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Guest ranster627

September 8th Live Feed Updates

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maggine n ivette in common room, mag sitting on bed, i sitting on floor, mag giving her a massage

all i heard is what did you do and my sound went out

april comes in and says something about her referring to herself as the girlscouts

a- damn!

m- what

a- come and look at my knee, it is so jacked

m- it is bruised

a- yeah but i am bionic so what do i say?

a- what the f*** do i say?

m- u are supposed to talk to us so say hey maggie hey ivetta...

i- just say i want to thank you for ... and thank the Girl Scouts

a- they don't know we are the girl scouts

i- we were the dorks for awhile

m- the nerd herd

a- yeah

m- shame on us for having a degree

april starts singing the bladder control song... gotta go gotta gotta go right now...


m- jennifer had a boob issue and spril has a nose issue

i- omg! it is so gross!!!

m- yeah i know!

maggie and I starting start talking about the veto stuff upcoming

i- if you put me up next to janie then >>>>> I couldn't hear the rest

i- but regardless it is gonna come down to, you know what i mean, just put me straight up, put me straight up you understand what i mean

muffled whispers that I cannot hear

switching cams

bathroom janie and april

a- i'll come back in a minute

h- says something in backgrount

a- it is still in range (i lose sound, my freakin real player is suckin today)

april goes back to common room and hops in bed (they are not talking to eachother)

janie walks into GR and says yeah I am changing, starts brushing hair... FISH

FISH on all 4

cams back on, IM&A in common room

whispering that i cannot make out

m- why isn't that funny?

a- what squirting it?

a- i don't think it woill be considered a double eviction, it was Kaysars and he was considered her partner

i- but that doesn't matter

m- that means that the clock in the HOH room twas kaysars and it wasn't it was provided by BB

m- she wants to see if we have the balls to say something to her

i- i have the balls

m- i can't wait! starts singing the na na na na bye bye song

aa- then we only have one more to get rid of

a- what ever happens today i am gonna have to feel like its

m- what can u do

a- yeah

m- she will not have like one brain to put together with anyone else, we will still have 3 brains that are coming together )ROTFL! maybe three brains but only a half of a brain cell!!!)

a- it will be weird if it is a tie breaker!

maggie starts cackling like a witch

i says something

a- stop saying that, that is my fear!

m- sometimes they outsmart us

i- i know that you want the clock in there but can u move it so we can see it?

j- yeah no prob is it ok there?

i- you need to put it so i can see it

m- u can't see that!!

i- yeah i can

j- i have to go get my eyes done again!

i- u wear glasses?

j- no i got lasik done

i- u did?

j- yeah i was the biggest nerd in school, i had big glasses

m- like coke bottle glasses

j- yeah

m- i would be so afraid of the thing that prys the eye open

a- that is f**** my head up now

m- u are hilarious

i- ur funny

i- u are so old school maggie w/ her chapsick

more wardrobe talk....

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Guest BigSis

BBT 3:20 pm

J,M,I,A, talking in common room about the boyfriend that J broke up with on tv. J explaining that she really wasn't happy and had wanted to break up with him for sometime. She said they rarely seen each other and he was too whiney. She said that she had only seen him like 4 times in the four months they were seeing each other. A & M go to the BR and A says J is such a liar because in the beginning she had told her that she had hung out with that guy for like a week before going to the show. (Of course, more J bashing)

Switching back to common room where J & I talking. J says she doesn't want to jump into anything w/Michael too fast because she has relationship issues. I says she has to get ready and doesn't know what she is wearing. I goes to BR where A is putting on makeup.

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Guest BigSis

Now I is just sitting in the BR while A is getting ready. Neither talking. M is in the shower and it appeared that I was mouthing something to her so that A couldn't see. M calls them both over to tell them something but I couldn't hear because of water running in shower. I now mocking A on how she asks how she looks when she is dressed.

