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Monday July 21 Live Feeds / BB After Dark Updates


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9:23 PM BBT Caleb, Hayden, Derrick, Jocasta, Donny and Cody in the BY still talking about survivor and how long it takes to film. Frankie, Zach and Christine in the KT doing dishes.

9:28 PM BBT Donny talking about Naked and Afraid, even though Caleb says he want to be on it, Donny seems to know a lot more about it. Derrick talks to Vic in the hall, she says "something" about Donny and Derrick asks her who told her that because it's not true. She swears him to secrecy and tells him it was Christine that told her.

9:32 PM BBT Derrick goes IMMEDIATELY to Cody and says I just heard something. He says this for "Hit Men" only information. He tells Cody that Vic just told him that she was hurt by him because he (Derrick) knew Donny was going on the block and he didn't tell her. She (Vic) told him that Christine and Nicole told her that Derrick already knew. Derrick tells Cody, thats bad for us.

9:34 PM BBT Cody is really upset that Nicole and Christine sold him out. Derrick is telling him that he will find out every detail when Vic gets out of DR. Caleb walks up to the hammock and they pretend they are talking what a double eviction would be like. The KT crew are talking about Marlynn Monroe and Zach didn't know she was having sex with JFK. He also didn't know JFK was married.

9:37 PM BBT Frankie says his favorite social media is instagram (his bio says YouTube star) Christine says hers is Facebook. Caleb is talking about a comp where just holding a bar and being raised into the air he would win. Derrick says no way a girl would win because they are lighter.

9:43 PM BBT The only thing Cody is worried about is if Derrick tells Victoria he had no idea about Donny going up and if Vic goes back to Christine and Nicole and says Derrick had no idea, they (Christine and Nicole) can say Derrick is a liar because he was in the room when we all talked about it. Derrick: "Don't worry about Cody, I got this"

9:48 PM BBT Derrick starts out saying how much he likes Vic's pants before they start to talk. Vic says she heard it was between Caleb and Donny. She has the complete conversation. That the "group" talked Cody out of putting Caleb up because it was better for everyone's game if Donny went up. Vic is saying I know you close with Cody. Derrick is doing damage control.

9:56 PM BBT Derrick is telling lies as fast as his lips can move trying to keep Vic from figuring anything out. Frankie finishing up dishes with Christine. Cody and Caleb playing pool with an audience lined up to watch of Nicole, Jocasta, and Donny.

10:02 PM BBT Derrick warning Vic not to tell Zach anything. Nicole and Zach laying on the hammock talking about farming.

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10:04 PM BBT Derrick and Vic on double lounger. Vic asks Derrick if he trust Christine. He tells her he doesn’t really trust any of the girls but her and that’s because they’ve been talking together since the beginning. He tells her that he could have swore Cody was working with Donny. That it would be pretty risky to put up one of your own.

10:08 PM BBT Vic asks Derrick if he would rather make it to jury or go home because $1000 a week isn't really that much. He says that he would rather go to jury and then go home and find out that there was a twist where the jury had a chance to come back in and play again. He tells her he thinks they're good and they will make it to jury. She says people would be dumb to send her home before jury. She asks if it's bad that she and Hayden have become close friends. He says Hayden's friends with everyone. She says Hayden reminds her of her younger brother.

10:15 PM BBT Derrick tells Vic she better not choose Hayden over him. She says that he's her number 1. He says that he's married and she says that she could have been married if she had wanted to be, like 3 times. Meanwhile, Donny, Jocasta, and Christine are walking around the yard. and Donnie stops to give Nic a push in the hammock as he goes around the yard. Hayden and Frankie are exercising in the middle of the yard. Vic tells Derrick she feels like he knows her, that she feels like she grew up with him. He says he does, that he knows girls like her.

10:22 PM BBT Vic tells Derrick that she thinks Donny is a genius. She says she was talking to Hayden and Christine the night before and they were saying that you have to assume that everything everyone is saying is a lie. Meanwhile, Frankie is still doing his workout in the middle of the yard, but doing so in a German accent. Everyone in the BY is laughing hysterically at Frankie's showmanship. Derrick and Vic are still sitting in the lounger talking about casting and Derrick's family heritage. It is an exciting night in the BB house, folks! She tells him that her DR sessions are pretty entertaining. He says he will see them soon enough.

