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  1. 3:00 PM BBT Paul and Christmas are now alone in the LR. Kevin, Jason, and Alex are in the green bedroom. Jason is saying he has no interest in Josh’s slippers. Josh and Raven have gone back into the LR. Jason wants to know what they clinical definition of a psycho is and Alex says Cody. Jason is saying Josh is neurotic, not psycho. Jason says Josh hates your guts one minute, cries and feels bad the next, then hates your guts again. Jason says he has wild charisma, you can’t not like him. Josh wants to find someone to help him with his business and Christmas advises for her to get a business advisor. 3:05 PM BBT Christmas says she has a guy who is helping her get up and going on Amazon. Josh wants to talk to him. Paul and Raven are in the WA whispering and they are talking about when things happened on what days. Raven is saying Jillian was on the block for 14 days before she was evicted because she was nominated on day 3 with Megan. They are trying to figure out what day Cody won HOH. Paul thinks it was day 1 but Raven thinks it was day 2. Alex, Jason, and Kevin are all laying down in the green bedroom not talking. Paul says Megan quit on day 8, but she technically left on day 7. Raven says the POV was day 10 along with the temptation. 3:10 PM BBT Jason says he’s going to start researching everything he does so he has the right terminology so not only does he do it well, he can talk about it properly too. Kevin says just go to Paul’s school of conversation. Jason says the saying is actions speak louder than words, but today people believe words over actions. Jason says he’s never said the word font. Kevin says what? Jason says font, not he’s said it twice. Jason says he’s going to check out the font on his sardine package. He asks Alex what her favorite font is and what font Kevin is thinking about. Jason remembers for college you need Times New Roman. He says turns out he knows a font after all. 3:15 PM BBT Paul and Raven are still talking about days in the WA. Jason is going to eat some sardines and he yells where’s Paul? Paul comes out of the WA and says he was seeing a man about a horse. Paul says he wants to play chess and Jason says he’s in. Alex is out in the KT too and Jason wants Triscuits. Josh and Christmas are still in the LR talking about Christmas’s business. Alex is told to center her microphone. Alex opens hot sauce and eats with Jason. Jason starts singing and we get FotH. Paul tried a sardine but didn’t like it. He says it wasn’t bad but he just doesn’t want it. 3:20 PM BBT Josh says Christmas’s business will blow up when she’s out of there because it’s a huge platform. Christmas suggests they find some food. Paul is cooking. Raven comes out of the red bedroom with a yellow floatie around her waist and has joined everyone in the KT. Kevin is in the green bedroom sitting on his bed. 3:25 PM BBT Christmas is making some dressing for a salad. Alex says they are building outside. Christmas is going to make a spinach salad to go with the chicken and grilled veggies. Alex says she’s sore because she’s been working out.
  2. 2:30 PM BBT Kevin and Jason are talking about finale in the green bedroom. All four cams are on them. Jason is talking about his financial situation with payments that he makes. 2:35 PM BBT Jason laughing with Kevin and says he wonders if Ole wants gold hoofs and Kevin says a gold grill. Jason and Kevin are listening to Christmas who is talking in the LR to Paul, Josh, and Alex. Kevin wishes tomorrow were here so they could get tomorrow over with. He says whether he leaves or not he just wants it to be over with. Kevin doesn’t think he’s going to miss this that much, he says he did 80 days. Jason says he can’t believe he hasn’t lost his mind and he learned a lot about himself in there. Kevin says he knows Jason will never leave his wife and kid again for 4 months. Jason says his wife’s family was dirt poor and then we get FotH. Jason is talking about how he was working and Holly was in school and he wanted Holly to not ever want for anything. 2:40 PM BBT Jason is talking about his work life and he never wanted to spend his life working for someone. Christmas is talking about her business and she says it took her four years to work out and quit smoking. 2:45 PM BBT Paul is talking in the LR about how you should love yourself, despite your flaws and imperfections. Jason is talking to Kevin about how he sedated Ole when he did the nose ring. Josh is talking about finishing school because his parents wanted him to finish. Raven has joined the LR conversations. 2:50 PM BBT Jason says he has no ties to anyone, he has no money to throw around, and he did all his work on his own by 100%. Kevin asks Jason how many shows he’s tried out for. Jason says he sent a video into Survivor, he went and applied for The Amazing race, he went to Minnesota for American Idol. Kevin says you were going to sing? Jason laughs and said he sang a Chris Ledoux song. Kevin says what else? Jason says he applied for Fear Factor. Jason says if he doesn’t get anything out of this except and then he says he doesn’t want to say it and jinx it. Kevin says you might get America’s favorite and Jason says not with you guys in here. Kevin says maybe Josh or Paul. Jason says maybe Christmas. Jason says maybe Raven if she’s telling the truth. 2:55 PM BBT Jason and Kevin are talking about Raven. Kevin says Raven has to be the healthiest terminally ill person he’s ever met. Talk in the LR has switched to Nascar and Indycar. Paul wants Christmas to take his grandma to Nascar. Josh comes in to talk to Kevin and Jason. Josh thinks Jason stole his slippers and Jason says he’s a psycho. Jason says he’s never met anyone like Josh.
  3. 2:00 PM BBT Alex, Josh, and Paul are in the LR talking general chatter. Jason is in the HOH shower and Christmas is in the HOH room. Paul is talking about taxidermy and no kill shelters. 2:05 PM BBT Still general chatter in the LR. Christmas comes downstairs and joins them. 2:10 PM BBT Topic has changed to medications and depression in the LR with Josh, Christmas, Alex, and Paul. Kevin is in the have-not room packing. 2:15 PM BBT Kevin says he’s going to dress up nice tomorrow, his black suit, and he shows it to Jason. Kevin says he’s going to go out there and talk and say he had a good time and only went off the handle once. Kevin says Jason can’t be the next one out after Matt. 2:20 PM BBT Kevin and Jason in the green bedroom talking. Kevin says Paul should teach a conversation class at Pepperdine. He says they could just pull a topic out of a box and let him go. Kevin says he’s accurate probably 75% of the time, which is amazing for a kid that young. Kevin says he hasn’t hardly left the room except for 2 hours a day for the last 2 weeks. 2:25 PM BBT Kevin tells Jason there are people in the game that want to go further and they will tie themselves to Paul and listen to him. Kevin says little do they know Paul wants to win himself and he will put them out.
  4. It’s time for the semi-finals! There will be 11 acts and only 5 will move on to the finals. The judges are settled in and we are ready to begin! The first act to take the stage is Yoli Mayor. She sings Say You Won’t Let Go by James Arthur. The crowd seems to be enjoying the performance and she gets a standing ovation from Mel B, Heidi, and Simon. Simon says she is back! Simon says what a beautiful performance, and a beautiful song, and ironically the guy who wrote the song started on a Got Talent show. Mel B says well done, well done, well bloody done. She says Yoli stripped it back and she went back to her roots and she thinks she has more to give. Heidi says she made people emotional and she brought a tear to her eye. Howie says holy moly, Yoli. He thinks her talent is pure and evident and he hopes America agrees. Next to take the stage is Eric Jones. He comes out and all four judges are on the stage with him. Eric does a coin trick with each judge and all of them seem to be very impressed. The crowd also seems to be very impressed and as he finishes the judges go back to their panel. Howie says that was wow, wow, wow! He says this is the kind of stuff this show is about and he is worth going to the finals. Mel B says he is truly, truly a superhero. Heidi says he is so cool and his delivery is so easy and it was really mind blowing. Simon says he did step up his stage presence and they didn’t know they were going to be up there, they didn’t rehearse. Simon thinks Eric is ready for the finals. DaNell Daymon & the Greater Works are ready to perform for the judges. They sing I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing by Aerosmith. They receive a standing ovation from the crowd with huge applause and Howie, Mel B, and Heidi. Heidi says they are so amazing and they make her feel amazing. Simon says he doesn’t know what it is about them but they get him every single time. Simon says the arrangement was great and he thinks they are the life and soul of the show. Howie loves their selections and what they do to it. Mel B says Jesus, take the wheel! She says it’s their whole performance from start to end, they tell a story, and they make them feel good. The next act is Preacher Lawson. He gets a standing ovation from all four judges and the crowd as well. Simon says he doesn’t know why Preacher hasn’t had a big break yet because he comes on stage and makes everyone laugh and he has it. Howie says he is about to get everything he ever dreamed of. Howie says he shows up with a mic, personality, talent, and America has to recognize that and they have to vote. Mel B says it’s such a hard job to be a comedian but he kills it every single time and he’s so, so, so funny. Heidi really liked him. She didn’t feel it was as rushed and today she really, really loved it and she loves his physical comedy. She thinks he’s very handsome and has a great set of lips. Next up is Johnny Manuel. Johnny sang an original song and the crowd seemed to enjoy it. Howie thinks he’s technically one of the best singers he’s ever heard, but he might have made a mistake by doing an original. Howie thinks he should have stayed in the “Diva” lane. Mel B kind of agrees because he is an incredible singer, but she feels he peaked too soon. Heidi says she admires him for bringing an original, but she felt he oversang a little bit. She loves him so much. Simon says there is only one risk being a performer and that is mediocrity but he respects him showing who he is. Billy and Emily England take the stage next to perform. He finishes by tossing her off the back of the stage and Howie and Simon are on their feet and the crowd loves it. All four judges give an ovation as both Billy and Emily join Tyra. Heidi asks if Emily is ok and she says they are the definition of the most amazing duo. She says they make such an impact every time. Howie says you’re nuts! He says he has heard all his life do not throw your sister, and he did it. Mel B says her heart is beating out of her chest and she is speechless. She says they are both amazing. Simon says it was stunning. He says it was everything he dreamt the show would be and it was terrifying and amazing. Next to the stage is Evie Claire. She sings Yours by Ella Henderson. The crowd is on their feet with Heidi and Simon. Simon says she is gutsy and that song was beautiful and her voice was beautiful. Simon says her tone and pitch were stunning. Heidi says she made it very intimate and personal and she’s proud of her. Mel B commends her on her courage and her confidence and her voice is beautiful. Sarah and Hero are up next to perform. She has a beach theme this time with the dog “saving her life” to start. They are performing to Walking on Sunshine by Katrina and the Waves. She gets a standing ovation from the crowd and all four judges. The dogs are fighting over a Frisbee and everyone loves it. Simon says America, we need these dogs in the finals. He loves them and they are a star. Howie says keep in mind America, they put this together in five days. Mel B says they make her feel so happy and they thoroughly enjoy themselves. Mel B thinks they are brilliant and well done. Heidi says this act is beyond cute and you can see how much fun the dogs are having. The next act to take the stage is Chase Goehring. He sings another original and he gets an ovation from the crowd and Simon. Simon says he is such a special person, singer, and he’s a great songwriter. Simon prays he’s in the finals. Mel B says he’s different and he’s always taken risks and she respects him for that. She hopes America votes for him because he deserves to be there. Heidi thinks there are so many girls at home that have a crush on him. Howie says he’s staying the course. He says if Ed Sheeran and Logic had a child it would be him. Darci Lynne is the next act to take the stage. She has a new puppet named Edna Doorknocker and Edna has a crush on Simon. Edna sings (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman by Aretha Franklin. Edna has Darci take her down to Simon and the crowd is on their feet and they love it. She gets an ovation from Howie, Mel B, and Heidi and Simon is blushing. Simon says he has a bit of crush on Edna. Simon says that was brilliant because she’s funny and she’s got a wicked sense of humor. Simon can see a Sesame Street type of show for her. Mel B says she was mesmerized the first time she walked on the stage and Darci just has what it takes. Heidi says she really is a class act and she’s bringing ventriloquism to the next level. Howie says this is amazing. What a night! He says she has a great chance of winning it. The final act of the night is subway singer, Mike Yung. He sings Don’t Give Up On Me by Joe Cocker. The crowd gives an ovation as do Mel B, Heidi, and Simon. Simon says he’s not going to give up on Mike. Simon says last week he felt he lost him a little bit but he came back stronger. He says it was raw, authentic, and it meant something and he’s going to remember that performance. He says that was great. Heidi says she’s not giving up on him when he sings like that. He’s a very special man. Mel B says she had given up on him back and she didn’t understand why everyone loved him, but tonight she got it and it was his best performance ever. Howie says and now the show is over and that was an amazing closing. Howie says what a night, he’s woke and America has to vote. Simon adds tonight they all put on one of the best shows he’s ever seen.
