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Houseguest Zach Oleynik Discussion


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bbcan3-zach.jpgZach Oleynik
An ambitious pre-med student and Quarterback for the University of Regina’s football team.
Age: 22
Hometown: Regina, SK
Occupation: University Student

Describe yourself in three words:

Fun. Energetic. Competitive.


Do you have a strategy to win Big Brother Canada?

I’m going to try to align myself with a close group of four people. Once I’ve built my social game, I’m going to start letting my physicality come into play. I know it’s going to be hard to hold back from winning competitions. I’ve never not done my very best when competing. I want to find good, loyal people, and I’m not opposed to finding a showmance, or even a bromance, if I think it’ll help me. My biggest challenge will be getting the target off of my back because I know that at 6’4, it’ll be on me from day one.


If you could take one thing inside the house, what would it be and why?

I wish I could bring music into the house with me. I love music and it won’t be easy to not have a chance to listen to it every day. I’d also love to bring in my football hats, or something that represents my team back home. Go Rams!


Brain vs. Brawn. Which challenges, physical or mental, do you fear most?

I honestly might have trouble with the endurance challenges because I’ve seen some of the taller guys on the show struggle with those ones in the past. It might just be awkward and tough for me to stay in one position for a long period of time.


If you won, how would you spend the $100k?

I’d spend it on my family. My mom and dad have sacrificed so much for my sister and me. They paid for me to go to school and get a good education. My mom’s even worked two jobs to make ends meet. Her and my dad never took a vacation or did anything for themselves. I’d also love to make a down payment on a house.


Who is your Big Brother Canada idol and why?

Jon Pardy (BBCAN2). He’s a funny, outgoing and athletic guy. Definitely someone I can relate to. He made it so hard for people to get rid of him. I also have a crush on Jillian (BBCAN1).


True North strong and free. What is your favourite thing about Canada?

The people are amazing. They’re so friendly and easygoing, and not egotistical. Canadians are open-minded and relatable.


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