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Monday, March 10 Live Feeds / BB After Dark

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here), The current

Big Brother Time: 02:28:20 AM

Daylight Saving Time starts Sunday, March 9, 2014 at 2:00 AM (same as in the USA).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.

To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://mortystv.com/...da_HG_Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Wash Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)

Please post pictures in the open thread of the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...een-caps-media/

If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.

Thank you!

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11:35 PM BBT In WR3 They are all trying to figure out what happen in the main house and why Sarah was crying. Feeds in the main house is still on HotH.

11:46PM BBT Wr3 is laughng and playing games. They are playing with a volleyball.

11:57 PM BBT Nate said Adel finger everyone in the house. They are now going over what food is good to eat.

12:12AM BBT We still awaiting news from the main house. We still have WR3 chit chatting.

12:23AM BBT So it looks like BB is still dealing with the issues in the house. .while in WR3 they are still wondering what happen.

12:38 AM BBT We are still here with you, WR3 is on HotH

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1:01 AM BBT

The WR feed just came back on. Nate is pacing around the table. Scott asked if Nate has a temper. Nate says sometimes. Allison is taking off her makeup. Nate is talking about how he burned his hand falling asleep with a cigarette.

1:15 AM BBT

They are talking about Nate’s beard. It doesn’t grow out well on one side. Scott wants to fix it. Scott is making Allison take off more of her eye makeup. Allison says it was a big day. They found out Rachelle and Sabrina were 2 different people and that was helpful. Paul said something to piss off Andrew and Kyle, Adel and Kenny. Kyle seemed choked. They wonder what happened with the veto today.

1:25 AM BBT

It seems the WR3 can hear some noises through the walls or ceiling from the other HGs. Nate isn’t feeling well. Scott wonders about the red box above the door. Fire exit? Décor? (Is anyone else getting dizzy watching Nate walk is circles?)

1:41 AM BBT

Allison asked for BB to sing them a lullaby. Scott is trying to see if he knows the words to O Canada. His mic must be off to go to sleep so it’s hard to hear if he got it right or not. All the other feeds are still off.

1:52 AM BBT

Allison can hear yelling going on. The WR3 are just chit chatting while waiting for the lights to dim. Cable tv, Animal planet, wrestlemania etc.

2:02 AM BBT

The lights are starting to dim in the WR.

2:16 AM BBT

Scott and Nate are still chit chatting. Allison sounds like she’s already fallen asleep. Mics are off so it’s hard to hear. Nate is talking about an ex girlfriend and how she socked him in the face 3 times.

2:21 AM BBT

Nate and Scott say goodnight. You can hear the shoes of the other HGs in the main house.

3:00 AM BBT

It looks like everything is quiet for the night and I’m logging off. See ya in the morning!

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05:30 AM BBT Good morning Canada! It's been a long night in the BBCA house it seems because we still have HGs awake at this hour. Right now Feed 2 displays Kenny and Andrew chatting in the HoH bed but we have no audio. Feed 3 is displaying Sabrina and Ika on the LR couch talking about the various girls in the house. Heather goes and tells John everything. Very hushed whispers. Feeds 1 and 4 show horizontal HGs in darkened rooms.

05:35 AM BBT Ika tells Sabrina that she needs to not roll her eyes as much when it comes to things that happen. Her game could be on the line. Ika says she'll try to work on it. The conversation is hard to hear because Sabrina's mic is rubbing against something. BB calls Sabrina out to fix her mic. The two laugh and giggle saying her mic is working. The two begin rehashing conversations from earlier. Andrew continues to move his hands in an animated conversation with Kenny while in bed in a darkened HoH room but we still have no audio.

05:40 AM BBT Correction on the last update. Sabrina told Ika not to roll her eyes as much. Sabrina asks Ika if she told Neda not to trust her and to vote out her (Sabrina) before the guys. Ika says no. Sabrina asks if she told Rachelle that. Ika says no. Ika says she told Rachelle that she were a b**** she would vote out Sabrina. Ika tells Sabrina that Rachelle loves her and that Neda doesn't trust the girls as much after today. Sabrina says that Heather is getting on her nerves. Now Sabrina is picking at her nails (adding to the constant grinding of her mic on her shirt/necklace.

