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September 6th Live Feed Updates

Guest ranster627

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Guest ranster627

Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here! We need to keep pictures in Pictures Forum! Thanks for understanding ... if you post a picture here it will be quoted and moved ...

Please keep personal comments to a minimum and feel free to e-mail updates to ranster@mortystv.com

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9:37pm BBT

F1 & 2 - HOH with Maggie and Ivette talking about April

F3 - empty living room

F4 - empty dining room

I - not saying it's her fault..but the reality

M - i did that with james and stuff when they were here (not sure - catching up)

M - stop picking at your face

- silence-

they are now going over who did what, when in the game and that Jan has been nominated 5 times, sitting on the block 3.

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M - you didnt tell me that james gave you a heads up

I - yes i did

M - no you didn't. you told me you had a bad feeling

I -no, I told you that james gave me the heads up but i didnt know wheter to belive him

M - oohh..ok, i remember now

more sentences...yaknowwhatimean 4 times

M - there is no way..April is in the most secure spot, but you never know

Ivette says that she doesn't feel comfortable telling A things sometimes

M - that's up to you

- silence -

9:45pm BBT

F1 & 2 - HOH - Iv and M - silent - looks like they are thinking

F3 & 4 - Hot tub - April sitting with legs in hot tub

M whispered something

I - what'd you say?

M- i didn't say anything

M 0 are you stressed?

I - no

M - we've done damn good in this game Ivetta

I - mmhmmm

M - if we go out now, we've still done damn good

I - <small giggle>

BB - Jan please go to the diary room

M - oh my god

I - where is april?

M - did she go out? did she go to the hammock yet?

(Ivette picking her forehead)


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back from fish (9:47pm)

Maggie tells Ivete that she is going to go and switch out her laundry and then she'll be back. She announces that her underwear is wedged

I - is that your water?

M - yeah..do you want anything?

I - mm nmm (no)

Ivette watches the spy screen as maggie goes downstairs....F3 & 4 and empty living room and dining room

Maggie outside checking laundry...Goes over to where April is sitting

M - do you still need to be alone?

A - i went to the dr...studying

M - you having a hard time?

A - with what?

M - being here

A - i've been over it for a while. just have to play..nothing left to do...'til i walk out

M - did i do anything wrong?

A - no...was that H?

M - Janelle

A - she's in the dr

M - i just saw her walk by

A - they called her in there

M - was janelle out here?!?!?

A - no, I have been in the DR this whole time..Just went in there to vent

M - did they call you in there?

A - no, I just went in there

BB - April...HG..you are not to discuss anything talked about in the DR

A - I wasn't talking about anything!!!!!

M - this must be a record

BB - April...Thank you

A - I knew you were lying earlier when i asked you about Ivette

M - I just didn't tell you cause it didn't have anything to do with you....I haven't started saying anything back and forth to you guys what you say, but I told Ivette that I dont like it when she says things that I know that she told me not to say. I think it is disrespectful to say what was said.

I - ivette is watching syp screen from HOH (watching A & M?)

F3 & 4 - Jan and Howie laying in bed in GR - Jan gets up to turn off the light

M - I dont know what is ok to say and what is not. The stuff she told me was 2 sentences and it was about H..She told me not to repeat it..I dont know who she was talking about not telling..you or them

A - I just wish I could confront them. We dont believe what you are saying and Iv jumps on me..and yet, she blabbed everything to H that I asked her NOT to tell him, but it isn't ok for me to say if i want to say something? I hate that. I can't stand when she is so loud (yelling).Like for instance my dad.....

'M - i have family like that oo

A - he doesn't do it to me.....FISH

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Guest Shockalot

Maggie and April are having a bit of a confrontational talk out in the backyard.

April is complaining that she does not like Ivette is telling Maggie certain things but not wanting them repeated to her (April).

Maggie is trying to explain that Ivette only says "Dont tell anyone" but not specifically April.

April is also upset about Ivette blurting out information April asked her to keep private from the 'Sovs'.

April is recounting how James tipped them off that Ivette was suspicious of her and Jennifer.

April was also recounting how much she hates Vette 'shouting everything' and say that her Dad shouted a lot and she doesn't like shouting to this day.

Now Vette comes out to sit at the hottub with April.

She asks her how she is doing?

April replies with 'You know what Im saying.. i never wanted to play the game.. you know what im saying.. but you kinda have to play the game..."

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9:57pm BBT

F1 & 2 - M and A still at hottub

F3 & 4 - Jan and Howie in bed, looks like they are trying to sleep...lights on (?)

A says she is paranoid for Iv to know things because Iv has outed her on several occasions.

A - hopefully they wont come to me again and say certain things. i feel like it is a double standard with her. she can do it, but i can't..it's like damn..

