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  1. 8:36 pm BBT Fessy and Haleigh are having a heart to heart in the Jenga room. He says he doesn't know what's real and what's fake, including them. She doesn't know how to help him, so says good night and goes back to the HOHR. 8:38 pm BBT While KC was packing, she brought out her rainbow suits. Apparently there was one for each player in case they got that punishment. JC, Brett, Angela, Tyler and Scottie all have one on. JC also wears a tutu. 8:53 pm BBT Haleigh is pouting in the HOHR, saying that she's uncomfortable with people wearing KC's clothes. Scottie (who is also wearing a suit) says "but it had my name in it". Fessy comes into the HOHR, also rather mopey. 8:55 pm BBT Angela said that Rachel didn't fully pack because she didn't believe she was going home. Kaitlyn didn't feel the need to pack either because she was just going to have to unpack it. She has been watching the feeds and when she sees something of hers, she tells production to get it back for her.
  2. 8:01 pm BBT In the BBR, KC is packing for being on the block tomorrow night. KC, Scottie, Ty, and Angela discuss how they weren't packed when Big Brother came to pick them up for the show. 8:03 pm BBT Haleigh and RS are waiting for Sam to get out of the shower because she's colored her skin blue for a tan (?). Scottie comes in with a cookie for Haleigh. 8:07 pm BBT Haleigh tells Scottie that she's stressing and relaxing at the same time, which takes equal amounts of focus and negativity. 8:09 pm BBT Haleigh is telling the story of how her parents' house built down and how they now live about 35 minutes away from her grandparents. Scottie is grilling her for details. 8:17 pm BBT Rockstar, KC and Haleigh are discussing how they spend New Year's Eve and how they've changed over the years. 8:23 pm BBT JC is laughing at KC's packing since she's only halfway full and the suitcase is full. She said she'll need a big trash bag for the rest of her stuff, and at least she doesn't have make up to pack.
  3. 7:33 pm BBT Rockstar talks with Sam while she takes a shower in the HOHR. Sam said that she usually has to take two showers after work to get all of the guck off of her. 7:42 pm BBT Rockstar is nervous because Scottie was wearing Angela's hoodie with her hat. Haleigh and Sam are talking her off the ledge. 7:48 pm BBT The kitchen is clean and Tyler, Fessy and JC are hanging out. Fessy tells JC that he is getting belly, and JC stands up and says Fessy wishes he looked half as good as him. They decide to play a prank and are figuring one out. 7:50 pm BBT JC and Fessy are starting to put laxatives in lemonade they're about to make. Production shut them down with "stop that!" 7:52 pm BBT Up in the HOHR, RS Haleigh and Sam talk about the HG's last names and that they don't know any of them. 7:58 pm BBT Tyler, Angela, KC and Scottie are in the BBR quietly thinking about tomorrow night's comp and if they'll get new shoes. They realize that tonight's show has already aired.
  4. 7:00 pm BBT Rockstar, Haleigh, Brett and Fessy are hanging in the PBR talking about how their friends will relax, and how RS can't believe she's someone's mom who is also on Big Brother with purple hair. 7:02 pm BBT KC and Angela are in the kitchen making dinner for the house. Fessy is called to the DR. RS asks him to cry a little for production. He teases "I can't cry three times in a row". 7:03 pm BBT JC helps with dishes in the KT, while Scottie takes out the trash. Tyler comes in to talk with them while they cook and puts the open crackers away. 7:06 pm BBT Haleigh and Brett talk in the PBR and Brett says he really wants to win and that he feels like a big loser. Haleigh said that she's cautiously confident about the vote. 7:07 pm BBT Haleigh and Brett wonder what Bayleigh is doing. Haleigh thinks she's eating dinner and watching Netflix. Brett thinks that he'd be surprised if they got Netflix. 7:24 pm BBT Fessy is on the ground in the Jenga room exercising and appearing deep in thought. RS is in the PBR bed by herself, also deep in thought.