05:45 AM BBT Sabrina says Kenny didn't say goodnight to her tonight. She (jokingly?) says she's dead. Sabrina asks if she can see that /she/ tried to turn her against them (Ika?) Ika asks if /she/ was hiding outside the pantry listening to conversations. Whichever /she/ girl they are referring to (Rachelle or Heather?) told Sabrina that you have to be careful about conversations you have in the room because you can stand outside the door and hear what is being said. Sabrina asked her what and the girl told her that she stood outside the door listening to the guys have conversations in there one time. Ika says #FML.

05:50 AM BBT Ika says this is the first time in the game she is scared. Sabrina says /she/ is playing the game. Ika agrees. It sounds like the /she/ they have been referring to is Heather (that is my final answer! - Niteslacker). Sabrina says she has conversations with Heather and then Heather runs to Rachelle and tells her what was said but swaps out other names. Ika says Heather is like a Single White Female (from the movie). Ika says she'll work on her facial expressions. Ika says she'll talk to Neda today and try to convince her that they can be worked with.

05:55 AM BBT Feed 1 shows a wide angle of 3 men sleeping in the BR. Feed 2 continues to display Andrew and Kenny having animated conversations while laying in bed in a darkened HoH room. Feed 4 is Allison sleeping in the War room. Feed 3 remains on Ika and Sabrina on the green couch in the LR. Ika says she would tell Sabrina if she doesn't like her. Sabrina doesn't want to be liked just for a vote. Sabrina wonders why <mic static> and Ika says because Rachelle doesn't come to her every two hours asking for confirmation that she likes her. Sabrina or Ika says she hates the alliance because of all the drama and the leaking of the information.

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06:05 AM BBT Sabrina and Ika talk about Rachelle and why she seems to be saying/telling things to people. Ika says she wants to start today as a new day and treat it like it's the first day in the BB house. Sabrina laughs. They think Heather is jealous of Rachelle's looks. Sabrina says Rachelle is not a girl you want to piss off. Ika says Heather was hanging out with the guys last week and she wonders why she's hanging out with them this week. Sabrina says it's because she knows the girls will have the numbers this week. Ika is shocked. Ika wants to go to bed. Sabrina and her head upstairs. Cam 1 swivels to the door to watch them head into the BR.

06:10 AM BBT All four feeds now display horizontal HGs in darkened rooms. Cams 1 and 3 show the BR. Cam 2 shows the HoH where Kenny and Andrew have apparently gone to sleep as well. They stop their animated conversation and settled into bed right as the girls were heading into the BR. Cam 4 shows a sleeping Scott with a light snore coming from that mic. Feed 3 switches to the pool.

06:25 AM BBT Three feeds continue to display horizontal HGs in darkened rooms, with the fourth screen displaying the quiet/calm pool. Perhaps BB is hoping to impart this calmness via osmosis on the house after yesterday?

06:30 AM BBT All four feeds display sleeping HGs in darkened rooms at this time. We'll stand by until Arlie wakes up as tends to be the case, although with the excitement of yesterday last night he and everyone else may be sleeping in a bit. We'll just have to wait and see.

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Rewinding a bit to the best of my ability. Without specific date/times I won't guarantee that my rewinding times are accurate.

Feed 1

03:33 AM BBT Adel can be seen talking to someone without audio, he seems in fairly good spirits.

03:58 AM BBT Empty bed were Adel was previously laying.

04:00 AM BBT Paul is in bed. Still no audio.

04:21 AM BBT Lights are dimming in the BR. No audio.

04:33 AM BBT Lights off. Horizontal HGs. No audio.

Feed 2

03:33-04:00 AM BBT Wide angle of BR. No audio. Paul starts making his bed. Various people come and go. Audio remains off.

04:00 AM BBT FoTH.

04:06-04:25 AM BBT Andrew comes in and gets his cup. Various people coming and going and having conversations that we can't hear. Still no audio.

04:30 AM BBT Darkened BR. No audio.

