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  1. My wife and I disvovered a new drinking game last night. We were joking around and said we would have a sip of wine every time one of the houseguest used the word "literally". Next thing we knew we had downed two bottles of wine.
  2. Watching the live feeds and every camera has Paul running his yap. He goes from room to room monopolizing every conversation. Would love to send a petition to BB18 to show less of Paul. Hoping for an eviction soon.
  3. Sangria and Big Brother 14 = Big Brother Miami style. Can't wait for it all to begin!
  4. IDK if I can take a whole week of Brenchal's laugh. She is the most annoying HG to date on BB.
  5. I see that happening and would love it!
  6. Evil Dick is already taking his cuts at the HG. It will be a death by a thousand cuts if they let him stay. He does make the game interesting though. I am thinking that they are putting on a big front of not getting along and have only spoken once in three years.
  7. Is in BB mode.

  8. Hello everyone! I am so looking forward to this season. I thought this date would never get here.
  9. It makes me wonder if she is really engaged as well. You would have thought that he would have been with Brits family....things that make you go hmmmmmmm.
  10. Glad it's Brittany. Another twist??????
  11. If Matt wins hoh the brigade will trip all over themselves trying to kiss Matts A$$.
  12. Kathy gets what she wanted and gets to go to the Jury House. Her and Rachel can become BFF now.
  13. I cannot believe how easy the sabetuer has been for Regan. They might as well have just given him the 20K and had him do nothing for all he had to do for it. :
  14. Matt putting up Enzo would turn the house upside down and cause some much needed drama. The Brigade would have to get off the sidelines and play for the first time all season or be picked off by the new Matty alliance. Do it Matt!
  15. If Matt is still playing the game for himself he should see this. We have the luxury of seeing the big picture, while the HG are looking through the weeds.
  16. Relaying a conversation to Enzo: Kathy tells Brit that she cannot lay out by the pool with her because of her cancer meds as she puffs on her cigs like a chimney....
  17. LOL @ the irony of Enzo & Kathy talking about Brit talking about everyone behind their back as they talk about Brit behind her back.
  18. Lane is just a good ole country boy. I do not think he meant anything by that remark and i think most of his remarks are just him showing his country back handed humor. I still say that he is the type of guy, if he was your friend, he would give you the shirt off his back to help you out.
  19. I agree as well. He does seem to be the most down to earth HG of the motley crew. Fireworks could very well fly if Matt chooses to go his own way Thursday. I would love to see the explosion in the house if he tosses that grenade.
  20. Brendas game play is his own fault. He chose to have a relationship with Rachel almost from the beginning of the show. When he isolated himself from the others in the house he created the target on their backs. It makes no sence to complain about something you createf and nurtured in the house. As far as "unfinished business" having a role in the reasoning for her return you could really give that excuse to every HG that is evicted from the game. I just feell that once you are gone you are GONE. You had your chance to make a move in the house and your plan failed. The Dpov does not bother me that much in the game. Whoever won hoh would have had the opportunity to open Pandoras Box or not. I am sure had Rachel stayed and had that power we would be saying the opposite things right now.
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