting put him through! Julianne says ok, ok, ok. She says 3, 2, 1….no! She said no. Charlotte Summers is next and she’s a singer. She’s really nervous because she lives Simon. She is greeted by Simon and she tells him he is her idol. Charlotte is 13 and he asks what she would do with the money and she says she’d buy a guniea pig and she’d name him Simon. And her sister would get one and name him Howie. Charlotte sings I Put a Spell On You by Screamin’ Jay Hawkins. Howie says he’s going to tell Charlotte, she is beautiful and sassy and she blew the roof off the house. Gabrielle asks if she’s sure she’s 13. She’s got a depth and a soul and she’s here for all of it. Julianne thinks her voice is strong and powerful, but not overdone. She loves her. Simon says when she lets go she is at her best. Time to vote. All four judges give a yes and she will be advancing. We see several acts who are nervous. Our next act is out and his name is Kevin Schwartz and he’s 49 from Wisconsin and he’s a unemployed but he’s trying to be a comedian. Howie asked him why comedy? Kevin says there was a comedy club down the street and he was looking for an excuse to get out of his house. He tells us fear has ruled his life and his parents said he has severe anxiety. Howie turns the stage over to him. He has a very dry sense of humor and a dry delivery and at first the audience seems confused but then they begin to laugh. He gets an ovation from all four judges and the audience. Howie asks Kevin what that feels like? Julianne says she didn’t get it at first, but then he got her. She says the one-liner jokes were perfect and really funny. Gabrielle says he came out and killed it. He’s a star. Simon says the first half he thought it wasn’t going great and the second half was really funny. Simon likes him. Howie agrees and he was so wonderful and he loves him. All four judges give him a yes and Kevin will be moving on! We see brief clips of singers who were denied. Then Mackenzie takes the stage and he’s going to sing Nothing Compares 2 U by Prince. He just celebrated a year of marriage with his wife Denise and that’s why he chose the song. The judges turn the stage over to him. He gets an ovation from the audience and all four judges. Howie wants to know what Mackenzie is thinking and he says he’s just happy to be here. Howie says he took the song and made it his own. Howie says Denise said he was a star and she was right. Gabrielle wants to meet Denise and she comes up to the stage. Gabrielle says Denise, you gave him wings. Julianne says he has a presence and a style and the singing was effortless. Simon says the reality is they’ve heard a lot of a singers and their words can’t change the next steps. He tells him moving forward it’s about making smart decisions. All four judges give him a yes and he advance. Next we have Yuriyan Retriever and she’s a performer and dancer and she’s from Japan. Simon asks if this is her stage name and she wants to know how she came up with the name. She says she has a cat named Retriever. She says she respects three people in the world, her mom, dad, and Julianne. Simon hits his X. Simon turns the stage over to her. She pulls her pants down and then takes her jacket off and she’s in an American flag swimsuit. The music The Final Countdown by Europe and she’s running back and forth and using her hands to dance. Simon and Julianne give her an X and Howie gives her a standing ovation. Howie says move Juliane just watched was inspired by her and she gave her an X. Julianne would have liked to see have a little bit more, but a little bit yes. Simon says they could all have done that and he begins mimicking her. Yuriyan says Simon is so cute and he says it’s too late to suck up. Gabrielle wants to know what her double sided tape is. Time to vote. Howie loves her! Yes! Gabrielle gives a no. Julianne says yes, and she’s starts to talk and answer but Howie interrupts her and says Julianne said yes. Simon says no and she goes down to the judges table and wants to know why they said no? She tried to hit the golden buzzer, but it doesn’t work. Our next act works with birds of his prey and his name is Michael Paul from Pennsylvania. Gabrielle greets him and he says he’s an exotic bird trainer and he has brought a bird he’s been training for a few years. He brings out a puppet and Simon really thought it was going to be a bird. Michael introduces Willie. He tells Willie to say hi and he says hello. Michael says he’s very docile in captivity, but he’s a bird of prey. Willie sings and says he’s Jewish. Michael says a problem can be obedience so he is going to hypnotize Willie. Julianne says she loved it so much. Howie says he thinks Michael just changed his life tonight. Gabrielle says so far, this kind of act hasn’t been her jam, but he made her jelly, her apple butter, it was so good. All four judges give a yes and Michael moves on! Tyler Butler-Figueroa is out and he plays the violin and he’s been playing the violin since he was 7. He was bullied in school and he had cancer. He says when he went through chemo he lost his hair and kids would whisper that cancer was contagious. His mother says when he started violin classes he was full of energy again. He plays the violin to Stronger by Kelly Clarkson. Gabrielle and Julianne are on their feet clapping along. He gets an ovation from the audience and all four judges and Tyler gets emotional. Julianne says wow and she wants to commend him for taking something so difficult and turning it around and finding something that brings Tyler joy. Simon says wow, wow, wow. He asks Tyler how he’s feeling and he says he’s really proud of himself. Simon asks how his health is and he says he’s been in remission for almost four years. Simon says he’s an extraordinary young man and he says most people are bullied because they are better than the people who bully them. Simon says he’d like to say something on his behalf to the bullies and Simon hits his golden buzzer! His mother comes out to hug him and Simon joins them on stage to give a hug.
  7. We begin leg #8 in Meiringen, Switzerland and Tyler and Korey are the first team to depart and they are to drive to the village of Ballenberg and find their next clue. Colin and Christie are working with Becca and Floyd to find directions. Rachel now holds the record for the most legs run on The Amazing Race. Victor and Nicole are the last team to depart an hour and nine minutes after Tyler and Korey. Tyler and Korey have found the parking lot and the place doesn’t open until 7:00 AM. There is a cat running around and all the teams talk to and chase the cat. Rachel and Elissa are hoping to repair their relationship with the Afghanimals. They want to clear the air. Elissa says she wasn’t involved, it was Rachel and they say it’s because they had a Big Brother pact. They say the alliance is over. The Afghanimals say they don’t trust Rachel because she’s playing both sides. Rachel wants to call a truce. It’s 7:00 AM and the teams run in and they are looking for the clue and Phil is there waiting for them and he invites them all in. Nicole says seeing him there means something crazy is coming that will shake up the race. Phil says Switzerland is a country where everyone gets to vote and so they are going to adopt that to the race and everyone will vote on who to U-turn and they will do so out loud. Every team will get a vote and they will vote until they determine the TWO teams that will have to complete both sides of the detour. Chris and Bret say in Survivor this would be a live tribal council. There will no more elimination legs so they have to think strategically. Rachel and Elissa will get to vote first by random draw and they vote strictly game Colin and Christie. Nicole and Victor vote strictly strategy and say Leo and Jamal. Nicole is upset and Victor says they have to. Colin and Christie vote Rachel and Elissa. Leo and Jamal vote for Colin and Christie. Becca and Floyd vote for Colin and Christie. Tyler and Korey say they love this team and they vote for Nicole and Victor. Chris and Bret will decide with their vote who will be the second team to do the U-Turn and they vote who they aren’t close to and they vote for Rachel and Elissa. Rachel and Elissa are upset and they tell Chris and Bret they weren’t smart. Rachel says that wasn’t a game move, that was a personal move. Rachel says Chris and Bret are a weak team too and that was a vote for a million dollars. The two teams that have been U-turned are Colin and Christie and Rachel and Elissa. Phil sends them back off to get their clues. The detour is up. In Make Hay, one team member will have to cut a lane of grass with a scythe and the other will have to rake it up. In Cow Festival, and teams will have to dress up cows and lead them to a party to be judged. Nicole and Victor have hit their speedbump. They have to take down 26 flags and fold them up before they can continue. Nicole says she can’t believe he did that, that was bold. Nicole and Victor argue a bit and Victor says he isn’t going to respond to her if they are going to argue. Rachel and Elissa head to the Cow Festival first. Rachel says she doesn’t plan on getting eliminated. Colin and Christie are also doing the cow festival u-turn and they talk about how they like each other. Christie says she understands people are doing what they have to do, but they are also going to do what they have to do because they are in it to win it. Tyler and Korey, Leo and Jamal, Chris and Bret, and Becca and Floyd go to Make Hay. Chris says this detour is for them. Nicole is still griping at Victor and says Rachel and Elissa already hated them and it didn’t make sense to make another team mad. Victor says they are a real couple and they will get stressed, but they are in love and they will do what they have to do. Rachel and Elissa say they are more concerned with beating Colin and Christie than they are Nicole and Victor. Rachel and Elissa have completed their headpiece for the cow and are heading out. Becca is doing well at cutting grass and everyone is watching her and they notice she’s killing it. Tyler says he is sweating and disgusting and he wouldn’t be surprised if Becca has done this before. Nicole and Victor have folded all their flags and they are now off and they decide to do Cow Festival. Rachel and Elissa are having difficulty getting their cow to cooperate on their walk to the judges. Nicole and Victor have arrived and begin grabbing supplies. Colin and Christie think they are done and Christie goes to select the cow and she wants to make sure they get a “good” cow because they’ve had trouble in the past and we see a clip of Colin struggling with the plowing task from their first season. Leo and Jamal ask for a check and they are uneven. Becca and Floyd get a check and they are done and they head out. Chris and Bret head out, with Tyler and Korey, and Leo and Jamal are out too. Becca and Floyd are going to follow Tyler and Korey. Victor and Nicole are done and they head out with their cow. Rachel and Elissa are still struggling to get their cow to move and Rachel grabs the cow’s tail and they start moving again. Colin is trying to coax the cow and Christie reminds him to stay calm. Colin is pulling and he says this is bull crap. Colin is starting to get a little frustrated but Christie keeps him calm. Rachel and Elissa have arrived and theirs is good and now they have to go do Make Hay. They left their clue back at the crafting station and they decide they don’t need the clue. Colin and Christie have finished and they are off to the other detour. Nicole and Victor are good and they finish and head out. Rachel and Elissa ask Colin and Christie if they can read their clue and Christie says absolutely not. Christie says they can’t help the team they are against and Rachel rolls her eyes and says she lost her clue. Roadblock is called Tell’s Test. They will have to shoot a crossbow at a scarecrow and shoot the apple off of it’s head. Becca and Tyler are doing the roadblock. Chris and Bret arrive and Bret is going to do it for their team. Becca says it’s obvious from their fishing challenge that she’s better with a bow. Tyler and Becca and Bret all hit the face and miss the apple. Colin is working and he thinks they are almost done and Christie is picking up the grass. They ask for a check and they are good and they are off. Rachel and Elissa are now in last and they are about halfway done. Leo and Jamal are lost and they are still on their way to the roadblock. After they shoot at the roadblock, they have to reassemble the scarecrow. Becca misses on her second shot and Tyler misses as well. Bret hits the apple and they are off in first. They will race to the pitstop at the Grand Hotel Giessbach. Becca misses again and Tyler is taking his second shot and he connects and they are off. Becca asks Tyler if he could see the apple in his viewfinder and Tyler says just above it. Rachel and Elissa are encouraging each other and they ask for a check and they are done and head out. Nicole and Victor arrive at the roadblock and Floyd tells them good job, they are in fourth. Victor is going to do the detour. Leo and Jamal are backtracking because they went the wrong way. They say they wasted about 30 or 40 minutes and they know they messed up. Leo and Jamal are hoping they can still beat the teams that got U-turned. Colin and Christie have arrived at the roadblock. Becca and Victor both miss the apple and they have to try again. Colin is going to do it for his team. Colin says this is his first time shooting a crossbow, but he’s done archery before. He misses and has to try again. Colin and Becca miss again and Victor is taking his shot and he misses and he looks where he hit so he can adjust. Rachel and Elissa have arrived and Rachel is going to do it for their team. Elissa tells her they aren’t the last team and she says really? Leo and Jamal have just arrived and they are the last ones. Leo is doing the roadblock and he misses. Victor says everyone is there right now and it’s a little stressful. Becca says she started to get frustrated and Floyd is encouraging her. Becca hits the apple and they are off. Colin connects next and they are off. Chris and Bret are off in a boat and they are freaked out. They see Tyler and Korey and they realize it’s a race. Tyler and Korey says Chris and Bret will be mad if they beat them. They are looking for a funicular. Chris and Bret go one way and Tyler and Korey run the other way. The funicular doesn’t come for an hour so they decide to run up. Tyler and Korey hit the mat first and they have won a 7-night river cruise in Vietnam and Cambodia. Chris and Bret are still climbing and they hit the mat in second place. Phil says they were so close and Bret says they are so happy to be number two. Victor connects with the apple and Leo and Rachel are the last two teams. Rachel says seeing teams get it one by one it’s frustrating. Elissa tells her to breathe and focus. Leo and Jamal say they took 30 minutes to get there and that was a stupid mistake. But it comes down to them and Rachel and Elissa and they can battle it out and let the best team win. *Correction, Jamal did the roadblock for their team. Jamal and Rachel take their shots and they both miss again. Rachel says she’s so close to that apple. Jamal hits it and they are off. Elissa tells Rachel they are the last team and she says thanks, I didn’t notice. Elissa tells her to have fun, someone could get lost. She hits it and they are off. Becca and Floyd are stopped by a train and Colin and Christie see the arrow to park and they see Becca and Floyd. Colin and Christie head off on the boat. Colin and Christie hit the mat in third and he says wow. Christie says to get a double U-turn and then finish in top 3, she feels like she won. Becca and Floyd run up and they are team number four. Becca says she felt bad for voting for Colin and Christie, but it’s part of the game and Colin says no hard feelings and hugs Becca. He says he gives them one and that was their one. Victor and Nicole are at the boats and Nicole is worried it will be a foot finish. Leo and Jamal and Rachel and Elissa are at the boats. They are all crossing the lake. Victor and Nicole hit the mat in fourth place and Leo and Jamal run up right behind them in fifth. Leo and Jamal give them a hug and they say they were shocked. Rachel and Elissa hit the mat and Rachel says we know, we know. They are in last place and they have been eliminated from the race. Rachel says she must have been delusional to think they could win. Elissa says they have their babies and they got to race together and Rachel says Elissa is her best friend. Rachel says she’s done so many things on 32 legs of The Amazing Race and they are so blessed. Next time, on The Amazing Race, a scramble for flights pits Nicole and Victor against team fun, and in picturesque Croatia, Colin and Christie make waves.
  8. Tonight, will.i.am will be featured tonight looking for a song. He says it’s hard to break through as an artist, but it’s even harder as a songwriter. He says every artist that comes on the show has their eyes, fingers, and toes crossed hoping to hit the lottery. He’s looking for a song that connects people. Josh Logan is the first song writer and the song he wrote is called Boxes. He thinks the song would work well for will.i.am. He is greeted and performs his song. Shane reworks a few lyrics and says it might sound better. Ryan asks will.i.am what he would do and he adds a beat to the song. Ester seems to enjoy the beat under the song and will.i.am says he thinks there is some awesomeness there. Charisma is next and her song is called Invincible. She thinks the song will work well because his music is very anthemy. She performs her song. Will.i.am liked the chorus but the lyrics were things they’ve heard before. Shane tells her to dig into her personal experiences. Will.i.am says when he heard Titanium by Sia and Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus he was like what?!? But her verses are like ok. The next song writer is Adam Friedman and his song is called Be Nice. This is first time ever performing this song. He greets the mentors and performs his song. Shane is clapping along to the song and Ryan is dancing and he says he likes it. Ryan gives a standing ovation. Will.i.am says that’s a bumper sticker or a T-shirt. Ester says not a lot of artists pursue positive songs. Will.i.am is playing on his keyboard and he says he’d keep it about the bass. Ryan and Shane grab their guitars to play along and will.i.am free styles. Ray Goren is the next song writer and his song is called Oh Lord. He greets the mentors and he performs his song. Will.i.am is listening intently. Shane is listening with his eyes closed. Will.i.am says it’s a moment, it’s powerful. Ryan says what will hit him in the gut is it not being preachy. will.i.am is excited to pick a song to be on the Black Eyed Peas album. He’s going to pick three songs to be reworked with the producers. He selects Josh and his song Boxes. He second choice is Adam and his song Be Nice. He does not take Ray’s song but he wants to go into the studio with him and feature on Ray’s song. Charimsa and her song Invincible is the final selection. Charisma is working on her song Invincible with Ryan and he tells her that will.i.am is going to write his own verse. She trusts what Ryan has in store for this song and the new version is more like a Black Eyed Peas song. Ryan says he’s there to elevate what her song is and he’s trying re-engineer it and make the lines simple. Shane is working with Josh on his song Boxes. Shane has put in some lyric ideas and they are singing together. Adam is working with Ester on his song Be Nice and they are Facetiming with will.i.am and he plays what he has come with in the studio. Adam and Ester are going to write some verses to the song. Shane Facetimes will.i.am and says they were talking about the verses and he says this is the type of song the crowd sings along too. Ester and Adam are re-working the lyrics and make it super simple. Charisma and Ryan are in the studio for rehearsal and will.i.am is there and he wrote a rap into it. Ester can’t wait for everyone to hear their song. Ryan has learned the rap and performs part of it. Ryan is going to perform Will’s rap with Charisma. He plays guitar while he does the rap. Shane and Ester are dancing in their seats, and then they are on their feet dancing. Shane says it was awesome. Will.i.am says that beat sounds right now and it was really, really awesome. Josh is in next to perform his re-worked song. They have put a children’s choir over the chorus. Ester is singing along. Ryan says the process that Josh seen will carry that over into future sessions. Will.i.am says this was great. Shane says that was so, so good. Andrew is in next and he says his song has changed substantially and he performs the new version for will.i.am. Will.i.am says the verses were good but the choruses sucked the energy out of the room. Will.i.am goes up to perform with Andrew. Shane says that was awesome. Charisma, Josh, and Andrew are back to find out the decision. Will.i.am says he’s grateful for the show. He has to choose the winning song. He says Be Nice will be their single. But! Will.i.am says before he came on the show the album was complete. He was in the studio working on the record when he thought he had to come out of a hole and he came on the show and he’s so freaking happy he did. He’s taking three songs off the album so these three songs can be on the album.
  9. Terry comes onto the stage with a suitcase with a red fuzzy ball on it. The individual inside unzips it and climbs out and it’s very quiet in the room. Howie asks what his name is, and his name is Jonathan Burns. Howie wishes him luck and he pulls a red headband out of his pocket and puts it on and turns around. The music Everybody’s working for the Weekend comes on and he dances and takes off his jacket that had said number one and now has a jacket on that says 2. He then puts a toilet seat around his body and does some contortion tricks. Jonathan then takes his jacket off and he has a shirt with an A on it and he grabs a tennis racket and does some contortion with it as well. He then takes the A shirt off and has one that says G. He undoes his belt and takes his pants off and he has shorts that say NBC on the bottom. He takes off his shirt and has a tank top on with the letter T. He then takes his underwear off without removing his shorts and throws that into the crowd. Gabrielle says she doesn’t think any of them knows what just happened, but she thinks they all want to see more. Julianne says that was like Napoleon Dynamite, but bendy. She wants to know how he discovered that talent and he says he was a weird kid. Howie says he was memorable, and he loved it. Simon says when his son asks him what he did at work yesterday he’ll say well…I watched a man put his head through a loo. Jonathan gets four yesses and will be moving on. Next, we have a singer, Benicio Bryant and he’s 14, and no one in his family has a singing background. We see him talking to a co-contestant and then we see the girl’s audition and see the judge’s reaction. Benicio takes the stage and performs The Joke by Brandi Carlile. The judges seem surprised and seem to enjoy the performance. Julianne says she wasn’t expecting that, but it was so great. Gabrielle says he connected with all of them. Howie says from the moment the song started, it built and built and built and it was great. Simon says he could tell he was nervous, but he put it together. Simon says Benicio reminds him of Harry Styles. Benicio gets four yesses. Next up is the Emerald Belles Dance Team and they are a high kick team. Simon greets them and wishes them luck. They have the music Blue Monday by Orgy. Some of the dancers come from the aisles and startle the judges. The audience seems to love the performance. They get an ovation from Simon. Gabrielle says this is kind of reminiscent of a movie she was in and they brought it! Julianne commends them that were in sync and cohesive. Howie says in his mind it’s what the Rockettes do and in his opinion, it wasn’t close to the level of what he watched there. Simon says someone new needs to take the Rockettes place and they could do. Howie gives them a no and the audience boos him. Simon doesn’t think they are booing loud enough. Gabrielle says yes. Julianne says yes. Simon says it’s 3 yesses. We see a montage of various siblings and families performing together. Then we meet the Messoudi Brothers from Australia. They used to perform with their father and it’s been a family act, but their father retired. They take the stage and are greeted by Gabrielle and she wishes them luck. They are an acrobatic act. They begin with one brother lying on the floor and a second brother doing a handstand on his feet and the third doing a handstand on his hands. The audience seems to love the act. They get an ovation from the audience and all four judges. Gabrielle says they delivered the wow. So talented! Simon is so excited they came on the show, they ticked every box. Julianne says there’s something really special when you can do what you love with the people you love and it was special and they nailed it. Howie says amazing strength and he’s excited when they see something they haven’t seen before. They get four yesses! The next act is a trio from India and one of the trio is 7 foot 6. Simon greets them and turns the stage over to them. The tall man lays down in the middle of a circle of coconuts and they put the coconuts directly around his body. Then another member of the trio grabs a silver mallet and the third member pours salt in his eyes and then covers his head with a red bag. The third member spins the second member around and he walks towards the tall guy with the mallet and smashes the coconuts that are all around his body. He then randomly has a few smashes where he hits nothing. There are a few watermelons around the tall guys head and he hits one of those. He then is moving to the other side of the body and randomly hitting nothing before hitting some more coconuts and the last of the watermelons. They get an ovation from the audience and all four judges. Howie says that was the craziest most dangerous thing he’s ever seen. Julianne thought there was going to be death. Gabrielle says that was like the scariest horror movie she’s ever seen. Julianne says she never seen anything like this before. Simon says that was the most exciting thing he’s ever seen. They get four yesses and move on. Next we meet GFORCE and they are Zen G, OG, Boss G, Speedy G, and Hype G and they are a group of girls. Simon says here comes trouble! He asks for their name and where they are from and they are from Toronto. We meet Sienna, Ava, Sarah, Holly, and Mikaela. Simon asks who’s the diva and they say no one and he says yeah right. They are going to sing an original song and Simon tells them to just kill it. Julianne says they are all female empowerment divas and she loves it. She says the message is you’re never too young to dream big. Gabrielle says she has an 11-year old in her house and she has a suspicion they’ll be listening to that song in the carpool lane. She says they are rockstars. Howie says they are emotional and they entertained them and they made him feel like a little girl again. Simon says they are very cute, very ambitious, and they are fun. They get four yesses and move on. We meet Adaline Bates and she’s a singer. She joined a group when she was 17 and they were trying to make it big, but life happened and they broke up. She says AGT could most definitely change her life forever. She heads out to greet the judges and Howie asks her name. She has to go and get ready and she leaves the stage and comes back dressed as half man and half woman. She sings Unforgettable by Nat King Cole and Natalie Cole. Simon says it was funny but good. Julianne agrees and says it was funny and entertaining. Gabrielle says she loved it, it was not 1 but 2 performances. Howie says it was so unexpected and a surprise and she has great range and is so unique. Simon gives them both a yes. Julianne says she’s unforgettable it’s a yes. Gabrielle gives a yes. Howie says he hopes they stay together for years and years and it’s her fourth yes. Next we have Ryan Niemiller and he was born with a medical condition with his arms. He’s a comedian and learned early to make jokes about himself before anyone else could. He says he’s going to see if he’s Indiana funny or funny funny. Simon greets him and wishes him good luck. Ryan does his set and he gets an ovation from the audience and all four judges. Simon thinks he is amazing. He’s curious why he hasn’t had the break he’s looking for and Ryan says it’s hard to break through without people thinking he’s a novelty act. Howie says he is brilliant, real, authentic, funny, and a star. He believes Ryan should be in the finals. Gabrielle says she wants more and she’s going to be his roadie. He’s brilliant. Julianne says everything about him screams I am awesome, I am funny, he’s the real deal. Howie says yes. Gabrielle gives the second yes. Julianne gives the third. Simon says he knows how many people are in the theater and he has 4, 041 yesses. Up next is Light Balance Kids and they are a dance group from Ukraine. One of the guys from Light Balance created the group. They are greeted by Howie and Howie says Light Balance was one of his favorite acts of all time. They use the music of Queen performing to Another One Bites the Dust. They get a standing ovation from the audience and all four judges. Gabrielle says she has no words other than oh my gosh, what in the world. She says they were perfect. Great job! Julianne says the technicality you have to have, their skill is at the level of an adult. They are amazing! Simon says he was amazed when he saw them all at the end because he thought there were a few adults. Gabrielle gives them their first yes. Julianne says yes! Simon says he will remember them. Yes. Howie gives the fourth yes! Nicholas Wallace will be attempting to contact the other side. When he was a kid he would feel a connection to things and the story behind them. He brought an item that is very special to him and he’s going to bring the judges into close contact with the other side. He has a rocking chair and a porcelain doll on stage. Howie greets him and turns the stage over to him. He talks about a hotel that people thought were haunted, but he says it was a chair that was haunted. The hotel burned to the ground and the chair was salvaged from the fire and now it belongs to him. He wants to know who wants to have a seat and he requests Gabrielle to join him on stage. Nicholas has her take a seat in the rocking chair and has her sit back and he asks her to hold her arms out and put them down and he says the strange happenings were happening in the dark so he blindfolds her. He then gets the doll and says the doll and the chair seem to have some sort of connection. He raises the dolls right arm and Gabrielle raises her right arm. He puts the dolls arm down and she puts her arm down. He rubs her arm and tells her to raise her arm if she feels it and she does. He then rubs the dolls arm and she raises her hand again. He wants her to raise her arm the instant she feels someone touch her and he won’t speak until it happens. He touches the doll and her arm raises. Nicholas has Gabrielle stand up and she heads back to the judges table. He gets a standing ovation from the audience and the judges. Julianne literally doesn’t know how that happened. She says that was magic or death and she doesn’t know what it was. Simon says if he was to say he was creepy that’s the best compliment he can give him. Gabrielle says she got touched. She doesn’t know. Howie loved the presentation and they should vote because he wants him to get out of here and take the chair with him. Nick moves on with three yesses. Joseph Allen is our last act of the night and he’s a singer/songwriter. He grew up in a blended family. He wrote a song and recorded a video and posted it on Facebook and it went viral. He wants to be able to make his parents proud. He tells Terry if he gets the golden buzzer he wants him to come out and pick him up. Joseph takes the stage and is greeted by Gabrielle. He’s 21 from Arizona and he’s going to perform an original song. Gabrielle says dreams come true on this stage, and she thinks they are seeing Joseph’s dream come true. Julianne says there is a new generation of millennials putting out what is good in this world, and she thinks he is so good. Simon says he got the best reaction for doing nothing before he even started, he got an ovation before he performed. Simon says the whole world should go to his school right now. He has amazing energy and he likes his voice and he has a great tone. Simon says first impressions mean a lot and that was an astonishing audition. Howie says his smile was electric and he walked out with such exuberance. He says people at home are talking about his moment, people in this room are talking about this moment and he stands on the judges table and says he’s leaving a footprint and he hits the golden buzzer with his foot! Terry runs out and picks him up.
