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  1. 3:00PM BBT Tyler's double jump when Fess had the spider on his leg was hilarious.
  2. JC sex ed with a condom JC the Entertainer
  3. 9:09PM BBT JC is back at the sex stuff. In the backyard at the hammock with KC, Angela, Tyler, and Scottie, JC is giving a sex ed course about using condoms using a cucumber and a condom, with some very incorrect information (do NOT use vaseline with condoms - they will break down and break, application method on the cucumber is not ideal).
  4. 11:38AM BBT Feeds are back. Veto ceremony is over. Rockstar is [shocker] still on the block (and crying as she gets up from the couch), Angela has PoV around her neck, KC is back on the block. 11:40AM BBT In the Kitchen, Tyler says "Sorry, Rock" but Rockstar isn't having it. 11:44AM BBT KC and Tyler convene in the lounge. KC says the speech was good, Tyler says yeah. No one in the room is worried about KC being back on the block. 11:45AM BBT Tyler says Rockstar isn't even pissed, she's just, like, sad. 11:47AM BBT Rockstar wanders in and asks if KC is okay. KC says she's good. Tyler tells Rockstar he wishes it wasn't her that caught the heat from this, but...Rockstar has Haleigh to thank for it, just like Bayleigh. [Sick burn - BBLurkerPlus] Rockstar refuses to believe she has Haleigh to thank for it. Tyler says Haleigh put him up last week, Rockstar interrupts, "but I didn't put you up last week." Tyler asks, "You wanted me to put up Haleigh on the block? She's HoH." Rockstar says, "No, I wanted you to keep Angela up there and for KC to stay." Rockstar then laughs at the idiocy of that statement and says, "That's what I wanted."
  5. 10:06AM BBT Tyler and KC talking in the WA about the upcoming Veto. KC believes Haleigh will put her backup, but says she's pretty confident then says she wants to win HoH next week and "fuck them up." [Is it possible to do more than they've done to themselves? - BBLurkerPlus] 10:07AM BBT KC tells Tyler that JC was in the hammock with Rockstar last night and she told JC that if Tyler doesn't use the veto on her then she's coming after him next week. They both laugh heartily as KC adds JC was laughing when he told KC that. Tyler says, "She's comin' after no one." KC says she's considering a little speech for when she's put back up and Haleigh says she's the hacker. KC's gonna say "That's adorable. Too bad I'm not the hacker. Nice try, kid." She asks Tyler if that's too mean, and he says no. KC heads off to the kitchen. 10:08AM BBT Rockstar wanders into the WA, tells Tyler good morning he reciprocates and asks how she's doing and she says "nervous as ever." JC wanders in to the WA. 10:09AM BBT Rockstar tells Tyler not to take his aggression for other people out on her. She knows he's a beautiful, gentle lamb. She leaves. 10:10AM BBT JC compares Rockstar hovering around Tyler to a vulture or other bird of prey. Always circling around him. Tyler smiles knowingly. 10:13AM BBT Camera changes to HoH where Hay is still in bed awake, but with the covers over her head. Hay asks Rockstar who Tyler is talking to. She says no one (at that time). Hay heads out of the HoH to greet her subjects in her HoH robe, then goes back into the HoH.
