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  1. 10:02 PM BBT Feeds are back almost immediately. Zach is making slop for Brittnee. They are going over the secret power and talk about how Jeff did that move in #BB11 with Chima’s nominations and put up Jessie and Natalie. Pilar asks Sarah and Britt what it was like playing for the power. 10:06 PM BBT They are talking about production and keep getting called out for it. Zach and Britt are the have nots for the week. 10:09 PM BBT Pilar gets called out for talking about production. Britt isn’t happy about repeating as a have not, but she’s okay with it as long as she knows she wasn’t voted by Canada to be that again. 10:20 PM BBT Feeds are back after a FOTH. Zach is upset that he can only drink tea and coffee and water as a have not. 10:36 PM BBT Sarah is in the HoH room and has won. Britt is reading Sarah’s hoh letter. Sarah says she got the perfect letter from Scott and she found out her dog Sally is doing well. Sarah got her temporary tattoos but not her tarot cards. Ash is bummed because she wanted to have a reading done with Sarah in the house. 10:39 PM BBT Sarah, Pilar, and Ash are listening to her Ipod because she requested some Beyonce music. They talk about Beyonce announcing she was pregnant with Blue Ivy. 10:45 PM BBT Ash, Pilar, and Zach are left alone in the HoH. Pilar says let the week begin. Ashleigh says well this will be my first time on the block and Zach says this will be my third week in a row on the block. Pilar wonders how they know. Pilar says don’t worry if one of you wins veto I’m going up to try and break our trio up. Pilar asks if she’s going to talk to her before tomorrow and Ashleigh says she doesn’t know. Zach says he’ll wait until he goes on the block and then he’ll talk to her. 10:48 PM BBT Ashleigh is mad that her HoH was flushed down the toilet and that the three people she put on the block were playing in the HoH. Ashleigh says it’s a dagger that Canada wanted it to happen. Zach says we just have to fight now until we leave. They said it was a really hard HoH and it was impossible to count to 100 minutes with them playing messages and sounds while they were doing it. 10:51PM BBT Britt comes back in the room and breaks up their game talk. Zach goes down to check on the slop for he and Britt. 10:58 PM BBT Britt and Pilar talk about how they were tortured in the glass coffins with smoke, freezing water, Graig on repeat saying “Ginga Ninja 604 Propa”, clips from their family members, and bugs crawling around them while they counted and they were not okay with it. Zach is down in the kitchen preparing cinna slops for Britt and himself.
  2. 11:46 PM BBT Willow is dancing around the deck still and almost falls in a few times. Bobby asks who gave her caffeine and Britt says she had pop with her dinner. Zach laughs and says that explains a lot. (Earlier in the hot tub Bruno tells Bobby what Sarah told him about the Purple Cobras and he wants to make the move on Zach/Ashleigh next week. Bobby agreed). 12:09 AM BBT Ashleigh and Pilar say they hope Kevin or Zach win HoH so they don't get put on slop. Pilar says that she hopes whoever wins doesn't put Sarah on slop again, because it's not right. Ashleigh says anyone else wins they are for sure going on slop. 12:14 AM BBT Ashleigh tells Pilar not to put up Bobby as a replacement nom since it would only piss him off and he wouldn't be going home anyway. Pilar says fine. Ashleigh says next week on the double eviction they can put up Godfrey and Bobby and get one of them then. 12:19 AM BBT Willow is giving Bobby a back massage and tells him he carries his stress in his shoulders. He says he knows but Sarah gave him some great pills that are helping him relax. Willow jumps off the bed and runs to her things and pops a pill. She says she keeps forgetting to take her birth control pills. Bobby laughs at her as she jumps back on him and continues the massage. Sarah says she has to go to the have not room so she can sleep because she'll get a punishment if she falls asleep in the bedroom. 12:26 AM BBT Willow says that the UK and Australia version of BB is very different from Canada and United States. Sarah says that Canada twists are very similar to the UKs. Bobby wants to know how they eliminate people in games that aren't like the US and Canada. Willow then talks about all the versions of Big Brother that she watches and then says that Shameless and the Simpsons are her other favorites. 12:28 AM BBT In the hoh room Ashleigh tells Pilar and Britt that the fact that they almost let Sindy talk them into putting up Bobby terrifies them and she has to go. Pilar says she doesn't trust anything Sindy says. 12:35 AM BBT Pilar and Ashleigh tells Britt their plan to put up Bobby to flesh out the veto he claims he has. Britt wants to know why that isn't still an option and Pilar says they don't want to make him mad. Britt says he for sure has the numbers this week over Sindy and it's a good idea to get rid of that veto now. 12:39 AM BBT Bobby tells Bruno in the kitchen that Sarah telling them about everything makes them trust her way more than ever. Bruno says that before Wednesday they need to pull Willow, Godfrey, and Sarah in and put for their plan to get rid of Zach and Ashleigh. Bruno is wondering if it is a diamond POV if they could convince him to put Zach up this week and to keep Sindy for a number later. 12:42 AM BBT Zach and Kevin talk in the hot tub about not jumping the gun too early, because Godfrey would go after anyone who got rid of Bobby. Zach says we have to win the double eviction hohs and get rid of Godfrey and Bobby. Zach would like to see B or Sarah go home too. 12:46 AM BBT Willow tells Britt and Sarah in the have not room that Ashleigh said she'd put up Bobby next week as a nom because she's tired of him. 12:51 AM BBT Sarah, Britt, and Willow talk about how Sindy told them Canada hates Bobby and Zach and Sarah wonders if they love her. They make fun of Zach being hated since everyone calls him QB1 and King Zach ironically. 12:52 AM BBT Godfrey and Bruno meet up and discuss Zach and Ashleigh. Godfrey says he's been telling him all along that Sarah could be trusted over Zach. They agree that in next week's hoh that they need to make sure Zach, Kevin, and Ashleigh do not win HoH. Godfrey says once Ashleigh is gone, Pilar won't care about Zach at all and they'll just need to get rid of Zach and Kevin to alienate her. 12:58 AM BBT Bobby tells Willow the Couples Alliance is out at the hot tub right now so she can go out and break it up. She says perfect and she can't wait to pull a Willow and interrupt game talk.
  3. 11:30PM BBT: The feeds finally came back on! The PoV contest was a "Yankee Trade" and Godfrey won the PoV. Willow is dressed as a ketchup bottle which she has to wear for 24 hours. The house guests got KFC for dinner. Sarah and Zach won't stop talking brand names and feeds get cut again. 11:40PM BBT: Sarah tells Sindy to be honest to everyone about the JP vote and say that she was scared about would happen if she didn't try and say. Sarah says she thinks the house is against Bobby. She knows Zach and Ashleigh doesn't like them. Willow breaks up their game talk and shows them her punishment outfit from the veto competition. Sarah says if she goes up, she doesn't think she's leaving. 11:49PM BBT: Kevin and Pilar are in the the HoH room bathtub and discuss that Godfrey won the PoV and they are happy for him. Pilar says it was an overwhelming day for her and she's ready for bed. Kevin asks Pilar about her periods and if they hurt her. She discusses her cramps and what it's like for girls. She says the bath is helping her relax. 11:54PM BBT: Bruno and Zach are discussing how Sindy needs to leave, but they both hate Sarah and think she's poison and says crap about her. Zach tells Bruno he never talks game to her and that Sarah will lie about anything. Bruno says he will never talk to Sarah and loves catching her in lies. Zach says that he'll never talk to her on a game level again, because he can't stand her. Zach and Bruno say she's poison and she's good at making up stories. Zach and Bruno say Willow and Sarah hate each other, and that's great. They also think Sarah thinks she's smarter than she actually is because no one believes anything she says and she'll never be able to sway the actual smart people in the house. Bruno says he's not sitting by and letting the girls float to the end and he can't stand people like that. Zach, Kevin, Bobby, and Bruno have a pact to put up Brittnee and Sarah when the win the next HoH. 12:03AM BBT: Sarah tells Brittnee in the Have-Not room that she told Sindy to push for Bobby or Bruno to go up and not another weak pawn. Brittnee tells Sarah that Zach and Bruno went into the pantry to talk game right in front of her and she's nervous about it. Sarah says they are worried about going up as a replacement nominee. Sarah says she told Sindy to tell Pilar/Kevin that by getting rid of a huge player, they could get an alliance in Sindy, Brittnee or Sarah on their side. Brittnee says she doesn't have much hope of that happening. Brittnee says this week will be a double eviction and she thinks it will be two of them going back to back. Sarah says we have to try and save us if we can. Brittnee says that by making too many waves they're going to be on their radars. Sarah says they're already on everyone's radar for voting with Bruno/Bobby last week. She says dropping truth every now and then messes with people's head and makes people think they are actually legit. 12:20AM BBT: In the main bedroom Zach is giving Ashleigh a massage and Sarah is doing the same for Willow. Bobby and Sarah are talking about The Simpsons and their favourite episodes. 12:40AM BBT: Feeds were been down for about 20 minutes. When feeds come back Sarah is still rubbing Willow's back, Zach and Ashleigh are cuddling, and Bobby is massaging Willow. Bruno was napping and wakes up when Sarah and Ashleigh talk about the free the nipple campaign. Bruno says the number one way to wake him up is to talk about breasts. Sarah says one of her audition statements was she wanted to start "Tits out Tuesdays" in the house. Bruno and Bobby fully support that idea for the girls. 12:53PM BBT: Kevin and Pilar are discussing her replacement nominee and he tells her to put up Brittnee, because she'll stay over Sindy, but Sarah has a better chance of winning HoH than Brittnee next week. Kevin wants to pull Willow, Bobby, Bruno, Zach, and Ashleigh in to talk about putting Brittnee up against Sindy. Kevin says it feels gross knowing they are breaking someone's heart this week. Pilar says at this point they all have to go and it shouldn't be emotional. She's worried if she puts up Brittnee, Ashleigh and Zach would flip the house to get rid of her. Kevin says they aren't that stupid and Pilar agrees.
  4. 10:36 PM BBT Sarah and Kevin are bashing Bobby right now being ridiculous and lying about everything game related. Kevin says he is so grateful that Sarah is in the house. Sarah says she feels the same way and knows that Kevin gets her and relates to her. They think they are the most normal people in the house. They can't believe how unbelievable Godfrey is with his stories. Sarah dislikes how people are labeled and judged based on who they sleep with. Sarah doesn't believe in discounting people based on who they like or want to be with. Sarah and Kevin are disgusted with the conversations Godfrey has had about the types of girls he likes and they think it's disgusting how they talk about sex and how shallow they are. Sarah says her mom tells her, "never say something out loud if you wouldn't say it to someone's face." 10:40 PM BBT Sarah is very upset right now about something Willow said to Godfrey about the size of men's genitalia and what she believe made a real man and what didn't. She is upset that someone would discount someone as a man or as a person based on how they were created. Sarah says she feels like she was brought up and raised to be respectful of all people. Sarah and Kevin both say that conversation was beyond messed up and disgusting. Sarah left the conversation to go cry because she felt so bad for people who might watch that on the feeds and feel bad about themselves. 10:45 PM BBT In the HoH room, Zach and Willow are discussing game. Zach tries to bring up backdooring Bobby next week and she is against it completely. She says she doesn't understand why he wouldn't want Kevin out. Zach says he doesn't trust Bobby and Willow says she doesn't trust Kevin. She wants Kevin gone so they can control Pilar's votes and actions in the house. Zach says that if he wins HoH he'll backdoor whatever one he's feeling less trusting of when it comes to the ceremony. Willow is not happy with this response but then says she doesn't trust Godfrey either. She then asks Zach to discuss his feelings with her. Zach says it takes a LOT of time for him to admit feelings for girls. Willow is urging him to admit his feelings for Ashleigh. Ashleigh interrupts them by telling them all the houseguests are going to the HoH room to wish Bruno a happy birthday at midnight. 10:59 PM BBT Houseguests are hiding in the HoH bathroom to surprise Bruno for his birthday when he gets out of the DR.