  10. Tonight, John Legend will be joining the three judges Ester Dean, Ryan Tedder, and Shane McAnally. The first writer is Max Embers and he was born in Germany. The song he is singing is called Back Home. He’s excited to perform a song he wrote before some of the biggest people in the industry. He plays cover gigs 4 or 5 nights a week. Ester asks how John would personalize it and he says he’d work on melodies. Shane says he has too many melodies in the song so it just needs cleaned up a little bit. John starts playing a little and humming. Teddy advises to save the high note for the chorus instead of the verse so he has a goosebump moment. John says he’s going to listen to some other writers and he’ll get back to him. Max wants to rework his song and he thinks John will like it. Next is Tebby Burrows and she lives in Miami. Music was her oasis and her song is We Need Love. She thinks John is perfect for this song. She’s in marketing and Teddy worked at Pottery Barn and Ester worked in a funeral home. She performs her song for the judges and John is listening. Teddy says you have to be careful about lyrics crossing a line. John says the lyrics are sometimes cheesy and he thinks the song should sound a little more mournful. Ester says it’s a beautiful message. Shane says he had a hard time getting past the production because it sounded like the Lion King. Shane says changing the tone of the song will highlight the lyrics and bring out the message more. Next is Sam James from Nashville, TN. He says he has country elements in his writing, but he thinks John could perform this because it’s universal. The song is called Shine Down. Sam walks in and performs for the judges. Shane is dancing along to the music. Shane says that was amazing, it had a lot of soul. Ester loved it. Shane asks what inspired that. Sam says he has the best partner in crime and it’s their ten year anniversary. Ester asks if this is a John Legend song. John doesn’t think the ends of the lyrics are compelling. Teddy gives a few lyric suggestions and everyone seems to like it. John says it might not be him, but it does sound country. Next is Ollie Gabriel and he joined the National Guard and he wrote songs during that time. Having John Legend record this song would be a dream come true. His song is called Something New. The song was inspired by his grandparents and couples who have been together for 50 years. He performs for the judges. Ester wants to hear one part again and Ollie sings it again. Shane says it’s very close to being a hook he’s never seen before. Teddy says there was one line that didn’t hit him the way the lyric was intended and he goes over the lyrics. John is discussing with the judges the song choices and he is choosing three writers to work on the songs. John’s first choice is Max. His second choice is Ollie. John tells Sam it was difficult but the song just wasn’t right for him. His final selection is Tebby. The producers are fighting over which writer they want to work with. Teddy is working with Max on his song. Ollie is working with Ester. Tebby is working with Shane. Teddy has advised Max to pick the tempo up a little bit. Shane is advising Tebby to strip it back and maybe just play the guitar. He says it was over the top. Shane says Tebby’s song really needs the mournfulness and they need to simplify some of the lyrics. Shane says the lyrics are beautiful to read but sometimes you have to take into consideration what you feel. Ester is giving tips to Ollie on syncopation and changing pieces of the song. Ester says you only have a few seconds to get people hooked in and she advises him to pick up the intro to grab everyone’s attention. Tebby and Shane are still working and Shane wants to keep it simple to make sure the song is the star. Shane says it needs to be scaled back and maybe Tebby should consider playing it on acoustic. Teddy wishes Max good luck and says Auf Wiedersehen. Tebby is the first to re-pitch her song We Need Love and she has stripped it down to just her and one other guitar player and a bass player. Her and Shane have slowed the tempo down and made it a more mournful song. John says the change in mood made a big difference. Ester says it came a long way from a Caribbean beat. John says the verses sound really nice now. Shane says Tebby was so open to working with and making some changes. Teddy says he got goose bumps. John sings parts of it and Tebby I excited. Ollie is in next to re-pitch the song he and Ester worked on. They made the song a bit slower and more intimate. John says the feedback was pretty straight forward and Ester did that. John says he might change one word and Shane says they chopped out a stanza. John says it feels timeless and he loves the concept. Max is in last and Teddy has suggested a change to the name of the song to Lookin’ Up. John loved the choruses and John sings it. Max says he sounds amazing. Teddy says they were working on it until this morning and Max really took a lot of Teddy’s advice. John says he’s happy with what he heard today. John says everyone took the feedback so well and he thanks them and the producers. John says they all killed it and he’s happy he got to be there and experience their creativity and hopefully make a hit. John has made a decision. He’s chosen his favorite song from the three of them and he’s going to pick the song that he thinks made the biggest journey from where it was to where it is now and it is Tebby. John says it gave him chills and he’s ready to cut it. Tebby says this is beyond anything she hoped for it. Shane says this is a song we need and he’s so proud of Tebby. John says the song is available tonight and he hopes everyone listens to the lyrics and feels the love.
  11. Terry Crews welcomes us to the 14th season of America’s Got Talent and he introduces our judges Simon Cowell, Howie Mandell, and new judges Julianne Hough, and Gabrielle Union. Our first act to audition is Greg Morton and he’s a comedian who does impressions. He comes out and introduces himself to the judges and they turn the stage over to him. Greg’s act is comedic impressions of Star Wars characters and the judges and audience really seem to enjoy the act. Julianne says she didn’t know what to expect, but it wasn’t what he did. She’d buy a ticket to see his show. Simon and Howie thought it was great and that he was funny. Simon says the youngest audience members to the oldest got the act. He gets four yesses. Our next act is Eric Chien and he’s a magician. He enjoyed watching magic shows on TV when he was growing up and it what he’s always wanted to do. After college, he was called back to Taiwan for military service and he felt like he lost his identity. He lost who he was and he had to find himself again. He knows who last year’s winner was and he says I puts the pressure on him. Eric introduces himself to the judges and say he’s a magician. Simon wishes him luck and takes his place behind a table where there’s a small box. He opens the box and pulls out a white ribbon and places it to the side. He then pulls out a couple of small paper frames and one disappears and then both disappear and reappear at the front of the table. He sets two cards with two different colors on the back in each frame and then starts placing cards on the tables under each stack. The colors on the backs of the cards were red and the ones under the blue pile turned blue. His vest then also turns red and blue. Eric takes the cards from the blue side and put them on the red side and they turn red. He then takes a card and flips it a few times and it has a red back. He puts the card down on the blue side and it turns blue. He slides it back and forth and it changes colors each time. He then takes a card and slides it under the ribbon and the card is half red and half blue. He then begins setting the cards down and they disappear as he lays them down. He puts a blue card by the ribbon and moves the ribbon over and the card begins to disappear until a very small part of the card is remaining. He shows it to the audience and then he scoots the ribbon back and makes it reappear. Eric then takes the rest of the blue cards and places them on the red side and the cards turn into coins. The old blue side is now coins, and the red side is now blue cards. He places the coins in the box he started with and the ribbon disappears. When he reopens the box, the coins have disappeared and his vest has turned to black again. He gets an ovation from the audience and all four judges. Howie says most magicians are suave, but Eric looked as confused as them and he loved that. Gabrielle says he is magic and it’s time for him to step up and claim his place amongst the best. Julianne says he doesn’t have to compare himself to anyone and she’s glad he showed up as him. Simon says this was on a different level, and it was unbelievably good. Simon says Eric is so humble that he might not even know how good he really is. Time to vote and he gets 4 yesses. The next act is Sophie Pecora and she’s 15 years old. She has a guitar on stage with her and Simon asks her when she woke up this morning what went through her head and she is speechless and says OMG. Sophie is going to perform an original song. Gabrielle says she wowed them. She’s so young and she has a special gift. Howie says she’s really unique and she dances to her own drummer and that drummer is really relatable. Julianne says what she just performed for them was truth and she thought it was brilliant. Simon says he could feel how much this means to her and her delivery is really cool. He likes her a lot. Sophie gets four yesses and is moving on. Next we meet monkey who’s eating bananas and he has lots of hair, a monkey costume on his head and he’s wearing a yellow tutu. His name is Monkey and he’s glad Julianne is now a judge because he’s a dancer too. He takes the stage and Simon looks annoyed immediately. He begins dancing and Simon immediately hits his button. Howie and Gabrielle then hit their buttons and Julianne’s X lights up. Simon says that was terrible. Julianne encourages him to keep going. They all say no. We then see Andy Pigkins and he gets three X’s and Julianne lets it keep going because she’s new. Andy continues and he’s booed and Julianne eventually hits her button and says she’s so sorry. She says she doesn’t think she’s as captivated as she’s been in the past and there’s room to grow. He gets no’s as well. Julianne says she wants to press it but she’s nervous because she’s new. We then have a juggling clown and Julianne hesitates, but then hits her button. Gabrielle says as someone who doesn’t like clowns, he didn’t help. Julianne says there’s something for everyone. He also gets nos. Julianne says she finally feels like she gets the X button. We then meet Purgatory who is based in Los Angeles. They are dressed as mimes and they are dancing and singing and Julianne immediately hits her button and everyone is shocked. Gabrielle and Howie then hit their buttons and Julianne fights with Simon to hit his. Julianne says she didn’t get the act and their dance moves were off. Simon says he liked it and Julianne says hard pass. Next is a classic pianist named Patrizio Ratto and he’s from Italy. He loves Beethoven and he’s ready for his chance to show America and the judges his music. Julianne wants to know if he’s going to play an original song and he says no, classical music. He begins playing and Simon looks a bit bored. As he performs he begins doing some odd dance moves and then kicks his piano stool over and then starts dancing like a robot. His moves are in sync to the classical music. As he finishes dancing he goes back to the piano to finish the piece. He gets an ovation from the audience and all four judges. Julianne says that was very unexpected. She says Patrizio was incredible and he executed the dancing so well. Howie says they’ve never seen anything like that and it was a great mixture of two art forms and he is amazing. Gabrielle says that was unbelievable. He was Bruce Banner and then jibba, jibba, jibba he became the Incredible Hulk. Gabrielle asks if he’s single and he says yes. Simon says without people like him they don’t have a show and his dogs don’t get fed. He says he was incredible and he’ll always remember this moment. He gets four yesses! We meet the next act, V. Unbeatable. They are from Mumbai, India and the spokesman for the group gets emotional talking about where they are from. They are from ages 12 to 27. Many of their members are from the slums and when they dance it relieves their tensions and they feel free. Gabrielle wishes them luck and they all get set. They are dancing and doing some acrobatics and throwing not just one person in the air, but multiple people. They get an ovation from all four judges and the audience. Gabrielle says V. Unbeatable blew them away. They brought something to the stage they’ve literally never seen before. Julianne says that was absolute brilliance and she says they were a team and there was so much trust and she thinks they watched history in the making. Howie says he thinks they just made their future. Simon says this is certainly one of the best dance acts they’ve ever had on one of these shows. Simon says this is going to change their lives and he really believes that. They all vote yes on the count of three. Next is Jackie Fabulous and she’s a comedian. Her family is from Jamaica and they are very conservative. She did what her parents wanted her to do, but she felt panic and knew she needed things to change. She says her mother doesn’t tell people she’s a comedian, she continues to tell them she’s a lawyer. Jackie takes the stage and greets the judges. Gabrielle asks if her parents are supportive and she says no, they don’t get it. They turn the stage over to Jackie. Gabrielle says Jackie had them laughing before her set even started. Simon says thank God for Jackie! Just when you think the world has lost its sense of humor on she comes. She’s hilarious and he wants to hang out with her. Julianne thought it was amazing and relatable and she likes it. Howie says she has the perfect name because he believes she is Jackie Fabulous. Howie says she’s a superstar and she changed her families mind tonight. Simon says he needs to kiss her and he motions her over and he goes up and kisses her and hugs and says that was awesome. Simon says that was a very slow yes. Julianne says hell yes and Howie says yes! He loves her. Gabrielle gives the fourth yes and Jackie moves on. The next act is Gingzilla from Sydney, Australia and they are a 7 foot bearded glam monster from down under. Gingzilla is the love child of Chuck Norris and Jessica Rabbit. Gabrielle asks what the dream is and Gingzilla says to perform in front of this many people every night and take over the world. Gingzilla is going to sing a little song. Gingzilla sings She’s a Lady by Tom Jones. The audience looks surprised and the judges are surprised too. Gingizilla leaves the stage but then runs back on and continues. They leave again and then runs back on and sings some more. Terry says THAT is a show! Gingzilla gets an ovation from the audience and the judges are on their feet before the performance ends. Howie says Gingzilla is funny, different, and confusing. He says they are amazing and he loved it. Julianne says she could absolutely see them in Vegas owning a show and she’d come every weekend. Simon says he thought what the bloody hell was that, but it was fantastic. This is why they created the show and it was a great audition. Gabrielle says Ging, she is there for the whole thing. Gingzilla gets four yesses and moves on. The next act is The Human Fuse and he is a danger act and they’ve built a huge crossbow and his wife will set him on fire and they will shoot him off. He reveals he was in the hospital the day before. The judges head outside to watch the act. We see him hug and kiss his wife and puts a mask over his head with goggles and protective gear and he climbs onto the crossbow. His wife begins the countdown and the audience joins in and he is lit on fire and he is shot straight up and we go to commercial. We’re back at the countdown for The Human Fuse and we see him lit on fire and shot off to a landing pad across the way and the judges wait to see if he’s ok. He’s still on fire and he’s climbing out of the landing pad. He is extinguished and the judges are wondering if he’s hurt. He pulls the mask off and his face is red but he raises his hands and he gets applause. Terry asks him how he feels and he says he’s excited and hurt a little bit. Time to head inside and see what the judges think. Simon says The Human Fuse is alive! Howie says his reason for winning this is so he can quit. He says they were entertained and he thanks him. Gabrielle says he just wowed the audience. She loves that he doesn’t let age define what his capabilities are and she loves it. Julianne is proud of him for doing something so crazy and he’s inspiring. Simon asks where he goes next and he responds Toledo. Simon says if we put you through, how do you top that? He doesn’t know. Simon asks if he’s prepared to jump over something that could eat him and he says yes. Simon has some ideas. The Human Fuse gets four yesses and he moves on. It’s time for our final act of the night. We meet Kodie Lee and he is blind and is escorted out by his mother, Tina. He is 22 and he is going to sing and play the piano. Tina says Kodie is blind and autistic and they found he loved music early on. Tina realized he was an entertainer. Kodie says he’s ready! He takes his place behind the piano and his mother talks to him quietly before he begins and she leaves the stage. Kodie performs A Song For You by Donny Hathaway. Julianne and Gabrielle are getting emotional and listening intently. He gets an ovation from the audience and all four judges. Kodie’s mother returns to help him to the front of the stage and Howie says all four judges and everyone in the room were on their feet and Kodie laughs. Howie says no only did they feel the authenticity of what he did, he’s a great talent. It was amazing. Julianne says everyone needs a voice and an expression and she really feels his heart and passion. His voice blew them all away and it was beautiful. Simon says what just happened there was extraordinary. He doesn’t know what it’s like to live in Kodie’s world, but it’s amazing to see their relationship. Simon says he will remember this moment for the rest of his life. Gabrielle says she’s a new judge this season and she’s also a new mom this year. She says you want to give your kids the moon and stars and rainbows and tonight, she’s going to give them something special. Gabrielle hits her golden buzzer.
  12. Leg #7 begins in Kampala, Uganda and Tyler and Korey are the first to depart and they are flying to Zurich, Switzerland. Teams are off and picking up reservations for their flight and Rachel discusses that she’s tied for the most legs run on the race. Becca and Floyd think there is a U-Turn and they are discussing their options with Leo and Jamal on who they might potentially U-Turn. There is discussion of U-Turning Colin and Christie and Victor and Nicole are tossed out also. Rachel and Elissa do not want to U-Turn Victor and Nicole because they are supposed to be in an alliance with them. The teams are landing in Switzerland and they are headed out to a train. Rachel and Elissa decided to tell Nicole and Victor that Becca and Floyd want to U-Turn them. Nicole says she’s trying not to be paranoid but it’s crazy that Becca and Floyd would throw their name out. They don’t want Victor and Nicole to tell the other teams what they told them. Victor wants to verify the information and Rachel thinks they are trying to throw them under the bus. Leo and Jamal thought they could trust Rachel and Elissa, but they realize they stabbed them in the back and they say Rachel and Elissa are playing both sides. The teams are off looking for their next route marker. Tyler and Korey are the first to arrive at the destination and it’s a roadblock. Who wants to take the Scenic Route? The teams will have to swing into a gorge and then when they land they will have to find their clue in the gorge. Korey will be first to go for their team. Becca will go for their team in second, Leo in third, Christie in fourth, and Nicole in fifth. Elissa will go for their team in sixth and Chris will be doing it for their team. Korey is up first and he says he doesn’t love falling. He steps off and swings down and Tyler says he’s glad Korey did that. Korey says that was terrifying. Korey gets the clue and they have to fly by helicopter to Grimsel Pass. Becca is up next and Floyd says this is going to be insane. Becca yells she loves this life while swinging. Christie says she’s so jealous. Floyd says that was scary. Nicole is scared, she’s really nervous. Tyler and Korey are in the helicopter and they are off and they are appreciating the view and they say it’s a stunning view. Leo is next to swing. Jamal says he thought Leo was going to die. Nicole is afraid of heights and she’s still freaking out. Christie is the next to jump and Colin says it brings tears to his eyes because she’s facing her fears. Nicole is next and she’s freaking out. She says she can’t do it, she needs out. The safety instructor tells her if she can’t jump she has to go to the end of the line. The instructor asks if Nicole is ready to do it and she finally says she’s ready. Nicole yells I’m alive! She says that was the scariest thing she’s ever done and Victor says he was so proud. Tyler and Korey have reached the detour. Detour: In Water Power-teams will ride the world’s funicular and they will have to watch for basin’s names and how much water they hold. When they reach the end, they will be given a map and the names and they’ll have to put the names where they belong using only their memory. They may have to ride the funicular a few times to complete the task. Water Down-teams will descend 150 ft and teams will grab a clue from the end of the rope before continuing downstream. Tyler and Korey are going to do Water Down. Elissa has made her jump and Chris is right behind. Becca and Floyd have decided to do water down. Leo and Jamal are going to do water power. Colin and Christie are doing water down. Victor and Nicole and Rachel and Elissa are in the helicopters on their way to Grimsel Pass with Chris and Bret in last. Tyler is down and Korey is on his way now. Korey hits the bottom and then they have to jump into some shallow water. Becca and Floyd are making their way down. Becca is a rock climbing instructor so she has no problem getting down. Nicole and Victor are going to do water power. Leo and Jamal are on the funicular and they decide to split the names of the basins. Colin and Christie are now making their way down the rock wall. Leo and Jamal have finished on the funicular and they are ready to place the names on the map. They think they have it and they are correct and they are out in first place. Two-thirds of the population of Switzerland are Christians. They are on their way to the pitstop at a church, St. Michaelskirche. Tyler and Korey realize the detour they picked did take a little bit of time. Leo and Jamal are waiting for the funicular and there is only one so it’s a 15 minute ride. Tyler and Korey have finally reached the end of the course and they are headed to the pit stop. Colin and Christie are right on Becca and Floyd’s heels. They both finish and they are off to the pitstop. Nicole and Victor are on the funicular and she says this is the scariest day of her life. They see their first basin name and they start memorizing. As Victor and Nicole reach the top, Leo and Jamal are ready to head down. Rachel and Elissa are doing water down and Chris and Bret are doing water down as well. Rachel and Elissa are down and Chris and Bret are getting ready to start but Bret is afraid of heights. Bret is still making his way down and he starts to panic a little. Bret finally calms down and he has reached the bottom and Chris congratulates him. Tyler and Korey are on their way to the pitstop and Tyler says all that paranoia on the train and it was all for nothing. Victor and Nicole have reached the engineer and they have the map. They ask for a check and they are correct and they are off. Tyler and Korey have found the church and they run to Phil at the mat. Tyler and Korey are first place and they have won a spa day. Nicole wants to stop and ask for directions but Victor says there’s no point because they can get to the town and maybe see cars parked. Rachel and Elissa are finishing their course and Chris and Bret are right behind. Rachel and Elissa and Chris and Bret read their clues and they head off towards the pitstop. Chris and Bret are on the road first and Rachel and Elissa are following, but neither team knows if they are going the right way. Chris and Bret see a parking area and they get out to ask for directions and Elissa and Rachel do too. They were going the wrong way and they have to turn around. Elissa and Rachel are now in the lead because they blocked Chris and Bret when turning around. Nicole and Victor flag someone down to ask for directions and they have to turn around too. Colin and Christie and Becca and Floyd race for the mat. Colin and Christie finished in second and Becca and Floyd are in third. Leo and Jamal run up while they’re still there and they are in fourth. Victor and Nicole are still driving and they think they drove by the church. Chris and Brett and Rachel and Elissa are out and running. Elissa and Rachel hit the mat in fifth and Chris and Bret hit the mat in sixth. Victor and Nicole run up while Rachel and Elissa are on the mat and they say they got lost. Victor says they were under the impression they were getting U-Turned and Rachel and Elissa argue with Victor and Nicole. Nicole is crying and Victor says at the end of the day it’s over. It’s fine. Phil says he is sorry to tell them they are the last team to arrive. However, this is a non-elimination leg. They will have a speed bump on the next leg. Nicole says they got so lucky that it was a non-elimination. Rachel doesn’t want anything to do with Victor or Nicole. Next time, on The Amazing Race, an amazing race first puts teams in a panic to avoid elimination. They will be having a vote on who to U-Turn.
