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July 23rd TV Show Coverage

Guest ranster627

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Guest ranster627

Think you can't help us out because you don't get the Live Feeds?

Then you would be wrong ...

We are trying something new out this year ...

We need people to write what they see on the televised show, preferrably as you are watching it, but even within the hour later ... then Ranster (me) will swoop in and gather it all up for a neat upload for the BB page.

Wanna Help? Volunteer here!

Watching the show? Post what you see here in as much detail as you can!

This is all a part of Morty's Team Coverage ...

Any takers?

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Guest ranster627

Okay, you have seen it done, and you have seen the BB Page by now!

Willing to volunteer?

This is done way differently than the old Survivor recaps, because it is done Morty style! All the recappers posts were important, some for verification, and others for neat phrases ... we all watch TV very differently. The two styles, after-show recappers and the type-as-you-go people, all blended to make a great first show coverage!

Bravo to everyone thanked on the BB Page!

Join us, volunteer here tonight!

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Guest ranster627

previously on BB6 starts with Eric's reign

and ends at HOH win by Kaysar

an outcast took control!

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Preiously on BB6 - 14 houseguests enter the house, each with a secret partner.

Erics HOH divided the house. Michael, Janelle and Kaysar were treated like outcasts.

A romance blossomed between the nominees, Michael and Janelle


The second evictee - Michael

At the HOH an outcast takes control. How will the house react with Kaysar in power??? Find out tonight

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Guest ranster627

reaction to the Michael eviction:

Kaysar just lost his friend ...

Ivette stayed on sofa

Eric walked away

Janelle, she will avenge his loss even though she wasn't asked

Sarah was thrilled Mike left house

reaction to HOH win!

Kaysar: I just delivered a crushing blow to the opposition

E: everyone had that deer in the headlights look

Rachel was thrilled ...

Howie called win BB miracle of the season

shows 3 stategizing K/J/H

Kaysar will not focus on vengeance because there is still a game to be played

Jan: Ivette would be a personal decision because we hate her ... but better to be James or Eric

Maggie not as worried ... bigger fish to fry than me.

they bring up that Howie was crossing over to the dark side ... but he was always hanging out with them

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In black and white we see the last eviction

Showing Kaysar - I have just lost my friend and partner.

Ivette - I kept my happy butt on the sofa

Eric - he (michael) never appologized to me once

Janelle - Michael never asked me to avenge his eviction but eventially I will

Shows michael pic on the memory wall turning to black and white

Sarah - is thrilled that Michael is gone, huge weight off of our shoulders

April says to Janelle are you said. Janelle - I just dont know what to do with myself now. I dont have anyone to turn to. April says - I have always been your friend.

April says - she told Janelle she likes her but she doesnt like her in the game

Showing the last HOH comp. Congratulations Kaysar

Eric - as soon as Kaysar won HOH it looked like everyone had that deer in the highlights look

Janelle - said she would of done cartwheels if she didnt have on stelletos

Rachel - I am soooo excited to see Kaysar win HOH

Ivette - we weren't happy at all

Howie - Kaysar pulled off the first BB miracle

Celebration in the gold room with Howie Kaysar and Janelle

Kaysar says this is for you mikey!!!

Kaysar says this isn't going to be about vengence, theres still a game to be played

Showing Beau, Ivette and April in the bathroom worrying about whos going up

Janelle would feel better if one of the stronger players are gone like Eric or James

Janelle - this is the nicest feeling since I've been in this house. The tables have turned

Showing Eric as HOH making deal with Kaysar (black and white) deal to save him

Maggie - I think Kaysar has bigger fish to fry than me

Beau reassuring April shes safe - your not on the line

Eric is complaining that everyone is saying its not right that Howie is turning to the dark side and going with the outcast. Hes been friends with them since day one.

Alot of strategy talk already with Howie, Janelle and Kaysar

Kaysar says that Howie was wanting James out of the house.

Showing Kaysars new HOH room - he has a Hooka pipe (sp) used to smoke flavored tobaco, got Kosher meat.

Everyone leaves and Janelle stays behind - they are reaffirming they are a team and are going to fight this house together. They are discussing the possibility of James and Sarah being a couple. Kaysar wants to create the biggest chain of reaction as possible. This is going to be an all out war now!!

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Guest ranster627

K: Howie was adament about getting James out

J and H only two that should feel safe.

HOH Room Reveal

Kaysar thrilled about pipe and Kosher meat

Kay tells Janelle that she is his partner now

a lot of discussion about James

set them against each other

K: It's going to be an all out war now!

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Guest ranster627

the meetings

James first ... James denies partners ... Kaysar tries to get him to admit to being with Sarah ... James denies.

James is proud of his lying ability ... thinks he fooled Kaysar

Ivette comes out to April ...

very tender scene ... Ivette badly wants to share her love

April says God brought Ivette to her for a reason because she wouldn't judge her.

I testing April

back to GR:

Janelle does not trust James at all

Janelle suggested the Maggie James duo

Kaysar is going to flip this entire game upside down

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Showing Kaysar talking to James in the HOH room

James basically lets out all his strategy. He lies to Kaysar and tells him his partner had to back out at the last minute. Kaysar calls him out on it and says I know you have a partner in here. back and forth but bottom line - James continues to lie straight to Kaysars face!

Kaysar tells James he wants him to work with him but doesnt commit. James said he cant believe he can lie like he lies. He deserves the biggest bs button in BB history

Ivette to April - they are talking about relationships and ivette feels like she cant talk about her relationship because shes gay. April tells Ivette she appreciates her telling her. April - I think god had you come to me for a reason, that you could tell me your secret. April feels Ivette needs to tell the house. This isnt anything to be ashamed of. The get close.

