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Tuesday, March 11 Live Feeds / BB After Dark

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here), The current

Big Brother Time: 02:28:20 AM

Daylight Saving Time starts Sunday, March 9, 2014 at 2:00 AM (same as in the USA).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.

To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://mortystv.com/...da_HG_Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Wash Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)

Please post pictures in the open thread of the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...een-caps-media/

If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.

Thank you!

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12:03 AM BBT Andrew, Sabrina and Kenny are laying on the couch in the LR. A light snoring can be heard. Rachelle wanders over and asks if they were sleeping. Andrew asks Kenny if he farted. Kenny said he didn't hear it. Andrew said he heard it and felt it. Kenny said it had to be him them. Feeds switch to Heather doing her nails in the WA. Rachelle comes in asking where everyone is. The visit is over just as quick as it began. Rachelle wanders down to join Neda, Ika and Jon in the BR.

12:08 AM BBT Out in the BY Paul, Kenny and Adel appear to be building a fort out of cushions from all of the seats. Back in the BR we have idle chit chat. Rachelle is tired. The W3 are commenting on the fact that the fort is being built. They expect them to get a stop that soon because they'll be hidden from the cameras which is against the rules. Adel says he over heard Neda and Ika talking earlier about how they feel screwed because they think they are on the bottom of the girl's alliance. Kyle says if he survives this week just give him $25,000. The guys begin to argue about how to build their fort.

12:14 AM BBT Adel and Kyle attack Paul with the cushions. They give each other a chase for a few minutes, laughing and slipping and falling all over the place. Now they're all out of breath. The W3 wonder why the guys are building the fort when it's bed time. Back in the BR we have idle chit chat.

12:20 AM BBT Fort building continues in the BY with our engineers Paul, Kyle and Adel. The W3 comment that Paul won't fit through the door they left. Back in the BR we continue to have idle chit chat.

12:25 AM BBT Heather called to DR. Jon and Neda are talking in the BR alone. Neda says Sabrina is super smart and she's the safest person in the house right now. Neda believes that everyone would take her to the final 2. Jon doesn't like her. Jon questions whether or not she's that smart to play the game like this. Neda says she is. Fort building begins in the BY again.

12:28 PM BBT Neda and Jon agree that everyone loves Kenny. Neda says it sucks that Kyle is going home this week. Jon agrees. Neda starts running numbers for HoH and votes next week. Neda says Heather is infatuated with Sabrina today. Jon says he hates everyone in the house. Neda says accept her. Heather walks in and the conversation ends.

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12:33 AM BBT Conversation in the BR is about how they celebrate birthdays in the house. Rachelle walks in. Out in the BY the fort is completed. They guys walk into the house and then strut their way across the yard chanting "We're struttin' to the club!" They climb in and call it the Outsider's Club.

12:40 AM BBT In the HoH Jon and Kenny are talking saying that Andrew is sitting pretty now and they'll hang onto him until final 5 or 6. There is a knock on the door and Heather comes in. Jon jokingly says Heather is following him around. She's looking for her blanket. She leaves the room and says good night. In the WA Neda is doing nightly ADLs.

12:42 AM BBT Jon and Kenny says they need to stick to the plan they made earlier in the day in the HT. Jon agrees. Kenny and Jon says that Rachelle has been cuddling with Andrew even though she was freaking out about sharing a bed with Kenny initially because she has a boyfriend. Kenny says HoH is all about the power. People flock to you when you have the power.

12:45 AM BBT Rachelle is the lone HG in the WA as she does nightly ADLs and blow dries her hair. The conversation in the HoH has broken apart. The W3 continue to watch the feeds, speculating what is being said, who is aligned with who and occasionally attempting to read lips.

12:48 AM BBT Adel is cooking shrimp. Paul is tired and hungry. Adel suggests they put the fort away while he cooks the shrimp so they can kill two birds with one stone. Back in the BR Jon and Arlie are talking. Arlie leaves and says goodnight. Neda quickly starts talking again saying Sabrina is so safe because nobody dislikes her. Instead everyone is going to go after people like Adel. Neda tells Jon that Sabrina knew about nominations. Jon acts shocked. Jon didn't know about them, or that she knew.