  13. We are heading out from Dubai Marina in the United Arab Emirates and the eight teams are flying to Kampala, Uganda. After touching down, teams must hail a taxi and make their way into the city of Kampala. Becca and Floyd are out first and they say they can’t make a mistake now with everyone being so close. Chris and Bret talk about how they’ve been doing well and they head out. Tyler and Korey are off and they say the challenge is to appreciate a culture that doesn’t appreciate them. All the teams are starting to come into the airport and Tyler is reflecting on the privileges he has being LGBTQ in America and how others don’t have those same privileges. Janelle and Britney and Rachel and Elissa arrive at the airport at the same time and they are excited to see each other because they’ve bonded as moms. All teams are on the same flight and they are off. Christie says Nicole and Victor are solid and Chris and Bret are doing well. She says if you make it to leg 6 in the amazing race you are an amazing race team. Teams have all touched down in Uganda and it’s a race out of the airport. Teams are pushing and racing for taxis. Leo and Jamal want to see some lions and tigers and elephants since they are Afghanimals. Tyler and Korey’s goal is to get a first place win. Teams have arrived at the mosque and they have to change. Nicole and Victor get the clue first and they have to count the number of steps in the minaret. Once they’ve counted 272, they’ll see the highest vantage point in Kampala. Tyler and Korey have done research on the mosque and they read there was 304 steps so they didn’t even count. Bret and Chris miss the clue but have climbed the steps and have to go back down. Colin and Christie are there also in third. Janelle and Britney are stuck in traffic. Tyler and Korey reach the top and write 304 and they are wrong and have to go back down. Tyler says they have to count the steps in the minaret, not the steps in the entire mosque. Nicole and Victor arrive at the top and they have the correct number and they head out. Chris and Bret get their clue and go to count. Christie and Colin arrive at the top and they are correct. Nicole and Victor have to head to Owino Market and search for their next clue. Janelle and Britney are concerned because they seem to be going the wrong way through traffic. Tyler and Korey get the count right and they head out. Chris and Bret are correct and they are right behind. Leo and Jamal are in sixth place and they ask Tyler and Korey how many steps and they respond lots. Rachel and Elissa have arrived and they ran to the top so fast and they are wrong with the count. Rachel and Elissa start at the bottom and begin counting. Leo and Jamal hit the top and they are correct with the count. Rachel and Elissa count again and they are off by one and have to try again. Becca and Floyd have arrived in seventh. Janelle and Britney are still stuck in traffic. Britney says they are literally in the middle of oncoming traffic. Rachel and Elissa are counting again and one counted 271 and one counted 272 and Rachel decides to go with 270 but then changes her mind and writes down 272 and they are correct. Becca and Floyd arrive at the top and they have it right and they head back down. Janelle and Britney have just arrived and they are in last. Victor and Nicole are at Owino Market and they are talking about how crazy it is. Tyler and Korey have arrived as well. They are looking for Soweto Restaurant. Colin and Christie are looking as well. Victor sees it and they are at the roadblock. Who Wants a Rolex? Teams must shop for their ingredients and make one Rolex for their next clue. Victor, Korey, and Colin are going to do the roadblock for their teams. Leo and Jamal have arrived at the roadblock. Janelle and Britney have counted the steps and they are correct. Victor says it looks like a food dish, he thought it was a watch. He’s watching a demonstration on how to make the dish. Victor says ohhhh, rolled eggs, rolex. Becca and Floyd have arrived and Floyd is going to do the roadblock. Korey, Colin, and Victor are all working on making the dish. Jamal is doing the roadblock for his team. Rachel and Elissa have arrived at the market and Janelle and Britney are right behind. Jamal is struggling. Korey is struggling a bit too. Victor thinks he’s in first and he’s trying not to look at anyone else. Victor is done and he takes his rolex up and he is done and they head out to the Gaba Landing Sight and get their clue from a boat builder. Colin is done also. Janelle is going to do the roadblock for their team. Rachel and Elissa have found their speed bump. They must now complete a task at Wash ‘N Go. They have to hand wash clothes and find a spot to hang them to dry. Phil says finding a spot to hang them? Good luck! Rachel and Elissa think washing clothes will be no problem. Janelle is getting a little frustrated and is looking for a watch. Jamal is done and he takes his for a check and it’s no good. Bret has done the task for his team and he is done and he heads out. Elissa and Rachel have finished their speed bump and they are off to the roadblock. Jamal and Floyd are still working on their dish. Jamal has finished and he heads out. Floyd dropped his on the ground and he says five second rule. Janelle still can’t find the roadblock task and Britney wishes she could help her. Janelle says she hasn’t seen any other teams and she’s lost. Janelle is still looking for the vendor and she says she’s been running for an hour. Victor and Nicole have arrived at the next route marker. Elissa is doing the roadblock for their team and Floyd is finishing. Elissa says it’s them against Janelle and Britney. Victor and Nicole can’t find the clue box and Tyler and Korey and Colin and Christie are also looking. They have reached the detour. In Salty Roll-teams will have to gut fish and roll them in salt. In Move the Pole, teams will have to load some logs on a bicycle and deliver it and stack it. Victor and Nicole, Colin and Christie, and Tyler and Korey all decide to Move the Pole and they head out. Elissa has finished her dish and they are off. The teams are struggling with the bikes because it’s very muddy since it had been raining all day. Colin and Christie see a finished example and they have to build it up. Tyler and Korey say it’s like Jenga. Chris and Bret and Leo and Jamal have arrived and are also going to do Move the Pole. Tyler and Korey were pleased that the people of Uganda treated them so warmly. Colin and Christie drop their bike and they are struggling. Colin says Season 5 Colin would have been deep in it, but he’s much more loving and patient. Becca and Floyd have arrived and they are going to do Move the Pole. Janelle comes back and sees Britney and says she can’t find it and Britney is frustrated because she can’t help her. Janelle finally finds the stand and she is crying and she says she’s so stupid it was that easy. Tyler and Korey think they are done and ask for a check and they are done. Drums are among the world’s oldest instruments. They will now play a key role in this season’s first head-to-head. Moving one drum at a time, they must arrange the drums in four color specific stacks. The winners will check in with him at Jahazi Pier and the losing team will have to take on the next team. Tyler and Korey are nervous about the head-to-heads. Colin and Christie ask for a check and they are done with Victor and Nicole right behind. Rachel and Elissa have arrived at the detour and they do Salty Roll. Rachel says when they were little their father taught them how to gut and clean a fish. Tyler and Korey would like to get the head-to-head on their first try. They are reading the directions for the head-to-head. Janelle has finished her dish and they are off in last place. Colin and Christie have arrived and they will go head-to-head with Tyler and Korey. Nicole and Victor arrive and they are number three. Chris and Bret are number four. Tyler and Korey say they’ve ran a flawless leg and knowing they have this last task is daunting. Tyler and Korey and Colin and Christie are set to begin. The first head-to-head is between Tyler and Colin. They can only have four drums on a stack and they must end up color coated. Tyler has his yellow stack done. Tyler has his red stack done. Colin now has yellow done. Tyler has the green one done and he finishes the blue one and Tyler has won the first head-to-head. They run to check-in at the pitstop. Tyler and Korey are team number one and they have won a trip to Singapore. Phil asks them about the emotion about coming to Uganda and they say that just because the government has a certain policy, it doesn’t mean all the people agree and everyone has been so warm to them. The next head-to-head is Colin vs Victor and the drums start in a new order. Victor and Colin both finish the red stack. Victor has completed the green stack. Colin has his yellow stack. Victor has his yellow stack and he’s two moves away from winning. Colin has his blue stack and he’s rushing to get his green stack. Colin has won and he and Christie finish in second place. Becca and Floyd, Leo and Jamal, and Rachel and Elissa arrive and get their drum order. Victor and Chris is up next. Victor has his yellow and green stack. Chris has his blue stack. Victor has his red stack and then finish his blue stack. Victor has won and he and Nicole finish in third place. Janelle and Britney arrive at the detour and they do Salty Roll. Bret faces off against Floyd. They are both tied at two Bret has his third stack. Bret gets the fourth stack and Chris yells at him to grab the Ox tail. Chris and Bret run and they finish in fourth place. Chris says he’s super proud of Bret because he stepped up for them. Floyd vs Leo is up and Floyd has blue and green. Leo has yellow. Floyd has red and Leo has green. Floyd gets his last stack and grabs the Ox tail and they head to the pit stop and finish in fifth place. Britney and Janelle are finishing their detour and they are done and they head out. They are relieved there is a shot because of the head-to-head. Jamal and Rachel are up next for the head-to-head. Jamal has green and red. Rachel has red and green as well. Jamal finish his last two stacks and they run to the mat and finish in sixth place. Rachel and Elissa realize they have to go against Janelle and Britney. It’s a Big Brother battle for the finish. Rachel and Britney are competing. Elissa is yelling instruction to Rachel. Rachel has her blue stack finished. Rachel has finished her yellow stack. Britney finishes her yellow stack. Britney now has her blue stack and Rachel is finishing the green stack. Rachel is two moves away from winning. Rachel has finished and grabs the Ox tail and they are all emotional and they hug each other. Rachel and Elissa finish in seventh place. Janelle and Britney are the last team to arrive and they have been eliminated from the race. Britney says getting eliminated isn’t the end of the world, her child is a cancer survivor. They came to win, but it isn’t her worst day. Janelle wanted to prove to her daughters that women could work together. Janelle says Britney is her bestie and they will be forever. Next time on The Amazing Race, in the Swiss Alps, teams go on an epic adventure, while Victor and Nicole and Rachel and Elissa have an epic showdown.
  14. We start in Ho Chi Minh City and they are flying to Dubai, the biggest city in the United Arab Emirates. Christie says they are trying to maintain alignment in the midst of chaos. Nicole and Victor are the second to depart and Victor says they have a trio of second place finishes. Nicole says people think they are lucky, but she thinks they are underestimated. Chris and Bret head out and they say they are showing their Survivor spirit. Becca and Floyd leave in fourth and they are looking to continue keeping lines of communication open. Tyler and Korey talk about the last time they were in Dubai and they raced camels and did Bedouin kisses. Leo and Jamal head out in sixth and they are excited about getting as close as possible to the mother land. They are hoping to get first place in Dubai. Janelle and Britney leave 7th and they talk about how they did poorly the last leg and they are trying to examine what they did wrong and improve on it. Rachel and Elissa are the last team to leave and Rachel says Elissa is very strong and she listens to her on the mental things. The teams are all heading out from the airport. Tyler and Korey’s cab driver is taking selfies. The teams are noting how pretty it is. They arrive at a camp fire and there are several luxury cars out there and they welcomed by 5 men and they drink tea. Their clues are in the cars and teams must continue to the Dubai Frame and make their way to the top for their next clue. Rachel and Elissa are the first ones out and Leo and Jamal are right behind and they are hoping Rachel and Elissa get lost. Victor and Nicole are confused when they are told the clues are in the car, but they finally get it. Becca and Floyd get their clue and they head out. Colin and Christie are on their way to the Frame as well. Rachel and Elissa’s driver think they have taken the wrong exit. The driver doesn’t know how to get there. Leo and Jamal and Colin and Christie have arrived and they take an elevator up to the top. They talk about how the frame shows old Dubai out one side and new Dubai out the other side. Leo and Jamal are in first. Leo and Jamal have hit the detour. In Fall, they have to find a sky diving jump master and then make their way to the top in the world’s fastest elevator and keep their eyes open as they jump for their next clue. In Find, teams will have to search Dubai World Globe, a dinosaur park, and find five different colored eggs and return them to their nest for the next clue. Leo and Jamal and Colin and Christie are going to Fall. Chris and Bret and Tyler and Korey and Janelle and Britney have all arrived and are deciding which detour to do. Rachel and Elissa are still lost. Rachel and Elissa’s driver stops to ask for directions and they head back out. Becca and Floyd are arriving at the Frame and Rachel and Elissa arrive right behind. Janelle and Britney are doing Find and their driver doesn’t know where it is. Rachel wants to go find the eggs because only 2 teams can jump at a time. Leo and Jamal have arrived at the tallest building in the world and they chose their jump master. Tyler and Korey have arrived at Fall as well. Leo and Jamal are talking about how nervous they are. Chris and Bret have arrived with Nicole and Victor right behind to find eggs and they are dressing in costumes. Rachel and Elissa and Janelle and Britney are also getting dressed in their costumes. Rachel and Elissa and Janelle and Britney discuss switching to Fall because all of the teams are there. Rachel and Elissa decide to switch detours. Becca and Floyd, Chris and Bret, Nicole and Victor, and Janelle and Britney are all in dinosaur costumes looking for eggs. Janelle and Britney have their red egg. Chris and Bret find their white egg. Rachel and Elissa think the jump will be super quick and they can move on. Leo and Jamal are at the top and they discover it’s not a real jump, it’s a virtual reality jump and they realize they were “tricked”. They have a “mission” they have to do for their Fall. Colin and Christie are also in their VR game for their jump. Leo and Jamal did their task and then they were given some questions they had to answer about their mission. They had to answer all five correct and they only get 4 correct. Colin and Christie finish and they get their questionnaire and they have to try again as well. Tyler and Korey are in for their first attempt. Janelle and Britney got their white egg. Nicole and Victor find their green egg and their white one. Becca and Floyd has their white one. Nicole and Victor have their red one. Chris and Bret have purple, blue, and green. Becca and Floyd have their green one. Janelle and Britney have their purple egg and they decide to go drop theirs off and go back for their last one. Chris and Bret are arguing. Rachel and Elissa have arrived at the jump site and head up. Tyler and Korey are completing their first attempt and they got a question wrong and will have to try again. Leo and Jamal are on their second attempt. Tyler and Korey are discussing their answers to the questions. Rachel and Elissa think they are bungee jumping. Leo and Jamal mess up again and they have to go to the back of the line. Becca and Floyd have their blue egg now. Janelle and Britney and Becca and Floyd all need one more egg. Britney can’t see because her costume keeps getting in her face. Chris and Bret find their eggs and they are to head off to Soho garden. Colin and Christie have passed on their second attempt and they are in second place. Tyler and Korey finish theirs and they leave in third. Rachel and Elissa are on their first attempt. Leo and Jamal enter for their third attempt. Elissa and Rachel get their test and Elissa says it was harder than a BMV test. Becca and Floyd find their last egg and have to return their eggs to the nest. Janelle and Britney have all their eggs. Becca and Floyd head out in fourth place. Nicole and Victor leave in fifth place. Janelle and Britney are standing next to their eggs asking for a check and as the Nicole and Victor leave, Nicole tells Britney and Janelle where the nest is. Chris and Bret arrive at the roadblock. Who can feel the beat? It’s silent rave night. Everyone is listening to headphones and listening to different mixes. But a few are dancing to the DJ’s beat. The teams must use their powers of observation to determine who is dancing to the music of the DJ. Chris is doing the roadblock. Leo and Jamal are on their fourth attempt and Rachel and Elissa are on their second attempt. Leo and Jamal fail their test again. They are frustrated and say mistakes like this can cost them. They say it’s taking too long. Leo and Jamal are going again and Rachel and Elissa have failed as well. Christie is going to do it for their team, Bret is still trying. Floyd is going to do it for his team and Nicole is going to do it as well. Tyler and Korey arrive and so do Janelle and Britney. Janelle is going to do it for their team and Tyler is doing it for theirs. Leo and Jamal finally complete their task and they can move on and Rachel and Elissa have also passed. Colin is dancing and the partygoers seem entertained. Floyd was in a band and he was a drummer and he thinks he has it. Floyd grabs the party goer and they are correct and in first. They have to head to the pitstop at Dubai Marina and they will zipline to the pitstop. Nicole is grabbing someone else and Victor is nervous. Nicole is correct and they leave in second. Tyler is still looking for his and he gets it correct and they are out in third. Bret grabs a guy by a shirt and he is correct and they leave in fourth. Christie is grabbing someone and she is correct and they are in fifth. Janelle grabs someone but she has it wrong. Leo and Jamal and Rachel and Elissa are both on their way to the rave. Janelle grabs another guy and takes him back to the DJ and she is correct this time and they are in sixth. Becca and Floyd are reading the clue again and the order they hit the top of the building is the order they’ll check in after ziplining. Floyd says TAR teams have finished first every leg and Victor says they’ve been there in second each time. Becca says they might be on their way to first. Chris and Bret and Tyler and Korey are all right behind as well and they are all very close to one another. Chris and Bret see Becca and Floyd being dropped off and they are out and looking for the marked elevator. Becca and Floyd and Chris and Bret are in the same elevator. Becca and Floyd get their first with Chris and Bret right behind. Leo and Jamal have arrived at the roadblock and Leo is doing it for their team. Leo gets it on the first try and they head right back out when Rachel and Elissa arrive and Rachel is going to do it for their team. Elissa says Rachel does everything good and they want to catch up. Rachel grabs her first partier and she is correct and they are out in last place. Rachel is getting emotional in the cab and she says she loves the amazing race and she’s had so much fun doing it. Elissa says they are doing a good job. Becca and Floyd are about to do the world’s longest zipline and they are about to head out and they are released and Floyd is screaming the entire way. Becca and Floyd hit the mat in first place. They each win $5000. Becca and Floyd want Phil to freestyle with them for his own Phil funometer the Philometer. Chris and Bret hit the mat in second place. Leo and Jamal are on their way to the pitstop and they think it’s between them and Rachel and Elissa. Rachel is still crying and Elissa asks her to please stop. Colin and Christie hit the mat in third place. Phil says people will be interested to see how they’ve evolved. Tyler and Korey finish in fourth place. Victor and Nicole hit the mat in fifth with Victor’s hair down. Leo and Jamal are still on the way to the pitstop and Rachel is still crying and Elissa says Rach, seriously. Janelle and Britney are team number six. Leo and Jamal arrive and they are in seventh place. Rachel is still crying before they head out for their zipline. Rachel says it’s so disappointing because she thought she’d kick butt. But it’s been great to travel with her sister and make memories she can never do again. Phil says it wasn’t their day. Rachel says in the race you have to take risks and she wants to teach her daughter to be brave and take risks. Elissa says they gave it their all. Phil tells them it’s a non-elimination leg. They are still in the race. Rachel says sometimes you get knocked down and you have to pick yourself back up.
