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March 7 Live Feeds / BB After Dark

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here), Daylight Saving Time starts 2:00AM on March 10th (same as in the USA).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We have several HGs with names beginning with "A".

Try to be consistent with abbreviations:

Wash Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)

Please post pictures in the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...p?showforum=142

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!
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11:58PM BBT: We have Foth the past 10 mins.

12:24AM BBT: We still have FOTH.

12:27AM BBT: Feeds are back . HN is settling down.

12:31AM BBT: Gary is in the shower taking out all his glitter. While Topaz is in the KT making Tea. The noise in the KT sounds like the WA.

12:36AM BBT: Topaz in the KT she heard some noise form Hoh upstairs she is smilling. Looks like she is making Tea for Gary also. Gary is out of the shower and having his tea.

12:46AM BBT: Topaz told Gary that she is proud of him, Gary think BB was proud of him. Gary said that BB called him in make sure everything is ok, BB announce HG stop talking about Production. Topaz said that Gary is a very nice person and he cares about people allot. Gary starts crying because he feels so free in the house.

12:51AM BBT: Gary is very emotional. Topaz said he should stay true, Gary thank Topaz for being there for him. Gary think when he is in a good positive vibes everything goes fine.

12:55AM BBT: Gary told Topaz that she and Alec is getting very hot in romance. Topaz always make Gary think it is not a romance, Alec thinks Topaz have trust issues. Alec said get over it. They are now talking about Mike Boogie from BBUS and how he played Erica. Topaz think that Alec is studying her and may write a paper about her someday.

12:59AM BBT: Still late night with the late crew, Gary thinks that the age group is really good. They both think Suzette is cool for her age and she is down with it. Gary ask Topaz who is going to leave because Aneal look like he cut some deal and he is not sad again.

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01:05AM BBT: Talk continues in the WA Gary said that Topaz nipples get so hard he can see it. (Late night owls). They are both doing nails.

01:10AM BBT: Gary said he went to Hoh to let Jillian know that Aneal is playing. Gary asked Topaz to tell him who is getting voted off. Gary spi;;ied the nail polish remover all over his legs. Topaz said Alec really want to connect with her outside the house. Alec wants Gary and Topaz to come to Vancouver. Topaz really like Peter and Gary. Topaz told Alec that she is dating someone (she was teasing)

01:27AM BBT: I think Topaz really like Alec and playing a good game. Gary said how do we transfer this P**** in this jury house. Suzette said what can she do to get into the jury house to be with Tom. Topaz said she only want to kiss on national Tv. Gary wants to go on a road trip with Topaz when they get out.

01:35AM BBT: Topaz said she is not as book smart as Alec. They both think AJ is super rich. Gary said that he caught Tom with so many lies, Tom said he works at the bar and you can get a drink at 4am which is not true in Canada, bar close at 2am

01:38AM BBT: They are wondering why Suzette did not say she was divorce her game will be better played.

01:42AM BBT: Gary said that Tom let Liza Suck his private part. Topaz think that Alec looks like the Canadian player the way he acts. Topaz said that if i tell you something promise not to tell anyone. Danielle is going to be voted out. They promised to tell you before the show, you were not suppose to know. Everyone is on board to vote Danielle out (No secret) except Suzette.

01:52AM BBT: Topaz is really spilling the beans tonight. Gary is sad because he does not want Danielle to leave. Gary is overwhelmed with the information. Topaz said there is no strong alliance just play your game and and be strong. I guess Tom and Alec did not give her the information that Gary is next. Topaz said to act normal because if they know she is talking Alec will not tell her any more information.

01:59AM BBT: Gary promise not to talk and he will hit the gym more than ever. Topaz told Gary to play their game for a while to reach far in the game. Topaz said she is trying to get Alec on her side. Gary is happy that Topaz told him but he is upset

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02:06AM BBT: The game have just begin for Gary Glitters. Topaz wants to push Alec to get out Aneal,AJ and Suzette. She wants Jillian out. Gary wants to know if how Jillian will take what is about to happen tomorrow.

02:15AM BBT: Gary is upset and hopes he can play it off for the eviction. He wants to focus on his game. Gary said Danielle will be very shock when she get home.

