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  1. 12:00AM BBT Shannon does laundry while the girls continue to talk about the Black Box. 12:02AM BBT Mark and James join Brandi, Omarosa, Ari and Marissa in the BY. They said that the showers and the SR are trashed and that they all need to clean it up. They say that the only thing they have tomorrow is the POV meeting. 12:03AM BBT They are speculating that they will have a double eviction on Friday, especially since it will be 2 hours. They'll start the show with 9 people, so they predict 2 double evictions coming. 12:23AM BBT In the BY, Shannon offers up her stipend to BB for a twist in the game. 12:24AM BBT Marissa tries to fix her hair with the add-on hair piece. Omarosa talks to Metta in the KT. They talk about how Shannon flipped the game, and brought this upcoming eviction on herself. 12:25AM BBT Metta says that you can't make your decisions personal. Omarosa says that that's why women don't women the game. 12:37AM BBT The HG in the BY talk about who has had sex in the BB house in the past seasons.
  2. 11:31PM BBT In the KT, Omarosa asks if anyone wants to have a cake fight. She said that she went to take a shower and it was cold water. Marissa said that she took a lot of showers while waiting in the HOH room. 11:38PM BBT Metta shows the cake to the camera in the KT. "Happy half-way point, houst guests!" 11:44PM BBT The houseguests each read their fortune from the cookies, and add "in bed" to the end. 11:52PM BBT Metta, James and Mark clean the kitchen while the others sit by the fire with wine. 11:52PM BBT Ross is called to the DR. 11:52PM BBT Production tells the HG over and over to not talk about production, but that doesn't stop them.
  3. 11:02PM BBT Feeds are back up 11:04PM BBT Ross and James talk about giving Shannon a boost of spirits in LBR. Ari is crafting in the HOH and Shannon walks in. Brandi is in the HOH bathroom. 11:07PM BBT Brandi tells Ari and Shannon that she was given Spanx to wear in case her pants came off. 11:08PM BBT It sounds as if they were all given a task to do, one by one - which explains why the feeds were down for so long. Ari said that she was "in there for 30 minutes" 11:09PM BBT Ross, Mark and James are talking in the BY by the fire. James won POV. 11:11PM BBT The POV was the Black Box, which hadhoney and confetti and tomato sauce. James and Ross were telling Mark about how they were crawling through the goo. 11:16PM BBT Mark says that the floaters are getting far. He admits that he is a floater, along with Metta. Mark says that if you win this HOH, you have a clear path to the end. 11:17PM BBT Shannon and Ross in the HOH - Shannon finished the comp in 8 minutes. 11:18PM BBT James tells Mark that he can't take Shannon off the block. Mark agrees. [Do you think he knows about Marcella?] The group gets food in the SR. 11:20PM BBT The HG get cupcakes, cookies, cake, roses, and wine. They bring everything out to the KT. 11:24PM BBT Marissa asks if POP was on hold tonight. She wonders if they were on the feeds while they were sequestered in the house. 11:26PM BBT They only have red wine and moscato, neither of which Brandi can drink. She feels punished. They all are around the kitchen table with a big food spread. 11:27PM BBT Brandi thought she won the POV. They all say how much fun they had, and how the interacted with production staff. 11:28PM BBT Brandi said that as the number of people dwindled in the HOH as each left to play the POV comp. They were holding up signs to the camera.
  4. Keshia Knight Pulliam visits "The Talk" in her first broadcast interview since leaving "Celebrity Big Brother" and shares her thoughts on the game and her eviction. On why she threw Shannon Elizabeth under the bus at the end, Pulliam reveals, "the havoc she was creating, and how she definitely tried to pit specifically me and Omarosa against one another... she had side alliances with every single body in the house..." She opens up about this being her time to leave, saying "family is always going to win out for me, I didn't have any more days to be away from my daughter... these were the same group of people who were in my alliance who a couple of days earlier had completely lied... I had to make a decision because this wasn't about game play to me, this was about real life, this was about my child." And she reveals who she thinks could win the game -"Metta. Let me tell you, I think they are completely sleeping on him... he said, 'the longer you all keep me, I'm coming for you.'"
  5. It's a race to get a hole in one for the Houseguests in this HOH competition... but their "superfans" aren't making it easier.
  6. Celebrity Big Brother houseguests Ross Mathews, Marissa Jaret Winokur and Brandi Lynn Glanville play a storytelling game. From Celebrity Big Brother After Dark on February 10, 2018.
  7. Ariadna, Omarosa, Chuck and more houseguests take turns at charades. From Celebrity Big Brother After Dark on February 7, 2018.