H joins them in BR and begins to talk about being with Jen at Sequester. Says there won't be any camaras there so its on. Says he'll start with Jen and work his way up to Rachel. I says she still thinks R would be a good girlfriend for him if she loosened up and H agrees, says he loves her but she is too high strung.

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Guest BigSis

H cleaning in LR. A asks H if he had a maid at home and he says that the day before he left for the show they had one come in for the first time. Says she was HOT. He says they will have her come back because she did a good job and was hot. H asks A if she has a maid and she says yes.

I,M,J in BR still getting ready, no talking.

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Howie giving Janelle a pre-eviction peptalk in front of the memory wall.

NH prepping for tonight's show.

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Guest BigSis

M,I,A now in BR. H still cleaning. I can't see J.

Now we begin w/M putting on her makeup. H comes in and tells M that if she votes for him he will give her free backrubs. M tells him she can't take anymore money from him. They laugh and H leaves BR. I in shower shaking down bottles of something. (I think she is combining bottles of shampoo). M goes over and tells her something (sorry couldn't hear it) and then says, That was so weird. M continues her routine. A putting on mascara again. I now taking shower.

Switching feeds to J & H in front of picture wall. H telling J she looks awesome and America loves her. He tells her she will win the last and most powerful HOH. Says her looks is the least of her worries and to go out and show them the force.

H now in BR and J goes to GR. I asks H if he is going to join her and he says in a few minutes. A tells him they are going to miss him.

J now in BR changing shirts (in and out of toilet area). Says she is looking at all options. I still in shower giving her opinions on J shirts.

Feeds switch to A at table talking to H. (Didn't catch what they were talking about something about a quarterback) A then asks H if he used to get nervous before HOH comps and he said yes, everyone of them. The ones w/the buzzers really make him nervous.

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Guest BigSis

J in GR saying her back hurts and putting on her shoes. (Hope comp isn't physical) I in common room changiing shirts. H goes into toilet room saying he has to lose a load and M ask him which kind. H thinks this is funny. (Its hard to keep up with everyone, they are all over)

H in shower, J - Your cute Howie, H- Your cuter Janie, Michael dreams of Janie (singing). J changes her shirt again. Asking A if this is cuter and A says its not bad. J goes to ask I and of course, A & M begin J bashing. I tells J she liked the purple shirt better so J goes to put it back on.

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Guest BigSis

Everyone in BR now. H still in shower. Girls are still primping. (Taking a break getting ready for live show since not alot is going on other than everyone getting ready. This will be my last post w/Howie, the house won't be the same. :( )

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Guest BigSis

BBT 7:00 PM

GS not having much to say since J won HOH. They have just been discussing dinner, the questions from HOH comp. J went outside briefly to get water out of the small frig and A rolled her eyes and said, "Shopping". I said that she wasn't going to stress about it. She's not going to cry anymore and not make herself miserable. Thats all that could be said because J came right back. I & M then went to the storage room for stuff for dinner. M told I she was sorry and that it would be either one of them. (ed. I should have taken the deal that J & H offered her)

J,A,M,I all in kitchen preparing dinner.

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8 p.m. BB time

Janelle is looking at the fish, occasionally commenting on them. She says one looks like a snakehead fish. Maggie is sitting in a chair, acting like a funeral procession is going by. She comments on one fish going to sleep on a bed of bubbles. Janelle sighs heavily and leaves to go lie down in the GR.

Ivette cooked dinner earlier, so April thanks her. April is doing the dishes. Ivette and Maggie are being very quiet. April is babbling on about the mistakes she made during the comp. She says that she knows now what to do, if she ever gets the chance again, to focus. Ivette says that you need to close your eyes to focus.