12:55 AM BBT Adel and Arlie are casually chatting while Adel makes dinner for the Outsiders. The W3 wonder why Adel is cooking so late (it was mentioned earlier by the Outsiders that if they cook they shrimp tonight it may make the rest of the house upset and Kyle said he didn't really care). Back in the BR Jon and Neda continue to talk. Neda doesn't think Kenny would come after Jon or stab him in the back. Jon says there's no point in worrying now and just to wait for the next HoH.

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01:00 AM BBT Neda and Rachelle are in the WA chatting. Neda says she read things before she came in the house saying that you have to find one person that you can trust in the house. We lost audio in the WA briefly. Lights in the W3 are dimming. Allison wishes the feeds could stay up a while longer. She wants to see where everyone sleeps.

01:05 AM BBT Lights off in the W3 but they're leaving the feeds on. Nate and Allison like this. Scott hasn't spoken in a while. We've lost audio in the KT. Adel is continuing to make his dinner. Well...Scott just spoke..."Turn the AC up ****tards. Turn the AC up ****tards." a dozen times or so before it sounded like he tossed his mic or slammed it down. Nate sat up and looked towards Scott's cot, his mouth agape in shock. Feeds in the W3 went to FoTH.

01:10 AM BBT Audio is still off on feeds 1 and 2 which are in the KT. Adel is plating the Outsider's food for them. In the WA Neda and Rachelle say they need to win HoH this week and continue to complain about how scary the game is. Feeds in the W3 switch off. Nate and Allison tell each other good night. In the HoH Sabrina and Andrew are cuddling while Kenny listens to music. Sabrina can be heard snoring/breathing lightly (sleeping/napping).

01:15 AM BBT Feeds switch around and we now have audio back in the KT. Paul and Kenny are praising Adel's cooking. Back in the W3 Allison and Nate are wishing they could have got to see where all the HGs sleep. All feeds switch to FoTH.

01:18 AM BBT Feeds are back. Andrew is still listening to the music in the HoH. Andrew and Sabrina are still cuddling in bed. No audio or they're just that quiet. W3 feeds are still FoTH. Lights are beginning to dim in the HoH. Down in the KT Adel and Kenny are teasing Paul because he can barely keep his head up. They keep telling the cameras to focus on him before BB gives them a "Please stop talking about production.”

01:22 AM BBT Adel is getting upset at Paul because he's dragging his feet and not getting up to help do dishes. Kyle is trying to keep the peace. Adel says it's BS if Paul doesn't help do dishes because he cooked the meal. Paul gets up and starts cleaning the dishes. Kyle says he's going to brush his teeth and then he and Adel are going to go out in the BY and tell us (feeders) a story or two. BB gives him a "Stop that!" Adel and Kyle walk off to the WA and Paul mumbles to himself wondering why he's stuck with the devil in this game. Meanwhile elsewhere in the house lights are off in the HoH (Andrew and Sabrina still cuddling with Kenny listening to music) and the HNR.

01:28 AM BBT All four girls are now cuddling on their pallet on the floor in the HNR. HoH remains the same as the last update. Feeds back on a darkened W3 with no sounds/voices. In the WA Kyle is doing nightly ADLs while Adel folds towels.

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01:32 AM BBT Adel brushes his teeth. He and Kyle continue to build up each other's egos telling each other how great they are and how they've played the game as themselves. Adel compliments his own cooking. Kyle begins brushing his teeth.

01:37 AM BBT Adel and Kyle head outside to the BY. They head back inside and Adel fills his water bottle up. They head back outside Kyle says he's taking it all in right now, enjoying it while it lasts. He believes he's being evicted tomorrow.

01:42 AM BBT They go and sit in the chairs beside the HT. Once again they begin to start stroke each other's egos.

01:45 AM BBT Adel believes that he has a chance to survive next week if Sabrina or Kenny doesn't get HoH. Kyle tells him to stay strong. Meanwhile back in the HoH Andrew, Sabrina and Kenny share the bed. Kenny is sitting up listening to music.