Feed 3

03:25 AM BBT Feeds Back. John, Neda and Ika in WA. John brushing teeth. Ika talking to Neda about someone thinking she's upset. Neda says she's going to let it blow over. Ika says if she gets asked one more time if she's upset she's going to slap some sense into her. Neda laughs. Neda says she has one of the strongest guys in her corner, she's a social person and she doesn't have their back. Ika thought she did. Neda goes onto say that they have the numbers and she's still trying to sway people to vote a different way. Neda begins blow drying her hair.

03:28 AM BBT Feeds switch briefly to the HoH where Andrew and a female are talking about music. John leaves the room and Andrew comments that he can't seem to sit down. John agrees and says he'll probably be back. Feeds switch to the corner outside the WA where...people are on the move. Standby.

03:29 AM BBT Feeds switch back to HoH. Andrew, Kenny, Sabrina walks in and another female is laying on the couch (appears to be Rachelle, could be Sarah). Sabrina gets in bed to start talking to Andrew and says someone told her that he thought she was annoying. Kenny asks why they are whispering...and my feeds refresh.

I no longer have access to anything past 1 minute ago. I saved the best for last and now we have nothing =(

Feed 4

03:00-05:30 AM BBT War room is dark with sleeping HGs.

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9:44PM BBT: Kenny and Jon in the red corner talking about how they think it will be funny to have Kyle on the block and watch them (Kyle and PJ) turn against each other.

9:47AM BBT: Arlie talking to Kenny and Jon about Sarah not feeling well she has an upset stomach and has thrown up. Kenny to Arlie "Did I hear u yelling?" Arlie "Yeah kinda Sarah needed medication and DR was slacking so I just did for her what she did for me when I didn't feel well."

9:53AM BBT: Kyle and Co. just finished eat breakfast now washing their dishes. Discussing once again how they have no chance.

9:59AM BBT: Jon/Kenny/Arlie in red corner discussing how when they go into the DR they are going to whisper. Arlie was laying down and heard Andrew word for word in the DR directly below him. Arlie was told "stop that" by production as it was happening. #BBCAN2 10:04AM BBT: Adel/Kyle/PJ sitting at the hammock PJ is called to the DR. Adel is warning PJ to be careful because they can hear him now. Adel discussing how he heard(Arlie/Kenny/Jon) yellling down to Andrew while he was in the DR that they could hear him. PJ is going to ask production to have them to move.

10:11AM BBT: Kenny and Andrew at the HT smoking going over the veto ceremony and what Andrew is going to say after Kenny pulls Neda off the block. Andrew planning on saying he thinks she still has more to play, more moves to make, something along those lines he's thinking.

10:17AM BBT: Sabrina/Heather/Ika in the WA doing their ADL's and general chit chat.

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10:21AM BBT: Kyle and Co. sitting at the hammock. Paul says "If I am up against Kyle I might have a chance. If I am up against you (Adel) I am going home." Adel gets upset and says to Paul where do you figure this if you wanna talk game go inside. If you are going to talk to us just be real.

10:28AM BBT: Andrew/Kenny/Sabrina/Rachelle/Arlie in the KT eating breakfast chit chat about everyone getting together after the show in Calgary.

10:39AM BBT: WR3 up and working out. Nate is laying on a ball lifting weights. Allison is running around the table and then stretching. All the while they are discussing what is going on in the house.

10:52AM BBT: Feeds have been on HoTH for the last 10 min. WR3 still working out but not discussing what is going on it the house so feeds may be down for them as well.

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11:03AM BBT: WR3 Scott talking about men dressing in drag. "Men walking around with man boobs and think is looks good. The least they could do tape them together and make one good one."

11:37AM BBT: House still HoTH. POV Ceremony most likely. WR3 is quite Scott is putting on make-up getting ready to dress as Contessa.

11:56AM BBT: All feeds still on HOTH.

