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    Mayan Sacrificial Chicken

    I agree it was very disrespectful. It had not been that many days since Steph went with Cindy and had a big feast. She was also asking Lydia about the chicken while the Mayans were having their ritual. NO CLASS AT ALL All she wants to do is eat eat eat.
  2. goldilocks39

    Who is your favorite so far

    Just from bios preshow, I chose Brandon and Amy, have since changed to still Brandon and Margaret, but think when people get to feeling better they will feel they have no need for her. Judd is turning out to be more of a competitor than I had anticipated.
  3. goldilocks39

    September 19th Live Feed Updates

    Maggie and Ivette in bathroom. Maggie is curling Ivettes hair. Just chatting about any and everything.
  4. Looks like BB gave them a puzzle. Both laying on floor in LR turning pieces and trying to put puzzle together. Mag saying I think we will have this done tonight. (I don't think so lol) Talking about poppys in the puzzle (assume they mean flowers) Earlier heard them say something about clouds Iv just said 1000 piece puzzle. Some talk about q&a session with jury last night
  5. Iv and Mag still walking around BY and discussing the game.
  6. Ivette up and feeding fish. (Don't know if BB woke her or not) Ivette now doing some dishes. (hearing tapping in the walls) Maggie getting a little restless. Maggie up now, went to BR, Ivette putting lotion on her legs. Ivette making coffee and Maggie back in bed. Ivette took coffee to table in BY now walking around BY. Guess Maggie couldn't get back to sleep, now in SR changing batteries. Got coffee now going to BY Maggie only slept from 4 to 6. Ivette said exhausted from jury questioning. She slept. Maggie still wired from Q&A session last night Mag doesn't think Iv messed up speech to jury Iv said Rachel is so proud Mag is at the end and hates every second she (Iv) is there. Howie said to James on interview, see I told you we should have gotten rid of Maggie. Mag & Iv playing gin rummy now and idle chit chat
  7. Iv & Mag still sleeping
  8. Still discussing q & a they were asked, and playing cards in LR. What time is it Maggie asks. Ivette checks and says 1:30. Now they're getting ready to go in Big Bedroon and get ready for bed. Laying down and still rehashing the questions they were asked
  9. goldilocks39

    September 17th Live Feed Updates

    They are discussing the q & a the jury will be asking. It sounds like this will be tonight and might be very intensive 2-3 hrs. (We will get to see only clips of this on Tues.)
  10. goldilocks39

    Janelle Evicted

    Who can guarantee she would have won 500,000 perhaps Janelle could have won it. We'll never know. I think her friendship with Maggie means more to her than taking the risk with Janelle.
  11. goldilocks39

    Final Vote speculation

    I feel that Ivette has a great chance of winning 500 and Maggie 50 I do believe no matter who wins the title they will remain friends. Ivette is you get what you see and she is truly a friend or she would not have taken Maggie. Maggie is also a true friend, and if she would have won HOH she would have taken Ivette. They would rather each other get a part of the money than the opposition getting any. Granted Janelle said she would take Ivette to her face, but who could be certain of that. Not worth the risk to Ivette in case Janelle was lying to her. I think Maggie has been misunderstood a lot in the game. She is just a quiet reserved person (IMO) and doesn't show her true feelings. and is also a lot more mature than Janelle who until the last 3 or 4 weeks did nothing but sleep, eat, and flirt with the guys. She admitted she was a very sloppy person even at home, and her comments about Ivette early on about being a maid, cleaning lady were totally uncalled for. Ivette has high emotions and is not afraid to show them. She doesn't back down when she feels she is right.
  12. goldilocks39

    Janelle Evicted

    She was only a watcher not in Two an a Half Men. She wasn't in the script nor taped for the show from what they showed on TV
  13. goldilocks39

    Janelle Evicted

    I agree! I wonder how Janelle feels now. At least Ivette was graceful in her goodbye to her, not telling her like Janelle did Jennifer when she was evicted. Now it doesn't make any difference to me which one of them win the grand prize. They both win and I feel they will be friends outside the house. JMO
  14. April trying to explain she feels that I had an influence on her and I got very angry and stomped off. Flopped on bed. Now I is back out and they're A and I outtalking each other trying to get their point across
  15. April doing most of the talking, just chit chat. (Iv looks either thoughtful or mad not sure which)
  16. A thinks she might be going on Tues. She had a dream last night she got out met her family and they told her some things that had been said about them. Now she's almost scared to see them. (Things are cool between I and A) FISH!!!
  17. M just told I April knows shes going home so she's trying to make amends to everyone. I says if I wasn't set in stone what I want to do. M says I don't want to talk about it. M said whatever A wants to do is fine with her even if it's hang out with Jan A outside now BB says good morning HG the veto ceremony will be in 90 min.
  18. A said We feel like we're so sweet, then she says wake up and smell the coffee. I don't think that's how America sees us. (How would she know unless Jan told her) Maggie got coffee and went outdoors. Iv out there, and April going to come out
  19. M and A still talking A keeps bring up what she will find out sooner or later. (She so wants M to ask her WHAT and M is not doing that) Iv just made her and M bed. M still in talking to A Talking about Rachel eviction.
  20. April telling Mag she will be surprised at the things that come out. (She's blaming it all on IV) A I'm looking back at things I said I would never say some of the things I said in the outside world. M tells A whatever happens she wouldn't be able to take Jan because of the things the friendship have agreed on
  21. Maggie went in and is talking to April. April said she is happy for Iv winning Maggie said I can tell you don't want to be here
  22. Maggie doing dishes, April stirring (but not up yet) Iv and Jan (not moving) Iv up went to SR FISH!!!
  23. Good Morning Houseguests "The veto ceremony will begin in two hours" BB wake up call
  24. Maggie just fed fish and is sitting watching them eat (while waiting for coffee)
  25. Maggie up got something out of storage (probably fish food) Think she's making coffee