01:48 AM BBT Kenny takes off the head phones off and lays down. Back out in the BY Adel says he saw a camera guy in the glass. He and Kyle wave and say "sup!" to the windows. They get called out to stop talking about production. Kyle says they're going to send him out the door happily. They again get called out for talking about production. Talk turns back to Adel needing to win HoH tomorrow. They both agree that Paul needs to be strong to help save them next week.

01:55 AM BBT Adel wants to go to bed to save his energy for tomorrow. Kyle agrees. Kyle takes a moment to take it all in before wandering back inside. Kyle heads in to use the restroom, meanwhile Adel heads into the darkened BR.

01:58 AM BBT Both are now crawling into bed. They continue to talk and stroke each other's egos. Adel took his mic off so it's difficult to hear.

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02:01 AM BBT Kyle and Adel continue to talk surprisingly loud in a darkened BR while everyone else sleeps. They are basically saying Adel or Paul has to win HoH so they can show the house they're not bad people and so they can survive another week. More and more ego stroking.

02:05 AM Silence at last in the BR. All four feeds now display horizontal HGs in darkened rooms. On a side note, Andrew has cuddled up with Sabrina near the center of the HoH bed, leaving Kenny with just barely enough room for himself.

02:17 AM BBT Kyle randomly begins talking to Adel again. Kyle is not going to miss the rooster crowing in the mornings. Adel is not wearing his mic making it impossible to hear him. Kyle begins stroking Adel's ego again telling him he has this. Kyle offers Adel one more piece of advice. If Sabrina and the others go off on them then he needs to avoid them. He also needs to be there for Paul because Adel will be all that Paul has.

02:21 AM BBT Kyle and Adel continue to whisper. Nothing ground breaking, just more "You got this. *mumble mumble mumble* You better invite me to your wedding! I'll bring Paul! *mumble mumble mumble*" Kyle says **** you memory foam pillows.

02:25 AM BBT Adel and Kyle crawl into bed with Paul briefly before crawling back into their own beds. Kyle wishes he was going to be there another week so they could do pranks.

02:30 AM BBT Correction from the last update. Adel and Kyle crawl into bed with Paul briefly. Speaking of Kyle and Adel...they're still whispering. Kyle says he'll put a broom over the HoH door so they can't get out and vote him out. They sound slap happy at this point

02:34 AM BBT Kyle wants to tell a story but he probably shouldn't. It happened to a friend of a friend just before he came in the house. He decides to tell it and we get FotH. Meanwhile elsewhere in the house we have horizontal HGs sleeping in darkened rooms.

02:39 AM BBT Feeds are back in the BR with Adel and Kyle. Kyle says someone had their drink spiked in a club. He would never do that. Adel suggests going to sleep. Kyle says he's trying (not very hard). Kyle gets up and leaves the room and can be heard walking down the stairs and back up them.

02:44 AM BBT At this point it's not really fair to say they're still at it. Kyle continues to talk with Adel. Adel says he really needs to go to sleep. Kyle says he's done talking. Then Adel starts talking again. Now Kyle starts back in. Conversations are everywhere.

02:48 AM BBT Kyle finally takes his mic off and says people at home are sick of listening to us anyway. They agree to go to bed (again).

02:55 AM BBT Kyle appears to be having a hard time getting to sleep. He keeps hearing Paul snore and noises from behind the wall. All remains quiet. Feed one is Andrew, Sabrina and Kenny sharing HoH. Feed two is the HNR girls sleeping on their pallet on the floor. Feed three is Adel and a restless Kyle. Feed four is a sleeping Allison. On that note it's time to head off to bed myself. Have a great day Canada!

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9:07AM BBT Everyone in the house are lying still, but Arlie is up taking a swim in the pool. He's been up for a while. The war room guests are also asleep.

9:28AM BBT Everyone is still asleep. all the lights are on, but nobody is moving except for Arlie. Andrew and Sabrina are in the HOH BR catching flies!

9:31AM Ika is awake.