  5. 1:01 AM BBT Johnny, Naeha, and Zach talk about Zach playing for the Toronto Maple Leaves. Naeha can't believe that Zach also likes hockey. Zach says he likes any sport he can make money playing. Pilar joins the group. They make fun of Topaz from season 1. 1:03 AM BBT They talk abut the casting process and Zach can't believe that they haven't cast any lesbian members. Zach points out that Risha came out as a bisexual off the feeds and that Sarah has said she identifies as queer and is fluid and has had girlfriends and boyfriends. They talk about how they'd like to have people from other parts of Canada than the normal ones. 1:06 AM BBT Pilar, Johnny, Zach, Naeha, and Pilar talk about how weird it feels in the house and how time sometimes drags and sometimes flies in the house. Zach says they haven't been allowed outside in three days and he's going crazy. Feeds switch to Gragi giving Sindy a back massage in bed. Godfrey walks by and makes a joke of putting a sock on the door. Graig and Sindy think it's funny. Sindy asks Graig if his go to move is giving massages. Graig asks her to stop talking and then he tells her that giving massages makes him horny. They joke around as he continues to rub her back. Graig tells her that she looks so hot. 1:10 AM BBT Sindy wants Bobby to put Godfrey up, but Graig says that Bobby doesn't know how much drama Godfrey has caused. Graig says he wishes that Bobby would put up Johnny. Sindy agrees and says he should put up Kevin with him. They wonder if Naeha is working with Johnny and Kevin. They talk about working together. They think JP, Willow, Bobby, and Ashleigh are working together with Johnny and Kevin. Graig says the next challenge should be one for the bigger guys to win it and only Bobby because he is a smaller male could win the last one. He's mad at Sindy that she didn't win the last HoH show. Bobby tells Sindy she needs to wear shorter shorts around the house. He then asks Big Brother if this is the kind of show they wanted to see. They both agree this is so much fun. 1:13 AM BBT Kevin knocks on the door and Graig and Sindy realize Godfrey actually put a sock on the door. They laugh and tell Kevin to come in and he encourages Graig to continue the massage. They talk about leaving the sock on the door and having a threesome on BB. They'd love to have the first BB threesome ever. Sindy tells them to knock it off. They laugh about the sock on the door. Sindy asks Kevin if he's ever had a threesome and he says no, but Graig says that he wants to. Kevin gets up to leave and Graig says he can have the next massage. Kevin grins and leaves. He throws the sock on the door at them as he goes back to the kitchen area. 1:15 AM BBT Sindy tells Graig she likes his massages because he goes hard. He says, "You should see how I have sex." She laughs and tells him to knock it off. He asks her what part of her hurts the most and she asks him to help her work the muscles out in her arms. He says as an athlete he knows what areas in the body builds up with tension and stress. Sindy says she should ask every houseguest to give her a massage. Graig says he can call Kevin back to give her a four handed massage. They continue to joke around about sex and massages. 1:18 AM BBT Graig is making jokes about the live feeders watching them and getting off to it. She is appalled and says the live feeders aren't like that at all. He laughs and says, "People in front of their computers never do anything like that." He offers to cuddle with her after the massage is over. She giggles when he snuggles up to her and he tells her to stop and just relax. 1:21 AM BBT Sarah and Bruno convince Bobby to go down to DR to get the remote for the TV in the HoH room. Zach says that they may not have access to the remote this year as that television is also used for Arissa to talk to them and check in. They discuss what could happen for the second veto competition.They talk about the spelling veto and the other vetos played last year in both BBUSA and BB Canada. Jordan thinks it'll be a spelling competition because it's usually early in the season. He has no idea what's happening. They talk about what Bobby is going to do with nominations in the morning. Bruno and Jordan feel bad for having to nominate people this early. 1:24 AM BBT Britnee explains to Sarah how Paul from last year made his nominations. Jordan and Bruno thought Paul was cool and hilarious, but was awful at the game. According to Jordan, Paul told people on the wall one side was safe and he'd put up two on the other side. Jordan thinks it's crazy that in week 2 it feels like they've been there forever and the game has barely started. 1:27 AM BBT They do their shoutouts to their family and friends as Bobby come back without a remote and tells them he wasn't allowed into the DR. They think their families will watch live feeds. Bobby told his parents not to watch the feeds and Bruno and Jordan tell him they will for sure now that he said not to. Sarah wonders if her mom has figured out how to get them on her computer. Bruno talks about how his kids paint his toenails and Sarah and Britnee think it's adorable. They talk about how painful their feet are after their competition. 1:34 AM BBT Graig and Sindy are sleeping on her bed. She is woken up when Willow and Pilar come in. Willow says she's getting ready for bed and tells Sindy at the end of the week they'll wash their bedding for the next week. Feeds cut to Zach and Jordan talking strategy in the pantry and feeds cut quickly back to the bedroom. Jordan and Zach are using earplugs to go to sleep so they don't have to hear any snoring at night. They wonder when the lights go off after they fall asleep. They think it's automated and that no producer just sits at a button and messes with them. They talk about how there must be a night shift person and that people watch the feeds 24/7. They say it's like clocks don't exist in the house. They think they'll be messed up when they get out. 1:38 AM BBT Jordan tells Zach they want to get as many floaters as possible to jury for the votes. Zach says they need to get rid of a few tough guys so they can cruise to the final. Jordan agrees and says Bobby will be a target after he's done with HoH and he'll always be the target. Jordan says we have to get rid of all the threats and leave the floaters like Sindy, because she's annoying and she'll piss everyone off, but she'll love people for giving her attention. Zach wants Johnny out because he's too good at the social game, but Sindy is annoying and everyone already hates her. Jordan wants to get rid of Johnny, Naeha, and Graig and eventually Bobby. He doesn't want to leave Bobby in the house too long, because he's the other physical threat like Zach. They think if they can separate Johnny and Kevin, 1:41 AM BBT Jordan makes fun of Kevin thinking Zach is emotional and stupid. They think it's ridiculous that Kevin is underestimating Zach. They agree it's okay for him to underestimate Zach. Jordan thinks the perfect scenario is getting rid of Johnny and Bobby. Jordan leaves and tells Zach to stay in the pantry so it doesn't look suspicious. Sarah is sitting on the counter drinking her tea and Zach and Jordan joke around with her. Naeha says she's going to bed. Zach tells her to go sleep in his bed and he'll join her. She laughs at him and tells him to stop being ridiculous. Naeha says she got invited to sleep in Bobby's bed. Zach is impressed. Sarah and Jordan get called out for talking about production. Zach asks Sarah and Naeha if they are okay with Bobby nominating Johnny. They all agree that it's a good idea. Sarah says they should go to bed and they can revisit the conversation in the morning. Kevin will fall in line with Jordan who has him in his back pocket. 1:47 AM BBT Ashleigh, Bruno, Pilar, Johnny, Kevin, Britnee, and Naeha are in the bathroom area. Some are getting ready for bed, others are chilling and talking about names. Jordan joins them and they call him, JP. He brushes his teeth and watches Kevin give Britnee a massage. They all say that Godfrey is passed out and they can go to sleep now. Sarah and Naeha talk about Willow and Ashleigh wanting to get Naeha out and they have reinforcements for sure to get votes. Sarah wants Zach to come through and keep her off the block. Sarah offers to get more information from Zach and even talk to Bobby. Naeha says no and she doesn't want to put a target on them. Sarah says that Bobby is upset that no one is talking to him, but that it's the HoH responsibility to talk to the others in the house. Naeha says that Willow wants her out, but Willow likes Sarah and has nothing against her. She's convinced that Willow is going to use Ashleigh to get her up on the block. They are 100% sure that nominations are tomorrow. Naeha just wants to not go up on the block. 1:54 AM BBT Ashleigh, Bobby, and Zach say that they are scared of Willow, because she flirts with every boy in the house. Bobby says he's scared of Johnny, Kevin, Naeha, and Sindy and wants to get them out in that order. He says if they knock them off, they'll win the game. Zach says if they stay under the radar they could get one of them to put up one of their own. Zach asks Ashleigh if she's okay with Kevin leaving. She says she's not that into him and she says she's fine. 2:05 AM BBT The HoH crew breaks up and decides to go to bed. Bobby goes downstairs to say goodnight and Sarah says she's better not be wasting her time hanging out with him and giving him company if he's putting her on the block. She just wants him to tell her who he's putting up.
