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Hey friends.

My name is Dizzle, I have an American sports site and I also show big brother. I'm working this year with the author of the BBViewer (BBUS) program. If anyone has used that he is a great programmer and even better person. He's vowed to help us Americans access the BBC streams as well as help us all with BBUS later this year. We will be using the offical feeds for these streams in HD quality. Right now we've found an easy way to do this, but likely it will get patched. We'll be constantly monitoring everything to make sure people can watch the feeds as easily as possible.

Everyone from here is invited to watch and chat with us 24/7. I hope you enjoy. Any issues please come to the site and ask for a moderator in the chat. Thanks so much.



Edit: I would also put a banner on my page to link here. I have a similar link exchange with an NHL Hockey blog and it works out very well. Thanks! :)

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