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  1. Luxury Competition

    NORTHEAST ~~ Someone from the house in the past went to those same awards. I don't think it outlandish that the producers will do that again. She didn't get to "mingle" like she would've liked to have, but she did go.
  2. Luxury Competition

    They haven't let us know what they've guessed... at least as far as I know.
  3. Luxury Competition

    What are your guesses for this comp?
  4. Luxury Competition

    I guessed it about an hour ago... Bury the Hatchet!
  5. Keesha - Week 6

    Speaking about that, I enjoyed the take that is at YouTube... concise, smart, and funny. Vids are under the name PoisonStinger (no space). It's all about the BB house in addition to Keesha. Keesha is finally blossoming up to her age. She is letting us in on how much she really does know, and how she has a heart toward how others are treated (which is difficult to do in the BB confines.) I've grown to enjoy watching her, and don't even mind her silly laugh... it genuine.
  6. Aussie BB

    You big BB fans in here, you might want to go to YouTube and check out PoisonStinger's partner vids. He is actually quite good and funny at the same time. Just type in PoisonStinger in the search box.
  7. Clues?

    JERSEY721 ~ After the first Mole, I never knocked myself out trying to figure it out. I make a guess from what I saw at the first episode, and after that, I quit guessing. I like to come here and bounce off of people, but I still keep to what I guess at the first--unless that guessed person was eliminated earlier than the last 3. I got my guess from the opening credits. As the announcer was talking about the show during the opening credits, and when he said who is the mole, they showed Craig. I noticed that the opening credits were changed later in the season, but at the first, that is where I got my clue and my guess.
  8. Clues?

    I guessed it from week one! YEAH! If you remember, at the beginning and the old opening credits.... It said it was Craig.
  9. Aussie BB

    Couch Potato no longer has any live feeds at their site because they received a notice that thier videow were in direct violation of copyright law. Thus, they were asked to take them down, which they did. Reason I brought this up is it may play into the promised previous seasons of BBAU. Thus? thus?
  10. Aussie BB

    Viewers voting.... The viewers were still able to vote during the first part of the show where Kyle & JackieO were hosting, and their comments possibly!?! swayed the audience viewer vote. Just IMHO
  11. Aussie BB

    ERIC ~ message #314, dated July23, that is what I meant about 2010 being so far in the future. I want to see it sooner than 2010!
  12. Aussie BB

    Reason for axe: Conspiracy! Conspiracy I say!
  13. Aussie BB

    As everyone is probably aware of Moosie's likes and dislikes of BB, I HATE BBUSA. HATE, HATE, HATE it. For me, there is never-ending strategy and so much hatred, fights, namecalling, and abuse. This year's BBAU was not just entertaining, it was a story of their characters unfolding and being exposed to me. In a positive way with nary any abuse, etc., I got to know them for who they are. The competitions were highly entertaining and fun. The weekly tasks were a daily break from the ho-hum daily living. BBUS will not be on my television at all, now that I've seen the first two weeks of it. If BBAU becomes like the viper pit of BBUSA, then it can slither its way without me. Too bad when a good thing is "got", the lesser quality is always put in its place. 2010 is too far into the future.