02:23AM BBT: Topaz is thinking to tell Talla, Gary said no because she will tell Danielle. Topaz is telling Gary who have an alliance Suzette does not know what is going on. Andrew tells Tom everything. So we have a different game tomorrow.

02:29AM BBT: Gary looks like he will tell Danielle he keeps on saying to the camera Danielle I am sorry. Topaz said because Suzette is talking so much they are afraid of her. Tom is the only person that is talking allot. Topaz told Gary there is hope for you. Topaz explain it is not about rushing more playing the game smart. Gary said he wants a good life. Topaz told Gary to be normal be sad when he needs to be.

02:39AM BBT: Topaz advise Gary to calm down and be normal. Gary hates Talla she gets on his F nerves. They are now saying that they only have 1 hour sleep. They both think that they are the night crew. Gary thinks that they give the viewers a good show.

02:46AM BBT: Gary wants to go to Tom and say that he heard that Aneal is making deals all over the house. Topaz talked Gary out of spilling to Tom about Aneal leaving. Topaz went to check the time to wake up they have l45 mins. Topaz heads to bed.

02:55AM BBT: Topaz is getting her time mixed she think it is 4:47AM According to the oven clock. They really don't know the time. Topaz and Gary is in bed. The night hamsters is down.

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9:00am all Houseguests still in bed

9:03 simulated sunrise has Danielle & Liza out of bed. A few others are stirring

9:10am about half the house guests are up when BB plays the rooster crowing repeatedly.

9:14am Everyone seems to be up doing ADL's when Topaz & Alec stop for some private cuddle time in the hall outside WA

9:17 BB announces fresh batteries in the storage room (which is locked). Several house guests flock there

9:24 Jillian, Liza, AJ, Andrew & Emmet in the KT working on breakfast. Suzette, Aneal, Talla, Tom & Gary in the WA. The rest are in BY. Quiet morn

9:27 Rooster crows again for Garry sleeping in the LV

9:30 FOTH

9:35am Feeds return w/ rooster crowing. Evry1 still in about the same position as last posted.

9:41 Peter is told for second time by BB to turn mic on. Several HG shout 'it is on'.

9:43 Andres making coffee. Camera follows him to watch water flow into coffee maker. Riveting.

9:49am Tom hugs Liza & HG in BY quote Takeis 'oh my'. He then lies on Andrew who smacks Toms ass followed by more 'oh my's'

9:50am Danielle tells Gary that she fears that Canada doesn't like her & thinks she's a bitch. Gary reassures her that she's our sweetheart.

9:53am camera #3 swivels into crew hallway for a bit

10:01am talk in BY turns to Manti Te'o's fake girlfriend story

10:05am Evry1 in BY while Danielle makes bed. Gary watches as he tells her that she's safe.

10:08am Danielle & Gary guessing at why they want her out. Say it must be Tom but it isn't fair. Suzette walks in & they leave

10:10am Gary returns to BR to talk to Suzette about Danielle leaving but she's hard to hear. BB tells her to put on her mic. Danielle comes in & starts to vacuum.

10:14am No sound on feeds. Danielle gets belt stuck in vacuum. Trying to get it out.

10:20am Sound is still off on the feeds. HG R quiet. Lounging

10:27am Feeds R still quiet. Danielle continues to vacuum. Cam 3 again veered off into crew hallway. Gary's in the SR getting the ironing board out & everyone else is quiet.

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10:35AM BBT: Gary still ironing, Danielle still cleaning the entire house. Liza, Jillian, Aneal, Alec and Suzette in the KT talking about slop.

10:42AM BBT: Danielle walks in the BR to Gary crying and says I'm not gonna go home, don't be sad. And if I do you'll feel better after you see my goodbyes to everybody.

10:45AM BBT: Gary goes DR camera changes to the BY Talla, Andrew, Peter and AJ talking about the World Juniors Hockey Tournament.

10:50AM BBT: AJ says if a girl tells him she has slept with a hockey player its hot. Andrew says he does not want a girl to tell him who she has slept with ever.

10:53AM BBT: Gary comes out of the DR, goes to the storage room and is full out crying and blows his nose on his shirt. He opens a pop and tries to calm down.

