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  1. 4:45 PM BBT Paul, James, and Nat in the UKBR. Paul says Paulie is trying to convince Victor to pull Corey off so he can campaign against Michelle or Natalie. They talk about the comp and Victor giving up $5000 and a trip. (It sounds like a point and who wants it the most type of veto or whoever finished picked a prize and the next person got to take that prize or pick a new one) Vic told James to take him on a trip or buy him something nice. We're back to Jeff Reels.
  2. 11:58 AM BBT Nicole tells Michelle in the HNR that she feels like she owes Corey for keeping her safe in the D/E so she really wants to do good. Michelle says she will be cheering for her, because after all there are only three girls left. They talk about James saying they were all on board to start picking off the girls. Nicole says they are going to have a very hard time getting much further. Michelle says we need to start winning comps, me and Natalie will be cheering for you. They throw out ideas on what the POV comp might be. Michelle suggests the chicken wire comp and Nicole says that's usually for HOH. Nicole thinks it will be a puzzle. Michelle hopes Paulie isn't in the right mind set for the comp. They talk about him being the one who was turning his answer board back and forth. Paulie says he threw the second HOH because he trusted Paul and Victor. Nicole says all three girls got out first so they didn't even have to try. Michelle says Paulie openly admitted to playing Derrick's game, that he would plant seeds in different peoples brains and watered it so they'd think it was their own idea. Michelle says he's so funny. 12:07 PM BBT Michelle tells Nicole she felt like an outcast when she was on the block. She felt like Nicole thought it was a chore to talk to her while she was on the block. Michelle tells Nicole that Zakiyah told her Nicole was sketchy because she knew more about was going on than she was sharing. Nicole says Zakiyah told her Michelle was the one who felt that way and Michelle says Zakiyah is the one who brought it up. 12:10 PM BBT Nicole says her strategy was not to seem like she's attached at the hip with the people she was working with. That was why she never wanted to be on the block with Michelle or Zakiyah because she didn't want it to be obvious they were friendly and working together. Michelle says she hopes Z won't hold anything against her but she feels like Z is the type of person who would hold a grudge. Michelle says Bridgette and Natalie were nice to Z, but then she would say she hated them and Nicole says yeah Z wasn't fond of them. Michelle and Nicole think Bridgette is a good person and was playing a good game. Michelle says she's grateful because Bridgette helped her stay. Michelle tells Nicole she told Bridgette she wouldn't mind seeing her win. Michelle tells Nicole she had a crush on Frank and she was jealous of Bridgette because of that and she says she's a very jealous person. She felt very safe with the other five and saw Bridgette as a threat. Michelle said just seeing her talk to Frank made her angry and she let her emotions get in the way of her game. 12:19 PM BBT Michelle asks if Christine was catty and a shit talker and Nicole doesn't remember there any cattiness. Michelle asks about the detonators and Nicole says Christine and four boys. Nicole feels it's very catty this season and so much crap talk even from the guys. 12:30 PM BBT More general chit chat about the house and the talking about each other. They decide to take a nap. 1:12 PM BBT Jeff Reels. Time for POV.
  3. They have stayed up ALL night. Natalie and Bridgette double teamed James and James had a brief chat with Nicole and Corey. Lots of flip-flopping all night, but at the end of it all (or the end of what I watched since they are still awake) is James is going to use his power to cancel Paulie's vote and Corey's vote and Natalie, Bridgette, Paul, and James will vote out Zakiyah. The plan is to go after Paulie in D/E with Corey and Nicole as the back up if they can't get Paulie. Paul, Bridgette, Michelle, Natalie, and James talked about this plan. Now we wait to see if Paul and James will trust each other and/or if Paul will run to Paulie with everything he's learned. I just can't do anymore tonight so I'll include a few time stamps for anyone else who can fill in. A little after 3:00 AM BBT with Corey, Nicole, and James in the Tokyo bedroom, a little after 5:00 AM BBT in the HNR (camera 1) and anything from 6:30 AM BBT on.
  4. 1:30 AM BBT Paul and Paulie in HOH chatting still. Paul is comfortable with Corey winning this HOH because he doesn’t think Corey would take a shot at him yet. Paulie says those girls, well not Zakiyah, but Nicole and Natalie hold control over their guys and that’s a problem. Paulie says that’s something Derrick said to him. If you see your boys getting close to a girl, then you have to clip that girl. Paul thinks if they put Nicole they have to send her home because she’s the strongest of the three girls. Paulie says put Nicole up against Zakiyah and win veto and swap Z with Natalie. Paulie wants all the fucking girls out because they haven’t won anything and they’re just coasting by. Paul says James is saying they are doing things for others but James is throwing comps and that’s not in the best interest of the alliance’s game, but it’s the best interest of James’ game. Paulie says if it got down to couples, he’d be the first to go because he’s the strongest out of the couples. 1:43 AM BBT Nicole and Zakiyah in the safari room. Z tells Nicole that Michelle told her that if Z gets sent home that Paulie says he’d only lose a cuddle mate and he’d have more free time. Nicole says she’s just saying that to keep herself safe. Nicole says she doesn’t know why she would say that to you. Nicole says she’s playing dirty. Z says she doesn’t think Paulie would say something like that. 1:46 AM BBT Paul says Natalie is so much in control of James. Paulie says we need to get those girls because they have control over their men. Paul says Corey hasn’t won anything at all and done anything. Exec will not crack under pressure so they need to get rid of him at 5 or 4. Paulie says if we can get rid of Nicole, James, and Bridgette, Victor should be the next to go. Paul says he’d rather have Zakiyah, Nat, and Corey who can’t beat Paul or Paulie in a comp over Vic. And if they have to keep Vic around one more then they can BD him. Paulie doesn’t even want Vic in the top 6 if possible. He thinks the optimal top 5 would be Zakiyah, Natalie, Corey, Paul and Paulie. Paul doesn’t think Vic will ever take a shot at them. Paulie says do you want to take that risk and Paul says yes. They keep spinning scenarios.
  5. 1:00 AM BBT Paulie in the Tokyo BR with Nicole and Corey. Nicole tells Paulie she thinks Michelle was waiting for Nicole to go to bed so she could talk to James. Paulie says I guess I’ll stay up. He says what is she going to say, she was as bad as those three people. Paulie says so what? I guess one of us have to win this D/E and make sure we’re safe. Nicole asks will you study with me tomorrow and Paulie says he thinks D/E stuff won’t be memory but crap shoots and Nicole says it wasn’t on my season. Paulie says Z is like always around him. Nicole says Z laid there for a bit before she got up. Paulie says he trusts her but he wants to have conversations with her not there. 1:01 AM BBT Natalie and James in the HT. Natalie says Z is just another number for Paulie and makes him more powerful. James says unless the whole house is on board, he won’t do it. James says Paulie might not be mad if he x’s out his vote and the house votes her out. Natalie says so how do we get that to happen. James says the only thing about that is Paulie will be pissed because we all sent her home and Michelle is coming after him. James says just know if we target his couple…Nat says he kept her on the block. James says I know but just know that it’s going to be open season for couples and me and you are going to be the first. Because if we do that and go against him and he wins HOH and we sent her home Natalie says he doesn’t care about her. Natalie says Z will do whatever Paulie says. She’s his little puppet. [Pot meet kettle again?] Natalie continues she is his puppet, she’s not playing her game, she’s playing his game, she’s playing for him. He’s giving her false hope. Nat says you do what you think is the best decision because every decision you’ve made so far has been the correct one. 1:03 AM BBT Paul whispers to Paulie they need a “PP” sessions. Like now. Paul says he needs to do laundry. He says he hasn’t done laundry once this entire season. Paulie says I won’t lie that’s amazing. 1:07 AM BBT James tells Natalie he is aware of what’s going on in the house. Natalie says so why don’t you do something about it. James says it’s about timing and it’s not time to rock the boat. Natalie says well when is the right time? After I’m taken out. James says no. Natalie says James Nicole doesn’t like me. Nat says if Nicole were to win she would put me up. 100%. James stands up and says he’s going to take a cold shower and Nat says ok thanks for listening to me. James says I am listening to you and he repeats what she said. Nat says you just do what’s good for your game, I’m just giving you my opinion. 1:10 AM BBT Paulie and Paul go upstairs to get some gummi bears. Paul says so what’s the plan bud. I have some concerning things to tell you. Paul says I trust you so keep this information to yourself or else we’re going to get dee-hayed. Exec already has his eyebrows raised about the three couples and I understand where they’re coming from but I trust you and that it’s not like that but homie has his eyebrows raised, not particularly concerning you but he’s thinking after this week it’s the three couples and him, Victor, and Bridgette and they are left out and easy targets. Paul says he told him I don’t think so man, like I trust Paulie and I don’t think any shady shit like that’s going on. Paul says that’s number one. Number two Bridgette said the same thing to me. Paulie says did she? What did she say. Paul says again don’t dee my hay here and Paulie says I’m not going to dee your hay, why would I do that I’m trying to take targets out before they come after us. Paul says I know but don’t approach Bridgette. And what was particularly sketchy about Bridgette doing that and why I’m telling you is cause she was like I know Paulie’s your boy and he was like continue and she’s like can’t you see the bigger picture. Paul says he was like no and she says you know the three couples. Paulie doesn’t understand why his name. Paul says she was using his name as a preempt. Paulie says he’s going after Bridgette this week anyway for D/E. Paul says we might have to please Bridgette and Vic and take a serious shot over there. Paul says there are two ways to go about it, you either have to put up James and Nicole or James and Nat. Paul says Bridgette is convinced other wise and he doesn’t really trust her but maybe he can real her in. Paulie says if Bridgette won’t go after him he has no problem leaving her in. Paul says next week we have to take some serious shots though. Paulie says the thing about the couples though is they don’t know about me you and Vic and they don’t know about the Execs. Paul says he’s looking at it like if one of those girls wins they will put up him and Vic and he’s looking at it to see what the chicks would do. Paul is not down to be a pawn anymore. He wants to take serious shots before they get taken at him. 1:14 AM BBT Natalie re-hashing everything again with James. She’s saying the same things and mentions again that Nicole and Paulie’s families are friends. Natalie repeating three times Derrick told Paulie NOT to get in a showmance. James says if you see your boy getting close to a girl you cut her. Natalie says she doesn’t know the game, but she seen season 16. 1:19 AM BBT Paul says another point Bridgette brought up was why did the house flip from Zakiyah to Michelle. Paul says he told her he didn’t know, maybe it was something Meech said in her speech that was a loose cannon statement. Paulie says he said that to Bridgette. Paul says Bridgette doesn’t it make sense Paulie would protect Zakiyah since they are a couple. Paul says how confident are we that Zakiyah won’t turn around and take a shot at us, because I’m still not sold. Paulie says I don’t know but Meech made it clear as day she wants to take a shot at him and blow his game up so for me she fucked up this week. Paulie says straight up if she’d have kept her mouth shut she’d have been fine. Paulie says Zakiyah can’t win a competition. Bridgette can win a competition. Paul says don’t say that, she lasted awhile in the last comp. Paulie said that was physical, this will be mental. Paulie says he would love to separate Nicole and Corey but they talk way too much and he wants Corey with them. Paul says Corey is getting really attached to Nicole. Paulie says they are 100% going for girls on a double evic. Paulie says let’s not forget there was a fatal 5. He knows Zakiyah and Nicole feel safe. Paul says I just want to know who to put up. Paulie says I’d be ok separating James and Natalie too and Paul says send which one out and Paulie says either one. Paulie feels like Bridgette is just playing Paul for information. Paul says also homie James mentioned to him the other day they are always biting the bullets for all the other people. We’re doing everyone else’s work for them. Paulie says he’s eluding to the fact that Corey hasn’t won anything and neither have the girls to help us take shots at anyone. Paul says he’d rather be the one taking the shots. 1:24 AM BBT Natalie says when Paulie wins the game she’s going to tell James I told you so.