10:28 PM BBT Caleb and Cody have been playing pool this whole time. Derrick and Vic talk about when they think there will be a double eviction. They discuss what people's lies might be. For example... Vic is married with 2 kids. Derrick isn't married. He thinks they will find something out about everybody. He says he was a troublemaker as a kid and so he's a feel good story. Vic says she thinks Christine is lying. Derrick says, "she's a genius?" Vic whispers and Derrick says "She's an actress?" Vic says, No. She has said she's good at acting. She has said it like 5 times. Derrick asks her, what about Hayden? She doesn't think Hayden is lying. Derrick thinks Zach is who he says he is. Caleb is who he says he is. Derrick says he wishes he had a secret everyone would react to. Vic says she has a good one.

10:37 PM BBT Vic's brother told her not to be the stupid one because he knows her English isn't as good as her Hebrew. Derrick says you have to think about how many people applied. Nic comes and sits with them. Zach and Frankie head to the hammock. Zach says he can't wait to see Frankie's DR's. Frankie say's he's so happy right now because there's no tension. He said if Cody had put up Caleb the vote could have been 5-5. They start to talk about the order they would like to see HG evicted. Zach wants Amber to go next. Frankie says he's not putting her up. Zach says if it's between her and Donny, he's putting her up. He also said he told Nicole he'd never put her up. Derrick is talking to Vic and Nic about the game. Sure it's about strategy, but it's also about luck. Frankie and Zach are talking about Caleb. Caleb's dad lives in TX and his dad makes about $50,000 a day...but he has to pay his employees, electricity, materials.

10:42 PM BBT Zach and Frankie were talking about Caleb's parents being divorced and Caleb's dad living in TX and his mom living in Kentucky. According to Caleb, his dad is rich. Zach says he's not sure how much of what Caleb says he believes. Vic is talking about what she called Devin when she evicted him. Feed 1/2 Christine, Cody, Zach, Frankie, and Hayden are all gathered around the hot tub with their feet dangling inside. Feed 3/4 Caleb and Jocasta are in the KT talking.

10:46 PM BBT Derrick predicts that if Brittany goes home she won't watch the show. He says that the moment he gets home, after kissing his wife and daughter, he will start from the beginning of the season. Nic and Vic say they aren't sure they want to know what people have said. Donny and Caleb have joined the hot tub crew. They are all talking about roller coasters.

10:57 PM BBT Vic and Nic make their way inside to look for some candy. Nicole eats some Cool Whip from the container. They talk about how much fat is in peanut butter. Cody joins Derrick on lounger chairs by the pool. They are talking about the pool vacuum. They determine that something isn't working correctly and go to work on it. Nic and Vic are discussing who is being perceived as the feisty girl [Getting the feeling Vic wants to be seen this way! --brotayjax] Nic says that if she says anything that seems feisty, they have her tone it down because they aren't showing her that way. Derrick and Cody still working on the pool vacuum.

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9:51PMBBT Derrick and Victoria talking in the BY. Derrick explaining why Donny was the replacement nom after Victoria was taken off the block. Both are discussing why Brit should be the one to go home on Thursday. Derrick doing a great job of planting the seed in Victoria's head to vote Brit out.

9:58PMBBT Victoria telling Derrick about her conversation with Brit this morning. Derrick: "She want's your vote.. We'd be stupid to keep her." Victoria: "She's psycho.. She's manipulative."

10:04PMBBT Derrick getting information out of Victoria about how she sees his relationships with others in the house (And also his alliances relationships with other houseguests). Derrick: "Do you think others think me and Cody are close? Of course right?" Victoria: "Yeah.. But not as close as him and Zach." Derrick telling Victoria that she is the only girl in the house that he talks game to. Derrick: "Why go talk game to someone else when I can come to you and know that it won't get out?" [smooth Derrick.. Smooooth]

10:06PMBBT Talk turns to the relationship between Cody and Amber. Victoria thinks that Amber has Cody wrapped around her finger.

10:09PMBBT Victoria asks Derrick if he'd rather go to jury, or go home home before Jury. Derrick: "I rather just go to jury and play it out " [DUH] Victoria: "People are stupid if they send me home before jury. 'Cause I could be a vote for them to win this crap."

10:18PMBBT Derrick and Victoria discuss who they thought was going to get on the show when they saw each other at the airport. Victoria didn't think Derrick was going to make it on the show... and Fish.

