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    kids and grand kids--Scooters--my puppies
  1. B1Boxermom

    BB 15 General Discussion - Part 2

    For me this is the worst season ever. I cancelled my feeds and fast foward after dark looking for a fight or something. This season I don't have a favorite and could care less who wins.
  2. B1Boxermom

    Helen - Week 5

    How does race have any thing to do with Candice and Howard being a target? I thought Helen was behind the nomn and I thought it was because the two of them were to strong and smart. Whay does it always have to do with race.
  3. B1Boxermom

    Jeremy - Week 3 - Evicted (July 18)

    I hope they keep him and send blondie home, I am sick of all this kumbaya crap. I cant wait to see how Helen deals with all the back stabbing after her hoh is done. Cry me a river she will melt down.
  4. B1Boxermom

    Helen - Week 3 - HOH

    What gets me is that she goes on and on about who she will take to the final 2 like it's a shoe in. She is digging her on grave i think once she comes off the cloud people will remember every word or Amanda will remind them.
  5. People are so quick to point out what is and isn't PC. I drive a "short bus" and they are some of the best people I lknow.
  6. B1Boxermom

    BB15 General Discussion

    I want to see Elissa go so we can see what kind of game Hellen will play. She is smart but I think she is jumping on the poor us band wagon and I think with out Elissa she will do much better. Would love to see it come down to Hellen and Nick. When they have to start targeting others I think the whole game will change
  7. B1Boxermom

    BB15 General Discussion

    Why does it have to be the nice player that wins ? I thought it was suppose to be the best player. Most of the time the nice player is the one that just floats thru the game.
  8. B1Boxermom

    Aaryn - Week 2 (HoH)

    I am not saying she should get a free pass I am just shocked at how much hate she is getting. Isn't that why everyone is against her is because of her hate for others. What would be enough punishment.
  9. B1Boxermom

    Aaryn - Week 2 (HoH)

    I'm with you I am so tired of hearing about her. But what bothers me is that the people on this board are so happy about seeing this girls life fall apart. She is a dumb kid that has a big mouth.
  10. B1Boxermom

    Elissa - Week 2 (Nominated)

    I can't stand Elissa. If I have to listen to that sigh and moan thing she does much longer I will pull my hair out. I think Helen and Howard are the only people I have not heard say something bad to or about the rest of cast. If we get rid of all the Meanies who would be left to watch. Bring back Evil Dick and turn him loose.
  11. B1Boxermom

    BB15 General Discussion

    I also got the feeds again this year but got rid of them and got my money back. I think I liked season 9 better than these people. If I turn on bbad I mute it
  12. B1Boxermom

    Get the Live Feeds Here!

    I'm in thanks
  13. Maybe she is trying to play Rob's game from surviver
  14. B1Boxermom

    Ian, Week 7 (Golden Veto-Ball)

    sure wish it was Britany, I hate that (poor me , I got played ) game
  15. B1Boxermom

    Danielle, Week 4 (HoH & PoV)

    From what I have read she is an R.N. and working on her 3rd degree. I think she has said she has no real relationship with her family. If her Dad was an alcoholic that might explain why she needs to always have people tell her how (great job)