  5. 1:30 PM BBT Paul says finale will be the 20th or the 27th. Alex says if it is the 20th, then what will they do a D/E Thursday and then one on Sunday? Christmas says maybe, drama. Alex says she knows today there won’t be a new episode, it will be a recap episode. FotH. Alex can’t hang out with Kevin anymore. She hates him. Paul is still walking Christmas through the game. Alex heads downstairs. 1:35 PM BBT All’s quiet except for Paul talking Christmas through the chess game. 1:40 PM BBT Christmas is asking questions about the chess game and Paul is helping her. Raven has come upstairs and she says she could hear Josh screaming in the DR. Jason is heading inside and asks Kevin if he wants him to make him an egg. 1:45 PM BBT Alex and Jason are in the KT and Alex asks if Kevin said anything when she slammed the door shut and he says no. Jason says Kevin was talking to him but he wasn’t wearing his microphone so he wouldn’t talk to him. Alex says that sumbitch is going to wig out come tomorrow. Jason says he’ll put him in check. Alex says what are you going to do? He’s going to freak out. Jason says the SR door is jammed. He can’t get into the SR. Alex says her shorts are so much tighter than she thought. Paul has Christmas in check mate. Kevin finds a dirty dish in the drainer and asks who did it and Alex says wasn’t it Kevin trying to help? 1:50 PM BBT Alex doesn’t think she is hungry. Alex thinks it’s funny Kevin thinks he’s the puppet master. Alex asks for a piece of bacon. Josh is out of the DR and starts singing and we get FotH. Alex tells Josh the SR is locked and the door is jammed. Alex says Kevin will try to talk to Josh without his microphone on. Alex kind of wants fish again and Jason says he does too. Alex is watching outside and says yep, there he is trying to talk to Josh. Jason asks Alex if she wants another piece of bacon. 1:55 PM BBT Alex goes over to the glass and squats down so she can see. Jason says what are you doing and Alex says watching. Jason says you’re obsessed. Alex says what else do I have to do? Alex says the second Josh gets in the water Kevin is going to talk to him. Alex says why do I watch him? I have nothing else to do. She says she could shower but that’d be the highlight of her day. Jason says he kept trying to talk and say something about them being on lock down and them covering the cameras and he just wanted the dumb F’er to shut up. Alex says when Jason went in the house earlier he sat in the corner and stared at them and when Jason came out he followed him around. Attention HG, the SR is now available.
  6. 1:00 PM BBT Christmas says she told Josh he needs to calm down and the only way things can go wrong is if they mess up. Paul says he’s glad they’re on the same page so Josh can hear it from two ends. Christmas says they have the perfect plan and she doesn’t think there has ever been a trio in Big Brother who has slain. Paul doesn’t know if there’s ever been a F3 that have all made it by working together and liking each other. Josh is called to the DR. Alex comes back into the house and goes back up to watch the chess game. Raven is out and in a lounge chair. Jason is also out in a lounge chair but then he goes out to rinse under the shower. Josh comes in and Alex asks what Kevin said to him and Josh says something and Alex says F him. 1:05 PM BBT Paul says Kevin said Paul lost weight today and Alex says he did. Christmas says Raven told her she can’t gain weight. Paul says correct me if I’m wrong. He talks about their thyroid talk and Alex says it doesn’t make sense. Paul says then he asked if Raven if she took medicine and Raven says everything she says doesn’t make sense. The downstairs door is open and Alex says Kevin left it open so he can hear inside. Paul asks if she will go slam it shut and she heads downstairs. Alex says he looked up. Kevin is pacing back and forth and then he sits in a lounge chair. Christmas says you absolutely have to take medicine for it. 1:10 PM BBT Alex says her diseases are too contradictory and there is no way. Alex says no one would be stupid to go on a national television show and make herself look sicker. Alex says if she did that it would be bad because the public would call her out. Alex says she thinks maybe Raven just doesn’t know what she’s talking about. They start talking about her arthritis. Alex says Raven might have rough knees because that’s something dancer’s deal with. Alex then says Raven doesn’t drink water, coffee, or tea and she doesn’t eat vegetables or fruits. Alex says this stuff has been bothering her. Alex says her mom had diverticulitis and she might get it. Christmas says she’s eaten a lot of beef the last few days. Alex says if she has a few years left, then yeah eat what you want, but you can’t have every illness in the book. Paul says when he questions Raven she doesn’t give tangible answers. He says he KNOWS when you have a thyroid problem you have to take medicine and she says she can’t. 1:15 PM BBT Paul says toss all that aside but the inverted spine. He wants to know what that means. Alex says she doesn’t pay attention to her. Christmas says other than gastroparesis what does she actually have? Alex says arthritis. They are back to discussing an inverted spine. Talk has switched to her accent and how it comes and goes and the degree of the accent changes. Alex just doesn’t understand why you go on a national television show and you aren’t your true self. Christmas says Raven wants her scooter and Christmas thought she needs to break her foot and get her own scooter. Alex says Raven does petty stuff. 1:20 PM BBT Paul says Raven can eat and drink whatever she wants, but when you say you don’t’ like something but then eat it because everyone else is, that’s weird. Christmas doesn’t think Raven understands what beef is. Alex says Matt was good for her. Paul says until the end because Matt was sick of it and he started calling her out and they were fighting. Raven, Kevin, and Jason are all lounging outside and it’s quiet. Paul and Christmas and Alex are all at the chess board. 1:25 PM BBT Inside, Christmas, Alex, and Paul are taking about when finale might be and Paul says finale is never on a Thursday, it will be on a Wednesday. Paul says it makes sense for BB to end on the 20th. Alex is trying to figure out the current date and she thinks Sunday is the 5th. Alex has figured out today is the 3rd. Alex has figured they have 19 more days. Paul says 18 or 26 if they go one more week.
