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Does Anyone Have Vid Showing Them Checking Out Hoh Room?


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wouldn't you know it? my cable went out last night! no internet, no showtime, no happy! :furious:

it came back on 8 minutes before showtime was over but still no internet until this morning so any video of good game talk and especially them all going up to hoh would be MOST appreciated! right when showtime cut off there was some good game talk in the hoh between sharon, sheila and adam about backdooring natalie. sheila absolutely guaranteeing she was brave enough to do it if natalie doesn't win pov. i'd love to see more of that if anyone has it. :) but mostly, i'd like to see sheila getting her hoh... i read it was a real tearjerker.

:offtopic: btw, did it drive anyone else positively BESERK watching nat keep referring to herself as a good person and not being like james because she's a good person [when explaining why she dropped] ?? (wow, that's funny, i always thought virtuous acts *look it up, natalie* are best done quietly... they lose virtue when one uses it to brag about.) then sheila said she could have hung on for another hour, maybe two, and natalie is like, "yeah, i could have done 5, 6, 7!" UGH!!! :bash: just let sheila have her moment! it doesn't ALWAYS have to be about you, miss silicone valley!

she's like a freaking child always needing to one-up everyone and turning absolutely any and all topics of conversation back to herself.

i can't BELIEVE i was ever rooting for her! evildoer, nat! :fyou: lol

anyway, thanks in advance. :daisy: i'm at work but i'll keep checking the page to see if there are any vid links added or if you want to put it in my box, that's great too...or if you know where i might find them elsewhere... any which way is a-ok!

have a great day!


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