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  1. Plus one on Shane or Danielle for that matter, as long as Joe and Wil go up. Joe has got to go.
  2. OMG, no she did not just pick something up off the floor and eat it.
  3. Has there been any conformation that the coaches are actually going to play? That doesn't seem like the right thing to do, and I would agree with Willie if that was to happen. At this point though until that happens it seems like they should stick with their coaches, after all they want to win 100 grand, so it's hard to believe that the coaches would purposely sabotage their own players. I think Willie is just causing paranoia in the house. Maybe he is being fed info from BB to cause trouble. JMO.
  4. RDM

    Coaches playing

    I say at this point kick the coaches out bring back Jodi and Kara and start all over.
  5. It's at 5:35 bbt on the flashback. I didn't any slamming or anything overly aggressive but you could here what sounded like plates or spoon being dropped into the sink. There were several people in the kitchen when that happened right as Joe went running to Janni to tell on Willie, before he ran to hide in the HoH.
  6. RDM

    Coaches playing

    I just don't think it's going to happen, AG would lose what little credibility she has left. I assume(you know about assuming LOL) the coaches are getting a flat fee for just being there plus siphon so it's not just the 100 grand. Of course I would be more than happy with 100 grand but maybe not for these ultra rich coaches lol, or it could just be for the competition. I think Janelle is still upset she never won and this is a way to settle the score especially with Booger.
  7. The house is different which is nice but hard on the eyes. The way the walls are painted makes them hard to look at. That being said I'm still excited to get it started, bring on the hamsters.
  8. I watched for a little while and thought it was different and I'll continue to watch as long as it doesn't get in the way of BB. Honestly it just made me want BB more.
  9. My wife and I are so excited, she has several friends at work and they get together and talk BB. I really hope there are no production favorites this year or star wannabes, but I doubt either one won't happen. Still excited though.
  10. RDM

    Kalia - Week 8/DE Part 1 HoH

    She also ate a chip that had fallen onto the floor. According to Mythbusters there is no 5 second rule! Yeech!!
  11. Well if I remember right sheldon said several times in the first couple of weeks that she didn't need the money and that this was only a social experiment for her. So why would she turn on the only seemingly two true friends in the house, my only guess is it's her business mind and you don't make true friends. I really don't think she has thought about the affect this will have on her family, unlike her business dealings everyone who watches the show or feeds sees her underhandedness. JMO
  12. RDM

    Shelly - Week 7

    I think Shelly just lit the other end of the candle!LOL
  13. Same here, they even said see you next year. I thought they were pretty cool this year.
  14. I have voted for Brendon, he is over all nice guy and has not held anything against the haters. I can't stand britney and all her personal attacks and prissy whinning. I don't think Evel Brit should get anything since BB gave her the 10 Gs. JMO
  15. RDM

    Let's thank Morty by donating!

    Done, thanks Morty
  16. I think he threw Ragan because Ragan was the only other choice at the time.
  17. RDM

    Britney - Week 8

    I agree I don't like the way she has played or talked so badly about people even after they are no longer in the game, but she has played the whole house and has won when she needed.
  18. Matt lied about his wife, so I think he would have thrown his mother under the bus to stay, also Britchney has done nothing but bad mouthed Rachel and still is so why wouldn't she give her a nasty GB, she just never considered having to face a person after talking so much crap about them and she froze. JMO
  19. Water Closet it's a european term that must be catching on here in the U.S..
  20. RDM

    Favorite & Least Favorite Season?

    The biggest problem I see is the lack of effort and not wanting to get blamed for anything. In the future have not's should be determined by the first ones out, up to an appropriate number. They all act like they should just lay around and wait for fame and fortune to be lauded upon them, not to earn it. The other thing is some take everything so personal but then trash talk others, just doesn't make sense. Game trash talk is one thing but personal is just hateful. This season is very disappointing to me and my wife, maybe we just expect too much beforehand. JMO
  21. RDM

    Brendon - Week 5 Nominee

    I think Brendon is a genuinely nice guy and doesn't have the right temperament to be in the BB house, his game it terrible and he is too naive. That being said I think all the hg are bad this year although I do get a kick out of Lane and Enzo.
  22. RDM

    Britney - Week 5 - PoV Winner

    Maybe it's just me but it seems like the week after Britney befriends someone they are voted out, this may not be 100% correct but think about it.
  23. RDM


    Yes, also Matt said someone went through his luggage, do you thnk Regan did it as a stunt? Will he keep it or make sure it's not used? Maybe we will find out tonight!
  24. RDM

    Kathy - Week 4

    How true, good thinking about cigarette cost.