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  1. 9:34am BBT - HG are still sleeping. 9:57 AM BBT - Someone's snoring really loud. They better enjoy it because wake up call will most likely happen soon. 10:04 AM BBT - We got Foth (wake up call?!) 10:17 AM BBT - Feeds return! Sam in KT; everyone else asleep with lights on. 10:17 AM BBT - Sam heads to SR and grabs some milk and looks inside cabinets and grabs something else. 10:19 AM BBT - Sam back in KT gives the "A-OK" hand sign to the camera. Then a few moments later BB calls her to DR. 10:21 AM BBT - Sam comes out of DR and heads back to KT but makes a detour to WA 10:23 AM BBT - BB calls Tyler, JC, Brett, Angela, and Scottie to SR for fresh batteries. Brett gets up. 10:25 AM BBT - Brett passing Sam and said, "They say LD" and Sam responds "No". Brett in WC and Sam stiring something from the Microwave. Everyone else still in bed. 10:27 AM BBT - Brett leaves WC and heads right back to bed. Only one up right now is Sam. 10:33 AM BBT - Feeds show Kaycee passing Sam heading to WA 10:35 AM BBT - When Kaycee walks past Sam in KT; I saw the BY open up. 10:37 AM BBT - BB says, "Tyler, Scottie, JC, Angela there are fresh batteries in SR, please change your batteries. 10:38 AM BBT - Sam gathers all her dirty clothes from WA and BBR as it appears she's about to wash her clothes. 10:42 AM BBT - Sam carries a pile of clothes to the BY and heads to the washer/dryer 10:47 AM BBT - Sam heads back to KT, takes the last pile outside to BY, then she heads back in KT to attend to what's she's cooking on the stove. Everyone else still sleeping. 10:51 AM BBT - BB says, "Tyler, Scottie, JC, Angela there are fresh batteries in SR. Please change your batteries." 10:54 AM BBT - BB says, "Tyler, Scottie, JC, Angela there are fresh batteries in SR. Please change your batteries." (again). Scottie gets up this time and heads to SR. Sam in WA working her hair. 10:56 AM BBT - Scottie climbs right back into bed once he changes his batteries. 10:57 AM BBT - JC stumbles out of bed and heads to SR to change his batteries. At this time BB does their reminder about HG being awake and BR lights need to remain on. BB then yells at Tyler & Angela about fresh batteries in SR. 11:03 AM BBT - Feeds show Sam still doing things in KT and Kaycee in BBR getting her socks on. 11:08 AM BBT - Tyler comes out of HOHR. Sam says Good morning to him. He responds "Morning Sammy". 11:08 AM BBT - Angela heads to BY and lays down on a lawn chair to get some sun. 11:14 AM BBT - Tyler, Kaycee sit down in KT making general chit chat. Same still cooking something. 11:14 AM BBT - Sam said the songs this morning was really good. She says the first one was Patsy Cline, second one Avett Brothers, and third one she couldn't figure who it was. They talk about the songs that BB played them this morning. 11:22 AM BBT - Sam, Tyler, and Kaycee talking about the Jury and what they are doing. Scottie joins the KT crew. Angela in BY suntanning. Everyone else not on cam - probably still in bed. 11:25 AM BBT - Sam and Scottie talk about sleep. Kaycee heads to BY. 11:26 AM BBT - Kaycee heads back in and makes her way to WA 11:32 AM BBT - Scottie & Kaycee in WA. Sam now in BY picking up things on the ground.
  2. At 8:57PM the feeds show us "The Head of Household Competition is coming soon" At 9:00PM the feeds switched to competition. We hear BB/Production talk asking if everyone understands the rules. Everyone just stands there. BB tells Monte to explain the competition. He reads todays compeition is called "Live by the Sword". Goal is being last houseguest holding up their crown with their sword. Each has a knight in their own image, crown, and sword. When competition begins they will have two minutes to press the crown to their knights head with their sword and get onto their platform. At 2 minute mark they will hear a bell, if they aren't on their platform with crown in position when the bell sounds they will be eliminated. Once bell sounds they must remain on platform they must use their sword on knights head. Alright everyone at sound of horn you will have two minutes to get into that position. BB tells them to get into position. Everyone picks up their sword and gets into their positions. Shane drops his sword while everyone has it pretty good. Bell sounds and everyone is in position. No one is talking and the sword is very flimsy. Everyone is concentrating and from what it appears they are staring straight at their knight. Jason breaks silence that it's the quietest the live feeds ever was. Everyone chuckles. Jason then gives a shoutout to his people. Shelby is out of the competition. Jason likes that they got their own colors too. Everyone is talking about colors now. Jason sword falls and is out of the competition. 9:23PM Jason and Shelby talk about wrist sizes on couch while everyone else (besides Monte) is concentrating at the competition. 9:25PM Monte asks everyone how they are doing. They all respond with "Great"/"Good". Justin keeps bending his sword playing with it. 9:35PM Everyone but Jason and Shelby are still in the compeition. Jason and Shelby are chit chatting on the couch while everyone concentrating on the challenge. 9:36PM Shane drops sword and is out and joins Jason and Shelby on couch. 9:42PM Danielle sings ABC's in reverse and BB yells at her just by saying her name. 9:51PM Danille is whispering singing Baby Beluga and BB yelled at her to stop singing.