  7. 12:30 PM BBT Raven says thank you Big Brother! Alex is complaining about Kevin to Christmas and Jason starts singing and we get FotH. Jason is going into the DR. Kevin walks by Alex to the green bedroom and Josh is getting dressed. Kevin is glad there are no more have-nots and Josh says Kevin was the last one by himself. Jason is back out of DR. Alex is back to running the BY. Josh goes outside and starts singing and we get FotH. 12:35 PM BBT Paul, Jason, and Christmas are in the KT. Paul is complaining about Raven again. Josh and Raven come inside and Paul asks how they are going outside right now. Raven says they are going swimming. HG are told to lower the outside awnings. Paul tells Raven Josh could be the next Mathew. Jason and Raven are running around the KT and Christmas says they better not run around her. They get a safety first! No horsing around warning. Jason goes outside to help Alex lower the awnings. Raven is going to cook an egg and asks if anyone wants one. Josh is going to eat and then go swimming. Paul asks Raven if her thyroid has anything to do with her gastroparesis. Raven says no, but she does have hypothyroidism. Paul asks if she takes medicine for it. Raven says no because it’s too much hormones. Raven says they wanted to do a chemo treatment on it but she didn’t want to do that because she would have to stay away from children for 6 months. 12:40 PM BBT Raven says when she gets emotional she knows it’s her thyroid acting up. She deals with it better now than it was when she was a teenager. Paul says she is an enigma. Christmas and Paul are going to play chess. Josh is back outside and he’s teaching Alex something in Spanish. Paul is going to do some day workouts inside and then go outside later because it’s so hot. Jason is in the pool. Kevin is sitting next to the pool and Josh is eating a bowl of cereal next to the pool. Paul is talking to Christmas about Josh’s concerns. 12:45 PM BBT Paul is teaching Christmas how to play chess. Raven and Alex come upstairs to watch Paul teach Christmas to play chess. Josh is blowing up the toucan pool floatie and is in the pool. Josh starts singing again and we get FotH. Jason is on the big pink pool floatie. 12:50 PM BBT Raven is done eating and she is going to go out to the pool. Josh starts singing again and we get FotH. Josh and Jason are fighting in the pool. Raven has joined them. Alex, Christmas, and Paul are all upstairs and Paul is still teaching Christmas how to play chess. 12:55 PM BBT Not much going on. Josh singing and intermittent FotH. Paul and Christmas still discussing chess. Everyone goes back outside except Paul and Christmas so they resume talking about Josh calming down.
  8. 12:00 PM BBT Alex is talking about her nephew and she says he makes her want one of her own. Jason is going to put his trunks on. Christmas is going inside and Alex is going to run again. Raven is back outside. Paul is still working out. 12:05 PM BBT Josh is still in bed with a mask on but he’s moving. Christmas has come into the red bedroom and she tells Josh Alex thinks he went running last night. We have puppy cam. 12:27 PM BBT Feeds are back. It’s have-nots. The table has a bucket of slop on it. They all make their way downstairs. Alex is scarfing down a sandwich quick. Christmas says this week’s have-nots are…nobody! Congratulations, have-nots are over for the summer! There is much screaming and celebrating. Everyone is jumping around, including Christmas and they dump the slop. Josh says hey slop bucket, you played yourself!
  9. 11:30 AM BBT Paul says he doesn’t know why mean mugging is so big this year, but one way to get him going is to lock eyes with him and have something to say but not saying anything. Christmas says Dominique tried to charge her in the KT. Alex says she would charge at any of the females in the house. Kevin and Jason are talking about when they think finale is. 11:35 AM BBT Alex is talking about Dominique’s eviction speech and then Elena’s doing the same thing. Christmas says Elena did fine the first one, but she shouldn’t have done the second. Jason heads into the WC. Paul says they get to watch the comps and ceremonies with no volume. Christmas says so they have to piece together what’s happening? Paul says they’re not supposed to know what happens until someone comes to jury. 11:40 AM BBT The HG see ash floating around in the air. They realize there’s a fire and they see helicopters. Jason says maybe they’re just burning cardboard. Alex says there’s a fire, but it’s not close because she can’t smell it. Raven comes out and she’s wearing Matt’s orange shirt. Paul says good morning. Kevin is talking about the ashes coming down and he can hear a helicopter. Kevin says no it’s a plane. Someone is singing and then they play a clip of music and says please stop singing. Paul says what are you doing?!? Kevin and Jason are still walking the yard and they stop and do a couple of bench presses and then continue on. Alex is yelling that Jason is dropping on the left and he needs to even out. 11:45 AM BBT Jason and Kevin stop to get a drink. Alex starts jogging the yard. Paul says it’s hot. Jason is running around Alex weaving in and out. Christmas and Paul are saying he’s going to keep messing around and hit an awning. Christmas says it’s just as dangerous as her being on his back. Alex stops running and Jason says he won’t do it anymore. Paul says he was in an airport and he walked by a couple and one of them said he kind of looked like that guy from Big Brother. Paul says he tweeted he’s glad he kind of looks like a version of his crappy self. 11:50 AM BBT Alex says there must be something going on with this fire. Christmas is brushing herself off. Alex says they get fires a lot because it’s so hot. Kevin is sitting in the shade. Paul is talking about Trap Nation and he says he’s friends with them. Paul is up in one corner lifting weights. Alex, Christmas, and Raven are all on the couches. Alex and Christmas say the Outback dinner was the biggest waste, all Elena wanted to do was drink. Christmas says on the way out Elena scooped some ice cream out of her bowl with her hand and put it in her mouth. Christmas says she didn’t eat anything. Alex says Elena gave her steak to Jason and Mark. 11:55 AM BBT Christmas says she was pissed because Paul gave up his spot for her to go and Elena didn’t eat anything. Raven says when she came back inside Elena drank her sprite. Alex is back up running the yard again. Kevin brings some clothes out and throws them on the ground by the washer and dryer. Raven is going to put her bathing suit on. Christmas put Raven’s stuff in a drawer because she didn’t want her stuff all over the place. Christmas says maybe it’s because she’s a little older, but she doesn’t like Raven in her space and leaving her crap laying around. Christmas and Alex are talking about kids. Christmas says she wanted to be financially stable before she had kids and then as she got older she was more focused on her work.
  10. 11:00 AM BBT Paul is in the KT cooking. Christmas is eating and she thanks Paul. Kevin is also in the KT. Alex and Jason are in the BY and Jason is running. Alex does some shout-outs. Kevin is cooking an egg. Christmas wants Paul to sit with her while she eats. Paul wants to go outside. Paul stays and asks why Jason is outside running in circles. Jason stops and starts doing stretches. 11:05 AM BBT Jason and Alex are outside talking and he says we went darn near 51 and lost like no one and now we have to get rid of four. Paul heads out and joins Alex and Jason. Kevin cooked himself an egg and then cleaned the pan. Christmas goes to the WC. Raven and Josh are both in bed in the red bedroom. Kevin has joined the others outside. They are talking about alfalfa. 11:10 AM BBT Jason keeps starting to sing and then stops and yells don’t ding me! Alex says she’s going to do some running. Paul tells Jason to take it easy on the stretches and not pull his groin. Paul starts singing and we get FotH. Christmas has come outside and is sitting on the couch with Paul while he eats. Paul wants another tattoo. Christmas says that’s like a millionaire saying he wants more money. Paul says there are now temporary ink tattoos. He says they can scar you though. 11:15 AM BBT Paul is complaining about Raven. Paul says they were playing music this morning and he was humming along and Raven was mimicking him pretending she knew the song. Paul says he can’t anymore and Christmas says yes you can. Paul says it’s slowly tearing his soul away. Alex joins them and they are still talking about Raven. Paul says Raven almost legitimately blew out his ear yesterday, she screams. Christmas says because she needs to be the permanent center of attention. They are talking about previous comps and then Paul mentions the Dizzy Dog competition from last year. Paul says he ignored Raven before and now he can’t. He says it’s the worst thing ever. Paul says when she came in he thought Raven was badass and she didn’t let her illness hold her down and now it’s the opposite. Christmas says it’s woe is me. 11:20 AM BBT Christmas says she was like that day 1. Alex is talking about how day 1 Raven was talking about freezing her eggs and all of her stories. Christmas says she’s like a pseudo-positive woe is me. Alex says she decided a long time ago she wasn’t going to let Raven win. Alex says Elena took the money because Matt told her she was safe. Jason and Kevin are walking the yard. The HG are told to lower the outside awnings. Christmas says there was a centipede in the tub last night. Paul asks if any of them like Horror films and they start talking about various movies. Jason goes to check laundry. 11:25 AM BBT Jason and Kevin are walking the yard again. Alex, Paul, and Christmas are on the couches talking about scary movies, haunted houses, and horror in general. Paul switches the subject back to Raven and how her and Matthew had fights and she was mad at him at times. She denies she was ever mad at Matt. Paul hates people who come in with an alternate agenda, they come to get famous or they come to win AFP. Christmas says don’t people see that and Paul says only live feeders.