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12:00pm BBT we have the FOTH up.
12:05pm BBT FOth is up for POV. Neda is coming off the block
Kyle is going on. They want Kyle out this week.
12:25pm BBT WR3 is on and its Lunch time,
Scott is happy that he got his green beans. YAY for green beans.
12:30pm BBT cant really see whats for lunch in the WR3 other then
the green beans that is.
12:35pm BBT WR3 still having lunch and changing cloths and stuff.
and its BBQ chicken.
12:40pm BBT Nat is trying to figure out how to use the toaster,
which button to push.
12:45pm BBT WR3 is back on and the main house is now on
Kenny Ika, and Andrew are sitting on the green sofa talking, Andrew is saying
that he wants to see Paul calm down now.
out in the BY is Jon, Sarah and Sabrina they are talking about the
have nots not having hot water.
12:50pm Paul, Arlie, and Kyle are sitting on the red chairs with a white blanket over them
over by the Hot tub. Jon takes off the lit to check the water to see if its hot.
Andrew is now in his HOH. Looks Like they may be getting ready to get into the Hot Tub.
12:55pm feeds are out again
1:00pm feeds are back the guys are working out Andrew and Kyle.
and the wr3 is back showing Allison putting on makeup
1:05pm Scott is getting his drag on and the guys
continue their workout.
1:10pm Boy its either watching Scott get dressed or
watching the guys Kenny, Jon, Kyle and Andrew work out what a chioce.
1:15pm BBT still the workout, and oh yeah Scott. or I guest now Contessa
1:20pm BBT ok finally something else to watch other then Contessa, Rachelle and Neda are talking
Houses this is your 15minute warning the house will be off limits in 15minutes so says BB
1:25pm BBT the HG in the main house are getting ready to go out for the lock down three feed are
now on Contessa in the WR.
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1:30PMBBT: 2 feeds are on Adel, Kyle and Paul in the HTArea. 3 are on our newest HG "Contessa" (aka Scott) who is fanning herself with a paper plate and strutting around the war room table. Alison is putting on her makeup. Nate is lounging in a bathrobe.

1:35PMBBT: The WR3 can see the feed for the HG Bedroom. Looks like some work is being done in there by production. Kyle, Adel and Paul are having a very similar convo to yesterday's at this time. Andrew wants them out, they are so smart they figured things out a week ago. They add that they won't be intimidated. They are brothers... fist bumps all around!

1:40PMBBT: Alison mentions that the BY isn't as big as last year, probably because they had to fit them. (It is a different location than last year) She adds that she would like to see "Contessa" in action. Contessa tells Nate "Now you have a sister... a drag queen sister." The HTArea convo continues about how awful the rest of the house is. They agree that the others are "mentally unstable".

1:45PMBBT: Adel says "I am not allowed to break any more rules at all." BB tells Paul to put on his mic, he is in the HT. They think the others are listening in. (we cant tell) Adel says they are shunned no matter what they do or say. Kyle says he is going to go cry to them tonight and try to save himself. WR3 confirms that there is stuff happening with the HG in the BY but we can not see it.

1:50PMBBT: The sound of Scott/Contessa fanning with the plate is picked up by the mic and it is annoying. The HT3 (Hot tub 3, Adel, Kyle and Paul) are still trash talking the others. They say Jon is stupid. Paul says "He's not as stupid as he looks" and 20 seconds later says "Ya he is dumb as a doorknob." Ugh! Paul got out of the tub, crack is showing.

1:53PMBBT: Kyle just said "Black, Arabic and White, put us all together and you get this Sh*t pile!" Paul laughs that the 2 colored guys are on their way out. Paul stands up again and more crack showing. Feed 1 is on the BY! Ken, Andrew and Jon talking about protein and food and what to eat to get the "best" results to build muscle.

2:00PMBBT: The girls are laying around the pool. It looks like "find a spot, take a nap!". The boys (Andrew, Kenny and Jon) are trading supplement secrets. The HT3 continue their trash talk about Andrew. The rest of the feeds went Hush. Only the HT3 are on.

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2:05PMBBT: Kenny is folding up his laundry. Jon is sitting on the edge of the pool. Andrew is snacking. Someone is laying in the yard on the "grass". The guys start talking about Anick. She is pretty, has a good heart and it was hard to let her go. Andrew walks away as Jon and Kenny continue. Andrew now has his hand in his pants walking around.

2:10PMBBT: Ken, Jon and Andrew are headed out to the HT Area to smoke. The HT3 are still out there. When they get out there, Kyle and Paul are making convo, Adel silent. They say all the girls will are asleep in the BY.