  8. Ariadna, Omarosa, Chuck and more houseguests take turns at charades. From Celebrity Big Brother After Dark on February 7, 2018.
  9. Prima Bowlerina Comp

    Things take dangerous spin when Omarosa goes up against Marissa in the Bowlerina HOH Competition.
  10. 11:01PM BBT Ari is called to the DR. In the KT, Mark tells Brandi that he will tell them how to play the Chinese Checkers game. Shannon is asleep in the bedroom, and Marissa goes in to get her bedding. 11:03PM BBT Ross goes into the dark bedroom and gets his jacket. He tells Marissa that Shannon's behavior before was game, but now it's just getting rude. Ross goes up to the HOH room. 11:06PM BBT James talks to Ross in the BY about playing pool, but that he needs to go into the dark room and make his bed. Ross offers for him to stay in his bed since he'll be going to sleep up in the HOH room. James does his laundry in the BY. 11:08PM BBT All cameras are on James in the BY doing laundry while you can hear the others in the KT. 11:10PM BBT Marissa and Ross talk in the SEL. Marissa doesn't feel like she betrayed Shannon, and ask what is up with Brandi telling Shannon that she'd play for her to come down. 11:11PM BBT Brandi, Metta, Omarosa and Mark talk in the KT about how to act while on the block, and that it's a game. It's a game and don't get wrapped up in it. 11:14PM BBT Ross, Mark, Brandi and Omarosa walk through why Shannon is on the block. Brandi said that they found out that Shannon was puppeteering and that she just has to go. 11:21PM BBT Marissa says that she likes the James that's on the block. James took a Benadryl, so he's tired. 11:22PM BBT In the KT, Omarosa asks Brandi if she wants to do her nails with her. Brandi asks Ross to get her a glass of wine. Ari is still in the SR. Omarosa tells Metta that she'll cook for him anytime. Metta grabs a Heineken and gets a Coors for Mark. 11:24PM BBT Mark, Metta, Brandi, and Ross cheers with their drinks in the KT. 11:27PM BBT Ari comes out of the DR and joins the others in the KT. She hugs on Brandi. They are all relaxed and having a good time with each other. 11:30PM BBT Ross goes to the DR. They need trash bags and brillo pads. Brandi says that she can compartmentalize well and put what's going on outside of the house on a shelf/on hold and focus on something else. (like the game)
  11. 10:32PM BBT Brandi and Ross talk in the SEL about how Metta will help them. In the KT, Mark and Omarosa talk about being portrayed in an SNL skit. She says that Maya Rudolph played her with Jimmy Fallon and had objects falling on the characters head. She enjoyed that and said she has a good sense of humor. 10:35PM BBT Ross tells Brandi in the SEL that he feels shady. Ari comes in as she waits to go into the DR. Back in the KT, Mark tells Omarosa that he doesn't primp for the DR - that he is who he is. 10:38PM BBT Mark asks Omarosa about the political investigation. She brings up Ken Starr from when she worked with the Clinton administration, and 10 years later there's another special prosecutor Ken Starr named Mueller. She was not new to this situation. "and on and on and on" 10:40PM BBT Omarosa says that "if there was something, it would be known by now - that's my two cents". (re: Russian investigation) 10:41PM BBT Metta comes into the kitchen and tells James, Mark and Omarosa that he may have a beer. Mark said that he may have one as well. Back in the SEL, Ari, Ross and Brandi talk about how they're going to tell Shannon that she's a big threat and has to go, and that it is NOT personal. 10:44PM BBT In the KT, Omarosa tells Mark and James how she knows all 3 sign languages (ASL, ESL, etc) and the difference between them. She can sign with the special ed kids when she substitute teaches. 10:46PM BBT Metta and Mark talk basketball and how he's missed time with his kids because he travels and then is tired. Mark agrees and has the same with his touring travels and then he is exhausted when he gets home. 10:59PM BBT Ari, Omarosa, Brandi and Ross continue to chat and laugh in the SEL. They play a game with the marbles on the board. They agree that they don't know how to play the game. They all feel badly about Shannon feeling excluded in the house.