  6. The Voice Season 7 (Fall 2014)

    Carson Daily welcomes us to The Voice. Night one starts right now. We are introduced to Adam Levine, Gwen Stefani, Pharrell Wiliams, and Blake Shelton! Blake is excited to welcome two new coaches! Gwen Stefani is a global fashion icon and a singer with over 30 million records sold worldwide. Blake Shelton says that Gwen Stefani is the most iconic female rock singer now. Pharrell Williams is an icon with his song "Happy". Adam says that Pharrell is a duel threat because he's a producer and writer. Pharrell says that Adam has an incredible career. Gwen Stefani says she was a fan of The Voice before she became a coach and Blake was her favorite along with her kids. Blake and Adam say that Gwen and Pharrell are a bromance like theirs and they are worried about this season. Pharrell says he love The Voice, because the emphasis is on the voice and nothing else. To kick off the blind auditions, the season 7 coaches are performing together. The first artist is up. First up is 31 year old soul singer from Texas, Luke Wade. His dad is a painter and his mother owns a dance studio. His mom thought it was awesome to put him in sequins and dress him as a bunny. As a kid he'd have to clean his mom's dance studio to get his allowance. He learned to love music from listening to classical dance music. He started a band and it's tough being a professional musician. His mom says Luke does not give up. Luke said he was involved in a paintball accident at age 13. He is blind in his left eye. He learned to not take things for granted. He is excited for this opportunity and says if he played for 100 people every day for the rest of his life, he'd never top this opportunity. His opportunities are limitless after this show. Luke chooses to sing, "That's How Strong My Love Is" by Otis Redding. He gets a four chair turn within 10 seconds of starting. Blake and Adam can't believe how good he is. By the end he gets a standing ovation from all the coaches. Adam says, "You just won the voice!" Adam says he wishes he could be standing higher than I am right now. Blake says, "That's because you are high right now, sit down you weirdo." Adam says, "You are going to win and you're going to do it on my team." Gwen asks if he's a professional singer. He says that he's been signing since he's 11. She says she started her band at age 17. Pharrell says I know a thing or two about blue eyed soul. Just ask Justin. Blake boos. He says all the coaches are good, but he knows what to do with his voice. He just wants to be his amplifier. Adam says, "I have to say there is a learning curve with the show. Blake and I have the advantage of being able to hone your skills." Gwen says, "These two are phoning it in at this point. They've been doing it too long. I'm fresh and excited. I can give you focus." Blake says, "I can't believe you are new to this show. You can ask Danielle, Cassadee, and Jermaine about how good my skills are." Pharrell says, "I want to introduce the world to your voice. Adam says, "I'm going to have a panic attack if you don't pick me." Luke says they all made great pitches, but he picks Pharrell. Pharrell says his voice is crazy and he's super excited to work with him. He rubs it in Adam's face that he won. Luke goes backstage and says that he never thought he'd get four chairs to turn. He idolizes him. Adam says he's upset that he missed out on Luke. Blake is disappointed that Pharrell didn't show up with his Mountie hat. The next artist is 22 year old Clara Hong . She moved here when she was young and couldn't speak any English. She decided to pursue music instead of going to college. She is a banquet server in Atlanta to pay her bills. When she heard Pharrell was going to be the coach that's what pushed her to audition. She'd be releived to do well so her parents wouldn't worry. She's not always confident but music has taught her to prepare for anything. She chooses to sing Chuck E's in Love by Rickie Lee Jones. She gets Gwen, Pharrell, and Adam to turn around immediately. Blake asks her what her name is and says she has three of the greatest people in music fighting for her. Pharrell says her tone is like silk. Clara says, 'You're like silk. " Pharrell says your voice is amazing and you are not at all what I expected. Adam says he's laying it on thick. Gwen says, "The song is very you. That's super important. All the singers I loved growing up weren't perfect they were alluring and had a personality. I could help you with my years and years of experience." Gwen asks for a microphone to sing with her. Adam says he's going to write a love poem for her while Gwen does her thing. She goes up and sings her song, "I'm just a girl" and says you've got to suck them into your world. Blake says, "Just then I thought I was a girl." Adam says "What nationality are you?" She says, "Korean." He sas hello in Korean. Adam reads his poem and tells her to pick him. Pharrell stands up and just lays down a rhyme right there. Blake is laughing and Adam says I"m super competitive, this is my house and I want to win with you. Blake tells her to pick a coach. Clara says this is the hardest part. She chooses Adam. 16 year old Bryana Salaz is up next. She's from Texas, but is a military family and has lived in many different states. She was born in Orland, Florida. When she was young her mom signed her up for a military family singing competition. Her dad has Hepatitis C liver disease and couldn't make the trip. She wears a necklace he bought for her so he could be with her. She's done competitions before but never like this. She's excited and scared. She sings Arianna Grande's "Problem". Adam, Blake, and turn for her. She tells Adam she's 16 and they are all stunned. Adam says that at age 16 she's already better than Blake could hope to be. Gwen says, "I've had the longest career of anyone here." Adam says, "When I was your age, I was listening to Her records." Gwen says, "Just when I was starting to like you Adam." Gwen says "You are amazing. When you hit your power notes I am impressed. At your age I wasn't even close to your talent. I have the experience to help you and as a girl I can relate to you" Blake says, "I hate the girl card because I can't play it." Pharrell says, "Gwen is my boo and since I didn't turn, your range is amazing and we'll work together at some point, but you should really go with Gwen." Adam says, "They're already ganging up on us, Blake." Blake says, "What the heck is a boo? He says, the fact that you're willing to take risks is awesome. No one in the history of this show has been able to work with younger talent like your Uncle Blake sitting right here." Pharrell says, "Damn, Blake is good." She picks Gwen! Blake is upset. Gwen made 12 Team Gwen shirts for her team. She gives it to her and says she's inspired to go out and get more talent. Adam says, "Geeze, Gwen and Pharrell are quick learners. I have to work harder this season." Bryana is so honored to work with Gwen. Dennis Bell is up. He's 52 years old from Louisiana. He's in the dirt company. He builds ponds and delivers dirt. He's been singing since age 4. He won a competition when he was young. He was a regular on a popular Country Hayride with popular country artists. He was a singer until his dad had a heart attack. He had to give up the music to run the family business. He had to provide for his family. He never thought he'd ever get this opportunity again. Carson says he wants to see how much Dennis has left in the tank. He says he's been off the stage for 22 years old. He wants to do this for himself because he chose it. His whole family is here. He sings, "She Used to Be Mine" by Brooks and Dunn. No one turns for him. His family is devastated. Blake asks why Dennis would walk away from music and he tells them their story. Blake says, "You have a true country sound. You are out of practice, but you have a great voice." Adam says, "You have the pain and the gift to show us what you're feeling." Gwen says, "You moved people today." Pharrell says, "Keep going, even after 22 years." Dennis says he's glad he did it and he's blessed. He gets to go home and see his kids and grandkids. Carson says he's hitting the road to meet the contestants before the audition. He's going to LA first to meet the next contestant. He's meeting Damien, who is 35 years old. He's been there since 22 years old. He works at TSA for LAX and was part of the workers who was in an incident where a disgruntled man came into the airport and shot TSA workers. His coworker died and he sang at the funeral. After the shooting he said he realized tomorrow is not guaranteed and he needed to go after his dream. He says there is a lot of rejection but he only needs one yes. He sings, "It's So Hard to Say Goodbye" by Boyz II Men. Adam, Gwen, and Pharrell turn around almost immediately. Blake takes longer but turns around too. Adam and Gwen give him a standing ovation. He is crying at the end and Gwen runs up to hug him. He is moved, Pharrell asks him why he's crying. He says he's been told no too many times and it feels to great to see a yes. His dad is crying too. Pharrell says, "Look where you are right now. Today is 4 confirmations of yes. Your voice is amazing and that's why we pushed our buttons." Gwen says, "What have you done between all the nos?" He says he was a TSA agent. Blake says, "I had someone take my favorite pocket knife. Who do I call about that?" Gwen says, "I have worked with guys my whole life, I'd love to work with you." Adam says, "I can see your passion and your tears validate it. Please say yes to me." Blake said, "You stayed in your low register for most of the song. You remind me of Bill Withers. You will stand out in this industry. I need you and I love you. Please pick me." Pharrell says, "You are talented and you deserved this four chair turn. Who do you pick?" Damien picks Adam! Adam is excited. He said he almost had a heart attack. He's so excited to work his magic with Damien. Damien says he's been waiting for this big shot his whole life. He says Adam was the most genuine and his words resonated. Adam tells the audience to stop yelling Gwens name so loud. We have a repeat contestant from Season 6. Allison Bray is back. She took the coaches advice and worked on her pitch. She wants to prove the coaches right from last year. She sings, "Merry Go' Round" by Kacey Musgraves. Blake and Gwen turn around for her. Adam turns for her as well. Adam and Blake share a smile. Blake says, "We know you!" Blake says, "Where are you from again?" She says, "Louisville, Kentucky." Blake says, "You are a breathe of fresh air. I am so excited about your voice." Pharrell says, "I didn't turn around for you, because I think you are destined to be with Blake." Adam says, "Stop endorsing him." Blake says, "This is my boo." Pharrell starts laughing. Gwen says, "Blake how many great artists have you passed up?" Blake says, "Hey, Gwen, don't speak!" Adam laughs and asks Blake how long he's been waiting to make that joke at Gwen's expense. Gwen says she doesn't want Allison to stay in her country lane and expand her horizons. Adam says we can stay in your lane, I just want to piss Blake off. Allison choose Blake. Blake and Pharrell shake hands on that one. Allison says, "I feel like Blake was the one and I came back for this reason." Blake laughs in Adam and Gwen's face. Megg is 23 years old from Redondo Beach, CA. She was in musicals all through life. She auditioned for USC's music program. Only 25 students are chosen each year and she got in. She has a band called Party For 1. She says it's hard getting a break when you are a band. Carson says he reminds her of Gwen Stefani with her pink hair. She says Gwen Stefani is one of her idols. She sings, "Celebrity Skin" by Hole. No one turns for her. Blake says her song was too dramatic and she didn't enunciate enough. He says, "I'm an idiot that doesn't know many of these songs." Pharrell says, "Your pitch is great, but your subtletly is missing. It's a good thing to have." Gwen says, "You're so cute, the visual with the voice is different and your aggressiveness is awesome with a female artist." Pharrell says to come back and sing again and work on her subtlety. 23 year old pop folk singer Taylor John Williams from Portland, Oregon is up next. He fell in love with music at a young age. He loves dogs too, so he got a job at a dog hotel, which is a hotel for dogs. He's also a server. He sings music in his spare time on the street. He has no Plan B. He's here and he's passionate enough to go for his dreams. He sings "Heartless" by Kanye West. Adam turns for him almost immediately. Gwen turns for him about halfway through the song. Gwen says that song choice was rad. Adam says he's the real deal. Gwen says that he made the song his own and that he's a writer and his own unique musician. Adam is so excited. He starts fake punching the air. He says every single note you hit was perfect and then amplified that last note. Everything about you I want to know. Gwen says she's only on the show to be inspired by people like him. She wants to write a new record and he'll push her to be better. Blake gives her an ovation. She says, "You're actually making me hot right now." Adam says, "I turned way early for you." Gwen says, "That only means I was really listening and I was in the moment." Pharrell says, "I didn't press the button because Adam was going to kill it. However, Gwen understands your future, but Adam understands your voice." Pharrell says Adam pushed his button because he heard himself. Adam said, "I loved it." Blake said of course you did because you love yourself. John Taylor Williams picks Gwen. Adam says that's not right that they were all campaigning against him. 18‬ year old Elyjah Renee from Long Beach is up next. He says he sings a lot of pop and he is a momma's boy and her mom is his manager. His mom said Elyjah loves fashion. He says his parents divorced when he was young and he remembers crying himself to sleep. He says his music is what he uses to get through his tough choices. He is singing Beyonce's XO. He thinks the coaches will be shocked by this skinny little boy. He wants to do this for his mom and for himself. He says he's adding in his flavor to Beyonce's song. Adam turns around immediately. Pharrell isn't far behind. Blake is stunned to see who it is. Gwen and Blake thought it was a girl. Gwen says your tears are great, America is watching right now. Adam says, "I love that you show your vulnerability." Pharrell says, "You're voice is anointed. I can see your pain and I can hear it in everything you do." Adam says, "You sing with joy and passion and you unite us in music. Pharrell is charming, but don't forget that I have said great things." Pharrell says, "You just sang this on the stage. You have been through a lot and I don't have to state my case. You get it." Adam says, "I have won and I'd like to win again and you can do that." Elyjah chooses Pharrell. Pharrell goes up to hug him and tells him his voice is crazy good. He says this is Eljyjah's confirmation in life. Elyjah chose Pharrell because he saw his struggle. 21 year old Bianca Espinal is up next. She's been singing since she was young. Her father was in Meringue bands and they've sung together in the New York subway together. They made good money. She thinks busking and turning people's heads will help her get a chair turn. She sings, "Foolish Games" by Jewel. No one turns around for her. She is stunned. Gwen says,"You did a beautiful job under pressure." Blake said, "Your strength lies in your upper register and you really needed to choose a better song." Pharrell says, "You need to sing for yourself, not what we want to hear. We didn't turn around because we didn't hear your passion. Come back next time and this time sing for yourself." Pharrell gets up and hugs her and tells her she can sing, she just needs to believe in herself. She got a kiss from Pharrell and she said that was her highlight. Welcome back to the blind auditions. The teams stand with all coaches at two artists, except Blake with one. James David Carter is up last. When he was in high school he snapped his knee in half and his sports career was done for good. He became a working country artist at a bar. He opened for Dwight Yoakam and Brad Paisley. He just wants his big break. He says if this doesn't work out he'll probably go back to school and get a degree. He just wants validation that the last 12 years of his life haven't been wasted. He sings, "Nobody Knows It", by Babyface. He gets all four chairs to turn in the first 30 seconds, with Adam being first. He gets a standing ovation when he is done. He tells Gwen Stefani, "Thank you for teaching me how to spell bananas." Adam is standing up as high as he can on his chair to show how much he loves him. Gwen is up even higher standing on the back of the chair. Pharrell says there is not one bad thing about your performance. You are the total package. Gwen Stefani says, "I have no one on my team like you. This is strategy. Blake will have all the country artists and they will wipe each other out." Blake says, "You are the best country audition I have ever heard. I can't stand on the chairs mainly because I've been drinking too much. None of these people know who Kevin Sharp is. No one can help you like me." Adam says, "Oh man, I'm not gonna lie to you. I don't know more about country than Blake. I hate losing and I know you can win no problem. I have to fight so hard. I guarantee victory if you choose me. That's how bananas I am, crazy possessed monster for you." Pharrell said that song topped the chart and I think you can top the charts too. Gwen says, "Who do you pick?" James David picks Blake. Blake says one of the most exciting moments of his Voice career is when he started singing and the other best moment was him picking him as his coach. Adam tells Blake he can't look at him anymore. Blake makes fun of them all.
