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  1. I have thought many times this season that Paul was given veto answers so he would win. He seems to get the highest score or lowest time on the vetoes that require you to figure something out or remember something. Like the weather one and the travel one. I know he is good in comps but he seemed too good this year in some of them.
  2. I totally think the show is helping Paul. First his 3 weeks of safety, then he wins 2 HOH and pov when he has HOH giving him all the power, and I think he is the only one that has gotten the pass on the hn key. I do not remember him being that good at comps last year. I also don't understand the house guest because he is playing the same game he played last year and that nearly won the game for him, but Cody is the only one that seems to see that.
  3. Can someone explain to me why Nicole wants to get Michelle out and keep Paul, when Paul voted to send Corey home. To me the smart move would be to send Paul or victor home and keep James, and Nat because they have stuck by her and Michelle who is alone in the game. She is wasting her HOH if she votes out Michelle that is the dumbest move ever in my opinion.
  4. JAS

    TAR discussion thread

    Yes I do think it was going to be a non-elimination leg it was time for another one. What season was the hay bells in and who spent 8 hours on that task?
  5. JAS

    Monday, August 24th

    Why do they let everyone sleep during AD. I don't want to watch 3 hours of sleeping house guest.
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    I think you have to soak the shirts in some ash stuff before you tie dye them, which she doesn't seem to be doing.
  7. JAS


    Why is it when the house gets stuff to play with Lyida has to control everything?
  8. JAS


    Nat was eating on Monday, was her slop pass a season long slop pass? I don't ever remember BB having a season long slop pass. Also way was Jordan not able to eat since she was HOH.
  9. JAS


    What I don't get is J/J/R/M was in HOH room talking about her drinking saying how can CBS let an 18 year old drink it is against the law, it was on AD. No one said so she must not be 18, they just went on about how she shouldn't be drinking. Hello use your brains people CBS would not let someone under 21 drink on this show they would be in so much trouble. That is one of the reasons that shows like this want people 21 and over so they don't have to worry about that. I did like Nat's hair tonight I thought it looked good straight, but that is the only thing I liked about her.
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    You can also watch them on www.cbs.com or www.hulu.com.
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    I know that but Kevin got an extra day last week and I swear I remember him eating on Thursday BBAD because his extra day ended at 9 on Thursday.
  12. JAS


    I thought the have not ended at 9 on Wednesday not Thursday. Did Kevin eat last Thursday during BBAD because his extra day ended at 9 that night so why is Jeff still on slop.
  13. I noticed on BBAD they did not say the show tomorrow was live. I can't remember if they usually say live on Thursday or not though.
  14. The only way they will kick Chima out of the house is if she was to hit someone. If they kicked her out for any other reason she would play the race card and CBS doesn't' want that so they are not going to kick out the black girl for anything less then violent behavior.
  15. If the live audience is let go before the show airs will the results be posted on Facebook? I hope not I do not want to know before I see the show and I don't want to avoid my facebook page for hours tomorrow.