  6. 12:31 AM BBT Natalie, Bridgette, and James still in the UKBR. Natalie says if we can get rid of Zakiyah, then maybe Bridgette can work with Paulie. Bridgette says he’s been suspicious of her since week 1. Natalie asks Bridgette if she’s sure Victor wants to keep Michelle and Bridgette is confident because to his understanding she was not the target. Bridgette says he’s not the most strategic guy and Natalie says I think he got tricked into putting them up. Natalie says Zakiyah threw away all of Bridgette’s cookies. James says yeah but Michelle was always the one saying we need to go throw Bridgette’s cookies away and Zakiyah was like I’m not scared, I’ll throw those things away. Bridgette says when they are out of the house she’s going to send them cookies every month for a year. James says it won’t be good if she put Nicole and Paulie up because Paulie 9 times out of 10 is going to win the veto and pull himself down. Nat says yeah but she’s not going to put me up, or you, or you. James says whoever tries to get Paulie out good luck. Natalie says he’ll win and Bridgette agrees. Bridgette says people will have to respect his game because it’s Derrick’s game. James says Derrick was never put up on the block and Bridgette says but he’s the one everyone trusted, he’s the one who everyone went to for an opinion, he was the one calling the shots. Bridgette says Paulie may have been on the block, but he was never really a target. Natalie says Derrick probably couldn’t have won comps all the time. Paulie and Victor are smart and they can win any comp they want to. They are capable of winning every single comp. Michelle is in the Safari room crying by herself. 12:37 AM BBT Natalie and Bridgette leave the UKBR and go into the SR looking for a snack for Natalie. They high five and mouth I hope to each other. Bridgette says I hope James is not bullshitting us. Natalie says he’s not. Especially after the conversation I was involved in. Bridgette says Michelle asked her why James would lie to her in front of Natalie and Bridgette said you’re so right. BB tells Natalie to exchange her microphone and she says Yay!!! Natalie eats a few peanuts and then says she’s going to have some cottage cheese. Bridgette says she’s going to request some soy milk. Natalie eats the cottage cheese right out of the container. Natalie loves the feeling of cottage cheese. (I think she means the texture) 12:38 AM BBT James in the Tokyo BR with Corey and Nicole. James tells Nicole and Corey about his and Nat’s fight. 12:42 AM BBT General chit chat in the KT with Bridgette, Natalie, Victor, Zakiyah, and Paul. Paulie up and clipping his toenails in the WA. 12:43 AM BBT James comes out of the WC and asks Paulie how things are with him and the “old lady”. Paulie laughs and says yeah I just can’t get alone time. James says you like that though right? Constant attention. Paul comes in and says he tried to fuck with Paulie while he was asleep. 12:50 AM BBT James asks Natalie if she wants to hang out in the HT. She says yes, she’s going to get some ice cream and she’ll put her feet in. James says you’re not going to get in and she says no she already showered and that’s a rarity. Is rarity a word? 12:52 AM BBT Natalie tells Vic he has an amazing body. Zakiyah says she released the nips tonight. Natalie says yes free the nips America. Natalie says you have to free the nips because the boobies are our friends and you have to name your boobies and you have to treat them like your friends. Natalie says release the nips America let them live, let them be free and breathe. She asks Zakiyah if she’s named her boobs and Z says Zoe and Zara. Natalie says she likes that. Z says did you name yours and Natalie says she’s named all her body parts and she talks to them and she loves them soooo much. Like when she has a tummy ache, she talks to her tummy. 12:56 AM BBT Natalie and James go out to the HT. Natalie says she’s going to run tonight. James says he’s glad they’re talking again because it was boring without her. Natalie says she was bored without him too. She almost cried in bed because she was sad because they didn’t talk all day and it was awkward and she talked herself out of crying because she’s only known him for 50 days and if he doesn’t want to talk to her that’s fine. James said he thought the same thing and Nat says shut the front door. Natalie is so sad that Nicole is making fun of her. She doesn’t make fun of Nicole, she doesn’t make fun of anyone. James says you make fun of me and she says she teases him. She’s sad because Nicole is fake to her face and makes fun of her behind her back. Paul comes out and James says come here. He says he’s x’ing his vote and Paul says that’s cool I told you to.
  7. 12:00 AM BBT Victor, Paul, Corey, and Nicole in the KT. Still general chit chat going on. 12:01 AM BBT Natalie and James in the UKBR and Natalie says what if someone was making fun of you. Like what if Corey made fun of you because you talked to Nicole, like a normal conversation. James says it’s just a game, unless it’s something vulgar. Natalie says ok, allright. James says I would care if someone was talking about a girl I like and talking about her butt or taking her on dates behind my back. James says he’d care about that. Natalie says I just have to play it all off. James says you should have put him in his place. Natalie says how. Natalie says she told him to his face they were just friends and she says James said that was harsh. Natalie says he needs to stick to his girl and not on her. Natalie says I’m very straight up and you know that. James says yeah I know you are. He says he doesn’t know how to take all that stuff and Natalie says I know I shouldn’t have said anything. I’d rather go be with my friends and family who don’t make fun of me and talk about me and twirl their hair behind my back. James says we’re all put in stressful situations and Natalie says no one is making fun of you. James said well I look like a fool if he’s saying all that stuff behind my back and smiling to my face. 12:05 AM BBT Natalie says she was laying out a few weeks ago and Nicole was there and Paulie told her to put her butt away and she was laying on her stomach. Natalie says she kept her mouth shut because she was scared of him. 12:07 AM BBT Bridgette goes to check on Natalie saying she needs to wax. James asks Bridgette if Michelle sent her and she said no she came in to see if Natalie wanted to wax. Bridgette says she thinks Michelle is in safari if he’s looking for her. James says he thought she was going to bring someone in for him to talk to. Bridgette says I think she’s trying to pitch to stay and stuff. James says who is she talking to and Bridgette says she pitched to me. James says no in there and Bridgette says she’s in there by herself. She’s not talking to anyone, but we talked out the Jacuzzi. Bridgette says Michelle tried to pick her brain on who James was going to eliminate for the vote. James says she’s trying to get the votes together because she wants to stay. James says he told her if she gets people to tell him to his face they want her to stay then he’ll consider it. But he’s not going to make any decisions until then. Bridgette says I don’t know what do you think is best for your game. James says I don’t know I don’t think either of them are targeting me or Natalie. Bridgette says they’ve been talking to me which is a complete 180 from two weeks ago. Natalie says now that Michelle is on the block she notices who is true and who is not. Bridgette says she thinks she feels hurt because Nicole, Corey she was with that group and they are obviously against her now, the house. Bridgette says Vic told her he wanted Michelle to stay. James says it sounds great she thinks she has a vote but if he goes against the house then he could be on the block. Bridgette says she’s getting upset because Corey put words in her mouth and said she wanted Michelle gone, which isn’t necessarily true. James says no I definitely think they want her gone. Bridgette says oh yeah Corey wants Michelle gone. James says Nicole will probably vote against Michelle and Paulie won’t vote against Z. Bridgette says ok I’m not going to lie because I want her to stay because I’m upset because they told me Z was the target. James is scared Paulie, Corey, Nicole and whoever wanted Michelle to leave wins HOH and they come after him because he blindsided them. James says the only way I can make that right is if he told the whole house he wanted Zakiyah out. But if he did it at eviction time and Bridgette says no that wouldn’t be good I wouldn’t ask you to do that. 12:14 AM BBT James says the only way he’d do it is if other people stand up and say they want Michelle to stay because he doesn’t want it to be just his ass on the line. Bridgette says it would piss off Corey, Nicole, or Paulie and that’s it. Bridgette says she asked Paul why the target changed. James says he didn’t know so many people were on board with keeping Michelle. Bridgette says Paul told her because it was Paulie’s girl. Natalie asks if James would have won the veto on her and he says yeah it’s expected. Natalie says he didn’t so he really doesn’t care. He left her on the block. James says maybe that’s what Paulie wants us to do is send her home. 12:18 AM BBT Bridgette says as a vet what are the steps we should take to keep Michelle. James says you need to voice your opinion. Bridgette says to who. James says he’s not sure he doesn’t understand why Victor won’t come talk to him. James says this is a sticky situation because you’re going up against a tyrant right now. James says if he wins HOH I’m fucked if he’s blindsided and Bridgette says me too and he’ll want Michelle out. James says if they can’t get Michelle they will go after me. Bridgette says if we can convince Paulie that Z is bad for his game and get him on board to get her out then it’s a house decision. Natalie says Zakiyah gets jealous that Paulie was getting to know Bridgette. James says Zakiyah should be jealous because of how Paulie is. Bridgette says can I tell you my great idea and James says he won’t say anything. Bridgette says she really wants to trust him. Bridgette says she’s going to flirt with Paulie so she can make Zakiyah jealous and Paulie will want to get rid of her. James says why don’t one of you girls flirt with him and take him. 12:20 AM BBT Corey and Nicole go to lay down. Zakiyah is going to make cookies. 12:23 AM BBT James says just follow him around, get in bed with him, and be liked a puppy. Natalie says you’re sick shut up. Natalie says are you guys pranking me. James says seriously the only way I’ll stick my neck out is if someone sticks their neck out with me because I’m not going to get mine chopped off. Bridgette says we potentially have five people and James says five votes? Bridgette says no we have three votes. Natalie says Nicole won’t keep Michelle because she’s lied to her so many times. Bridgette thinks Paulie and Nicole have something. Natalie says their families are friends, they always talk about each other’s families. James says he has nothing with no one, but people feel comfortable with him because he’ll carry out things. Natalie says what’s the worst that happens if Z stays. Bridgette says I think this is bullshit but Paulie says if he wins HOH he’s going to put up Zakiyah and Nicole and Z is still a target. They think everyone will throw the D/E HOH because no one will want it. Natalie so is it not a bad thing if she stays? Bridgette says if Paulie is lying and does gun for HOH he could put up James and Bridgette and they could lose another number. 12:25 AM BBT Paul goes out to the BY and Victor says he’s going to play 9 ball by himself. On his way through the KT, he says Paulie is awake. 12:28 AM BBT Natalie says Z will always be a number for Paulie and she’s in love with him. Natalie says why do girls do that. James says Natalie isn’t like that. Natalie says as long you respect me and don’t talk about putting me on the block behind my back, I’m cool. James says he hasn’t done any of that this game. Natalie knows James wouldn’t hurt her feelings. Bridgette says he knows Paul wants Z out but he’s going to do what Paulie wants. James says you need to get Victor to talk with Paul. Bridgette says Paulie doesn’t trust Victor and Natalie says Paulie trusts Victor because he fell after Michelle and Z fell in the HOH. Paulie wouldn’t have done that before. Natalie thinks Z was going to come after Paulie. Bridgette says what do you think James and he says Paulie has to be ok with it. Because we’ll be taking shots at couples too.