Kaysar is talking to Janelle and Howie - He wants to keep James but not sure how. Janelle says she cant trust him, and gives Kaysar examples. Kaysar says if maggie doesnt go - and puts up James with her, he will come after Kaysar next week.

Janelle says hes going to come after you anyway


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Guest ranster627

Rachel talks about Howie

Rachel is oldest female in the house 33

Howie they are friends ...

Howie claims New Years kiss

he exaggerates it ... typical Howie

she loves him to death (friends)

Food Comp:

Will Spell 4 Food.

the whole spelling bee thing, yada yada yada ... we got it exact the other day!

idea is to remove slices from wheel that are PB&J and then the wheel will get spun to land on either food or PB & J

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Guest ranster627

Ivette: I live in a house with Idiots ...

Eric says his kids could have done them

April's dog is named Pepperoni so it was funny she got that word ...

sarah choked ...

end of spelling bee ... they tell Kay to spin

the wheel spins

really funny, they thought they had food and it landed on one of only 4 PB&J spaces

Kay liked that it was going to cause frustration ...

James blames the wind for moving the wheel!

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Howie looking at Rachel talking about grannie pannies - Rachel says they are friends, she loves him.

Rachel - I am the oldest female in the house, but I look good for 33

Howie talking about Rachels green granny pannies, telling her she has a great body.

Howie - they are great friends, they made out on new years a couple times but thats it. Rachel says he kissed everyone that night, so she not concerned.

Rachel - people aren't going to suspect that I would know someone like Howie.

Howie says if Rachel gets lonely in here, hes not going to discourage anything happening with Rachel.

Will Spell For Food

Spelling bee for the food competition

The HG need to spell a word they select from under a plate on the table, if they spell it correctly they remove one piece of the PB&J slice off the wheel and increase their chances of getting food for the week.

[Think all the food competition is already posted]

Ivette says she lives in a house with idiots. How much easier could it be? She says who spells spaghetti wrong, who, who? (talking about Janelle)

Eric says - how hard were those questions, my 8 and 9 yr old could of answered them correctly (referring to rachel spelling broccoli incorrectly)

Maggie - could not save her life with spelling

Howie - I was feeling pretty confident after James had "ham" then... rhubarb Incorrect.

James said his girl let him down - she murdered califlower

HOH spins the wheel - PB&J

April says that four people missed so we had a good chance

James - every time we think somethings going to happen, we get a good swift kick in the rear

Janelle - I hate peanut butter and jelly

Kaysar - I was kind of hoping it would work out this way, it will create havok out there

James thinks the wind moved the wheel.

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Kaysar and Howie talking about the subject of religion.

Howie doesnt know his religion, claims hes a jedi. He likes to train 24/7 to be a jedi. Alot of talk about a jedi. ugh. Kaysar and Maggie tell him he cant have sex as a jedi. hahaha

Ivette up in the HOH talking to Kaysar about their disagreement. Kaysar I cant help but think if I didnt get HOH, I wasnt part of the clique and I would have been out the door (those are my words Ivette talks too fast) Ivette - says that Janelle is the person they were going to put up. She introduces her idea to Kaysar about putting up Janelle and put herself up as a pawn, in return you could probably get alot of promises. Ivette - I feel confident, I am a person of my word.

Sarah to Kaysar - just looking for someone right now to trust. Kaysar thinks this is a perfect opportunity to approach the situation about James and her. Sarah does not admit to knowing him.

Sarah - honestly I wanted to tell him the truth, hes a smart guy and most likely he knew the truth but James and I agreed not to tell. Sarah tells James we need to tell Kaysar the truth that some of our team told him to put us up together!

James - Kaysar is trying to figure out if Sarah and I are a couple. Kaysar told James he was safe last night but if he keeps letting Janelle pull his strings, no one is safe. James preaches the Janelle plan that Ivette proposed. James is telling Kaysar to save himself, make the jump.


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Guest ranster627

Howie's religion ... he is a Jedi ...

all the great traits of a Jedi ...

between jedi heart and a woman ... he would go right to the dark side

Nom meetings

Ivette apologized for fight ...

she really runs down Janelle ... she would sell you down the river

offers to go up against Janelle ... she would love it

he called it gutsy move on Ivette's part

Sarah meeting

she denied James connection ... he pressed her but she kept lying ...

she wanted to tell him ... she thought he knew

she asked James to tell

he said no ...

James meets again with Kaysar

he runs down Janelle again

really pressures Kaysar to put up Janelle

says it will save Kaysar for several weeks ...

Kaysar says he made deal with Janelle and Howie ...

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Guest ranster627

final segment ... describes duties of nominations for eviction

April very nervous ....

Eric didn't sleep

he was cautiously oprimistic

Maggie thinks she will not be nominated she will be very surprised if SHE IS

calls meeting Nom Ceremony

everyone very nervous

Kaysar: sets mark of game getting serious, thought logically overcame emotions

Jennifer, Beau, April, Rachel, Eric, Howie, Sarah, Ivette, Janelle all safe

nominated James and Maggie


Meeting adjourned

he's here to show them who's better startegist ... (K)

Eric feels responsible for Maggie ...

It's just chaos and I love it! (chaos)

POV and POV ceremony ... Tuesday on BB6

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Sorry Ranster - lost everything on the last post. grrrrrrr

Looks like you got everything except it was James that didn't get a wink of sleep the night before nominations and Eric that was optimistic

(too bad they didnt show us any of the nomination fall out, suppose that is being saved for Tuesdays show)

See you then :)

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