  6. Better shot of 7:45PM BBT weird muscle group on both sides of Brett's lower back.
  7. 1:30PM BBT In HoH Haleigh opens her arms, beckoning Fess to come onto the bed. He obliges and lays partially on top of her then says "did you miss me?" followed by a satisfied "Mmmmhmmm" by Haleigh. Lots of snuggling ang googly eyes and lovestruck talking voices [their behavior pretty much confirms they definitely did it last night when production cut away for 13 minutes when the action heated up]. 1:32PM BBT Fess' voice changes and they start talking game. It's a very noticible change in the way he speaks. 1:33PM BBT Rockstar walks in and says matter-of-factly, "you guys making out?" She says the room stinks. Turns out fessy's leggings hanging in the bathroom from the competition have gone bad. Fess takes them outside. 1:34PM BBT While he's gone Haleigh volunteers to Rockstar "I felt good last night" [Mmmm...hmmm - BBLurkerPlus]
  8. 12:09PM BBT Having just changed into his swim trunks to head outside, Tyler walks from the BBR to the kitchen, then in the kitchen stops, realizing he forgot something, says "fuck" under his breath and heads back toward the BBR saying "I'm losing my fucking mind today" 12:10PM BBT Rockstar stops Tyler in the living room and says that if KC had a power, it would have expired today because Bay's power would have expired this week, and KC (if it was her) was before Bay. She says she used math to arrive at this conclusion and acknowledges math isn't her strong suit (she's said earlier in the feeds that she was put in a special ed math class in school). Tyler (who has the cloud power Rockstar is talking about) plays dumb. She pantomimes that was another "coffee, staring at people, calculating"...thought she had (which is totally wrong, but Tyler doesn't let on that she's in outer space), ending the sequence with a knowing nod and a smile. Tyler chuckles. [We chuckle, too - BBLurkerPlus]
  9. 2:07AM BBT Haleigh and Fessy begin fooling around in HoH and say a few inaudible things [CBS really needs to get some noise cancelling on these mics - the gain KILLS the audio with noise with low whispers - BBLurkerPlus] 2:08AM BBT Under the covers they go and Fess rolls to his side toward her as the action heats up. Cameras cut away to BBR. [Looks like Fess got his Sexy Time anyway even though they didn't win Veto - BBLurkerPlus]. ... 2:21AM BBT 13 minutes later Fess and Haleigh done playing around so cameras come back to HoH with Fess caressing Haliegh's bare back (her sleep bra/top is pulled up) and talking about how much more than a game it is for him and how much values her and the guys in the house are jealous. Fess tells Hay "I'm not gonna put the game...over you." 2:22AM BBT They segue into pillow talk about their plans after the game and taking a vacation together and Hayleigh flying out to meet Fessy's friends then taking off for a 7-10 day vacation. Hay says she wants to be sitting next to him at the end [which contradicts what she told Rockstar this morning when they were planning how to get rid of Fessy. - BBLurkerPlus] 2:27AM BBT Talking about what places to take their vacation - Columbia for tropical? Or Fess says they can go apeshit and go to Thailand. 2:29AM BBT Back to making out for a bit. 2:33AM BBT Hayleigh says "When I was 13, my parents told me... and FOTH. 2:35AM BBT Camera returns with 4 on the kitchen with Sam and JC.
  10. No one has said it explicitly yet, but indirect references and process of elimination seems to indicate Tyler won PoV.
  11. 2:32 PM BBT Hay to Fessy in the Kitchen, "OMG. If one of us wins it [the PoV]...do you KNOW what's going to happen tonight?" [Fessy gets a hopeful "We have sexy time?" look] Fessy says "what?", then Hay continues, "I'm literally celebrating all night. You're gonna be so annoyed with me. I'm gonna do a bubble bath, we're gonna do...the wine. I'm gonna be cocky as hell." Then a pregnant pause and she says, "Maybe not."
  12. 11:50AM BBT Hayleigh and Brett in the HoH and Brett mentions that production won't let him drink "his jug wine" - not even with his "dinosaur stomach". [so now we know what happened to the jug wine Sam made a couple weeks ago - production confiscated it - BBLurkerPlus]
  13. Tyler and Angela bonding in the BBR 11:07AM BBT Tyler says "It's easy, this is easy stuff compared to what you've done." Angela says, "I thought it would be easier, but it's not. This shit's fuckin' hard. That's what I...[thought] 'Oh, this will be a breeze'" Tyler adds, "You beasted that first competition. You're like, 'okay...'" 11:08AM BBT Angela - "And it was just like so hard..." Tyler - "That's because the competition - they're stupid and you haven't done any vetos" Angela - "Except last week and I was first place." Then they say together "the one with the pinky promise..." Tyler - "that's all it takes...eyes on the pinky promise." Long pause then he adds "But I'm so pissed" pause "You're an Olympian" Angela - "Not quite." Tyler - "Yeah, you are..."