  7. 1:35 PM BBT Derrick and Cody talk about how their current tournament of pool is tied 12 games a piece. Cody says, "I think you and me have had more playing time on this table than anyone else this season." Derrick says, "The only other person who might have played close to us is Caleb." Victoria goes outside and Derrick and Victoria give her a what up. Victoria says she'd rather be outside because it's too cold in the house. She is building up Derrick's pool game and cheering him on. Cody is getting mad. Victoria said, "I was only saying good job to him." 2:08 PM BBT Victoria is telling Derrick and Cody that it's one of the best days in the BB house. It's day 94 and they are being super spoiled. Derrick says, "Because we got Panera Bread?" Victoria says yes! She's so excited for her food. She says "I"m going freaking crazy." Derricks says, "I can tell." 2:10 PM BBT Victoria tells Derrick he's so smart for suggesting Panera Bread. He says we can get this again on Tuesday if you'd like. She says she wants to try new things every day. She says, "Big Brother, you are so nice, I want to cry." Derrick says, "It's a damn sandwich, Victoria. Calm down." Victoria says, "I'm excited. Clearly you aren't." Derrick says, "I am excited. This food is great. I like having real food again." Victoria says, "I'm so excited that I don't have to go to jury at all. I literally don't care what anyone did or said in there and I don't want to talk about it in finale either." She yells, "I survived 94 days in the Big Brother House!" 2:10 PM BBT Victoria tells Derrick he's so smart for suggesting Panera Bread. He says we can get this again on Tuesday if you'd like. She says she wants to try new things every day. She says, "Big Brother, you are so nice, I want to cry." Derrick says, "It's a damn sandwich, Victoria. Calm down." Victoria says, "I'm excited. Clearly you aren't." Derrick says, "I am excited. This food is great. I like having real food again." Victoria says, "I'm so excited that I don't have to go to jury at all. I literally don't care what anyone did or said in there and I don't want to talk about it in finale either." She yells, "I survived 94 days in the Big Brother House!" 2:14 PM BBT Victoria asks Derrick and Cody who they thought would make it far if they were in the house. They all agree Hayden would have made it super far. He was super nice, had the potential to win comps, and was likeable. They all agree Frankie was losing no matter what. He annoyed too many people and he was too good at comps. Derrick is now telling Cody how excited Victoria got for her Panera Bread. "Oh My God, Derrick, Freshness! I am so excited, Oh My God." Derrick mimics her high pitched screaming voice. Cody is laughing at him. Derrick tells Victoria he thought Nicole had the potential to go really far. They all agree they thought Caleb, Devin, and Frankie would lose early on. Derrick said he thought he'd go out early too. They say Donny should have gone earlier and Zach too based on him getting nominated week 2. Cody says, "No way. Zach was the only one to stand up to Devin, he was golden that week. The whole house flipped on the person who put Zach up. He was untouchable for a few weeks." 2:18 PM BBT Victoria asked Derrick when he and Cody turned on Donny. Derrick said honestly, he never trusted Donny, but the day he went to Cody and Derrick and said his number 4 target was Cody to Derrick and then the number 4 target was Derrick to Cody. They realized Donny was lying to their face and they were done trying to save him versus Nicole. Derrick said, "If Donny had actually just said, "Derrick is my real target", I would have had more respect for him, but he lied to my face. They start talking about how bad Paola was in the game. She had no skill in any comps. Derrick said, "Even Joey would have been better, because Joey would have owned up to being terrible and made a joke about it, but Paola didn't until she was leaving." 2:26 PM BBT Derrick and Victoria talk about gate communities in Rhode Island and Florida. Derrick says, "Only the multi-millionaires in Rhode Island live in gated communities. They aren't around everywhere like they are in Florida." Victoria say, "Oh my God, Derrick. If you don't live in a gated community in Florida, you are poor." She says, "Everyone lives in gated communities and have pools." Derrick says, "In Rhode Island, you can only use a pool a few months out of the year. It's not worth it. I would invest in a hot tub though, because you can use that year round, even in winter." Victoria says, "I've always wanted my parents to build a pool." 2:29 PM BBT Victoria asks Derrick if he's going to head out to the pool to hang with Cody. He says probably. He goes to brush his teeth. Victoria says she's going to get her hair and makeup ready for the photobooth coming up. 2:32 PM BBT Victoria says, "Are you going to go back outside and talk game to Cody?" Derrick says, "What the heck kind of game can any of us talk anymore? There's no reason to at this point. You already know that we had a F2 deal, there's no more for Cody and me to talk about game related. Victoria says, "Well you could still be talking about how you're not taking me." Derrick says, "Cody is the one who is saying F2 with me. If he wins he can take whoever he wants. You have to stop saying that I'm the one doing it." 2:37 PM BBT Cody is in the pool cleaning it. Every so often he pretends he is being sucked down a drain and yells out for help. He sees all the debris being cleaned up and says "It's unbelievable how disgusting the pool can get in a few days." 2:40 PM BBT Victoria finishes her hair and makeup and goes outside. She asks Cody how the pool cleaning is going. He says, "Good." She puts her feet in and says, "Wow, that is cold." Cody says, "It's always cold." Victoria sits on one of the lounges. She says, "We made it to day 94, Cody!" He says he feels like all he's doing is pushing the dirt around with the vacuum. He wants to know when BB will give them the photo booth. Victoria says she's going to go get dressed. He says, "As opposed to you not being dressed now?" She says, "I have a sweatshirt on. I want to dress up." Cody says, "You are already dressed, Victoria." Victoria says she's freezing. Cody laughs at her and says, "It's like in the 70s, Victoria." She says, "This is cold for me, Cody." 2:45 PM BBT Victoria goes back into the kitchen where Derrick was cleaning up their food from earlier. She says, "So, in your DRs, were you ever mean to anyone?" Derrick says, "Me? No. I always talked about the game and how people played it." He then starts describing his DR sessions for Victoria and we go to fish, because they are talking about production. 2:49 PM BBT When feeds come back Victoria is saying her DR sessions were filled with a lot of crying. She said when she lost the 2nd part she went into the DR and said, "I just want to self evict! I am so over this!" He laughs and says, "What would have been the point?" Victoria says, "Derrick, I literally care about you so much, I don't even think you know." Derrick says, "When you get out of this house, you might hate me and realize I really am boring." Victoria says, "I think you are lying about your job. I think you have a different job outside of this house. Based on the job you claim you have, there is no way you would have been chosen for this house." Derrick says "I am a very laid back person. If I didn't tell you I was married with a kid, you wouldn't think it." Victoria says, "Yeah, true. Brittany looked nothing like a mother. I get it." Derrick said, "Helen last year was a stereotypical mother. You could tell she was a mother. I think honestly after last year they switched up who they got to be in the house. All of us are relatively good looking." Victoria said, "What? Relatively good looking? No. Extremely good looking." Derrick said, "Okay, good looking then." They are talking about first impressions about house guests. No one thought Christine was married and that Donny was for sure. Victoria is convinced that Derrick is really a surgeon and got off from a great hospital. She said, "If you're a doctor..." He said, "What would you do?" She said, "Nothing, but take me to F2." He said, "I'm not a doctor trust me." She said, "Remember when I asked you outside if it came down to me and Cody and you said, me." Derrick said, "I don't remember telling you that. I mean I'm sure you did say that, but honestly, I don't remember telling you that I'd take you over Cody." She said, "It happened it a few days ago." Derrick says, "I remember the last two days well. You have been paranoid the last two weeks and I've kept you from tipping over the edge. I've had your back the whole game." She says, "I know, let's not talk about it anymore." 2:56 PM BBT Victoria told Derrick that when she and Caleb was on the block, she asked him if it came down to them who he would take. Derrick says, "I don't remember that conversation." Cody opens the door and Victoria says, "Let's not talk about it anymore. Let's go play pool." Derrick asks Cody how the pool was. Cody says it's clean now. Derrick tells Cody that Victoria has been completely different today. She walks out and Cody calls out to her that she has the chance to win a new car.
  8. 10:36 PM BBT Victoria and Derrick are playing checkers. Victoria can't make a move and Derrick wins. Cody says, "You guys suck at this game." He whispers to Derrick to crush her in the next game. She rolls her eyes and tells Derrick to start a new game. She mirrors Derrick's strategy. Cody says, "This is why you guys go to a stalemate. She can't come up with her own moves." 10:38 PM BBT Cody points out to Derrick that he has a double jump on Victoria. Derrick says, "We're not doing double jumps. I don't want to annihilate her." Victoria says, "I'd rather have all the plays in the game." He says, "Okay, if you're sure, we'll start it next game." Cody says, "Yeah, then it will be a real game." 10:52 PM BBT Derrick crushes Victoria at checkers. Cody asks her what the heck she was doing in the game. Victoria wants to know what time it is. Derrick says it's getting close to eleven. 10:56 PM BBT Cody and Derrick say it's so weird being in the Big Brother house and how much it feels like home. Derrick says, "It's going to be weird going home. It's going to feel like a new house." Cody says, "So many people have been in here!" Derrick hides under the table and wants to scare Victoria when she comes back. Cody laughs and says, "Dude, she will see you!" Cody tries to tell Victoria that Derrick is in the fire room waiting for her. She says, "Umm, Derrick is right there. I saw him from a mile away." Cody says, "Dude I told you she'd see you." Victoria says, "now when you were on the stairs last night being a creeper I didn't see you." Cody laughs and says, "Dude, you really were a creeper last night." 10:59 PM BBT Derrick says he feels like he lost his mind. Victoria says she'll help him find it. Derrick says, "I think it's under this table somewhere." Victoria says, "Derrick you look so creepy under the table with your pale skin." Cody says, "Victoria that is messed up."Cody asks Victoria what her problem is because she keeps making fun of Derrick. Victoria says, "leave me alone, Cody, gosh!" Derrick is stuck under the table and can't get out. He asks for help.