  15. Jeff asks Julie what her pitch was to Chris and she said she didn’t really have one. She practiced fire making. She says if she gets chosen to be safe, she’d be grateful, but she’s ok stepping up to the challenge of taking out Devens. Gavin says he doesn’t want to be chosen, he wants to earn it. Jeff asks Chris if he’s made a good point and Chris says yes. Chris says he’s learned something from EOE, that it’s ok to be alone. Chris says he stared at the waves and he knew what he needed to do. He has to take a risk. He decides to give his immunity necklace to Julie and he will take Devens on in the fire challenge. Devens and Chris go with Jeff to be separate for the fire making challenge. They both start and Devens gets a little flame, but it goes out. Chris gets a flame going but it goes out as well. Devens gets a little something again, but as he leans to blow on it the flame goes out again. Chris finally gets fire and he starts building it. Devens has not given up and he is continuing to try and get fire. Chris is building his higher and Devens finally gets his going. Devens’ fire is burning fast and getting high but Chris’ fire is hitting the rope. Chris’ fire finally burns through the rope and he has won. Jeff goes back to talk to Devens and Chris and he tells Chris that was probably the biggest game move in Survivor history. Chris says he knew he had to take a risk. Jeff asks Devens about his thoughts and he says he didn’t come out to learn something about himself, he came out to win. But the game has a way of teaching you something about yourself whether you want it to or not and he’s going home a better person. Jeff has Devens bring up his torch and he snuffs it and sends him off. He says Julie, Gavin, and Chris have gone as far in the game as they can go. The power now shifts to the jury. Devens says this just in…Chris’ fire burned the rope sending Devens home. Jeff calls Devens out and he wants to know why he returned that half of the idol to Chris and Devens says he was worried about Chris and he couldn’t betray him again. Jeff says so you wanted to heal that wound and Devens says yes, he wouldn’t have been able to withhold it from him. Jeff asks Devens if when Chris gave up immunity to take him on if that’s game play or betrayal? Or can it be both in Survivor? Devens says it can be both. But Chris promised him final four and he got him final four. Jeff asks Devens if he’s happy where he is with his job and he says he’s open to move and he’s open to anything. We’re at Vata and it’s Day 39 and the Survivor’s have the final three breakfast. Julie can’t believe she made it to day 39. She came out here to have an adventure of a lifetime and she wanted to prove to herself and her kids that she was strong enough to do this. She wanted to be a role model to them and accomplish something on such a bigger level. She’s been playing the game since day 1 to day 39, but she’s been playing it her own way. She’s leaned on everyone for support and given support back and that’s how she made it to final three. She knows the jury will be brutal, but she’s played a game worthy of the title of sole survivor and she will prove that tonight. Chris says Julie and Gavin are trying to outlast, but they don’t know what that means. He says he is the player he is because of EoE. It took will and grit and he had to fight hard the last few days. He knows in his heart he’s done everything he could to plead his case to win this game. Gavin says he made vows to his wife left that he would protect her and he’s going to seize every chance because he doesn’t want to go back home and say what if. He doesn’t want the jury to think he just went along with vote. He was just socially aware of which path would be best for him and he had to move around to get to this stage of the game. This is the biggest battle in 39 days and he’s ready to bring it and win the title of soul survivor. It is now time for the final tribal council. Jeff brings in the jury. Jeff congratulates Julie, Gavin, and Chris and he tells them they have one final task to convince the jury they are the winner. We’re starting with the outwit part of the game. The alliances, the relationships outside of alliances, and morals. David wants to know who was the most valuable to their game. Gavin says Victoria was his strongest ally. Chris says his strongest ally member was Devens, but he got sent to the EoE and he could have been bitter and he went with Devens and said they’d get final four together. Julie’s closest relationships were with Eric and Ron and a secret relationship with Lauren. Aubry says there were some social politics at work on EoE and she wants to know how that factored into Chris’ game. Chris says the game was always on even at EoE. Whenever he cooked rice or caught fish, that was being social. Devens asks Gavin what social situations he had to navigate. Gavin says building bonds and trust and having them come to him with information was what helped him. Chris asks Gavin if he was building the relationships as someone in charge or as a goat. Gavin says he was in charge of his own game. Kelly wants the jury to ask the questions. Devens wants to know how Julie dealt with alliances throughout the game. She says she used her emotions as a weakness and a strategy. Joe says the emotions do play a role, but do they affect how you make your next move. Julie says she can’t turn them off or on, but she used them as a strategy. Victoria says maybe we’re not giving you enough credit, can you name a move you did? Julie says she swayed the vote when Julia was voted out. She had a specific idea of how she wanted that vote to go. Devens says that vote might not have switched if he hadn’t said something and Wardog got it going. Wardog says so your move was to throw out Julia’s name and then let Wardog save the day? Julie says no. Gavin says his move was taking out Aubry. Aubry says Gavin is the only one to come up to her and pretended to want to work with her. Kelly says of the three of them, Gavin was the one she trusted most. Chris mentions that Julie didn’t go to tribal council until day 17. Chris tells them about his move to get Lauren to play her idol on him. Kelly says so you claim that as your move? Chris says yes, I knew she had an idol thanks to you, Kelly. Lauren says he played her like a violin. Jeff wants to know how many people are willing to admit they are undecided and several raise their hand. The outplay part of the game. The part where you have to build shelter, deal with idols, and edge of extinction. Devens says there were a lot of idols out there, why wasn’t anyone else looking? Julie says she was looking a lot, but they might have heard her scream from all the bugs. Gavin says he was in the side with the numbers, but he looked but it wasn’t a big deal. Devens asks Chris if the information from EoE was an advantage? Chris says that was actually a disadvantage in the game he had to play. He says the biggest move of the game was to give up his necklace to take Devens on to make fire. Because he had to build a resume quickly. Gavin doesn’t think Chris having that second idol was a big deal because it was given to him. Chris says his relationship with Devens was real and when he said he wanted to go to final four with him and he meant it. Gavin says he thinks classic Survivor is living on EoE and then coming back. Julie says the game evolves though, and if you played 39 days and didn’t do more than Chris in the few days he played, then what did you do? Gavin says he built the bonds and trust to make sure I didn’t get voted out. Wardog says sometimes this game is about a player making a better player to you. Devens says can whoever had their name never written down raise their hand? Gavin raises his hand and Devens says pretty good. Jeff says time to move on to Outlast. How your journey was different than everyone else. Gavin says he was playing with his heart for his wife. He says Chris asked him what his dream was and he says his dream is at home and that’s what he played for. Chris says most of them know his journey because of EoE. He says when he came in he wanted to have control and play a perfect game and when he got voted out he had to learn how to give up to control. He says he knew he had to give up immunity and take Devens on in fire for a chance to win and he respects their decision. Julie says they all had an incredibly personal journey and hers has been life changing. Her goal was to get to day 39 and win and she never lost sight of that goal. She says she may not have been as aggressive, but why does that make her less worthy? She says she has clarity and she already proved who she. Jeff gives the jury a moment to take in everything they heard. The vote is finally turned over to jury. They vote and Jeff will see them at home. Jeff thanks everyone for the unique season. Time to reveal the votes. First vote…Gavin. Chris. Gavin. 2 votes Gavin, 1 vote Chris. Chris. Tied again. Gavin. 3 votes Gavin and 2 votes Chris. Tied again. Chris. Gavin. Chris. Tied at 4. Chris. Chris. The winner of Survivor: Edge of Extinction…Chris! 9 votes for Chris and 4 for Gavin. The f for Gavin were Devens, Aurora, Lauren, Kelly. Jeff asks Chris if there was a Survivor’s guilt for doing what he did to Devens? Chris says he knew he had to do it from a game play vantage point, but they are all such good players he knew it was what he needed to do. Jeff asks David to make an analogy from being on extinction and then going home and he says it’s like going to a restaurant and realizing you had a full belly. Jeff says he feels like they watched David mature. David and Cochran are writing for Star Trek. Jeff wants to know what keeps Kelly coming back? Kelly says she wants to be a positive influence on women. She doesn’t want to give up and she does it to represent them. Kelly says she wants teenage girls to feel like they can do whatever they want to do. Kelly says you can be strong and emotional, you don’t have to fit in a box. You can be who you want to be. Jeff says he feels like Julie went from soft to tough, does she think she did that? Julie says it was the most amazing thing she’s ever done. She wanted to prove she could push herself farther than she ever had and that’s what she did. Jeff says Gavin was so obsessed with Survivor that he moved his wedding. Is the obsession gone? Can he move on? Gavin says the obsession isn’t gone, but now he can shut up about how he’d play. He knew he was a winner leaving tribal council because his family was waiting for him at home. Jeff says Sia is a superfan and she loves Survivor and she created her own award. She gives the award to the person she was most entertained by and she gave it to Devens this time. It’s $100,000. Jeff says Sia says she’s had so much success and she wants to share and she’s such a fan of the show and that’s why she wants to give this gift. Jeff goes to Wendy and he says so many people talked about one aspect, not the chickens and not the flint, but her being vulnerable with Tourette’s. He asks if she’s heard from people she is helping them? She says yes. She says if she inspired people and given them the courage, that’s cool. Jeff says it’s tough to be a teacher and come on Survivor and be basically a villain. Was there any kickback at all or did they embrace it? Ron says he talked to them before the first episode and he tells them to go for it and go big. He wasn’t trying to be a villain, he was trying to play hard. Jeff goes to Julia and he says her story connected with him. He says Survivor was kind of full circle. Julia says the beauty of EoE was that was the last thing she expected, but that experience brought internal peace and recognizing her own strength. She says there might be one soul survivor, but there can be multiple winners if their experience taught them something. Jeff says Lauren pulled a Joe and passed out and she says he looked better. Jeff says people always said they forgot about Victoria and that’s an interesting take on her stealth. Jeff says he felt like Aurora struggled to find a bond and he says a lot of people were connected by her story as well. Jeff says after one great season Edge, we have another great season coming up. We’ll show you what we’re doing next. Jeff is back to show us a preview for the new season. Two legendary winners return to the game: Rob Mariano and Sandra Diaz-Twine. But for the first time ever, they won’t be competing for the million dollar prize. They’ll live on a separate island and be mentors. It’s a survivor bootcamp where every visit is a dance with danger. Coming this fall…Island of the Idols.
  16. Our mission to find the ultimate agent is almost complete. Three agents remain, but only one will pass the final test. Let’s get started. Do you promise to tell the truth? All three answer yes. Kyra, do you think crying makes you a weak player? No, I think other people think crying makes me weak, but I used that to my advantage. Did you do enough to win? Yes. Are you sure? I said yes! Dane, does a Pretty Boy deserve to win? I’ve been on fire this whole season. Anthony, do you have any regrets? Not one. I am the puppet master. I controlled every single vote whether I was HOH or not. Did you lie in this game? Anthony scoffs. The real question is which of you is the most worthy? Let’s examine the evidence. This season on Big Brother Canada 15 double agents assembled with one objective. But nothing could prepare for them for a wicked game of spy and they learned whether you’re an enemy or an ally there’s no difference when a target is on your back. From the start, while most of the spies in training were still tingling and mingling, there were four particular HG’s that went straight to work. And even though all eyes were on them, little did the house know the behemoth of all alliances had just been born. Among the pretty boy ranks was a hoser with a heart of gold, Dane who quickly flashed his brilliant social game to match his comp prowess. Standing behind him was his low key lieutentant, Anthony. A man of great leisure and a natural born talker. While the jocks bro’d down, life in the house was a little more emo for Kyra and they quickly became a push over and a pawn. But after escaping an early eviction, Kyra learned a key lesson for any spy. Self-preservation over everything. Meanwhile, the pretty boys eliminated their enemies one by one by one. The biggest threat to them turned out to be…love. Then an epidemic took hold of the house…the Anthony effect. Pulling the strings behind the scenes Anthony left Dane and Adam to take care of the comps. The best of an alliance was on a roar, but control led to conflict like real brothers they picked on each other. Ultimately, loyalty was #1 and they protected their cover at every turn. But the power went straight to their hands and crafty Kyra spotted a slip. Though knowledge without power in this house was useless. Despite the secrets and lies, throughout the season this house became a refuge for 15 strangers. Coming together from different worlds and diverse backgrounds. It was a microcosm of life without walls. Back in the game, Anthony pined for more power, so he stepped out of the shadows to claim Cory’s HOH. The couching tiger became the lion tamer and with no regard for Adam’s love life, Anthony tag teamed with Dane slamming Sam out of the game foWithout the distraction, the pretty boys were unstoppable even though Kyra saw through their act. It was to no avail. The pretty boys disposed of everyone leaving their easiest prey for last. Just one win away from the greatest final four in BB Can history, except Kyra wasn’t playing and they earned a place among the giants alone, but not afraid. Knowing the dream of final four was over, the boys were feeling all the feels and with Dane’s back against the wall he nailed down Anthony’s loyalty. Saving his game and sending the first pretty boy out the door. Then Dane went off and crushed two crucial comps which meant an impossible decision for the boys…pulling the plug on their brothers game. And then there were three. Tonight, it’s Anthony, the master manipulator vs Dane, the conniving comp beast vs Kyra, the unrelenting underdog. But only one agent is worthy and nothing can prepare them for what’s coming tonight, on Big Brother Canada, the finale! The three HG are all kneeling on a block of wood and Arisa is telling them they have been apprehended for the most important mission for the season. Dane, Kyra, and Anthony it’s time to face off in a three part operation to determine the final HOH. In the first competition, they are being held captive in a subterranean lair. The objective is to escape by any means necessary. They need to grab a crystal one at a time and slide under a cage in water and stack their crystal on a floating block. The first to stack 25 crystals will win the first part of the final HOH. But they have to be careful and not make too many waves or their crystals will fall. Dane says he didn’t start playing the game on day one, he’s been preparing for this his whole life. All three have one crystal and they head back. Anthony is extremely confident going into this confidence. There are three people left in this game, 2 dolphins and a great white shark. He’s not scared of Dane. He’s not scared of Kyra. Kyra says winning this competition guarantees her spot in the final HOH and maybe the F2 and she wants to prove that. Dane has 8 of 25 crystals stacked. Anthony’s waves knock his crystal’s over. Anthony says this isn’t about speed, it’s about taking your time making sure your stack is steady and you don’t make huge waves. Dane watches as his stack falls over and he starts again. He says it’s so frustrated but all he can hear is his dad in his head. Kyra has 22 of 25 crystals stacked and she says stay and slowly makes her way out of the water and the stack falls over. Anthony now has 21 of 25 and he’s moving very slowly. He adds crystal 22 and moves on. Dane is at 23 of 25 and he’s caught up and is placing 24. Anthony says people think he can’t win comps, but just because he hasn’t been showing the juice doesn’t mean he can’t win. He’s bringing the gold home. Dane’s stack has fallen over again when he was one away. Anthony has 23 of 25 and he’s moving very slowly. Anthony is shaking and his stack falls over and he clenches his fists and bends over. Kyra has 13 of 25 and Dane is rebuilding his stack. Kyra places another crystal and her stack falls over and she catches it. Frustration is setting in for all of the HG. Kyra says they are holding their own in this competition and those guys aren’t going to steam roll them. Kyra is proud to be here in the Big Brother in the house and they want to win for every person who has ever felt like an outsider or an underdog who just wasn’t good enough. Dane stack is almost rebuilt and he’s moving slowly. Anthony and Kyra are trying to catch up. Dane is now on his last crystal. He puts it on and puts his hands up and Dane has won part 1 of the final HOH and will move directly to part 3. Dane says his dad has been with him every step of the way and he’s going to see him win Big Brother Canada. Arisa says another HUGE win for Dane and part 2 is next with Kyra and Anthony going head-to-head. Kyra is going first in part 2. On go, the doors will open and a question will appear and they must line up their answers. If they are correct, the doors will close and re-open with a new question. If they are incorrect, they will have to try again. The fastest HG will move on to part 3 with Dane. The first question is who won POV on even numbered days. Kyra answers Adam, Cory, Dane, and Damien and they are correct. HOH Challenge with even number HG. We need an answer, ship til you drop, Buzzkilled 2.0, drunk speeches, and pipe dream. Kyra has 2 incorrect and they change 2 answers. They have buzzkilled 2.0 wrong. Kyra calms themselves down and they realize buzzkilled isn’t correct and they change it. HG with only one HOH reign in order. Kyra quickly answer Chelsea, Samantha, Cory, Mark, and Kyra. Kyra says they’ve been on the outside of an alliance the entire game and they want to win this so badly. Kyra finishes with the last question and says please be enough. Anthony is up and he says he struggles with the mental comps but at this point of the game the stakes are too high. This comp is his. He gets the first question correct. Anthony is struggling with the second question and he keeps running back and forth. He says he’s tired and ticked off. We see him running back and forth some more and buzzing in incorrectly. He says he doesn’t know the answer. He says he’s not going to keep playing this dumb puzzle. He’s done with this. Elapsed time is 1 hour and 2 minutes. In DR, he says that was a tough one man. Dane is revealing the results of part 2. With a time of 15:30, the winner is Kyra! Anthony hugs them and says congratulations. Kyra says they are going to the final HOH. Now they can give it everything they have to beat game. The third part, and oh so critical part, is coming up. Arisa tells us the jurors are taking their decision very seriously and they sat down with a BB icon to discuss their decision. Ika Wong comes out and joins the 6 HG. Sam, Cory, Mark, Este, and Damien are all there and Ika asks how it’s been going. Ika wants to know what Mark told the jury about the Pretty Boys and he says he broke down how they ran the game every week. Cory thinks Anthony is coming, but a few are saying Dane. Sam says Anthony, she doesn’t want to see Adam. Adam comes out and joins the jury and he goes straight to Sam for a kiss. Adam tells them Dane won HOH and POV and Anthony sent him out. Sam says Adam deserved to win more than anyone. Ika wants to talk about Dane. Este says Dane is a great liar and Cory says Dane is great at multiple parts of this game. Damien says Dane has won comps, had a great social game, and had to sweat and pull himself off. Ika asks who doesn’t deserve to be there? Cory thinks Kyra. Sam disagrees and says that Kyra had to adapt every week and they did so without the support of an alliance. Adam says Kyra adapted quickly each week. Mark says the only reason Kyra is still there is because the Pretty Boys decided to bring them along. That’s the only reason Kyra is still there. Ika says who broke up the Pretty Boys? Kyra. Ika asks who was the best game player, and they talk about how great Anthony is at the game. Adam says he’s good at talking. Ika says Cory you were pro-Anthony. Cory says it’s a balancing act with Anthony. She is hurt but she also respects his game. Este says it’s about more than the money, it’s about who deserves to win. Cory says the speeches can sway her. Ika says don’t be petty, let the best player win. Arisa says in just a few minutes, that jury will make the final ruling and crown the Season 7 winner. It is now time for Dane and Kyra to face-off in part 3. Arisa greets all three HG and congratulates them. It is time for the final part of the last HOH comp for season 7. Arisa wishes Kyra and Dane luck and has them make their way to the backyard. They fist bump as they walk out together. The winner will be named the last HOH of the season and will determine who they take to the final vote. Since the jury will decide the winner, let’s find out what you know about them. The answers will be A or B. If they are correct, they’ll take a step forward. Whoever has the most points will win. On what day did the secret assassin nominate Cory for eviction. Answer A for 38 or B for 45 and both are correct. Ture or false, Adam only lost one POV competition that he competed in this season. Answer a for true or b for false. They both answer b and are correct. Mark was nominated for eviction 3 times. What day was he nominated the second time? Answer A for 43 or B 52 and they both are correct with B. How many jurors played in the competition comp beast hall of fame. For 3 answer A or B answer 4. Kyra is wrong and Dane is correct. Kyra freaks out and says they just got the answers backwards. Of the jurors, how many have never won an HOH competition. Answer A for 2 or B for 3. Kyra answers B and Dane answers 2. The answer is A and Dane is correct and Kyra is wrong. Over the course of the season, how many times was a POV used on a member of the jury. Answer A for 2 or B for 3. Dane answers B and Kyra answers B. Both are correct and Dane has won part 3 and he wins the final HOH! Time for the final eviction. Arisa says Dane will now cast the sole vote to evict and by doing so will decide who sits next to him in F2. Dane says this was his dream for 20 years and he controls his own fate and he earned this power. Tonight, he gets to turn his dream and his vision into reality. Everyone knew about the pretty boys, but no one knew about the Dane and Anthony show. Dane evicts Kyra. Kyra says what the hell Dane? Why did you lie? Dane says Kyra wouldn’t have taken him. He says good job Kyra. Kyra leaves and Anthony and Dane celebrate. Let’s hear it for Kyra! Arisa says Kyra was so close and they looked so shocked! Kyra says they got played so hard by Mr. Poutine Papi. Kyra thought they might have been closer than they let on when Anthony changed his mind on getting rid of Dane. Arisa asks Kyra what they learned? Kyra says they learned no matter how hard it gets or if you think you aren’t capable or as strong, you need to keep fighting. Dane and Anthony are the final two agents standing this year. Time to bring out our jury! Arisa introduces Samantha, Cory, Estefania, Damien, Mark, and Adam! Arisa wants to know how things have been at the jury house and they say amazing. Arisa wants to know what the most surprising thing about the game did you learn? Damien says all the stuff going on behind our backs. Without giving away their votes, how do they decide who should win? Adam says someone who represents the season. Arisa wants to know who they think was evicted. Most think Anthony, but Dane and Kyra each also got a vote. Kyra comes out and Mark is shocked. Kyra hugs Adam and Mark and Samantha and says Dane got them. Arisa asks Sam how she feels seeing Kyra and she says her heart is broken. She says Kyra is a warrior and she loves them with all her heart. The jury will get an opportunity to ask any question they want. Sam wants to know from Dane why he took lying to a whole new level? Dane says he never lied to the Pretty Boys or to Anthony. Dane says the only time he lied to the Pretty Boys was to get Adam out. It broke his heart, but he honestly was loyal to Anthony. Cory says Anthony, I was 100% with them and he wasn’t with her. She’s bitter. So go ahead, finesse her. Why should she vote for him? Anthony says Cory, she was 100% loyal and they connected on a different level. He realizes there was no way he could against Cory because of her loyalty. Since she walked in the house the entire house had a pact against her and he protected her every step of the way. Este asks Anthony in their conversations he often bragged about how he was so good in the game. What did he do in the game that made him so confident? Anthony says he laid on the house and observed and watched every person. He stuck with loyalty and that’s why he never touched the block because he always brought the truth. Damien says glad to see Dane’s teeth are in. Damien says for 55 days he thought they were working together until he was blindsided. Why should he give him his vote? Dane says he wanted to bring him along to top 5, but the boys who he was loyal to didn’t want him there. Mark asks Dane what his manipulative move was. Dane says getting Kiki, Este, and Damien on board in a final four with them and he lied to them as much as he could to keep himself and the pretty boys safe. Adam asks Anthony why he should vote for him when he wasn’t loyal at the end? Anthony since day one everyone was afraid of him, but he didn’t fight for his name he fought for someone else’s name. He was upset that he was sacrificing his game for someone else and he had to act. Kyra says Dane lied his way to finale. He knows for a fact he wanted to get them out during double eviction and he’s one of the most sneaky players of all time. But he still gave Kyra false hope. Why does he get their vote? Dane says because Kyra gave him false hope too because Anthony told him that Kyra was going to take Anthony over Dane. Arisa says when we come back we’ll hear the final pitches and then the jury will vote! Just before the final vote of the season, both Anthony and Dane can plead their final case for the jury. Anthony says in an ocean full of waves it almost impossible to tell where the current is going. He’s been a great white shark since day one and he was loyal to the soil to his alliance. This is the greatest social experiment known to man and he’s been the leader of the greatest alliance. Please reward him with MVP of the season. Dane knew he was going to be a huge competitor. He says he works for a civil engineering company. He never felt threatened because of his social game. He won when he needed to and threw when he had to. He took out Adam, which was the biggest move of the season. Dane says he knows he’s the most deserving player because of his social, physical, and mental game. Please vote with not just your heart, but your brain. Sam is up to vote first and she says this decision isn’t as easy as they might expect. May the best man win. Cory says is she voting with her head, her heart, or her gut? Yes. Este says she promised herself she’d let go of any bitterness. So here she is voting for the most ruthless player of the season. Damien congratulates both of them. They worked very hard for this. Mark says he’s voting for the second prettiest of them all. Adam loves them like brothers, and he understands they had to get out the biggest, baddest player in the game, but loyalty is a tricky thing. Kyra says let’s just say they feel incredibly betrayed by both of them. They are voting for the person they think played the best game they possibly could. Arisa says with that the season 7 winner has been decided. Arisa says the jurors made the final decision, but there were six other HG that were part of this season. We see clips of Laura, Maki, Kailyn, Chelsea, Eddie, and Kiera and they are on stage. Arisa asks Laura what was the story this season? Laura says it was lit and it was great to be part of such a diverse cast and everyone can find at least one of them to relate to. Arisa asks Maki what was the plague and did it work? Maki says we’ll find out shortly. He doesn’t know what the plague is. Dane broke his word and broke his heart and one thing for the Pretty Boys and he puts up the L sign on his forehead. Arisa says Kailyn and Kyra butted heads in the game. Has their opinion changed? She says no. She wishes she’d played Kyra’s game and appealed to the powers that be. Arisa asks Chelsea why she couldn’t convince the other women to go against the Pretty Boys and she says no one wanted to go against the power at that point. She gives it to the peanut butter and jelly boys. Arisa asks Eddie if Adam is any cuter? Eddie says when he cries. He didn’t see this final two coming and props to them for making it so far. Arisa asks Kiera what it was like to see Este get betrayed. Kiki says if you want to be the biggest snake you have to shed some skin and he shed her, Este, and Damien. Arisa shows clips of some of the biggest meltdowns of the season. Kyra is laughing at themselves and Kiera looks annoyed. Arisa asks Anthony what it is about the game that makes them lose their minds. Anthony says people forget there are genuine emotions every step of the way. You’re around these people 24/7 and there is no place to escape. It’s a difficult game socially and even tougher mentally. Arisa asks Kyra about their relationship with Anthony. Kyra says Anthony was a mentor all season. They thought he was manipulative but they needed a rock because they couldn’t do it alone. Kyra says they knew they had to stand their ground with Anthony or he’d think he could walk all over them. All of the secrets from inside BB HQ will be revealed and some of the HG will be shocked! This season the Big Brother had more secrets than ever before. Time to reveal ALL of the top secrets. We see Damien being selected by Canada to get an opportunity to go in the house first. Anthony is stunned and Mark is shocked. Dane’s jaw is open and we see Damien watched Adam make his alliance. We then see Cory getting her mission to make three final two deals after being chosen by Canada as the HG to enter. We see Cory making the alliance with Eddie, Kailyn, and then Damien. We then see Damien get a special delivery with the clues and we see him searching for the clues and finding them and going into the Lounge and him getting to see highly classified files from 2 HG. Mark is shocked too. We see Damien select Mark and Sam. We then see Adam in The Archives and him finding the blacklight and searching for clues and finding the cassette tape and listening to it in the tape recorder and his choice for target as the secret assassin. Arisa asks Damien, how hard it was to keep the secrets. Damien says Canada voted for both of those and he’d hear the boys guessing who Canada would vote in and it was never his name. Arisa asks Adam what it was like as the secret assassin. Adam says him and Dane tried so hard to get Cory out and then he gets that and sent her out and it was great. Arisa says they all enjoyed watching the showmance, Sam and Adam. But everyone enjoyed the epic bromance. We see the Pretty Boys and how they were formed. We see all the clips of how they said they were smarter and stronger than everyone else. Arisa asks Dane about their emotion. Dane says they will be brothers for the rest of their life and they are legends in his mind and they’ve done something that will never be replicated. Arisa says not everyone liked it, but they did something beautiful. The results are next! Will Agent Dane or Agent Anthony win this covert season of Big Brother Canada! The winner wins $100,000, a $25,000 makeover from Leon’s, $10,000 in groceries, and a trip for two to anywhere in the world. Time to find out the winner! Dane and Anthony are holding hands. Samantha voted for Dane. Cory voted for Dane. Dane is shocked. Este has voted for Dane. Dane is crying. Damien has voted for Dane. Congratulations Dane! He has won season 7! They hug and head out. We hear Arisa says Mark, Adam, and Kyra voted for Dane. Dane and Anthony pose one last time as they head out the door. Let’s here it for Anthony, and the winner of Big Brother Canada Season 7 Dane! Everyone gives Dane hugs as the confetti falls. Arisa goes to grab Dane and says he outplayed everyone to win it all! What is going through your mind? Dane says it’s a dream come true, he’s been watching for 20 years and he doesn’t even know what to think. Arisa says what do you think your father would say right now? Dane says he knows he’s proud of him. Mental health is a serious issue. It’s ok to not be ok, but it’s not ok to stay in that mind frame. Let’s hear it one more time for Dane! It was a unanimous vote! Arisa says Anthony is $20,000 richer. Can he believe he made it this far? Anthony says every single second of every day was hard. All glory to God and he thanks everyone for their support. Arisa says thanks to everyone who made the show a huge success, they are the best in the biz! Someone is always watching!