Ivette says that she has to go in and get a shirt from the GR. She goes in and talks briefly to Janelle, telling her that this isn't her room now. She points out that Janelle will go into the HOH room. Janelle agrees. Ivette tells her she "can leave all of her stuff in here, though," as if she is giving Janelle permission. Janelle immediately says "Oh, I'm going to!" Janelle says she probably won't take anything but her makeup into the HOH with her. She asks Ivette if she is going to sleep in the GR, and Ivette says no, she doesn't care about that. She says she spent most of her time in the house sleeping on the floor in the HOH room. She tells Janelle that she gets used to one thing and likes to stick with that. Ivette points out that the HOH bed has a spring that sticks up and Janelle agrees and says her GR bed has one, too. They talk about pictures, and Janelle would like to get some of the pictures that she had in her bag, because the one she got was just one small one that was in her bathroom at home, and she isn't sure how BB got it. Ivette says that she won't complain about what she got, but she wanted the ones in her bag, too, and that April and others got theirs from their bags. Janelle thinks it has to do with which person is on duty because they got HOH on weird days instead of Thursdays. Ivette says "Enjoy!" to Janelle and says she is going outside. Ivette leaves to go outside. Immediately, April demands to know what Ivette was talking about with Janelle, and Ivette truthfully says the pictures, and says that Janelle wants a good picture of Bear.

Outside at 10:15 BB time

Ivette and April are sitting outside, and it is obvious that Ivette thinks that April threw the comp. April is babbling about how April could see (from the 3rd or 4th question on) Janelle's moves and knew that Janelle moved back or forward. She debated whether or not to cheat. Ivette says that she should have cheated. April says that she didn't want to win that way, and she doesn't feel right cheating. Ivette says that Janelle does, though! Ivette says that April knew from the practice question that she got about Ashlea that she could see Janelle's place in the windows, and that she should have used that to cheat. She asks April what Maggie said about it, and April says that Maggie told her it was best that she didn't cheat. April claims that after Julie demanded that she give her answer that she was shaken up and couldn't focus after that. April comments that really Janelle has to put up two people and it is a crap shoot as to who will be put up. Ivette quietly says she knows she will go up and she has made peace with it, and she isn't crying over it like she did before. April says that really it doesn't mean that Janelle will be putting up the two she wants out the most, because they will all be fighting for themselves for veto, and if they get it, then the other will go up, so Janelle really doesn't have control. Ivette says that is why she has said it would be foolish to throw it. April screeches and says Ivette doesn't think she threw it, does she? Ivette yells "No, NoOOOO!" and says she doesn't think that, because it would be stupid! April says she felt she was playing for three people today and that is a lot of pressure. April screeches and says she would never throw it and she was touching her cross to give her strength and praying she would win, but she lost focus. Ivette says that even though everyone says Janelle is a good player, she would never vote for her. April says that Janelle has to know she will only get the $50,000, if anything. Ivette says that Janelle can't change their votes, no matter what. She says she won't beg, won't slither on the floor to get to stay. She says that she hopes that Janelle won't try to break them up, because she won't campaign against them. April says that Janelle was cleaning up the room, but the only reason was probably that BB insisted, and that would be the only reason.

Janelle comes outside for a while, and the talk is stilted. Janelle says that she doesn't bleach her hair, but lightens it. She says she gets the coloring from Amsterdam, and Ivette acts amazed and says "You can't get it locally?" and makes it clear that she thinks Janelle is being excessive in buying that. Then Janelle is called to DR and Ivette goes inside, too.

Maggie comes outside at 8:36 p.m. and April immediately tells her in a huff about the comments that Ivette made about throwing the comp. Maggie thinks this is about her, and squeaks that she didn't throw it!! April tells her that Ivette was talking about April, and then says that the only way you are certain you are safe is to be HOH, and she would never throw it! April says that Ivette seems to be realizing that she doesn't have to win the money, and she is glad that they are having that attitude. Maggie says that she welled up with tears when she realized she would be finally going home soon. April agrees and says that the worst that can happen to them is that they will be home in two weeks, "Wahh f--ing wahhh!"

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Guest ranster627

Moderator Mark!

Great Job Team!

You are appreciated!

