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August 23rd Live Feed Updates

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HoH room.

We have April, Ivette,Beau and Maggie talking about the conversation Janelle had at the dinner table. Giving a bum fake money.

Then we move on to the conversation of Janelle and Michael. Maggie is going on about Janelle's comment that she wants to F*** Michael when she gets out of the house.

Janelle bashing keeps going.

Maggie said that she feels sorry for Janelle's family.

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Howie goes out and tell Rachel what he did to stay this week.. ( He also went back inside and did it again while the "nerd heard" watched on the spycam and screamed.)

Rachel in the HT saying she want to hear music and sing and watch TV.

James said. I wanna crush them.

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Janelle, H and R in kitchen talking about Janelle and her "Gimme the fuckin key you bitch" comment to Jen. Howie says it is the greatest moment in BB history.

H: "They keep saying,"whats a nerd herd, why are we nerds"?, they are laughing and poking fun at the other team and Howie appears to be immitating April in her southern accent saying "I like you Janelle". Howie is massaging Rachel's neck


In the HOH, the nerd herd is watching Howie on the spy cam talking about how he gives the worst massages ever.

B: Who are uou giving your phone # to when u get out of here

M: Uh, the friendship

M: I wont give my # to Ivette cause she wont call, so I will just call her.

I: yes I will, it is on my to do list to call M, A, J, B and Cappy

Now back to more Janelle bashing (cant stand to listen to another second of these jealous haters)

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Howie and Janie in the BY working out. More practicing for competitions. They are now quizing each other on personal info, Janie is telling her dogs name's and other HG pets names

H: They're really gonna ask that?

H: Start going through it again in order, the more we go over it the easier it is goign to be (they are going over competition results ie) HOH, Veto ect...

J: Your cute Howie!

J: Shit, I cant work out I'm fucking lazy

H: Tired?

J: No I'm fucking lazy

H: Lets see...what else now (talking about order of events again)

H: You kicked ass. They found the most dominate player of the season in you. I cant wait to see you detroy them. James is scared of you. You are superior to him in those fucking memory games.

J is stretching, Howie standing above her. Howie has changed convo back to the past comp's.

HOH, NH (nerd herd) talking about Danielle from BB3 and how she isnt mad at how she was screwed out of $350 000? (not sure came into this convo). April says BB told her " No, she is a big fan of the show and comes to every wrap party".

They are talking about doing an All stard BB

A: I wouldnt do it, even if I was guaranteed a million.

M: I know there is alot of people that would do it again, Howie, Janelle, James, Rachel, Michael, Kaysar

B:James is still dirty

A: Everyone's dirty, that whole sides dirty

A: Who is Janelle gonna hang out with when Rachel leaves, like girl wise?

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Howie and Janelle were out in the BY memorizing things for the next HoH competition just in case. They head back inside and start counting the balls in the G/ball machine trying to work out how many balls it has.

Janelle is heading to the shower.

Nerd heard sleeping.

Rachel and James must be sleeping too.

Howie and Janelle decide that one will say 250 and the other will say 299

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Janelle and Howie rehashing Janelle's HOH win and how Howie ran over to her when he saw her sign and Julie announced "Janelle you are the new HOH"

They are now counting pucks used in the veto comp (lots of studying lets hope it pays off)

H: We should have just counted the mother fuckers (pucks)

J: Yeah but it would have been so obvious, they would have just counted too.

Janie's guess for toal number of pucks used...80-85. Howie thinks her orig guess of 120 was too high.

H: 93? If only one of us is there

J:Lets say 85?

H: and if you're in there I'll say 101 (possibly throwing comp if it is him and Janie?)

H: Ok' where'd I leave off. Roller ball....

J: Do you remember what color Jersey Jen was wearing the Hockey comp

(now going over everyone's jersey color)

Janelle heads over to do some laundry....and Howie joind her

J: Howie your cute

H: You're cuter Janie

J: Am I really? (doing their cute voices)

J: Howie many balls were used in the TV comp

H: 70 per bucket times 6 is 420

J: How do you know there was 70

H: Because they said 70 per bucket and if you run out we will refill it.

He is very sure it is 420 total.

They head inside, Janelle is going to take a shower. They decide they will wake up tomorrow and run.

Janelle has an idea, count the gums in the gumball machine for a possibe tie break question. They are counting length times width, but then Howie decides they need to include the gums in the centre of the circle not just outside. He says like 350

J thinks its too high... They discuss between 250 and 299

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R is done working out, goes to BR to put deodorant on and goes to check thermostat. She went back to workout room and exercising more (leg lifts). Doing crunches under stairs then goes to bathroom. Gets her vitamins and heads to kitchen to make breakfast.

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