  17. We start in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and Becca and Floyd are first to depart at 2:47 am. After making their way through the busy streets, they will have a chance to cool down at Snowtown Saigon. Nicole and Victor start at 3:36 am and they are teeter tottering between a TAR team and a BB team. Nicole says they have to survive a U-Turn or something to be considered a TAR team. Colin and Christie leave in third at 3:46 and they like being in the top of the pack, but not necessarily number one. Tyler and Korey leave in fourth, with Corrine and Eliza leaving in fifth. They really want to hang in there and show Survivor teams can race too. Janelle and Britney head out in sixth, with Rachel and Elissa right behind. Becca and Floyd arrive at Snowtown and they don’t open until 6:30 am and it’s only 5:10. The teams race in to find the clue and they all grab sleds and there is a polar bear holding their clue. Becca and Floyd are the first to get their clue. Britney took out the polar bear on her sled ride down. They must make their way to College Transportation Central. Chris and Bret have a speed bump and they must fill up a cooler with snowballs and transport them to College Transportation Central in Ho Chi Minh City. Eliza and Corrine are upset with Rachel and Elissa because they said Rachel and Elissa pushed them out of the way to get the cab. Rachel and Elissa say Corrine and Eliza tried to steal their cab but their driver said no. Chris and Bret are making their snowballs and they have to be a certain size and compact. Bret says it wasn’t as easy as real snow because it was very cold and the polar bear was taunting them. Becca and Floyd, Janelle and Britney, and Colin and Christie don’t have a cab. Tyler and Korey don’t have a cab either. Corrine and Eliza’s driver seems to be lost and stops to ask for directions. Victor is looking at the traffic and says this is remarkable. Eliza says this is insane. Leo and Jamal are currently in first and it’s a road block. The road block is called drive yourself crazy and the teams will have to get certified to get their motorbike license. They have to go through a series of obstacles to get their next clue. That’s what you call a road block. Jamal is doing it for their team and he’s on his first attempt. Elissa is going to do it for their team. Both Jamal and Elissa fail their first attempt. Jamal is going the wrong way and Elissa can’t stay between the lines. Tyler and Korey and Janelle and Britney are still looking for a cab. Colin and Christie are also looking for a cab. Becca and Floyd call for a taxi and are waiting. Bret and Chris are finished with their snowballs and they are off in last place. Chris and Bret realize other teams are still looking for a cab and they find one along with Becca and Floyd. Nicole and Victor arrive and Victor is doing the test. Jamal is on his sixth attempt and he has passed the attempt. Jamal and Leo are in first and they will make their way to Binh Quoi Village and search for their next clue. Elissa has completed the test and they are off in second. Chris and Bret have arrived with their snowballs and they give them to the bear. Eliza and Corrine also arrive and they are in fourth. Chris and Eliza are doing the motorbike test. Victor has completed his and they are out in third. Eliza is terrified of the motorbike. Becca and Floyd have arrived with Colin and Christie. Becca and Colin are doing the challenge. Janelle and Britney have a cab and Tyler and Korey are still looking for one and getting frustrated. Tyler and Korey have finally found a taxi and they are relieved not to be running through the streets anymore. Chris is on his second attempt but he’s made a mistake. Becca is on her first attempt and she fails. Christie says they have a dirt bike for their son and Colin recently got one for himself. Colin is on his first attempt and he completes it and they leave in fourth place. Janelle is going to do the test for her team because she’s done ATV’s before. Jamal and Leo have arrived at their next clue and it’s a detour. In irritation, they must paddle and deliver some fish. In irrigation, they must build a water wheel under the watchful eye of a farmer. Leo and Jamal are going to do irrigation. They look at the example and they get started. Rachel and Elissa have arrived and they are also doing irrigation. Tyler and Korey have arrived at the roadblock and Korey is going to do it for their team. Chris has passed his test on the fourth attempt and Becca also completed hers. They head out in fifth and sixth. Corrine is telling Eliza not to get in her head. Eliza touched a line and she failed again. Korey is out and he fails. Janelle has failed on her third attempt and she falls off the motor bike. Nicole and Victor think they passed where they are supposed to be. Colin and Christie have arrived and they are doing irritation. They both paddleboard so they knew they were going to do that. Victor and Nicole are going to irritation too. Nicole says people were in their way and they were kind of obnoxious and Victor splashes water back at them. Leo and Jamal are making sure the angels are correct and trying to tie them correctly. Rachel and Elissa say it’s hard to tell from the clue which option might be harder and they thought since they were moms they could build it. Eliza is on her fifth attempt and she fails. Janelle is stressed and she’s on her fifth attempt and she’s going a bit slower and she has completed the challenge and they are off in seventh place. Leo and Jamal think they are done with irrigation and they ask for a check. They forgot to fill their bucket with water so they aren’t done. Rachel and Elissa have a couple things wrong and they have to change things. Christie is telling Colin to focus and not play and they have to get out and go over a bridge and they are still moving along fine. Nicole and Victor are a little behind. Leo and Jamal are still filling their bucket. Rachel and Elissa realize one of their bamboo pieces is wrong and they don’t fix them all yet. Korey realizes Eliza and Corrine are still there and they just have to pass one team. Korey has completed the test and they are off in eighth place. Eliza tells them good job and she’s getting emotional. Eliza is out for her seventh attempt and immediately touches a line. She’s crying because she’s nowhere near passing hers. Corrine tells her to keep trying and she’ll get it. Eliza is feeling frustrated and Corrine says she rides bicycles and she’s really athletic. Becca and Floyd do irritation. Colin and Christie have reached the traps and they empty the fish into their basket, but don’t take the trap. Victor and Nicole get their fish and their trap. Chris and Bret do irritation as well. Becca and Floyd are at the bridge and struggling to get the boat over. Christie is re-reading the clue and she thinks they need the trap so they turn around and go back. Leo and Jamal think they are almost there with their wheel and they get a check, but they still need more water. Rachel and Elissa drop something so they have to go back for another tie. Corrine says she’d be worse and she can’t even be mad. Eliza says she finally pulled it together and she knew she had her partner on her side and she completed the test. Corrine and Eliza leave in last place. Becca and Floyd make it to the traps and get their fish and basket. Victor and Nicole deliver their fish and they get their clue with Colin and Christie are right behind. They have to run to Phil in Tam Vu Park. Nicole and Victor and Colin and Christie work together to find it and are running. Janelle and Britney decide to do irritation. Tyler and Korey decide to do irritation also. Leo and Jamal get a check again and they are good and they are out in third place. Rachel and Elissa ask for a check and it’s still not good. They don’t understand what they did wrong and they talk about switching. Elissa tells Rachel to try one more time. Chris and Bret are at the traps and they get their fish and trap. Becca and Floyd are making their delivery and they are off in fourth place with Chris and Bret making their delivery behind in fifth place. Colin and Christie separate from Nicole and Victor and they are starting to look for Phil. Victor is encouraging Nicole. Colin and Christie hit the mat in first place and they win a trip for two to the Dominican Republic. Christie says it’s been 15 years since they won a leg of the race, there’s still room for growth. Nicole and Victor hit the mat in second. Victor says Nicole is an amazing partner and they are learning to work with each other. Rachel still thinks they should switch detours and it’s still not good because the ramp is not touching the bucket. Elissa wants to try one more time and Rachel wants to switch but Elissa talks her into staying. Janelle and Britney reach the fish and traps. Tyler and Korey reach their fish and traps. Korey sliced his finger and they pass Janelle and Britney. Tyler says Britney is amazing him and those two are killing it and they are the ones not paddling. Tyler and Korey make their delivery with Janelle and Britney right behind. As they head out, Corrine and Eliza arrive and they do irritation. Leo and Jamal are getting frustrated because they can’t find Phil. Chris and Bret hit the mat in third place. Chris says they needed this and they killed it today. Becca and Floyd arrive in fourth place. Floyd says he’ll take fourth place over elimination any day. Rachel and Elissa have figured out their wheel and they have to fill their bucket with water. Corrine and Eliza fall in the water. Rachel and Elissa are wondering if they are the last team. Corrine and Eliza reach their fish and trap and they have to go back. Rachel and Elissa are still filling their bucket and they think they are in last place. Corrine and Eliza seen them when they arrived but they don’t know if they are done yet. Rachel and Elissa are still filling their bucket and Rachel is frustrated. Corrine and Eliza are still struggling with their boat. They are looking for who to deliver their fish to. Tyler and Korey hit the mat in fifth place. Leo and Jamal finally find Phil and they are in sixth place. Rachel is complaining and says she’s covered in blisters. They need a little bit more and ask for a check and they have it and they are off in eighth place. Elissa sees Corrine and Eliza and realize they aren’t done. Corrine and Eliza make their delivery and they are off in last place. Janelle and Britney finished in seventh place and Phil says Janelle carried the team and Britney says she did. She took out a polar bear and that’s all she did. Rachel and Elissa and Corrine and Eliza are both racing to Phil. Rachel and Elissa hit the mat and they are in eighth place and Rachel says the race isn’t over yet and Corrine and Eliza come up as Rachel is saying they are blessed and Eliza says they are not blessed. Corrine says they gave it everything they have and they feel like what they had wasn’t enough and that’s a low feeling. Eliza says it’s even worse because they lost to Rachel and Elissa. Rachel says they respect them as racers and women and they are strong. Eliza says she was irritated and she wanted them to get out of there with their fake BS and Eliza never wants to see them or talk to them ever again. Eliza and Corrine go off to the side and Eliza is crying. Eliza says she didn’t want to cry in front of them, she hates them so much. Corrine says this will be the last time they see her because she won’t be attending parties with any of these people.
  18. Arisa lets the big breaking news sit in that a special eviction will be taking place. We’re going to catch up on what’s gone down since Adam and Kyra have been put on the block. We pick up at the nomination ceremony on day 63. Adam says he’s on the block but the boys are telling him he’s a pawn to get Kyra out. But he has a feeling something is going on. However, if he wins the veto then he controls his own fate. Kyra says they’re on the block, but they know there’s a plan to get Adam out and they hope they keep their word even though they’ve been working together. Dane says he feels bad, but Adam is too dangerous to keep in the game and there’s no way he beats him in the final two. Kyra asks Dane what he’s telling Adam, if they’re the target and Dane says he’s not telling him anything. Kyra says he hasn’t asked? Dane says no. Dane says they need to make him feel comfortable, because as soon as he doesn’t feel comfortable that’s when he becomes the marine. Kyra says they just want clear communication and Dane says that’s what he’s doing. Kyra says they don’t have much of a choice other than to trust them. Right now, only Anthony can vote to evict someone. It comes down to this veto competition. The veto competition is called Veto Hunter. They’ve stepped into a larger than life video game. They’ll explore and find a question box and they’ll have to search for the HG faces to answer that question. When they think they are right they lock in their answer and if they’re right they’ll release a veto. If they collect five coins and put them in a box one at a time that will take one minute off their time. Kyra wants to win so they can have the sole vote to evict Adam and have that on their resume. The first question to answer is Evicted with three votes. Kyra has found Cory, Damien, and Este. Kyra goes up in the first room and overlooks the box. They set off through the rest of the video game and they realize their error and go turn back. Kyra says it’s essentially set up like a maze and it’s easy to get turned around. Kyra makes it back to the room with the pink box and they don’t see it again. They are in full panic mode and they cannot find this buzzer. They are back in the room with the buzzer and they are getting emotional and they say let’s see how ashamed Kyra can be today. Kyra goes back and says there is obviously no pink buzzer. They say they must be missing something big and they finally figure it out and find the buzzer and they release the first veto. Kyra says they are the dumbest player in BBCAN history. Kyra is on to the next question and they are getting frustrated. Kyra says surprise, surprise Kyra fails yet again. They finally buzz in and say they tried their best, but it wasn’t very good. Adam is up next and he says he’s seen comps like this before. He finds those evicted with three votes and releases the veto. He finds the questions nominated on day 27 and HOH’s who nominated Damien. He is trying to work on two days at once, but he’s forgotten about the second question. He finds the question evicted on an even number day. He buzzes in to finish and he is trying to figure out what he’s missed. He’s also answered the question sat next to Estefania on the block. Adam goes into the box with nominated on day 27 and that’s the question he missed, but he can’t find the question. He keeps looking and says he can’t find the right room. Adam tells us he needs to answer one more question but he can’t seem to figure out where it is. In the meantime, he’s collecting all five coins to take a minute off his time. Adam finally finds the question he missed and he says omg, I forgot to go back to this question. He was HOH on day 27 so he knows the answer. He says idiot, he honestly feels stupid. Anthony is up next and he finds the first question, evicted with three votes. He knows Adam and Dane will do well with this comp and he knows he won’t be as fast, but he’s still going to bust his butt out there. He has Este and Damien and he’s wrong. He feels behind so he has to do two questions at once to go fast. He knows day 27 was double eviction. He can’t find Eddie and he finally finds him and takes him to the question room. He rings in and he’s incorrect. Anthony says this video game is one of the hardest things he’s ever done. Anthony says he’s sweating, he’s panting, and he’s struggling to move around. Anthony struggled to get into a new room and his time is up. He says that’s ok, he can count on his number 2 player to make the shot. Dane says finally! A competition geared towards small dudes, plus he knows his days. Dane has Chelsea, Kiki, Kyra, and Eddie for nominated on day 27. He answers Chelsea, Dane, Damien, and Mark on the next one. He answers Mark, Sam, Damien, Cory, and himself for those who sat next to Este. Evicted on even days he has Kailyn, Sam, Mark, and Cory, but he has one wrong. He yells Kiki! He goes to get Kiki and adds her and he’s wrong. He says what the heck am I getting wrong? He realizes Sam is wrong and he remembers it’s Laura. He finally gets Laura. He says all those girls that don’t like him are coming back to haunt him. Dane says that’s not good. Pikes got that one. In last place, with a time of did not finish is Anthony and he smiles. In third place with a time of 54:05 is Kyra. And the winner with a time of 25:10 is Dane! Adam wants to know his time and he was four minutes behind him. Dane says he has all the power at this last point in the season. 4 HOH’s and 2 Vetoes. He’s not done yet! The HG all head inside and Adam says what he did wrong. He says he’s such an idiot. Dane says now that he has control of everything, he won’t use the veto and Anthony will have to send Adam home. Dane says with great power comes great responsibility. He’s celebrating in the blue room and Adam comes in and he says it’s the Adam and Dane show. He says he loves Adam as they hug. Adam says he’s so glad he pulled that out. Anthony comes in and Adam says are we doing this? They pose and Dane says it’s so damned hard being this damned pretty. Legends! Adam is talking to Dane and says he doesn’t have to worry right? Dane says no. Adam says he just wants them to make final three and Dane says that would be epic. Anthony comes down and Adam says this is by far the best alliance ever in BBCAN history. Adam says whenever an alliance has gotten this far, someone has always backstabbed someone else. Arisa says when we come back, we’ll check in with all of the jury members. The jury house got a little more crowded when Mark moved in to join Sam, Cory, Este, and Damien. We see them dancing and they are saying it’s like a vacation. They do lots of fun things. Este and Damien spend morning playing the ukulele. Damien thinks they’ll see Adam and Sam says Mark isn’t part of the guys alliance, but she’s always wrong so she doesn’t know. Mark says he feels a bit let down and he says no one will be able to create what The Pretty Boys did. They are a legacy. Back at the jury house, they don’t think Kyra will join them and Mark comes in. Mark says he has so much to share and he is excited to tell them how the season went down. This season wasn’t called Big Brother, it was called The Pretty Boys evicted everyone. Sam is happy Mark is there, but she’s also mad. Mark says they controlled the entire house and Sam says Mark was in the alliance with the boys. Cory is so angry with Anthony…he lied to her! Damien says he sees why he didn’t fit in the four, they all have huge egos and Mark is clapping himself on the back. Mark shows the footage of Kyra winning HOH and Cory thinks that it was great it was Kyra won that pivotal HOH. Sam knows Kyra is struggling and seeing them pull out a win, they love it. Mark says now that he’s in jury he can sway the jury votes any way he wants. Which Pretty Boy does he want to win? We see them all in a hot tub and they toast to the season and seeing who will be joining them. Arisa reminds us the finale is tomorrow night. Everyone still inside has been busy plotting and campaigning. Adam wants to talk to Anthony. Adam says Arisa just told them there’s a surprise eviction and it’s time to talk to the boys and get to the bottom of things. Adam asks Anthony are we doing this and he replies I think so. Dane joins them in the HOH and Adam says it’s all up to Anthony. Anthony heaves a sigh and Adam is looking back and forth between Dane and Anthony. Anthony says this game…Adam says you aren’t doubting anything are you? Anthony says let’s talk to him Dane and Adam says come on guys. Adam says that’s all we talked about is us three going to the finals. Adam asks if they are evicting him? Adam says you know how much I wanted this. Dane says trust me, I know Pikes. Adam says are you cutting me loose? Anthony nor Dane will make eye contact. Adam gets emotional and says I thought we were doing this. Adam says what happened to the prettiest three sitting in the finals? Adam says if he won he was keeping Anthony. 100%, he didn’t care. Anthony says Adam is one of the greatest to ever play this game. There’s no beating him. Adam says it hurts. He would never in a million years turn his back on them, he didn’t care if he was winning or not. Adam stands up and fist bumps both and leaves the HOH room. Anthony and Dane both get emotional and Dane says he feels sick. He says this is the hardest move. He tells us he doesn’t want to do it, but no one is beating him. He didn’t come to finish in second or third, but his hurts. He’s taking a guys dream away and he feels awful. Adam says he feels hurt and betrayed, but he isn’t rolling over. Since Anthony is casting the sole vote, he’s the only one he has to talk to. They head to the blue bedroom and he says Anthony is better off keeping him because Dane will take Kyra because he beats them. Adam says if he stays he would take Anthony. He says Dane is phenomenal, he’s played a great game and he can’t beat him in F2. He tells Anthony if he keeps him, he promises to take him to F2. Dane won the POV comp and the house is full of emotion. It’s not time for the veto ceremony. Arisa calls all the HG to the LR. Arisa tells them they are all having a huge impact on the outside world and we hear from various fans who are saying they are inspirational in a variety of ways such as working out, being a strong black man, being a strong person despite what you go through in life, and seeing a non-binary person on television. They all clap and say good job guys. Arisa says we are about the shift gears. We’re about to get to the biggest veto ceremony of the season. Dane can keep the nominations the same or remove Kyra or Adam for the block and Anthony would go up for eviction. Dane says this is the hardest decision he’s ever had in the game and he has decided not to use the power of veto. Adam and Kyra each have a final speech for Anthony. Kyra says they hope Anthony makes a game move that is best for his game. Adam says Dane will take Kyra if Anthony keeps them and if neither he nor Dane will take each other if he stays. Adam says he hopes he’ll keep him and if he votes him out he respects the decision. Anthony says he has played to defend his people, but now he has to make a decision for himself. He says Adam is the biggest comp beast of all time. He is a legend, a hall of famer, THE marine and they will be brothers for the rest of his life. He’s sorry brother, he has to evict Adam. Adam gives Anthony a hug and Arisa says Adam has been evicted from the Big Brother Canada house. Adam goes to give Dane a hug and Kyra gets a hug and Adam heads upstairs. Arisa is with Adam and she says he’s too pretty for this and he didn’t think they were going to backstab him like that. He had a gut feeling, but he didn’t want to believe it was true. He says this stings. It took him 20 minutes to create that alliance and he didn’t think they’d do that to him. He’s feeling the most betrayed by Anthony. He thinks Dane will win the final HOH and take Kyra and Anthony will regret that. Arisa asks about his relationship with Samantha. Adam says it was very real and she definitely stole his heart. Arisa says what will she say when she sees him and he says she’ll probably be upset. Arisa says Adam should know he’s respected and loved and he accomplished his dream of creating a dominant alliance. Arisa can’t wait for tomorrow night and either Dane, Kyra, or Anthony will win Big Brother Canada Season 7!
