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Tuesday, August 9th Televised Show Coverage

Guest ranster627

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Guest ranster627

Think you can't help us out because you don't get the Live Feeds?

Then you would be wrong ...

We are trying something new out this year ...

We need people to write what they see on the televised show, preferrably as you are watching it, but even within the hour later ... then Ranster (me) will swoop in and gather it all up for a neat upload for the BB page.

Wanna Help? Volunteer here!

Watching the show? Post what you see here in as much detail as you can!

This is all a part of Morty's Team Coverage ...

Any takers?

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Guest ranster627

just saw a commercial that said ... last week he was the joker, this week he is running the house ... see how he's doing on a new Big Brother next ...


It was the Friendhip versus the sovereign 6

when James was caught playing both sides the Sov6 planned to get rid of him

Kaysar out

the Sov 5 won HOH through Howie

the Nominations ...

Sarah and James ...

who will win the POV and will they use it?

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Guest ranster627

reaction to nominations:

Sarah cried in the DR

James felt so betrayed ... loss for words ... shock

Howie ... right now no regrets

wow ... that was a kick in the ass

James wants to talk to them and Sarah wants to talk to nobody

Maggie ... got all the blame from James

April confronts the bible thing

he was playing the game but the guy's dumb because he got caught ... A

hOWIE TELLS jAMES THAT HE AND sARAH destroyed Howie's plans and tells him about the betrayal

"Put up Howie" Backdoor Howie ...

James denied it ...

Howie is sorry if he is wrong

James is playing the he is disappointed card

James lies about swearing on the bible

Sarah is in tears ... james comforts her

she doesn't want to quit or be there without him ... torn ...

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Guest ranster627

James: "Unless Sarah or I win the veto, I am going home this week."


Sarah sees the backyard pinata party "a Mexican Party"

her and James partied alone at first

Jennifer sees the whole thing

James and Sarah don't want others out

April reads pinata instructions

decorate to look like yourself

everyone ran outside

there was a black pinata too

Sarah made sad pinata

James had bird flipping, POV and Halo

Howie and mini Howie

pinata Howie ...

Sarah asks April what she did

April said James lied and Sarah did his dirty work

you did it to yourself, that's the bottom line

Sarah wants to make their lives a living hell

Janelle says she doesn't believe that they were after her

Sarah and James use Michael conspiracy as example of someone being lied about

Janelle has doubts

James is working on them

Janelle talks to Howie and she starts to believe they are lying

Janelle doesn't trust the Friendship at all

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Guest ranster627

after the world's longest commercial break:

they get ready for the Veto Competition

Howie picks Rachel

Sarah picks Jennifer

James picked Ivette

Janelle was hostess

each player sequestered, one at a time they went outsdie

six pinata hanging

"A lot of pinata"

deposit 10 candies into at least 2 pinata's

20 and closest wins

over 20, eliminated

Rachel first

then Sarah put 9 in howie

Howie split evenly

Jennifer ... split them up ...

Ivette ... gave nine to James

James ... thought about it ...

no one wanted James to win

each break their own pinata's ...

Ivette: 3 candies

Sarah: so good to hit something ... 10 pieces

Howie ... 16 pieces

Jennifer ... 6

James ... he was smashing everyone of those people sitting there ... 18

Rachel: 7

no one wants James to win

POV goes to James

there wasn't a lot of thinking going on was there: Ivette

seals her fate: Sarah

James: They're gonna see a side of James that they might not be prepared for.

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Guest ranster627

they show the remnants of the pinata's

James: You can't kill me ...

Maggie: James winning it was the worst possible scenario

April volunteers to be pawn

get Sarah out then James next week

entire house working together ...

James and Sarah feel upset about leaving each other

Saeah would hate to be in the House without James ... fine with her if he uses it on himself

they both dab their eyes

April frets about being pawn

she wants Ivette now ... she volunteers herself and then wants Ivette

BB surprise, the pleas "America's Choice"

Janelle: It was really great to see Michael again


Maggie thought he did a really good job

Kaysar's was very distuinguished: Janelle

they went to Storage Room with camapaign shirts ...

Sarah says Michael

James wants Sarah

Janelle wants michael

Ivette, Beau and Maggie for Eric

Kaysar had Rachel and Howie

the Ivette and April confrontation ... all about pawn thing

Howie says it doesn't matter ... Sarah or James are leaving

we had another America's Choice commercial

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Guest ranster627

after the commercial break ...

BTW, this thread will be locked at midnight EST for anyone having recaps to post ...


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Guest ranster627

all about James and Ivette's relationship

people distrudt that friendship

they have a bond

April distrusts it

April spreads the word about the relationship

April doesn't trust her anymore

Jenny and April propose dumping Ivette

say Sarah isn't a threat

James and Ivette are more lethal pair than James and Sarah: Howie

James expects them to try for him next week, but likely not Sarah

Veto Ceremony

James ... Sarah says she has been taught to think twice about others trusts but she has faith in James and loves him so much

James ... game has been played through fear and popularity contests

used it to save himself

Howie nominates ... Ivette

James will be after you ...

Ivette ... isn't sure it is because she volunteered

Howie calls Ivette treacherous

who will be evicted: Sarah or Ivette

next HOH?

who will return?

find out live Thursday

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