  5. 8:33 pm BBT JC tells Sam in the HN room that he is going to get a lot of flack when he gets out of the house. JC tells her whatever she does, don't do what she did last week and tell people how she voted because she will become a target. 8:39 pm BBT In the BBR, JC tells Sam that he hopes she's not the hacker. She said she'd be the first one to tell people that she was. They laugh. 8:40 pm BBT Sam says that she wants to go to bed early tonight because she was up til 4 this morning. He said that they can spend all day Wednesday sleeping so she can stay up. She says ok, she'll stay up with him. 8:51 pm BBT Fessie and Scottie are playing pool in the BY. All 4 cameras are on them, not much talk. 8:58 pm BBT JC joined Angela, KC, and Tyler on the hammock. They're wondering why there's no booze, and say that it's because they're out of control. JC said that Rachel chugged 2 beers and 2 glasses of wine. "She was a drinker"
  6. 8:06 pm BBT Scottie goes into a giggle fit about his vote for Swaggy's eviction. "I ain't nobody's goon", and then could hear the gasp from the audience. Haleigh laughs. 8:17 pm BBT Scottie and Haleigh are talking about when her bra strap popped off and apparently he made a face at that same time, but didn't see it - so production asked him to make a comment in the DR as if he had seen it. 8:24 pm BBT Sam and Rockstar are still storytelling on the BY couches. Now Sam is talking about her horses and how one was stuck in barbed wire. 8:27 pm BBT Angela is telling her life story to Tyler, Brett and Kaycee while swinging in the hammock.
  7. 7:38 pm BBT Angela and Tyler get into the hammock and KC plays pool. Brett has resumed his laps. JC, RS, Scottie and JC are still on the blanket. Not much discussion. 7:44 pm BBT Angela tells Tyler and Brett about how her ex gave her dog away when she was going away for training a few years ago. She does still see pics of him on Snapchat. 7:49 pm BBT Sam and RS are smoking on the BY couch talking about what shows she watched with her family. Especially the John Denver special when he sang the 12 Day with the Muppets. 7:54 pm BBT KC, Angela and Tyler are laughing in the BY about stories about how KC's brother always got caught stealing. She played basketball in college, but then school wasn't for her. She left there and started playing football in Tijuana. 7:57 pm BBT Scottie and Haleigh are laying on the blanket. She says that some people don't feel comfortable talking game with her. He tells her if he wants to talk, he will. Meanwhile, they'll continue to discuss random topics.
  8. 7:05 pm BBT The HG are preparing for a picnic in the BY. JC has made chili dogs. 7:11 pm BBT Brett is running laps around the BY. Fessy, RS, JC and Sam are in the KTfinalizing the dinner spread while Ang, Scottie and KC are on a blanket in the grass. 7:19 pm BBT Haleigh joins the other HG for dinner in the BY and gets told to put on her mic, so she runs back up to her room to get it. Everyone is now in the BY. 7:23 pm BBT The HG talk about the various planes/helicopters that fly over. Sam says that she likes the pink planes. 7:30 pm BBT Fesse is talking about Chattanooga and said he'd never heard of it before they came to watch him play and recruit him. JC said he wasn't sure where TN was, so they describe the shape of the state.
  9. 8:33 pm BBT Scottie is in the shower discussing getting a hair cut with Sam. She said that at some point, Haleigh volunteered cutting her hair off for donation. Scottie said that he wants to do that as well, and that his hair has never been colored or permed. 8:35 pm BBT Sam gives Tyler some purple shampoo to set on his hair while in the shower, which is a toner to help his sun bleached hair. 8:36 pm BBT JC is in the BY with Fessy and Brett, where Brett is spotting him lifting weights. 8:39 pm BBT Scottie and Haleigh are discussing how they were picked on for their physical appearance growing up, and how mean kids were. 8:43 pm BBT JC and Brett are in BY saying how happy they are that RS will be gone this week and that it will make for great tv. 8:53 pm BBT JC continues to lift weights, Rockstar is sitting alone on the BY couch, and Brett does yoga. 8:55 pm BBT Scottie and Haleigh are discussing kids that don't graduate from high school and then go on to float through life. Haleigh said "and you know what we do to floaters? Shoot and miss!" 8:56 pm BBT Haleigh tells Scottie that at some point they need to go socialize.
  10. 8:03 pm BBT Fessy joins the other three in the HOHR and puts on Haleigh's headphones, also digging into the snacks. 8:06 pm BBT Brett is playing cornhole by himself while KC stretches on the grass. Angela looks like she's prepping to run by doing stretches. 8:14 pm BBT Rockstar reassures Fessy, Scottie and Haleigh again that Sam will vote for her to stay. 8:15 pm BBT The group in the HOHR say that it's good that KC hasn't made any meaningful relationships in the house, so she won't have the votes. They think that the show will be very boring, and them mimic Angela talking about Hilton Head in a boring voice. 8:17 pm BBT Angela is cutting up chicken in the KT while Tyler talks with her about what a horrible painful sport gymnastics was. 8:19 pm BBT JC went outside into the BY and comes back in with a stack of folded towels. KC comes in as well, and the four of them are in the KT. 8:21 pm BBT Tyler is trying to recall the story of Tonya Harding and the movie based on her scandal. They can't get the story right about who Nancy Kerrigan was, so Ty goes in to ask Sam in the shower. He can't remember if Nancy was the one that gave Bill Clinton the hummer in the White House or the ice skater. She laughs and tells him no, that was Monica Lewinsky. 8:31 pm BBT Rockstar, Scottie and Haleigh are walking through previous weeks, some good some bad. Not studying though - just chatting. Scottie is playing with Haleigh's hair.