  19. Previously, on Big Brother Canada, when Kyra put up Dane and blindsided Adam, the Pretty Boys stopped calling the shots and sta. With everything on the line at the veto competition, the alpha dog held on for his fourth veto win of the season. Then Kyra replaced Adam with Mark the pawn beside Dane the target. Facing sudden death, Dane turned on the water works and after Kyra bought the act, Dane made a monumental move by pulling on the guru’s heart strings and played the loyalty card. With Anthony conflicted, Mark the braniac made an epic error and after casting Mark adrift, the guru masterfully mastered Kyra to do the same. And on eviction night a 2-0 vote sent the first Pretty Boy to jury. Tonight, who will win HOH and guarantee their spot in the finale. Will the Pretty Boys sweep the BBCAN awards? It’s all groovy baby on Big Brother Canada! We pick up on eviction night on day 62. The final four hug and they say BBCAN7! Anthony says one of the Pretty Boys had to go, this was the end of a great era and he had to let Mark go because he trusted Dane more. Dane says he used his strong social game and some crocodile tears to convince them he needed to stay. He can’t believe he pulled that off! He goes to the blue bedroom and celebrates, and he says he’s going top two baby. Adam says he’s in top 4, but he’s super stressed out because of a conversation he had with Kyra before eviction. We see Kyra telling Adam that they decided to keep Dane and he wants to know who that’s coming from and he confronts Dane and wants to know if Dane and Anthony are planning something against him. Adam goes to Anthony and he wants to know if Kyra wants Dane to stay to take Adam out? Adam is afraid everyone is going to gang up on him and he wants to shake hands and agree to Final 3. Adam tells he’s confused on what’s going on right now and he doesn’t know who to believe or to trust. But whoever wins this next HOH secures their spot in F3 and he needs to win this. We see the start of the HOH competition called Name That Mission. They will be showed HG photos one at a time and when they can identify the veto competition those HG played in, they hit their buzzers and name the competition. If they are correct, then they get a point. If they are incorrect, then the others will get a chance to buzz in for the point. The HG with the most points will be the new HOH. Dane says he needs to win this HOH because he was almost out the door last week. It’s his dream to go to finale and he’s going to take himself there. The first mission is up and we see Chelsea’s picture followed by Maki and Adam buzzes in and answers On a Roll and he is correct. Adam has 1 point. Mission 2 is up and we see Estefania and Eddie and Dane buzzes in and he answers Spaced Out and he is correct. Adam and Dane both have 1 point. Anthony has 0 points. Anthony says he’s put so much work in his social game so if he feels good regardless who wins. Study his days for what?!? He doesn’t need to do that. Mission 3 is up and we see Cory and Chelsea and Dane buzzes in and answers Comp Beast Hall of Fame and he is correct. Dane has 2 points, Adam has 1 point, and Anthony has 0. Mission 4 is up and we see Kyra and Damien and Dane answers Miner Delay. Kyra says they kept Dane to take out Adam and they can’t believe they are saying this…but go Dane. Dane is correct and he has 3 points, Adam has 1 point, and Anthony has 0. Mission 5 is up and we see Estefania and Adam buzzes in and says Wendy’s challenge and he is correct. Dane has 3 points, Adam has 2 points, and Anthony has 0 points. 2 questions remain. If Dane gets this next one right he will be the HOH. Adam says his heart is beating out of his chest right now and he doesn’t know who he can trust so he wants to win this. Dane says he needs this to secure his spot in the finale. He is so close to the finale he can taste it. Mission 6 is up and we see Anthony and Dane buzzes in and screams and yells Balls Out and he is correct, and he wins the HOH! He is yelling and celebrating, and he gets emotional. He thanks everyone. Dane says he can’t believe it. He says one second he was going out the door and now he’s going to finale night. He knew it was going to be a tough journey to get to Top 3, but his dream came true. The HG all head inside and Kyra is in the SR and says that’s why we kept Dane and not Mark. Mark wouldn’t have been as fast with the buzzer. Adam is in the WA sitting with his head down. He says he could have won that. Anthony comes in and pats him on the back and he says he could have won that. Anthony walks back out and Adam sighs. Dane heads into he SR to celebrate some more and says Let’s Go! He says you do need me Anthony! Dane says season 7 winner…Dane Rupert. He sits in the refrigerator and says he’s so hot. He nods and smiles and Adam comes in and says he’s not mad at him. Adam says he studied so hard and he’s just and Dane says he loves him and he gives him a hug. He says the whole time it was between them. Adam says he feels like he’s going home. Dane tells him he needs to win the veto. Dane says they can’t let Kyra win. Dane says POV means everything. Kyra comes into the SR and asks if Dane and Adam are hungry and they are quiet. Kyra leaves and Dane says he’s proud of him. Dane says between the two of them they have 7 HOH’s. Dane says he’s telling Adam he’s good, but to be honest, he doesn’t know if he is good. He needs to get with Anthony, his ride or die, and decide if Adam is good. Anthony and Dane are in the WA and Dane says he has no idea what to do here and Anthony says realistically, it’s his win, but at the same time he’d love to not touch the block for the whole season. Dane says they’ll talk later and make up a game plan. Dane says Anthony tells him he doesn’t want to touch the block and if he makes F2 without touching the block, that proves his resume and that’s concerning to him. Kyra is downstairs with Adam and Kyra asks does it feel real we’re the final four? Anthony walks by and says it’s just a dream. Who wants to see Dane’s HOH room? Dane has a picture of Coco and she is the love of his life, but they are best friends and he misses her. Dane’s video is from Coco and she says they knew he’d be killing it and everyone gets super psyched to watch him on TV and they are super supportive and he should expect a few chirps for some things they’ve seen him do on TV. Adam heads out of the HOH leaving Kyra and Anthony with Dane. Dane step one? Anthony says stop one. Kyra says that’s why kept you. Dane says I finally pulled my weight and Kyra says you always have, just against me. Kyra says they feel like Adam knows and Dane says they’ll talk later. Kyra leaves and Dane and Anthony fist bump. Anthony says that’s the biggest win of the season. Dane says he’ll tell Adam he swore to Anthony that if he kept him he wouldn’t put him on the block. The final four are lounging and we hear a doorbell and Sarah, the Season 3 winner, shows up and says it’s time for the BBCAN awards. She tells them they are a bit casual and they are about to get groovy. She takes them to the HOH room where they have new outfits. Anthony says he’s going to look so wavy. He says you can’t knock what he’s wearing. Adam comes out and models his outfit next, followed by Dane and he takes out his teeth. He says he looks like a million dollars. Kyra comes out next and Dane says 20 out of 10 and Sarah says she got disco fever. It’s time for the seventh annual BB Canada awards and she introduces Dane, then Adam, then Kyra, and finally Anthony. The final four are in a big bed to watch the awards and Sarah made them a special treat that matches her outfit and she joins them on the bed. They have martinis and they cheers to the final four. Sarah takes a few snacks and heads out. The nominees for favorite caught in the act moment are Este and Dane and Sam and Adam. We see a clip of Este and Dane making out and Adam walking in on them and Este saying nothing happened. Dane says this is so embarrassing to watch and he apologizes to his mom. Then we see a clip of Adam and Sam kissing and Chelsea walking in on them. Anthony is dying of laughter. The award goes to…Adam and Sam! The nominees for favorite bugging out moment…Blood Veto gone and Have-Not Closing. We see the clip of Dane talking about nominations and him going into the lounge and seeing the blood veto is gone and going to tell Sam and blaming Adam for taking it. We then see a clip from the trivia from the quiz to close the have-not room. We see Kyra crying and Dane getting mad. The award goes to…Have-Not Closing! Dane says good prank Big Brother! The nominees for you’re how old moment? Cory is 29 and Kailyn is 45. We see a clip of Cory and Eddie talking about how old Cory is and her promising she’s 29. Eddie tells her they think she’s 40. We then see Kailyn introducing herself and saying she’s 29 and Dane saying he doesn’t know a 29 year old who can cook like her. The award goes to…Cory is 29! The nominees for most excellent groove baby…Damien raps and OMG! We see Damien and all the HG in the HOH and he’s rapping. Dane says this is sic. We then see Anthony singing OMG! And all the HG doing it at their party. The HG are all laughing and Anthony covers his face. They think it has to be OMG! The award goes to…Damien raps! Anthony says that OMG song was iconic. It’s clearly going down in history! Adam goes to get colas for the HG. They discuss they can’t wait to watch the whole season now. The TV screen switches to show them entering the house and a few random clips from the season. They then have a picture of a HG of the entire cast and they cheers to season 7. Kyra and Dane are in the blue bedroom and they are talking about the veto. Dane says it’s going to be days and he’s just as sure Kyra would have been as good at the last comp as he and Adam. Dane is trying to manage all the relationships in the house and it’s a juggling act. Dane tells Kyra that Anthony doesn’t want to touch the block. Dane is bringing Adam to Wendy’s because when Adam was HOH he brought him. Dane goes down to pick up the food and he is served Johnny from Season 6. Dane heads back up and tells Adam it was Johnny. Dane tells Adam he thinks Anthony wants the Pretty Boys in the final three and Dane says it’ll be us two in final HOH. Adam asks if Dane promised Anthony final two and Dane says no, but he did make a deal to keep him off the block so he’d have a perfect record. Adam says he doesn’t want to go on the block and he will 1000% keep Anthony. Adam says if he goes home this week it will break him. Anthony and Dane are talking about what they want to do for Final 3. Dane says you know how it is. He says they have to keep Adam on their side and Anthony says if they’re keeping it 1000 like they always have, he’ll destroy both Adam and Kyra in final two. Dane says he’d kill them both and between them it would be 4-3. Kyra walks in and Anthony says he’s not going to do well with days. Kyra says they don’t need to pretend they are talking about something else, just tell them to go away. Anthony says he’s going to go put them in their place right now. That’s the last time that happens. Anthony goes to the blue bedroom where Kyra is and says that’s the last time that happens, do you understand? Anthony says do you want to feel trusted? Kyra says I’m trustworthy. Anthony says if we’re working together you have to be trustworthy. Kyra says they saw them in the mirror as they walked in and Anthony says so they have to wait for Kyra tell them when they can have a one-on-one conversation? Kyra says you act like you weren’t talking game and Anthony says that’s the last time you do that man and he walks out. It’s time for nominations! Dane says he’s won four HOH’s this season and this one is by far the most important. This secured him in the top three. There’s not a lot of options left for who to put on the block, but the decision he makes will have a big impact on the rest of his game. He’s a huge fan of Big Brother and he knows at this point he has to play with his head and not with his heart. Time for nominations! Dane’s first nominee is…Kyra. Dane’s second nominee is…Adam. Dane says he nominated Kyra because why not make history. He’s sorry, for the fourth time. He chose to nominate Adam because he is Mr. Veto and he bets his bank account on him winning his fifth veto of the season. Whoever wins veto this week is guaranteed top three and he wishes them all luck. Kyra says surprise, surprise, guess who’s on the block yet again via Dane. Adam says he’s ok being on the block because he wants top three with the guys. He just needs to go out and win his fifth veto. Who will win the most important veto of the season? And who will be sent home in a surprise eviction? Find out Wednesday!
  20. Previously, on Big Brother Canada, against all odds Kyra slayed the four goliaths, and the Pretty Boys final four fantasy went up in flames. With Kyra’s first taste of pure power, the underdog went into overdrive to take out the bromance. When it came time for noms, it was a blockbuster blindside when Kyra put up the two biggest threats in the game. Spiraling from the betrayal, Adam exposed his Pretty Boys and the unstoppable alliance imploded. But in the end, they were loyal to the soil. In a heist for POV, Dane and Adam fought for their lives, but the great Dane’s slipup cost him everything and the mighty alpha stretched his way to safety. Reeling from his loss, Dane suffered another blow, when Anthony crushed his hopes of salvation. Then at the veto ceremony, Kyra replaced the alpha with a pawn and Dane had lost all hope…or had he. Tonight, the stage is set for a Dane and Mark showdown and tonight a Pretty Boy will fall on Big Brother Canada. Arisa says our massive two hour season 7 finale is just one week away. Let’s see what happened after the game changing POV ceremony We pick up with Adam’s speech on day 58 and Kyra’s replacement. Mark says there is about 135% chance he’s staying this week. No way they keep Dane because he could win the comps and win this game. Kyra says Dane has put him on the block three times and hasn’t managed to get them out. Kyra says they put him up on their first try and they just sealed his fate. Kyra is in the SR with Adam and Anthony and they are saying they feel really bad, but it’s a game move. Kyra says seeing him cry and this is his dream and he does care about him, but this is his dream and they are taking it away from him. Anthony gives Kyra a hug. Meanwhile, Dane is upstairs in the blue bedroom and he smiles and says he isn’t going anywhere. Dane says he doesn’t want to go home and he’s been playing up his emotions to make people feel sorry for him and there’s a chance he can convince people to keep him over Mark. Kyra is outside and Dane comes out and he wishes him good and says everyone loves an underdog story. Kyra says he played a legendary game. Kyra tells us they know how it feels to sit on the block on eviction night and they feel sorry for him. Dane tells Kyra that he told Adam not to vote for him. Kyra says he can and they can break the tie. They say it’s kind of poetic. Kyra says on week 2 Dane broke a tie to save them on week 2 and this week they could vote Dane out. Dane is talking to Adam and says Kyra has a lot of nerve and recaps the conversation and he tells Adam he doesn’t want Kyra to have the satisfaction of making the big move of the season. Dane says he needs to convince Anthony and if he can do that he will have the votes. We see a flashback of Dane and Anthony making a F2 on day 3. Dane says they didn’t see eye-to-eye sometimes, but they need each other. Dane says Anthony needs him because he can’t beat Adam or Kyra in a mental comp, but he can. Dane then shows Anthony his suitcase where he’s been studying every day. He says he’s been watching for 20 years and he loves this game and he can beat Adam and Kyra in the final competition. Dane says I need you Papi, just like I know you’re going to need me down the stretch. He says his back is against the wall. Anthony doesn’t say anything but they fist bump and Dane leaves the room. Arisa says in a few minutes, either Dane or Mark will be sent packing. But let’s head back in for more fallout from the Pretty Boys falling apart. Mark and Anthony is in the hot tub and Dane is getting in. Dane says he’s dedicated his life to hockey and improving his skills. He says size did matter and being 5 foot 7 was a difficult challenge and always hearing you were too small puts a fork in the heart. He is talking to Mark about hockey. Dane says when he had to quit hockey he was at a loss, but everything happens for a reason. He tells Mark and Anthony everything lead him to here. Mark says he’s ready for eviction night to get here so they can get rid of Dane already. Him and Anthony need to start thinking about next week and Adam is still going to be there and he can win POV. Mark says if Adam and Anthony are in the F2, he’d have to give his vote to Adam. Anthony tells us excuse me?!? You have the audacity to say you’d vote for Adam over me in F2? He says Mark will never understand how loyal he’s played the game. Anthony goes to talk to Adam in the SR and he says Dane deserves to be here more than Mark. Anthony tells Adam Mark told him he came to win and play. Adam says Mark wants to take Kyra to a F2. Anthony says he’ll ask Adam once and then never again, will they go to the F2? Adam nods and Anthony seems to be on board with voting out Mark. Arisa says the jury will decide in one week who will be the season 7 champion. The population at the jury house doubled last week, let’s see how they are getting along. Sam opens the door and says jury life has refilled her tank. She says it allows you some time to think about everything that has happened in the game. She doesn’t think Dane, Adam, or Kyra will come next. She says it’s hard to say. Cory says she’s on her way to jury and she’s the reason Sam went home. They hug when Cory arrives and she says they are about to have the most satisfying I told you so. Sam says she’s over the moon to see Cory because she was telling the truth. Cory says there was a guys alliance and her and Sam make the Pretty Boy sign. Cory says Adam is the reason she’s there and Sam is over the moon her man is still there fighting for her. Este says she’s nervous to see Cory and Sam and she doesn’t think they are expecting her. Este comes in and says hey pretty girls. She’s still processing everything and still trying to figure things out. They talk about the alliance and Este says she hates them all. Damien says it’s weird being out of the house. Dane putting him on the block was a surprise. Cory is very sad that it’s Damien coming in. Damien is still mad, but he’s moving forward as best as he can. Damien tells him Dane put him up and Cory says she can’t handle it. Sam says The Pretty Boys don’t want to make big moves. Este says she’s talked bad about Dane all day and then she finds out Damien was the one who voted her out. Este says being a jury member gives them time to put things together and Damien says you can fill in all the gaps. Sam says may the best player win and they all say cheers. Since Day one, the Pretty Boy alliance has had a massive stranglehold on everything in the house, but in a few minutes that alliance will be broken up. Let’s take a front row seat for some incredible game play. Anthony goes to talk to Dane and he says he needs Dane to understand some things. He says his loyalty was with him this entire game and Dane did some pretty disloyal things. He says he was in every person’s head doing what he could for their game. His definition is ride or die is a little different of Dane’s definition, but at the end of the day, he’s a man of his word. Dane says he promises he never had a vision they wouldn’t make it. Anthony says he wants to make it clear, him keeping Dane is not because he needs him. He doesn’t need his puzzle, or his winning a mental comp. He says Dane’s social game was great, but he had a huge assist. Dane says he’s always been loyal to Anthony and he knows he’s an intelligent guy. He promises he’ll take him to F2 and Anthony says his definition of ride or die is fight to the finish. Dane says he’s still going to act like he’s going home as he and Anthony hug it out. Anthony says Kyra really, really wants Dane out but he doesn’t want to the Prince of Kelowna to go. So he needs to get Kyra on board just in case he needs them, but he needs Kyra to think it’s their idea. Anthony tells Kyra that Mark has been throwing mental comps and Kyra says which ones and he says all but Drunken Speeches. He tells Kyra you know how Mark is always mumbling a song? Kyra nods. Anthony says it’s a song about everything that has happened this season, HOH’s, POV’s, and slop. Kyra says then why don’t we get rid of him? Anthony in DR pauses, smiles, and shrugs. Back in the HOH Anthony says we can consider that. Anthony says you need to talk to Dane. Kyra calls Dane and talks to him and says they’ve talked to Anthony and they realize Mark is shady. Kyra says they also know Adam is going to be very hard to beat. Kyra tells Dane they can convince Anthony to keep him. Dane cries and says he would do anything to stay and Kyra says they are looking at the game and who deserves to be here and they think Dane deserves to be here. Kyra says Adam is unstoppable and if he can help then, then they can help him. Dane says he can beat Adam and they hug it out. Kyra leaves the HOH and Dane looks at the camera and smiles. Arisa says HG should know never to get comfortable until the eviction vote. Just moments ago, Kyra hit Mark with some shocking news. Kyra tells Mark they have their reason not to trust him as much as they trust other people. Mark says you and I know that your best chance to win is with me. Kyra says then why have you been saying my name the last couple of weeks? Mark says he hasn’t. He says Anthony can speak well and everyone buys it. Kyra wants to call Anthony in and talk to him alone. Mark wants to talk to Anthony in the SR and he wants to know if Anthony wants him in the game. Mark says what do I say to who? Anthony tells him to tell Kyra that if they keep him in the game, he has a better chance to take out Adam. Mark and Anthony hug and Mark says he wants a tie vote. Mark and Kyra go back to HOH and Mark repeats what Anthony told him to say to Kyra. Mark says Adam can make anyone feel comfortable and Kyra says I know. Arisa says we’ll be back with the vote in a minute! Arisa welcomes us back and says we saw some very last minute drama play out. The vote could go either way. Let’s check in with the final five. Dane takes the teeth out and says he hates sitting on the block next to Mark and what an experience and he feels like his time here isn’t done and he knows he can help them moving forward. He is proud of what he did this season. Mark says what a ridiculous experience he shared with Anthony, Adam, and Dane and cool HOH Kyra. Mark says the only question he has is who do they think they have a better chance of beating in a final two? The answer is him. He trusts them and hopes they’ll do the right thing. Time to vote! Adam votes to evict Mark. Anthony votes to evict Mark. By a vote of 2-0, Mark has been evicted from the Big Brother Canada house. Mark gives everyone a hug and heads upstairs. Mark says one more thing! Adam? It was Dane’s idea to backdoor Sam during Cory’s HOH. Arisa says Mark threw Dane right under the bus and he says it was all for Canada, he doesn’t care. Arisa says Mark was confident going into the vote. What did he miss? Mark says he probably should have campaigned more. Arisa says Mark talked all season about making a big move and blowing up the alliance. Arisa asks why Mark didn’t take a shot during his HOH and Mark says he didn’t have the numbers. Mark says what he should have done is put up Dane and Este and tried to backdoor Adam if he didn’t get picked to play in POV. Arisa asks who has for the winner and Mark says he hopes Anthony does have it to the end and he has his vote. Adam says they’ve done some great things this season and he knew Mark was plotting to get him out of the game and he never campaigned to him. Pretty Boys for life. Anthony says if he could tell a short story about a guy named Mark, he’d say he is a Big Brother hall of famer and a member of the strongest alliance in the game, but down the stretch he couldn’t trust he’d be loyal. Dane says Mark knew he and Adam were close, but he didn’t know he and Anthony were closer. Kyra says they didn’t think they could take out Adam without Dane’s help. We have a final four, now we need a new HOH. This challenge is to identify the veto competition based on who competed in. In front of them is a mission log and it will reveal five HG one face at a time. When they think they know it they will buzz in, If they are correct they will get a point. If they are wrong, the other two will get an opportunity to buzz in and get a point, and the HG with the most points will be the new HOH. Our first mission is up and we see Chelsea. After a moment, Adam buzzes in and answers on a roll and we see a clip and Adam is correct and has a point. Next mission we see Estefania…then Eddie. Dane buzzes in and answers Spaced Out. We see a clip and Dane is correct. Adam and Dane have a point each. Who is going to win? We’ll find out Sunday. Wednesday will be the special eviction and Thursday will be the 2 hour season finale full of Big Brother surprises.