  11. 1:44 AM BBT Wake up! Who wants to see my HOH room? They all head upstairs and check out the pics and the basket. She got a dream catcher necklace from her friend (she thinks it's from her mom). Her letter is from her friend, Lindsey. Hi Friend, Nugget and I made you a necklace as a token to help when things get a little tough. (HG awwwww). Aquamarine,10 beads to signify 10 years of friendship (Paul yells friendship!), gives you confidence and harmony, dream catcher to remind that no matter what life throws your way, you’re still able to create the life of your dreams. Tiger eye gives you power, courage, passion, strength, and good fortune. We are so incredibly proud of you. You’re kicking so much booty with a literal boot tied to your leg. (HG laugh). There is so much to tell you that I don’t even know where to start so here is a brief rundown. Sweet Gotti passed away on June 14th of stomach cancer. (Christmas says that was her puppy). That is one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do and I was missing you something fierce that day. Nugget is going into the second grade and he started August 12th and has officially taken up extreme scootering. (HG laugh). He’s very proud of his Auntie X. Wedding planning is going full force. We put down a deposit on a venue the week of August 12th and I can’t wait to tell my best boujee all about it over a bottle of bubbles. There is so much more, but I want to save it for when I get to see your sweet face again. We are sending so much love and positive energy from the Rockies. Namaste, my sweet friend, Linds
  12. 12:30 AM BBT Kevin tells Josh if he gets a chance he should learn another language because he’d know three languages and could get a job anywhere. He says French or maybe Italian. Kevin says his wife is Italian and we get FotH. Paul goes into the green bedroom with Alex and he is planning the next eviction. He says Kevin and then Raven. Paul says we’re almost there. Alex says there has to be a Sunday eviction or another D/E. Paul says yeah there has to be or it will be another long season, but he heard the season wasn’t supposed to be as long. Alex says the first couple of season it was like 70+ episodes now it’s 40 or 42. 12:35 AM BBT Paul is asking how many days season 2 was and Alex doesn’t know because she didn’t watch his season. Alex thinks the first season was like 77 days but it was more Real Worldish because they didn’t do competitions. Alex is talking about the things she’s excited to do when they get out. Kevin, Jason, and Josh are talking about Montana and Jason says there are a lot of wide open spaces. Kevin says you can see the stars and it’s like you can reach out and touch them. Kevin says when he was a kid he couldn’t see them because he grew up in the city. Kevin is talking about getting together with the guys after the show is over. They are planning a rodeo and they want to put Josh in a barrel. Kevin says Josh’s birthday is 1/4/94 and he asks Jason how long Josh would last in Satan’s path. Jason says he wouldn’t last. 12:40 AM BBT Josh wants to know if it’s easier to ride a real bull or a mechanical bull. Jason says no comment. Kevin requests Sympathy for the Devil and then Josh requests the Circle of Life or You Got a Friend in Me. Alex and Paul are talking about scary movies. Kevin says when he gets home he’s going to take his son out of school for a few days and spend time with him. Just Kevin and his son. Kevin is talking about his family. Kevin tells Jason his girls will love with Josh. Josh says even after arguing they will like me? Kevin says Josh is close to his mom so he doesn’t disrespect women. 12:45 AM BBT Josh, Jason, and Kevin still talking about their families in the lounge room. Paul and Alex in the dark in the green bedroom talking about what they will do outside the house. Raven is in the red bedroom laying down. Christmas is still in the DR. FotH. Josh says he wants wine and the one week they gave them wine he was a have-not and on the block. Kevin says there are ants crawling on him and it’s like living outside. Josh says he had an ant on his balls earlier. Jason says he can’t take it anymore. He’s going to lay down. Alex successfully scares Jason and says she’s been waiting there for an hour. They get a warning the bedroom lights must remain on. 12:50 AM BBT Paul asks if everyone can just say F the tree and let us keep sleeping. Paul is laying on Kevin’s usual bed, Jason is laying on his stomach on his bed, Alex is sitting on her bed, Josh is laying on the big bed, and Kevin is sitting on the end of his bed. Josh says when he gets home his room is going to look so dark because he’s used to the lights from the house. Alex says the first thing she is going to do is get an upgrade for her iPhone. FotH. 12:55 AM BBT All four cameras are on Raven lying in bed in the red bedroom. General chatter. Jason is told to put his microphone on. 1:00 AM BBT Josh notes that he just realized they are watched on TV every night on BBAD. Paul says yeah every night on PopTV and all they hear are Jason’s sex stories. Jason says he’s in so much trouble. Paul says Jason has said things that he doesn’t think went over well. Jason says F. Paul says you’re F’ed. Jason is told to put on his microphone again. Jason has gas and everyone is complaining. 1:05 AM BBT Paul says he’s lost brain cells since living with Josh. Josh says every time Jason makes a your mom joke he thinks Jason is talking about his own mom so he doesn’t have to go an elbow drop him. Jason says ok, I’ll give up on your mom jokes…and so will she. Josh tells Jason his mom is going to slap him and he says worth it.
  13. 12:00 AM BBT Josh and Jason are in the KT and Josh is complaining about the ants. Kevin and Christmas are in the green bedroom talking. Kevin is saying Alex just likes to cause scenes. Kevin says tomorrow he’ll be back in his corner. Kevin says Christmas is a tough girl and he’s glad he stuck with them from the beginning. Kevin says everyone else turned on him. Kevin says Alex told Jason he can’t help Kevin make slop. Kevin says he’ll just stay away from her and not talk to her anymore and you know where his vote will be if she’s there. Kevin doesn’t understand why Alex would treat him that way. He says it must because he’s close to Jason. Paul, Jason, and Josh are in the KT. Christmas tells Kevin to forget he talked to her and Paul. Kevin says he doesn’t talk to Alex and she won’t talk to game to him like he’s a chump. Kevin says Jason told him that Alex and him had a better chance to make F2 and that’s why he won’t talk game with Kevin either. 12:05 AM BBT Christmas tells Kevin there is a plan. Kevin says he didn’t want to be the first one to throw the comp and Christmas says it had to be done. Christmas gets up because she hears the DR open and tells Kevin she has to go. Christmas is back in the red bedroom gathering stuff. Jason starts singing I Touch Myself and we get FotH. Alex, Josh, Jason, and Paul are in the KT. Kevin walks through to the WC. Raven is in the shower. Christmas is in the KT to get a snack. Most are eating Froot Loops and Christmas wants Chex. Josh’s favorite cereals are Apple Jacks and Captain Crunch with the berries. Alex is throwing cereal at Jason for him to catch in his mouth. 12:10 AM BBT Alex is talking about her nephew and she says when he was born his face was smashed because he came out of a vagina and they call him troll. She says he got cuter as he grew up. Jason says she’s teaching the kid to be a psychopath. Kevin is talking about one of his daughters. Raven is out of the shower getting dressed. Kevin is talking about the nicknames he gives some of his kids. 12:15 AM BBT Everyone in the KT is talking about Elena and Alex says someone asked her if she would do playboy and Elena was offended. They are all tired and they are wondering when Christmas will get her HOH room. They are talking about lying down. 12:20 AM BBT Paul asks Josh if he is Sinbad’s son and Josh asks who Sinbad is. Alex says Sinbad isn’t Cuban though. Christmas says it’s going to get worse, they are only going to get more and more bored. Christmas is called to the DR. Paul says can you guys just give her the key? Alex is on the big bed doing sit ups. Kevin is washing his hands in the WA and Paul is in the WC. Jason and Josh are in the lounge room and Kevin says he’ll join him. 12:25 AM BBT Josh is reading from the bible aloud and Kevin is helping correct words that Josh is mispronouncing. Josh tells Kevin to quit interrupting so he can get through the Psalms. Paul is walking by and Josh says F you and flips him off. Paul says you’re reading the bible then says F you and flip me off and then put your hand back on the bible, how does that make you feel? Kevin is telling a story about Martin Luther King, Jr. and Jason says he has to be a history teacher and Kevin says why do you keep blowing me up? Alex is in the green bedroom making it look like she’s in bed but she’s hiding to scare someone. She has also crumpled a blanket up on Jason’s bed. She scares Paul and says he wasn’t the intended target. Paul heads back to the lounge room. Alex has taken a couple pieces of clothes off the top of the dresser and thrown them on the floor. Alex is waiting to scare someone but Christmas is in the DR, Raven is in the red bedroom, and all the guys are in the lounge room. Paul starts reading a bible verse and Kevin tells him which verse it is.
  14. 10:30 PM BBT Paul starts singing and we get FotH. We get feeds back for a minute but nothing going on and Paul starts singing again. Paul, Alex, and Raven are in the KT. Christmas, Josh, Jason, and Kevin are in the WA. Alex and Raven are talking about Dominique and how rude she was all week and then was polite in her eviction speech. Kevin, Jason, and Josh are talking about how everyone was on Cody’s side and they were the outcasts and then they made it this far. Jason says Josh was absolutely the most hated the first week and Josh says the first three. Josh says the other guys instantly isolated him. Alex says Nicole lost a lot of her personality on her second season. Alex says they had too many things on season 17, she says they had the twins, the transgender person, James. She says there were too many things going on so she quit watching. Paul says there was a trans person on season 17? Raven says Audrey and she went crazy. Paul asked if Audrey told everyone in the house and Alex and Raven say yes and Raven says Audrey told them during the champagne toast. 10:35 PM BBT Alex did not think Paulie was as hot as Cody. Raven says Audrey is really pretty. Josh, Kevin, and Jason are talking about things they miss from outside the house. Raven asks Paul what his favorite comp has been this season so far. Alex liked the safety comps. Paul says it’s between strangest things and he’s not sure. Alex is called to the DR. Raven liked the first HOH, but her favorite so far was candy crush because it was so fun. Paul says the weather comp was a favorite too and the terminal comp. Christmas took Alex’s spot in the KT. Jason yells in to ask Paul if he wants to play chess. 10:40 PM BBT Paul and Christmas go into the green bedroom for a minute and Paul tells Christmas he asked Jason if he thought Paul was going to get backdoored and Jason said maybe. Christmas is gathering stuff for when she heads upstairs and Paul asks if she needs anything from the bed. Kevin goes into the green bedroom. Josh asks Jason if he will really be cool outside the house with Kevin and Jason says yes. Raven joins Josh and Jason and says Kevin tried to talk to her. Paul tells Christmas he told Josh to calm down and be the eyes and ears this week. Paul tells Christmas he’ll take the opportunity to tie Raven into them since they will be in the red bedroom alone with Josh. Christmas says what if Alex wins next week and Paul says he won’t let that happen. He says if Raven doesn’t win then he will gun for it. Paul says he thinks if he goes on the block, then he’s going home. Paul is hoping Raven will win and get them from 6 to 5 and then Josh can get them from 5 to 4 or vice versa so Josh, Christmas, and Paul can compete in F3. 10:45 PM BBT Raven is telling Jason and Josh in the WA that Matt is going to go ham on Cody. Josh says the jury house will be crap for him. He says when he goes in to the jury house everyone will be giving him hell. He says he’ll be taking a lot of naps. Paul tells Christmas in the red bedroom that every time he mentions to Josh that he could leave in the next two weeks Josh panics. Paul says at least after this he gets to play in every veto so he has a chance. Paul is telling Christmas that vetos are just as important as HOH’s from here out so they can maintain control. Raven comes into the red bedroom with Christmas and Paul. Kevin and Jason are in the green bedroom. Josh is getting ready to take a shower. Paul joins Kevin and Jason and leaves Christmas alone with Raven. 10:50 PM BBT Raven and Christmas are talking about Jason. They think Jason is rattled because everyone threw the comp to Christmas. Raven is told to move her necklace away from her microphone.