  8. 11:30 PM BBT Michelle told Natalie and James in the UKBR that Paulie has been telling stories about her from outside the house. Natalie says Paulie knows one of my ex-boyfriends. Michelle says Victor is acting like it’s really bad and he wouldn’t say. James says me and Paulie might have to have a little chat. Natalie says you can have a talk with him, I don’t really care. Natalie says he has stories about me? What stories. Michelle says I don’t know. Natalie says interesting. Michelle says you know stories about him right. Natalie says I don’t know him, I know a girl he used to date. Michelle says what was she like and James says sweet girl and we get FotH. 11:31 PM BBT Nicole, Corey, Paul, Paulie, and Bridgette all in the KT. General chit chat still going on. 11:34 PM BBT Michelle leaves the UKBR and Natalie says to James so Paulie talked shit about me and James said and me. James said he said I was playing Derrick’s game and Natalie says that’s your friend. Natalie says they’ve been making fun of me behind my back and James said I didn’t know that. Natalie says I told you. I already knew it without anyone tell me because I have eyeballs and ears. James says I didn’t know everyone says stuff about others in the house. James says I can’t believe Bridgette, and then he says nevermind she was just looking out for you. Natalie says Bridgette says she was happy for her but because of what happened with Victor Bridgette wants Natalie to be smart. James says Victor you’re such a dick. Natalie says why would Paulie say stuff behind my back and tell stories on me. James says he’ll find out. Natalie says I never did anything bad and she said good find out. She says she’s ashamed of nothing she’s done in her life. She says obviously everyone has things they wouldn’t say on tv, they’re all human, but she’s a good person. We get FotH. 11:35 PM BBT James says Paulie is probably saying the Jersey girl thing and that you like to party. Natalie says she’s not a partier, she doesn’t cheat on her boyfriends, she’s not a partier. She’s partied in her life, yeah but, from 21-23 she didn’t drink alcohol. Natalie says I had to work unlike everyone else in this house like 6 to 7 days a week and James says woah, pump the breaks, I have to work too. Natalie says I’m not saying you, I had to work all my life, I’ve missed so many family functions and so many weddings because I had to work and I’ve never had anyone to take care of me. So for someone to say she’s a partier and talk shit behind her back are you fucking kidding me? Are you kidding me? That’s insulting. James says this damned game right here, just remember it’s a damned game. Natalie says but when it’s personal, attack my game not my personal life. No one has handed me shit in life so don’t talk about my personal life. She’s insulted “he knows how jersey girls are”. She says from Venezuela and she was raised by a Venezuelan woman. James says he’s just going off his ex-girlfriends. FotH. 11:40 PM BBT Natalie filling James in on all the information she has on Paulie. [Not entirely sure it’s all accurate]. James says you waited until now to tell me instead of telling me when it happened because it was wrong. Natalie says Paulie said he wanted to bite her butt. 11:41 PM BBT Michelle and Bridgette in the WA and Bridgette is brushing her teeth. Michelle is filling Bridgette on the conversation with James. She tells Bridgette he wants to talk to the person who would vote for Michelle and Michelle says she didn’t name drop but she doesn’t have to talk to him if she doesn’t want to. Bridgette says James is really hard to read though and Michelle says but why would he lie in front of Natalie. Bridgette says interesting. Michelle says she mentioned the big target and splitting up the votes and she thinks there’s a good chance he’ll use it. She also told him about Paulie saying James was playing Derrick’s game. Bridgette says the problem is he did the exact same thing to Frank but James was bullshitting them the entire time. Michelle says then don’t risk your game. Bridgette says I’m not saying he’s bullshitting but I’m saying there’s potential he is. Bridgette says Nicole is throwing shade. Bridgette says she was in the hammock and Nicole came out to do laundry and Bridgette says she called for Nicole a few times and she didn’t answer. Michelle says she was probably jealous again and Bridgette says I’m confused, I don’t know what I did to her. Bridgette says maybe she was just pissed because I was hanging out with you. 11:46 PM BBT Michelle says I could talk to Paul, but do you think he’s a lost cause. Bridgette says you can but do it tonight so he can marinate on it. Michelle says she can just fill him in on things Paulie says and Bridgette says maybe it’ll open his eyes. Bridgette coaches Michelle what to say to Paul that he is not Paulie’s second man, that Corey thinks he is and Zakiyah does and Nicole does. 11:49 PM BBT James says he’s never made any types of those comments to Zakiyah or Nicole because it’s out of line. Natalie says why do you think I never trusted him. She says that’s the main reason she doesn’t trust him. 11:51 PM BBT James says when Paulie sees stuff like me and you not hanging out for a whole day, other people can sense when there are problems. Natalie says it didn’t happen today. James says they take it as an open invitation to sway things. Natalie says it’s not an open invitation for things like that. Natalie says all right, just make it excuses for him, I shouldn’t have told you because you’re going to take his side over mine. James says I’m not trying to take and Natalie interrupts and says you’re going to be mad at me for being the one telling you. James says I’m not taking anybody’s side, I told you I thought he was wrong for it. He says if we weren’t in the middle of a game I’d pull him aside and say something. Natalie says how do you think I feel that Nicole was making fun of me by twirling her hair because I talked to Corey. [Because Nicole never twirled her hair before?] Natalie says she never feels good in this house. Maybe it’s Paulie’s game and he thinks she’s weak. Natalie says she used to flirt with him all the time before she started liking James. James says I didn’t know that. Natalie says no I didn’t flirt with him for real, just a friendship because Bronte liked Paulie. 11:52 PM BBT Zakiyah gets up and walks through the KT where Victor, Paul, Nicole, Corey, and Bridgette are still having general chit chat. 11:54 PM BBT Paul goes in to the Tokyo BR and Paulie is lying on the day bed. Paul picks up a bottle with a plunger dispenser on it (lotion or a gel of some sort) and squirts a drop on Paulie’s neck as he sleeps. Paulie doesn’t move. Paul gives up and returns to the KT. 11:55 PM BBT Natalie says she doesn’t want to be around these people anymore. Nicole and Corey picking on her and Paulie saying he knows what type of girl she is. Natalie doesn’t want James to say anything to Paulie because he might target her. James says or he might stop, I don’t think he’ll target you. Natalie says fine tell him and get me targeted. James says I’m not and Natalie interrupts and says if you talk to him about it, I will be upset. That’s why I didn’t want to tell you. I was going to tell you but then I realized it wasn’t the smartest decision and now it’s heated. She does want to blow up his game because he isn’t playing a clean game and everyone is doing his dirty work for him. Michelle says the thing is she’s acting like she’ll win HOH next week and what if she doesn’t win HOH. Natalie says you do the best thing for your game, I already told you I’m not here to mess up your game. She says she was venting to him because she was insulted. She didn’t want to tell him because she didn’t want to start drama.