  11. 7:32 pm BBT JC is talking to Tyler and Angela about voting in California and the possibility of LA splitting up into 3 different districts and how he's all for it. 7:36 pm BBT JC says he wants to give back to the young LBG community because they get into some hard situations and he wants to have a safe place or to give advice for them. 7:37 pm BBT Rockstar is talking with Scottie about some of the Ravens players that have been into her strip club and that she is friends with a few of them. 7:43 pm BBT Angela's first job was at the Old Oyster Factory making $8/hour. JC made the same pay at his first job. 7:45 pm BBT Rockstar and Scottie are fanning over the premiere night's audience from the previous seasons. She said that a lot of them were calling out her name before she went in the house. 7:49 pm BBT Tyler, JC and Angela all have the CBS All Access passes, but forgot to turn it off before going in the house. JC and Angela both pay the premium non-commercial subscription price. 7:53 pm BBT JC was surprised when he tried to get his CA driver license that he had to take a test. He said it was difficult, so he didn't pass it. They let him go back and take it again 30 minutes later, so he went to Starbucks and studied. He passed it the second time. 7:56 pm BBT Scottie asks RS and Haleigh who first talked to them. They both answer Kaitlyn. They dig into some chips and start eating Cheetos and popcorn in bed.
  12. 7:00 pm BBT Scottie, Rockstar and Haleigh are in the HOHR bed talking about the veto loss and how RS needs to stop talking about how she lost to Tyler. They're looking back at what they could've done differently. 7:02 pm BBT Haleigh says that she could've been in Peru handing out medical supplies instead of in the house. Scottie says that he's never heard of the word immunization before. 7:02 pm BBT JC, Angela and Tyler in the BY going through the comps that were based on luck and how much they dislike them. 7:16 pm BBT JC in the BY talking with Angela wondering if Sam's despair is an act, or if it's emotional. He says that Sam said that Sam said her vote was an accident, which he doesn't believe. 7:19 pm BBT Tyler comes back to the hammock with two drinks, one for him and one for Angela. KC is playing pool by herself. 7:21 pm BBT JC is confused over the evolution of the music players and what kind of media was used. He can't remember the player of CDs and finally says discman. Angela laughs and says there was no such player. 7:23 pm BBT Scottie, Hales and RS are still moping up in the HOHR bed. RS says she wanted to be the first person to use the POV on themselves.
  13. 8:30 pm BBT Fessy continues to disobey production and continues to sing. "FAYSAL! I recognize that English can be a difficult language to comprehend, but stop singing" The other HG start laughing at him and say that he was shut down, and to get him some ice. 8:40 pm BBT Sam and KC are playing cornhole while Angela swings in the hammock with Tyler, Brett works out, and Haleigh cycles. 8:42 pm BBT Tyler and Angela joke about her having to pitch to him for using the Veto. She's thinking through what she should say during the ceremony. 8:44 pm BBT JC was throwing Chex Mix at Angela in the hammock. Tyler is laughing at her and how she says "STFU" in her sleep. 8:48 pm BBT Angela is telling her life story to Tyler. She was doing back flips off the couch at 5, so her parents put her in gymnastics. This turned into her life because that's all she did and was always practicing at the gym, so she resented her mom for her lack of childhood. 8:55 pm BBT Brett is talking with Sam in the KT, where she is bringing in the clean laundry. They said it's important to have thick skin with the picking in the house. She leaves, and Haleigh comes in and asks Brett what he thinks will happen at POV ceremony. He says that he feels Tyler will take Angela down because she did the same for him. She said that Scottie always tells her what Tyler is saying. 8:59 pm BBT Haleigh is stressing herself out with all of the different scenarios in her head over what if this or what if that. Brett tells her to stop with the hypotheticals and just deal with what she actually knows.
  14. 8:04 pm BBT Haleigh is chatting with Brett in the BY workout area. She said that Fessy was asking her where Brett's head was at. They say that they still want the noms as KC and Angela. 8:06 pm BBT Fessy is up in the HOHR with Haleigh and Rockstar. Production wants her to have a Twitter handle of Hacker Hales. 8:11 pm BBT Fessy is dancing and listening to music in the HOHR. Haleigh went to the BY with her HOH snapchat glasses and is getting pics of the HG playing pool.