  15. 10:00 PM BBT Kevin and Jason are in the lounge room talking about Raven and saying her stuff is everywhere. Kevin says she took her pillow to Matt’s picture on the memory wall and cried into it. Paul and Josh are still talking in the red bedroom and Paul says if we can get Jason out, then the vetos are important from here out. 10:05 PM BBT Paul tells Josh to never mention his or Christmas’s name. Raven comes into the red bedroom and tells Paul where everyone is. Kevin pops into the red bedroom. 10:10 PM BBT Josh says today’s show had to be packed. Raven says it was just her and Matt going ham. Josh says for sure. Paul says he gassed and Josh says we didn’t do anything. Paul goes to talk to Kevin in the have-not room. Kevin says after the show is over him and Paul are going to get a restaurant together. Josh and Raven are talking in the red bedroom and Christmas and Alex are sitting at the dining room table talking about previous HG. Jason is in the shower. 10:15 PM BBT General conversations throughout as people move from room to room with different pairs. 10:20 PM BBT Raven is now in the WA while Jason is showering. Everyone else is in the KT and still just general chatter. They are talking about Alex’s glasses in and eye surgeries and Raven says her mom had the surgery and she had to wear special glasses. Alex says the house is different from her normal life because she’s not as social. Paul misses his band practice. 10:25 PM BBT Alex is talking about a building she used to work in in New York. She says she thinks her managers rented another floor and she thinks he was living up there and she says he was creepy. Kevin goes to the WA and talks to Jason. Josh walks into the WA. Someone in the KT is making popcorn. Josh is looking for the bible and Kevin tells him it’s in his room. Jason is getting out of the shower now, he says he’s been in there long enough. Kevin says it’s weird to see Christmas and Raven are buddy buddy. He then tells Jason Raven has eaten three things since Matt has been gone. Jason is yelling for Josh but he’s nowhere near the WA. Jason mumbles in the WA shut the F up, Alex. Josh is sweeping something up off the WA floor.
  16. 9:30 PM BBT Jason is talking to his wife and saying he loved the letter she sent and he’s read it 70 times. Josh adds congratulations to Holly on the baby. Jason wants Holly to drive the Cadillac to the finale because Paul is going to give them the LA tour. He’s doing shout-outs to his friends. Christmas, Alex, and Raven are in the red bedroom chatting. Josh is talking to one of Jason’s friends whose name is Shannon. Paul joins the guys in the lounge room. 9:35 PM BBT Alex, Christmas, and Raven have turned to talking about Kevin. Kevin wants Jason to come to Boston and he wants to take Jason and his son to see all the New Year’s festivities in Boston. Kevin says Holly can stay back at the house and Jason says Holly can still go even though she’s pregnant. Paul and Christmas need Josh to calm down. Paul tells him to quit acting so excited, just stop and calm down. After Paul leaves Josh dances for the camera. 9:40 PM BBT Alex, Christmas, Paul, and Raven are now in the KT eating. Kevin and Jason still in the lounge. Kevin and Jason are both saying this is the longest they have been away from their families. All four cams have switched the KT where everyone is except Kevin and Jason. Paul is telling Josh that Christmas is going to be a witch to him so they are separated and he tells Josh he can’t be up Christmas’s butt all the time. Paul says next week Raven or Josh have to win otherwise he will have to pull through and win. Kevin is telling Jason if he’s on the block he will never vote him out. Kevin says Jason doesn’t even have to campaign to him. Paul is telling Josh he needs to calm down this week. Paul tells Josh he is going to tell people he thinks Christmas is trying to BD him. 9:45 PM BBT Jason does some more shout-outs and Kevin is planning dinners and drinks with Jason and his family. Paul is telling Josh the last competitions are physical so they have to be able to compete. Paul says they are very hard and Josh says like the wall? Paul says even harder. 9:50 PM BBT Josh goes into the red bedroom and sits in Christmas’s bed and is smiling at the camera. He says he’s so excited because his girl just won HOH. He says God is good. Josh says he made 6! Josh says a lot of people think they got Josh to this point like Alex, but she played herself. Josh says it’s going to be a crazy week and crap is going to go down. Paul comes in and he says those two are the least expecting people. Josh says he felt like the underdog the whole season and he feels that’s how people treated him. Paul says every week he’s had to work his behind off. Josh says once it’s them three he will be happy. Josh says he’s so excited it will be them three. Paul says calm down because I might get clipped in the next two weeks and Josh says he won’t let that happen. Josh says if someone suggests Paul go up as a pawn then Josh says he will volunteer to go up. Josh says if he’s on the block with Kevin or Raven no one will vote him out. Josh says Raven wouldn’t take a shot at Paul and Paul says she could. Paul says he’s a realist and Josh says we have the votes. Paul says Alex will be good at the memory comp and Josh says we take her out at 5. 9:55 PM BBT Josh says Paul could promise safety for Kevin and get him in his back pocket. Josh says he didn’t see himself on day 70, he didn’t even see himself making it to day 35. Paul says he cried last year when he got himself into the Top 3. Josh says Corey last year was corny.
  17. 9:00 PM BBT Kevin, Josh, and Jason are in the LR and Jason laying down. Christmas, Paul, Raven, and Alex are in the KT getting ready to go to the LR. They are talking about the HOH comp and it was Ready, Set, Woah! Paul is talking about who competed in the comp last year and he says Bridgette did it with a bum foot and it’s ironic since Christmas won this one. Paul says Bridgette was out first last year and they wanted her on the block. 9:05 PM BBT General chatter all around. Alex and Raven are in the KT and everyone else is in the LR. Raven and Alex are talking about how Matt and Raven became a showmance. 9:10 PM BBT Raven says Matt is going to rip Cody a new butthole because of the comment Cody made about Raven not being able to have kids and their relationship will never work out. Christmas tells Kevin to continue to act like he has been. Paul says he told Kevin to throw the first round or Paul would gun for it and put him on the block. Kevin says he couldn’t lose to a girl because it would be embarrassing. 9:15 PM BBT Christmas and Paul are in the red bedroom talking. Christmas wants to know if Jason was in on the plan to throw the HOH to her and Paul says he didn’t have that conversation with Jason, but Alex may have told him. Christmas wants to explore her options but she wants to know if she should be straight forward. Paul advises to be straight forward with Jason but downplay things to Alex. Paul says he’ll tell Jason that he thinks Christmas is trying to BD him to alleviate some of the stress. Jason and Kevin are in the lounge room talking. 9:20 PM BBT Paul says he’ll do damage control for Christmas. He tells her good job and leaves the room. Jason and Kevin are doing shout outs and planning for things to do after the show is over. Paul goes back into the red bedroom and Christmas can’t believe they all threw HOH to her. Paul says this was the perfect scenario. Paul says Christmas can have private conversation with Alex all week. Alex comes into the red bedroom and she’s trying to take a drawer out from the other room and needs Paul to help her. 9:25 PM BBT Alex is in the have-not room trying to take a drawer out, one of Kevin’s so she can hide it. Paul asks Alex if Christmas will try and BD him or try and get rid of him. Alex says she thought him and Christmas were close. Paul says not really. Alex says Christmas is going to put her up. Alex says it doesn’t matter really, we all play in veto. Paul says except one. Josh has joined the lounge room.
  18. The 21 acts that will be in the semi-finals are: ***ACTS IN GREEN HAVE MADE IT TO THE FINALS*** Singers: In The Stairwell Angelica Hale-Chris Hardwick’s Golden Buzzer Christian Guardino-Howie’s Golden Buzzer Yoli Mayor-First semi-final show Mandy Harvey-Simon’s Golden Buzzer Johnny Manuel-Seal’s Golden Buzzer-First semi-final show Celine Tam-Laverne Cox’s Golden Buzzer Evie Claire-First semi-final show Kechi Chase Goehring-DJ Khaled’s Golden Buzzer-First semi-final show Mike Yung-First semi-final show DaNell Daymon & Greater Works-First semi-final show Comedian: Preacher Lawson-First semi-final show Ventriloquist: Darci Lynne-Mel B’s Golden Buzzer-First semi-final show Danger/Roller skaters: Billy and Emily England-First semi-final show Dancers: Light Balance-Tyra Bank’s Golden Buzzer Merrick Hanna Magician/Illusionist: Eric Jones-First semi-final show Colin Cloud Variety: Diavolo Sarah and Hero-First semi-final show Bring Back Act: The Pompeyo Family Dogs
  19. It’s time for the results to see who will fill out the rest of the semi-finals. Plus, tonight we have the Dunkin’ Save. If you would like to vote visit their website or use the AGT app. We get a recap of the previous night’s show and meet the judges. The three acts in jeopardy and up for the Dunkin’ Save are Angelina Green, Colin Cloud, and DaNell Daymon & Greater Works. One of these acts can be saved with the Dunkin’ Save and voting is open NOW. Time for the first results. We have Diavolo and Oskar & Gaspar read to hear who moves on. The first act to go to the semi-finals is…Diavolo! Next to find out their results is Final Draft and Kechi. America has voted and the next act moving on to the semi-finals is…Kechi! Matt Franco takes the stage to perform some magic. The Dunkin’ Save is still open. If you wish to vote, vote while you can at their website or using the AGT app. The next two acts to learn their fate are Chase Goehring and Mike Yung. America has voted and the act going through…is both of them! The next acts to step forward are Oscar Hernandez, Junior and Emily, and Sarah and Hero. The next act going on to the semi-finals is…Sarah and Hero. The Dunkin’ Save is now closed! We’re about to find out who will be moving on! Piff the Magic Dragon has come to visit and Heidi joins him for his act with Mr. Piffles. Angelina Green, Colin Cloud and DaNell Daymon & Greater Works are back on stage. The act America has saved is…Colin Cloud. Angelina Green and DaNell Daymon & Greater Works are left for the judges to choose from. It’s time to find out who they will choose. Mel B says it’s so difficult because they are both so good. Mel B has to choose DaNell Daymon & Greater Works. Heidi says she love Greater Works, but she has to stick with her golden buzzer. She selects Angelina Green. Simon says he can make a case for both acts. Simon says they are one of the best choirs he’s genuinely ever heard. He absolutely has to go with the act that did it for him on the night. He has to go with DaNell Daymon & Greater Works. Howie says oh my God! He can only pick one and he doesn’t know how to do it. He selects DaNell Daymon & Greater Works.