  9. 11:01 PM BBT Michelle and Bridgette in the HT. Michelle wants to know who said she was going to blow up everyone’s game. She thinks it was Paul. Bridgette says oh yeah, I’m pretty sure that came from Paul. Michelle says he’s dirty. Bridgette says he’s not dirty, that’s just his game. So when you talk to Paul don’t tell him you don’t want everyone else to know. 11:03 PM BBT Michelle tells Bridgette that Da’Vonne said like week 3 she wanted to get the couples out and James and went and told Nicole. Michelle doesn’t know where James stands and she thinks he might have an alliance with Nicole. Bridgette can see that too. Michelle can’t wait to tell Da everything. Michelle says she wants Bridgette to win. She asks if Bridgette is a superfan and Bridgette says no, she watched 16, 17, 14, and half of 7. Bridgette says she’s going to go flirt with Paulie now and Michelle says you’re taking one for the team now. 11:05 PM BBT Michelle says she wants James to come out. She thinks they’re all in the back bedroom telling James not to use it and that Michelle is coming for him. Bridgette says everyone thinks you’re going after James. Michelle says really and Bridgette says yeah and yes. Bridgette says she heard that from two people and Michelle says who. Bridgette says Corey and Paul. Michelle says how did they know? Michelle says Victor asked her if she hated James and Michelle says no that he annoys her but it’s more like a brother/sister thing. Michelle says now I really have to do damage control and when did he say that and Bridgette says yesterday or today. BB tells Bridgette and Michelle to put their mics on and Bridgette says fuck you big brother. Bridgette says they think Michelle is emotional because she’s always crying. Michelle says if Paul doesn’t vote for her, then she’ll blow up his game. Michelle wants Victor and Bridgette to go far. Bridgette says girl you are a force to be reckoned with. Michelle says she’ll mention James name too and Bridgette says for being a pussy. Bridgette says he’s got a good social game but he’s a flip flopper. 11:09 PM BBT Victor, Paul, Corey, and Nicole in the KT talking about drinking. Michelle goes into the UKBR with Natalie and James. Michelle says she needs to talk to James about the vote thing. Michelle thinks she has a third vote with him and Natalie included. She says apparently people have been saying she’s going after James and James says me? From who? Michelle says she doesn’t want to say who told her that but she says it’s not true. She thinks they are just trying to create paranoia. Michelle says the only thing she says to Natalie is she feels like James hates her and Natalie says no he doesn’t. James says it’s his fault because he doesn’t engage in conversation with her. Natalie says James needs to learn how to engage people in conversations. Michelle thinks she has a good pitch and she thinks she can get Paul too. Michelle tells James that Paulie is running the house. Michelle says Victor trusts Paulie but he wants Michelle to stay because he knows she’s not a threat to his game. James says why does no one want to talk to me besides you. Michelle says apparently the target has changed and Paulie wants me out now too. James says who said that and Michelle says from others and it’s because I made a comment I was going to blow up people’s games. She says Frank dropped Paulie’s name and he’s gone, then Tiffany dropped his name and she’s gone, then Da’Vonne. Michelle says Paulie is running this house, everyone trusts him and go to him and he manipulates people and he wins comps. She doesn’t know if James sees it and he sways votes the way he wants. Michelle says don’t you see him playing Derrick’s game a little bit. Michelle says Paulie has even dropped James’ name and said he’s playing a good social game and playing Derrick’s game too. James said when did he say that and Michelle says awhile ago. 11:12 PM BBT Bridgette is alone folding laundry. She says she’s locked in two jury votes. She’s got Da and Michelle and Paul and Victor and Natalie. 11:13 PM BBT Michelle says if she stays guess who the big target is going to be. It’s going to be me again and she says if she wins they will be safe next week because she’s going to get a big target out. It’d be a big move though and James says to keep you? Michelle says if you do I can make a big move and get blood on my hands and Nicole and Corey will come after me. James says I’ll have to see where everyone is at because you are being kind of vague on votes. James says Victor needs to come talk to him because no one is pulling him to the side. Michelle says Paulie is HOH really and he threw the last comp only after she and Zakiyah fell and he wants to play in D/E. 11:16 PM BBT Bridgette brings the towels in and general chit chat in the KT with Victor, Paul, Corey, and Nicole. 11:17 PM BBT Michelle says if I 100% have the vote would you use it? James says what my care package and she says yeah. James says if they double cross me and Natalie says what does double cross mean? James says like fucking your boy in the house by saying they’ll vote one way and not the other way. Michelle says I’ll let you know who the votes are and James says you don’t have to tell me, they just have to come talk to me. Michelle says she guarantees they won’t put him up next week that they aren’t going after James or Natalie either. James says if I piss off the wrong people, and if Paulie is running the house like you say and then he wins HOH Michelle interrupts says I’ll be going home. James says no you and I will be up together. Michelle says no, if that happens you can vote me out, like I’ll freaking use the veto on you even if I win it. I don’t want to jeopardize your game at all because you’re one of the people I want to see winning. Michelle says if she’s vocal about who she’s going after she’ll be the bigger target over James. Natalie says she has valid points. James says well these magic people need to come talk to me and Michelle says yeah for sure. She says if she didn’t have the numbers she wouldn’t ask them to jeopardize their games. James says just get them to talk to me and we’ll go from there. 11:21 PM BBT Michelle asks James if Zakiyah has talked to him and he says no. Natalie says you definitely need to get those people to talked to James and Michelle says should I go get them now. Michelle says I wouldn’t lie to you guys. Michelle says she’s sitting there looking like a drowned rat and this convo will probably be aired. Natalie says what do you mean, they will air this? James says they always air this stuff and Natalie says really? 11:25 PM BBT Michelle says those other girls get jealous all the time. Michelle says Nicole was jealous of Natalie and started curling her hair like mocking her. Natalie says I don’t even talk to Corey. Natalie says why would she do that and Michelle says she got mad at Bridgette too. Natalie says I don’t even talk to Corey I don’t have conversations with him. Michelle says don’t worry about it. Natalie says she tried to hang out with James and he said no. Natalie says why did Nicole twirl her hair to make fun of me. Like, I’m so over fun of people bullying me in this house. That’s not bullying but it’s being mean. [Pot meet kettle?] Michelle says she was kind of drunk but that’s not really an excuse. James says watch that word and Natalie says it is kind of bullying it’s rude. James says it’s catty but it’s not bullying. Natalie says whatever that’s catty I wouldn’t do that to someone else. She says making fun of someone is kind of like bullying and James says making fun of someone consistently is. Natalie says whatever. Michelle says don’t worry about it, I should have brought that up at all and Natalie says no she doesn’t care. Michelle starts singing and we get FotH.
  10. 11:02 PM BBT James goes in to the HNR and lays down in a bumper car. Zakiyah in the WA messing with her hair. She goes in to the kitchen and Nicole is there. They are talking but there's no sound yet so can't hear anything. Zakiyah is told to go put on her microphone. We have sound now. Zakiyah says in her mind she knows she needs to make sure that Paul and Bridgette don't need to win anything from now. Z tells Nicole that Michelle told her she's going to blow up Paulie's game. Nicole says what do you think she would say and Z says I don't know. Nicole says Paulie thinks Michelle is going to tell everyone Paulie is in an alliance with Zakiyah, Nicole, and Corey. Nicole says that will make her look bad. 11:08 PM BBT Paul comes in and asks Z and Nicole if they were talking shit about him. Z says always. Nic says Z is having stomach problems so she's wondering if ice cream might be good for it. Paul tells her to eat bread. 11:10 PM BBT Bridgette comes in and says it's cold outside and she's going to put some pants on. General chatter in the KT. 11:17 PM BBT Paulie and Victor playing pool now. Paulie says him and Paul and Victor have to have a sit down tonight. Victor says he already told Paul about Meech. Paulie says they need to focus on D/E because Meech threw out numbers and if others pick up on it they are going to look at Paulie and Vic. Victor says yep and Paulie says thanks Meech. Can't just go out quietly, you have to try and blow shit up. Paulie says it's whatever, we'll be fine as long as Paul or I win and it doesn't matter. Victor feels like James would try some sly shit and Paulie says I don't think our alliance would. Victor thinks if one of the girls other than Z wins James might try and convince them to put up Victor and Paulie. Like do a big move. Victor says that would put a wrench in their thing. Corey comes back out. Vic says he's going to make the 8 ball in on the break and win the game. 11:20 PM BBT Paulie says James isn't going for a win. Natalie isn't going to win. Z isn't going to win and Victor says he's not worried about Bridgette winning. Victor thinks Nicole will put up Z and Bridgette and Paulie says if we talk to Nicole she would or have Corey talk to her. Paulie ideal it would be him or Paul but they have to see what the comp is. If Michelle has the round trip ticket they will send her right back out and Victor said that would be easy. Paulie asks what number ticket she has and Victor says he has no clue, maybe 5 and Paulie says I think she has 9. 11:25 PM BBT Victor just wants to hang out with some females when he gets out of there. He says he needs some female attention. He says him and Paul aren't getting any of that. Victor talks about disappearing for a month and then walking funny. He says he wants to go party at LSU. He then starts talking about football and tailgating. Paulie says chicks are so hot at those schools. (Texas A&M was also mentioned) 11:27 PM BBT Nicole filling Corey in on her various conversations with Paulie and Bridgette. Corey says Bridgette is trying to start shit. Corey says Bridgette was playing 21 questions with him earlier.
  11. 10:49 PM BBT Victor and Corey in the HOH talking about what they'll do with the money when they win. Corey says it's gonna be a guy who wins it and the winner will do something stupid with it, or with at least ten of it. Victor says he'll give ten thousand to mom and pop and a couple thousand to his sister and fifty to a hundred thousand in a mutual fund or a low risk investment account. Corey says he'll put 200k aside and blow the rest. Victor says he wants to do a tax-free transfer to his parents and Corey says they need to ask someone how to do that and we get FotH. Victor says one of us is going to have five hundred thousand dollars. He says it's weird because you have to watch how you treat people because they are the ones voting for you. Victor says he really doesn't know who's going to win. It's a combination of luck and competition wins. Victor asks how many episodes have we been on and Corey says 24 or 25 now. Victor asks what day it is and Corey says 55. Corey says he's still hungry and gets up to go downstairs. Victor follows and they go to play pool. James, Corey, and Nicole at the hammock talking about Z. Paulie says he knows Z is coming after him if she stays but he's not worried. Because she'd have to win twice and beat him. Nicole says Z is confident she has two votes and maybe it's Victor and Bridgette. Nicole says she hasn't asked for her vote at all and Paulie says she hasn't asked for his either. Bridgette comes out. They talk about how much Michelle has been sleeping. 10:55 PM BBT Paulie gets called to the DR. James says when you win veto you get a lot of DR sessions. Paulie complains but gets up.
