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  1. Seems all Paul is doing is marking a target for next week.. He trying to gather his flock of protection for two week hence when he no longer is under the protection. He needs to feel that all are bowing to his great wisdom and kneeling in his presence. He wasn't a good player last season and I can't stand him now. His play and bullying is ugly and can only hope the others see this and act as soon as they can.
  2. Yep !!!! or I'd hang myself.. The only actor he reminds me of is Grandpa Munster. and Grandpa Munster dressed better..........
  3. Completely agree.!!! Never liked him last season and not happy to see him back. Safe for three weeks ?????? looks like the producers are putting in the fix again. So far not really liking anyone of these new house guests. Several could go right now as far as I'm concerned, buy we'll have to see how things develop.
  4. ITA Hate the idea that he will walk away with bigger money. He's loud, vulgar and obnoxious and don't think that behavior should be rewarded. I don't particularly care for Nic, but rather see her win over either guys. James played a terrible game and doesn't deserve anything.
  5. Either one is still loud, vulgar and obnoxious. While Vic is a comp beast, I'd be very happy if he took the veto and this Rasputin wanna be was sent packin.
  6. Agreed, I'm in the minority here and not a James fan. Think he slid by ( one might say floated ) the first half of the game by laying low and spending most of his time blinded by the FTs bouncing in his face. He came in thinking he deserved to win and everyone would be on board with that. If he manages to survive this week, I hope his phoney cuddle toy is sent packing.
  7. AirGumby

    Big Brother General Discussion

    Agreed, but Nic can't vote. So again it's up to James and his Gnat to decide who goes.. I'd be real surprised if Gnat votes to evict the constant snack muncher and James is so far up her ( fill in the blank here ) that he may just follow suit and vote out Rasputin. At least one can hope..
  8. She is neither smart enough or cunning enough to deserve to get much further. That being said, I'd rather she stays this week and the obnoxious and annoying little Napoleon goes home.
  9. ITA. Funny how now on BBAD he and Vic are whining about how disloyal everyone is and how they've NEVER lied to anyone. Can't stant this spoiled little mama's boy with the Napoleon complex. I'm not really rooting for anyone else now, just don't want him in the final.
  10. AirGumby

    Big Brother General Discussion

    Yes, yes and yes!!
  11. Paul is vulgar, loud and obnoxious. He may be a spoiled mama's boy, but his mother has nothing to be proud of with his behavior and the way to speaks about and treats women. While I don't particularly care for James and never liked the idea of returning players, at least James doesn't go overboard in disrespecting women, those in or out of the house. Can't say the same for any of the other idiots in this season. I can not, will not, root for Paul to win and have just about given up on the entire cast this year.
  12. I'm wondering why he got it too! He wouldn't have been my choice to get any advantage. And you're right. Now it's pretty useless unless he or Nat get put up after the veto. He might try to leverage something with who ever is still on the block, but don't think Z or Mi could offer him much.
  13. ITA. Never liked the idea of returning players and never particularly liked James in his original season. Terrible game this time and personally I don't think he and Nat are 'cute'. He's been totally distracted by her and she's a total airhead being carried along by him and the rest for a vote. Anyone who isn't playing can go anytime soon. That includes James, Nat, Za and queen whiny Nicole. Many posts complain or comment about the guy taking over, but IMO, the guys are the only ones really playing the game. In the end, it is a game, not a dating service or friendship camp. So I don't have any pity for many of them when they get evicted. Da tried early on, but her own paranoia did her in. She immediately thought everyone was turning on her, so she had to beat them to the punch.
  14. AirGumby

    Big Brother General Discussion

    If production can fix it and we know they can try, it will be Tiffany. She'll renew the drama and craziness the house usually has and ratings thrive on. Victor is strong but way too into himself to do much damage. the others don't have much to offer, and would probably be re-evicted the first chance.
  15. AirGumby

    Big Brother General Discussion

    Agree, the whole cast is boring. No strong women, they're all looking for a man to take them along to the end. Only Frank and Paulie appear to have any strategy at all. Nicole can't stop whining or make and stick to a decision. Cory's been hit in the head with a baseball a few too many times. James can't stop staring at the Gnat long enough to pick a side and stop floating. Honestly, she may need a restraining order after this is over to keep him at bay. Not sure why Gnat is there. Probably someone's idea of eye candy. Da appears to think she is entitled to stay, so how dare anyone oppose her. Za can't decide if she should play for herself or try to ride ( literally ) Paulie to the end. Tiffany is just insane. At times her crazy eye are scary. She also thinks she's entitled to be there. Paul isn't sure why he's in the house 'cept to try to promote his clothing line ( not sure I'd call it clothing though ). Anyone else, isn't doing anything worth mentioning