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  1. Is it just me but isn't annoying that one group stays in control, there is no give and take. Plus they are so paranoid they think the weaker houseguests are "threats" Then they spend 90 percent of their time trash talking people who haven't even threatened them. They seem more and more paranoid. I can't wait till they get out the house and find out they are the least liked in the house according to polls.
  2. After watching what may be the one of the most stupid moves in BB history it is time to come up with those great lines Dani is so dumb__________________! Fill in the blank folks.
  3. Rachel ???Brendon??????NNNOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! (running away screaming in horror) For the first time ever I did not watch the last Amazing Race because they put that idiot redhead on it.
  4. rosebudmom

    Brendon Villegas and Rachel Reilly

    You know that latest JcPenney commercial with all the screaming? That is because the people heard these 2 were going to be on Amazing Race. NNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO..........
  5. Dear Kahlia, Please quit sleeping in me all the time, my warrantee doesn't cover this much usage. The bed. Dear Porsche, Better enjoy the camera time you get from me now because you won't be getting much outside the house. BB Cameras
  6. rosebudmom

    Live TV Show 8/11 & Twist Eviction

    If America votes Brendon, do you really think he would compete much against Rachel? He already used his veto to save her, I think he would make sure she went back in. We need someone like Cassie or Dominic to stir things up and give viewers something to watch.
  7. Dear Kahlia, you seem to have no trouble remembering to eat, please remember we would like to be fed also. the HOH fish.
  8. rosebudmom

    Rachel - Week 4 - Saved by PoV

    With this fake wedding their planning for Rachel and Brendan. When the fake minister asks if anyone objects, can we the viewers object? Or better yet, we need an America's Player to stand up and object for us.
  9. Dear Houseguests, I am designed to be used for trash, not humans. I would much rather be filled with trash then what you have planned for me. Signed the trashbags.
  10. PRODUCTION CREW, HEY PRODUCTION CREW Can you please bring some lysol and other air freshners? these houseguests are stinking it up. I could also use some more kleenex,.....Rachel cries so much I am about out. Sincerely, the BB house!
  11. rosebudmom

    Adam - Week 4

    I don't have live feeds, but I hope they show Bb telling him to not touch stuff on wall and his funny reply to them. At least he is keeping a sense of humor with the costume.
  12. rosebudmom

    Kalia - Week 4

    I think I figured out what Kahlia is good at..........sucking up to Hoh's
  13. rosebudmom

    Rachel - Week 4 - Saved by PoV

    Hmmmm....it would be interesting to see Rachel go home and read all the blogs from people who can't stand her. And the best part is Brendan wouldn't be there to inflate her ego. Now that would be fun to watch, her falling apart.
  14. Kahlia, Quit running upstairs to suck up to Danielle all the Time, your wearing out my tread. signed, the stairs.