  12. 1:01 AM BBT Paul and Paulie in the HOH room. Paul says so I've been pampering up Bridgette. Paulie says he noticed. Paul says I've been feeding her shit about the girls. Paulie on repeat with his James and Zakiyah and Michelle story. Paulie tells Paul that James said he's not going to try and win HOH at all. Paul says why and Paulie says because he doesn't have any targets and he wants to lay low. Paul said that's bullshit. Paulie says he said that to Corey so he hasn't talked to him yet. He may have just been playing around. Paulie says there are targets we need to get but maybe James was fucking around. Paul says well him Corey and Nicole were talking in the corner and he asked what they were talking about and they said D/E. Paul says that's what they told Da'Vonne so he thinks they were talking about something. Paulie says he was in the WA and asked Corey if he wanted to hang out and Corey and Nicole walked out and James followed them. Paulie says sketch. Paul said keep in mind what Frank said about three being closer than we think. Paulie says Da is gone or Nicole goes next and refocuses Corey. Paulie says or are you thinking the other way. Paul says we need to start thinking who we can beat out and he thinks they can beat out most people. He says but a lot of times it could be a crap shoot. Paul says also James would be more difficult to mold than Nicole. Paul says James does not play on emotion and Paulie says but we would have to win comps. 1:08 AM BBT Paul asks who Paulie thinks Michelle or Zakiyah would put up if they won HOH. Both guys each say themselves and Paul says yeah we might just be put up. Paulie says maybe. Paul says I don't know if they would do a move like that. Paulie says when MIchelle was emotional earlier she said James or Victor because they were rubbing her the wrong way. Paulie says Z would put him up and laughs. Paul says he hasn't talked to either of them because he's been upstairs sleeping all week. Paulie says it's funny Paul walked on those three talking and Paul says how many times can you talk about D/E. Paulie says Victor said to him that one of them needed to win HOH. Paul says Vic said that and Paulie says he thinks Vic is worried because of what he's been doing to Michelle. Paul says if you're going to be ready to bark you better be ready to go war. Paulie says Corey says they should mess with the others and call them the executives to plant a seed in front of everyone's head. Paul says he has moments with Nicole and she says she has to play strategically and not emotionally because she made that mistake last time. Paulie tells Paul was Nicole said in the Tokyo BR about Corey being such an attractive guy and she made the same mistake. They think Nicole is in too deep with Corey and Paul thinks Nicole knows she is and he thinks Nicole will take out Corey. 1:15 AM BBT We get Jeff reels again for some reason. 1:16 AM BBT Paul thinks Corey is probably in the best position in the house because he's laying low. They talk about how he lost the POV. Paulie thinks Corey just messed up and Paul says Natalie didn't even do that and she sucks at life. Paul says something just doesn't add up with Corey. Paulie says if Michelle does go this week then whatever. It's time for her to go. Because someone who's getting annoyed with people on a personal level for no reason well enjoy your time in jury house. Paul says if we get rid of the targets Bridgette wants out she's going to turn around and take shots at us. Paulie says I think she'll take a shot at Nicole. Paulie says get Bridgette out in D/E and Paul says if I win I'll put Michelle and Zakiyah up in a snap. Paulie sees them as interchangeable. Paul says if we can get two back to back that's clutch. Paul says my problem though is then we're left with strong ass players. Paulie says we're stronger than them. Paul agrees. Paulie says James doesn't want to start winning until there's 7 or 8 people left. Paul says honestly I take that as a red flag. Paulie says I'm telling you, he's playing the way Derrick played. Paul says Derrick won and Paulie says exactly. Paulie says that's why Natalie is around saying if we have to clip people, clip her last. Paulie says that's the same thing Derrick said about Victoria and look where she ended up. Paul says so do we clip James and keep Natalie? Paulie says it's a good possibility. Paulie says I'm trying to think what happened today because he was up late with all those girls. Paul says he doesn't think he is on James' radar. Paulie says but James allowed the girls to confront him and when that happens information gets exchanged. Paul says what do you mean allowed them to confront him. Paulie says if it was me I would have said yeah I said it and walked away. But James stayed there and went back and forth and told Zakiyah he didn't like being called a social butterfly by her. Paul said like throwing you under the bus and Paulie says yeah. Paul says it could have been unintentional but it wasn't smart if she said it to one person. 1:23 AM BBT Paul thinks it's in PP's best interest to keep Zakiyah as long as they can along with Natalie. As for a fifth, Paulie says maybe Corey. Paul says if Corey wins they can use him to backdoor Victor. Corey can put up Paulie and Paul as pawns and backdoor Victor. Paulie says no put Natalie up there because everyone gets to compete in the veto. Paulie says keep Natalie up there in case Vic wins the veto and send Natalie home. Paulie says if it's me you and Natalie we're almost assured to be Final 2 because no way she beats both of us. Paulie says Natalie would have to win two comps to make Final 2. Paul says even if she does whichever of us she takes will win. 1:30 AM BBT Paul says if Bridgette wins tomorrow what do we want her to do. Paulie says Nicole and James up. Paul says do you think she will listen. Paulie says maybe and Paul says no not with Michelle in the house. Paul doesn't like that James has Natalie because that's two votes together and Paulie says it's the same thing with Nicole and Corey. Paulie doesn't look at anyone else as a strong person in the house. No one can beat them. Paul says it might be a perfect world if Nicole wins next week. Because Paul think Nicole will take a shot at the girls. 1:36 AM BBT Paul says so from here out whenever we smell out we're on someone's radar we go ahead and clip them. Paulie says yeah, that's the way it happens.
  13. 11:31 PM BBT Corey and Nicole making out in front of Paulie and Zakiyah. Zakiyah asks when are they going to bed and Paulie says hmmmm. Zakiyah gets mad and rolls off Paulie and Paulie says are you trying to go to bed. Nicole says are you guys going to bed and Z says I don't know. Paulie says are you trying to go to bed Z? Z has her legs on Paulie (he's on his stomach) and she's got her feet between his legs rubbing his thigh. 11:35 PM BBT Bridgette is putting some lotion on Paul's back. Paul says there is a bowl of cereal in the safari room just sitting there rotting and he refuses to take it out. Paul says another thing, people were given medication for their herpes, and the feeds switch. 11:38 PM BBT Feeds back on HOH and Bridgette and Paul talking about a perk of having a girlfriend is having someone to scrub your back. In the UKBR, Victor is trying to sleep and Michelle and Natalie are talking and Da is packing. Natalie says she always liked male teacher and Michelle said she did too. Michelle said she liked guy bosses too and Natalie agrees. Da likes female bosses better. Michelle says every female boss she had seemed snooty to her. Da says Michelle is beautiful and young and some females don't like that. Natalie says especially older women will be jealous. Natalie says if you think about it the older a woman gets the more insecure she sometimes gets. Especially sometimes when an older woman is single, or she's in a bad relationship and they'll take out their jealousy because you're young and you have your life ahead of you. Michelle says right and Natalie says talking from personal experience. 11:39 PM BBT Corey and Nicole in bed making out. They are so close you can hear their heartbeats. 11:45 PM BBT Nicole rolls over and covers herself with a sheet and said she just got a weird feeling. Corey says what do you mean and she says I don't know I've never felt like that before. She doesn't know how to describe it to him. Nicole says do you secretly hate me and Corey says why and Nicole says I can just tell. Corey says he has to keep his eyes open and Nicole says I know you do. 11:47 PM BBT Zakiyah and Paulie in the same bumper car in the HNR. Z says you don't want to sleep right here do you. Paulie says no I want to sleep in a real bed. They both laugh. Rubbing and petting going on here too. 11:53 PM BBT Corey telling Nicole about Victor calling him a douchebag. Corey says he doesn't like to be the center of attention and Nicole asks when Victor said that. Zakiyah is called to the DR. Nicole says Victor is an idiot and jealous of Corey. Corey says you were all over him, don't deny that. Nicole says when? Corey says when I went to the bathroom. Nicole says no I wasn't and Corey says I bet my life on it and Nicole says I bet my life and my families life on it and Corey says well you lost everything then. Corey goes to get James and says he's about to walk out. Nicole says I would never and Corey says keep denying it. Nicole says she has nothing to hide. Corey says it doesn't matter and Nicole says ok and Corey says ok. Nicole says what doesn't matter and Corey says the whole situation. Natalie in the UKBR says she has a dream book. 11:54 PM BBT Paul and Bridgette in HOH talking about Victor. Paul says he thinks he's going to win everything from here out but he hasn't won anything since he's been back. They talk about his battle back comps and who he had to beat. Bridgette says she really wanted Bronte to come back and Paul says he wouldn't have minded that. He then tells Bridgette that Michelle is the reason Bronte went home because she started crying at the last minute and said she felt sorry for Tiffany and why don't we get Bronte out and give Tiffany another chance. Bridgette says to what treat her like shit for another week? Paul says he was on the outskirts of that. Bridgette said pissed. Paul says he was told a few minutes before they went live. 11:57 PM BBT Nicole says I don't care if you don't care or whatever, but I don't like him one tiny little bit. Corey says I know. Nicole says I'm just telling you I don't like him and Corey says I don't care Nicole, I don't care. Nicole says ok, that's not very nice. In HOH, Bridgette says she says good night to Bronte and Frank now too every night. On the memory wall. Paul says Frank's downfall was his overconfidence. Bridgette said he just loved the game so much he couldn't help it. Paul says Da spreads paranoia and makes it obvious she's only in it for her own best interest. [Aren't they all?] Paul says she gravitates to power, always runs to HOH and seems to get in their business. 11:59 PM BBT Nicole says I know it doesn't matter to you and you don't care and Corey says I know why you did it. Nicole says did what? What did I do? Corey says it doesn't matter.