2:15PMBBT: Adel says he has never been to a psychologist in his life and he won't forget that. Arlie is now outside. BB has told the HG to wake up. They all get excited because the house will open soon. (I think the cameramen are napping too. The angles today are not good at all)

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2:20PMBBT: HT Talk is about working out, losing weight and how much they can press. The conversation is civil. The house is now open. Heather and Jon are in the WA. She tells him she trusts him above all the other guys. They hug. They go into the BR to see what was done, the room hasn't changed. Still a hot mess. They are now in the LR. BB gave them toothpaste. Sarah walks in and says she is nauseated. Jon goes to get her a bucket. He can't find one but is bringing her a plastic bag.

2:25PMBBT: Jon and Arlie are on the couch, joking around, being sarcastic. It is quite entertaining. Ika sits down, complains that it is too cold in there. She is wearing a robe, wrapped in a blanket. Rachelle is snacking on slop. Jon says he will have haters. Rachelle and Ika say "For what?" He goes with a deep voice "'Cause I am a very bad guy." They agree to call someone ralph, who ever walks in the room next. Heather walks in and they say "Hey Ralphy!" She looks confused.

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2:30PM BBT: Paul, Adel and Kyle chatting about religion in the HT room. In a nutshell, Adel says following his religion (quitting drinking and sleeping around) changed his life and brought him to discover his invention (not sure what it was) and led him to the BBHouse and meeting his 2 best friends. They fist bump.

2:33PM BBT: Adel says, Muslims don't drink alcohol and if they are do it's in their bodies for 30 days/nights and their prayers won't be answered for that time. Paul says he practiced Muslim in the past and found it hard to follow all the rules.

2:39PM BBT: In the LR we have Jon, Arlie and Sabrina discussing drinking liquor.Arlie says he knows where his tolerance levels are. Jon says he ends up regretting it the next day when he drinks hard stuff.

2:42PM BBT: Jon says he can drink 14-15 beer fine, but if he drinks liquor before going out he gets too bagged and can't make it out anywhere.

2:44PM BBT: Ika, Rachel and Andrew also on the couch and talking about Arlie's dad is probably watching the feeds a lot. Says his dad would be watching with his twin brother and they'd be laughing. Says his sister would be proud of him too.

2:45PM BBT: Jon asks Andrew if he can listen to his iPod. The girls ask what's on it and Andrew says, "Dave Matthews". Says Jon wasn't a fan before but now he's diggin' it.

2:46PM BBT: Ika is tired and feels like she wants coffee. On the couch now are Rachel, Arlie, Ika, Sabrina and Sarah who is wearing her "skeletor" outfit (Scott calls her Skeletor when she wears it).

2:49PM BBT: Sabrina is wondering if Kenny wants his pedicure now. Arlie says he would like a pedicure sometime. Sabrina says her limit is one a day.

2:51PM BBT: Sabrina left to go find Kenny. Arlie, Ika and Rachelle appear to be falling asleep on the couch. Boring here. Flipping feeds.

2:52PM BBT: Andrew is making spaghett in the KT. BB told the HG's to wake up b/c nap time is over so Ika and Arlie join Andrew in the KT watching him cook while Heather is doing dishes. Adel, Paul and Kyle came in from the hot tub area. Sarah is also in the kitchen. I think she's going to make slop cookies.

2:54PM BBT: Sabrina offers to help Heather with the dishes. Heather says she's good, but thanks.

2:56PM BBT: WR3 feeds are on HotH.

2:57PM BBT: Ika asks Andrew if he eats healthy. Andrew says he eats very healthy. His meatballs and sauce ingredients are in the fry pan...looks yummy.

3:05PM BBT: Adel and Andrew were in storage room. BB gave them new food items, including shrimp

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3:09PM BBT: Adel is making burgers. Paul is watching and says Andrew's spaghetti ingredients smells good.

3:11PM BBT: Andrew tells them to save the shrimp and he will make salad rolls with it at some point. Adel is slicing potatoes as Kyle watches

3:14PM BBT: WR3 feeds back on. Looks like Paul broke one of the bobbleheads. He says she is fixable.

3:16PM BBT: Scott has changed out of his Contessa outfit and is walking around barechested. Still has his face done up though. Nate tells them in the main house they brought in coffee mugs with the HG's faces on them.

