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I am going to TRY

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Guest dansgurl

To say something nice about all the houseguests. (That are left in the house) I think this was done before... but I think that it's now a little bit more of a challenge.

Kaysar- For the most part seems to think things a few steps ahead. Good for coming up with strategy.

Janelle- She doesn't seem to try to be something she's not. Or try to please everybody.

James- CAN be sweet to Sarah at times.

Sarah- is very loyal and seems to be sweet.

Rachel- Cleans up after the other people without being asked.

Howie- He is funny, whether he is trying to be or not.

Jennifer- She seems like she would be fun to hand out with maybe in some other situation

April- she is from Dallas and so and I... is it sad that that is the nicest thing I think of for her?

Maggie- She seems loyal to her friends (Eric)

Beau- He doesn't seem to have a problem goofing off... (Kissing Howie)

Ivette- Very passionate... can be a good quality in some instances.

Wow... that was a LOT harder than I thought it would be. Try it.

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