10:20PMBBT BB: "Victoria. Derrick. STOP THAT"

10:22PMBBT Victoria explaining how entertaining her DR sessions are. [...]

10:30PMBBT Nicole joins Derrick and Victoria. Talk turns to DR/goodbye messages. Victoria gets up and goes to the WC. Derrick filling in Nicole about the converstation he had with Victoria. Derrick down playing Team America to Nicole. Both contiplating who they think is a part of Team America.

10:36PMBBT A bit of Brit and Devin bashing. Derrick saying that Brit probably manipulated Devin, "She gave him the sink." [Referring to Devin] More talk of goodbye messages to Devin.

10:41PMBBT Gerenal chit chat in the hot tub w/Christine, Cody, Hayden, Frank, and Zach. Donny joins in. Talk of Disney Land rides.

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11:02 PM BBT Cody and Derrick are figuring out that fabulous workings of the pool cleaner. All the other HG have the feet in the hot tub (except Britt who is asleep and Nicole who can't take off her boots but is sitting in a chair with everyone) talking about books and movies.

11:05 PM BBT Derrick coaching Cody on his upcoming HOH blog and twitter session. The HG's at the pool get warned about quoting movies, and then Frankie bursts out into song and we get FotH.

11:13 PM BBT The hot tub crew have moved on to restaurants they like. Christine can't eat out anywhere apparently. (glutton) Derrick and Cody are talking about how many people would keep them and game, game, game. They even went over what they would do if Donny goes home and Britt stays.

11:20 PM BBT Cody and Derrick talk about the fact that Britt is still upstairs asleep. The hot tub group are all talking about various tattoos. Christine wants at least 10 more, and she was mad at her husband for getting a cheat elephant tattoo that everybody else had, she told his she wasn't having sex with him anymore. Hayden said he want the words "something from a song" tattooed on him and the tattoo artist couldn't figure out what song he was talking about.

11:23 PM BBT Vic says she wants to get the BB house tattooed on her. Zach says you can't (orthodox jewish beliefs) she says she will just have her skin sliced off before burial. Now they talk about less than 200 people have ever been on the show and that is why a tattoo is necessary.

11:27 PM BBT Hayden has an astronaut tattoo on his butt. (A man on the moon). Caleb asks if you have ever seen the tattoo of a woman leg on inside of a guys arm and the second leg on the inside of side of his ribs so when he pulls up his arm her genitals would be were a man's armpit would be will all his hair. (smh). Donny is thinking about going to bed. Cody is making food as Zach comes in to visit with him. The party is breaking up.

11:33 PM BBT Victoria begins to sing and we get fish.

11:40 PM BBT Caleb and Zach justifying why they took prizes in the POV. Vic and Cody are just listening. Frankie and Derrick talking about what they would say if Britt asks for their vote. Frankie says he is just waiting for Britt to throw Donny under the bus.

11:45 PM BBT Zach comes out to the BY screaming about where Amsterdam is, and if it is a country or a city. Everyone agrees it is a Country. (Amsterdam is a city in the Netherlands) Cody is trying to make friends with Donny again in the Fire room after putting him on the block.

11:46 PM BBT Victoria has convinced everyone Amsterdam is in Germany and not the Netherlands and now Zach is very excited to go the trip he won during the veto comp. He immediately says "Red Light District". Zach: "That changes everything". Victoria: "It's just cool to see, they have all the windows of all the women (Zach: "Like just stores of women!") you know it's prostitutes but stores on top" Vic "And Anne Frank's house."

11:47 PM BBT Donny says "this is going to sound stupid, but it's kind of a compliment knowing you think its going to be a 10-0 vote" Cody says putting Donny on the block was actually bad for his game (Cody's) and that he had to do it so everyone would help him out with Caleb next week.

11:51 PM BBT Frankie, Zach, Caleb, Amber, Vic and Jocasta in the KT. Frankie is looking for compliments on how good the kitchen looks. Amber looks like she doesn't feel well. She says she is burning up.

11:53 PM BBT Zach who was putting down his trip to Germany (that he won in Veto) is really excited to go now, but he wants to take someone that would really appreciate it. Caleb says take a homeless person. Jocasta says that is awesome, that would be great, take a Veteran who is homeless. (What a shame that we equate homelessness with Vets now days --DawnMarie)

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