  14. 11:00 PM BBT Paul says he's going to bed. Zakiyah climbs up on Paulie and straddles him. You can see her underwear and part of her bottom. 11:06 PM BBT Zakiyah is sitting up straddling Paulie and bounces on him a little bit. She's wiggling against him back and forth and asks when they are going to bed. Paulie says she doesn't seem tired and Zakiyah says she doesn't get tired. Zakiyah gets off Paulie and you can see all of her underwear. Paulie and Corey now alone in the Tokyo BR. Big Brother tells Paulie and Corey the BR lights must remain on so Corey gets up to turn them on. Paulie tells Corey that Nicole feels like he's upset with her. Corey says it's not Nicole, but Vic gets on his nerves. Corey says Victor called him a douchebag. Paulie said he didn't know that. Corey says he's not like that at all. Vic told Corey when he got out of the house he was going to only do threesomes for awhile. Paulie says that's hilarious. Corey says him and Natalie are good to go and James told Corey he doesn't want to win HOH, that he'll probably be the first one out. Corey says he's not sure if he was kidding or not. In the UKBR, general chit chat. Victor talking about tattoos. Talk turns to licking booty. James asks the girls if they've had their booty licked and they say no and James says you don't know what you're missing. Michelle asks if they've had a finger in their butts and James and Victor both said no never. Natalie says James likes to experiment, he's too advanced for her. James says it's part of healthy relationship. Victor asks the girls if a finger has ever gone up their butts and they say no and Michelle says not in the other place either. She thinks it's weird. 11:14 PM BBT Paulie says James talked to Michelle and Z last night and Z talked to Paulie and asked him if he told James that she was a social butterfly and Paulie said yep. Paulie said she was like is he somebody we can trust and I was like why are you digging for information, just stop. Paulie says I was like let's just relax. Paulie says she's coming in hot Corey says yeah? Paulie says my earlobe, my neck and I looked over at you like. (he makes a face). Paulie says he feels the fucking heat coming from there and I'm like oh my God. I was like there ARE cameras everywhere, I was like just relax, you teach kindergarten. Corey says so funny. 11:15 PM BBT Natalie asks if Victor has ever kissed a guy and he says no. Natalie says what's your price limit and Victor says man I don't know, like a peck and Natalie says no make out. James says he made out with a guy. Natalie wants to hear the story but James says no. 11:17 PM BBT Zakiyah and Da'Vonne in the WA. Zakiyah starts to go lay down but Da says can I talk to you about something. Zakiyah says yeah. Da says I don't want you to get offended. I've been trying to figure out how to word it and Z says don't worry about it just say it. Da says I look at you like a little sister ok? And I don't want you viewed (she motions at the cameras) a certain kind of way. Zakiyah says right. Da says so put some shorts on or something and Zakiyah says oh I got ya ok. She says why didn't anyone say anything she ok i'll put some shorts on. 11:18 PM BBT Corey says 50 more days of being away from home. Paulie says 50 more days, in it to win it. Paulie says the executioners. Corey says he's going to be devastated if tomorrow isn't a D/E. He isn't patient, there are two people he wants to see go home. 11:19 PM BBT Z goes into the UKBR and says she was told to put some pants on and Michelle laughs and says by who? Z says it's ok and Michelle says who said that and Z says I was just told I need to put some pants on. Michelle says by a boy and Z says no. Michelle says by the DR and Z says no. Michelle finally guess that Da said it. Z says she looks a little floozyish and Natalie and Michelle says she looks fine. Z said she's gonna put her pants on she does look a little hoochie. James says we should all walk around in our underwear. Z says I think it's because America is watching and I don't want to look like a hooker. Michelle says if anyone is a hooker it's Victor. Da comes in and Z goes out. Michelle starts singing part of Ridin' Dirty and Natalie finishes the lyric and Big Brother tells Michelle to stop singing. 11:22 PM BBT Paul and Bridgette in the HOH. Bridgette is popping pimples on Paul's back. They are talking about Zakiyah. Paul says he's won HOH's and vetoes and she's done what? Sit under Paulie's wing and Bridgette adds and flirts. Paul asks if they are doing their GB's because he wants to go to sleep. Paul says he gauges the players by what they do, what they say they'll do, and if they keep their words. That's how he judges character, not based off of what people tell him. So if you don't prove yourself to me somehow, then fuck you. Paul says Zakiyah asked why Natalie was still in the game when she's done nothing and Paul says what have you done? Bridgette says when did she say that and Paul says like a week ago and Bridgette says who the fuck is she to talk. 11:23 PM BBT Paulie laying on his stomach and Zakiyah comes back in and straddles him again and lays on him. Nicole comes in and lays down with Corey. James is called to the DR. Nicole says you guys are so cute and Corey says give him a kiss. James comes in and lays down on top of Paulie and Zakiyah. 11:26 PM BBT Nicole and Corey having a little fight about cuddling so Corey turns over. Nicole says come here and Corey tells her to take it back (I think Nicole said his cuddles weren't that good?) and she says she takes it back and he turns back over. Zakiyah gets off Paulie again and kind of lays across his back. Paulie laughs and says it tickles. She then straddles him again and lays on his back. 11:27 PM BBT Bridgette says to Paul that Zakiyah was in the bathroom and she said she was tipsy and yadda yadda and Paul said bullshit. Bridgette says she asked if they were doing GB's and she said they better not call her because she doesn't think they want someone drunk doing GBs she was like talking to the mirror. Bridgette said she said you all are going to be real frustrated with me, just saying. Bridgette says 1. you're not even fucking drunk and 2. you don't even know what you're saying. Paul says she's setting up a cover just in case just so she can say she was drunk. Bridgette says she asked if GBs are required and Bridgette said so if i'm leaving you don't want to say good bye to me. Paul says she is completely sold that you're going home. Bridgette says so you don't think I'm worth saying good bye to. Paul has red marks all over his back.
  15. 10:30 PM BBT James and Da still in the UKBR. They talk about previous HG and who they chat with and follow on Twitter. Da says Michelle is one of the funniest people she's ever met in her entire life. James says Michelle just doesn't care, that's what makes her funny and Da agrees. Da says she's going to go far. Da says agree or disagree? James says I agree. He thinks she'll make it to at least 8. Da says, yeah she's going to go far. Da says I sit back and think about the 8 pack all the time and it could have been great. Even if we'd sent Tiffany home and replaced her with Paulie it still would have been 8. You know what I mean, it could have been so great. Da says oh well. James says we lost a few on the way though. Frank was supposed to be part of the 8 pack. Da said well he the one that blew it up and James said well he should have went home then. Da said Bye. She thinks that's why she was so mad at him because that was a dumb move. James says yeah he blew the 8 pack up and Da says it didn't even benefit his game was he bored. She still doesn't get that move. James says Frank did a lot of crazy stuff and Da said but for no reason. There was no logic behind the stuff he did. Da says she had a long conversation with Nicole just to clear the air. She was tired of it being awkward between them. 10:31 PM BBT Zakiyah is fully on top of Paulie on the big bed in the Tokyo BR and Corey and Nicole are in the bed they've been in. Zakiyah is kind of bouncing a little kind of like she has to go to the restroom. You can see a little more of her backside than normal. Paul comes in and lays on the bed next to Paulie and Z and Victor comes in and lays to the side and on top of Paul. Victor then gets up and climbs in bed with Nicole and Corey and Nicole says watch your hand Vic and he says he grabbed a boob by accident. 10:35 PM BBT Natalie comes in to the UKBR. She says James is faking being asleep right? She says why is he faking it and Da says no he's asleep. Bridgette called to the DR. Michelle comes in. Da says she's packing her clothes and asks people to pray for her. 10:42 PM BBT Victor going over where everyone is in the house. Paul is talking about a party he's going to have for Halloween. Da comes out and says gross and Paul asks what happened and Da says they're talking about wet dreams. Zakiyah now wiggling back and forth on Paulie and crawls up so her head is around his neck. The camera pans out and because Zakiyah has moved you can see her bottom. 10:44 PM BBT James tells the girls all the guys have had wet dreams except for him. Natalie and Michelle talking about moving in together. 10:47 PM BBT Da is called to the DR. James says he has a video of his cat doing cocaine. Natalie looks shocked and says shut up. James says for real. Michelle says she was sad there was no picture of Gizmo. James says he is going to throw HOH and Natalie says don't throw it to anyone but me or Michelle. James says he wants some Girl Power in the house. 10:50 PM BBT All feeds on the Tokyo BR and it's complete silence. 10:57 PM BBT Bridgette told to stop singing. Paulie moved his hand to Zakiyah's bottom for a minute. Nicole got up to turn the lights off.
  16. 10:00 PM BBT Victor scoots closer and closer to Nicole and she keeps telling him to scoot away. James says she likes it and Nicole says no. Corey comes in and says oh my and Paulie holds up his arms and says bro I got you and Corey lays next to him and gives him a hug. James tries to pop Corey's back. Victor gets up and James says Nicole didn't care and she says yes I did I said get out. Corey gets back into bed with Nicole. Victor says it was Nicole's idea and Nicole says no it wasn't. Corey gets called to DR. General chatter about Nicole's relationship with Corey and how she thinks he's attractive. Victor and Paulie tell Nicole she's very pretty and they make a cute couple. 10:20 PM BBT Zakiyah comes in and lays down with Paulie. Nicole gets up and turns the lights out and Victor comes back in and gets in bed with Nicole. She keeps trying to boot him out. With the lights off you can see through Zakiyah's dress and she's laying on top of Paulie. Big Brother tells Paulie, Zakiyah, and Nicole that the bedroom lights can't be off. Michelle and Natalie in the HOH room reviewing recent nominations. Michelle says she's putting two boys up for sure. James and Da'Vonne in the UKBR. James says is Z and Paulie a showmance and Da says that's what we were talking about upstairs. Da says they're like a flirtmance, James and Natalie are building a friendship that will be solid enough for outside the house and Corey and Nicole are a showmance. Da says don't tell her I said that. Da says it's clear you and Natalie have an emotional connection. Da says Natalie flirting with everyone else is strategic and she asks James if Natalie has talked about that with him. James says she doesn't like being overly watched because she's a grown woman and she can do what she wants and they are playing a game. Da says you have to remember that. Da says I don't know he might cut her and James says I don't know. Da says can you make sure the guys don't vote me out tomorrow. James says he'll try and see what he can do. Da says what were you guys talking about in the WA and James says it was just about Michelle. 10:24 PM BBT Corey is out of the DR and Nicole gets up to turn the lights off again. Big Brother again tells Paulie, Zakiyah, and Nicole the BR lights have to remain on. Paulie keeps telling Nicole to give Corey a kiss. 10:25 PM BBT Da asks James if he's done his good-byes yet and he says not yet. Da says she only packed a little bit of clothes. 10:26 PM BBT Natalie called to the DR.
