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Tuesday, August 30th Televised Show Coverage

Guest ranster627

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Guest ranster627

Think you can't help us out because you don't get the Live Feeds?

Then you would be wrong ...

We are trying something new out this year ...

We need people to write what they see on the televised show, preferrably as you are watching it, but even within the hour later ... then Ranster (me) will swoop in and gather it all up for a neat upload for the BB page.

Wanna Help? Volunteer here!

Watching the show? Post what you see here in as much detail as you can!

you can also e-mail to ranster@mortystv.com

This is all a part of Morty's Team Coverage ...

Any takers?

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Guest ranster627

we are finally back on tonight ... post your recaps here ...



Veto Comp and Ceremony

America's Choice

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Guest ranster627

previously on BB: the recaps ...

Beau is HOH and nomunates Howie and Rachel

James doesn't use veto

played both sides

unanimous, Rachel evicted

April won HOH

who will she nominate and who will win POV and will they use it?

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Guest ranster627

reaction to Rachel eviction:

Howie misses her

Janelle was glad Howie was there

Beau says last pair was target

Day 54

Howie cxalled her stronger, his job now is to fight for her and win BB6 for Howie and RayRay

reacyion to April as HOH

A: crowned like Miss America

James: summer of hell

Janelle: the force wasn't with me this week

Maggie was happy she won ... like she won it too

April excited to have the control ... prove when she really wants something she can get it

Janelle refers to Maggie as HOH when Howie won it

Maggie says she knows Janelle thinks she's a huge threat

James and Ivette

he appreciates everything she's done

Maggie concerned relationship will get in way of friendship

April and Maggie run to GR

make deal with Howie and Janelle about keeping it secret

backdoor James

Janelle remembers last time they needed help, "it wasn't very helpful for us"

Howie: came running like a bat out of hell

Jamesbuster week two weeks ago and all season long

HOH room



"everyone's kissing everybody's ass" James


Matthew spoiled Busto again ... Howie

she has pics in Dr

Howie is kissing Busto's ass right now

BUSTO - Busto was her name-o

April consults .. Ivette again trying to get out Janelle

April believe James and Ivette have a pact to the end

Beau has a doubt about Ivette because James is a manipulator

Ivette doesn't want to lie

Maggie says a secret isn't a LIE

April: We're the only friendship!

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Guest ranster627


Janelle visiting April because she was nervous

suggests using Ivette as a pawn

says if Ivette doesn't use it, she will be against friendship

Janelle scared

Janelle has a sick feeling

April says trust me

April scared of James thing

Howie was there

Nominations Today --- April describes it

Howie nervous,

James, if he goes home it's because he never won HOH

A: you can always have a plan but they can change as well

she likes for people to like her and she likes to like people


when you lose a partner that's when it becomes a game

prefer never to hear weak again

Maggie safe, Beau, Ivette, and James safe

nominated Howie and Janelle

strong bond and relationship ... best move for me in the game

DR:ultimate goal to backdoor James

Janelle not sure she trusts

Howie we will see about the veto

or when America votes to keep Howie because he's the star of the show

James confused about April not wanting him for veto

April knows James is gunning for Maggie and then April

James would be a great ally if he was on my side

Maggie says Ivette is under a lot of stress

Ivette: wants to think about herself, James would be the perfect person to go to the end with

Maggie not impressed Ivette is always petitioning for James "does not look good in my eyes"

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Guest ranster627


POV comp

April picks Maggie

no one could pick James or backdoor wouldn't work

Janelle picks Ivette

Howie picks Beau-Beau

James knew he was done and was going to be back-doored

James Host

mud lines

locked veto

Playing it dirty

4 symbols ... get them unlock them and put them in slots

silver veto wins combo to 2nd safe

Ivette hates mud

one key ata time

open lock, put veto in slot

Jan piled keys in corner and kept going back

Ivette trying not to get that dirty

Howie wanted to use his great looks as a distraction

Janelle wanted silver

she got it

freakin' lucky bitch says Beau

April takes the lead and wins

Maggie very excited ... in one week she's come out as the ultimate player

Maggie says April will take Janelle off

James: sucks to be host of your own funeral

safe: travelocity trip to bahamas and a gnome

Howie I dream of Janie, golden locks are magical

wants to take mother- Janelle

Ivette lobbies against her again

the whole prize jealousy thing - PBJ Pass, TV, vacation

Maggie: there's a potential of Janelle going home because of the amount of things she keeps winning in this house

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Guest ranster627


gather round the living room surprise from BB

America's choice

Maggie ... everyone wants Ivette to get it ... has not received any type of support





he misses her and more and more

she was so excited

everyone says hi

he's proud of her

he's there when she comes out

Britney Spears have her baby

hurt April's feeling to know America loves Janelle

questions character at that choice

made Janelle stronger

Jan hugs Ivette

Ivette freaks

bawling loudly

Maggie feels terrible ... consoles her "I'm so sorry"

Ivette's feelings really really hurt

after saying they have to be happy for everybody April comforts Ivette

Maggie choosing Michael over own mother, says a lot about her

anyone but Michael says Ivette

no way America likes Michael

April we don't believe it

April says she's a newlywed and America would pick Janelle?

James comes in

quotes bible

all pieces of bleep says A

James used opportunity to diss Janelle cognizantly

Janelle searches

Janelle felt bad ...

she goes in ... apologizes ... you guys mad at me?

they may not know Michael and I made out 24/7

Janelle knows they are pretending

uif America really voted for Janelle they made a sad stupid decision ... April

A: bottom line is you have a huge target

April wavering on saving Janelle will make decision right before ceremony

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Guest ranster627


pre veto ceremony stuff

pros of using it backdooring James

but wants others out too

the POV Ceremony

Howie looks nervous

Janelle: respects noms, happy to be this far, please use it on Howie, he's a beefcake

Howie: Howie wants Janelle saved he will respect whatever she does

April uses it on Janelle

Ivette miserable

nominates James

POV holder champ

not personal ... strictly strategic

wanted to guarantee votes ... Janelle was temptation

H: 50 / 50

James will try to swing Janelle saying she has better chance isn't giving up

Thursday: next evicted and next HOH

Contributors: ranster627 and smirnoff. A big Morty's Thanks!

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