  20. 4:30 PM BBT Kevin realizes Matt is upstairs because they can hear him laughing. Kevin says why is he up here, they don’t ever come up. Kevin says again he’ll talk to Alex and Jason says just be straightforward because she analyzes every word. Josh and Paul are arguing again over the game. Paul is saying it’s a stalemate and Josh is disagreeing. Paul says then move and Josh tells Paul not to rush him. Josh says he won and Paul says no, it’s a stalemate. Paul says he had a chance to check mate him, but he didn’t. Kevin heads downstairs. Jason is listening to his music. Alex is doing crunches on the upstairs couch. Matt asks Raven if she needs help with something and she says no. 4:35 PM BBT Josh grabs a pillow for Christmas. Jason asks who’s playing chess and Josh says they are going to rematch unless Jason wants to play. Jason says he’s going to take a shower. Josh asks Jason about Kevin and Josh says Kevin is spinning conversations and is lying. Jason tells Josh that Kevin is still lying. Josh says every conversation you have with Kevin he’s full of crap. Josh says if he comes clean it will make his experience more enjoyable. Jason says he told Kevin that Alex deserves and apology. Josh says Kevin spoke bad about everyone. Josh says he doesn’t want to isolate Kevin. Jason says yeah, don’t do that. Josh says if Kevin will man-up and say he did that, then things will be fine. Christmas is now doing an exercise on the couch. Josh says Kevin should apologize to the house because he’s talked crapped about everyone and if he would man-up and own everything things would be better. Josh says he’s 56 we don’t want him to catch a heart attack. Alex comes in and Jason says what are you doing and she says she’s looking for something to eat. He offers her an Almond Joy. Jason says he told Kevin their four was just shocked that he crapped the bed. Christmas is told to put on her microphone. 4:40 PM BBT Jason says Kevin shot holes in his own boat. Jason says he told Kevin not to F with Alex and it was BS that he threw her out like that. He says she’s a young lady. Alex says Kevin has six daughters and he’s going to crap on ME like that? America is going to hate him. Alex says she’s going to straight up tell him that America will F’ing hate him. He doesn’t want to talk to Kevin. Jason says he told Kevin if he was a man he’d apologize to Alex. Alex says there may not be a D/E tomorrow after all because the tree is still in play. Alex says unless they do like a 60 second thing and if Kevin goes for it he’ll be a tool and get the bounty on his head. Jason says the only think Kevin admitted to was calling Alex a puppet master. Jason says Kevin said he would vote for Alex if Jason or Paul is not beside her. Jason says he told Kevin not to run Alex’s name in the dirt. Alex says she’s a coward excuse for a man that he’s so scared of a girl he’s creating this GD propaganda. 4:45 PM BBT Jason tells Alex to just hear Kevin out. Alex says Kevin has been playing the game since day 1. Jason says Alex deserves an apology, but it’s really for him because he’s the one who has to live with what he said. Jason says he asked Kevin why he isn’t talking to Paul at all? Alex says Jason should ask why Kevin won’t swear on his kids. Alex says the 25k matters because everyone knows he’s a liar. Jason says he told Kevin he doesn’t want to entertain any more conversations unless it’s about outside. Alex says he’s going to try to get back into the fold and then turn into a psychopathic douchebag when he goes on the block. Jason says he told Kevin it wouldn’t be a sweep against him and Alex says yes it will because he’s an Ahole. Alex says they are going to know that Kevin is a F’ing liar. 4:50 PM BBT Josh and Paul are still playing chess. Matt, Raven, and Christmas are on the couches. Kevin is downstairs in the shower. Alex and Jason are in the HOH room still talking. Alex says Kevin is a goner and he can poison the jury. Alex says he hopes Kevin does go to the jury house and turn them against her so America will hate him because he’s a coward and so salty. Alex says Kevin needs to put on sunscreen because he looks like leatherface. Jason says Alex is stupid awesome and she’s going to win. Jason says it’s a toss-up how the jury would vote because it’s all the showmances and Josh and Christmas. Jason thinks Josh and Christmas would vote for Alex but he doesn’t know what Cody would do. Jason says he doesn’t want to have zero votes. 4:55 PM BBT Jason says he would never vote for anyone who never won HOH because they would have gotten to F2 by being carried by everyone. (Can someone send that to Dr. Will and get his response?) Alex says psychopaths can lie easily and murders have micro expressions. She has studied that. Jason says she’s hypersensitive to everything, it’s amazing.
  21. 4:00 PM BBT Kevin thinks Matt is a F’ing baby. Kevin says he only had 4 more nights. No three. Kevin asks if he’s done his good-bye message and Jason says yeah. Kevin says he would never come back on the show. He’s too old and he didn’t get along with the younger ones at the end. Kevin starts talking about his fight with Alex again. 4:05 PM BBT Kevin is still talking about Alex. Jason says no one in the house is saying they hate Kevin. Josh and Paul are still playing chess and Christmas is watching. Alex is on the couch laying down. Jason tells Kevin that no one is talking about who to put out next because Matt isn’t even gone yet. Josh and Paul are arguing over the chess game. Kevin starts talking about Josh yelling at him the day before. Kevin says Josh told him he won the 25K and Kevin thought they gave away 2 25K’s. Kevin says he asked in the DR if they gave 2 away and they said no and he knew Josh was lying. Kevin says the government will probably take his money and Jason says he’ll get a check for $8. Kevin is going to take a shower because it’s hot. Kevin says Josh thinks I look like a liar and he looks like an Ahole. 4:10 PM BBT Matt and Raven are in the KT cooking and Jason says they’re going to dirty up all the dishes and cook all the food, over season it, and then throw it away. Jason tells Kevin to talk to Paul too and don’t avoid anyone. Jason says Paul loves him. Kevin wants a basketball competition and all he has to do is make a lay-up to win. Jason says Alex doesn’t forget anything, she has a mind like a steel trap. Jason says Alex is amazing. Kevin says when the game is over he’ll call and see how Jason and Alex are doing, but he doesn’t really care too much for the others. Kevin can’t believe Josh is still around. 4:15 PM BBT Kevin says he and his wife will visit Jason and his family for a couple of days in December and Jason can come visit them in January. Kevin starts talking about his wrist surgeries. Jason says he thought Ramses won the 25k and Kevin says that dumb jerk didn’t know what was going on. He says he’ll fly Ramses in to visit him and his kids. Kevin says he’s not cool, he’s kind of goofy. Kevin says he always wanted to tell Jason he won the money. He says there’s nothing left to hide now. Jason says he wasn’t quick enough to win it. Kevin asks Jason not to tell Alex. 4:20 PM BBT Kevin says they all believe it now I guess it doesn’t matter anyway. Jason says everyone knows. Kevin says he wouldn’t have touched anyone and Jason knows that. Jason says have you noticed that everyone who got into a fight is out. Except Josh because he’s the one that initiates them. Kevin says he’s not as stupid as they thought. He says he went nuts, but everyone did. He says if you put me up with Raven, just don’t send me home before her. 4:25 PM BBT Kevin says he’ll talk to Alex tonight. Kevin says Raven was a jerk all year and she was hitting Matt every night. Kevin asks Jason not to tell anyone anything they talked about and him and Jason shake hands. Matt has joined Josh, Paul, and Christmas at the chess table. Alex has gone downstairs. Kevin is saying he doesn’t understand how the protein shakes they give them with the slop are good for them. Kevin and Jason are making more plans for after the show. He wants to know when Paul is going to do a rodeo with him. Jason starts listing the things he has right after the show, starting with a wedding.