9:31AM Now Paul is up.

9:33AM BBT People are slowly rising.

9:41AM BBT Andrew is making breakfast I'm not sure what it is.

9:43AM I see that he is eating Spagetti.

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10.00AM HGs doing adls. Andrew, Kenny, Arlie, and Jon in the kitchen discussing that the world outside may have ended. Joking whether they would still vote each out and if they had to start to repopulate the world.

10:10Am WR3 lounging watching feeds. Cant hear much of what they are chatting about. Sarah, Iika, Rachelle,Neda and Kyle in the bathroom getting ready for the day. Very quiet. No discussions at all. Adel is offering waffles to the crew in the kitchen.

10:12Am Jon chatting about what his summer is going to be like, and how it is free and clear to do whatever he feels.

10:16Am Iika, Rachelle, and Sarah complaining how the scale is really "off" in the bathroom

10:30Am WR3 still laying down watching the feeds. No real chatter there. IIka Heather, Rachelle, and Sabrina in the BR doing ADLs. Sabrina complains that there is no mouth wash to BB.

10:40Am Paul talking to Kyle and Adel at the table about a regional competition for public speaking "Toast Masters". Evidently he made it pretty far in this speaking conventions, and how it boosted his confidence. Learned in order to succeed and improve you have to fail.

10:50 Am Kyle, Adel, and Paul discussing first person shooter games at the kitchen table. Appears to be some waxing of legs going on in the BR with Sabrina and Sarah. Someone (cant recognize whom) from the other room states the BB just stated 2 times, "Good night HGs"

10:54 Am Adel is kept away from the BR due to the girls occupying and waxing.

10:58 Am Andrew, Arlie, Jon and Kenny on the couch discussing games to do, and what the "Have, Have not" competition is going to be.

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11:19AM BBT: Most everyone sitting on the green couch. General chit chat, house is very quite right now.

11:28AM BBT: Everyone on the couch talking about fishing. Andrew/Kenny both look like they are having a hard time staying awake. Neda/Rochelle/Sabrina/Sarah in the WA discussing the last comp. and how sore they are after it still.

11:36AM BBT: Sabrina is still waxing but now has moved on to waxing her lady area. Rochelle and Neda are holding up a sheet to completely cover her.

11:41AM BBT: Jon seems to be in a lot of pain with his stomach. He can't seem to sit still. He said it feels like there is hot coffee in his stomach.

11:44AM BBT: Sarah sits down next to Jon. Jon " Sarah can you scratch my back." Sarah" No, there are lots of other b****'s in here that can do it."

11:51AM BBT: Andrew/Kenny/Jon/Heather talking about how all the girls are watching Sabrina was her vag. and how they think it is weird. Heather "You guys walk around the locker room naked." Andrew "Yeah but we don't look at each other penis's."

12:03AM BBT: WR3 Aliison is working out, Nate is eating cereal. I can hear Scott snoring. I can also see their screens they are all on, but they have 2 of the KT. and 2 of the BR and no one is in either of those places.

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1:00PMBBT: Big Sister says "Houseguests... Have fun!" and the BY opens! They have hula hoops, a toss game, some other BY games. Neda, Ika and Rachelle are hula hooping. Sarah and Paul are putting a game together. Heather announces that "The pantry is swept, cleaned and organized!"

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12:08PM BBT: HG's either fixing lunch or doing ADL's. General chit chat.

12:29PM BBT: Neda talk to Sabrina about how they think the guys are distancing themselves from the girls. They think the guys may begin to turn against them.

12:35PM BBT: Jon and Sarah in the have-not room Jon " I am glad I have someone in here that feels the same way I do." They are talking about how they feel that they don't like how some (Paul, Adel,Kyle) are being treated. Jon " I understand it's the game and you have to stay away from them because if you don't it ruins your game. They know that people make mistakes and they are forgiving and believe the people in this house are good people. 12:35PM BBT: Jon to Sarah "Andrew is on a power trip like Tom from last year." He said that he knows he is good with the guys but he is on the bottom.

