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July 21st TV Show Coverage

Guest ranster627

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Guest ranster627

Think you can't help us out because you don't get the Live Feeds?

Then you would be wrong ...

We are trying something new out this year ...

We need people to write what they see on the televised show, preferrably as you are watching it, but even within the hour later ... then Ranster (me) will swoop in and gather it all up for a neat upload for the BB page.

Wanna Help? Volunteer here!

Watching the show? Post what you see here in as much detail as you can!

This is all a part of Morty's Team Coverage ...

Any takers?

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Okay, you have seen it done, and you have seen the BB Page by now!

Willing to volunteer?

This is done way differently than the old Survivor recaps, because it is done Morty style! All the recappers posts were important, some for verification, and others for neat phrases ... we all watch TV very differently. The two styles, after-show recappers and the type-as-you-go people, all blended to make a great first show coverage!

Bravo to everyone thanked on the BB Page!

Join us, volunteer here for Thursday!

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Guest MyDVRisSET

I would just like to say THANK YOU to all the re-capers ahead of time.. I am stuck at work until 12:30 am and you all are my main sorce into the BB house.. You all rock!!!!!

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Guest ranster627

and we begin in 6ish minutes ...

This thread will stay open until 10:30 est for block text recappers!

Up tonight:

The Eviction!

Update on some BB5 guests

The next HOH

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Guest ranster627

previously beginning with last HOH

collapse of guy's alliance

tensions cause tempers to explode

the veto ...

Ceremony ...

all recapped

Who will be evicted?

Michael or Janelle?

fav's from BB5

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All sitting in living room - saying who is on the block.

The house is on edge Michael try to make amends and janelle worries about her future.

Michael saying he knew James wouldn't use veto.

Michael says he and eric have been trying to maintain a sense of diplomacy.

M doesn't want tension in the house (talking to eric)

M in diary room doesn't want to be buddy buddy with eric but wants to win.

E wants him and mike to be "cool"

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E and R talking about michael being a threat -

r doesn't think he is a threat

her concern is that jeanelle is getting what she wanted - to stay in the house

E in weight room with maggie and april discussing that they could get janelle out instead - she is a strong player.

maybe even stronger than mike

James asking people if they feel they should vote michael out

Michael is more dangerous to our sanity but janelle is more dangerous strategy wise

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Guest ranster627

Day 19 and it has been a tense week in the Big Brother House

now only 6 pairs remain ...

recap of prize ...

look inside house

first ... the house is on edge

reaction to ceremony

Mike knew James wouldn't use it

M: since eric blew up at me the other night ... both been trying to maintain a certain amount of diplomacy

Eric ... things have pretty much cooled down

Eric says maybe he wasn't that bad

Rachel ... he got a raw deal

everyone talking up Janelle as strong ...

James ... Janelle more dangerous strategically

shows Janelle's many close calls to winning

Howie ... the house is gunning for her

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Guest ranster627

Julie asks Jennifer first!

what did the snake taste like?

what was worst?

she likes PBJ

James you won by only 13 seconds

how gruelling?

Kaysar: tense week huh? argument ..

How has the house changed>

we have grown up a bit


try to control my mouth ...

thanks HG ...

coming up who will be evicted

brought Michael and Janelle together ...


James and Sarah

no vote announced

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discussing janelles strengths in competitions.

She is the one moving mike and kaysar around (according to james)

"They're her little pawns"

Janelle says she thinks there is a lot of gossiping - she knows people are deceptive in the game.

She asks howie, has anyone in this house said anything bad about me?

h - they know you are smart

h - saying janelle is in a tough spot, everyone in the house is gunning for her to go.

Howie and Janelle in bed in the gr

J- things are too dramatic for me I guess I don't know what going on inside this house

What should I do ? help?

H - nothing you can do it's just a game

H - you've got votes to stay, to be honest with you because you've got the surfboard people

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Welcome to BB6 -

Previously on BB6 Janelles effort fell short in the HOH comp against Eric

Showing Michael talking to Eric

Eric nominating Michael and Janelle saying they were his biggest threat

Showing the "fight"

James winning the POV

James decides NOT to use the POV

Who will be evicted from the BB House??? Find out live tonight on BB6

Showing all the houseguest cast

Julie Chen - its day 19 and been a tense week in the BB house

Some of the houseguests have figured out the pairs. Goes through the deal of the million dollar prize

Lets take a live look at the BB house. Eric the firefighter nominates Janelle and Michael. Who will be evicted? We will find out a little later

Showing James again deciding NOT to use the POV. Michael Knew James would not be using it. Michael says - since Eric blew up at me the other night, they both have been trying to both maintain a certain amount of diplomacy. Michael talks to Eric saying they just need to keep things honest, simple and chill. Michael says he must of done something that must of irritated someone but Eric says he just wants things to be cool.

Eric - says he doesnt know if Michael is as bad as people think he is. Rachel agrees. Eric said he told him he was sorry, that he got caught up in it also. Rachel thinks that Janelle wants Michael to leave so she can stay.