  22. 3:30 PM BBT Alex is upstairs on the couch and Josh is at the chess table. Paul is getting ready to play and Kevin asks if he’s going to play chess. Paul says he’s going to play Josh and then asks Kevin if he wants to play after and Kevin says yeah, he’ll play. Christmas and Paul are in the SR getting snacks. Alex is talking to Josh about knowing the Hail Mary and Our Father in Spanish. Raven and Matt are heading towards the red bedroom. Paul is making a trail mix. Christmas has joined Alex and Josh upstairs. Jason and Kevin are in the HOH room. Kevin is told to put on his microphone. 3:35 PM BBT Kevin wants Jason to tell Alex he hasn’t badmouthed her. Kevin says he will not talk about her after the show is either. Jason says no one can control what you say except for you. Kevin says he did say Alex was like a puppet master. Kevin says when people start charging at him, he’s going to go on the defensive. Jason says they all love Kevin. Kevin says he will not badmouth her and he asks if Jason wants him to tell her? Jason says he would and he would apologize to her. Jason says she’s a young girl and she’s playing a game. Kevin says she baited him and Jason doesn’t think baiting is the right word. Kevin says agitate. Jason says she didn’t start it, but she jumped in. Kevin asks why? Jason says he doesn’t know. Kevin isn’t going to apologize. Jason says she’s hypersensitive to strategies and personal mannerisms and words. She analyzes everything they say and he doesn’t know where she gets the power, but it’s a fabulous power. Jason says either don’t say anything to her at all or say what you mean. Kevin says he would never badmouth her when he leaves. Jason says if you’re going to apologize to her then do it, and if you aren’t then say what you want to say. Kevin says when he leaves the game, he‘s not going to hold anything against anyone. Keivn thinks Raven is the craziest person around. He says maybe it’s best it went this way. 3:40 PM BBT Kevin says he doesn’t dislike Alex, but he doesn’t like the way she’s treated him. He says she’s gone out of her way to be mean to him. Kevin says people want to know why Alex dislikes him so much. Kevin is told again to put on his microphone. Kevin says when he leaves the house the game is over and he won’t bad mouth anyone. Kevin threatened Alex to bad mouth her in jury and that’s why Alex thinks Kevin is badmouthing her. Kevin says that was the only ammunition he had to get her to back off. Jason says it’s dirty game play, but it’s fair game play. Kevin says dirty? They took his food and his slippers. He tells Jason to tell Alex he won’t vote for a shoe over her. Jason starts laughing. Jason says she’s a tiger and if he goes to apologize then he can’t backtrack. 3:45 PM BBT Kevin says Alex is still going to put me on the block. He asks Jason to get her to put Raven up against him. Jason says if Alex wins HOH. Christmas is watching Paul and Josh play chess. Alex has a compact mirror and is doing something with her eyelashes or make-up. Josh tells Kevin he can come up and listen to his music. 3:50 PM BBT Jason tells Kevin if he’d know he took the money before jury he would have gunned for him. Kevin asks if he would have told anyone he had the money? Jason says no he wouldn’t have said anything. Kevin says everyone thinks he’s a freeloader. FotH. Kevin says they are lying about him and why would he throw away 40 g’s to go after anyone in the house. He says he’s had enough. Jason says he’s in a good spot. Jason is worried about his ride or die, Alex. Jason says Kevin shot at her big time. Kevin says he’s 25k ahead of Jason and Alex. 3:55 PM BBT Kevin says he wanted to tell Jason before about the money, but he was afraid Alex would get it out of Jason. He says once he got to jury he wanted to keep going so maybe he could win. He says he’s not throwing competitions. He says he’s not going to jeopardize her game in jury. But Kevin says he’ll vote Jason over Alex and Alex over Paul, but that won’t happen. Kevin says he hasn’t even talked to anyone in the jury house in the house while they were there and suddenly he’s going to talk to them now? And like they would listen to him anyway. Kevin says it’s 100% going to be Jason in the final. Jason says there’s still a long way to go, he could go out on a double. Kevin wants Jason and Paul as F2. Kevin says if he tells her that she’ll be a little more comfortable in the game. Jason says Kevin is the one who has to live with what he said so the apology is for him. He says it gives the other person closure.
  23. It’s time for the final 12 acts to compete for the last 7 spots for the semi-finals. We jump right in and and begin with the gospel choir called DaNell Daymon & Greater Works. They sing You’re The One That I Want from the musical Grease. The crowd really seemed to enjoy it and they get a standing ovation from all four judges. Mel B says Oh My God! That was electrifying, on point, and uplifting. Amazing! Heidi says the voices and the volume they create is enormous and it grabs them. She also loves they keep surprising them with their song choices. Howie says he’s never been to church, but he feels like he’s been anointed and he wants to pass the basket all across America and fill it with votes. Simon says when he heard they were going to do that song he was worried, but half way through it was more than a performance, it was a spectacle. It says it was inspirational and different and they are going to stand out. Next are Junior and Emily and they are dancers. The crowd approved of their performance and Heidi and Mel B give a standing ovation. Mel B says can the talent on this show get any better! She says they mixed it up and still entertained them and gave them something different. She says brilliant! Speechless again. Heidi says it was dynamic, it was modern, and she can see they stepped up their choreography big time. Simon says this was by far the most powerful performance they have done so far and in terms of their creative, they deserve a place in the semi-finals. Howie says he agrees with everything his fellow judges said and they were creative, and they took their input from last time and made it beautiful. Tyra says the last time we seen this next act they were going home from judge cuts. Simon says they looked at the tapes and thought they had potential so they decided to bring them back. Final Draft has been brought back and they are a group of singers. They sing a slower version of Shape of You by Ed Sheeran. The crowd really seems to like the performance. They get a standing ovation from Mel B. Simon says they did good, but there were two parts to the performance. He didn’t think the first part worked and he gets booed. He thought the second part was better and the harmonies were clever and he’d like to see them go forward. Heidi is excited they got a second shot. She says the performances need to be memorable and she thought it was good but let’s see how America feels. Howie thinks they are brilliantly talented but he didn’t like this rendition, he found it kind of boring, but he likes them. He says it’s not up to him, it’s up to America. Mel B says they stepped it up so much and they give her a Boyz II Men feel and they keep getting better and better. The next act is a dancer who is ready to take his turn at the spotlight. Oscar Hernandez is ready to take the stage. He starts in a cage elevated above the floor. He dances to Milf Money by Fergie. He gets an ovation from Simon and Mel B and the crowd loved it. Heidi says he definitely gave it all he got, he was like a disco ball and he gave everything. Mel B asks if he forgot the choreography in the middle? She wants to know because she could tell if he did and she wanted to commend him for carrying on. She says he killed it. Simon says first he thought he was dead and he says America, let’s break the mold and put Oscar through to the semi-finals. He thinks what Oscar does is sensational! Big is beautiful and he wants to see him in the next round. Howie says he is the epitome of not judging a book by a cover and it’s the first time he’s seen the splits and a twerk, it’s a splerk. Next is a 13-year old singer named Angelina Green and she is Heidi’s golden buzzer. She sings Gravity by Sara Bareilles. She gets a standing ovation from Mel B and Heidi. Heidi says she stands 100% behind her and she was so very proud. Heidi says she did hear some nerves but she reigned it back in. Heidi says it seems that for being only 13 she seems to understand every word she’s singing. Simon says she has an amazing voice and the biggest compliment he can pay her is he thought she controlled the song really well. Mel B says music is everything and speaks to people and that’s what she did there, she’s amazing! Colin Cloud is next and is preparing to take the stage. He is ready to share with America his most impressive performance yet. Simon is on stage with Colin. He’s going to solve the murder of Simon Cowell. He has Mel B stand up and point to anyone at random and join them on stage. He asks everyone to hold a naughty memory from their childhood and think about it. He hands the audience member a piece of paper and fill it in and don’t let anyone see it. He asks Simon to tell him when to stop moving his hand and he moves his hand and Simon says stop. Colin has an audience member stand up and he’s questioning her about her memory and he guesses that a dog has bitten her on her bottom and he asks if he’s right and she says yes. Colin then says the guy in front was thinking the same thing. Colin goes back to the audience member on stage throw her pen into the audience and he has her select one of 5 potential murder weapons and he covers them and has her select one. He has Mel B join them and stand right behind Simon. He wants the audience member to select a knife and put it behind her back and he begins by guessing her name is…Kirstie. He has her think of what she’s studying and he guesses therapy and she says yes. He then guesses the color of the knife she selected and why she wanted to murder Simon, which was Simon stole her collection of Justin Bieber CD’s. He tells Mel B to plunge the knife into Simon’s chest and it was a rubber knife. Colin gives Mel B the paper from the audience member confirming what she wrote down. He then has Simon slide to the left and there has been a plaque behind him all along that says what was written on the paper. He also shows Mel B that the other four knives were all real and the audience member selected the one rubber knife. Heidi says that was a lot to take in and a little long, but glad she didn’t sit there on the park bench and she tells kids at home not to play with knives. Howie thinks what he did was great, but it was long and drawn out and confusing. Mel B loves him, but this time why the fake knife for her? She says he is incredible. Simon says he needed to collect himself and he saw what he did and none of it was fake but his showmanship needs to get a little better. Mike Yung, the subway singer, is next to take the stage. He is accompanied by a band on stage and he sings Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran. The crowd is on their feet clapping along. He gets an ovation from all four judges. Heidi says this was his best performance, she’s happy for him. Simon always wonders why people put an age limit on talent, but you can’t and he deserves to be there. Simon says it was a great song choice and he performed it really well. Howie says he’s the best singer tonight and he doesn’t care about his age. Mel B says she’s on a roller coaster ride with him. She thinks he has an incredible voice but she isn’t sure he feels it from deep down, but that’s her opinion. She says his voice is technically hands down the best. Up next is Oskar & Gaspar and they are digital artists. They have two individuals on the stage to start. When the female touches the male artwork appears on his body and eventually, they hold hands and graphics appear on both of them. They get an ovation from Howie, Mel B, and Simon. Howie this is so original and amazing and this is what America should vote for. He says you can sing dancers and singers anywhere, but you can’t see this anywhere else. Simon says he was thinking the same thing Howie just said. Simon thinks it’s unique and different and brilliant. Heidi likes their imagination and she thought it was very pretty, but she thought the pace was a little slow. Sarah and Hero are up next and she has brought along a third dog, Loki. Hero comes running to the stage from the audience. Mel B doesn’t look like she’s enjoying it, but Heidi and Simon seem intrigued. Loki comes and does some of the tricks with Hero and Simon is smiling. Sarah jump roped with Loki and then Sarah and Hero both spun the rope for Loki to jump. She gets a standing ovation from Simon and Heidi and Mel B. Howie says that’s amazing and he asks who the new dog is. He says America has to vote, this is what people love. Mel B says she’s glad it got better as it went along and her dogs make her smile. She says it was a good feeling. Heidi says she was skeptical about this act but tonight it all came together. Simon says she has gotten better and it was better than some of the human dances they’ve seen. He says she one billion percent belongs in the semi-finals. The next act to take the stage is Chase Goehring and he is going to sing another original song called Illusion. He gets an ovation from Howie, Mel B, and Simon. Mel B says it takes something so deep inside to be able to express himself the way he has. She says his lyrics are on point and he’s just brilliant. Heidi thinks he has a lot of talent and she’s loved his song, but today wasn’t her most favorite song. She’s still fan. Simon thinks he’s a little star and he likes that he hasn’t compromised himself for the show. Howie says everybody has to vote he loves him, he’s a star. Diavolo is next and is preparing to take the stage for their performance. Tonight’s performance is a space themed performance. Their performance is set to Time After Time by Cyndi Lauper. They get a standing ovation from all four judges and the entire crowd. Heidi says Wow! What a spectacle! She says they bring something so amazing and different every time. Simon says he’s going to be honest with them, he liked them the first, didn’t love them the second time, and tonight he fell back in love with them. He tells them congratulations. Howie says this is amazing and original and he’s going to beg America to vote. He says this is something he has never seen. Mel B thinks they are so different and she’s never seen anything like it before and she’d buy a ticket right now and watch them over and over. The final act of the night is a singer, Kechi. She takes the stage and sings By The Grace of God by Katy Perry. The crowd really enjoyed the performance and she gets an ovation from all four judges and the audience. She gets emotional when she finishes. Heidi says she looks lovely tonight and it makes her happy to sit there and watch her on the big stage and fulfill her dream. Well done. Mel B says she was pitch perfect and has an amazing voice and she is a survivor and she gives people belief. Simon says he will always remember when they first met and he thought the first time he heard her she was great. He says tonight she came out and was the person she was meant to be, the song choice, the voice, and she is an important person and he’s so happy it went great. Howie says when he listens to her and he sees her he thinks she is a beacon of beauty and it’s serendipitous that she is from Houston.