  3. Good evening I'm Julie Chen. Welcome to Big Brother Over the Top! It's the Big Brother you all know and love but been reinvented for CBS All Access. Tonight we embark of one of a kind 24 hour game of Big Brother only available on CBS All Access. Just a moment In moments 13 houseguest will move into the Big Brother house and they will battle for power, perks, and the hope of ultimately being crowned the first winner of Big Brother over the top. So buckle up it's time to start, Big Brother Over the Top. On Day One - Scott enters the BB house first. Morgan enters the BB house next. Morgan says Scott isn't someone she would hangout with just because of their differences. Shane enters next and both Morgan and Scott compliments Shane's hair. They say it's gorgeous. Neeley enters in the BB house next. Neeley tells us in the DR room that she's excited to be in the BB House. Neeley also mentions she wants to massage Shane's scalp. Shelby enters in next and tells us in the DR that it's so crazy to be in the BB house. Cornbread enters in next and he tells us that he's more excited than a fat kid in a candy story with a whole pocket full of money. Kryssie enters next and tells us that she didn't come there to be everyone's buddy. She came there to win a lot of money. Whitney comes in next. Justin enters in after Whitney. Following Whitney Alex enters and says she knew it was possible her sister Morgan and she could end up inside the BB House but didn't know for sure it would happen. Morgan tells us that she literally had a heart attack. Both sisters are worried. Monty enters next. Danielle enters in next. Following Danielle enters Jason. Jason says he's back bitches. He's so grateful for America voting him back in. Scott tells us that he is so excited to see Jason enter the game. Houseguest gather in the living room to toast and go over names and where everyone's from. Julie then comes on the screen and tells them the first the first game changer. She tells them there will be NO JURY. When they are out of the game, they are out of the game. Because on Finale night,; America will be choosing the winner of BBOTT. Scott tells us in DR that the twist is crazy because not only the HGs you got to worry about but same as America. Neely says it may change the way people look at each other in the house. Alex accidently calls Morgan by her nickname that she calls her back home and freaks out to us in the Diary Room. Jason looks at the memory wall and wonders if Morgan and Alex the same person. Jason talks with Danielle by the pool and they talk about Morgan and Alex and about their differences. Monty is sharing a room with Shane and Cornbread and got a good vibe with these guys but doesn't think it will last. Cornbread feels stoked with the four and mentioned calling them "The Four Horsemen." Day Two, BB tells them that the HoH Competition will start now. So now there is a blue bottle with a note "Only one may drink" but Shane gets up and drinks it. BB announces "Shane you been infected, go to the Diary Room immediately." Everyone is confused and not sure what happens. Shane comes out and tells everyone that he can't be HoH this week and every time the buzzer alarm sounds he is supposed to infect another person but once they are affected they can't be HoH until there is only one person left. Shane picks Danielle and affects her. Danielle infects Justin. Justin infects Shelby. Shelby infects Scott. Scott infects Neeley, Neeley infects Morgan. Morgan talks to Monty and Cornbread tells Morgan to give him the infection and then he (Cornbread) will infect Jason. Morgan infects Cornbread. Cornbread infects Jason. Jason infects Whitney. Whitney says she has all the power that decides who will be the first HoH. Whitney infects Alex which means Monty is the first HoH of the season. Monte is so excited to be HoH. Alex didn't want the power of HoH and she is trying to lay low. Jason is nervous that Monte is HoH because he is the only returnie. BB tells HGs to head to the living room because Julie has a message for them. Julie says Hello to Houseguest and congrats first HoH. She tells them that there are no nomination ceremonies. That he/she will make a specified number of Houseguest safe twice and that PoV will still be played. Monte says it changes his game plan because it's a safety ceremony and not nomination ceremony. Jason goes up to talk to Monte. Jason tells Monte to not fight the twist but weaponize the twist and leaving Jason in his corner. Monte thinks that people would least suspect if they worked together. BB tells houseguest to get their block pass from the storage room and tells them if it turns green they are safe from nomination. Monte is in HoH room and first person safe is Neeley. Next is Whitney. Third person safe is Cornbread. Fourth person safe Morgan. and fifth person safe is Shane. Scott says five are safe as of right and seven are still waiting. Monte says going downstairs it may be an awkward