3:20PM BBT: Lots of meal preparation in the KT. Andrew really seems to know his way around the kitchen, cutting stuff up like a pro. Adel has put sliced potatoes in the oven. Kenny is looking at one of the coffee mugs with the pics on them. Says there is a pic of cell phones on one side. They think it has to do with completing the 3 tasks a couple days ago and that it might be a hint to the "ring" reward.

3:27PM BBT: Paul asks if he can partake of what Andrew just finished cooking (meatballs) and Andrew says to help himself.

3:31PM BBT: Adel asks Andrew if he wants a burger. Andrew says No thanks. Adel is behaving himself so far. Paul seems to be enjoying the meatballs.

3:32PM BBT: Everyone is either eating or cooking. Adel says there's burgers coming up too, along with Andrew's meatball dish. Andrew asks someone to help grind some pepper. Sabrina says she's there for him, starts doing it then Kenny takes over and tells her to go finish eating. Kenny having trouble getting the pepper to come out.

3:37PM BBT: Heather and Jon talking in the LR. Heather wonders if 1/2way through the game they'll come in and clean the place. Jon says they'll have to do it. They say there are scuff marks all over the floors.

3:40PM BBT: Jon looking at the coffee mug with pics on. Says the picture of the face on it looks afraid. The part of it showing the cell phones make them think it has something to do with their ring reward. Someone asks if Bell is part of Shaw Media, someone else says they're not (they actually are related companies) then we get a brief HotH.

3:43PM BBT: Kenny and Jon head to hottub area. Jon says he just finished crying. They were talking about family in the LR and he got emotional. Sarah and Sabrina are also in the HT area. They hear the sounds of garbage trucks outside and get excited. LOL

3:45PM BBT: Meanwhile the WR3 are taking selfie pics. They must have got a camera. Paul is redressed as Contessa with a new outfit on. Black dress with a red sash and a long blonde wig and a red fascinator on his head. Nate takes a pic of him.

3:47PM BBT: Nate takes a pic of Allison with all the bobblehead dolls in front of her.

3:48PM BBT: The HT crew discuss how last year they never filmed the HG's smoking.

3:50PM BBT: Sarah says she needs some slop cookies and wants to burn them. Says the crispier they are the less bitter they taste. Meanwhile in War Room, Scott has changed into a long red gown. He looks quite beautiful LOL.

3:51PM BBT: Contessa is changing clothes again. Nate helps with the zippers. Allison is changing clothes too. WR3 feeds go to HotH.

3:52PM BBT: Heather comes around with the battery box for battery changes for everyone. Kenny ask if the coffee mug with pics was there all along and Sabrina and Sarah say no. Sarah just spilled her water

3:54 PM BBT: Jon and Kenny say they're going in the hottub soon. Sabrina says she can't b/c her legs aren't shaved. LOL Sarah says it's hard to forgive Paul, Kyle and Adel now. They are trying to create connections now, but they feel there is nothing left. Jon says Kyle shouldn't have been running his mouth during nom ceremony. Kenny says they know they F'ed up and now they regret it. her water all over herself.

3:59PM BBT: Jon says outside the house he is calm, but in the house he feels agitated and emotional a lot of the time. Kenny, Sarah and Sabrina agree.

