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April 7 [Sunday] Live Feed Updates

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1:30AM BBT - SotH

1:32AM BBT - and we are back - Andrew, Peter, Eric and Topaz in the SR. Andrew looking in the fridge for food.

1:33AM BBT - Peter to WA

1:34AM BBT - Talla, Jillian in HOHR. BB - Jillian, please put on your microphone. Talla sighs and says, "talk about being tired". Emmett is also there.

1:36AM BBT - Talla - what did Emmett say, did he say you should be honest. Jillian got two people out and they are both going to the jury house. Talla is encouraging her. They burned all their bridges and runied it for themselves. I am waiting to talk to Topza. Jill - I cannot talk to you now as I don't have my mic on. Talla - all I want it my nuggets. Are they ready. Someone - NO.

1:38AM BBT - Jill has had a shwer or a swim and is getting dressed. Topaz just came in. Topaz - so Peter is obviously coming off the block. So, we are still good on our deal. Jill - but I know you said you can't trust me anymore.

1:39AM BBT - Jill sounds "worried" about what she needs to do. Talla is suggesting she never talks and we have SotH

1:40AM BBT - SotH on all four feeds.

1:41AM BBT - and we are back. Jill - BB you put me in the worst position ever.

1:42AM BBT- long shots from most feeds makes it difficult to see who is where. Andrew - did they call you in yet. Jill is in a towel. Andrew - they are gonna call you in.

1:44AM BBT- Jill is out of a towel and into a pink top and her hair is in a towel.

1:45AM BBT- Emmett, Topza, Andre and Talla in KT. Emmett complaining he was in DR and when he came out someone had eaten his steak. Talla plans to make pasta tomorrow.

1:46AM BBT- Talla is complaining about losing her pants. She is not sure where they went.

1:46AM BBT - Jill in HOH WR putting on her makeup.

1:48AM BBT - as best as I can tell Alec is "gone", but I cannot confirm that by the talking.

1:48AM BBT- Talla - it is 2:26 and the lights aren't dimmed. Topaz - they won't dim the lights till we have all been "in".

1:49AM BBT - Talla has a really nice strip loin steak she is about to cook - but is cutrting all the fat off. She is going to cut it up and soak it in some sauce. [What a way to ruin a good strip loin.]

1:50AM BBT - Andrew - she is butchering the steak. Topaz - no I am not, this is all bad parts. Discussion is now about eating raw steak. Andrew - these are nice strip loins. Talla - thanks for hooking us up with these steaks. Andrew - I am going to be the last one called in.

1:52AM BBT- Andrew - we will all go in, there are only SEVEN of us, so that sounds like Alec is somewhere in the house.

1:54AM BBT - Peter is now in the KT. Peters time was 13:52.

1:55AM BBT - Topaz - I am not like this professional cook or anything. All agree with her sarcastically. Emmett - do you guys ever going shopping. Topza - sure, for eggs and KD. [Kraft Dinner for our US based friends]

1:56AM BBT- Topaz, Andrew, Talla and Andrew discussing leaving excrement in the toilet and farting. Now the talk is about lobotomies.

1:57AM BBT - Andrew - Talla, all you had to do was push the lever and the toilet will do the rest. emmett - she is single. Andrew - and there is a reason why. Don't be confused by that big bra. they are nice, but not that nice.

1:59AM BBT- Emmett - the conversation has gone from weird...... to way more weird. [He is right!!]

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1:32AM BBT: Emmett,and Jillian in the shower, Talla is talking to them. Talla is telling Jillian that she made a good move. Looks like peter won PoV. Talla asks Jillian what did Emmett said to her, Jillian replied he said to be honest. Jillian and Topaz is up in the HoH Topaz asks Jillian if they are good. Jillian told her that she heard that Topaz said she does not trust her. Topaz said who did you hear that from, Jillian would not confirm.

1:45AM BBT: Jillian looks very confused she is asking BB why this have to be her. Emmett. Talla,Topaz and Andrew in the KT. Talla is talking about religion. Topaz looks like she wants to blow up on Talla.

1:49AM BBT: Topaz is making steak. Peter and Alec was nominated. Peter won PoV. So Talla and Topaz is worried they would be the replacement. Alec is in the DR. Jillian is in the HoH.

1:58AM BBT: Peter time was 13:52 Andrew told Talla that she forget to flush the toilet. They are making fun of Talla. No game talk going on.

