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  1. I'm back and hope to see you soon! *Hugs*

  2. Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey mysterious mystery person of mystery. HA! Happy belated New Year!!!

  3. Dexter RULES!!!!!

  4. Gramps had to pole-vault over the muddy creek, too. I'm sure there's more...
  5. So is Nicolas useless or what? How come he asks Grandpa to do everything nasty or physical -- isn't he forty years or more younger? What a wimp.
  6. Grrrr. Those blondes used a U-turn on my team! Hope the blondes get it next week. Grrrr.
  7. Proving the point that if you are TRULY in fear you'd leave, not matter what. Or your an idiot for staying..... I think it proves that the producers were once again more interested in protecting Dick Donato than anyone or anything else...
  8. http://www.ew.com/ew/article/0,,20053230,00.html Dick said really disgusting things to you but it seemed that he was never penalized. Do you think that was fair? Um, no, I don't think that it was fair. I think that it obviously made good television and that's why it was used. I don't know what to say is fair, I'm definitely normally a fair person
  9. I don't believe I said *I* was buying anything. I just pointed out that a) it was a limited edition of 50 (increasing the value), and if someone is willing to pay two grand for an old shirt because it was worn by a hg on a tv show (how nuts is that?), then Zach may very well sell his prints. And that's fine that you wouldn't spend the money on them, ranjake -- I wouldn't spend that kind of money on reality tv paraphernalia either -- t-shirts, prints, or otherwise. My point was, there are people who will -- and do.
  10. duh, since we're including EVERYONE'S OPINIONS, I do happen to think that was verbal abuse. (and I don't believe I said anything in my post about you mentioning physical abuse in yours, FatCat -- what's all that about?)
  11. Wow, I wouldn't pay $2000.00 for an old shirt of Nick's that Dani wore on the show, either -- but apparently someone did.
  12. I so disagree with this. Abuse isn't always physical. I agree with this, and that includes everyone's comments and opinions on this board, yes?
  13. There are plenty in the world of art photography that go for much more than that, depending on the photo, the artist, and the run. I've recently seen a limited edition photo selling for over 2,500 pounds (by an artist from England), which is well over $5,000 American. What makes the price so high in this instance, I think, is not just the quality of the photograph (which is high), who the photographer is, or the fact that it's signed, but that it is a limited edition with a very small run of 50. If you're buyer number 51, you're out of luck. Although I agree it's a high price to start (considering Zach is not a world famous artist, but known only from television), the price may go down depending on the interest he receives. However, there are some in the art world who may buy it because it's a signed, authenticated, limited edition (of only 50), making it more valuable than say, someone's amateur pic of dolphins they took on vacation. There are limited edition art photographs that sell in this range, as well as many that are both higher and lower in price (anywhere from thousands of dollars to as little as just under 100)-- depending on the above, the artist, and, most importantly, the 'limit' of the run. Just to add: considering how much some of the stuff from houseguests is going for on ebay (pretty ridiculous price for a t-shirt, etc., don't you think?), I wouldn't be at all surprised if Zach was quite successful in selling his art.
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