M - i just hope you dont see it as a bad thing. I know what you are saying, but i dont want you to think things were misconstrued just because they weren't told. We share the same views in this game, but I don't think it's right to say things

- m talking about how she has to keep confidentiality as a nurse and that is how she lives her life

M - I thought it was funny that H was trying to get Iv to turn on us. I think it's ridiculous

A - James specifically told me that she had her doubts about week 5 with Jennifer. James - and dont believe him for god's sakes - but James told me..and half the stuff if you asked him now, he would deny, but I remember him telling me that she.....that April..you knowwww...she still wants Jennifer out

M - no, her doubts were her whole idea.....that it even happened in the first place

- Ivette comes out to the hottub with A and M

I - to A - you ok?

A - yep

I - there is nothing they can say to change our mind

A - i'm not even worried about that

I - what is bothering you then?

A - I dunno..just here...I never wanted to play the game, but it's like you can't just walk out

- maggie heads inside for something

A - no, i just....i dont know. i just dont care to..i dont like stress..i dont like this kinda stuff.. i would never think.....i have no worries that you would send me home, and if so, i would be like 'smart move motherfucker'....i just want it to be over

- m brings out Apple Dippers from McDs. ivette wonders how they keep the apples fresh in the bag

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MIA discuss how many days left in the house. (I think they came to 24 days) Maggie is thrilled and feels like she has already won. A announces to BB that they are NOT talking about DR stuff

I - remember when you always said...that i wasn't james' target over and over (to April)...well that is how Jan is to you

A - she hasn't told me that ever

I - she was selling you things yesterday though

A - she did the same thing with you tonight though..youknowwhati'msaying?

I - i dont see how they assumed it would benefit me or my odds are better if i keep them

A - no it doesn't

M - so go from being a threesome to...

I - a onesome

M - that's a great idea <sarcastically>

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A says that if J and H come up to her again, she will just call them out and say that she knows that they tell her one thing and then go and tell others something else..That they lie. M said is they come up to her, she is going to announe loudly "Oh, you are coming to do it to me now?"

I - Jan is gonna vote for A to stay to try to work something with her. They put their votes where they belong and where they have a chance.

M - what the fuck do you care? fuck them

A - i'm just at the point that i dont care about hoh or anything yaknowwhati'msaying?

M - you need to care, cause you need to protect us

A - i'm not giving a shit at this point

M - I want you to say up there..on the chopping block..i wanna take this moment to do a few shotouts..to Matt, Pepperoni....your drycleaner....

I - you're so bad <laughing>

M - why? she's not going home! it would be funny to joke about it

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10:12pm BBT

F1 & 2 - MIA at the hottub - jets stopped

M - ok..well i guess THAT was messing with the audio

F2 & 4 - Jan and Howie sleep in the GR with lights on - Jan eye masked

M - sometimes it makes people stronger when they dont have anyone to play with/for them....to beal all odds (talking about Jan)

I - she's not gonna give me the pleasure of giving the final vote.

I to A - are you sure they weren't fucking around when they told you on tuesday?

A - i dont think so

I - you sure?

(I think they are talking about BB? - not sure..I'm lost here) I think they are talking about Janelles (secrets)...that they think she is connected to CBS or producers....Maggie says that BB said they are not allowed to fuck with the integrity of the game)

BB - Maggie...HG....you are NOT allowed to talk about your DR sessions

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Apparantly someone asked (MI or A) Jan if she was a producer. and Janelle answered "yeahhh" (lol)

A - James and Janelle lied about everything

M - If James and Janelle were both producers...and we got rid of both of them <saying it proudly>

I - 2 weeks you guys...aww Tush

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more talk about...when the finale will be...what will happen.....They discuss that this is a completely different situation since this is a new house. A says that they are gonna open up the subway room and there will be the studio

M - what if we are really not playing for anything...One of those reality shows where you aren't really in a true situation and everyone but you is an actor


A - like Joe Schmo

I - yeah!

M 0 what did Jan say that she saw the blueprints?

A - she said that there was a secret room.

- a room marked "Com room" was on the blue prints and Jan said at some point that she saw the blueprints and knew there was an extra room becaues of them.

April says she is sick of the whole thing. Iv reminds her that it will be over before they know it. Maggie is going back inside

A - I think Janelle is evil

I to M - we're going up

-maggie starts to explain what she is doing

I - NO, we're going up

M - ohhhh

A is saying something about a conversation that she is having with Janelle where she said she wasn't going to win the 500..only the 50 ..and Janelle said..."well....i'll just have to decide to take to the end then"...

- they are very suspicious of Janelle

A - I guess my problem is..I like to think even this much (little) that people have this many (little) value., morals, like something..yaknowwhatimsaying? I feel like I"ve been nice to Howie for what she's done to me and decent to Janelle for what she's done to me and my PARTNER

I - they've been playing a great game and now they are going to lose cause they are dumb...it doesn't matter if they have values.