situation after what just happened. Danielle tells us she really likes Shane. Shane says that Danielle is very beautiful. It's now day four. Morgan, Alex, Shelby, Whitney are in storage room talking about an all girl alliance and how they want to make it work. Kryssie has an emotional breakdown moment because it's been rough on her. Cornbread heads to HoH room to talk to him about Kryssie. Tells him that Kryssie is falling into pieces. Monte tells us in the diary room that Kristie is unstable emotionally unstable and that can be risky. Shane heads up to HoH room, Monte asks Shane about Danielle and Jason. Monte doesn't want to put Danielle up but doesn't think she will come after him if she goes up. BB tells HGs that it's time for safety ceremony and tells HGs to get their block passes and explains rules again. Monte saves Justin first. Monte saves Alex net. Kryssie saves third. Shelby is saved next (who did a happy dance when it went off). Monte tells us three people are left Danielle, Scott, and Jason is the three people left. Final person safe is Scott. Which means Jason and Danielle been nominated for eviction. Monte heads downstairs and tells Jason that he's a vet and is a threat. Monte tells Danielle smart, pretty, everyone likes her. Thinks both have a great chance. Danielle runs off to bedroom and tears up. Neeley says she has to say it and that it's awkward and needs a need drink. Danielle tells us that it sucks being the first person nominated. Shane mentions that he feels that Jason is the bigger threat. Danielle thinks Jason has a better social game than her. She wonders if Monte wins the veto that maybe he will use it on her. Jason mentions no surprise for him but that was messed up about Danielle's nomination. Danielle is upstairs talking to Monte (and Shane) and Monte tells her that Jason is a threat and that she isn't a threat to him. She thanks him for making her feel better. Day Five. BB says "Houseguest please gather in the living room." Julie shows up on screen with an important message for them. She tells them that each week viewers will nominate a third person up for eviction. If that person comes down because of PoV then that nomination won't be replaced. Danielle in diary room says she is shocked. Monte says they aren't kidding about Over the Top. Monte got everyone in the living room to pick players for the veto competition. Now they find out who the third nomination is and the screen flips through pictures on the screen and turns out its Cornbread. Only six will compete in the PoV. Monte, Jason, Danielle, Cornbread, Whitney, and Alex will play the PoV. Shane hosts the Veto competition. BB made additions in the BB house and they have to figure out the clues to open the safe. The first person who enters the correct number for the safe will win veto. There are magnets on the fridge that read "Veto" (4), upstairs there is a goldfish bowl (9), Flowers are downstairs (4), and chairs added to the big table (2). After many guesses, Jason gets it with the winning number of 2449. Jason has won the PoV! Shane and Monte talk in the HoH room and they think Kryssie is a good replacement when Jason comes down the block. Danielle and Danielle are alone in HoH room and he confirms that she should be safe and tells her that Kryssie's a good choice. On Day Seven, Jason used the veto on himself. Monte nominated Kryssie in replacement. Monte tells us that he hopes she goes home. BB tells houseguest to head to the living room with another message for them. Julie comes on the monitor and tells them each week there will be an online vote for who they would like to vote out, along with the houseguest America will have "1" vote each week to evict. It's now time for the live eviction. Danielle gets up and gives her speech and basically tells everyone she enjoyed all the laughs and really wants to stay. Cornbread stands and says that he had a ball and hopes everyone will keep him there and his game is pretty open and if they keep him there he will have everyone's back. Kryssie stands and tells everyone that it's her time to win and to early to make enemies and she's not done there yet and to keep America happy. BB calls Neeley to Diary Room to vote to evict. Neeley votes Cornbread. Jason votes for Cornbread. Whitney votes for Cornbread. Morgan votes for Cornbread. Justin votes for Cornbread. Shelby votes for Cornbread. Scott votes for Cornbread. Alex votes for Danielle. (she says, "time to shake things up.") Shane votes for Cornbread. Monte stands up and tells everyone that BB is tallying up the votes and the evicted houseguest will have a moment to gather their things and leave. Monte waits by diary room door, and is let in. He comes out with a card, opens card up and reads it. "With 0 votes to evict, Kryssie you are safe. By vote 9-1, Cornbread you have been evicted out of the Big Brother house." Cornbread leaves abruptly Everyone hugs each other and makes their way towards memory wall.