  9. 10:26 PM BBT Cody tells Victoria, "Oh My God, Victoria. Stop freaking screaming like that. You sound like you're getting murdered!" She says, "I am, Cody, by you!" She screams again and Cody tells her, "Seriously, Victoria stop screaming, you're terrible." She laughs and says, "You're the terrible one, Cody!" Cody says whatever, princess, just play. She says, "Just so you remember, I crushed you yesterday at this game." Cody says, "Okay, so we're living in the past now? That's sweet." Victoria is shuffling the cards and Cody tells her to hurry up. Victoria slapped early again so Cody took all of her cards. She says, "Cody, no!" He says, "We made the rule that if you slap early we get each other's game!" Victoria is yelling at the live feeders, "Cody is such a cheater! He just makes rules up and if he loses he changes the cards. I don't want to play anymore." Cody says, "Whatever, Victoria. You're such a baby. I'm crushing you." She says, "Fine, I'm getting crushed by a cheater!" Cody says, "Victoria I'm starting the next round, you better be ready." Victoria cheats again by slapping early and Cody says, "woah, woah woah, again you cheat? I'm done playing with you!" He gets up and walks away. She says, "I'm going to go get Derrick!" He says, "Fine, go get Derrick. Derrick, Derrick, Derrick. You made up the rule and now you're crying when you break it. Whatever, I'll just go around screaming, Derrick, Derrick, Derrick again. It's like playing with a child, God She's unbelievable." Victoria says, "You're unbelievable. You're the cheater." Cody says, "Are you freaking kidding me? You cheat and then call me the cheater? i have a freaking headache now because you were screaming at the top of your lungs." Victoria asks Derrick if he wants to play chinese checkers. He says absolutely. Derrick asks Cody why he's sweating. Cody says, "Because of this freaking girl."
  10. 10:14 PM BBT Cody is washing his glass. Derrick tells him to move over so he can grab a trash bag. Cody says, "Woah dude. Stop putting your hand down there. What is wrong with you? Are you trying to grab my nuts? Men have been killed for less in other countries!" Derrick is laughing. Victoria tells Cody he's being ridiculous. Cody asks Victoria about her photography and about her fashion photo shoots. She says she loves doing them. She says she's so out of it and will be lost with the current fall fashion when she leaves. Cody is making random baby noises while she is talking and Victoria is talking louder and louder to talk over him to Derrick. Derrick is flossing in the bathroom and Cody is making fun of Victoria. He tells Victoria to wear what she's wearing now. She looks freaking hot. Victoria says, "I'm not wearing this on The Talk. I'll look ridiculous." Cody says, "Fine, Whatever, Victoria. I'm done giving you compliments" Victoria says, "No, Cody, thank you for the compliment." Cody says, "Whatever, Victoria." Victoria asks Cody to play a card game with her. He says, "Yes, absolutely." He starts trash talking her and saying he's going to crush her. Victoria is getting upset at Cody for changing the rules to the card game. They are now yelling at each other. He is telling her she's dealing the cards wrong. He has his hand waiting to play "Slap." She says, "Your hand raised like that is making me nervous." Cody says, "You dealt wrong, Victoria. You gave yourself more cards." Victoria says it was because he made her nervous. He says, "That's such bull, Victoria." Victoria counts her cards and they have the same number. She says, "See, Cody? I don't cheat!" Victoria keeps saying, "It's the hitmen versus the princess every time." Derrick says, "Victoria it was never you against us. Just stop." Victoria tells Cody to come back to the game. He sits down and they start playing. Victoria immediately slaps the cards without Cody even playing. He is yelling at her that she's cheating. They are now both yelling at each other.
  11. 8:00 PM BBT The pool game between Victoria and Cody is over and Cody is now taking the pool balls out of the pockets and trying to roll them in the pockets. He is now trying to get the 8 ball in and keeps missing. Victoria has joined Derrick in the bathroom. They talk about dinner. Victoria asks Cody what he wants for dinner and he says he has no idea. Victoria says she wants cereal and Derrick tells Cody he wants to do laundry tonight. 8:04 PM BBT Cody starts a holla war with BB. He keeps yelling holla and BB keeps playing Hollas back. He tells Zach to shut up when his comes on. Victoria and Cody are back outside walking around the yard. Derrick joins them to put laundry in and realizes that the load that's going in is too big already. Victoria says she'll do another load later and to add his stuff to her pile. She offers to make dinner for Cody, but he says he's not super hungry. 8:06 PM BBT Derrick and Victoria are talking about Cody in the fire room. Cody went to Derrick to make sure Victoria is okay. Victoria says, "What did Cody say about me?" Derrick says, "Cody never said anything bad about you, but he knows you don't like him. He's trying to give you space because he knows we're close and didn't want to hurt your feelings since you lost the comp." Victoria says, "Don't you dare pity him. He doesn't deserve it. Don't even talk to him about me." Derrick says, "I get it." Victoria says, "I'm close to you only, I don't want anything to do with Cody." Victoria says, "I want to go to Final 2 together and walk out together." Victoria wants him to take her to F2 if he wins and tells Derrick to promise her. He says, "I can promise that you and I will be close no matter what happens after this house." She says, "No. That's not the deal I want. I want you to take me to F2." Derrick says, "I'm in the worst spot right now in this game." Victoria says, "I don't care, Derrick." Derrick says, "I'm done with this. I'm not doing this anymore, Victoria." Victoria says, "How do you think I feel? I'm in the F3 with an alliance. I have no shot. I had no idea." Derrick says, "Victoria, you told me you knew that Cody and I had an alliance." Victoria says, "I said I knew you two were working together. I didn't know the name." Derrick says, "I'm sorry, but my head and heart are saying two different things." Victoria says, "Why would you want to take Cody if you think he can beat anyone." Victoria says, "I won't win against either of you. If you're the one deciding, why would you take Cody? That makes no sense." Derrick says, "My mind is not made up. I am still taking things into consideration. But even if I did know what I was going to do, I can't tell you." Victoria says, "But we both know you are leaning towards taking Cody." Victoria says, "You two have a final two deal. Dan and Danielle in S14 had a final two deal. You can say that." Derrick says, "I get that, but we cannot say for sure who we are going to take." Victoria says, " I don't care. It's F3." They are still arguing over the rule as Victoria believes Derrick should be able to tell her that he's not taking her. The feeds cut to fish. Feeds come back and said what he already told her is what he can say and no more. He says he's not getting into trouble for her. Victoria says she understands and understands that the F2 deal and alliance talk is coming from Cody and that Derrick can't tell her if he's going to take Cody or her, but she knows for a fact that Cody is taking him. 8:14 PM BBT Victoria is now saying that Derrick lied to her the whole game for telling her he'd have her back until the end. Derrick said, "I said a lot of stuff to help get you to where you are now in the game." Victoria says, "Whatever, Derrick. You got me here and I lost, so I'm going to jury on Wednesday. Fine, I lost." She storms out of the fire room. Cody comes in and Derrick rolls his eyes. Hes says, "Dude, she is relentless. I was told to shut it down by "them." Feeds cut out since he is talking about production. When feeds come back Victoria is making herself some cereal. Victoria goes back to the DR and invites him to play a game after she's done with her dinner. He says only if you promise to not yell at me anymore. She agrees. 8:26 PM BBT Derrick is sitting outside on the backyard couches. Victoria runs outside after she finishes her cereal and asks Derrick why he's so serious. She doesn't get why he's upset. He says, "I'm just bored. I don't like being in this situation at all." She says, "Derrick just so you know. I want you to win this game, 100%. I hope you know that." Derrick says, "Victoria, no matter what happens, I just want to believe that you and I will be okay and remain friends. One thing I've learned in this life is that your friends and family are more important than anything else. I highly doubt that if I win this game that I'd ever play this game again. I can't justify leaving my daughter again for another three months. I've already missed so much." Victoria says, "Yeah, but if you win, it will be so huge." Derrick says, "If I win the half million, I will have permanently changed all of our lives. I will be so happy and I will leave this house with great memories and a bond with the other people who played." 8:30 PM BBT Derrick says that a lot of people came on the show to be famous and to get their name out in the public. Victoria gets offended and says, "I am very thankful to be here. I'm not here to get fans or to be famous." Derrick says, "Victoria, you do want to be famous. You have said stuff before about having fans and wondering how many people would recognize you." Victoria says, "I came here for the experience, not to be famous. I do think it's cool to have fans and have people be able to relate to your life." Victoria says her mom told her to enjoy her BB experience and not to worry only about winning the money. Victoria says, "I enjoyed it up until this week now that I know that I won't win, especially when I lost both parts a comp that was my life n the game." 8:36 PM BBT Derrick is now telling Victoria that she needs to watch the DR sessions when she gets out and realize how much he had her back up until this point. Victoria says she believes him and doesn't actually feel betrayed by him. She's just upset that she didn't have a F2 with him like Cody did. Victoria says she was 100% only loyal to Derrick. Derrick says he believes her. Victoria says, "I highly doubt that. I remembered when you were mad at me for believing Nicole and Zach over you." Victoria says, "Well I was right about one thing. It was bros over the girls." Derrick said, "No way. There was no way I was taking Caleb over you to F3. Wasn't happening. I was tight with him to, because he kept me off the block when Amber was HoH." Victoria says, "You and Caleb weren't that close." Derrick says, "I actually was." Victoria says, "I still think you and I are closer than you and Caleb." Derrick says, "I was. But just so you know if Caleb won the final HoH and he would have taken me. I cut him to be loyal to you. It didn't matter what I did, I stayed loyal and Caleb probably hates me now." Victoria says, "Probably not. Everyone loves you and says great things about you." Derrick said, "Well, Cody blew up our alliance to him and now the whole jury house knows about the Hitmen. If I win 50k, that's great, but it's not what I want." 8:41 PM BBT Victoria tells Derrick she knows that everyone in the jury will give him the money because he played a great social game, but his game was subtle and he is the most deserving. Victoria says you didn't burn anyone in the game, you didn't burn Jacosta, because you told her before she left. Cody sent Caleb home, not you. The person that you are throughout the whole game, I think they are saying that you deserve it the most. I don't know about Cody, however, the way he explained it to me, the whole Hitmen thing sounds very good. I think people can be influenced by it." Derrick says, "I am also in the Hitmen, I started it. I can definitely take credit for it." Victoria says, "It might come down to personal preference." Derrick says, "I know Cody's entire game. I can say anything I want about him." Victoria says, "It will come down to who the jury wants to give the money to. I think you have a stronger shot than him." 8:49 PM BBT Victoria asks Derrick if he'd mad if she voted Cody over him. Derrick says, "I mean I want to win, but if you voted Cody I'd be like, whatever. I would still talk to you." Victoria says, "I just want you to think about it and I'd hope you take me if you win F2. But I know where the money is going with you and I want you to win." Derrick says, "Victoria even if you decided not to vote for me. I'd still be your friend and would come visit you in Florida. But if you say "Eff you and refuse to talk to me, then that's that." Victoria says, "I would never do that, Derrick." Derrick says, "I know, you're not that type of person." 