  21. We start in Luang Prabang, Laos and they are flying to Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. They book their flights using a mobile device and they will all being flying south to Vietnam. When they land, they must pick up a packet of herbal remedies and that will be their next clue. Tyler and Korey are talking about starting in seventh and Becca and Floyd talk about how they felt bad for U-Turning them. They want to form an alliance with Tyler and Korey. Chris and Bret say they are the old team in the race and they want to try and run with the pack today. Rachel and Elissa apologize to Becca and Floyd and give a peace offering. Becca and Floyd say they are seeking revenge and it’s more competitive. A Big Brother alliance is formed and Victor says they will only trust them so far. The Afghanimals want to win the race and they don’t care about the others at all. The teams have all arrived in Vietnam and The Aghanimals are looking for a good taxi. They are all headed to the House of Vietnamese Medicine. Jamal and Leo are arguing with each other. Becca and Floyd say things are fierce on the streets in Vietnam and they remember the last time they were there. Tyler and Korey are the first to arrive with Colin and Christie right behind. Thy have to find the doctor and Becca and Floyd have arrived. Colin and Christie are the first to find the doctor. We’re at a detour. In Reel It In, teams will have to catch eight prawns. In Light it Up, teams must try and stay in step and light it up in an electrifying performance. Corrinne and Eliza are at the House of Medicine and the Afghanimals are coming out and they play dumb and act like it’s not the right place. Corrine and Eliza say they are liars and they head inside. Chris and Bret are in last place. Colin and Christie, Becca and Floyd, and Rachel and Elissa all arrive at Light It Up and beginning learning the choreography. Becca went to performing arts camp and did a lot of theater and Floyd was in marching band so they are ready for this. Christie says Colin felt good, but learning choreography is not one of her strong suits. Rachel and Elissa were cheerleaders and Elissa says she teaches different sequences in her yoga class. Tyler and Korey arrive at Reel It In and start fishing. They have to bait a hook and then cast it and wait to catch eight prawns. Nicole and Victor arrive at Light It Up. Becca and Floyd think they are ready and they are the first to make an attempt. Floyd is excited and says this is his dream. The judge stops them and says no and he says they need more energy and power and they begin their second attempt. Corrine and Eliza are complaining about their driver. The Afghanimals seem lost. Janelle and Britney arrive somewhere and Britney says they crashed a wedding. The Afghanimals show up and ask if it’s the right place and Britney says no, it’s a freaking wedding. Janelle and Britney and Jamal and Leo head back out. Tyler and Korey are still fishing and the locals are helping them by telling them when to pull their line. They don’t know how to unhook it and the locals tell him to open the mouth. They have 1 out of 8. Becca and Floyd are on their second attempt and they have completed the challenge and it’s a roadblock. Who’s read to tune out? They have to learn a few lines of a song in Vietnamese and perform it. Rachel and Elissa make their first attempt and they failed and have to try again. Colin and Christie try and they also failed. Nicole and Victor are up for their first attempt. Tyler and Korey are discussing maybe switching detours just as Korey catches a prawn. Corrine and Eliza have arrived to catch prawns. Eliza asks if Tyler and Korey have caught anything and they say 2. Tyler and Korey start singing to the shrimp and Eliza feels like she’s doing nothing. She says fishing is a game of patience and she doesn’t have that. Chris and Bret are practicing their choreography. Rachel and Elissa are attempt two and they fail. Leo and Jamal arrive. Victor was off so they have to try again. Victor says it’s a little harder than they thought it would be. Eliza has caught her first prawn and she’s celebrating. Corrine gets snapped at and the locals laugh. Corrine is yelling at Eliza to get the hook out of the mouth. Corrine is bleeding. Tyler and Korey think Chris and Bret must be lost. They are struggling and talking about the dancing being hard. Colin and Christie are on their fourth attempt and they are done. Nicole and Victor on their third attempt and they get it. Leo and Jamal make their first attempt and they don’t get it. Janelle and Britney also fail on their first attempt. Tyler and Korey catch another prawn and Corrine gets one too. Tyler and Korey need two more and Corrine and Eliza need 3 more. Corrine and Eliza catch up and pass Tyler and Korey. Becca and Floyd have arrived at the karaoke place and Floyd is doing the roadblock. Becca says the crowd was filled with people. Floyd says the biggest challenge was having the rhythm of the words down. Leo and Jamal and Janelle and Britney each fail their fourth attempts. Rachel and Elissa are on their 16th attempt. Elissa doesn’t think she can do it and Rachel remembers dancing Bollywood last time she was on the race. Chris and Bret decide they need to make an attempt and Bret is freaking out and Chris is telling him to calm down. Chris and Bret are on stage for their first attempt and they are out of sync and they fail. They immediately decide to go fishing. Corrine and Eliza have caught their last prawn and they go get their clue. They are in currently in fourth place. Chris and Bret arrive and Tyler and Korey need two more. Floyd is ready for his first attempt at karaoke and he gets it. They must go to the pit stop at Ho Thi Ky which is a bustling market. Colin is going to perform the karaoke and Christie goes to dance. Chris catches his first prawn and Korey catches one. Tyler and Korey need one more. Tyler gets one and Tyler and Korey have completed the detour. Bret says they should have come to the fishing first. Rachel and Elissa have finally completed the detour and they are in sixth place. Janelle and Britney are on their sixth attempt and they get it and are in seventh place. Leo and Jamal are the last team and we see their 17th, 18th, and 19th attempt and they are getting tired. Victor has arrived at the karaoke and he’s going to perform. Chris and Bret have another prawn and they finally complete and are in eighth place. Eliza is going to do the karaoke for their team. Eliza decides to be loud so Victor decides to go ahead and give it a try. Colin heads out to try after Victor and Eliza says this is insane. Victor gets the clue and they are in second. Tyler is doing the karaoke for their team. Colin is up for his first attempt and he doesn’t get it right so he has to try again. Leo and Jamal are on their 27th attempt and they have finally completed the task and are out in last place. Rachel is going to perform the karaoke for their team. Rachel and Tyler are helping each other a little. Colin tries again and he gets it. Becca and Floyd are trying to cross the street to find the pit stop and they find Phil and they have arrived in first place. They have won trip for two to the Bahamas. Janelle and Bret are doing the karaoke for their teams. Janelle and Rachel decide to work together. Eliza is off for her first attempt and Tyler is waiting for his turn. Eliza messes up and she has to practice some more. Tyler attempts his and he completes it. Eliza tries again and she got it this time. Britney says it’s hard to watch other people leave. Victor and Nicole are at the market and they are team number two. Victor says you really learn a lot about your partner. Colin and Christie arrive and they are team number three. Janelle tells Rachel the Afghanimals are still behind them. Chris says you can’t ever count them out because they could show up and nail it on the first try. Leo doesn’t even practice when he arrives and he makes his first attempt and fails. Bret tries, followed by Rachel and they both fail. Tyler and Korey hit the mat in fourth place. Janelle has completed and Rachel does right behind. Corrine and Eliza have arrived at the pit stop in fifth place. Bret tries karaoke again and he fails. Jamal makes his next attempt and they complete. Bret completes it next and all remaining teams are off to the pit stop. Janelle and Britney hit the mat in sixth place. Chris and Bret tell their driver they are in a race and The Afghanimals are on their way too. Rachel and Elissa arrive and Janelle yells at them to help them find the mat and they are in seventh place. Leo and Jamal run up while they’re still on the mat and they are in eighth place. Chris and Bret run up and hit the mat. Phil says all good things must come to an end, but he’s pleased to tell them this is not an elimination. They will have to complete a speed bump on the next leg of the race. Next time on the Amazing Race, teams brave a Vietnamese moped school and tension escalates between some teams.
  22. Previously, on Big Brother Canada, after the Pretty Boys formed in secret on day one, they took out every single threat to their game. The least of their worries was Kyra, so the boys carried them to final five and with BBCAN history on the line, the Pretty Boys were one win away from becoming the first alliance day one to final four. But the underdog destroyed the pretty boy dream and crushed their first HOH win of the season. Just like that, the pretty boys were denied their shot at history. Then the giant slayer confirmed their loyalty to Adam and Dane. Sensing a threat to his ally, the guru crafted a pitch for mark, then mark threw to Kyra, and then Anthony went in for the kill. But the only voice Kyra heard was their own. Then in a stunning blindside, Kyra put up the two strongest players of the season. Seething from the hit, Adam exposed his own Pretty Boys. Tonight, will the pretty boys each other alive? Can Adam or Dane get a grip on the power of veto? There’s a mother load of surprises on Big Brother Canada! We pick up after the nomination ceremony on day 56. Adam can’t believe Kyra put him on the block. He’s been their closest ally since Sam and now they screwed him. Dane says he isn’t surprised he’s on the block, but he IS surprised he’s there with Adam. Big move Kyra. Kyra says no way could they beat both Adam and Dane, and this was the only way they couldn’t take each other off the block. Kyra explains their decision to Dane and Dane says there is still veto. Adam heads upstairs and interrupts and Kyra explains to Adam their decision. Adam tells Kyra they won’t beat any of them because they’ve been an alliance 20 minutes into the season because they ran the house and made sure everyone voted the way they wanted them to. Kyra says even if they don’t win, they have to set themselves for the best chance possible. Adam says they are the best alliance in BB history and Kyra won’t beat any of them because there will be three Pretty Boys on the jury. Adam tells Kyra that Anthony threw them under the bus the previous week and so much for loyalty. Adam is upset and walks out of the room. Kyra asks to talk to Anthony and he comes in the room. Kyra says they knew there was an alliance, they didn’t know it was made 20 minutes into the game. Kyra asks Anthony if he told Adam to put them up the previous week. Adam walks in and says yeah, Anthony, did you tell me to put up Kyra. Anthony is denying it and said he never said that and Adam says you said it when we were in the hot with Mark. Anthony still denies it and Kyra decides to get Mark in here. Mark comes in and Anthony says did I ever say to Adam to put up Kyra and Mark says that never happened. Kyra says they’ve worked from outside the alliance and if that doesn’t win them some respect from the jury?!? Adam leaves. Anthony and Mark hug Kyra and then head out too. Kyra talks to the camera in the WA in the HOH and says he is a bitter child. Look at it from the outside buddy! This is the best game move so far…roll the tapes! He’s been loyal to Dane. They don’t want his loyalty. Adam goes to talk to Dane in the SR and Adam tells him Anthony and Mark were in on it. Dane says one of us win veto and we got this. Adam says they are denying these conversations. Adam and Dane head to the KT and Anthony and Mark are upstairs looking downstairs, and Adam says are you going to tell me when they aren’t around that conversation didn’t happen? Mark says it didn’t happen. Adam tells Mark he needs to man up and Mark says he’s not the one stomping around. Anthony says he never said to put up Kyra and Adam says you do all the talking. Anthony says the plan was to take out Damien though, right? And you and Damien had talks of final threes with Dane? Did you or did you not, since you want to talk facts? Adam says they need to stop arguing and they hug it out and they say they love each other. It’s all good. Adam goes and gives Mark a hug too. Adam says no matter who sits in that final chair, one of them is going to win. He promises. If it’s not him, then it will be one of them guys. They ran the game and planned it perfect. It is what it is and what they have here and what they’ve done this whole season is unreal. Dane says this season is so exhausting and all he’s going to do is focus on the next POV competition. This competition is called Jewel Heist. Everyone will play including the HOH. Each HG has a wall filled with Jewels. The goal is to steal as many as they can. The green ones are worth 1 point, the blues ones are worth 2, and the red ones are worth 3. But it’s not so easy! They can only steal jewels when the laser beams are off. At the end of the competition, the HG who has stolen the highest value of jewels will win the POV! Dane says he has to win this. If he wins he stays, and if he loses, then he probably goes home. Adam says he hates being on the block with Dane, but he wants to win and ensure he makes it to final three. Kyra says you have to be careful which jewels you pick and you have to be fast because the lasers don’t stay on long. Dane says this is more difficult for shorter guys. Adam has the lead with 13 and Anthony has 8. The HG get another pull and Dane falls off after losing his balance. Dane says he falls and he feels like he let himself down, he let a lot of people down. He thought he could win this challenge, it’s frustrating. Mark feels like he’s in a movie. Mark says winning this POV is not necessary and everyone knows Dane or Adam will be going home. So even if Adam wins, he’s ok not going for this comp. The lasers go off again and the HG reach to pull jewels. Adam and Anthony both have 25 Kyra has 11 and Mark has 8. Anthony wants to pause so he can go to the WA and Adam says seriously? Anthony says no. Anthony really wants to win this POV because Adam has won a bunch and he needs to let the house know he can take him down when he wants. Anthony is struggling to reach a jewel lower on the board. Anthony has 27 and Adam has 25. Kyra tells Adam that he was never meant to go home. They ask how the others feel about giving Adam the veto? The other guys don’t answer and Adam says give it to me. He laughs and looks at Kyra and they says sorry bud. The lasers go off and they grab again. Anthony has 28, Adam has 27, Kyra has 21, and Mark has 18. Adam says the red ones are the hardest to get but he knows he and Anthony are close so he has to get those jewels. Anthony gets a blue one and Adam is reaching for a red one but struggling. We go to commercial. We’re back and Adam is saying he knows he and Anthony are neck-and-neck and he needs to get that red jewel. The lasers go off and everyone stops. Kyra falls and is now out. Kyra says this is their final round and Anthony and Adam both have 30 and Mark has 20. Adam asks Anthony how many he has left and Anthony says 8. Adam is talking to himself and says he needs this win. With 39 points, Adam has won POV. Anthony finished with 34. Adam says number four. He’s feeling amazing right now. He’s guaranteed final four and his safety. Dane says he failed and Adam succeeded. Great job Adam. Now he has to figure out what he has to do to stay in this house. Adam thanks his mom for his long, lanky body. Adam goes into the SR and celebrates and Dane heads upstairs. Adam says he’s not going nowhere. The HG are all in the lounge chatting and laughing. The frames on the wall all come on again and everyone wants to know what’s happening. They see the door and they say someone is walking in. We see 4 women and a guy enter and it’s their mothers and Mark’s best friend. Anthony says he thinks about his mom a lot and seeing her in the house is mind blowing. The mothers start looking around and they are discussing the disarray the house is in and underwear laying around. Adam’s mother finds Sam’s heels in his bag and Anthony’s mom found his pink doo rag. They are now all in the HOH talking. Anthony’s mom says she’s waiting for a grandbaby and Adam’s mom says Sam might take care of that for her. The mothers all head downstairs and they want to know if they ever clean up. They clean the kitchen for the HG. Anthony’s mom says when he was by himself he’d ask her to come help clean, and she says it’s not help, it’s her doing it for him. Anthony’s mom lays on the couch like Anthony does. Their mothers are mimicking them. Dane says all he wants to do is give his mom a big hug, but he can’t because he’s stuck in this room. Anthony’s mom is playing pool and Adam’s mom is dancing on a table. Judy, Kyra’s mom, says exploring the house was awesome and sitting in the DR was great and she says Kyra should enjoy the hot tub more. 2 moms get in the hot tub and the others sit around. Sharon, Adam’s mom, can’t believe she got the opportunity to do this. They say the HG will always be their kids. Mark’s friend says Mark says he’s six feet, but he’s really five eleven. Judy says watching the show you forget everyone has a life and they all have a family and to see they are real and how wonderful they all are is great. Since they are all getting a taste of the BBCAN house, it’s only fitting they are faced with a difficult decision. Only one of them will get face time with their loved one and they must decide. They are trying to figure out who will get face time. Mark’s friend steps out and Dane’s mom says he’s had HOH’s and he’s seen her and Adam’s mom steps out too. Anthony’s mom wishes he’d won an HOH but she gives it to Kyra’s mom and tells her they only have 2 weeks and they can tell Kyra they’re playing a good game. Kyra comes out and hugs their mom. Kyra tells Anthony’s mom she has an amazing son and then hugs Dane’s mom, followed by Mark’s friend and Adam’s mom. Anthony is then called to the LR and the HG are shocked. Anthony’s mom is shocked and they hug and are crying. All the HG are emotional. Anthony’s mom introduces him to the other mom’s and Mark’s friend. Mark is then called out, followed by Adam, and Dane is last. Dane’s mom says they watch him all the time and everyone is doing so good. Dane tells his mom he loves her. The HG do a group hug in the lounge and the mom’s and Mark’s friend thank BB in the DR. Kyra says seeing their mom really reminded them of the outside world. It reminded them they are there to win and they have to get out big players and that’s why the target is Dane. Kyra goes to talk to Anthony and they are talking about Kyra being emotional, but they don’t want to let their emotions affect their game decisions. Anthony says they did something legendary. Kyra says they are reminding themselves it’s not a popularity contest and they’re a people pleaser, but you can’t always do that when only one can win. Dane says in order to have a chance to stay he needs Mark on the block next to him. In order to do that, he needs to make sure he has Anthony and make sure he can get in Kyra’s head. Dane asks Anthony if he has his vote. Anthony says he was under the impression there were pushes to put him and Mark up. Dane says no, it wasn’t like that. Dane says so if Mark goes up, you still have to think about it? Anthony says we were supposed to be ride-or-dies? He says I need to ask you something, did you make a final 2 with Adam and Dane says Adam did mention it to him. Dane says if he had a chance to choose between Anthony and Adam it would be Anthony. He says so I don’t have you and Anthony says I don’t know bro. Mark is talking to Dane and Mark says people will try but it will never happen. He’s happy to be part of history. Adam and Anthony come out with Dane and Mark. Adam says we knew we would have to take shots at each other at some point. Kyra comes out next and it’s quiet. Kyra says did I come out at a bad time? Dane says no, just saying goodbye. It’s a fun season. Dane wishes everyone luck and Anthony is crying. Kyra says they had power for the first time and they couldn’t waste that power and Dane says they made a great move. Kyra says they’re proud to have gotten to know all of them. Adam says we did good boys. Mark says we did good. It’s time for the POV ceremony. Adam comes in and says the Prince of Kelowna and the Man that found new land have been nominated. He gives Dane a chance to tell him why he should use veto on him and Dane salutes and says please don’t use the veto on me. Adam has decided to…use the veto on himself. He says it was hard to get nominated by someone he trusted, it was worse to sit next to Dane. Kyra says they knew Adam would likely win the veto, and that’s why they had to do what they did. Kyra nominates Mark and says even though they’ve made amends, this is the only game move they can make to ensure a strong player leaves. Kyra says this game really takes it toll. Even though things went their way, it’s still really hard and they have to keep on fighting and do what it takes to get to the end.
  23. Previously, on Big Brother Canada, with the pretty boy machine in full throttle, the bros worked every angle to make sure they’d weather every storm. First, they roped Kyra into a final five. Then Adam and Dane doubled down and made a final three with Kyra, while the other half plotted a final two of their own. And on eviction night, the Pretty Boys dumped another sidekick to jury. Then Big Brother opened the trap door with the second double eviction of the season. Things got rolling when the Great Dane cued up another celebration making the pretty boys 8th win of the season. Then Dane put up Damien and Kyra on the block and the pretty boy lieutenant bagged a POV win and dashed Damien’s hopes. Then a unanimous vote sent a fan favorite to jury sealing the final five. With the Pretty Boys one win away from perfection, they are ready to write big brother history. We pick up after the double eviction on Day 55. Adam says the Pretty Boys just survived the double eviction and he can’t believe it. It’s been their plan to take Kyra to top 5 because they’d be easier to beat to make Final Four. Adam and the guys talk about how they convinced Damien to evict his ride or die and then they sent him home. Kyra says they are beyond relieved and they are thrilled their final five deal made earlier in the week became a reality. Anthony and Dane are in the WA and Dane says he can’t play HOH, but he knows the common goal is to get Kyra out. He says he did his part to get the Pretty Boys to top five and now the others need to finish it out and beat Kyra. It’s time for the HOH! The competition is called We Need an Answer. Dane will ask a series of answers about the season, then they’ll race to find the answer on their walls and hit their buzzer. But take too long and it will cost you because only the first three to ring in will get a chance to answer. The player with the most points will win HOH. Mark says he knows his days and he’s been studying all season so this is his challenge to win. What was the name of the only POV competition Eddie competed in. Mark rings in first, then Kyra. Adam and Anthony seemed stumped and Adam finally grabs an answer and buzzes in. They all say spaced out and they all get one point. Kyra, Mark, and Adam each get a point and Anthony has 0. Anthony says he didn’t even know he was supposed to study days until week 3. But hey, at least he won’t be seen as a mental threat. How many HG were evicted without having been a have-not. Is the answer A. 3 or B. 4. Adam, Mark, and Kyra each ring in and Anthony is out again. Dane says Anthony, were you sleeping the whole season. Mark and Adam answer A and Kyra answers B. The answer is B and Kyra now has 2 points. Adam and Mark have 1 point. Anthony has 0. Kyra says they’ve been studying all season long and they feel really good about this competition. Next question: On what day was a HG evicted becoming the first member of jury. Anthony, Kyra, and Adam ring in first. Kyra answers 41, Anthony answers 34, and Adam answers 41. The correct answer is 41 and Kyra has 3 points, Adam has 2 points, Mark has 1 point, Anthony has 0. In what POV competition did a nominee win for the first time. Anthony is the last to buzz in. Kyra answers spaced out, Mark answers after, and Adam answers 36. Dane says what are these guys doing?!? The answer is Spaced Out and Kyra has 4 points, Adam has 2 points, Mark has 1 point, and Anthony has 0. Who was the first HG to be have-not in back to back weeks. Adam, Anthony, and Kyra answers first. They all answer Samantha and they are correct. Kyra has 5 points, Adam has 3 points, and Mark and Anthony have 1 point each. What day did the very first POV competition take place? Mark is very quick to ring in with Kyra right behind. Adam is stumped and Anthony rings in. Adam is repeating the question and he is still stumped. Adam is confusing POV with HOH and can’t find a number 1 and Dane keeps saying POV. Everyone answered 8 and they are correct. Dane says Adam is very wrong. Kyra has 6 points, Adam has 3 points, Mark and Anthony have 2 points each. Which HG won a POV competition on day 22. Kyra, Adam, and Mark ring in first. They all answer Cory and they are all correct. Kyra now has 7 points, Adam has 4 points, Mark has 3 points, and Anthony has 2 points. If Kyra answers this next question correctly, they’ll be the next HOH. Which HOH competition took place following Kailyn’s eviction? Adam rings in first, with Mark right behind. Kyra and Anthony are both looking. Kyra finally hits the button. Adam and Kyra answer Buzzkilled 2.0 and Mark answers Secrets and Spies. The correct answer is Buzzkilled 2.0 and Kyra is the new HOH! Adam goes and hugs them and says Samantha would be so proud of them. The guys all give hugs. Kyra can’t believe it, they finally something. Kyra says the timing is perfect. It couldn’t be better. Dane says this was 3 against 1. He would have killed this comp and those boys let him down. The greatest story ever written is the biggest fail of the season. The HG head inside and Kyra says they’ve never been so grateful and proud. Adam and Kyra head upstairs and Anthony, Mark, and Dane are all in the KT talking about Adam. Adam says now that Kyra is HOH, one of the Pretty Boys has to go home. Now he has to push the final three he and Dane made with Kyra. Adam asks Kyra if they are down with this and Kyra says yeah. Kyra says he has Adam’s back 110%, but they need to think. Adam says he has their back too. Mark says to Anthony and Dane, who would have thought? Dane says day 55, the end of the Pretty Boys. Kyra says now that they have some power, they can actually make a big move and big moves look good on a resume. Kyra likes Adam, but he’s way more loyal to Dane and that causes them to doubt the final three. Kyra says Anthony and them had a rocky week last week, but they still are close to him. Kyra says Mark is annoying, but they have to think about this decision. Anthony says maybe there will be a secret assassin who can evict the HOH. Who wants to see Kyra’s HOH room! Kyra misses their family so much and they’ve wanted this room for so long. Kyra’s video is from their nieces and nephew and they are proud of them and tell them to keep up the good work. Their nephew says they misses them so much and Kyra is their favorite Auntie! Kyra says seeing their faces made them even stronger for the final push. Anthony says last week Kyra and him had a bit of a disagreement, but he smoothed it over and they are tight again. Anthony and Kyra are in the SR and he says they didn’t just win the competition, they crushed it. Kyra says they’d take him to Wendy’s and heads upstairs. Adam comes into the HOH room while Kyra is listening to music and they sit down to chat. Adam says they’ve basically had power now for two weeks and Kyra says Adam won’t touch the block. Kyra says if they don’t nominate Dane, then Anthony will know they’re working together. Dane comes in and Kyra tells him if they don’t put him up, Anthony will know they are working together. Kyra says they are considering putting Dane up as a pawn. Dane says he won’t get mad about it just like Kyra didn’t, but what if Anthony wins veto and pulls down Mark. Adam feels like they would keep Dane or Adam over the person. They tell Kyra to enjoy their music and head out. Kyra calls everyone to the LR! HG, Big Brother knows they are all tired of being have-nots and are sick of slop. They will now have the opportunity to close down the have-not room for the season. Since they’ve all spent a lot of time in The Archive room, they will now be quizzed on the contents. They will be given 30 minutes to study the room now. If they pass the quiz, they will close the have-not room for the season. If they fail, then they will ALL be have-nots for the rest of the season, including Kyra. Dane says he’s tired of being a have-not and he wants to win. They all head into the room and decide to divide and conquer. They are reading the boxes and moving some around and doing some counting. Kyra gives a 15 minute warning and they are still studying. Dane says he can’t reach the top shelf. Time is up! They must get 5 of 7 questions correct to close the have-not room for the season. Question #1 True or False: There were three pink binders on the desk. They answer True and they are correct. They have 1 point. How many boxes said evidence on it? Anthony says 7 before Kyra answers the question and they are correct and have 2 points. On the emergency plan binder, what color what the Evacuation strip? They discuss red and green and Mark and Adam says red but Dane answers green. They have 3 points. How many boxes in total were on the top shelf? Mark does some convoluted math and they answer 31 and Kyra says the answer is 35. They still have 3 points. On the bright green folder standing on the shelf, what did the label say? They are all stumped. Anthony say bright green folder? How the heck are we supposed to know this. Dane answers evidence. They are wrong, it says Heat Up Procedures for Glass Furnaces. They are still at 3 points. They must get the next two correct. On the bingo card on one of the boxes what number was circled. Mark says I-24, he saw it. They answer it correctly. They must get the final question correct. How many red binders in total were there in the room? Anthony says there weren’t any red binders. They decide on 0. The answer is 2. It gets very quiet. Dane is waiting for the joke. Kyra says that means we’re all have-nots for the season. Dane throws the board down. Kyra walks away. Dane hits the pool balls and Anthony says he can’t do slop again. Kyra is crying and says they don’t even get to sleep in the HOH room, they didn’t even get to play. Kyra says being on slop sucks. It’s unbearable to be around these people and these guys are going to be even more upset when they put them on the block. All the HG are very upset. Kyra comes out of the DR and Dane calls everyone to the LR. Kyra reads, since they have not taken this news well they’ll be happy to hear Big Brother was pranking them! They all scream and celebrate. Dane wants to play pool with Adam. Dane tells him he has a secret. He went to school and he’s an engineer. He wanted everyone to think he was so dumb. Adam laughs and says designing buildings. Dane says he fooled everyone and Adam says he fooled him. Anthony is talking to Mark in the blue bedroom and Anthony doesn’t want Mark to touch the block because he’s been loyal to him. He needs to give Mark so mojo to spit to Kyra so he can stay off the block. Anthony says his best shot to stay is to throw the other two guys on the bus. He says they just aren’t smart enough and he needs to put jets on the plan. Mark says Anthony has given him a plan and he needs to talk to Kyra and make them realize he is the best final two for them. He goes to talk to Kyra and Kyra says you’re an option. Kyra says they are close to Adam, but they are going to run this HOH. Mark says he is a better position for Kyra in a F2 as well as Anthony over Adam and Dane. Kyra says everything Mark says is true and noted. It’s a lot to think about it. Arisa comes on and says it’s time for the annual Big Brother Canada awards and Canada can help decide the winners. Kyra is bringing Anthony to Wendy’s because even though they’ve had a rocky few weeks, he’s still someone they want to work with. They say it’s their first date and laugh. Kyra heads to get the food and it’s Erica from Season 6. Erica congratulates Kyra and they get their food. Kyra says they were leaning towards Dane and Mark up. Kyra says Adam and Dane want them to put up Anthony and Mark. Anthony says they’ve done so much sneaky stuff, and to Kyra, and that’s disrespectful. Anthony says if Kyra wants Dane gone, that’s fine. Kyra says even though they trust Anthony, no one else is going to tell them how to run their HOH. They are going to choose their own path to the end. Kyra says they are down with a F2 and Anthony says they ARE the final 2. Adam goes to talk to Kyra and Kyra says they are feeling good and going to do what they need to do. Kyra says they had some thinking to do and Adam needs to trust them. Kyra says no worries man. Adam says he’s worried and he knows Anthony is really good with talking. Kyra says they made up their mind without Anthony. Kyra says my decision is my decision. Adam says fine, I’ll win HOH next week and we’ll be sitting in the finale laughing. Adam leaves and says Love ya and Kyra says love ya back. Kyra gets emotional after Adam leaves. We see shots of each of the HG getting ready for the nomination ceremony. Kyra heads to HQ and they say they finally have power in this game and they can’t be called weak anymore. Kyra says they need to make a decision that will not only keep them safe next week, but for the finals. Kyra says with only 4 people left, it’s not really about ruffling feathers because either way people will be upset. They need to think about what’s best for their game moving forward and that means making hard decisions. Kyra says they are about to make the biggest move this season and they know they are about to make some people mad, but it’s their decisions and they feel really good. Time for the nomination ceremony! Kyra’s first nominee is Dane and the second nominee is Adam. Adam says they could have put Kyra up last week and they’d have been walking out of this house. Kyra says they know Adam is loyal to them, but he’s more to loyal to Dane. Adam says you know what? We go to commercial. We’re back and recapping the second nominee. Adam says you know what? I’m loyal to this and he motions to all the guys. Since day one. He says Kyra is lucky they are here right now. Kyra says they know they are and that’s why they need to play smart. Kyra says they know, everyone knew. Adam says no one did anything about it. Kyra says they nominated Dane because he won HOH three times and put them on the bock every time. Dane is a strong competitor and they couldn’t beat him in the end. Kyra says they nominated Adam so he couldn’t take Dane down or save him. Kyra says they’d be insane to go to final three with him and Dane. Kyra says they didn’t come to play for third, they came to win. Adam hugs Dane and heads into the SR very upset. Adam is mad that Kyra put him on the block. Adam says he did everything he could to keep them safe and this is how they repay him? Adam says he just blew up the Pretty Boys, but he doesn’t care. If he’s going down, then they’re going down with him. Who will win the Pretty Boys showdown? Find out Wednesday!