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4:00pm BBT in the WR we have Contessa and the
other two just chatting,
in the main house Kenny, Rachelle, and Sarah are out by
the hottub sitting in the red chairs and Paul Kyle and Adel are in the KT.
4:05pm BBT wr3 feed is out,
but in the main house looks like they are fixing dinner, something with pasta sauce
as Andrew just put in a big can of it in a huge pot, and the Hottub group is just sitting around talking
no game talk though. WR cam is back and Contessa is gone now its Scott.
4:10pm BBT the HG are talking about the life in the house verse "Normal Life"
and how weird it will be to get back to "Normal Life" says Kyle.
Rachelle is in the KT now oh walks out Paul is eating a burgar, so is Adel, thinks its a early dinner.
Arlie is called to the DR.
4:15pm BBT Kyle and Paul are complaining that people dont wash their own plates,
the WR cam is out. the KT group is cleaning up out by the hottub
Sarah, and Jon are talking Kenny as left. Rachelle is helping clean up in the KT.
4:20pm BBT Rachelle is making slop cookies with Neda,
Jon is still out by the Hottub talking to Sarah. and the guys are still
cleaning up. Sarah Jon and Sabrina are talking about how being on the block is the curse.
4:25pm BBT Neda and Ika are now out by the Hottub wrapped in the white blankets, Andrew and
Rachelle are sitting on the green sofa, Andrew is throwing cheerios in a cup. Heather comes over
and sits on the sofa. now they are asking wheres Marsha the moose.
4:30pm Heather has done her nails. She is talking about voting out
Ika next week. to Sabrina I think.
4:35pm sorry im wrong its the group out by the hottub talking about Ika who is out there too
Sabrina is saying the only reason we would be in danger is if Adel goes up next week, I think if Adel wins
hoh neek week it will be worst for us then Paul. He will put one of us up. Paul wont.
now talk turns to what kind of HOH comp it maybe the count thing no no too soon for that.
now onto the vote.
4:40pm BBT Sarah is saying that she will never vote out a girl, she is for the girls
all the way 100% they are going back and forth all the girls are out by the hottube. I think shes talking
to Sabrina, they are aguring about it now. Sarah is getting very defencive about it.
4:45pm BBT this is a bit confusing, I think they are just talking smack.
its Sarah and Sabrina. Sabrina is talking about Adel winning HOH.
Sarah is talking about I dont know what.
and it goes on like that. I think its girl talk.
sounds like a girl fight going on.
4:50pm BBT Jon is in the Hottub complaining that its too hot Arlie is getting in the hottub.
three cams are on the WR Allison is in her CAN shirt.
Jon says he wants Heather gone so bad.
4:55pm BBT Sarah is still going on about Adel with Ika and Neda and Sabrina.
she is just going on and on. Now going on about Heather going around lieing about her Sarah.
Heather is going around telling lies said Sarah.

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8:02PMBBT: Ken, Andrew, Jon, Rachelle are at the table eating. Talking about food. Sarah, Heather, Ika, Neda and Sarah are chatting in the BR. Sarah was talking about her kids then left because it was too hot up there. Ika says when her son gets mad, he will turn to her and say "Do you know what? I don't like your hair!" Then will come back and say "I didn't mean that." They are laughing. Ika and Neda stay behind as everyone leaves, they are talking about how much they don't like Heather.

8:15PMBBT: Ika, Neda and Rachelle are trashing Heather. They think she is fake and telling lies in the game. Neda is struggling with eating lately. Rachelle is eating a lot of potatoes. Rachelle leaves the room, Ika and Neda agree that they really like Rachelle. Andrew, Jon and Ken are in the HTArea. Andrew looks angry as he talks about others in the house. The guys head in, Jon stays behind. We can now hear Heather chatting away at the table. She asks who wants to go in the HT, a lot of no's and maybe's.

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7:20 PM BBT Andrew is called out for sleeping in the LR by the producers.

7:24 PM BBT Kyle and Paul is by the HT and Paul is complaining about the other HGs. He says they won't talk to him why would he want to be in there with them.

7:27PM BBT Rachelle, Neda, Andrew and Sabrina are in the KT snacking. It looks like they are making pasta sauce.

7:28PM BBT Andrew leaves, the girls start whispering. Sabrina says he's being nice to me now. Heather and Andrew come back and they begin to talk about the twist.

7:31PM BBT Paul is in the HT. Kyle is suppose to come join him.

7:34PM BBT Heather and Sabrina join the rest of the girls in the BR.

7:38PM BBT Ika and Rachelle are entertaining the other ladies by being strippers. . They are doing more laughing than dancing. Rachelle's name is Precious. And I think Ika's name is Diamond.

7:40 PM BBT Sarah says she thinks Ika's a stripper for real. She says, Canada I think we have a stripper. Ika laughs and says no she's not.

7:42PM BBT Andrew is in the KT alone cutting potatoes. Jon and Arlie are lounging on the couch.

7:44PM BBT Ika and Rachelle are being still strippers.

7:45 PM BBT The ladies talk about how hard it is being a stripper.

7:47 PM BBT Ika says "a lot of people marry strippers." Sarah says, "we know we were talking about a movie. We know strippers get married too. We know you get married too."