  4. #BB18 8:05AM BBT All HG sound asleep. #BB18 8:15AM BBT Feeds show James/Natalie sleeping in one bed and Victor sleeping in his HOH bed. #BB18 8:30AM BBT Paul is also sleeping in the HOH bed with Victor. #BB18 8:45AM BBT HG may be sleeping but at least the fish are moving around giving us something fun to watch. #BB18 8:47AM BBT Get WBRB on feeds. #BB18 8:58AM BBT Feeds returned. BR lights are on. BB calls Nicole then Natalie to the DR. #BB18 9:10AM BBT James/Natalie still laying in their bed in the UKBR. Victor and James still laying in the bed in the HOHR. #BB18 9:30AM BBT Everyone is still in bed trying to sleep. #BB18 9:38AM BBT BB just said, "Rise and Shine" and everyone moves around. James and Natalie talking about veto ceremony and then we get WBRB. #BB18 9:42AM BBT Feeds come back. Natalie says she's going to get ready and gets out of bed. She heads to WA. Corey is in the shower. Natalie jokes with Corey telling him "Good morning and she can't wait for him to use the veto on her." #BB18 9:44AM BBT Natalie asks Corey if they (BB) gave him a heads up when the POV ceremony will be and I heard 'I'm sorry" and we get WBRB. #BB18 9:47AM BBT Natalie in BY working out. Natalie, James, and Corey are in the WA talking about random stuff. #BB18 9:52AM BBT James now in shower, Nichole working on her hair, Corey leaves WA and heads to get dressed, and Nichole working out in BY still watching herself in the mirror outside. #BB18 9:55AM BBT Natalie went back in and now joins the WA gang. Nichole and James says that Derrick probably thinks they are yo-yo's and that he is probably watching them. Corey is now dressed. No sign of Victor or Paul. #BB18 9:58AM BBT Feeds switch to the HOH room where we find Paul and Victor still in bed. BB yells at Corey saying "Please put on your microphone" #BB18 10:01AM BBT Corey goes to WA and gets Nichole and James opinion on his pants he's wearing and then he leaves. #BB18 10:02AM BBT Nichole asks James if anyone from his season knew he was coming on and James responds no. BB calls Victor to DR #BB18 10:03AM BBT Corey told everyone that the BY is being shut down. Now they all talking about why it's happening and what is going on. Victor heads downstairs and notices it to and Corey tells him that they just shut it down. #BB18 10:06AM BBT Corey making coffee, James brushing his teeth, and Nichole putting makeup on. Natalie is showering. #BB18 10:07AM BBT Victor comes out of DR and heads to HOHR. BB calls James to DR. Corey is in SR eating a banana. #BB18 10:10AM BBT BB asks Natalie to put her microphone on. Corey says, "We are back" as the BY opens back up. Nicole yells to Corey they probably did the awnings for them. Corey responds to her saying yeah. #BB18 10:14AM BBT James joins Corey in KT. Corey compliments James saying he looks good. James thanks him. Corey then goes to WA and makes Nicole laugh while he eats his banana and heads back to sit down in KT. #BB18 10:18AM BBT Victor joins Corey in KT and starts helping him put things away. James and Natalie are in WA. BB tells Nichole to put on her microphone. #BB18 10:23AM BBT Corey asks Victor if people in the jury house sees everything that goes on in the show. Victor tells him they don't see conversations but just competitions and evictions. Nichole hears and tells them what basically happens. #BB18 10:28AM BBT Victor and Corey head to BY so they can enjoy the nice weather. Nichole and Natalie in WA putting make up. Natalie is called to the DR. #BB18 10:31AM BBT Nichole looks at coffee and says there was a lot in there. James says yeah it's strong. Nichole heads to BY telling Corey he's crazy because how much coffee was put in the filter. Victor says it's because the water expands it. #BB18 10:33AM BBT BB asks HG to lower awnings outside. Corey and Victor do that. Nichole goes back in back into house. #BB18 10:39AM BBT Victor and Corey make fun of Nichole outside on how she says "Corey". Natalie and James still in WA. No sign of Paul. #BB18 10:43AM BBT BB calls Corey to the DR. #BB18 10:44AM BBT We get Jeff clips now.
  5. #BB18 6:06PM James and Corey are in HN room having game talk. Paulie, Paul, Bridget, and Victor outside taking the awnings down asked by BB. #BB18 6:08PM BBT We get Jeff Reels on the feeds. #BB18 6:09PM BBT Feeds return. James and Corey are talking together about not wanting to do regarding the Veto and who to keep. Corey told James that there is no logic to vote out Z. #BB18 6:11PM BBT Paulie is working out, Nat is laying down on the outside cot. Telling Victor that she can see him being a actor after BB. #BB18 6:17PM BBT James and Corey break the conversation up and leave the HN room. Bridget and Victor are playing pool outside. #BB18 6:21PM BBT Corey and Nicole are now in BY talking about food. Paulie and Paul are in the KT just saying random things about yelling random cuss words. #BB18 6:24PM BBT Paul keeps singing and BB yells at him for doing it. #BB18 6:26PM BBT Yelling outside about kiss cam. Everyone was yelling saying kiss cam to Nat & James. Nat & James yelling Corey & Nichole to kiss. Corey & Nichole yelling Victor & Bridget to kiss. #BB18 6:29PM BBT Corey walks towards workout bench and says, "Whats up America?" Nichole says, "I miss you mom". Paul comes outside and Victor called kiss cam and he makes out with the duck around his stomach. #BB18 6:29PM BBT Nat goes inside to use WC and heads outside to try to get Paul to do Zumba. Z is in the shower. James and Nichole are talking about the voting. #BB18 6:36PM BBT Bridget, Victor, and Paul are playing pool. Nichole and James are talking still about voting and about next eviction about how it is a double eviction. Natalie is laying on the cot outside. #BB18 6:43PM BBT Paul, Paulie, James, and Nichole are outside talking about POV prizes it sounds like. Victor and Bridget by the pool table. Corey working out. #BB18 6:48PM BBT James goes inside and talks to Natalie as she's laying down. Both are under covers talking about past conversations about Michelle may be coming after her. #BB18 6:54PM BBT James and Natalie still talking about the votes. Paul and Bridget are playing pool. Sounds like Paul is giving Bridget pointers. Corey is working out still. #BB18 7:00PM BBT Corey done working out and now in the KT with Nichole just verbally picking on each other. Natalie and James are still in bed talking. #BB18 7:09PM BBT Z joins Nichole and Corey. Z gives a shout out to her family. Nichole and Corey are still picking on each other in the KT. James and Natalie still laying under covers in bed talking still about random things. #BB18 7:11PM BBT James asks Natalie if she's fine with anyone going home this week and she says yes. Corey gives his family a shout out now after Nichole had to guess who Corey's parents names were. Z is also in KT.