Iv - they are playing a game without making a connection with anyone. I dont think Jan is a good person AT all..but she is playing the game and anytime you are told if you dont care, you are asked if you are giving up..youknowwhati'msaying?. they are gonna play the game. they have been playing the whole time. they aren't gonna stop now

A 0 Jan said she didn't give a fuck if she made friends here or not. I tol dher, it's pretty much gonna be me, you and maggie around here and we should all pitch in to help and she said "I dont give a shit" (lol)

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Guest Shockalot

Vette and April talking about the 'Sov6'.

April suggest there is some good in everyone but Ivette says "..well.. there is not much good in Janelle'.

They discuss how people have just been playing the game and how they became the Sov6 and played a good game but will lose simply because they are Dumb.

April is talking about how she has been pretty good to Howie considering how he treated her.

She also insists she has been pretty good to Janelle considering how Janelle acted towards her partner Jennifer.

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Neither Iv or Ap want to be in at the end with Jan. April thinks the finale couldn't be on a tuesday.

A - that stuff doesn't stress me out, but god can't someone have 5% kindness?. If you look at it, i DID save their ass. One of them would't be here if it werent for me. James would, but they wouldn't.

I - yeah

A - that week..i didn't tell you cause i didn't want to stress you out, but she wanted to put you up as a pawn

I - i k now, i'm gone next week

A - i dont see how she could tihnk she .....out of me, you and maggie....she is gonna bring somene at the end that she thinks she can win against..in hopes. if you didn't make a friend in this house, who woul dyou bring to the end? you would bring someone that you think you can win against..i think she thinks she can win against tyou. It doesn't matter who we think she likes more...it matters who she thinks she can beat. You have longer conv. with her than I do cause you have some common interests..shopping...whatevr...my conv with her is cordial.

I - she and I have been the most hated girls in this house (she and J) . Kay hated me, Mike ahted me, H hasn't liked me that much...so..you know..

A - all i can say is tehre is no guarantee because she is gonna..if she is smart....she will think if there is a possibility..who can i win against? Her thought is that America will get to vote and she ....

I - where is this button at?

- they are covering the hot tub

I walks away with A following into the house

A - well...I just dunno

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Guest Shockalot

Vette is saying how her and April have been the most hated girls in the house.

Michael burped in my face! Says Ivette.

April says "He freaked me out"

Vette lists how almost everyone hated her.

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10:32pm BBT

F1 & 2 - HOH with MIA - discussing how many quarters have been given in the game so far. Some disagreement. When they received quarters...what mathematical calculation is best to go with....

A - I'm gonna go with.....

M -55 is the minmal

A - yeah....55 quarters?. I think someone should do 50 and someone should do 60

M - and if one is left...55?

I - what was the highest bid at the gambling table?

M - 38 was highest bid

I - 76 right?

M corrects her and says it was 38....and continue with HOH school

F3 & 4 - H and Jan sleeping in GR with lights on

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10:44pm BBT

In the middle of HOH school..April heads out to get some oreos and milk. Ivette has been going over all the things she thinks they should know for the comp.

(i don thtink she is studying the right things...forget who won hoh..start counting electrical outlets lol)

Iv in HOH bathroom finishing a lotioning routing..Maggie is in bed counting something.

M - <in a sarcastic announcer voice> - you have the opportunity to win fabulous prizes,...all you have to do is give up your souuuulllll.

Iv says she will buy a house if she wins money.

A comes back in and starts up HOH school again...who said this..who said that..

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Maggie says that she was the one that turned down the a/c last night and made it so cold..Ivette turns around and looks at her fast

M - what?! it was a joke...it was funny....not funnY?

- m says that she has that kind of sense of humor becaues she deals with extreme situations in her job and that is what kind of sense of humor that develops. She says that her Uncle is a fireman, dave is a fireman...

Ivette t hinks that maggie's sense of humor could be construed as cruel

They then start talking about cars and A's brother.

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April pickin her nose as they all discuss the Branch Davidian/David Koresh standoff. What happened and how long it went on.....April worked at a Cracker Barrel at that time and got sick of the tourists that would drive by to see what was going on.

Janelle is awake and in the kitchen on F3 & 4, then goes to pick face & blow nose in the bathroom

MIA still discussin BDs in the HOH ....Maggie says that all the kids in there were inbreds...(?)

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April says taht her whole wedding - package deal...pictures, dress, cake, ceremony..everything was $895

Iv and m arguing in bed as Maggie laughs about getting crumbs in the bed

Maggie giggles and Iv says that M just does stuff to annoy her and that she is gonna come to Ms house and do pet peeves all the time

m - you better find out what they are then

- A brushing teeth

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Guest raceingal11

4:35 am BBT

F1 & F2 - HOH, maggie and April in the bed and Ivette on the FLOOR, sleeping (isn't the HOH supposed to sleep in the bed?????)

F3 & F4 - Howie is awake and in the back yard, working out by himself (janelle assumed to be in bed asleep). he's now playing a bit with his light sabor, as he heads into the house. put his stuff in the work out room, and goes to kitchen for a dring of water. back to WO room for more training.

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