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2:00 AM BBT- three feeds on the KT and one on the HOH room, which appears to be empty. The conversation in the KT is inane and hard to follow.

2:03AM BBT - Peter - Talla goes and we hear her yelling "fuck". Talla - I didn't say it as much as I did in the maze. Peter - the boards started again she she yelled "fuck" again.

2:04AM BBT - Alec is now in the KT so we do not have an eviction.

2:05AM BBT - Talla could not figure out the task and she didn't ask. Peter - Talla has to either go first or last in these challenges. Emmett - we were an hour into it and they were ready to blow up.

2:07AM BBT - BB - please stop talking about production.

2:09AM BBT- Jill to Emmett - I told them I couldn't talk and they needed to leave but they just kept coming in. Emmett holds her and she is complaining that Alec is going home 'cuz he quit. Emmett - if Alec had his way, Topaz would have won and we [Emmett and Jill] would be on the block. Jill - I need to keep remembering they want us out. What do I do about Topaz as I promised her but now she is going on the block. I look like a back stabbing bitch. Why do I make promises I can't keep. Emmett - if she wins next week we will be going home. Jill - does she realize we control the vote. She is just a pawn. Emmett - just chill out. Jill - I don't want to go to the DR - I don't care I am on Tv. Emmett - just calm down.

2:13AM BBT- Emmett - this is just a game. Jill - I am telling lies. Emmett - this is BB - did you forget. You need to lie all the time in this game. Jill - what do I say to her. I can't face her. She said she just wants to know our deal is still solid.

2:14AM BBT- Emmett and Jill trying to remember who said what and when. Jill is having a real crisis of conscience.

2:15AM BBT - Emmett - do you want me to leave you alone for a while.. Jill - no, I want you to calm me down. I want to go for a run.

2:16AM BBT- Jill- when I walk in the shower without you I am naked and the cameras cant see me. Emmett - I am going to go ask BB for a fan. Jill - yeah, that is a good idea.

2:18AM BBT- Jill continues to do her hair and fix her clothes and now has her mic on.

2:19AM BBT- video feed is Jill in HOH WA and audio is from KT. Jill down the stairs to the BR or HNR

2;20AM BBT - Topaz, Peter, Alec, Emmett and Talla in KT on ILD.

2:22AM BBT- all 4 feeds are on the HG in the KT. They are all waiting for their turn in the DR. emmett up to HOH BR.

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2:04AM BBT: Alec is now in the KT with the crew. Looks like Talla was frustrated again with this competition. Emmett did not play in PoV. Alec was disqualified with a time of 9:45

. 2:09AM Emmett and Jillian in HoH Jillian is really upset that Topaz came up and talk her although she said she does not want to talk. Emmett said give me some kisses. Jillian said poor Alec he knows he is going home and Topaz asking questions. Emmett said Topaz was very close to beating Peter and if she won they would of been on the block and one of them would have walk out the door, Because Topaz would do Alec dirty job. Jillian said Topaz did not fight for PoV so she would have to go as a replacement.

2:14AM BBT: Jillian looks like she want to quit, Emmett told her everyone lie in the game. Looks like Jillian told Topaz someone said that she does not trust her just in anger because she could not remember who said it. Emmett confirm Talla said it. Jillian said she wants to go for a run because she is stress. Jillian wants to keep her word with Topaz but she have no choice to put up Topaz.

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2:23AM BBT - Jill on to bed. Emmett - you OK. Jill - it s just too much pressure. You think it is all fun and games being HOH but it isn't, Both times I had HOH the nominee gets POV and so I have to make three people mad. It is too hot in this house for life to exist. And I feel disgusting. I just don't know what to do. I don't want to hear her pleads. Emmett is giving her a suggested speech.

2:25AM BBT- [i am gone for the night.]

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2:26AM BBT: Jillian and Emmett in HoH Jillian said she feels disgusted this week. Emmett is telling Jillian that she trust Andrew and Talla I trust them, I have no choice in putting You (Topaz) up but you are not going home we have the votes to keep you. Jillian wants to tell Topaz now but Emmett said do it tomorrow, because Jillian is very tired. Jillian wants to go down and tell the Hgs she would talk game tomorrow. Emmett said I don't want to talk game with you I want to make out and they start kissing.

