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Barnum and Bailey Circus

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I guess I'll start this as a MC question:

Does Britney remind you more of a





I say she reminds me more of a jellyfish because she has plenty of venom, but she's not able to really "kill" her opponents with any of her stings - just startle them and piss them off a little.

Okay. You can answer this question or post one of your own.

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Kathy reminds me of a three-toed sloth...do I really need to explain this? She doesn't do anything

Rachel reminds me of a lemming (I know the whole suicide thing isn't totally true in actual nature) but she will follow Brendon ANYWHERE including off a cliff

Britney reminds me of a filly. She's bratty, hasn't matured but pretty to look at and with proper handling she will be a fine mare. Yes I mean this...I think her cattiness is just immaturity. Of course when other HG's talk behind backs it's ok right?

Brendon reminds me of a funnel-web spider. He's sneaky, you won't see it coming but he WILL destroy you if not careful

Kristen reminds me of a lioness. Pretty, dangerous but waits in the bush until it is time

Enzo reminds me of a pigeon. He is loud, kind of annoying and doesn't seem to serve much a purpose

Andrew reminds me of a domestic house cat. One second spastic, the next second he is docile and aloof.

Hayden reminds me of an emporer penguin. Mostly lazes about and follows his girl (Kristen) around at her beck and call..but plays it cool...pun!

That's all for now


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