Showing Eric and April in the gym. April says she wants michael out but how strong Janelle is. Eric says to maggie that Janelle is strong and thinks shes stronger than even Michael.

James - he thinks Michael is more dangerous to our sanity but Janelle is more dangerous in the competition. Recalling what placing Janelle has done in all the comps. James thinks that Janelle is the leader and they are all her pawns.

Janelle to Howie - have you heard anything about me? Howie tells her that they know that shes smart

Janelle and Howie is bed taking strategy about the surfboard people protecting eachother. Janelle is asking Howie does he think that the girls will keep their words.

Going to the living room live

Jennifer - in this weeks snack shack from hell, what did the chocolate snake taste like? She says shes blocked it from her mind. Julie asks whats worse that or PB&J. snake

James how did it feel with a 13 sec win over the comp. in the POV challenge?

Kaysar - there was a heated arguement with Ivette - he says, he thinks the house has matured and come closer

Ivette - I have tryed to control my mouth.

Coming up -who will be leaving. Michael and Janelle have become closer

Diary room -

Sarah doesnt think Michael is that smart

James - Janelle is by far smarter than Michael

Sarah - she would nominate people I couldn't

Sarah - if Janelle was to stay maybe she could do some of my dirty work

Howie - Janelle is a great friend and hopefully a future hookup


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Guest ranster627

welcome back

talk with Eric ...

about Michael

what did you hear him say ...

father and mother ... abandoned as a kid ...

tough spot ... family so important

second hand

did things get out of proportion

after the incident it never occured again the intimidation tactics

guys alliance

how did he break your trust?

he was hanging around Janeele a lot

Janelle and I are like oil and water

measure people by the company they keep

thought even that I can lose that trust

they isolated themselves

now a romance is heating up between the two nominees

was strategy but really started liking him

Michael: has a very stroing chemistry

she won't be able to go back

she broke up on the show ... I'm sorry and I understand if you never want to talk to me again

he's like me ... kind of a snob

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howie saying the surfboard people should still have to stick to their word about the first two weeks.

julie asks Jennifer - what does choc snake taste like?

J - I have chosen to block that traumatic event from my memory

Julie - what was worse? that or pbj?

Jen - I like pbj and I lost weight

Julie asking james about pov comp.

Julie - Kaysar pretty tough week in house - argument between mike and eric and you ivette how have things changed? we have grown up and matured

Julie -

Ivette how do you think the house has changed. I have chosen to try to control my mouth as hard as it is.

The possibility of being evicted have brought mike and janelle closer together.

in diary room - thoughts on mike and janelle

James - only reason to keep mike - not a threat

Sarah - I don't think he's smart as people think he is and he's really not that strong of a player

howie - he just created so many enemies so fast

james - janelle is stronger and is a better liar she has no self respect she would do anything

Sarah - she would prob nominate some people we wouldn't be able to put up

Howie - I love janelle she's a good friend of mine and hopefully a future hookup

Sarah - if jan was to stay maybe she'd be able to do some of my dirty work.

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Welcome back as we talk to Eric

Your houseguests cant hear you speech

What did you hear Michael say about your family? Someone told me second hand it was about his father blah blah that he must have been abandoned. He was set off by it all. It was only second hand. I didn't like his behavior in the house and he had tryed to intimidate me before that night and hasn't since because of the altercation. Pfft.

How did Michael break your trust? He was hanging around Janelle alot. Everyone knew in the house that Janelle and I were like Oil and Vinegar and he knew that if he lost HOH he would have been on the block. If I even think I dont have that trust - I dont have time in this game. pfft.

Romance is heating up between the two nominees. Janelle and Michael showing them throughout different areas of the house. Janelle says it was a strategy to get close to Michael to get him voted off but shes begun to like him. Michael says he didn't come into the house looking for a relationship. Janelle appologizes to her boyfriend from before the show but she understands if he doesnt ever want to talk to her again. Janelle says Michael is kind of like her - hes kind of a snob.

Maggie - Michael and Janelle - go behind the doors and spend most of their time together, they seem very comfortable together.

Janelle - I would prefer him to be an investment banker but I know hes not poor. pfft

Janelle - hes so cute and adorable I dont want him to leave. Michael says hes the type I would marry. Michael tells Janelle to work with Kaysar, hes smart.

When we return - what has happened with previous houseguest from BB5

Diary room

Ivette - Janelle is typical south beach money hungry girl

April - Janelle knows shes pretty

Jennifer - I'm not a lesbian but Janelle is pretty to look at

Jennifer - Michael would be a good competitor

April- I could go on and on about why Michael should go but I just think hes a pain in my butt!