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2:30AM BBT: Alec,Peter,Andrew,Talla and Topaz in the KT talking about BBUS. Emmett and Jillian in the main Br lying down. BB asks Jillian and Emmett to put on their mic. Jillian said Topaz give up because she was tired. Emmett said he cannot believe Alec DQ himself. Jillian said Topaz have a different side to her. Talla came into the room and Jillian said let me give you a hug and she apologize for screaming at her in HoH.

2:40AM BBT: Jillian was called to the DR Andrew,Talla and Emmett in BR talking about Topaz Talla said if Topaz screamed at Jillian she would start on her. Emmett said to Talla if she does not start winning he would put her up (It was a joke) Talla said she is in power to win.

2:45AM BBT: Talla is talking to Emmett but he is falling asleep. Andrew said if it was not for the fashion show he would of won.

2:53AM BBT: Talla is dancing for Andrew and Emmett. Emmett said to Talla that she drink too much pop. Talla is now telling her night stories. ( I think Emmett is going to sleep) Peter comes over and take Talla up and put her to bed. Peter said good night Talla no more stories. Emmett said thank you Peter.

2:58AM BBT: Andrew is speaking in his british accent and telling Talla to fu** off. Talla does not get it and continues talking. Andrew sounds really serious. Talla left the room and Andrew and Emmett said thank god she left.

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3:02AM BBT: Andrew just confirm the time for the competition. Peter had 13:54 Andrew had 13:52. Peter said it is weird how they going to play the PoV on TV. Alec, Peter and Topaz is now in the BR.

3:11AM BBT: Talla is out in LR looking at the memory wall she said that Ahh, I miss Gary. Jillian is out of the DR and Talla is going in now. Topaz is brushing her teeth in WA

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3:37AM BBT: Talla is out of the DR she told Topaz that she have the option of going to the DR or go to sleep. Topaz said she would go now. Talla is now in the WA getting ready for bed. Talla heads to the BR and went to bed.

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As of 3:45AM BBT, I know that none of our regular updaters will be online from 9AM to 10:30AM (and they better be at the early mass like they say they are), and from 3PM to 6:30PM, and from 8:00PM to midnight. That's a lot of time. I'm begging all you lurkers to log-in and post during these times, or anytime you get a chance.


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10:07AM BBT: The sun has risen in the house. Emmett seems to be the only one actually getting out of bed at the moment.

10:11AM BBT: Jillian gets out of bed from the main BR and goes to her HoH bed. The alarm no sounding through out the house.

10:15AM BBT: Jillian already talking to Emmett about it's not her fault she is putting Topaz up. The deal was for noms not a replacement nom.

10:20AM BBT: Emmett asks Jillian if she asked him to take off his shorts in the middle of the night. He said he did and he spent the majority of the night sleeping naked. Jillian said she asked him for boxers or something because all she had on was a thong. She said she was rummaging threw his bin and found a pair. She is worried that she was doing that in her thong for viewers to see.

10:28AM BBT: Emmett is in the HoH shower while Jillian is doing her makeup. BB asks Emmett to take the towel down from hanging over the shower door. Andrew, Alec and Topaz in the KT. Andrew says "We have been here for 46 days, we may as well be on an exchange program to hell"

10:33AM BBT: Jillian tells Emmett he has 3 strong arguments for putting up Topaz. 1. Being that she would vote for Alec to stay. 2. She knows she would of put her and Emmett and up. 3.If you out up Andrew and Talla and had to replace one you're telling me you would put up Alec or Peter. Emmett tells Jillian she shouldn't say too much to Topaz. Just basically say my only option is to put you up. Emmett leaves HoH and Jillian says she is calling up Topaz now to tell her while she is still half asleep.

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10:38AM BBT: Jillian goes downstairs and gets a pair of pants but doesn't say anything to Topaz. She goes back up and Emmett follows. Emmett tells her what she should tell Topaz again. He says tell her "Honestly I don't think I have the votes to send Alec home so I have to put you up." Jillian goes to get Topaz to talk.

10:44AM BBT: Jillian says "Ok so I thought about this all night and I know I didn't put you up, and you aren't gonna win my arguments." Topaz jumps in and says "I stood up there for 3 hours You looked me in the eye." Topaz going over when she thinks she shouldn't go up and why Talla should. Jillian says "The main reason I need you to go up is because I need Alec out and I know you would vote Talla out. I don't know if Canada has an extra vote and I can't chance that."

