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  1. I have watched the live feeds for all 16 seasons of BB, including BB 1. Over the past couple of days I've been watching BB 2, which most know was the first season with an HOH, nominations, etc It has truly been eye opening to see how much the game has changed. It really was much more of true game back then. You had people who applied to be on the show rather than recruited, not wanna be celebrities, the DR sessions were not highly polished scripted sound bites as they have become. The entire show had a much more raw, genuine feel to it. At one of the first nomination meetings, before it became a "ceremony" the HOH wore a robe and a towel on her hair. Production appeared to be there to capture the action rather than manipulate it. Over the year, the show has been tweaked with the various "twists" to the point where it is no longer the show it used to be, despite the roar from hard core fans wanting it to be so. BB16 has been a very frustrating season for me to watch on several accounts, the lack of game play, but primarily the Frankie factor. I loathe Frankie, but it's not so much how ill I feel every time he looked at the camera, it's really more about what he represents. It's very clear to me, he was the chosen one for this season. The predetermined story line to follow him to the win. Now of course he is not going to this year, mostly I think because I think the production manipulation, opps I mean rewind twist, back fired. Oh course this is not the first season with this kind of thing. It's just so in your face this time around, as if CBS isn't even trying to hide it any more. I got sucked in as a fan early in it history. Year after year hoping it would go back to what it once was, but it's not going to happen. I think that it's time to say BB16 will be my last. I don't really want to invest another summer watching something so phony and predetermined. It may take a 12 step program to get me there, but I can't do this any more...
  2. Always thought it and now there is not question, this guy is beyond disgusting. http://www.tmz.com/2014/08/31/frankie-grande-big-brother-victoria-rape-joke/
  3. Last night I watched several episodes of Dick@Nite While I hated the guy as a player, I really like him on his show. He's got some great insight along with past season's HG's.as well as not pulling many punches. Although I watched the episode where he had Rachel and Elisa on, Rachel is such a CBS tool that he really had to dumb down for her. And Elisa kept wandering off camera, just like she played the game last year, pretty much completely clueless lol
  4. According to wikipedia, MTV is owned by Viacom which is part of CBS.
  5. Are the VMA's being broadcast on CBS? The LF's were playing in the other room when I heard that discussion and I thought YES!!! But yeah, you're absolutely right, Cody is really not all that much different from Victoria in terms of not being about to make decisions on his own. And when it comes right down to it playing the game at just about the same level as Victoria as well.
  6. Wouldn't surprise me one bit if the rules for TA are being "adjusted" and what certain HG's are told to protect Frankie as much as possible...
  7. I also remember when Joey (that was her name right?) read the card in the DR about her being chosen for TA, and it said she had the option of telling others or keeping it to herself. At the beginning of the game, I liked Donny, I don't any more. He reminds me a lot of my grandfather, appearing to most to be this kind nice guy, but making comments and other actions that were very hurtful and revealing a very selfish person just below the surface. Anyway, that being said if Donny were to blow up TA in his last speech, that would be epic, save the season for me and could win Donny my vote for AFP!,
  8. It is always funny to me how the HG's perceive themselves and how they believe they are being perceived by those watching the show. For example last night Frankie making some comment about how epic it was that they got Nicole out last week, and how much the fans must have been cheering for it. .
  9. In that case from my perspective, Frankie has Caleb, Christine, Zack, Jakosta, and maybe Hayden, which is enough to win but close. It would also depend on who got whom out, which might tend to sway votes. And would also assume that Derrick would take Frankie to the final two, of course who has that decision. On the other hand, who but Derrick is really going to have the sway to get Frankie out? Of the two, I would absolutely prefer that Derrick win, Frankie makes my skin crawl. Just trying to be objective here
  10. Frankie has Christine and Caleb for sure, probably Zack, and maybe Donny. Even without Donny, he has the tie breaker. Moving forward he has Christine, Caleb, Zack, and can probably sway Victoria versus Cody and Donny both of whom have just been taking up space this season. Even with a returning player, Frankie still has the numbers and would be difficult to beat, unless the cards fall against him. If he keeps Derrick then everything pretty much stays the status quo and we grind out another week of no true game play.
  11. I wonder how much information Frankie is getting in the DR that could be influencing his decisions. If Zack get evicted and manages to make it back in the game, there would be some fireworks for awhile, but we've seen how much influence Frankie has over Zack, and would probably have him evicted was the best move for Zack's game in short order. On the other hand if Hayden/Nicole/Derrick are the returning player, they are all gunning for Frankie long term. Doesn't mean they will be successful, but it makes life much more difficult for Frankie. Otherwise at this point in the game it doesn't seem to make a lot of sense why Zack would be the target this week.
  12. Since when in a HOH letter has it been allowed to have comments about the game? Especially curious was her congratulations on his amazing competition win and coming clean on his secret "last week" Did she perhaps know in advance Frankie would win HOH this week?
  13. Actually he exaggerated by about 1.2 million fans, more like 300k, far from celebrity status on youtube. For most people it was a who cares revelation, but it did change the conversation from everyone hating on him. And now he gets a reset, he gets a pass on any past lies and can now claim he's telling 100% the truth and the HG's are buying it. The word "weasel" in the dictionary has his picture next to it, he has forever tainted the phrase "I love you", and why the heck does he always get to sleep in the HOH bed?
  14. stagehand

    Derrick Levasseur (Week 5) -Team America

    If Derrick doesn't make it until at least the final four I'll be shocked. He's completely running the game, at this point no one would dream of targeting him, and by the time they do, they'll be afraid to make any moves. That said, I think he is a deserving player at this point of the game.
  15. stagehand

    Caleb Reynolds (Week 5)

    I think the guy lives his life inside his own personal snow globe...