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Thursday, August 25th Televised Show Coverage

Guest ranster627

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Guest ranster627

Think you can't help us out because you don't get the Live Feeds?

Then you would be wrong ...

We are trying something new out this year ...

We need people to write what they see on the televised show, preferrably as you are watching it, but even within the hour later ... then Ranster (me) will swoop in and gather it all up for a neat upload for the BB page.

Wanna Help? Volunteer here!

Watching the show? Post what you see here in as much detail as you can!

This is all a part of Morty's Team Coverage ...

Any takers?

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Guest ranster627

Tonight's show promises a LIVE eviction of Howie or Rachel, the new HOH and the already widely announced next America's Choice question.

If you have trouble posting your recaps tonight, send them by e-mail to ranster@mortystv.com

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Guest ranster627

we begin with the previously recaps from the announcer ...

Janelle as HOH evicts Jennifer

Beau is HOH ... The Friendship regained power

Maggie warned them not to forget about James

Veto, James wins and doesn't use it and plays both sides

who will be evicted tonight? Rachel or Howie?

can the Sovereign two finally win HOH or will the friendship finally take control?

Day 54 inside the BB House

the friendship alliance came back with a vengeance

4th time James won the Golden Power of Veto

dream of making it together is over

live eviction ... one will join jury

post veto reaction

Rachel didn't want to be on block with Howie ... whoever stays behind will be a search and destroy mission

H: break up last pair (his instructions)

Howie has a bit of a bad reputation for opening his big mouth

it was time and well deserved ....

Rachel wants Howie to succeed more than she wants to succeed

she gives facts of life speech to Howie

they want him to streak

Maggie says no bible swear

consensus is Howie staying but he doesn't believe them

Maggie figures out Howie knows how James is voting because she was called deciding vote

Maggie thinks they should have worried about bigger things, biggest threat (James)

Maggie realizes James need Sovereigns

April believes James wouldn't bring her to the end

talks to HG's

April Jennifer gone

with her leaving, piece of her missing and feels guilty ... gonna play hard

Maggie, table shrunk

huge milestone for us ... really proud

fans ... who play Ivette in BB6 the Movie, Julie DeMato

Janelle, if you could leave for a day

go to Minnesota and visit friends and family there

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Beau in HOH room.

Julie asked why not Janelle? HE said it's strategic, he didn't want personality conflicts to override. Beau said he and Jan made up. Julie points out that I & B are hte only pair left after tonight. B said him & I are trying to remain friends w/ everyone. She asks about James. Beau said James stands in a positive light within the friendship.

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James plan to the end: James said he is having fun. Howie said that James has 5 vetoes (counting the sarah tv one) The GOlden Power of James.

James said "Internal Strife" then showing crap talking about April. He said both sides hate each other, both the "sovereign" and "girl scouts" which keeps them focused on each other, and not him.

Jam says that Mag & April go up if he wins HOH. They show him & Jan talking in BY. He calls Janie "bad ass." He wants to take Jan to final 2 and her & Ap to Final 3. He can win against Janelle he thinks.

Next: Hurrican Howie & Rachel the horse breeder, and what families & friend that introed them think of them & how they play.

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Guest ranster627

commercial break

Welcome back

HOH interview

Beau, put partners up, but why not Janelle?

he had to make a strategic point of view, no personality conflicts

he and Janelle made up

you and Ivette only pair

how both stay, stay neutral and be friends with everyone


positive side of the group, can trust him with the vote

BEAU STUTTERED through the whole thing

now to James:

shows James and Ivette playing chess

he is having fun ... can't believe he's still there

Howie thinks James will win it

veto "golden power of James"

try to create internal strife

he plays both sides, keeps them aggravated to move focus ...

his job to continue the hate

he calls them dumbasses, he gets HOH and puts up April and Ivette

He approaches Janelle for final two

he calls her a bad ass

he knows he would win over Janelle

next up families and friends of Rachel and Howie

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Back from commercial:

Howie's mom & dad: Outrageous & Outstanding says Dad.

Bob & Ruth: (R's rents) Rachel is more serious, Howie is party guy

Mike: HOwie's friend: He dated Ra for 6-7 mos. Feelings evolved in the house. Says H has always been all about boobies.

H's sis (looks a bit like Janie) says he dotes on her.

R's parents say that howie's personality talking about women funnny.

Howie's mom says, she loves Ra, and there is no love connection, and that Jan is more his type.

R's mom says that she would accept howie but she needs something more "stable."

Diary room

A said H is most immature 34 yo ever.

J said that R would be a great ally.

I no positive about R

Jan R is stronger mentally & physically. She's closer to H

M said that Howie keeps R & Jan together.

A said Howie has issues. She wanted him out immediately, and that he treated disrespect.

Jan says she can't win against either, but better chance against H.

I she said the less of Sovereign the better for her.