10:50AM BBT: Jillian says Alec lied to her face saying Topaz wasn't in a final 4 with him. That's why he has to go. Topaz says her and Alec were called into the DR together and that's where they worked out together that they need to cut the showmance/cuddlemance. Topaz tells Jillian basically if you need me to vote out Alec I would I just don't want to go up on the block.

10:56AM BBT: Topaz throwing Alec under the bus pretty bad. She is trying to show Jillian that if she stays off the block she is a vote to send him out. She says by the DR questions she can tell things that he is saying and when they were calling in couples Alec was called in with Peter not her. Jillian asks "If you won POV yesterday you would of used it save Alec?" Topaz says "Honestly I would of been 50/50. I would of had a serious girl to girl chat with you to see how hard he has been throwing me under the bus."

11:02AM BBT: Topaz says the DR asked her whats worst being deceived by her showmance or deceived by the game? She said by the game but I have a strong feeling I'm being deceived by my showmance.

11:05AM BBT: In between Topaz's da da da's she still telling Jillian she knows Alec has more of an alliance with Peter then her. She says she will not give Alec a pity vote because he wasn't going to give her one last week.

11:14AM BBT: Jillian tells Topaz all 3 points that she told Emmett she was going to tell Topaz. Topaz says she wouldn't of DQ'ed in the POV comp if she knew that Jillian was gonna go back on they're deal. Jillian says she will talk to Talla and see if Talla would agree to be a pawn. [i'm sure she is just saying this to stop Topaz from saying the same things]

11:24AM BBT: Topaz says she knows Emmett and Andrew would not go against her (Jillian). Topaz says "After you talk to Talla I would like it for all 3 of us girls could talk. I feel Talla hasn't done anything and she deserves to sit on the block and feel it." Jillian says "Well if she agrees to it then OK."

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11:28AM BBT: The girls leave the HoH. Jillian wants to eat breakfast and drink her coffee and then she will talk to Talla. Topaz is called to the DR by a real sounding (sexual) voice. Emmett telling a story about a knee injury he had. He got so drunk and ripped all the stitches.

11:37AM BBT: Not much going on. Everyone just hanging around the KT. HGs are still on a Indoor Lock down.

11:45AM BBT: Talla asks Emmett how close he lives to Jillian. He has about an hour an a half. Talla says "Wow that's close." Andrew says "I live 5 minutes from him." Talla is shocked. Andrew says "Its day 46 how do you not already know this?"

11:50AM BBT: Jillian is complaining about her bloodshot eyes. Talla is saying how sore her body is. Alec making a shake. Andrew pleading to open the door to the BY. He is now laying on the floor under the stairs. He sits up and puts a Ziploc bag over his head. Jillian tells him to take it off! BB says "Andrew stop that." He say "I was fine I was just gonna pass out for a while, take a nap."

11:56AM BBT: Emmett said when he told his dad that they do nothing in the house his dad couldn't believe it. They say they are gonna forget how to do stuff. Talla says "I'm not gonna remember how to drive." Emmett jokes with her "You didn't know who to drive before you came in." Everyone laughs.

12:00PM BBT: Talla and Alec in the WA and she is telling Alec everything Jillian told her in the HoH. Topaz says "Its a bunch of bulls**t, I'm just annoyed." Alec sitting quietly listening.

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12:04PM BBT: Topaz tells Alec she knows he has Peter's best interests over hers. Alec says "I don't know if that is true." She says "Remember you don't have to sugar coat it." Alec gets up and say he is going to talk to Jillian. Topaz tells him to sit down that he can't talk to hr right now cause it will look like she told him everything. He says "OK I will wait until later."

12:07PM BBT: Alec kisses Topaz and says "So how do you feel about me because I can tell by the way you're kissing me and not hugging me." She says she just feels stressed and annoyed. She feels like her alliances are dropping like flies. Alec feels like Jillian isn't going to put up Topaz because that ill be 3 times she has broke her word. Topaz tell him she is adamant to put her up.

12:12PM BBT: Alec says he feels Topaz is listening to the bad things Jillian is saying about him. He tells Topaz "If I can't count on you in this situation then it is pretty disheartening."