  14. 8:31AM BBT Rockstar and Hayleigh in the HoH chatting. Hayleigh practices her nom speech for Angela. "I have built a personal connection with every person in this house" - Rockstar interjects, "there's not one person I don't really like" - then Hayleigh continues, "but I did have to put two people up, so...Angela (as she laughs) this is not a personal, malicious attack on you" then she laughs and says "just kidding - this is a blatant attack on you. Um, Angela" - Rockstar interjects, "you're boring, pretentious" - Haleigh laughs again and says, "BE SERIOUS! Angela... I want you to know this is not a personal attack on you. This is not something I take very lightly, with the way everything went last week I honestly didn't see..." she struggles with this part and Rockstar offers, "there's no way I'm not a target for you." Haliegh tries that, then says that will lead them to ask why she's not putting Tyler up (and she says she's trying to backdoor him). They chat a bit more and Rockstar gets catty about Angela then adds, "I hope she feels fuckin' DUMB because a once in a lifetime opportunity was made to her." Conversation trails off. 8:34AM BBT Rockstar tugs at her spandex bottoms as she wanders off to the HoH WA. You hear her apologize to Haleigh "sorry, I'm just...Fabrezing myself..." 8:39AM BBT Hayleigh and Rockstar discuss Brett, then conversation drifts to who they want to keep around to the end that wouldn't win against them. They discuss ways to get Fessy out eventually. 08:41AM BBT Rockstar tells Haleigh about a party Brett said he threw at his fraternity where they took all the dogs from a shelter and people were day drinking and adopting dogs. She says he's a good kid. Hayleigh says he may be making that up to get on Rockstar's good side. She finds the story unbelievable. She sings in a low voice, "I'm a genie in a bottle" line from the song for the umteenth time this morning. 9:07AM BBT Haleigh talking about a conversation where JC says "we have" to her and she says she thought "no, 'I'...WE don't have shit" saying he's not part of their alliance. She then says they have a 3 or 4 person alliance left because they don't know where Scottie is. They talk about how JC is playing them and Rockstar says that putting JC up would be super suprising, but Fessy would be livid. Haleigh does the genie song again quietly. BB FINALLY tells her to stop singing. [THANK YOU BB! - BBLurkerPlus] 9:09AM BBT Fessy is called to the diary room. [Coincidence?] 9:10AM BBT They go back to talking about the timing to put JC up. Haliegh says if she gets the hacker power she will do it secretly so Fessy doesn't know she was the one that did it. ... 10:10 AM BBT Tyler is guilting Sam as she showers, telling her she's the only one he wanted to talk to after he was attacked by Bay, but Sam didn't want to talk to him. Conversation dwindles and Tyler heads out. 10:11AM BBT Rockstar tweezing out hair (hairs?) in her chin in the WA while Sam continues to shower. 10:12AM BBT Sam announces today is her brother's 23rd birthday. 10:16AM BBT Feeds go to prior seasons. Nom meeting already? Hacker comp?
  15. Screengrab of KC in the kitchen showing JC leftover cake from the halfway party earlier today on the HoH monitor as he demanded (his "wedding cake"). Looks like they ate mostly the Black and White (departed) houseguests.
  16. FLASHBACK TO SUNDAY...A potential Big Brother first. Somehow this got missed in the feed summaries. Sunday 9:23PM BBT Camera 3. In the WA, Bayleigh implies to Hayleigh that she might be pregnant from Swaggy. The conversation goes on long enough that it's pretty clear that Bayleigh is SAYING she's likely pregnant. Yikes.
  17. So the hacker comp on tonight's show is high-stakes, and for the ALLIANCE puzzle, Brett comes up with ANAL LICE?
  18. 12:49PM BBT Sam learns that HoH plus a latent Power App is not a winning combination and is crying a lot and telling houseguests what a stupid power it is.
