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Week 5, PoV Meeting aftermath...

Week 5  

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  1. 1. After all you have seen in the last 48 hours, who are you rooting for to win Big Brother 19?

    • Jessica
    • Cody
    • Paul
    • Kevin
    • Raven
    • Elena
    • Mark
    • Matt
    • Jason
    • Alex
    • Josh
    • Christmas
    • None. Kick them out, focus on OTT Season 2!

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Monday was not the best day for Cody or Jessica this week. To be honest, it was no ones best day. But Jessica and Cody took the brunt of the storm. As you all know, Monday is when the actual PoV ceremony is held. When the feeds came back up, we learned that Cody had "nothing to say" and Jason complimented Jessica but tore down Cody. We also learned that Paul pulled Jason off of the block. Jessica was quick to confirm to Cody that she will be using her hex. Paul feels that if she does, then she becomes public enemy number 1 and will not make it to jury, as she will be removed next week. He is confident that his side can win the HoH comp against the two of them. [Because the last one went so well?].


At some point, Raven had pulled up a chair between Kevin and Jason's bed and they were actually discussing how the PoV necklace was made, what they thought it was made from, etc. Jessica came in and Jason secretly pointed to Jess to let the others know she was there, and Jessica found it sketchy. Somehow (I didn't see this part) Raven, Jess & Cody ended up in the wave/lounge room talking. Raven mostly insisting she didn't do anything wrong, explaining they were just discussing the veto itself. Raven leaves and ends up in the DBR crying. Insert bullying comments here. The rest of the house comes to Raven's defense. Jason goes into the wave room and while he is in there, Alex comes in and says she needs to talk to him ("NOW!" she says the second time), Kevin interjects to defend Raven, while Paul is watching at the door, and Josh comes in looking for his bible. Jason makes the comment "See, they think I'm talking. I don't know anything". Jessica thinks its sad that they are being told who they can & can't talk to. [She is right, that is childish.]


After Jason leaves the lounge, the camera switches over to the DBR where Matt, Mark, Raven, and Josh are all talking. Josh tells Raven that he will torment them for the rest of the week. Says he doesn't have a beef with Mark any more and can take it out on Cody and everyone speaks up and says, "No, don't". Alex joins them. Raven is still crying after her talk with Jessica and Cody. Raven doesn't understand how they think she is against them when she sat and talked to Cody while he was cooking yesterday. Jessica makes her way over to the DBR to find out why Raven is crying and Raven says again that she didn't do anything. She was asking about how they did the cut-out part of the veto and Kevin was telling her that they scrape it out. Suddenly Paul and the rest of the house shows up in the DBR to see what is going on and Jessica gets frustrated that everyone is there listening and asks Raven to go into the RBR with her.


When Raven and Jessica go into the RBR, other HGs head up to the HOH room and start talking about harassing Cody. Paul tries to come up with words to make Cody flip out, so then he can say to Jessica she needs to "muzzle" her dog. They are upset that Cody got in Raven's face (he didn't) . Christmas told Josh what to do to harass Cody, Matt & Raven don't like the plan... Concerned someone is going to get hurt. This continues for a few hours but the fit hits the shan at about 5pm. However until then, Josh and half of the house go into the KT and Josh starts his verbal attacks on Cody which includes his carnival singing and pan bangin'. Cody & Jessica try to tune him out by making out but it doesn't go so well. At one point Jody go into the lounge room and Josh is walking back and forth in front of the door banging his pans and singing his tune, Jessica throwing the decorative red apples at him. At one point she comes out and starts picking up the ammo since she has run out. While in the hall, someone tells Jess they have a question for her (Alex I think, or Paul. They both asked a questions, can't remember who was first) and it starts. they all start attacking Jessica, yelling and screaming. Cody exits the lounge, wraps his arms around Jessica and pulls her towards the BY (which is finally open). They rush off to the hammock and hang out there for the duration of what's to come.


Basically, Paul and team are doing everything they can to get Cody and/or Jessica to self evict. They really hope it's him. Most liked her when he wasn't in the house, but don't like her with him. For the full blow-by-blow of what happened, check out the forum here. It goes on for about two hours outside until someone shows up with a megaphone and yells, "America Loves Jessica. Paul is a bully". Then the house is put on indoor lock down and Jody isolates. Needless to say the taunting, of Jody, the accusations that Cody lied about his service, saying that Jessica was disrespectful because her American Flag wrap was on the "dirty bathroom floor" and the flag should never touch the floor, or calling Cody a p****... That, the banging (and breaking) of the pots and pans just got to be too much for me. I am at the point now that I was Grodner to just evict them all and focus on Over The Top season 2! Check out the video section up top to see some videos from YouTube that were posted, showing parts of the whole thing.


This is from Reddit. Someone compiled a list of what Big Brother Alum (and even BBCAN Alum) had to say about what happened: (I think you can click the image to see it bigger)


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