12:45PM BBT: Ika/Rochelle/Neda in WA Ika " The guys have a smart alliance the girls are the stupids. Girls are very shaky.

12:49PM BBT: Neda to Rochelle/Ika if Adel wins HoH i think he will try to make a deal with Andrew and do what he wants because he wants to stay in the game and earn some trust. 12:53PM BBT: Sabrina and Kenny in HOH room Sabrina" Ika is someone you don't want in the jury house." Kenny "Yeah she is someone I wouldn't want to live with."

1:00PM BBT: HG's have received ladder ball and hula hoops in the back yard. Paul/Kyle/Sarah trying to put the ladder ball together.

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1:15PMBBT: Sabrina, Sarah, Neda, Rachelle, Heather are talking vampire movies and shows while hanging out by the pool.
Kyle and Kenny are still trying to figure out the ladder ball game. The WR3 are watching the feeds and commentating.

1:20PMBBT: Jon jumped into the pool, the girls scream. Kyle and Kenny are playing ladder ball, both are pretty good at it. Adel has taken the bean bag toss board to the other side of the yard to play. Well, he looks like he is getting ready to play but he is really keeping an eye on everyone else. Paul made his way to the bean bags. Adel is playing now.

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1:35PMBBT: Sabrina thinks the BY games are going to be a challenge. Heather just thinks it is a reward. The BR doors are locked. BB is trying to keep everyone awake. Kyle says they want them all outside, Sabrina says "Team building you think?" Kyle says "No throwing shoes or anything, just balls that bounce off you..." Sabrina and Heather head back downstairs. The only feed that is on is #3. The rest are on "Hush".

1:45PMBBT: The games are on in the BY. Rachelle is rockin' the hulahoop, Paul and Kenny are deep in a game of ladderball. Andrew, Sabrina, Neda and Sarah are at the bean bag toss, Heather is watching. Chit chat is happening, Adel is behaving, so far everyone seems to be having fun.

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1:55PMBBT: The gaming continues...Andrew discovers that the HT area is open! Kenny says he needs to finish his game so he can head outside. Andrew heads inside. They are going to smoke. Jon makes fun of Ken saying "One more and I can win!" They head out for a smoke, Adel is now practicing ladder ball. Jon came out for a smoke too. He says he quit but is going to have one ever 3 days. They thank BB for the games. It is a beautiful day in Ontario, they are enjoying being out there.

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2:20PMBBT: WA talk is about Heather again. Ika doesn't like her smile. Sabrina says she is so annoying. They talk about Arlie's sushi creations and the Mac and Cheese that was made. Ika says she can sense when someone is being fake to her. Rachelle says people are starting to get sick of each other and it is starting to show now. Neda thinks the next challenge will be a circuit. Get to so many points, move to the next one. They are all in a whiny tone.

2:25PMBBT: Heather is getting better at the bean bag toss! Adel is encouraging her (He is great when he is like this). Jon and Sarah are playing with them. Arlie is watching. Adel gets it! He and Heather win! High fives! She says "Thanks for being my partner buddy" He and Arlie are making small talk. Arlie wants to learn to juggle, he and Adel are playing again.

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5:47PM BBT: House is HoTH. WR3 are all napping.

5:30PM BBT: Neda and Kenny in the BY playing ladder ball. Paul is watching. Heather/Sarah/Arlie/Andrew in the KT snacking.

5:35PM BBT: Rachelle/Sarah/Sabrina in HOH Sabrina to Rachelle "I want you to know you are one of the only ones I would be friends w/ outside this house. I have come to see that I am not going to be friends for life w/ everyone like I thought I was going to be." Then goes one to explain that if you has to vote her (Rachelle) out it will be a long time down the road and would just have to be put her game face on.

5:45PM BBT: Andrew/Kenny/Arlie in the Pantry hiding Andrew's protein powder in a pot in a cabinet above the refrigerator. They are also discussing what the mug and a cell phone case they found could possible mean. They have been looking for the mug for a while and found it hidden in the back of a cabinet all the while accusing the girls of hiding it. They have now moved it another place.