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Maggie is crying outside. Ivette is telling her no more tears, they only have 12 days left. Maggie says she will never cry about this game again--she will cry because she wants to go home. Ivette says why now, when there are only 12 days left? Maggie says she can get through that. Ivette says even if she (Ivette) leaves next, she will be seeing Beau. Maggie pauses and looks at her in a funny way and then says she thought Ivette meant that Maggie would see Beau.

Maggie asks why Ivette said "Ivette and Janelle" instead of Maggie and Ivette when Julie asked how it felt to be there up to the last four? Maggie says that she should have said "Ivette and Maggie!" Ivette says she looked at Janelle and it was her and Janelle who had been on the block the most. Maggie claims that Janelle was always a PAWN and was never on the block as the person who was going to leave, though! Ivette says that Eric wanted Janelle out, for sure. Ivette continues to say over and over that she is standing tall at week 12, and she has had people like Janelle who wanted her out from the first! April starts to say that she was in danger, too, but Ivette cuts her off and makes it clear that she was the one who was in danger week after week, not April. April says that each of them has won something, and flying under the radar is when you don't win, so they all deserve to be there. Maggie says really Howie flew under the radar, because yes, he won comps, but he didn't take credit for taking anyone out. Maggie points out that they were smart to get rid of Sarah, because she noticed things and she would have won comps, too. Ivette says that they all dressed up tonight and wore black pants, and the last time they did that, they "lost Jen." So she knew when she saw that they were wearing black pants that they would lose.

Janelle comes outside to tell them about her HOH room and to invite them up!

They all go to see the room.

Janelle got a picture of her best friend from high school. The back of the picture says "I believe in you, sweetheart!" I think she said the name was Nathan. She says she just loves him! She got more Mary Kay and some sour patch kids.

The picture Janelle got of her friend was when he visited her in Venice Beach in 2000. Someone says "your stomach looks so good there!"

Janelle's mom gave Janelle clothes that Janelle gave to her mom when Janelle became skinnier! So she gave Janelle some fat clothes!

There is a picture of "Cupcake" and April says that will put a smile on your f--ing face every morning! April is screeching about the picture.

Janelle has a picture of her brother and Maggie immediately questions the fact that her brother is drinking, and Janelle says they all were. It was in 2000, and Janelle says they were all of age! Maggie says he doesn't look old enough to be drinking! Janelle says one of her friends named Sebastian must have sent the picture of her dog. Ivette says that Janelle looks Latin in a picture of her in Mexico.

Ivette says that Janelle got an "awesome HOH!"

Janelle talks about Nate, and says she doesn't know how he knew she was thinking about him a lot and that he came in to audition to be on the show with her. She says he is really sweet, and he lives in Minneapolis. Maggie says that is the sweetest thing to write on the photo, and "It's the inspiration in this house that matters" and Maggie says that people will never know what it is like in the house.

Janelle says her Mom sent her mint scrub pedicure stuff for her feet, and they can all share it and do pedicures. This is meant with silence, except for April saying "yeah."

Maggie says (through gritted teeth): Congratulations, Janelle.

Janelle thanks her.

Maggie says that Janelle's Mom looks Greek, and asks if she is Greek.

Maggie: Whoah! Look at those boobies.

Janelle: Yeah, she has really nice ones.

Janelle says Nate has been her best friend since Junior High.

They congratulate her again and she thanks them again. Janelle asks them if they all want to sleep in the HOH with her?

Ivette says yeah, they could do that! Ivette says they could all sleep on the floor!

(I have no idea of whether this is sincere, but Janelle sounded sincere)

The three of them leave and go to the kitchen

Maggie: I think the best thing in that entire room was her friend writing that on her card.

Ivette: We've got to be very careful. I'll bet Howie told her that she has to make it with the girls. Asking us to sleep in there and stuff?

April: Yeah, too little too late. I've been treating people like I'd like to be treated by them. There's no need for any hostility. Fuck, if she makes it down to the final two---


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