12:14PM BBT: Alec says he thought he was telling Jillian what she wanted to hear. "I even told her I would put you up as a pawn. Anything I did say was because I was super hurt. I don't even know what I would of said." Topaz says "Well we'll all be able to watch all the episodes." Alec says "What are you doing. I'm so stressed out right now I can't take having a fight with you." Topaz says "We're not fighting." Alec says "Just give me your vote." Topaz says You mean if I'm not on the block, obviously I'm just telling her I won't."

12:20PM BBT: Topaz says "Maybe we jut got into it too soon." Alec says "But these are our feelings you can't just stop them." If you go up on the block it will be just horrible." Topaz says "I should of just stayed up on the iceberg."

12:24PM BBT: In the KT Jillian and Emmett explaining to Talla, Andrew and Peter about Emmett waking up naked not knowing if the covers came off while he was sleeping. And Jillian being in a thong worrying if she got out of bed in it. Alec telling Topaz about his alliance with Peter and Emmett and Jillian but Jillian didn't know she was in it. They kept Andrew of AJ because they thought Andrew could help them get to final 5 (including Topaz) better then AJ. He says if could take back voting out AJ he would.

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7:00 BBT SOTH feeds will be off until after the show

8:30 BBT feeds are back on emmitt is in the hoh room andrew and jillan are in the BY doing their wash talla is trying to figure out what to do sounds like she is going to take a shower

8:35 BBT andrew and peter and alec are in the hot tub talla is there also but not in the hot tub alec is saying that hes sore they are talking about how long they have now been in the house

8:40 BBT talla is saying that she finds being on a tv show surreal its all so surreal she says they are just talking about how hard it is being away from their families for this long now they are talking about drinking and how much they have drank in the past and in the house

8:45 BBT emmitt has now joined the hot tubers and they are now talking about girls that wear too much makeup emmitt is telling them that he has alot of girl friends back home andrew is telling them what kind of girl he wants to have

8:50 BBT the hot tubers are now talking about how fake girls with too much make on look and how guys just dont care about all the fake things girls do to get a guy and talla is says that a girl that is fake isnt show who she really is and on and on it goes

8:55 BBT talk has turned to banking and the dollar lol

9:00 BBT talk is now on politics

9:01 BBT the HG are talking about the different Kinds of BB like the one in the UK and in the US

9:01 they are now onto survivor

9:01 BBT Soth is up

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10:20PM BBT: Emmett sees that Tom's picture has turned from B&W to colour. Everyone's paranoia is kicking in thinking that he might be coming back, or already in the house. Alec jokes, "Well, I like Tom, I hope he comes back."

They proceed to search the house looking for Tom. Andrew found a card with the letters "T. P." as in "Tom Plant." Talla points out that Emmett was Tom's friend, and the cameras are following Emmett. Topaz found Tom's shoe polish.

10:50PM BBT: Emmett and Jillian are in the HoH room whispering about the clues they think they're getting that will lead them to Tom. They don't want the others to know as much as they think they know. Jillian thinks BB is telling them to look up, because one of the cameras is pointing straight up. Jillian wants to know how long the monkey has been under her pillow, Emmett says, "Since this afternoon." Jillian concocts a reason for Emmett to go in the bedroom so he can check to see if any of Tom's things are there.

11:00PM BBT: Andrew is paranoid because him and Tom didn't get along very well and Andrew left Tom a rather "cocky" goodbye message. They are so worried that Tom is coming back into the game.

One of Andrew's guesses is that they'd make this week a double eviction [and it is] and bring Tom into the house as the HoH to make the nominations. Jillian: "I can't sleep until he walks in the door."

11:10PM BBT: Emmett tells Jillian to stay in the HoH room, he's going downstairs and tell the others she's sleeping so no one will come up and see the camera pointing straight up. Jillian says she doesn't want to stay up there all night, but she complies with Emmett.

11:15PM BBT: There's Eight Chairs! There are seven HGs, and there was seven chairs, now there's eight.

Topaz, Talla and Emmett continue looking for Tom or clues.

11:30PM BBT: The HGs are saying that if Tom's coming back they had to keep him sequestered. They consider how unfair it would be if Tom's been allowed to watch everything. Every one is being called into the DR, Emmett thinks they won't bring Tom into the house until everyone's been in the DR.

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Well that didn't go too well. The few updaters we had did a brilliant job as usual, however those few people can't be expected to cover the entire day. Please lend us a hand and post an update, in plain words, nothing fancy, just let us know what's going on.

This thread is closed, please post your updates for Monday, here:




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