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Guest ranster627

commercial break

Rachel and Howie segment,

outrageous and outstanding ... Howie's dad

Rachel is more serious one

Howie is party person says Rac's mom

Mike- dated Rach for 6 mos.

feelings for Rachel have evolved

obseesed with Boobies since teen years

Howie respectful for sister

Rach mom ... doesn't like how he talks about women

How mom doesn't believe it's a love connection

Janelle would be type

Howie did try for Rach

Rach mom would accept it but she needs someone more stable

sis wants Howie to win

Howie dad happy and proud

mom thought he went below the belt with Busto

votes live!


A: Howie is the most immature 34 yr old

Rachel acts 33

James says she would be good ally

Janelle is closer to Howie

Maggie says Howie ties them together

Ivette thinks Howie has issues, nothing good to say about Rachel

Janelle better chance against Howie

Ivette: "All these people, the less we have of them, the better for me."

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Casting votes live tonight, Julie said you may still have some time to sway votes:

R: says "AMAZING" summer, HG's without you my eviction could not be possible shes glad to meet everyone. H you are the greatest.

H: Pressure, thanks fam & friends HG's. April special thanks for putting up with him, calls Jam "veto guy" thanks Ray ray for going, and says he's happy if he lives, and don't feel bad if i leave fans, i get to hang out w/ Jen in Tropics

Beau no vote. One by one in DR.

Mag first: Vote to evict: RACHEL

Jan second: Vote to evict: RACHEL

April 3rd: Vote to evict: RACHEL

Ivette 4th: Vote to evict: RACHEL

James 5th: Vote to evict: RACHEL

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Rach's goodbye.

R interview w/ Julie:

J says you look beautiful

Cut to house: Nobody blond been evicted yet say Janie

Back to interview:

R says downfall is H nominated Jam & Sar. She says game changes on dime.

R says that H was unhappy and took things personally last week.

R says she would have voted herself here.

R says that she & H have grown together, he's truly giving & caring. They'll see what happens.

Tape goodbyes:

H: You were as good as anyone else, great threat to nerd heard, blow kisses.

JAn: You gave me great ideas

A: One of the Best competitors in house

M: You played w/ respect & maturity

B: Say hi to Jen to me, give her a kiss

Jam: sacrifice yourself over H very noble

I: Behavior is out of control, you leave me speechless, poor sportsmanship

R crying.

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Guest ranster627


talks to Howie and Rachel

plead your case

Rach: amazing summer and had a lot of fun

without you my eviction could not be possible

Howie: you are the greatest thank you for everything

Howie ... putting up with me all these weeks, April, Janie and James

thanks RayRay

same time if he walks out he will be happy

don't feel bad for me if I leave to my fans out there

Live vote:

Maggie votes to evict Rachel

Janelle votes to evict Rachel

April votes to evict Rachel

Ivette votes to evict Rachel

James votes to evict Rachel

by a vote of 5 to 0 (unanimous) Rachel is evicted

everyone hugs her!

last Howie hug with aaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwww

Rachel and Julie

at one pint your alliance dominated

sitting there because of James and Sarah nomination by Howie

changed the whole game ...

Howie trouble

he was very unhappy just expressing himself

stategically they took out the right one

lighter note, couple?

grown a lot closer ... giving and caring he truly is


Howie, great threat to the nerd herd

Janelle, the house isn't going to be the same

April ... best competitor

Maggie played with sense of maturity

J: noble move

I: your behaviour is out of control, poor sportsmanship

reaction to Ivette ... I don't know what happened with Ivette

she teared up

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HOH Competition: Blindfolded... HIGH LOW

Questions about BB game-number higher or lower, either step up or down


Wrong: Out

Last standing HOH

1) Of the 14HG's how many are taller than 6feet, higher or lower than 3, H, j, k, and Mich

How, Mag, I out now

2) A, Jam, Jan still in

Of the current hg's how many never won HOH....higher or lower than 4.

ALL 3 still in

3) how many veto have been played this season higher or lower than 9

ALL Still in

4)how many nights in BB house. 50 higher or lower

James out, 53 in the house.

5) how many hg's went from hoh to evictee, higher or lower than 4

Both A & Jan still both in

TIE BREAKER, blindfolds off, chalkboards to top step:

QUESTION: In veto comp.Goal for it, how many pucks in red bin?

A: 100

Jan: 85


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Guest ranster627

America's Choice is for a phone call! HG's said who they wanted to talk to ...

commercial ...

HOH booths with steps, in BY, Beau can't play

High Low

question has a number ... answer higher or lower ... think it's higher go up ...

correct you stay / wrong you leave


maggie howie ivette eliminated

all safe

all safe

4. James out

5. safe

6. tie breaker / chalkboards ...

top step

answer is number closest without going over wins

red bin pucks?

85 Jan

100 April

April is HOH

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Guest ranster627

LIVE Televised Show: Thursday, August 25, 2005

We began with the announcer recap of events from Janelle as HOH evicting Jennifer, to The Friendship regaining Power with Beau winning HOH, to Maggie reinforcing her concerns about James, to James playing both sides and leaving the nominations of Rachel and Howie stand. Can The Sovereign Two finally win HOH or will The Friendship finally take control? Julie tells us it

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