  24. 2:40 AM BBT Paul is in the lounge room talking to the camera while everyone else is asleep. He’s trying to figure out if the camera is on or not. Paul has introduced us to Trejo the Toucan, Pablo’s cousin. He’s been dealing with a lot of different personalities. He begins with Cody and says in his 24 years he’s never dealt with anyone like that. He says living with Cody was a gnarley experience. He was hateful, mean, rude, crude from day 1 said he didn’t like him. Just fool is mean. Not only that, there was an arrogance, ego, cocky, he sucked and it was really throwing his game off. He needed him out of the house. Paul says Jessica was really cool but when she was with him he brought out terrible traits in her. He says it was like Bridgette and Frank last year. Bridgette was really cool on her own, but Frank made her a sour patch kid mean. Paul says Jessica and Cody were over the top, on an extreme power trip, thought they deserved to win the game more than anyone else. Really extreme personalities he’s never dealt with, they sucked, the violence, tough guy attitude. Paul says his ear is clogged and he thinks it’s because of Josh and the pots and pans. Paul says he was trying to match character traits with people from 18, but no one there was flip floppy and they knew where people stood. 2:45 AM BBT Paul says this season people were wimps because they would hide how they thought they had to be. Paul says the way this season has went is kind of gumpy. Paul says the first half of the season was a little strange because he had to deal with personalities he’s never had to deal with before. He thinks Elena was trying to make Mark jealous. Paul says a lot of the people are a lot of attention fiends. He says it didn’t seem that way on 18, but maybe he was wrong. He says it seems everyone wanted to be the center of attention or they had an ulterior motive. Paul says you seen that with Kevin a lot, where if he wasn’t the one who was telling the story he would clown on someone else or walk away. He doesn’t know one person he can say hasn’t been gumpy. Paul says Christmas came in super hot, but she got way better because she checked her ego fast. Paul says Alex came in the same way but she’s still aggressive, but a little more silly and fun and playful. Paul says Josh has slowly learned to play better and Paul molded him properly and he learned a lot. Paul thinks Mark’s game play was weak, he thinks Elena didn’t live up to her full potential, and Dominique just drove herself crazy. Paul thinks Dominique was smart and could have made it far. Paul says Cody was obsessed with taking him out. Paul says people go on the block and then all of the sudden say they’ve been watching the show since they were infants, super weird. Paul says they are all wimps, Josh doesn’t give a crap and will fight, but then he goes and cries about it. 2:50 AM BBT Paul says he’s having way more fun this season. He says it’s like a different environment and he can’t believe it’s coming to an end. He says time is flying by and he remembers this time last year and he was stressed out and it was tough. He says his previous experience prepared him for this year. He misses his guitar, his clothing company, his band, his parents, in-and-out, Pablo, and he misses cappuccino. He says the coffee in here sucks. He misses getting tattooed, he needs a new tattoo. He says maybe he’ll get the number of days in his house, he doesn’t know if he’ll ever get called back again. He doesn’t know if anyone would want to see that. He says it would be fun to get a tattoo though. He says if he makes it to the end it will be almost 200 days in the BB house. He hopes he doesn’t get clipped next week. He says coming back is tough because there are a lot of things on your mind. You have fans now and you have a lot of pressure from people watching and they have a lot of expectations of you. He says he had thoughts that he didn’t want to let people down, he didn’t want to be the vet who came back and didn’t do anything, but he didn’t want to be a douche and be cocky. He says the fact he didn’t win last time and people who were disappointed and he had friends and family who were rooting for him. He would love to, but it ain’t easy and he’s giving it his best. He doesn’t like letting people down. 2:55 AM BBT It’s tough. But he signed up for it so he can’t throw a pity party, but it’s an emotionally difficult spot. He says it will make him stronger and he never cared. Last year he came in getting over a girl and this time he came having really hard feelings for a girl. He didn’t know what that would be like and it’s super difficult because he also cares about what she thinks and feels and sees. He says it’s tough. Paul says he’s super excited and eager to see this person and be with them and they could totally not be. He could be setting himself up and being excited about something and it just being a letdown. He says you think about something for 90 days and if you find out it’s not that it's going to hurt. He says being vulnerable is difficult enough and then being vulnerable and getting hurt is very difficult. He says hopefully that’s not the case and Paul will be a happy clam. He says life is weird. He says he doesn’t like when famous people or public figures portray they have a flawless life when it’s not. No one has a flawless life. He says we all have our ups and downs and anyone who tries to tell you otherwise is full of crap. He says the nitty gritty, the emotions, the real crap in life, the stuff that makes you jaded no one wants to talk about. He says we idolize people who we think have a perfect life style, but their life isn’t like that at all. He says he was always wondering what it was like for people who got 1000s of likes and comments and followers, and now it kind of has that, it really means nothing. He says a lot of people will strive towards fame, and likes, and followers, and it’s really gumpy. 3:00 AM BBT He says fame is all smoke and mirrors. He says people met him and overglorified him and every time he talks to them he’s just like them. He doesn’t like people to freak out. He says he’s just like everyone else, he was just on a TV show. He loves they have this respect for him, but they can just hang out and talk like normal people. He’s a normal dude, he’s not anything special. He realizes he might be to fans, but he’s really just a normal guy. He says he got a lot of praise for just being himself and he doesn’t understand why he was praised when he didn’t do anything. He didn’t solve a problem or find a cure, he was just being himself. He’s glad he inspired people if he did, just be yourself. He says if you’re weird, be weird, just love yourself. He says self-love is one of the most important kinds of love to have. Love everything about you, find your flaws and your plusses, your bads and goods, acknowledge all of them. Just don’t be blind to your own crap and dismiss it or act like you don’t do it. He says if something bothers you that much, fix it. The sooner you get to know yourself, and love yourself for who you are the better person you will be for everyone else. He says if you’re not fully comfortable in your own skin, then who are you? 3:05 AM BBT He says don’t do things just to fit in. He says there will always be a different crowd. He says you don’t need acceptance, just find people who accept you for who you are and love you for that. He says just love yourself and know everything about yourself so when you’re in a relationship you know exactly what you’re giving them. He says it’s 3 in the morning and he has no idea what he’s talking about. Fool just goes on a rant. Moral of the story: Just love yourself, be peaceful, don’t be angry, don’t hold on to crap, don’t hold on to grudges. Move on, get over it, learn from your mistakes, life’s too short to be gumpy. Someone put that on a shirt. Life is too short to be gumpy and make a size large for Cody so he can give it to him. He says live and let be. As long as they aren’t infringing on anyone else’s quality of life, just let them be. Do kind things for people and don’t expect things in return. He says be kind for no reason and better things will come your way. Ok, it’s 3 in the morning and he’s ranting and raving and everyone is over it. So he’s going to go to sleep, but this was fun. Something he deals with in his normal life is being shy. He’s a super shy person, but he’s F’ing shy and he’s learned being shy is kind of gumpy. He says don’t be shy, tell people how you feel and what you think. Otherwise, other people will never know. He says take risks, at least you tried it. If you what if your entire life, then you’ll never know. He’s shy with girls, and he won’t approach a girl in a bar. 3:10 AM BBT He says self-reflecting and he’s done being gumpy and talking about stupid random crap. He’s definitely going to bed now because they are going to wake him up at 10am with bullcrap music and he’s going to try and take a nap around 4 pm and they’re going to scream at him and he’s going to get agitated and he’ll punch Josh in the arm. He says good-night, love you, ciao!