  6. #BB18 11:40AM BBT Michelle just finished her bowl of cereal and washed it. #BB18 11:43AM BBT Michelle headed to her bed and is laying down. Everyone is in their beds asleep in the BB House. #BB18 11:59AM BBT James gets up and heads to WA. #BB18 12:03PM BBT Bathroom Camera zooms in on the dirty floor while James is in the WA. Everyone else is in bed. #BB18 12:15PM BBT Feeds show the HG sleeping #BB18 12:16PM BBT James is out of the WC and washes his hands. He heads back to bed. #BB18 12:18PM BBT James gets back up and puts a headband on and heads to the KT. #BB18 12:20PM BBT James goes to the SR for something (looks like Yogurt) and heads back to the KT. #BB18 12:23PM BBT James takes his yogart and apple juice drink to the Safari Room. Everyone else is sleeping. #BB18 12:25PM BBT James tells us live feeders that everyone is sleeping and what he is eating and drinking. Gives shout out's to people he loves outside the house. Tells people that he is in it to win it and not to be mad at him. #BB18 12:26PM BBT James tells us that he feels a double eviction might happen. He says either this week or next week. He stresses to us that he is just trying to survive. He tells us that he is playing a low key game. #BB18 12:27PM BBT He gives a shout out to all the Season 17 cast. Says that's pretty much it and finally he says stay tuned for Thursday for more craziness. He finishes eating and heads to the KT. #BB18 12:31PM BBT James finishes his Apple Juice and heads to the WC. Everyone else still sleeping. #BB18 12:34PM BBT James is out of WC. Natalie wakes up and heads to the WC now. #BB18 12:41PM BBT James heads to the LR and sits in one of the nomination chairs. #BB18 12:42PM BBT James heads to the HNR and Corey says hi to him by giving him the peace sign. James and Corey chit chat while everyone is asleep. #BB18 12:43PM BBT Corey lays there looking miserable (as he's tall and don't fit in the bed comfortably). James laying in the bed next to him. Both not talking, just laying there. #BB18 1:00PM BBT Corey is awake in bed just staring at the ceiling. Occasionally closing his eyes. All other HG is in bed sleeping. #BB18 1:08PM BBT Corey and James get up out of the bumper cars. Corey goes to lay with Natalie for a few as James suggested he do. James goes and lays back down in his bed. All HG laying in beds. #BB18 1:10PM BBT Corey gets out of the bed and heads to KT to get something to eat. #BB18 1:13PM BBT Feeds go to WBRB. #BB18 1:13PM BBT Feeds return with Corey in KT still working on his food and everyone else in their beds. #BB18 1:20PM BBT James joins Corey in the KT. James asks Corey if he's enjoying his BB Slop. James then mentions that he has to go to the restroom again as he been going all morning. #BB18 1:25PM BBT James leaves WA and heads to KT. Corey asks James how long he's been up for and James tell him ten. Corey heads to WC, James heads to SR. #BB18 1:28PM BBT James is making scrambled eggs. Corey joins James back in KT and tells him that he's tired. James told him that he thinks he has a splinter on his foot. #BB18 1:29PM BBT James tells Corey he's making an Egg Sandwich. Corey sitting there in the KT drinking his drink. Everyone else sleeping. (Got to go. Maybe be back later.)
  7. 12:00pm BBT - Bridget and Paul are talking in the HOH room. 12:08pm BBT - Frank and Corey are talking about random things and Nicole comes in and joins them. 12:24pm BBT - We get Jeff Reels 1:50pm BBT- Still on Jeff Reels
  8. jayman228

    Utopia Recap: 2014-09-19 (Friday)

    Dead Deer, Free Meal I was wondering when they was going to go hunting. Speaking of, I don't remember seeing them EAT this dear. Did they eat it or no? LOL ...And Freedom Anarchy for All So yeah. This is an interesting topic. I'm glad they didn't do the democratic or republican methods because that would just create a divide amongst them. I personally think they should have one person in charge (mainly a judge) and that one person handles the money and rules. That one person picks six people to be on a committee and they vote for changes in rules, money, etc. That way they can still get their ideas across, they still have some rules, and the money doesn't run out. Taylor and Helen? I dunno how I feel about this match. I mean I'm happy that they clique and aren't alone but yet at same time I'm just tired of the stereotypical good looking guy and good looking girl hooking up. It seems that it never fails. (I guess I'm speaking on personal experience.....) Trouble in Peanut Butter Paradise Eh, not big fan of this showmance.... The Question of Racism and Smack Talkers Why was this even a concern? I didn't see anything wrong with what was said nor took it as him being racist. IMO being racist is when someone continuously makes remarks of hatred for the opposite race and making it well aware. He never once showed that from what I can see. I took it as him joking and the others just took it more personal and took it more with heart which wasn't Josh's objective. Happy Birthday, Here's Your Sex! Eh. I have no comments about this paragraph. I think mainly because I said it above. Next Time I can tell you this much.....I'm torn about this episode. To me i consider this episode the "sex" one because it was the main topic of the show. I can't believe there are that many people there and yet they are struggling to get income. I also can't believe they KNOW that they are running out of money but yet they keep spending money. Hopefully next episode they figure something out with income and change the way they think, do, and live.