  12. 10:02PM BBT Ross, Marissa and Omarosa come into Metta's room and he tells them that he's been talking to the camera. He plays dumb and says he was talking about his schooling, and didn't realize that he's allowed to talk game to the viewers. 10:08PM BBT Marissa says that tomorrow they all are going to wear red or pink and give Valentine shout outs to their loved ones at 9:00. 10:08PM BBT Marissa puts her pom pom ears on Mett's sports cap. Even though he was previously playing dumb about not talking game to the camera, he proceeds to tell them what he was saying about the HG bonding. 10:10PM BBT Ariadna says that Metta let her win the HOH, he tells her that he didn't. Marissa, Ari, and Metta tell the camera that they are having a really good time, even though they look like they're not. 10:11PM BBT Ross "Captain Pervy" enters the room and tells them that they've given them two bottles of wine and that Brandi is excited. 10:12PM BBT James is called to the DR. Ross, Marissa, and Brandi in the GBR. Ross, tells Brandi that it HAS to be Shannon that goes and to not change the plan. Brandi tells them that she told Shannon she would take her off block if Brandi wins. 10:16PM BBT Ross says "what did you do??" to Brandi. He asks her if she would really do it (take her off block), she says no. Her strategy was that if Shannon wins, she'll think that Brandi had her back. 10:20PM BBT BB turned off the lights in Shannon's room just to give her a break. 10:25PM BBT Ari, Metta, Brandi, Omarosa, and Marissa talk about how they need to make a big move now to get Shannon out. THey spin scenarios if somehow Shannon wins. Omarosa thinks that Shannon is a much stronger player than James because she was able to flip the entire house to get Chuck out. 10:27PM BBT Omarosa told Ari that she will play hard for the POV. They will give her a nebulizer before the comp. Marissa is called to DR and BB tells Ari that she's going next and to not take her make up off. She goes upstairs to retouch it. 10:28PM BBT James is laying on the couch by himself in the BY.
  13. 9:31PM BBT Omarosa talks about how she will be a substitute teacher. She would talk to the parents about their kids and they would just stare at her as if they were being punk'd. 9:37PM BBT Mark is called to the DR. Metta talks to the cameras from his bed. He mooned the cameras when he took a shower by accident and asks that it not be screenshot. 9:39PM BBT Metta is in the sports red room and says that there is a lot of traffic coming through with 2 doors. He likes to walk through the house in his underwear after the others sleep, and looks at himself/muscles in the mirrors. 9:41PM BBT Metta says that he is good looking, which is is nice for the others to look at. He goes through each of the houseguests products that are on the market, or their upcoming gigs. 9:42PM BBT Metta continues to talk to himself - the camera confirms to him with a nod that we are still listening. He gives house game play to sports and how it's competitive mentally and physically. 9:46PM BBT Metta says that he wants more confrontation in the game. He said he hit the gym twice - and to watch if you want to work out along with him. He'll also show what "concoction" he makes each night and will walk through it so we can learn. 9:50PM BBT Metta asks the camera if the fans like him going crazy in the house, and there's a nod. He said that Shannon hates everyone right now, and that he's going to visit her in S. Africa once she's no longer mad. 9:53PM BBT Brandi is called to the DR. 9:55PM BBT Metta raps a commercial for POP. He says that he wants to go to the POP TV office where they give him cookies and milk, and also 3 of the owls. Mark comes in and gives him his laundry. "It's Metta's World and I'm just living in it". 9:57PM BBT Metta still in bed in the Red BR admits that he has cried in the house. He asks the camera (again) if other countries are watching. The camera nods yes. He gives shout outs to other countries.
  14. 9:05PM BBT Shannon tells James that she is on the outs and wishes that she had never come. 9:05PM BBT James told Shannon that he will get Brandi out before Ari. 9:06PM BBT Ari and Brandi are in the SR choosing food. Brandi compares the butternut squash to a phallic symbol. She brings the squash out to the BY with Mark, Ari, Marissa and Ross. They laugh as she coddles the squash. 9:09PM BBT They all make silly jokes about the squash, Ross says "oh my gourd!" 9:10PM BBT In the BY, Ross tells the others that it's Day 14 of 26, so they're just over halfway. Mark says that the house is aging him - wrinkles, receding hairline, etc. 9:11PM BBT Ross heads inside, leaving the other HG joking about the names they've given the squash. (Peter, Dick, etc....) 9:13PM BBT Omarosa and Ross join Marissa, Mark, and Marissa in the BY. Ross says that this is the favorite part of being in the house - outside in the BY by the fire. 9:15PM BBT They go around the group playing "the rose and the thorn", where each says their most and least favorite parts of being in the house. James joins them in the BY as well. 9:16PM BBT Omarosa said that she had a good nap with the lights out. The others said that they think BB is being lax with the group. 9:19PM BBT They pretend to be on the phones again in the BY (using their mic pacs as the phone) They're trying to be more entertaining because they're live on POP.