7:49 PM BBT Sarah tells a story about a teacher and I think a stripper. And Ika feels the teacher should mind her business. Ika says teachers are noisy. Sabrina says her sister is a teacher she isn't noisy. Ika says that's their jobs they are suppose to be noisy. Then she goes into a story about her son's teacher.

7: 52PM BBT Arlie is on the HOHR listening to music with the headphones and is bobbing to the music!

7:54PM BBT Kenny, Andrew, and Jon are at the table eating Spagetti.

7:55PM BBT Back in the BR Ika is talking to the ladies about being a minority and how it effects her in the workforce.

7:57 PM BBT Ika says she is successful being a hairdresser. She has been doing it for a year. She did not go to school for it, she just taught herself. She said she has always been complimented on her hair. She says she just do extensions. She says its fast money.

8:00PM BBT Ika says she has had her extensions for a year. She says you have to take care of your extensions. She thinks its better to spend more money on the hair so that it will last longer.

8:02 PM BBT The food is ready and Ika is still in the BR talking. She is now talking about her kids. They don't ever stay in the house on a Friday. She says they are always going places together. She says they are a very active family. Now Sarah chimes in and talks about her children.

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8:25PMBBT: Andrew is lightly flirting with Sabrina at the table. Rachelle, Sarah, Arlie, Heather and Ken are watching, chiming in. Not saying anything. Kyle and Paul are eating, Adel is cooking. The table crew is making jokes about how they are no longer in BB, it is now the Hunger Games! Andrew struggles to come up with the name "Lord of the flies" they talk about some movies and how they are different from the books.

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8:35PMBBT: Jon and Neda were talking strategy in the BR but, just as talks gets juicy, someone walks in. Arlie did, then Paul so no more game talk in there. Adel walks out of the SR with the box of batteries. Everyone at the kitchen table switches them out. Heather says "OH maybe something big is going to happen!" Arlie adds "For a long time."

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8:45PMBBT: Neda and Rachelle are in the WA. Neda is fixing her hair, Rachelle is primping while waiting. They are talking about Sabrina and Heather quietly. In the HoHR, Sabrina and Heather are talking about Neda and Rachelle. All of them are "confused" after yesterday's events.

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9:05PMBBT: As Adel and Kyle walk past Andrew, Andrew says "When you guys are up to it, could you help us clean those pots?" Now Adel and Kyle go into the bedroom, we can hear yelling as Adel goes out to go to the bathroom but we can't see it. The feed shows an empty kitchen, Arlie in the SR and then Andrew and Sabrina complaining on the couch about what a "POS" Adel is and how Sabrina did the dishes that morning. Sabrina says Adel is rude and mean. Andrew says Adel doesn't clean because "he cooks too but, I don't eat their over cooked burgers and steak!" Sabrina is now cuddled up on Andrew, Andrew is looking around the room, he nods at Kenny who is upstairs listening to the BR convos. Arlie put the sauce away, as per Andrew's specifications. In 2 separate containers in the fridge.

9:15PMBBT: 3 feeds are on the HUSH screen. The only feeds showing are the pedi party but we did see that Andrew; Jon and Arlie are now up in the HoHR. Ika is watching Heather and Neda scrub their tootsies! Jon walks in and asks what they are doing, they offer to help him do his feet. He says "Sounds crazyyyyyy." And leaves the HoHR.

9:20PMBBT: Adel, Kyle and Paul are laying down in the BR. Sabrina and Rachelle are looking for a hoodie that Sabrina misplaced. "Mine is the first 2 piles" when Rachelle looks through clothes. Sabrina is folding her clothes. BB tells them "STOP THAT!" because Adel is singing the Ghostbusters theme.

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9:25PMBBT: Paul to Sabrina "I know I am like a virus but can you let me use that nail stuff please?" She says "I don't think you are a virus, you are nice to me." Adel says "Ya Paul, fix your nails before I evict her next week." Sabrina leaves the room, comes back in. She gets the stuff for Paul, puts it on his hand. It is a cuticle oil. The pedi party continues in the HoHR. Sabrina walks in and tells them about what happened with Paul. Sabrina just picked her nose and flicked it onto the floor. (We saw it but the HG had their back to her)

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