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5:56PM BBT: As Arlie/Kenny/Andrew are still in the Pantry they were going over the cell phone case, mug , and some cat littler they had found trying to tie it all together. Then, Kenny was called to the DR. After he came out he tells Andrew/Arlie that he was told the bucket of cat litter was for their cigarette butts.

6:06PM BBT: All of the girls except Sarah/ Kendrew/ and Arlie are all outside at the HT general chit chat.

6:08PM BBT: Correction Sarah and Kyle are also outside on the other side of the HT talking. Sarah "You think being on BB will help you grow his personal trainer career?" Kyle "No, I am doing this for fun I already have my career pick out. I want to be a police officer or in the military. I want to do something to fight against drugs." Then went on to discuss a story about being abused as the feeds were cut to FoTH.

6:20PM BBT: Kenny telling a story that when he went upstairs to use the HOH WA and Sabrina was in there listening to music, he came out and Sabrina was dancing in the mirror the last move she made was her taking both hands together and pointing in the mirror at herself then she turned around and was caught.

6:30PM BBT: Kenny and Heather at the HT talking about home, friends, general things that they miss.

6:47PM BBT: The girls are KT those on slop eating spoon fulls of sugar. Sabrina goes up stairs to put her ear on the floor over the DR to hear Andrew and quickly gets "Sabrina Stop That!" 6:53PM BBT: Ika/Sabrina/Rachelle in the WA pulling out ingrown hairs from their legs and Ika talking about how Heather keeps coming up to Ika and asking if everything is ok. Ika says she said she needs to stay way with her bride of chuckie face.

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9:00PMBBT: In the kitchen, Andrew and Ken are talking about perks they got at different jobs and where they have worked. In the WA, Kyle is in one shower and Adel is in the other. Sarah snuck in and scared Adel by grabbing the door and yelling "AGH!!!" He jumped, Kyle laughed. Sarah washed her hands after using the WC. Paul is alone in the BR. Laying on his back while chewing on a toothpick.

9:10PMBBT: Sabrina now talks back to Heather in the same tone as Heather has. Sarah says she feels like such a bully "But, I hate her!!!!" Ken has changed into his trucks, they are heading into the HT. Kenny walks through the house flossing he stops to explain the reason he does. He had 14 cavities at one time.

9:15PMBBT: Ken and Sarah walk out to the hot-tub alone. She whispers to him about Jon being in their final 6. Sabrina went to Andrew about Jon before Ken or Sarah could and Andrew got upset. Sarah and Ken agree that they trust each other 100%. Andrew walks out and says "We are safe, there is a lifeguard here!" He is wearing a life guard shirt. All the guys are smoking, Sarah is wrapped in a blanket in the chair.

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9:22PMBBT: Ika and Paul are talking game in the BR. Paul is on to the girls fake liking Heather. Sabrina comes in and sits with them. Paul says it is hard that no one like him. Rachelle and Neda are in there now. In the HT they are talking about how disgusting people can be when it comes to spitting. Adel and Kyle wait in the hall upstairs "The girls are changing, we should wait." The ladies are getting ready to head to the HT.

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9:30PMBBT: Paul tells Kyle and Adel that he thinks Rachelle and Ika are on the outs and Heather, Sabrina and Sarah are tight. (Actually it is Heather who is out) so he thinks that they could get Rachelle and Ika. Adel is leaving to "go bust out that last prayer." Kyle tried to pray with Adel. The other feeds are on Hush.

9:35PMBBT: Andrew, Sabrina, Ken, Heather, Rachelle and Ika are in the HT. Sabrina waxed before going in (you should wait 48 hrs before going in after a wax according to Neda) Andrew is massaging Sabrina's shoulders. Jon and Sarah are in the chairs. General chit chat, ever

9:40PMBBT: Airplane goes over head, the HT party goes nuts. Ken says they are supposed to ignore everything in the sky. Small talk continues. Jon is trying to get comfortable. (He dislocated his shoulder in the pool earlier, saw medical for it). Kyle, Adel and Paul are still chatting in the BR.

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