  9. jayman228

    Utopia Recap: 2014-09-16 (Tuesday)

    First off let me say I LOVE the new format. It's going to make it easier for me to comment on the episode. KUDOS The End of Pastor Jon? So I wonder if he will come back? I mean he wasn't banished or thrown out of Utopia, he just needed surgery so I wonder if when he is better if they will let him come back in. I hope so. For me he was interesting and very like-able. Lefty the Farmer I liked how he gave them (well Bella) feedback. He was nice and very helpful. Money, Money, Money About time. I was wondering when they was going to figure out money as nothing is free and in order to get what they want, they have to do something to make money. Barn Baby Did she answer where she wanted to have the baby? I don't remember if she did or not but I would assume in the main area where they have the meeting. I doubt she'll leave to have it (unless it's an emergency). Party Time Can we say, interesting?! LOL! I mean I wasn't expecting that one bit BUT I have to say i'm glad they did it. It made it interesting and fun. You know?! Let's All Welcome... Ben It was cool seeing someone from the outside come in. It looked like he had fun and enjoyed himself. I mean $40 is $40 and they should be happy with that. I have to say that Josh got cool points from me by the way he stood up and spoke his positive mind. I mean it's just a start, why be negative and not give it a shot. Plus they all agree'ed Yoga to be begin with so why not be happy that they actually got someone then NOT. Taylor, Nuf Said... All I'm going to say is, he's a great addition to the group.
  10. jayman228

    Utopia Recap: 2014-09-12 (Friday)

    So my take on this epsidoe is: Enjoyed the new blood (Rhonda and Kristin). I personally like Kristin though because she's an Entrepreneur like I am. Rhonda gave me "the mother" vibe and honestly that wouldn't fly for me if i was there. There is enough of that there already. I can understand how Bella micro-manages but I can also understand how it can be annoying. I mean I get how she knows that field and wants to teach others how to do it right (or her way) but i can see the other point where, "can't you just be happy im helping you?!" That is a tough debate. Glad they got the deliveries and that Josh is hooking the plumbing up. He's turning out to be very useful, isn't he? I bet there glad he they didn't banish him earlier in the season. Digging the Mike & Dedeker showmance. That showmance I get, simply because they got to know each other before going crazy into each other. Plus something about Mike, I like, and it just makes me want to like him more. About Dave leaving. I have no words to really say about this. Like them, I can see both sides of the story. Keeping him vs sending him out. I just wish Dave would go get real help which I doubt he won't have a hard time in doing so. Overall, I'm actually impressed the way this is going. At the end of the day (heh heh) its drama, showmance, and entertainment...what more to ask for? Plus i do like how people leave and come into the show, you know? It's cool they just give the same people over the period and say this is it.
  11. jayman228

    Utopia Recap: 2014-09-09 (Tuesday)

    I actually was impressed when they got power. I remember smiling to it and happy for them. It's like they accomplished something. Not really digging the whole USF though. I mean is that really necessary? Why single yourself out to the majority just to "get your way"? At end of day, you won't win when it comes to like a lot of other people. Not a big fan of the Chris and Bri hook up personally. I mean i get being alone, horny, etc but is a hook up really necessary - especially on what, day 4-6? Seriously?! Then when they was trying to order food and the "USF" tried to throw a tanrum I was like "really?"? Once again, can't we all just get along?! This episode also made me question Bella. I mean she's nice and pretty and all but she's kind of annoying to me a bit. Little over the top if you ask me. I hope she changes throughout the series because I want to like her and not think she's annoying but yet i dunno how easy it will be for me to change my mind.
  12. jayman228

    Utopia - General Discussion

    My take on Day 1: Based on first impressions I can already tell Dave is going to be on my nerves. I do like the diversity though. Then when Josh had his incident I was worried for him and his place there. Sucks that you try to have fun (drink) and get in trouble for it. My take on Day 2: I thought I wasn't going to like Hex but actually she's like my favorite. She's a strong headed woman, tells it how it is, and so glad she's OK after being rushed off for medical attention. Glad that Amanda told the group that she's pregnant as it would be hard for her to keep it under raps and now when she eats more, the others would understand. Pastor Jon, hmmm, all I will say about him is at least he's not "pressuring" people when it comes to religion. I like how he's just there for those who want to talk about it but not getting into anyones business or anything. My take on Day 3: Glad Red didn't leave. That's all I can really say. I actually like Red as he's my comic relief and I think he can really add to the show/game/Utopia as long as he's there. It will be interesting to see where this goes......