  17. 9:30 PM BBT Da'Vonne, Michelle, Natalie, and Zakiyah in the HOH room talking. Michelle says she's surprised the guys haven't come up yet and Da says they were congregating in the WA. Natalie says is there a guys alliance? Are there alliances in this house? Zakiyah says she don't give a shit. She says my thing is us being women, we're strong. We bear children for nine fucking months, you know what i'm saying? We're strong. Da says 10 months one week. Z says exact. Z says it says in the bible why should man intimidate me. Men do not intimidate me period. I'm a strong as woman. Natalie says I concur. Z says you know how many sperms we beat out? A lot. Natalie says yeah. Z says it's just the truth. Like we're strong, we're here for a reason. Clearly, we're here for a reason and whatever. I'm like I don't care I'm never gonna put all my eggs in one basket. Da says ruined. Z says I'm a strong ass woman and I'm not going to let any man determine my fate. Z says that's not just here, that's in general, in life, anywhere. Natalie says at home, she never gives guys the time of day. She says I'm single as a pringle at home and I love it. I don't like when people text me, I don't like when guys text me. I hate it. Natalie says my ex literally killed my heart. Like, he just literally chopped it up in pieces, and like spat and shit on it, and stomped on it, and then threw it in a river, then literally that's what he did. Z says I've been through shit I can't even like talk about. You know, like some deep, deep, deep shit. Natalie says I know. Z is curious if her ex is watching this shit and Natalie says me too, but my ex isn't because he's not nice to me. Z says she ran into her ex at a club and told him she was going to be on TV. She doesn't think he believed her and after she left the club he texted an emoji and she says her friends were so sick of his shit. Da says I don't think you're over him and Z says in my heart of hearts I don't think I am. Meanwhile, in the Tokyo BR, Nicole, Corey, James, and Paulie are talking. General discussion on whether Paulie made out with Zakiyah after the party. Talk then turns to male strippers and James goes into a discussion of their qualifications. And then we get porn talk about Ron Jeremy and gay porn and who would do it for a certain price. James says everybody has their price. James would do it for a billion dollars. Nicole thinks the feeds are still down and they aren't on After Dark yet. James says yes they are, if the feeds were down the cameras would be down. Talk turns to money and if there has ever been a trillionaire. 9:42 PM BBT Victor comes in and James asks where everyone is at. Victor says Bridgette and Paul in the KT. They say the girls are upstairs forming a girls alliance and Vic asks Nicole why she isn't up there and she says I'm not in it. They speculate tomorrow is a D/E. They are speculating what the comps will be. Paulie says Nicole is passed out and James says she's drunk and Nicole says no i'm not. James says he wonders how Natalie is drunk and Nicole says she said she dances on tables. Paulie says she's wild, he knows all of her close friends. They are talking about Cody and Victor says he watched season 16. They talk about seeing Amber and James says she was smokin. Paulie says that girl from season 16 Nicole, she was a cutey and Victor says she was alright. Paulie says she was wife material and Victor says I don't know. 9:58 PM BBT Corey gets up and Victor gets in bed with Nicole. Nicole tells James to get in bed with them too.
  18. 11:00-11:15 PM BBT Still hide and seek going on and Zakiyah and Michelle in the UKBR re-hashing the Paulie fight. 11:15 PM BBT James threw an egg at Michelle as she came out of the UKBR. Some HG snacking. Same conversations happening over and over. Nothing new going on. 11:30 PM BBT Paulie, Victor, and Paul in the HOH room talking about Michelle and generally complaining about her. 11:58 PM BBT Victor says if he wins HOH, he's going to nominate Michelle and a seashell. If he wins POV he's going to use it on the seashell and nominate Zakiyah.
  19. 10:31 PM BBT Natalie and James in the UKBR. Natalie says to James she didn't like that comment she made and James said who? Natalie says Bridgette and James says about what. Natalie says like Da really trusts you. Like a million percent and she trusts you so much. But Bridgette, her saying that comment because I was out there in the Tokyo room, she's like there's no fucking saran wrap to cover my pie and that was directed at you. Natalie says I've been in the kitchen with her a lot and she's never made a comment like that before. Don't you think that's weird. That she wouldn't say that comment in front of you. Natalie asks she's really staying and James says who. Natalie says Bridgette. James says well I made it right, I gave her aluminum foil. Natalie says yeah but she shouldn't have made that comment. James says why and Natalie says because that's passive aggressive. James says I know but I tried to make it right with her again. Natalie says what if she wins and puts you on the block. She doesn't know if that's going to happen but Da wouldn't put him on the block. Da comes in and Paul and interrupts. They are going to play hide and seek. 10:35 PM BBT Paul asks Natalie about the two-faced comment and who it was about. Natalie says it's nothing, it was Bridgette. Paul says none of the guys? Natalie says no. 10:37 PM BBT Da is the seeker. She finds Natalie behind the see-through door of the safari room and Victor was on the floor. Not sure who all is playing, but Natalie is the new seeker. James is back in the SR ironing his pants and Natalie tells him about Paul asking who the two-faced comment was about. She says Paul told her to tell James so he could tell the others. [Yes folks, these are real conversations] We get FotH. Natalie tells James she's worried and James says don't sweat the small stuff. She says will you at least tell me what to do Thursday and James says just vote with the house. Natalie says Michelle thinks Da is staying and James said we don't have the votes. The worst case is it comes down to a tie and we piss off the other side of the house. James is still pissed about his khaki's. Michelle has ruined them and Natalie says don't get upset about them I'll buy you a new pair. 10:43 PM BBT Natalie asks James in the SR why did Bridgette say that though? Natalie says I'm trying to figure it out, is she that two-faced? James says I don't know and Natalie says I can't read her. James says honestly I don't care about that situation I told you that's how she is. He says I apologized to her and she told me to go fuck myself and then we make amends or whatever and then she's like there's no fucking saran wrap. James says no matter what that's just how she is, which is cool. FotH. 10:52 PM BBT Natalie finally found the HG who were playing and Paul is the new seeker. 10:53 PM BBT Zakiyah and Michelle in the UKBR and she is filling him on the argument with Paulie. 10:55 PM BBT Michelle tells Zakiyah Nicole has been shady to her all day.
  20. 10:00 PM BBT Corey comes in to the HOH with Paul, Victor, and Paulie. Corey tells them he overheard Michelle call someone two-faced and now they are trying to figure out who she was talking about. Paulie says Michelle needs to go next week. He doesn't think Bridgette is coming after any of them. Corey agrees and says he feels good about her. Paul says oh you guys feel good about her? Pretty sure you guys aren't the ones who called her out last week and put her on the block this week. Corey says you put her up as a pawn and she put you up as a pawn. Corey says she's not mad at Paul at all. Paulie thinks Michelle called him two-faced. 10:05 PM BBT Paul says these girls are shitting their pants and Paulie says just Michelle and Zakiyah. Corey says Bridgette should be smart and stay with the guys and Paul says she would never go with their side. Paulie is more worried about Michelle winning something before Zakiyah. Paul says can we be worried about Bridgette winning something. Corey says Bridgette would put up Michelle and probably James or Zakiyah. Paulie says things are going to be awkward now. Thanks Z. Paul and Corey can't stand Z. Corey says just looking at her he is depressed. 10:08 PM BBT Zakiyah and Nicole in the safari room still talking. Z says she doesn't know how to be around him now and Nicole says I don't think you should completely ignore him. Z says he just got up and walked away from the conversation. 10:14 PM BBT Paul says Da wanted to punch him earlier because he told her she looked like a black licorice candy. Corey says yeah she did and Paulie said definitely not the best thing to say. Corey says she took offense to it and Paul said did she really. Corey says which was stupid. Paul said how could you tell and Corey said you can tell by her face. Paul says but I didn't mean it "like that'. Corey says I know. Paul says there's a black licorice candy with that stripe and Corey says I know you don't have to explain it to me. Paulie says every one of those girls except for Nicole and Bridgette take every fucking thing personally. Everything. Paul said it was because of the dress she was wearing. Paul tells Paulie if you win you have to put her up. Paulie says have I ever swayed and said I wouldn't put her up. 10:16 PM BBT Da comes in to the safari room and Nicole leaves. Z tells Da a little bit, but not the entire fight. Da says I think you should just take a shower, go lay down, and call it a night. Da says this game is crazy and you just have to get out of your head. 10:23 PM BBT Da tells Z if what they felt for each was genuine then it will work after and they can talk about it. If it's not genuine, then she knows. Da says Rachel and Jordan both won with their showmances in jury because there were no distractions. 10:24 PM BBT Corey tells Paulie about James' slip up in the safari room earlier when he told Da he'd put up Bridgette and Victor on a D/E and Da says but Bridgette won't be here. 10:26 PM BBT Da'Vonne goes into the UKBR and does a celebration dance and talks to the cameras. She says she might have got her girl back. She thinks there will be no more distractions. She got her feelings hurt so now she will help Da take out Paulie. Da says I might just win this thing. Then she says that's if they don't send my ass home this week. Da goes out and follows Michelle into the SR where James is ironing his pants. Michelle put something on his pants and James thinks they're ruined. He has sprayed something on them and is ironing them. Michelle says we need to soak them and takes them and leaves the room. Da says are you just trying to make her feel bad and James says no they were fine until she put something on them. James says he knew it was an accident but still. Da alone in SR now and she says you know... this might just be a really good week. It just might be. If they don't send my ass home, I can do some things with this week. Yes I can. We get another little dance. 10:29 PM BBT Corey says Nicole has never done anything to those girls and they are so mean. Paulie says has Nicole done anything? No. Did Bronte do anything to those girls? No. Has Bridgette done anything? Other than the "alleged" shaved eyebrows comment.
