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  1. Gertrude

    Live Show - July 28th

    that was a good comp, I like the endurance ones. That rain was really comng down hard, no wonder it took 30 hours to build that set!
  2. Gertrude

    Daniele - Week 4 - HOH

    Danit is a real BB gamer, when it comes to comps. It will be interesting to see which newbie's start to cozy up to Dani, this week, and how the vets react. I think I heard Dani tell Kalia that she told Jordan she was putting up Brenchal..
  3. Gertrude

    Shelly - Week 3

    her social game definetly is good, very Kathy-esque. Shelly's just staying out of the fray. I haven't seen anyone take her to task yet, for her vote against Keith, & spilling the beans to J&J.
  4. Gertrude

    Daniele - Week 3

    that would be good!
  5. Gertrude

    Shelly - Week 3

    in this afternoon's big house discussion, she did a good jobe of not admitting to Dom that she voted for Keith to go. I thought Dom might get her to admit it.
  6. Gertrude

    Kalia - Week 3

    she defended herself pretty well, to the exent possible.
  7. Dani just told Dom what (allegedly) Brendon did online 4 months ago, and got caught in a creepy sort of way. No wonder Rachel was mad at him. If true, Brendon is a SNAKE!
  8. Gertrude

    Live Show - July 21

    I thought BB had the ability to turn off mic's; they should have had an asst producer monitoring the bathroom. Rachel will hate seeing that episode, when she gets out of the house.
  9. Gertrude

    Cassi - Week 2 Evicted 7/21

    yes, please do, BB! Make it a show of Good vs Evil!
  10. Gertrude

    Rachel - Week 3 - HOH

    Miss "I always get what I want". No wonder she's so popular. - NOT I wouldn't be surprised. Her winning and Cassi leaving is a double dose of ewooooh
  11. Gertrude

    Daniele - Week 2

    tonight's show made it seemlike Danielle is in perfect position to go far.
  12. Gertrude

    Jeff - Week 2

    after watching tonight's show, I say Jeff is the man of reason , in hte house.Being allies with Brenchal may not last too much longer, since Rachel is sso petty.
  13. Gertrude

    Cassi - Week 2 Evicted 7/21

    I didn't see Cassi take it to the level of Brit and Monet in those first few weeks last year, but maybe I missed it. I'd just say that Rachel's ego and interpersonal skills don"t make her to endearing to the viewer or BB player.
  14. Gertrude

    Dick - Week 1 DOR

    the fact that this thread is still alive, speaks to how little game is going on in the House, up to this point. Even if ED is a complete chain smoke'n, line snort'n mess outside the house, in it, he's an entertaining, strategic, and ruthless BB player, and good for ratings, and me,the paying cutomer- feedwatcher.
  15. Gertrude

    Cassi - Week 2 Evicted 7/21

    CBS- we need another twist to live'n up the game. .Dick leaing may turn out to be a show-killer. If Cassie goes out, give her a chance to come back and give Brenchal some Retribution!!!