  13. #BB16 11:30AM The HG are still sleeping #BB16 11:45AM It appears that BB is letting them sleep in today as they are still sleeping and the room's light is still off. #BB16 12:01PM HG still sleeping. Oh, wait a second.....We got WBRB on feeds. (must be wake up call) #BB16 12:11PM Feeds are back! Cody is in the WA combing his hair. Victoria is shown still in bed. Can't tell if Derrick is in bed or not. Cody starts humming and we get WBRB #BB16 12:13PM Feed come back. Cody now in SR and says "OK Fat As$, let's see what you weigh today" and gets on scale. He yells "YES", grabs carton of eggs and heads to KT. He then says "Open the BY, what is this, it's a prison" #BB16 12:14PM Cody making funny noises entertaining himself as he leaves the SR heading back to KT. BY opens up and he pretends like he's hitting a baseball as he says "YES". #BB16 12:16PM Cody heads to BY and brings down the yawnings for BB (without being told to either) #BB16 12:17PM BB says "Cody, Thank You!" #BB16 12:18PM Cody in BY bringing down the yawnings. Victoria appears to be awake in bed as she lays there with her eyes open but not getting up. Derrick moved in his bed so he appears to be still be sleeping. #BB16 12:21PM Cody heads back in and washes his hands in the KT sink. Looks like he is going to make breakfast. He opens a package of bacon and says "It's a nice piece of bacon." #BB16 12:25PM BB says "Victoria, please go to the Diary Room." Cody says being funny, "Victoria" in a weird funny voice. Victoria gets up and makes her way to the DR. #BB16 12:27PM Victoria comes out of DR and goes back to the FR and climbs back in bed. Derrick still sleeping. Cody still cooking. #BB16 12:28PM BB announces, "The bedroom lights must remain on during the day." Victoria gets up and turns on the lights in the FR. #BB16 12:35PM Cody returns to the SR to return the egg carton in the fridge. He leaves SR and heads back to KT. #BB16 12:39PM Cody takes his breakfast outside and laughs saying "The new Donny." Gets a drink out of the small fridge outside and sits down and eats. Victoria and Derrick still in bed. #BB16 12:41PM Victoria gets out of bed, heads out of FR. We then get WBRB on feeds for a second and return. Victoria is now in the WA looking at her face in mirror. #BB16 12:43PM Cody is done eating and now relaxing on the BY couch talking to himself (well and us). Cody says "If you're watching, Dadd-io, wat up." and he talks about what his family is doing and talking about football. Victoria is in WA doing ADL. #BB16 12:47PM Cody says "They played two songs today, two songs" (to the normal three) and we get WBRB for a quick second. #BB16 12:49PM Cody being funny imitating BB as he says "The bedroom lights must remain on during the day" and then saying "What we got today.JetBlue, nice" as a plane flies by. Derrick is awake and goes to the WC. Victoria in WA putting make up on. #BB16 12:50PM Derrick comes out of WC and asks Victoria what time it is. Victoria tells him. Derrick leaves WA and is no longer on feeds. Feeds only show Cody in BY and Victoria in WA. #BB16 12:53PM Cody now talking out loud about the workout he wants to do. Derrick comes out to BY and Cody tells him he's outside talking to himself. Derrick says "To feedsters" and Cody says, not really. Cody tells Derrick that BB played two songs today and we get WBRB. #BB16 12:56PM Cody says he's wearing the same thing two days in a row in the BB. Cody is losing it. Derrick says, day 94. Cody says his mind is gone and there is no decisions, what to do, and wondering how bad the people rip us. #BB16 12:58PM Talk is about the jury. Cody says the only person will be disrespectful would be Frankie. Derrick says he hopes everyone is respectful. #BB16 12:59PM Cody thinks his dad would like Nicole a lot. He thinks Nicole would be one of his dad's favorite players. Cody says Zach would be Billy's (his friend) favorite. #BB16 1:01PM Cody says "We had a good cast" and that they did a really good job at it. #BB16 1:04PM BB says "Cody, please go to to the DR.". Cody joking around says "I don't want to." Derrick is chilling in the BY couch. Victoria heads outside to BY. #BB16 1:05PM Cody comes out of DR and heads back to the BY to join Derrick and Victoria. Cody says "They are getting us lunch again." #BB16 1:10PM After going over a couple places they could do for food, they choose Panera Bread. Cody all happy because he loves it and excited they are OK with it. #BB16 1:11PM We get WBRB on feeds #BB16 1:18PM Feeds return with the F3 still in BY talking about food. Victoria says she hasn't have Panera in a long time. She asked the other two if they had smoothies. #BB16 1:20PM Derrick and Cody goofing around saying that Cody has the hots for Derrick. Derrick says "its a blessing and a curse because i'm hot". Victoria now in KT washing a glass. #BB16 1:21PM Victoria sings and BB yells at her saying "Victoria, please stop singing." Derrick and Cody in BY playing a game of pool. #BB16 1:24PM Derrick says "Guys, im not a big twitter guy but hit me up on twitter, I'll be on twitter in the next couple days while I hang out in the hotel room." BB gives Derrick some hollars. #BB16 1:27PM Victoria is in the LR picking up the games from the table. Looks like Derrick beat Cody in pool because Cody yells "F***, F***, F***, how does that even happen." Derrick says lets play another one and Cody first says no then he says OK. #BB16 1:31PM Victoria is jumping between rooms in the house. Was in LR, went to WA, KT to take a drink, WA to grab some cups, and now back to KT to wash some cups out. Derrick and Cody playing another game of pool. #BB16 1:33PM Victoria starts singing as she makes her way to the WA again and she tells herself to stop singing and stops.