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Guest ranster627

Maggie: They seem very comfortable together

she really likes him for him ... I mean .. I know that he's not poor

he's cute and adorable

Michael's the type that I would marry

pay attention to Kaysar ... work with him

anyone else kill them

Jenny April Beau and Ivette have to say

Ivette said Michael has become the most uncomfortable person in BB History

April: the bottom line is, Michael is a pain in my butt ...

no vote announced

after the break we will catch up with 4 BB5 couples

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Guest ranster627

last season had

Drew and Dianne

Jase and Holly

Nak and Cowpoke

Julie and Adria

Holly and Jase

dated 10 months ... things did not work out couldn't handle country music anymore

Jase: LA's a tough town

city girl / country boy

Nakomis and Cowpoke

showed them together

her hair: green

do you keep in contact ... 1st time they were together since the show

8 mos married

Drew and Holly

Drew moved to LA working with acting coach ... part on B&B

Diane in Hollywood

what about her and Drew

nothing alike

he's quiet and shy

Drew: didn't work out on the outside

we're really good friends (Di)


fitness twins

book ... been all over

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Tomorrow morning see secret scenes not shown on tonights show on the Early show!!!!

This season is a summer of secrets - lets look at last years HGs to see what they are doing one year later

Holly - omg, from sunny LA. After bb jase and I dated for about 10 months things didn't work out. She couldnt handle country music anymore.

Jase moved back to Decator. La is a big time. Holly says there isn't enough room in LA for two hyper people, she sent him packing

Cowboy with Nikomas - interviewed together. Talking about Cowboys wedding, sharing pictures. Cowboys been married about 8 months now.

Drew - reining champ from BB5 - moved to LA to persue acting. He had a little part on the Bold and Beautiful.

Diane - in Hollywood. Do drew and I still talk? It didnt work out on the outside. Drew lives about 10 minutes down the street. She still likes to give him hell about riding his coat tails then kicking him out. They are close friends

Adria/Natalie - the most difficult thing was to know what eachother said and had done and hiding a mole and scar. They revamped a website - came out with a book and have been all over the place, busy. They think this seasons awesome.

Cowboy and Nik saying its going to be difficult to make it to the final two

Jase says - he didnt have no one and now each hg has an alliance

Drew says if the pair get to the final two they deserve a million bucks

Diary room ------------------

Rachel - I like Michael - hes a nice guy

Maggie - you mess with my friend and I will coe after you

Maggie - Janelle is an easy target

Kaysar says that Michael is holding him back and this is strategic, needs to take a break from taping, hes clearly upset that this will be a difficult decision.

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Guest ranster627

old HG reactions to pairs ...

Kay Mag Rachel

Rachel likes Michael and doesn't think Janelle is dumb ...

Maggie wants Michael gone for Eric's safety

Kaysar broke down ...

no votes announced

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We are just moments away from another live eviction. Remember the pair deal (getting to the end for one million dollars)

Lets talk with the two nominees

Janelle - well guys its been a pleasure to get to know each and everyone of you. Shes had fun.

Michael - wants to thank all of them, hes had a great time, wishes them all the best of luck. PERIOD???????????


vote of 9 - 1 Michael is evicted from the BB house

He says bye guys, gets a few hugs, laughs, picks up his back heads back into the room to give Beau a hug and Janelle Kaysar Howie and Rachel - leaves!!!! [ NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO]

Hi Michael (Julie)

Nice to meet you. Please have a seat. Showing the inside of the house. No one walked away from Michael. Eric is saying hes okay - he appologized for his actions blah blabh

Janelle says she has to pee - Eric go ahead

Michael you and Eric had an arguement a couple days earlier. Michael was upset because Eric put him up on the block when they had an agreement.

What about your relationship with Janelle. Is it something you would like to continue after the BB house? Yes. Of course

Kaysar taped a good bye message for you. I'm sorry that things didn't work out as we had planned. I know people really hurt your feelings, I think you were just a victim of circumstance, and I want you to know that their actions will not go unchallenged.

Michael hopes Kaysar wins. How do you think he will do without you in the house? I think hes the smartest guy in the house, I think he will do well.

Julie reveals the secret of the pairs. Michael isn't surprised. Heres the part he doesnt know about the millions bucks. Michael says its too bad I wont be there to collect with Kaysar and best wishes to who ever wins.

(I am reallllllllllllllly surprised he didn't out April and Jennifer)

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Guest ranster627

will it be Janelle or Michael?

Ash evicted last week

talk with nominees


it's been a pleasure to get to know each and everyone of you


thanks ... it's been up and done

wish you all the best of luck truly

the vote: 9 - 1 Michael has been evicted

they didn't follow him to door really, he went to them ..

Ivette stayed away from him

Mike's pic is grey

very tense in house


I think primarily ... irritated because the agreement broken

I didn't expect it ... I think Janelle's a wonderful girl

why not pursue after the game

Kaysar said:

you were just a victim of circumstances

I assure you this whole situation will not be left unchallenged

Mike hopes Kay will win

Kaysar is the brightest person in the House

whoever ends up winning I wish them the very best

who will be HOH ... competition next!

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Guest ranster627

the HOH:

Eric cannot compete

majority rules ... each in own booth

must give what they think the majority opinion will be ...

answers based on majority

red or blue

rd 1

beau out

rd 2

Howie and Ivette out

rd 3

all in

rd 4

all in

rd 5

April out

rd 6

all in

rd 7

rachel and sarah out

rd 8

Jennifer out

rd 9 tie breaker

write it down

closest to number wins

without going over

Kaysar wins!!!!!!!

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