11:00AM BBT: Gary walks out of the SR every1 says whats wrong as he goes to the BR saying nothing,nothing! He comes out to Jillian and Emmitt on the LR couch and says I'm just sad I like the both. Danielle comes over and says I'm not going don't worry. She tells Jillian I'm not worried.

11:04M BBT: Gary telling Danielle maybe I shouldn't of taken myself off the block and I could of played game to stay. Or I wish I would of worked harder to get you to stay. [He seems to be dropping hints but Danielle isn't catching on - EpicWifey] They continue to talk about how much they hate Tom.

11:08AM BBT: Gary and Danielle continue to be talking quietly and very catty about the other HGs as everyone is in LR or KT with them.

11:16AM BBT: Danielle, AJ, Suzette, Peter, Jillian and Emmitt in the LR talking about Britney from BBUS. AJ brings up Amber and how much she cried on her season.

11:24AM BBT: Just general chit chat from the HG's

11:30AM BBT: Liza, Tom and Talla sitting on the KT sofa. Liza is rubbing Tom and Talla's legs. Talla whispers something about Danielle but I couldn't make it out as the other HG's chats are louder.

11:40AM BBT: Jillian is giving Emmitt a massage in the LV. Liza, Andrew, Alec, Talla and Tom(sleeping) in the KT talking movies and tv shows.

11:51AM BBT: Aneal hs joined Jill and Em in the LR (Peter seems to be asleep on the couch). The KT crew is still talking movies.

11:56AM BBT: Jillian and Emmitt go to the HoHR to clean up and pack up her stuff.

11:57AM BBT: Gary is in HoH saying ppl should be giving the HoH respect and vote as they want. Emmitt says you can't blame Jillian for ppl votes its out of her hands now. FotH

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12:00 BBT good morning the hg are in the kt talking about movies and tv shows meanwhile we can catch jillan and emmitt ing the LV jillian is giving emmitt a hand message and they are talking about nothing important also in the LV is peter and alec dani just walks by jil and em walk up to the hoh room

1205 BBT jil and em in the hoh em is getting his cloths ready for the wash gary is also in the hoh room gary talking about giving the hoh respect then we get a foth feeds back jil talking asking if she made a stupid move putting dani on the block Ill feel like shit if dani goes home

1206 BBT suzette is how in the hoh jil still packing and talking to gary who is still sad about dani going home tonight

gary she just runs her month too much better she leave sooner then later for my game

1207 BBT jil talking to gary about her week as hoh did she do the right thing did she put up the right people or did she just go with the house jil its too early in the game to be making personal decisions if dani goes Ill be just as upset as her but she gave me permission to put her up

1211 BBT jil talking the gary about em and tom and if they talk to each other and can we trust them em walks by

1215 BBT jil talking the gary about em and tom and if they talk to each other and can we trust them em walks by jil asking gary if shes being stupid for trusting em if I go home and watch the DR of em am I going to feel so stupid Gary its so great that my character is so honest Ive been honest you can tell when Im lieing jil its not funny to lie I dont like lieing gary I dont like lieing either now talk turns to aneal

1220BBT gary and jil talkiing about who to trust in the house and are people lieing to them now gary asking what he should do if he wins hoh next week meanwhile tom is in the WR shaving feeds are on jil and gary talking about her week as hoh or tom shaving oh goodie

1221BBT em comes in and tells jil that she only has an hour to leave the hoh room music now playing and we get a foth

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1230 still the foth

1240 foth

1241 feeds back in the KT now is gary tom andy both on the sofa talking about food think the have nots get to eat today gary is now in the By by the hammack with alec and topaz on the hammack and peter laying on the grass

1242 BBT talla in the kt washing a bowl jil and em in the kt jil is eating chips asked em if he wants some peter is now in the kt eating chips peter says suzette didnt eat any of her chips peter walking about the kt dani told to go to the DR she has to put away her cloth first is now in the BR

1246 BBT I think it was dani called to DR but she is still in the BR may have been someone else

1250 BBT peter talking about what he will eat when they can eat again later on tonight meanwhile in the by is topaz and alec in the hammack talking to gary and suzette about the

1251 BBt BB says HG the house will be off limits in five minutes all Hg go to the BY

1252BBT jil to em in hoh jil just to let you know next week aneal is coming after you em i dont believe that jil neither do I

