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Found 1 result

  1. This forum is for reporting what is happening on the Live Feeds only. All discussion of happenings in the house should be directed to the BB19 Discussion forum. The HOW-TO guide for Live Feed Updaters. Please remember, these are just guidelines. We don't want to cramp your individual styles, but it helps the people reading your updates if everyone tries to follow a few basics. Try to include as many of the 5 W's as possible! Who? Ex. Joshuah / Josh If Josh is speaking to Sharon, and they are the only ones in the conversation, you can just use the initials "J" and "S" after the first time. (But it wouldn't make sense to use "J" if Jacob, Joshuah, Jen and James were all present.) IMPORTANT: Please use the houseguests' real names (or agreed-upon abbreviated forms). Do NOT use nicknames from the message board which carry connotations, such as "JanTran" instead of Janelle, for example. What? Ex. Alex and Neil are playing chess. (Sometimes what they're doing is not as important as what they're saying.) When? Ex. 6:30 BBT (Please use the time it is in the Big Brother house, not your own local time.) Where? Ex. Kitchen, Backyard, Boat bedroom (We may have a few standard abbreviations for some rooms.) Why? Only include this one if it is obvious from the action you have see. Try not to make guesses or judgements as to the motives behind behaviour otherwise. Leave that for the discussion forum. Ex. 1 Jen goes to tell James that Alex is voting for him, because she overheard Alex and Neil talking about it. (This is fine.) Ex. 2 Jen goes to tell James that Alex is voting for him, because she wants him to be anxious about the vote. (This is more speculative.) Personal comments within Live Feed Updates Morty and the whole MortysTV team greatly appreciate the fact that live feed updaters want to be of service and that they can't provide as high a quality of that service if they are forced to pause their updating to go post their opinion in the discussion section every time they wish to share, or instead be forced to keep it to themselves. So Morty has given his blessing for live feed updaters to include some personal comments. (*I always loved Morty's personal comments, back when he was updating alone.*) Including a personal observation here and there is well and good, but judgmental comments within the Live feed Updates that will unduly influence the ones reading them are to be avoided. All we ask is that updaters who are including personal comments use brackets to make it clear that the comment is their own. [ This is an example -Jedi] We also understand how it's not always easy to keep gut reactions out of it, especially when you are watching these people day in and day out on the live feeds. Sooner or later you can't help forming some opinions about liking some and hating others. Sometimes, overboard comments can produce such a reaction in the readers of those updates that posts get reported to the moderators for no other reason than that they feel the updater is personally picking on their favorite houseguest(s). Since the Live Feed Updates forum is NOT the discussion forum, it might help if things weren't too inflammatory. Therefore, let's try to keep personal comments to more of a neutral vein, and less extreme. If you really feel strongly about a houseguest or something they have done, you should probably share your comments about it in our Discussion forum. Suggestions for some common Live Feed Update practices and posting standards are welcome as replies to this thread and can be discussed here.