  21. 9:35 PM BBT Paul talking to James and Paulie in the HOH and saying Michelle was pissed because she wasn't put up as pawn after almost flaking out on the POV last week. They also talk about Natalie asking who she should vote for and Paul says she's on board to vote Da'Vonne out. Paulie filling James in on the Zakiyah conversation. 9:45 PM BBT Nicole and Zakiyah still in the safari room chatting. Nicole says Z and Paulie will be fine and back together in four days. She says they have good chemistry. 9:46 PM BBT Victor comes in to the HOH and tells Paulie Zakiyah is crying in the safari room. He's rehashing things with Victor now. 9:50 PM BBT James, Michelle, and Da'Vonne in the UKBR trying to figure out why Zakiyah is crying. James leaves. Then Michelle and Da go into the Tokyo BR with Natalie. Da says people are going nuts today and Natalie says she's been in the right place at the right time. She tells them Bridgette made a comment about wishing she had saran wrap to wrap her pie right after James walked out of the room. (Because James used all the saran wrap when he pranked Natalie) Natalie asked what caused the whole thing with Tiffany. Michelle says we don't really know. Da says after the HOH comp Tiff came in and talked to Frank and they started throwing names under the bus and it just went weird. Natalie says Bridgette doesn't talk poorly in front of her and Michelle says some people are good at being two faced. Paul goes into HOH and Paulie is still re-hashing the Zakiyah convo with Victor and Paul.
  22. 12:29 AM BBT Natalie has finished with her hair and has now moved on to her make-up. Natalie says she just did a little fart and apologizes to Michelle. Zakiyah comes in and Michelle says she thinks Coco is asleep and Zakiyah says he's awake. Natalie says they should let him sleep on the floor or had a bumper car a little longer than the others. You can hear Paulie in the background yelling and Natalie tells Zakiyah she's a good balance to him. Vic says something and Zakiyah says good for you Vic, you want a cookie. Zakiyah says he's annoying. Natalie gets called to DR again. She asks if she can finish her make-up and she asks Zakiyah and Michelle if she should go ask and come back. Zakiyah says I just finish mine. Michelle says yeah just maybe speed up. Natalie says she has to put foundation on because she's sunburned and it takes her a long time because she has a short attention span. Michelle says her nails need done because they are crusty. Natalie says she's going to use the powder from the DR and Zakiyah says hers is chocolate. Natalie asks if it matches her skin tone and Michelle says yeah. Natalie says she wants to grab it and bring it out and Michelle says she thinks it has to stay in there. We get FotH. 12:32 AM BBT Paulie and Victor playing pool. Victor says he's got to get Z away from Paulie because she's a leech and she's annoying. Paulie says yeah and Victor says it's annoying me. Victor says he just wants to hang out with the bro. Paulie says she's getting on the same schedule and Victor says he wants to win HOH and put her up. Paulie is he trying to figure out if it's legit or if she's trying to keep an eye on him. Paulie thinks she cares about him and he cares about her too. Victor tells Paulie he was sitting in the hot tub with Bridgette and she wants to put the girls up. Victor says it would be so clutch if Bridgette won and they didn't have to do anything. Paulie says he's going to go for it. Victor says he won't feel 100% comfortable unless he or Paulie has it. Paulie says well I'd be ok if Corey or James had it. Victor says you trust them and Paulie says for now. 12:36 AM BBT Michelle says she's nervous for Thursday. Possible double eviction. Zakiyah says she's ready and Natalie says I'm ready to win something. Natalie says do we do a second eviction after the first and Michelle says yes. Zakiyah says so Victor can go home. Natalie says Michelle will be sad. Zakiyah laughs and says no she won't. Da'Vonne comes in. Natalie says Michelle should cuddle with Victor and give it a try. They talk about Victor flirting with Bridgette and they say he's making his rounds. Natalie says they are going to kill her. (Talking about DR) 12:37 AM BBT Victor says Da was in the shower and asked about the vote and Victor says they were 100. Paulie says Da hasn't talked to him about the vote. Victor just doesn't want her to wreak havoc. Paulie says he doesn't think Da would do that because she respects the game. Victor says there is literally nothing left to do until Thursday besides sit tight. Paulie says even if he knew he was going he would want to hang out with people and have fun. He says he loves Mama Da but it's strictly a strategic move. Paulie says it worked out so perfect. Victor says we made an ally at the same time we got out a target. Victor says he's going to sleep in tomorrow. Paulie says man it's Monday and everything is done. But he likes that feeling. Victor says that feeling will be instant if he wins HOH. 12:42 AM BBT Natalie is called to the DR again. She says she's sorry. She says it will probably not even Big Brother related. Natalie says she doesn't feel crusty any more. She finally heads to DR. Outside Paulie says it's a good thing Paul slept so long because when the girls go to sleep, the guys can meet and talk about things. 12:44 AM BBT Da, Michelle, and Z talk about the votes. Michelle says she knows Paul wants him to stay for sure. She says everyone they talk to wants Bridgette gone. Da says she's sure James will vote to keep her. Z says we need to figure this out. Z is afraid if they vote against Bridgette and the others vote against Da, they will be targets if Bridgette wins HOH. Michelle says they don't tell them anything anymore and they see them whispering. Z is wondering why they put Da up if there were other volunteers to go up. Z says Bridgette seems very comfortable and she don't like it. Michelle says it wasn't very smart for Paul's game because Bridgette doesn't believe him on the things he told her about Frank. 12:53 AM BBT Da says I'm trying to figure out two things. 1. When did we become afraid to put Natalie on the block and 2. why is everyone so irritated with Victor and he's not on the block. Z asks Da when is the last time she talked to Nicole. Da tells her about the convo earlier when she asked if she had their votes. Michelle believes them for now and Z says i'm on the fence with them. If they vote against Da then Z says she is done. Da says theyre making her feel comfortable so maybe it's because they are trying to secure jury vote. Michelle says Bridgette told her they told her to keep wrapping her leg for competitions. Michelle says she'd like to think they're being honest with them because it doesn't make sense for their game. Michelle says she's going to try talking to Paul. Michelle and Da believe Paul when he says he wants Bridgette gone, but they think he can be influenced. 12:54 AM BBT Paul is awake and by the pool table. Paul says big Meech is a shitty player and he's over it.
  23. 12:03 AM BBT Paulie, Michelle, Victor, and Bridgette in the KT. Paulie says he could see Michelle as a TV hostess and Michelle says yeah she'd like to do that. She says she'll do youtube after the show. They talk about they can't do anything unless it's on CBS and Bridgette thinks youtube would be ok. Michelle says she knows you can't write a book and Paulie says you probably can if it's affiliated with CBS somehow. 12:08 AM BBT Paulie talks about Breaking Benjamin and other groups he likes. Paulie likes singers who command the stage. Paulie talks about Chad Kroeger and says Nickelback is awesome to see live. Michelle mentions Avril Lavigne and Paulie says she's really good to see live too. Michelle starts singing and we get FotH. Paulie says he likes Nickelback, he'll admit that and if you don't like Nickelback then fuck you. Corey and Nicole in the Tokyo BR cuddling and talking about the after parties. Nicole says she'll stay the two days she's supposed to but then she wants to go see her pups and her family and sleep in her bed. Paul has mentioned having a party after the show sometime. 12:11 AM BBT Paulie gives a shoutout to Nickelback and Michelle starts singing again and we get FotH. Paulie talking some of Nickelback's old ballad songs like How You Remind Me and Someday. Michelle asks why they get hated on and Paulie says he thinks its because they're Canadian. Michelle says she didn't know they were Canadian and that's not ok. Paulie says yeah they are a Canadian rock band and they are well respected. He says they've had people from other bands join them like from KISS, AC/DC and Motley Crue. He said one time when he seen them Papa Roach, Hinder, and Saving Abel opened up for them and those bands are huge and Nickelback is bigger than those bands. 12:13 AM BBT Paulie says he also likes the lead singer from Rise Against. Natalie comes in from outside and Michelle says she thought her and James were asleep. Zakiyah comes in and sits down and Natalie gets called to DR. Natalie says she has to go do her make-up and hair. Michelle sings again and we get FotH.. 12:15 AM BBT We get feeds back and then Paulie starts singing Photograph and we get FotH again. Corey and Nicole still in the Tokyo BR and just chatting what it's going to be like when they are out of the house and what they are going to do. Paulie and Bridgette singing and humming and we get FotH again. We get feeds back and Paulie is still humming a Jackson 5's I Want You Back and we get FotH. Again. 12:19 AM BBT Paulie asks why there is a condom in the middle of the table and Michelle says it was in the fiber tablet box and she didn't want that shit in there. Paulie is reading the condom package and reads off the website. He wants to go see what else they sell there besides condoms in the store. Victor can't believe he ate an entire thing of cookies. He says I'm a fucking idiot. Paulie says next time you're bored don't take on a food challenge. Corey and Nicole talk has shifted to things they've used for their acne issues. 12:23 AM BBT Paulie is making coffee and Bridgette says they are going to be up all night. Victor is going to set up the pool table. Paulie goes out to play pool and Zakiyah is alone in the KT. She isn't feeling well. 12:26 AM BBT Bridgette, Michelle, and Natalie in the WA talking about food. They talk about Durian fruit and Bridgette says it's good luck if you eat it with someone. Natalie says she'll have to find one when she gets home. Michelle says she wants to try it. We get FotH.
  24. 11:00 PM BBT-12:00 AM BBT General chit chat all around. Chat about facials, acne, high school, people they didn't like in high school. Really nothing very interesting going on.
  25. 10:30 PM BBT General chit chat and lot of FotH for some reason. Michelle has taken 6 fiber tablets and Nicole informs her she will be constipated. Victor proceeds to read the label on the fiber tablets. James and Natalie laying down in the UKBR in the dark and James is rubbing her back. Natalie tells James if you gave her a dollar and dropped her in a foreign country and gave everyone else in the house a dollar and dropped them in the same country, she'd be the first one to make it back to the United States. Because she's street smart. Her uncle who is extremely well off says she's extremely street smart. She then says her whole family is wealthy except her immediate family but she doesn't ask for anything. 10:36 PM BBT Natalie tells James she hasn't had her period at all there. That means she's stressed. She's not regular anyway, but it means she's really stressed. 10:40 PM BBT Bridgette is popping Nicole's pimples. General talk about acne and acne creams.