1254 foth

1255 feed are back Hg figuring out what food is bad in the ref

1257BBT HG are going through the ref taking out the food that is bad and throwin it away making sandwiches before they have to go to the BY

100 BBT in the BY are alec in the hammack talking to peter about pokiemond and jil and liza liza telling jil a story about a squirrel

101 in the by is suzette Aneal and talla liza walks by they are sitting and eating chips alec and peter are talking about video games and what games they have played

105BBT now AJ walks into the by gary has joined the girls and is eating something pasta I think talla laying on the sofa em is over by AJ and peter talking em is eating foth

108 BBT feed back on the by crew something said about BB fixing a light thanks BB

110 BBT talking about peanut butter and wheater or not its healthy for you I think talla now a foth

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112BBT feeds back now talking about the have nots

115BBT All HG are now in the BY ODLD

120BBT HG in the BY just chit chatting

121 BBT alec pete and liza are now in the Hot tub

122BBt em joins them in the hot tub peter is just sitting on the bench isnt in the tub topaz come in so does aneal they are not in the hot tub

123 BBT alec and em are the only ones in the hot tub someone is standing I cant tell who maybe peter

125 BBT alec and em are talking about if the cleaned the hot tub it is peter standing

130 BBT dani is talking to talla over by the pool feeds are on the hot tub and dani talking to talla over by the pool

135 BBT the ODLD continues with the HG just chillin out

145 BBT em and alec and peter are now talking about the jury house and what it will be like in there and what all they will have look like this will be a long LD so yall have a good day peace out

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We welcome updaters!

If you get Big Brother, or Big Brother After Dark, the people that don't. would really like to know what's going on. I'm not looking for Shakespeare, or any kind of commitment, I'm just asking that since you're dropping by, why not drop off a couple lines to describe what's going on. And don't worry if someone else is already posting. It's amazing how people can all watch the same thing and see it differently. Many of our updaters are putting in more time than they want because no one's helping. The point is, that if everyone does a little, then no one has to do a lot.


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11:20PM BBT - Topaz called to the DR. Liza, AJ, Aneal in KT. Aneal cooking and they are re-hashing the questions from the HOH comp. Gary & Suzette join them.

11:22PM BBT - Peter and Alec in the SR; they assume next week's HOH will be physical.

11:23PM BBT - Tom, Emmett, Andrew discussing the questions from tonight's comp. They discuss their methods for guessing how much slop batter there was. Not sure where they are as the camera is zoomed in on Tom. Think it's the BR.

11:27PM BBT - Tom confirms they are in the HOH room. Tom says it's nice to be in the room and have it be his, and have his own pictures. They discuss who couldn't survive well on slop. They mention Talla, but they feel Peter would be the weakest. They discuss noms. Suzette's name comes up, but they feel Gary is a bigger threat.

11:29PM BBT - Tom tells the camera that Danielle, if she's listening, she said she wasn't with Gary or Suzette but as soon as she was told she was safe, she ran back to Gary and Suzette and that was her undoing. Tom says Talla's vote was a sympathy vote.

11:38PM BBT - Andrew tells the guy they'll all be on IMDB now that they've appeared on BB.

11:45PM BBT - Tom, Andrew and Emmett discussing how the letters get updated from the family, how certain things work and get yelled at for talking about production. They talk about how smart Peter is, and go back to re-hashing the HOH comp.

11:48PM BBT - This week is the week to decide if Talla, Aneal or AJ should complete their 9. Whichever one they decide is not part of them goes up against Suzette the week after Gary gets voted out. Talla so far seems to be the least liked, with Aneal the second least.

11:51PM BBT - Andrew says "Boys, let's get to the jury house" and they can live it up together the rest of their journey. This is an experience that no one else is going to have, being the first cast of BBC.

11:53PM BBT - They realize tomorrow their beds won't be made because Danielle is no longer there to make them. When they get down to F3, they'll be able to live almost separately because the house is huge.

11:54PM BBT - FoTH

11:55PM BBT - Andrew asks Tom if he thinks Suzette and Gary will come up and see him in HoH. Tom says they better out of respect to him, otherwise his nom speech will be super easy.

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