  19. Somehow this got missed - Flashback to today: 12:00 NOON BBT - 12:09PM BBT Sam is in the HN room cutting up grapes and putting them in a milk jug. She leaves at 12:09PM BBT. After she's out Angela asks to the room, "How long before that gets confiscated?" Tyler answers, "About 2 hours." 12:09PM BBT-12:17PM BBT Sam moves to the kitchen with her jug of grapes suspended in liquid and adds various juices to the jug and then rubber bands a condom over the top to contain the gasses - turns out she's clearly making jug wine, aka prison hooch. [I also can't believe production will let her keep this as quality control is hard and the final product can be really strong - BBLurkerPlus]
  20. Another N-bomb in the Big Brother house...the whole thing happened in 2 minutes of pretty dense conversation of height that morphed into JC explaining little people slurs. Scottie, Faysal, JC, and Bayleigh are in the HoH discussing height and weight in the house. 12:38PM BBT Scottie: Depending on who measures me, it's 5'9" or 5'10. Bayleigh: I would say probably 5'9", 5'10" Faysal:...pegged me for like 5'11"...what? You're how tall? (to JC) Bayleigh: He said 5'7" Faysal: No, you're like 5'3" JC: Shaddup, I'm not even 5'3" Bayleigh: He's not even 5'. JC: I'm 5 (foot). Bayleigh: You're 5 foot exactly? I thought in order to be considered short you had to be 4'11" or smaller? JC: You mean to be considered dwarf? Bayleigh: Not dwarf... JC:What do you mean short? Bayleigh: ...like a little person. JC:Like a dwarf... Bayleigh:You wouldn't be considered a little person? JC: That's what I'm trying to ask you...dwarf? Bayleigh:I don't know...what a dwarf even means. JC: Ahhh...the thing is like the people who are little person, a dwarf is the people who have a genetic condition. Bayleigh: Got it. So you're not a dwarf. JC: No, I'm just a short guy, like literally like I even went to a doctor to tell me like... 12:39AM BBT Bayleigh:Okay, let me ask you this: Is there a difference between a midget and a dwarf? JC: Midget is like saying, like...between like, I dunno, like gay and faggot...or... Bayleigh: So midget is just a name for it... JC:...or like N-word (only he didn't say that, he said THE word, the big one. The queen mother of racist slurs. The N-dash-dash-dash-er word. ) and black...um, midget is like... Bayleigh: you're not allowed to say that, don't do that again. JC:What? Uh...the... Bayleigh: That was like outta control. Don't do that again. JC: Really? Bayleigh: Yeah. JC: I think if I'm trying to explain something, it doesn't... Bayleigh:No, you can't do that... JC: Like I say I faggot all the time, and that's disrespectful, but it's just <unintelligible> [Cuts to FotH for almost an hour here. Cue new TMZ story tomorrow... - BBLurkerPlus] 1:27AM BBT When the feed comes back, you can kind of hear some shouting in the lounge, but all cameras are on the WA. 1:32AM BBT Once the water is off and the WA activity calms down, you can hear that it sounds like Bayleigh and JC are in the Lounge arguing loudly about what happened before the feeds cut - and who said what to who? Camera is on Faysal, Scottie, and Haleigh in the WA looking glum listening to the shouting in the other room. 1:51AM BBT Argument over, Bay goes to WA, JC goes to Kitchen to rehydrate. 1:52AM BBT Brett comes out of the WC and heads to kitchen. 1:54AM BBT JC is bummed. Brett is at the kitchen bar and says, "You all right?" then says "Have some slop, it'll make you feel better" and laughs. He then says he can't sleep so he's going to have some slop as JC says he's taking a shower. Brett asks if he's going to bed right after. JC sighs and says he just needs 5 seconds to relax. Brett replies warmly with a smile, "Relax brother...you want a slop brownie?" and JC says shaddup. 1:55AM BBT Brett continues...you want some with ice cream? JC says he ate some with ice cream before and it was really good, but not before bed. He tells Brett to calm his titties down. Brett grouses that he wishes he could have ice cream...then revises that to say he wishes he could have anything except "this fuckin' shit." (slop) 1:58AM BBT Brett has no idea what JC is talking about and keeps laughing at JC's depressed state after the blowup in the HoH Brett wasn't party to. [Seriously, watch this part of the feeds for the last 10 minutes or so, Brett is quite charming to JC. It's like My Late-Night Snack with Andre dialogue. - BBLurkerPlus] 2:01AMBBT JC starts talking about how he hates playing the little person character and it goes to FotH in and out a number of times. 2:03AM BBT JC tells Brett after "it" happened he went to DR and...[big brother interrupts reminding not to talk about DRs]