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Tuesday, August 23rd Televised Show Coverage

Guest ranster627

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Guest ranster627

Think you can't help us out because you don't get the Live Feeds?

Then you would be wrong ...

We are trying something new out this year ...

We need people to write what they see on the televised show, preferrably as you are watching it, but even within the hour later ... then Ranster (me) will swoop in and gather it all up for a neat upload for the BB page.

Wanna Help? Volunteer here!

Watching the show? Post what you see here in as much detail as you can!

This is all a part of Morty's Team Coverage ...

Any takers?

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Guest ranster627

Tonight's show will be the nominations, veto comp and veto ceremony ...

Pre-Taped Televised Show: Tuesday, August 23, 2005

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Guest ranster627

we will begin coverage in just a few minutes ... remember if you want to contribute and can't post, e-mail your recaps within an hour after the EST show airing to ranster@mortystv.com

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Guest ranster627

the show began with the usual, previously on Big Brother segment ... recapping beginning with the Kaysar betrayal and eviction

HOH - Janelle wins ... Jennifer evicted ...

next HOH Beau wins ...

who will Beau nominate and will POV be used to save a nominee?

reaction to Jennifer eviction

Ivette happy that you're staying

James said she's a very sneaky person

April said hugging her goodbye was so so hard ... her leaving gave her a reason to fight

Howie called it a cleansing, demons had been exorcised

April in tears she's playing for Jennifer too

reaction to Beau HOH

feel fabulous

Ivette said it was the best scenario ... when one of us wins, we all win

James says he has to walk that middle

Rachel says power shifted again and she and Howie vulnerable

Howie wanted to get another nerd herder out of the way, gave Beau his props

Karma is a bitch, had him sweating so they can sweat

Maggie says Rachel and Howie are an incredibly strong team but then James

Rachel talks about all their mistakes ... Maggie walked on Howie

Janelle says they are all targets now

Rachel owns up to mistakes ... will keep fighting as long as she possibly can

Janelle can't handle it if one of them wins

HOH room with Beau

peanut his dog, and cell phones, and sister and mother

Love rock, foundation of his house

his team moves in

Eric shrine with hat and picture

Howie said he would be nice to April

he apologizes ... kind of ... about the dog and husband not about her though

Ivette repeats Busto yells

April acting like she accepts apology

Hurricane Howie is brewing ... simmering

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Guest ranster627


nominations day

Beau says Rachel, then Janelle and howie

Maggie thinks James

helluva time getting rid of him --- Maggie

April thinking at end ... worries about James

Beau: James harder to get out towards the end ...

The nominations themselves:

Howie doesn't know what they're thinking

Maggie thinks James is the biggest target

James doesn't trust anyone ... will never ever feel safe in this house again

Beau takes responsibility very seriously

Janelle knows they hate her

Beau has butterflies in his heart

Ceremony, Beau says know what has happened past couple of weeks

75% nstrategy, 25% personal

Ivette, April, Maggie, James, Janelle all safe

nominated Rachel and Howie

Howie, showed side and fierce competitor

Rachel, past played both side and were shady, and now pitch black and stark white

Ivette says Rachel sore loser

Beau says Rachel fierce competitor too

R: thanks Beau Beau

Ivette called her a sarcatic wench and a miserable old hag

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Guest ranster627


post nom reactions

Ivette says Rachel is such a bitch ...

she can't stand her calls her a miserable aging woman

Howie says Rachel took it personally

Howie calls them a nerd herd

James says Rachel is hated, and a good competitor

Maggie said Beau's speech was good because he described to group how he felt

Rachel wants one of them following her

Janelle thinks James is going to take them out first

James wants to blindside them

he wants to have them take out each other, plans to stay to the end

table shrinks

A: like a mother table gave birth to a baby

Janelle was proud of herself for making it this far in the game

I: finds it to be more motivation

Rachel says it gives a perspective

Rachel wants veto, doesn't really want to leave

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Guest ranster627


Veto comp

Beau picks James

Rachel picks April

Howie and Janelle

Beau picked James because he won't use veto

Rachel was surprised

Howie picked Janelle because she's the best player

R chose April becuase she could beat her

bathing suits

all separated

floating heads

"Get your pairings straight"

unhook faces

drop them in slot side by side

one at a time

dive and run dive and run

6:20 for Howie

James: he was in the zone


April talked about water ... fear of drowning


fell off stairs

got herself worked up

frigging out of shape

9:53 happy she completed it and she3's alive


went to furthest first and got tangled



fill one side and match the other side


worried about boobs

Janelle wanted to save Howie


beau's got stuck

Ivette hosts



James won veto

Rachel says they are at his mercy

evicting her smartest move

Howie feels he would go out to greatest player in BB history

Janelle thought she could've gone faster

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Guest ranster627


5 vetoes for James

platinum veto says Ivette

Ivette wants him on their side

if Janelle won or he would have gone up

Rachel says they might vote Howie out

sacrifices herself, he deserves to be there

Janelle calls James cunning and sly ...

Rachel thinks James has deal with Beau and Ivette

concerned she would be trapped if Howie goes

both sides annoy him (James)

no allies and no friends whatsoever

Veto Ceremiony

he doesn't give a rats ass

Janelle is the most dangerous player

calls them together

Howie brings faces to ceremony

Rachel: to do well, respects Beau's decision, respects James

Howie: James most dominant, whatever you have to do it's your veto

not easy decision

impossible to make decision between two and to respect beau's nom he doesn't use it

he didn't use it because girl scout troop would have gone nuts

rachel thinks smarter to vote her out

if Howie sees scenario's to rebuild he will knock some houseguests off their pedastals

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Guest ranster627

Pre-Taped Televised Show: Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The show tonight began with the usual recap that began with the Kaysar betrayal and eviction, went on to the Janelle eviction of Jennifer and ended with Beau winning the HOH. Even though it began normally enough, it was anything but normal in that there was a lot of business to be covered and significantly we had a view of what James was thinking, something we do not get from the feeds. First up were the reactions to the business of Saturday

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