  14. #BB16 12:00PM We get WBRB on feeds. (must be wake up call) #BB16 12:19PM Feeds come back with the HG in the FR. Derrick is up gathering all of the activity trackers and mics. He leaves the room, turns on the light and makes his way to the SR to turn in the activity trackers and changes batteries in the mics. Cody and Victoria still in bed. #BB16 12:22PM Derrick leaves SR and goes back into the FR to put Cody's mic next to his bed, Victoria's mic next to her bed, and then his mic next to his bed. He then leaves his room and goes to the WC. #BB16 12:25PM Derrick comes out of WC, washes his hands, goes back to the WC to blow his nose, and he goes to KT to pour himself something to drink. #BB16 12:28PM Derrick takes the drink and heads to the SR and gets on the scale. He moves the scale from the middle of the floor and then takes some medicine. #BB16 12:29PM He finishes his drink, heads back to KT, washes it out, and then hits the button to goto DR but it appears they won't let him in. He walks away and heads to FR. #BB16 12:31PM BB calls Victoria into the DR. Derrick then leaves the FR and heads back to WA putting on his mic and brushing his teeth. Victoria now in DR. Cody still laying in bed. #BB16 12:33PM Victoria is out of DR and heads back to FR and gets right back into bed. Derrick is still in WA brushing his teeth and Cody still sleeping. #BB16 12:37PM Derrick finished brushing his teeth, got another kleenex from WC to blow his nose, and makes his way to the LR to sit on the couch. #BB16 12:38PM Derrick gets up, goes back to the WA, and washes a stain on his shirt. #BB16 12:39PM Derrick finishes and goes to the DR as they let him in this time. #BB16 12:40PM Derrick comes out of DR, goes to KT and says "What do i want to eat for breakfast." #BB16 12:42PM Derrick says to the camera, "What's up guys, feedsters, jokers, hamsterwatch, it seems like yesterday we just started this little journey, and were on day 93, wow" as he gets some bread. #BB16 12:49PM Derrick is cooking something in the KT. Victoria and Cody still under blankets in their beds. #BB16 12:54PM Victoria gets out of bed, grabs her mic, and makes her way to WA. #BB16 12:56PM Derrick takes his breakfast he just made and sits down on the KT table. VIctoria in WA brushing her teeth. Cody still in bed. #BB16 1:01PM Victoria leaves WA and sits down next to Derrick at the KT table. Derrick asks her if she did her DR and she shakes her head no and Derrick says "Why did you get up then" and we get WBRB. #BB16 1:02PM Derrick tells Victoria that they let them sleep in today. BB then tells Victoria to put on her microphone. #BB16 1:04PM Derrick is now washing his dishes that he used to cook his food. Victoria sitting at the KT. Cody still in bed. #BB16 1:07PM Derrick goes back to the WA to brush his teeth and then goes to the WC. Victoria is eating out of a small baggie in the KT and then washes a butter knife. #BB16 1:10PM Victoria now in SR. She grabs bananas and an apple and heads back to KT. Derrick still in WC. #BB16 1:12PM Derrick out of the WC, washes his hands, and goes to SR as BB just said "Please retrieve your activity trackers from the SR." #BB16 1:13PM Derrick gives Victoria her activity tracker and she puts it on it her wrist. Derrick does same thing while hanging out at the small island KT table. #BB16 1:15PM We get WBRB on feeds for a second and when it came back. Victoria is going to FR to get something from her bed. Derrick sitting at the small KT table looking like he's in deep thought. Cody still sound asleep. #BB16 1:24PM Talk is now between Derrick and Victoria about the same thing that's said in the past about how Derrick thinks of VIctoria. Derrick tells Victoria things like he don't care if Zach votes for him or not, or for how he stood up for Victoria.
  15. #BB16 7:30PM Feeds are still on Jeff reels. #BB16 7:45PM Feeds are still off as we still got Jeff reels.