  24. This season, it’s been a picture perfect existence for the Pretty Boys. They’ve dominated the game like no other alliance in BB Can history. Anyone who stood in their way was disposed of, but now are they too cocky? Are the cracks becoming too big to cover up? Tonight, it could all fall apart in the panic of the double eviction. Can the Pretty Boys continue their total domination, or will a new contender rise and take control? Tonight, it’s anybody’s game on Big Brother Canada! Arisa welcomes us to the 200th episode and tonight is a double eviction. Tonight, either Este or Mark will be headed to jury and as we’ve seen in double evictions in the past, anything can happen. Let’s check in to see what happened after another dramatic POV ceremony. We pick up at the POV ceremony on day 52. Mark says the entire trajectory of this week has been masterminded by The Pretty Boys. This is perfect and it throws suspicion off the alliance and he’s just coasting along in the game. Este says being on the block sucks and she knows for a fact she has Dane and Damien’s vote. Now she just needs to make sure she has Kyra’s vote. Kyra says they’d been working close with Adam, but they were pulled into a 5 person alliance with Adam, Dane, Anthony, and Mark so it’s good to keep Mark and get rid of Este. Kyra then makes the sign of the Pretty Boys and says they are part of something. Adam says he is in an alliance with the Pretty Boys, but he wants to go to the final 2 with Dane. Dane and Adam talk about getting Damien to vote Este out. Dane says Este is going this week, but he doesn’t want to be one of the votes to get rid of her. Adam says he’s been in the house for 52 days and they get bored and creative and he’s created a doll out of aluminum foil and her name is Angela. Kyra says Adam has gone a little crazy. Adam says she likes soccer, shopping, and she likes beer. Anthony says Adam has had his highs and lows, but since Sam has been gone he’s completely lost it. Este is talking to Kyra and Kyra says being a have-not has taken a toll on them. Este says they are struggling. Este asks Kyra if the plan is the same because she hasn’t talked to Adam. Kyra thinks the plan hasn’t changed and Este says for the following weeks she does have Kyra’s back. Este says she knows she has Dane, and Kyra, and she thinks she has Damien. Kyra says they think Este is alright and they go to the WC. Adam and Dane are talking to Damien and Adam says who do you want out and who are your ride or dies and they laugh. Adam says they need to make sure the boys are safe next week so he wants to get close to Damien. Dane says let’s say we keep Mark how can we make that happen? Damien says he doesn’t trust Mark, he’s lied to his face, and he’s legit tried to get him out of the house. Adam is pitching an all guys final and Damien says it would be cool. Este comes in and says she needs to change and Adam and Dane say bedtime. Este asks if they were talking about her and were they trying to get her out. Dane and Adam say yeah and Damien says you better start campaigning and she says stop. It sucks being on the block three times in a row. Arisa welcomes us back to double eviction night. Yesterday, we finally seen Damien pull himself off with his first comp win. Damien has a ton of support back home in Nadleh Whut’en, BC. We meet Sue and Johnny, Damien’s mom and dad. Emma is Damien’s girlfriend and she says the prettiest boy is not part of the Pretty Boys. She’s been watching the feeds and she misses him. Sue says seeing Damien being the first HG voted in was really fun. Johnny says this game is going to learn a little more about honesty from Damien. Sue says when he was first on the block, she was like omg and him being on the block for the fourth time she’s tired of it. Emma says he’s been on the block four times and he hasn’t’ had a single vote against him and that speaks to his social game. Clearly, he’s doing something right. We see his brother and he says it’s great to see Damien playing with integrity. Tamar and Pamela, Damien’s sisters, are in a huge crowd of people to cheer for Damien. We hear someone drove four hours to be there. Charlie, his niece, thinks it’s awesome to see him on TV. We see the crowd from home watching Damien win the POV competition and they all cheer. A local child says Damien shows him he can do anything. Emma says in her dream scenario is Damien wins HOH and puts up Adam and Dane and one goes home. And that’s what’s happening! Arisa says let’s head back inside where BB gave the agents a chance to let loose a little. Este says it’s been a stressful day and they all head out to the hot tub. Anthony says BB has put food and drinks in the BY and most of them are on slop and he’s going to eat half his body weight. Dane says they’ve been in the house too long, it’s time to party! All the HG are in the DR and they are chanting party! Damien hears his song by his band, Kedah Clan, and he tells everyone. Damien says watching the HG dance to his music, let’s just say the game was chilled. Este and Dane are in the DR hugging each other. We then see Este in bed in the HOH room and Dane joins her and they are making out. Adam goes into the HOH bedroom and says be careful what you wish for Dane! I seen that Estefania! They tell him to shut up and nothing happened and Adam leaves. Mark is outside with Anthony and he motions Anthony over. Mark says Adam and Dane are snakes, does Anthony think he’s still good. Anthony says he doesn’t have to worry. If he catches a whiff that someone is going to be disrespectful or someone will approach him with such a question, he’d flip the house upside down. Mark says honestly, he only trusts Anthony. Anthony says the plan was four to the end, but along the way, two of them did some shady crap. Anthony says no one is going to do dirt, if they do he’s going to flip the house upside down. If they’re going to take Mark out, they might as well take him out. It’s Day 54 and Dane and Este are talking. Este says if she goes home this week she will be so mad. Dane says you aren’t going home, Mark is. Dane says he knew this day was coming and it’s not easy letting her go and Canada, it’s not easy to see someone you like go. Dane says when Este finds out that he hasn’t been 100% upset with her then she might be upset with him and never want to talk to him again. Este tells Dane it just sucks that people might be lying to your face. Time to get to the first eviction of the night! Este says the person next to her put up three people last week and didn’t care if any one of them went home and he’s been playing for himself and hopefully they are sticking to the plan to get him out. Mark loves each of them and he want to know if they really think he’s an impediment in them winning the prize then can they raise their hand. No one raises their hand and he says I didn’t think so, do the right thing. It’s time to vote! Anthony votes to evict Este. Damien unfortunately votes to evict Este. Kyra votes to evict Este. Dane votes to evict Mark. By a vote of 3-1 Este has been evicted from the Big Brother Canada house. Este hugs Mark and Adam and Damien and then hugs Dane as she heads up the stairs. She says she loves them and blows a kiss and heads out. Arisa asks Este if she was blindsided and she says yes. 100%. She had no idea. She was nervous yesterday and today. When she heard the numbers she thought maybe it was ok. Arisa asks why she didn’t campaign harder and she says she was just worried she was just paranoid. Arisa asks if maybe she depended on Dane too much and she says yeah, but she felt like he had a say in the house. Damien says he has no idea what’s going on in this house, they can’t stick to a plan. Dane says she has one of the biggest hearts he’s ever seen and he knows their friendship will last. Dane says he was 99% loyal to her and he did keep a secret and he makes the Pretty Boy sign and he says it did mean something. Mark says the backdoor plan was his and Adam says the backdoor Mark plan was never a real plan and he tells her he was in an alliance with The Pretty Boys with Dane, Mark, and Anthony. Este is on the way to the jury house and it’s time to let everyone know it’s another double eviction. Arisa lets the HG know about the double eviction and instructs them to go to the backyard for the HOH competition! Time to get to the HOH comp! Each HG will take a shot on a giant pool table and their ball will land on a score. The HG with the highest score will win HOH. Mark is first and it lands in 2. Damien is up next and he scores a 6. Dane is up and he says a big cue for a small guy. Dane hits 13 and is now in the lead. Kyra is up and they score 3. Anthony is up and he says I love you mom and scores a 9. Dane has won the HOH! Dane and Kyra talk and Kyra says if he needs to put them up as a pawn, it’s ok but they don’t really want to go up. Damien comes in next and hugs Dane and he says Mark or Kyra. Adam is next and says there is no reason for a PB to go up. Dane says Adam needs to win veto. Dane says if he puts up Damien he will be mad at him. Pretty boys though! Arisa calls the HG to the LR. Everyone comes in and Arisa says she knows it’s happening quickly but they need to know who he’s putting on the block. Dane nominates Kyra and then says it’s really tough and he nominates Damien. Damien does not look happy. Damien says how did you guys swindle this one? The POV competition will be up next! So far tonight, Este has been evicted, Dane won HOH and nominated Kyra and Damien. It’s time for the POV competition. This challenge is called Balls Out and on go, they will race to get all of their gumballs out of their gumball machine by pushing them out the door. Once they are all out, run out and hit your button. The first one to empty their machine and hit their button will win POV! They all seem to be making decent progress. Damien seems to be a little behind. Adam is close. Kyra has the least amount of balls out. Anthony has most of his balls out. It’s between Adam and Anthony. Dane is cheering them all on. Anthony has his last ball and is out and beats Adam by a few seconds. Anthony and Adam and Dane celebrate. When we come back, we will find out what Anthony will do. We’re back for the POV ceremony. Anthony stands and he has decided NOT to use the POV. Kyra says if they think they’re beneficial in the game help them survive their second double eviction on the block. Damien says the boys have talked about it a lot and they have a chance to make history. Whatever happens, happens…cheers! It’s time to vote! Adam votes to evict Damien. Anthony votes to evict Damien. Mark says he got lucky last week, not this week. He votes to evict Damien. By a vote of 3-0, Damien has been evicted from the Big Brother Canada house! Damien looks a little shocked. He says he doesn’t know what to say and accepts a hug from the boys and Kyra hugs him and says it’s not a gender thing man. Damien says there’s been a lot of talk. Damien heads up the stairs and exits the house. Damien is welcomed very warmly by the Big Brother Canada crowd. Arisa says she knows he’s smiling, but there is no way he could be happy. What is he feeling? Damien says he didn’t see that happening. He feels betrayed by the boys and his hockey brother. Arisa says you must know you’re a fan favorite because Canada voted for him to get two advantages. Damien says he’s so flatter and he’d keep on speaking, but he’s a little choked up. He says this is wild. Arisa asks what he’s going to remember from this experience? Damien says he’s a First Nations kid and they can dream big and have them come true. Arisa asks who he thinks will win and Damien says Dane will win.
  25. We start in Tokyo, Japan for the second leg and Leo and Jamal are the first to depart. They are heading to Luang Prabang in Laos. They feel they have redeemed themselves in Japan and they want to get out fast. They say it only gets tougher and Big Brother and Survivor don’t know what to expect. Colin and Christie are second to leave and Colin says they’ve grown a lot since they’ve been on. Colin says that attitude he had will not get him anywhere any faster and they talk about their meditation practices. Tyler and Korey are third to depart and they are honored they got to come back. They think Leo and Jamal will use the U-Turn them and Leo and Jamal say they smartest thing would be to get the stronger teams out. Rachel and Elissa are fourth to depart and Rachel misses her husband, but her and Brendon were kind of intense and her and her sister are more mellow. Becca and Floyd leave in fourth and Nicole and Victor leave in fifth. Victor says they feel a little more comfortable and Nicole says not too much because when you feel comfortable that’s when you get out. Rachel and Elissa want to work with Becca and Floyd to find where they get their tickets. Nicole and Victor arrive and see Becca and Floyd and they leave with them and Rachel and Elissa are left behind. Rachel says it’s a huge advantage to have people you know you can count on and now they know they won’t work with them. Teams are arriving at the airport and Corrine says she hasn’t had any fun yet. If she had a funometer, it would be at zero. Eliza says they’ve learned from the mistakes on their first leg and they are ready to go. Rupert and Laura arrive and greet and hug Colin and Christie. Rupert tells Colin and Christie about walking around four hours. Chris and Bret are huge fans of Rupert and they want to advance some Survivors to the end. Rupert says they are not going to give up. They just want to beat one team each leg and knock that newbie out of them. It’s 5:00 am and a courier is arriving with the racers next clues. They will make their way to give alms to the monks. Chris and Bret decide to run and Leo and Jamal and Rupert and Laura take a taxi. Corrine and Eliza are running in front of the taxi that Rupert and the Afghanimals are in. Leo and Jamal are going to call Corrine and Eliza Team Snake. It’s very quiet and a monk taps a bell and then rings it with a log. Monks come walking in a line with a pot and the racers are all sitting in a row. Colin says the monks are blasting out love and compassion to the world. They get their next clue and they have to make their way by foot to the big tree by the Mekong River and search for their next clue. Elissa says she has a connection with Colin and Christie because they are very Zen and she’s a yogi. Rachel and Elissa work with Colin and Christie and they have found a U-Turn. Rachel asks Elissa who they want to U-Turn and it’s X2. Elissa doesn’t think they should and Rachel says they need to U-Turn someone and Colin says he and Christie weren’t going to U-Turn anyone. Elissa and Rachel decide to U-Turn Becca and Floyd. Rachel says they showed they didn’t want to work with them so they decided to U-Turn them, it’s a game. We’re at the detour. ABC will force the racers to learn the Lao alphabet. The other choice is BBQ and they must prepare skewers to get their next clue. Leo and Jamal and arrive and are going to U-Turn Korey and Tyler, but Becca and Floyd just showed up so they decide to U-Turn Tyler and Korey. They weren’t surprised because they knew they were threats. Janelle and Britney are arguing over which way to go. Britney says Big Brother didn’t prepare them for the exhaustion of the race. Tyler and Korey select a teacher and they will learn the ABC’s in Lao. They learned very quickly the language is very tonal. Leo and Jamal have found the market place with Becca and Floyd behind. They watch the demonstration, and then they have to find the ingredients, and then prepare the skewers. Becca and Floyd and Leo and Jamal struggle to find the fish, but they finally find it. Tyler and Korey are still working on the alphabet and they are ready to try. Corrine and Eliza arrive at ABC. Tyler and Korey go into a classroom with children and say the alphabet in front of the kids and they get it wrong and the children laugh. They go back to practice some more. Corrine and Eliza are practicing and Corrine says the letters sound like a Boston person saying everything. Rachel and Elissa and Colin and Christie have arrived at the market place. Leo and Jamal and Becca and Floyd are working on the skewer preparation. Corrine and Eliza are ready for their first try at the alphabet. The kids cheer for them and clap when they are correct and laugh when they are wrong. Corrine and Eliza make a mistake and they have to try again. Chris and Bret have arrived at the market place. Becca and Floyd are calling Rachel and Elissa the evil twins. Nicole and Elissa are struggling with the butchery of the fish. Rupert and Laura have arrived for the alphabet. Tyler and Korey are trying again and they get it correct. Now they have to go do the other detour. Rupert says he saw no similarities between our ABC’s and their ABC’s. Corrine and Eliza are in for another try and they get it correct and they are currently in first. Tyler and Korey have arrived at the market and Becca tells Floyd they must have crushed the other detour. Nicole says Victor is killing it, she’s so proud of him. Leo and Jamal are getting their skewers checked and they don’t have them tied correctly. Rupert and Laura are going in for their first shot at the ABC’s. The children laugh and they have to practice some more. Leo and Jamal are back for the check and they are done, with Nicole and Victor right behind in third. Becca and Floyd are ready for their check and they are finished and they now have to go to ABC. Janelle and Britney are done and leave in fourth. Colin and Christie are also done. Rachel and Elissa have to fix their skewers also and they start bickering. Becca and Floyd are at the other detour and they see Rupert and Laura and they feel better. Tyler and Korey ask Rachel and Elissa why they U-turned team Fun and they says they were behind them. Rachel and Elissa are done and Rupert and Laura have finished the detour. Becca and Floyd are ready for their attempt at the ABC’s and they get it done and are off. Teams are on their way to an elephant village. Chris and Bret are in 9th place and they pass Rupert and Laura and they get passed by Becca and Floyd. Tyler and Korey are still at the market doing their skewers. Chris and Bret and Rupert and Laura decide to share a taxi. Tyler and Korey get their skewers checked and they are done and leaving in last place. Leo and Jamal say they are cool with everyone except the Survivor girls. Corrine and Eliza seem to be lost and they see Leo and Jamal pass them and they go to follow them. Leo and Jamal hit the road block. Who likes to be in command? Laos has been called the land of a million elephants. Using only Lao commands, teams must convince a three ton elephant to cross a river and then search for a musician playing music. Jamal is going to do the road block for his team. Nicole is doing it and she says she’s never travelled outside of the U.S. before and she’s always wanted to see an elephant. Jamal says he’s been a linguist before so he picked up on this pretty quickly. They are given a chart with the commands to lead the elephant. Victor says his dad was in the navy and seeing Nicole go through the experience is so rewarding. Jamal and Nicole are side by side. Janelle and Britney and Corrine and Eliza arrive at the road block at the same time and they run past the box and Victor helps Janelle and Britney and Corrine and Eliza and Leo tells Victor not to help the Survivor girls. Nicole tells the elephant she’s a push over so she’ll let him lead. Colin and Christie have arrived and Christie is doing the road block. Corrine and Britney are doing the road block. Britney wants to ride in a saddle, not bare back. Rachel and Elissa have gotten to the road block and Elissa does it for their team. Becca and Floyd arrive and Becca wants to do it. Tyler and Korey passed Rupert and Laura. Chris and Bret are there and Chris is going to do it. Tyler and Korey arrive and with Rupert and Laura right behind and Rupert will do it for their team. When Tyler gets his elephant he sees Rupert still learning the commands and Becca and Chris. Jamal and Nicole have found the musician and they get their clue. They can’t open it until they get back to their partner. Nicole and Jamal are on their way back and the others are starting to cross the river. Elissa says it doesn’t get better than this. Jamal and Nicole have made their way back. Victor says this is the slowest foot race to a challenge he’s ever seen. Nicole is back first and thanks the elephant and the trainer. Jamal is right there and it’s a race to their next pit stop Prince Phetsarath’s Palace along the banks of the Mekong river. Nicole and Victor and Leo and Jamal are out and racing for first. Britney says this is the most incredible thing ever. Becca is struggling to control the elephant. She says the elephant doesn’t care they are in a race. Chris and Rupert are struggling too. Becca, Chris, and Rupert are the last in the water. Britney has found the musician with Corrine, Christie, and Elissa right behind and they get their clue. Tyler is looking for the musician and they tell him which way to go. Nicole and Victor pass Leo and Jamal and they says it’s nerve racking being in first. Becca and Rupert are still struggling. Rupert says we didn’t come here to lose. Laura says Rupert loves elephants, but maybe not that one. Rupert says elephants have been his spirit guide and he says he can’t end on an elephant…he loves him too much! Chris says he named his elephant Bret, very frustrating and very loveable. Corrine has made it back and they leave in third. Victor and Nicole are getting directions and Leo and Jamal don’t think it’s the right place. Victor is yelling at Nicole to follow and he says they are in the right spot. Leo and Jamal have caught up and Victor says he knew they were in the right place. Nicole apologizes and Victor says they were lying to you. Janelle and Britney leave in fourth place. Elissa and Rachel and Colin and Christie leave in fifth and sixth. Janelle and Britney pass Corrine and Eliza and Rachel and Elissa do as well. Chris and Bret leave in 8th place. Leo and Jamal head up the stairs and they are in first place and they have won $2500 each. Nicole and Victor hit the mat in second place. Nicole says next time she won’t believe Leo and Jamal. Rupert has finally gotten his clue. Rachel and Elissa hit the mat in third with Colin and Christie in fourth, Janelle and Britney in fifth, Corrine and Eliza in sixth, Tyler and Korey landed in seventh and they are all on the mat together. Chris and Bret hit the mat in eighth. Becca is out of the water and Rupert still has to cross the river. Rupert apologizes to Laura and she says maybe it’s a non-elimination. Becca and Floyd hit the mat in ninth place. Rupert and Laura climb the steps and they have finished in last place and they have been eliminated from the race. Rupert says he considers himself one of the toughest Survivors out there and the race kicked his butt. Next time on The Amazing Race, teams light up the dance floor. While Corrine and Eliza feel a pinch, Leo and Jamal feel the pressure.
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