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The Oscar version of Big Brother!

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I think this would be entertaining for a new topic. It would be interesting to see who people would like on the show against each other. Maybe kind of dumb as well, but funny at least. Have a celebrity BB where a handful of A-list and B-list actors come on the show as one of their favorite characters. And my nominees are:

- Anthony Hopkins with the CREEPY character he played in Silence of the Lambs (in solitary confinement in the BB house)

- Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, Dakota Fanning, and Robert Pattinson from Twilight (two of them)

- Angelina Jolie from Girl Interrupted (one word: SOCIO-path)

- Principal Joe Clark (Morgan Freeman)from Lean On Me

- Drew Barrymore from Ever After

- Mel Gibson from Braveheart (I don't know about Mel Gibson now, but he is a great actor.)

- Will Smith from I Am Legend or The Fresh Prince of Bel Air (I can't decide.)

- Brad Pitt, Julia Ormond, or Aidan Quinn from Legends of the Fall (two of them)

- Jane Seymour and the guy who played Hank from Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman

- Meryl Streep from The Devil Wears Prada

- Steve Carell from The Office (He's so politically incorrect it would be hilarious.)

- Nurse Carla (Judy Reyes)from Scrubs

No script included. They must improvise from their characters and cast each other - other characters out of the game. No violence included, of course. Just good, clean edge on your seat nail-biting and humor.

Cast your nominees, too if you would like to.

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Okay. I will talk to myself, and express my opinions to myself, I guess. Lol. Hmmm. What to discuss with myself: my thoughts on the HG. Okay.

Monet - don't know much about her yet, but I have a feeling she is going to be a wild card player later in the game. I think she's smarter and has more up her sleeve than the other people perceive. She or some brunette will win, I think. Maybe one of the blonde chicks will dye her hair brown. Lol. I don't know.

Rachel - I think I already expressed my opinion about her. Her brain went to her boobs. And she may be secretly a tranny.

Enzo - maybe one of the smartest players in the game and has the ability to go to the end if he doesn't play too strong just yet

Kristen - I'm kind of up in the air about her. She seems to be doing a good job of flying under the radar.

Matt - don't know. Seems to be an opportunist.

Hayden - can't make decisions for himself because he is terrified of becoming a target. Still he will make it far in the game.

Annie - was my favorite and the smartest player; They blew it when they let her go.

Britney - whiniest, snobbiest little girl I've ever seen on the show besides the girl who threw a two year-old tantrum and got kicked off the show last season. She'll be one of the first off the show, and will not make it to the jury house.

Brenden - hot as all get out. I thought I would like him at first until he proved to be kind of dumb and made himself an even bigger target.

Andrew - I'm not sure about him because what little I see of him is other HG like Britney trying to make him a target so he will be more defensive. That makes me think I like him.

Kathy - seems like a genuinely nice person but is not a strong player. She'll be gone soon just because it's easy to take out someone like her.

Who else is on the show or was? Let me think.

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Okay. Yep.

Ragan - not sure what to think of him. He seems sweet and like the stereotypical gay man. Seems like an opportunist who is flying under the radar.

Lane - quiet. This may work in his favor and make him out to be a hard target as some of the HG are likely to not be able to figure him out or possibly anger him easily.

Hmmm. I love BB.

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