8:52 PM BBT Victoria says, "I don't get why you are even considering taking Cody? I would not beat you." Derrick says, "Victoria, trust me, you have not been in the conversations I have this year." Victoria says, "I don't care. Why did I get here? You chose to bring me here." Derrick says, "But you had to get through a lot to get where you are." Victoria says, "It makes more sense to bring me don't you think?" Derricks says, "There are pros and cons to both." Victoria says, "Whatever, nothing I say is going to change your mind obviously." Derrick says, "None of this will matter if Cody beats me in the Final Hoh." Cody chooses to walk outside to check the laundry. Derrick asks Cody if he wants to grill some tuna steaks for them. 9:16 PM BBT For the last twenty or so minutes all three houseguests have been laying on the backyard couches. No one is saying anything as they lay around. Derrick finally breaks the tension by asking Cody to play pool. Cody leaps up and says, "Let's do it." Victoria rolls over and lays on her stomach and watches them across the yard. Derrick racks the balls and Cody says he's going to be break them. Cody asks Victoria what time it is. She says 9:16. Cody shouts out to TVGN. Victoria goes inside to the restroom. 9:29 PM BBT Derrick and Cody are trashing talking in their pool game. Cody says there is no way Derrick is winning the game. Meanwhile, Victoria is picking her face in the bathroom. 9:44 PM BBT Derrick and Cody have started their final pool game before they make dinner. Cody tries to break and completely misses all the balls. Derrick laughs at him and says, "Okay, Happy, just tap it in." (In reference to the Adam Sandler movie, "Happy Gilmore", in which he is a terrible golfer.) Cody accuses Derrick of cheating by moving the cue ball. Victoria is back in the bathroom still working on her face. 9:45 PM BBT Derrick and Cody say they are so bored and can't believe there are only three people in the house. Derrick said, "Can you imagine it being just us for a week?" Cody says, "That's weird." Derrick says, "In Season 10, Dan and Memphis were in F2 by themselves for 3 days and they were both bored by the finale." 9:47 PM BBT Cody asks Derrick if he thinks TVGN producers has someone just on them to edit out any cursing. Derrick says, "Nah. They have a five second delay, so it wouldn't be too hard to catch it." Cody laughs and immediately curses again when he misses his shot. 9:52 PM BBT Derrick wins the game and Cody says, "How in the world are we so evenly matched in every comp we have? We literally tie in like comps in BB and every game of pool we play." Cody and Derrick head into the house to get food. Cody says he's going to crush some tuna. Cody is now doing all the holla voices to Derrick. Victoria rolls her eyes as Cody keeps saying holla to Derrick. 9:57 PM BBT Victoria shouts out to TVGN. Cody says, "Oh, a shout out by the princess of the BB house." Victoria says, "Duh, Cody." Victoria calls out to her best friend and says she needs her at the finale. Derrick says, "Cody needs a good girl like her." Cody says, "Yeah, I am a good guy and you're a good girl. I can't wait to meet you." Victoria looks horrified through his shout out. He says, "What's the matter, Victoria? You're not going to hook that up for me and her? I see how it is. You really want her for Derrick, huh?" Derrick laughs and says, "Sorry, dude, I'm married." Victoria shouts out to her sister and brother in law. Cody is still saying he can't believe Victoria would do him like that. Victoria says, "You have to come and rub it in Cody's face that he can't have you." Derrick says, "Damn, Victoria. What happens if she comes and wants to get with him?" Victoria says, "No way, ever. I know her type. She has a boyfriend." Cody says, "Man, Victoria, that's harsh." Derrick says, "Maybe once she sees Cody she'll change her mind." Victoria says, "She dates long term and her relationships aren't short." Cody says, "Victoria you told me last week that she goes from guy to guy." She says, "Only when she's dating, but when she gets a boyfriend, she is in a long term relationship."
  12. 6:01 PM BBT Derrick is still sitting on the stairs with his up. He was watching Victoria. She freaked out and he starts laughing. She says, "That's so creepy, Derrick! You look so creepy! I had no idea you were sitting there." Cody finally gets up and says it was super creepy. Victoria says, "You looked so scary. I hate you." Derrick says "I should have grabbed your hair when you walked by." Victoria says, "My heart would have been done. So done. I would have killed you." Derrick says he's going to wait until it's dark and grab her ankle tonight when she walks by. Victoria says, "Please don't. I'm going to just follow you around instead." Derrick says, "That's fine. You've followed me around this entire summer anyway." Derrick calls out, "Right, Hayden?" Victoria says, "Yeah whatever. In your dreams, b*tch!" Derrick starts laughing. Victoria says, "I hate you." 6:13 PM BBT Derrick cannot possibly believe that Victoria would think using honey would have the same effect as using wax on her face to remove her hair. He tells her to lay on the floor and just think about what she just said. 6:15 PM BBT Derrick and Victoria are bored. He decides to give her a piggy back ride through the house. He dumps her on the living room coffee table. She takes a bow and says, "Thank you very much! Say hello to the winner of the second Hoh!" Derrick says, "In your dreams. I'd break your legs first!" Victoria says, "Geeze! Would you really hurt me?" Derrick laughs and says, "No!" Victoria says ,"For a half million dollars you would." Derrick says, "Hurt you? No." Victoria and Derrick decided to play one of the games they got last night. Cody is awake and gets told by BB to not sleep in the living room. Derrick says, "His eyes are clearly open, Rose." 6:27 PM BBT Derrick crushes Victoria in Chinese Checkers. She accuses him of cheating by not telling her the rules. Derrick tells her she claimed she knew how to play it. He goes over the 6:29 PM BBT Cody gets called to the DR and the feeds immediately go to flashbacks. Time for the second part of the HoH comp!
  13. 9:01 PM BBT Caleb tells Derrick and Victoria he thinks because of the rewind they'll get Izzy back. Derrick and Victoria say no way. 9:15 PM BBT They all sit down for dinner. Frankie tells Derrick his chicken parm is the best thing he's had in the house this summer. Everyone compliments Cody on his mashed potatoes. Frankie toasts everyone and says "Happy Final Five, again everyone!" 9:19 PM BBT Frankie and Victoria tell them they should have on more Final Five family dinner when they are locked down on Tuesday night. They all agree to have one final huge dinner together. Frankie says we might get the announcement about the finale or the next live show. Victoria says she doesn't think so , because they wouldn't reveal a double eviction. Caleb says they have to be done by the 19th and Derrick says that not technically true, because they were told by production they had to keep their calendar open until September 26th. 9:23 PM BBT They are talking about Thanksgiving is only a few months away. Cody says his absolute favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. He says in New Jersey, Thanksgiving Eve is the biggest party night of the year. Everyone goes out and drinks and gets wasted that night. He says he goes out but doesn't get too drunk because his whole family comes to his house the next day and it's amazing. Frankie says a lot of people hate Thanksgiving and hates spending time with their family. The rest of the house guests say that is incredibly sad. Victoria says she is most looking forward to Halloween . 9:25 PM BBT Derrick, Cody, and Frankie are complaining about being on lock down until late because there is a huge concert or festival going on tonight outside the studio. Cody says, "It would be nice if we could get some damn brewskies in here." Frankie says, "We've been abandoned by the DR, so we're not getting anything tonight." Victoria said she tried requesting alcohol earlier but no one was around. Derrick says this is how remembers the live feeds at this time. A lot of sitting around, sleeping, and complaining going on. He said when there were 16 people there were people everywhere. Cody says I can't even remember what it was like when 16 people were here 9:29 PM BBT They are all asking Derrick what camera angles are on feeds. Derrick says they will use any camera in the house, even the ones in the walls and behind the mirrors. Derrick says there are over 100 cameras in this house, so they have access to pretty much every area of the house. Derrick says there were times when he watched feeds and the cameras would quickly span the kitchen and it was incredible to watch them switch angles so quickly. 9:37 PM BBT Derrick goes to lay down, because his stomach hurts after eating the tomato sauce. Cody and Frankie do the dishes. Frankie says, "Thanks for helping us do the dishes, Caleb. You literally cooked nothing and ate all the food we made." Cody says, "Derrick made the chicken at least." Cody finds Derrick's plate and asks Derrick if he's done. Derrick says, "No. I'll wash it when I feel better." Cody goes over to the couches and lays on the other one. Derrick throws a blue pillow at Cody and hits him in the face. They play Zach, Donny, Jocasta, and Hayden's shout outs. They make fun of each of them going to jury and losing. They all want Nicole and Christine to do shout outs. Cody makes fun of Nicole's voice and says he can't wait to hear hers if they ever do one. 9:50 PM BBT Derrick and Cody are talking about the college sports they played while Frankie is up in the HoH bathroom. He tried talking to Caleb, but Caleb was only interested in listening to this Brett Eldredge cd. 9:54 PM BBT Frankie goes downstairs and asks Derrick and Cody if they ever talked crap in the house. Derrick and Cody ignore him. Frankie keeps going and makes fun of Derrick's "talking crap" voice. Cody switches the subject and says that Caleb ate half a chicken, he's probably passed out. Frankie says, "That's the only reason I'm down here. He passed out immediately." 9:59 PM BBT Frankie is still trying to figure out when Izzy was in the house. Frankie is on top of Cody trying to push his leg up as far as it can go. Cody tells Frankie to get off him and that he's not that flexible. Cody says, "I think I just tore a muscle." Caleb has the remote and is spying on the houseguests in the living room Victoria, Cody, and Frankie say the DR (production) is the worst because they won't give them alcohol to help pass the time. 10:05 PM BBT Frankie says his groin still hurts from the snowman challenge. He pulled his muscle and it still hurts when he stands in certain positions. Victoria says she pulled a muscle in the last Seed hoh competition and it hurts. Frankie says he's just going to sit in one room for the rest of the season so that the cameras don't have to follow him around anymore. He says that Devin used to sit in the tree house and would stare down scarily at people in the kitchen. Derrick says he used to catch Devin doing it all the time and he would always call him up to talk about his daughter and how he got his back. Frankie said Devin was literally the worst. Derrick said Devin tried to make a F2 on the first night because of their daughters. Derrick said Devin was a schmuck. Frankie says he wants to play a game with the houseguests. Derrick says, "I'd rather just go to bed now." 10:11 PM BBT Frankie is telling Cody about how the highway system works in L.A. He says he got pulled over by a cop and he pulled on to the left hand shoulder and the cop yelled at him. He was so pissed that the cop yelled at him and said he had no clue, but the cop was a jerk. Cody says that's super dangerous and Cops could get hit by doing that. Frankie says he was doing 98 in a 70 on the Pennsylvania/New Jersey border. He says he was told he was only supposed to use the left hand lane to pass, not to coast. He got a huge ticket, but only got stuck with the speeding charge. Cody says the cop was just looking to tag you. Derrick says nothing during this whole exchange. 10:16 PM BBT Victoria tells Cody and Frankie that she refuses to drive at night and that when she has a boyfriend she makes him drive her everywhere. She says she's turned down guys who lived too far away for that very reason. She's also turned down guys who lived in boring neighborhoods. 10:21 PM BBT Frankie is in the kitchen cleaning the rest of the dishes. He tells Cody, Derrick, and Victoria what he's doing every often and then tells the live feeders to download his sister's album, "My Everything" on itunes. 10:23 PM BBT Derrick and Cody get called out by Big Brother for sleeping in the living room. Cody says he's going to pull his hat over his eyes so that production doesn't know if he is eyes or opened or closed. Cody and Frankie say they wish they could eat anything they want so they could get fat. Frankie says, "My sister would get so mad if I got fat." Frankie tells Cody maybe they should all just go to bed now. He says, "I can't wait to cut my toenails and put them in your bed." Victoria and Cody say that's disgusting." Frankie says, "Why do I care? Victoria already threw me under the bus with her remark about my messiness." Derrick is still sleeping in the living room so they keep playing his hollas. 10:27 PM BBT Derrick gets called out by production for sleeping in the living room. Cody and Victoria think it's hilarious, because Derrick is ignoring them. He still has his eyes closed but he's moving his feet so they know he's awake. He gets another Holla and Derrick says, "I'm just trying to figure some stuff out, okay?" 10:31 PM BBT Frankie is now sitting in one of the orange ceremony seats. He is trying to figure out the rest of the days and is convinced there is a double eviction coming. Cody and Derrick are ignoring him. Victoria is giggling and the only one talking to him. Frankie is making fun of Caleb snoring. He says he sounds like an autobot and sounded worse than Devin. Victoria tells him he looks like he has a speech rattling around his head she can tell. Victoria tells Cody says when he sleeps he sleeps with his eyes half open. Cody says that is so creepy, are you serious? He is now concerned about how creepy he has looked on the live feeds. Victoria asks Derrick if he's napping. Derrick says, "Nope." Frankie asks Cody to let him go second in the veto. Victoria says "Do you really have a huge speech prepared?" Frankie says, "My speech is going to be funny and it'll be epic." Victoria says, "I have nothing prepared for my speech. You guys said you would help me. Great. I have nothing planned, it will be boring next to his." Derrick gets called out again so he kicks his leg again to show them he's not sleeping. ‬ 10:37 PM BBT Frankie tells Victoria her speech will be adorable as always because she's so cute. Victoria starts coming up with a poem like Zach did. Frankie says, "Roses are red violets are blue if you don't use the veto on me I'll kick you with my shoe". Victoria says, "That's so violent." Frankie says, "Are you freaking me? That's violent? With all the weird stuff that has gone on this year with Caleb's ninja moves and judi chopping everything that's not violent. I bet Caleb gets up at 2 a.m. and just judi chops everything in this house." 10:40 PM BBT Victoria says she wants her speech to be witty, funny, and classy. Frankie says, "That's putting a lot of pressure on me. You want witty, funny, and classy?" He looks deep in thought. Victoria starts randomly giggling. Frankie is confused and she says, "I just can't with these two sleeping." Frankie started making up a rap and got called out. He says they are allowed to rap and they get told no. Frankie wants Victoria to rap and dance for the veto meeting. Victoria starts laughing and says she can't do that. He says she needs to have her boobs out for it. She says, "No way." 10:44 PM BBT Frankie gets called to the DR. Cody and Derrick tell Victoria that Frankie is all up her butt now and it's annoying. Victoria says, "He's gone psycho, but I have the giggles tonight. I'm sorry." Cody wants something fun to do tonight. 10:46 PM BBT Derrick and Cody get called out again by production for sleeping in the living room. Derrick says, "Thanks, cause I forgot." They keep replaying Donny's Hollas to Derrick now. Derrick and Cody are laughing. 10:56 PM BBT Victoria asks Cody if she can play with his hair. He says sure and swings himself around so his head is in her lap. She says he has the softest hair of any male she's met and that his hair is super healthy. He says he uses a special coconut conditioner. 10:57 PM BBT Victoria asks Cody if they are telling Frankie they are voting him out. He says yeah the night before. Victoria says, "really? Caleb told me you guys weren't and that he would find out the night." Cody says, "Caleb talks too much." Victoria says, "Man, get ready for war once Frankie finds out." Cody says, "Get your popcorn ready for sure. " 10:59 PM BBT Victoria tells Cody she's tired of playing with Frankie and Caleb and she's scared of both of them to be honest. She's over Frankie she says.
  14. 6:11 PM BBT Frankie is now defending the button push. He says we all know it would have been pushed and I refuse to take responsibility for it. Derrick says either way it would have been played out the same. Derrick says they would have told us what the twist us even if we hadn't pushed it and it would have played out like normal. Derrick says, "No one will ever convince me that there was no scenario in which they knew for sure that we'd all push it." Derrick says in all likelihood anyone would push it, but there is always going to be one outlier that wouldn't push it. 6:19 PM BBT Frankie, Victoria, Cody, and Derrick talk about dinner. Frankie wants white fish and Derrick and Cody say absolutely no to fish. Cody says how about tacos? Frankie and Derrick say they'll eat the tacos. Cody says, "No. I'm not going to make tacos now." Derrick says, "You're making tacos, Cody." Cody laughs and says, "Fine, I'm making tacos and then Caleb can talk about all the sodium we're eating and how dangerous it is and then we'll run 100 laps tomorrow and then he'll say how fast his metabolism is and how he can run less." 6:31 PM BBT They are talking about being in the F4 and going to jury. Caleb thinks if there are only a few days left, he won't go to the jury house and will be put up in a hotel. He just wants to get out and start singing again and doing stuff. He is going to be something outside of this house that will surpass the 500k he wins. 6:34 PM BBT Frankie is annoyed with Big Brother. He wants them to give them something to do. He's bored and he's tired of the stuff they have. 6:38 PM BBT Frankie follows Derrick into the fire room. Derrick is changing back into regular clothes. Frankie tells Derrick he is still furious at Caleb for nominating him. He and Cody had a long conversation today that moving forward he is willing to turn on Caleb. He says, "I understand what Caleb did, but no harm to Derrick, but the way it was handled and me going on the block twice was a slap in the face to me. It was disrespectful. Moving forward, I'm not keeping Caleb safe anymore." Frankie says, "I don't want Cody to feel like I'd turn on him again if I win the veto next week." Derrick says it was a smart move to get Cody's trust in the game. Derrick leaves to go take a shower. 6:42 PM BBT Frankie now playing Sid. Cody is excited to talk to Sid again. Cody asks Sid where he went. Sid says he went on a wonderful adventure and he wondered how much better it would be if he had friends. Sid says hi to Caleb about how he was all alone in his bed dreaming about having friends. It was a really lovely dream and his friends liked him and wanted to do things with him. Sid wants to cook for them. Cody asks him where his friends are. Sid says, "OH, I don't have any friends. They were just in my dream." Cody says he hates Sid, he's the most depressing thing he's ever seen in his life. 6:48 PM BBT Derrick and Caleb are in the bathroom talking. Derrick says once the double eviction is over it will be Cody, Derrick, and Caleb in the Final 3 and it will be epic. Caleb says, "Man we just have to get there after Frankie is gone." 6:50 PM BBT Derrick is telling Caleb if he wins 50k in the F2 he's going to pay his house off. They talk about how the after party will be awesome. Derrick says he'll probably drink a little, but he's too old to party like he used to in college. Caleb says, "Frankie's a wreck" as he walks out. 6:53 PM BBT Frankie is trying to get in the DR and he's pissed that they won't let him in. Caleb tells Frankie that he's been annoying the DR lately with requests left and right. He says he honestly thinks no one is in the DR right now, which is why. Frankie says, "What's with them not being here? They used to be here 24/7 to fulfill our requests." 6:55 PM BBT Frankie is mad now that they don't have the backyard because someone is having a party near them and they can hear their music. Frankie says he loves how they used his ears for one of the comps because they talked so much last week about how weird they looked. Frankie is frustrated, he hopes they give them a luxury comp before the end so he can make up the money that got stolen from them by the jury.
  15. 3:55 PM BBT Victoria and Derrick discuss how Frankie cornered Derrick in the kitchen while she was sleeping and asked him what Victoria's problem with him was. Derrick tells Victoria, "I told him that I told you that I wasn't voting for you to stay. So when you have your talk with him just tell him that you can't believe I would stab you in the back like that and that you want nothing to do with me anymore." Victoria agrees. Derrick quickly leaves the room to find his brush. 4:01 PM BBT The houseguests are talking about what queso is. Cody tells Frankie queso just means melted cheese in Spanish. Frankie is making white fish for dinner. He is using the last of the avocado in his dish. Cody tells Caleb that guacamole has something to do with mashed up avocado. He tells the feed watchers to look up the actual definition of the word and tweet it at Caleb, because "this clown is so stupid." 4:03 PM BBTCaleb is arguing with everyone that guacamole is not made of avocado. He thinks it's made of guacamole. Caleb says mashing avacodo does not make it guacamole. Frankie, Cody , and Victoria say Caleb is so stupid. Cody says you eat burgers, not cow , right? Caleb says, "Right." Cody says, "You just proved my point." Caleb says he's going to argue with them all night that guacamole isn't avocado. Victoria is telling Caleb that he makes no sense. (BTW, guacamole literally means avocado sauce, so Caleb is just wrong). 4:10 PM BBT Caleb is now saying that diced up tomatoes with sauce and peppers is not called salsa, it's called tomato chunks. Frankie tries to tell him that he'd go to a restaurant and ask for plain guacamole, and it's mashed up. Caleb says," I hate that it has a new name." Caleb is saying it's stupid and that he's right and he proved his point with the tomatoes. Victoria says he did not and that you don't called salsa diced up tomatoes. Caleb says there is no right or wrong answer and Victoria tells him he's wrong. Caleb tells Frankie and Victoria that salsa shouldn't have chunks. Victoria and Frankie say real salsa has lots of chunks. Caleb says you'll never convince me that you can call cut up tomatoes salsa. Victoria says the whole thing started when Caleb said he never eaten an avocado and has eaten guacamole. Caleb finally admits that he has eaten an avocado. 4:26 PM BBT Feeds come back. The houseguests are saying goodbye to Izzy and thanking her for providing them with fun and affection today. Cody says, "I'm sorry that i have to evict you, Izzy. I'm in an alliance with these final five and I have stay loyal." They pretend to cry as she is removed by production. Cody yells, "No, come back!" Caleb says, "let's go watch her picture turn back." Cody says, "I don't even have to be awake anymore. I'm going to bed. I'm shunning all of her toys!" 4:30-5:00 PM BBT Frankie and Victoria are up in the HoH room. Victoria says, "I'm fine. I just thought I didn't have to campaign to Derrick and that I would have you and Caleb. When I talked to Derrick before to ask about what to say when we had the blowout a few weeks ago, I was like someone has taken my heart and stabbed it. We had mended things and I thought we were fine and just basically he told me he wasn't voting to keep me and that he was loyal to the guys (She is fake crying through this all). She said even if I couldn't convince you guys, I just thought I had him and the fact that he's voting me out is super hurtful and that i got dragged I feel like and he only needed me for a vote and used me until, peace out. I feela lone and don't want to talk to him. He's not a loyal gameplayer and he doesn't get it. Loyalty is everything to me, you both know that. When I didn't go to him first with the Nicole thing he got mad at him that he loves me like a little sister and it's crap. Now when it matters he's not there for me. I feel extremely played and I can't look at him. He disgust me and I'm trying not to make the vibes weird here. I literally cried for an hour last night. It sucks, I'm not ready to leave. I'm just extremely, extremely hurt. It all felt like a lie, like being cheated on like if Caleb was going to stab you in the back. She says just be loyal to me if you said you will. She said my life depended on Derrick not Frankie, but now he's choosing to go against me. Frankie says that argument I'll say is this. I"m close to Derrick and have been working with him to get here, but I don't think he's cheating. His personal relationship isn't like the game. Victoria says, "personal and game are alike. We speak both personal and game talk." She sad he promised her his vote if she was on the block and she feels betrayed. Victoria says I don't respect him, like him, or want anything to do with him. She says he's good and has gotten this far, but I'm done for sure with him." She says, "it's embarrassing that I got played." Frankie says, "At this point in the game, without people turning on each other and hating each other, it's not big brother." Victoria says that makes no sense to her that Derrick was with the guys, she wishes Derrick would have told her in the beginning. Victoria thought she just had Derrick's voice, but now she has nothing. Frankie says why would say you didn't know about Derrick. Victoria says, Derrick and Cody are super close, so I had a suspicion that he would keep him. Frankie says at this point I've worked with everyone here, everyone has helped me get there. Victoria says, "yeah, but you have someone you trust completely and you can tell anything." Victoria says, "I feel betrayed and it sucks when I spoke highly of him and he didn't deserve it, because now I'm getting evicted 2-0 when it should have been 1-1 and you could decide. She said I don't respect him. I'm ignoring him. He no longer exists to me. Frankie says he wanted Victoria to leave happy and at peace with everyone and now you're leaving angry at your best friend in here. Victoria says, "I't embarrassing and it sucks!" (she is full on fake crying now). Frankie says if Caleb does turn on me, it would suck but I would leave with dignity. He says all the guys have worked tooth and nail to keep each other safe. Victoria wants to know why Derrick wouldn't tell me. Frankie says, "It wasn't Derricks spot to reveal his alliances. He would have been in trouble with us." Frankie says he understands why she's upset." Victoria says, "I'd rather he have told me I had his vote and then be surprised when I left." Victoria says she doesn't trust Derrick as a gameplayer. Frankie says, "I don't know what Derrick said to you. He says that Derrick probably has said bad stuff about him and the other boys too." Victoria says, "You and Derrick don't have the relationship we did." Victoria says, "Fine. Let all of this be a game to Derrick. Good luck with Cody." She says, "If you want to play dirty, I'll play dirtier." Frankie says, "Derrick has helped you get to where you are." Victoria says, " I don't care about the past. Your word is everything, now he's deciding my fate. She says he told her, "Don't worry I got you." Frankie says, "You've been on the block twice, and he never voted against you." Victoria says,"He even nominated me. Was that supposed to be a hint?" He says, "it certainly seems like you weren't his closest ally." Victoria says, "I don't want to be around him, don't care for him. Once I'm out of this game I don't have to deal with this tension. I prefer straight up." Frankie says, "You clearly don't want straight up in this situation." Victoria says, "Just lie to me then." Victoria says, "At the beginning he should have just told me that he wasn't loyal to me." Frankie says, "The way this game works is that you have people's backs until you can't anymore." Victoria says, " Why not me?" Frankie says, "Because he's loyal to the guys." Victoria says, "That's like Caleb choosing Derrick over you. You'd be shocked." Frankie says, "No way. Caleb would choose Derrick because Derrick will lose against any of us." Victoria says, "We're not even top two, I don't understand why Derrick is doing this now." Victoria says, "Once you've used and abused me, done." Victoria says Frankie doesn't get it. Frankie says, "I do get it, but Derrick kept you safe twice." Victoria says, "once, Frankie. He put me on the freaking block. That should have been my eye opener right there." Frankie says, "There was no way you were leaving over Christine." Victoria says, "Don't say that. Nothing is set in stone until you evict them. I could have gone home. So I wasn't safe." Frankie is telling Victoria that he has a feeling he'll get stabbed in the back by Caleb if Frankie is up on the block and it would be the same thing. Victoria says, "Let Derrick have the boys." Victoria says, "The fact that he's making it obvious that he's with the boys and not her is ridiculous." All I wanted is for him to consider to keep her, but the fact that he told her not straight out sucks (She is fake crying again.) Frankie hugs her and tells her he loves her so much. He says, "It really does suck." Victoria says, "It's so embarrassing. He was the closest one to me and he's voting me out. He is." Frankie says, "I know." "There's nothing he can say to mend things. I don't want to to talk to him. We've been there for each other at our lowest moments. I've seen Derrick cry when no one else did. It sucks." Franie says, "It does suck. Don't forget those moments, because those are real moments. It is what it is, but he has chosen who he wants to align with. I don't want you to feel like personal and game are the same." Victoria says, "I can separate personal from game. I will vote in the end for the best game player and how they worked to the end." Frankie says, "Then that's great." Victoria says, "Right now it does feel personal, but I'll get it out." Victoria now says, "I should have listened to Nicole. She told me not to trust Derrick and the whole stupid thing with Zach." She says "I let him talk me down and went back to him and he did it again.I ignored the signs." Frankie is telling Victoria that he has a feeling he'll get stabbed in the back by Caleb if Frankie is up on the block and it would be the same thing. Victoria says, "Let Derrick have the boys." Victoria says, "The fact that he's making it obvious that he's with the boys and not her is ridiculous." All I wanted is for him to consider to keep her, but the fact that he told her not straight out sucks (She is fake crying again.) Frankie hugs her and tells her he loves her so much. He says, "It really does suck." Victoria says, "It's so embarrassing. He was the closest one to me and he's voting me out. He is." Frankie says, "I know." "There's nothing he can say to mend things. I don't want to to talk to him. We've been there for each other at our lowest moments. I've seen Derrick cry when no one else did. It sucks." Franie says, "It does suck. Don't forget those moments, because those are real moments. It is what it is, but he has chosen who he wants to align with. I don't want you to feel like personal and game are the same." Victoria says, "I can separate personal from game. I will vote in the end for the best game player and how they worked to the end." Frankie says, "Then that's great." Victoria says, "Right now it does feel personal, but I'll get it out." Victoria now says, "I should have listened to Nicole. She told me not to trust Derrick and the whole stupid thing with Zach." She says "I let him talk me down and went back to him and he did it again.I ignored the signs." Frankie says Victoria you saved yourself more than Donny did. Frankie is now telling her that he stabbed Zach in the back. Zach was his best friend and he misses him on a personal level, but not as a game player. He says you were a victim once Zach left because other people got closer due to him leaving. He stirred the pot so much and kept people from interacting out of fear. He says you were just an innocent casualty of that. Frankie says he never thought his best friend in the house would be Caleb, but he is. He says he wishes he had never aligned with Zach, but because of the BOB and the twists, he had to. He says Derrick was closer to the boys than Victoria in the beginning. Victoria says no way, "We were close from day one." She says I wish I could've seen the bad in Derrick from day one. I'm too worried about everyone elses game. I even felt bad for Cody when I won that veto, because I didn't want him to get blood on his hands by having to renom someone." Frankie says, "I'm the same way too but at this point you have to think for yourself." Frankie is telling Victoria that he has a feeling he'll get stabbed in the back by Caleb if Frankie is up on the block and it would be the same thing. Victoria says, "Let Derrick have the boys." Victoria says, "The fact that he's making it obvious that he's with the boys and not her is ridiculous." All I wanted is for him to consider to keep her, but the fact that he told her not straight out sucks (She is fake crying again.) Frankie hugs her and tells her he loves her so much. He says, "It really does suck." Victoria says, "It's so embarrassing. He was the closest one to me and he's voting me out. He is." Frankie says, "I know." "There's nothing he can say to mend things. I don't want to to talk to him. We've been there for each other at our lowest moments. I've seen Derrick cry when no one else did. It sucks." Franie says, "It does suck. Don't forget those moments, because those are real moments. It is what it is, but he has chosen who he wants to align with. I don't want you to feel like personal and game are the same." Victoria says, "I can separate personal from game. I will vote in the end for the best game player and how they worked to the end." Frankie says, "Then that's great." Victoria says, "Right now it does feel personal, but I'll get it out." Victoria now says, "I should have listened to Nicole. She told me not to trust Derrick and the whole stupid thing with Zach." She says "I let him talk me down and went back to him and he did it again.I ignored the signs." Frankie says Victoria you saved yourself more than Donny did. Frankie is now telling her that he stabbed Zach in the back. Zach was his best friend and he misses him on a personal level, but not as a game player. He says you were a victim once Zach left because other people got closer due to him leaving. He stirred the pot so much and kept people from interacting out of fear. He says you were just an innocent casualty of that. Frankie says he never thought his best friend in the house would be Caleb, but he is. He says he wishes he had never aligned with Zach, but because of the BOB and the twists, he had to. He says Derrick was closer to the boys than Victoria in the beginning. Victoria says no way, "We were close from day one." She says I wish I could've seen the bad in Derrick from day one. I'm too worried about everyone else." Frankie says, "I'm the same way too." 5:19 PM BBT Feeds are back after an extended time on fish. Derrick is making fried chicken. Cody asks Caleb if he wants to crush a pizza with him. Caleb says sure. Victoria and Frankie are playing jenga together on the kitchen counter. He's offering to make her some more white fish for dinner. 5:22 PM BBT Derrick asks Caleb and Cody if they want to try the chicken. Cody tries it and says he wishes he had some banging bbq sauce to dip those in and it would be amazing. Caleb says the chicken tastes really good. Frankie asks Cody to bring him some coffee. Frankie wants the dartboard back. We keep getting fish as Fraknkie is singing, calling out production for not giving them things they want, or is talking about production. 5:29 PM BBT Victoria leaves for the DR and Frankie tells the boys that Victoria is pissed. He tells Derrick that Victoria was the most hurt by him, but that she understands the boys are working together. Victoria quickly comes back from DR and says no one is in there. 5:40 PM BBT The house guests are talking about the dog mixes and breeds. They all think Izzie the dog was a mutt. Caleb says mutt is spelled mut (it is not) and claims that it means mix undetermined. (It also does not stand for that.) Frankie says it sounds believable. One of the flies in the house fish into the bowl of fish that Frankie is making for Victoria. She is grossed out by it. Caleb tells her that fish eat flies and that the fly was only crawling on a tiny portion of i 5:46 PM BBT Frankie tells Cody and Derrick he's off to "wash his nether regions because he has to go make a piss." Cody is disgusted by him. Cody makes the doorbell sound. Caleb says, "I guarantee tomorrow when that thing goes off, it won't be a four legged animal." Caleb wants the mouse trap to go off so bad and capture the mouse. Cody is tapping rhythms on the kitchen counter. Caleb tells him that's super annoying. 5:50 PM BBT Victoria tells Derrick everything she said to Frankie and that Frankie bought it to the point that even cried. Derrick says, "perfect. I have to get out of here. Love you." Victoria smiles and lays down in the bed in the fire room, "Love you too." 5:53 PM BBT Frankie is telling Derrick everything Victoria said and that Nicole filled Victoria's head with crap and now Victoria has bought it. Frankie is breaking it to Derrick that Victoria hates him. Derrick says, "It doesn't matter, Donny wanted me out from day one, and he was close to Hayden and Nicole, so they all hate me now." Derrick says, "I'm over it. There are a few weeks left." Frankie says, " Not even a few weeks." Derrick says, "Well without a twist it would be 11 days." 5:58 PM BBT They are discussing what the button is. They all hope it's a special hoh competition. Frankie says if it's a special hoh comp and I don't get to play, I'm going to just murder everyone. I think I should be allowed to play any comp with the button. Derrick says it won't be a hoh competition. It could be a luxury comp. Frankie says, "It's going to be a complete format change." Derrick says, "Well if we didn't push it, they would have an alternative. It won't be a format change."